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    The MsaGurs : For tlio 060Q,Q0; C':ate Off ice , Building in Salem- Lackp Only I tllG" Gqvgi nop'o ; SionntuiO
The Workers in the Y.W.C.A. ErvQ Are Taking a Ndetiod Rect, and Will Be. At Thbir Task Agin Tomorrow
temperature, southerly gales on the coast.
Maximum yesterday. 61; minimum, ? 41;
river; 18.7 and rising; rainfall, .5; atmos
phere, cloudy; wind, southeast. , .
. The country can't be going tp the devil
when books on history and philosophy lump
to the best-selling columnl Milwaukee
v Journal.
Winters Most Ferocious
T.empest Part of Storrp
Over Whole -Nation
Willamette $.vfT Climbs Out of
5 Bank on Polk! County Sid
Opposite Slm; Jtfrc " -Rise
The Willamette river late last
night had, risen to a point 19 feet
alove low water mark, with more
high water, or at least no lower
ing, expected before" morning. The
rlr was roarine at a rapid clip
through ther Clarion-Polk county!
bridge. With a stut wum uiuw.U8
from the southwest.
Although" the "Marion county
bank of the river was well a bore
water, the river had overflowed
the Polk " county 'side, and was
within five ieet of the highway
the bridge.
.The Mellow Moon dance hall
stood like a house tn' Venice, with
water swirling .below Its floor.
The surrounding J fields in Polk
. county were inundated.
All the neighboring streams ex
cept the Willamette were report
ed falling. The Santiam river 'at
t Jefferson, which covered the high
way yesterday morning, was back
within Sits ".banks last night, .
Stages Jast 'night were running
to the north, ' but to the south
could go only as far as Corvallis
on the west side .and Harrlsborg
on the! east side. .' ' "
gL At both, these points the Wil
'mette was out . of its banks,
-wfcile : -Mary rtver';"at -Corvallis
bkd also flooded the. highway.
T ;The telephone company report
ed that all its lines to the north
were in good order, but that it
Was having much trouble to the
south, with only one line remain
ing open.
Crews were working last night,
and expected to have the lines
back into service by morning.
The lines were open as iar as Al
bany, but beyond that there was
trouble. .
'Rain ceased falling at about 10
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r. j ,;..; ,W ' .
Possibility of Three-Power Disar
inainrnt Mee J Depends On
Italy's rejection- ot "the American
f ive-tower naval conference plan.
based upon the same viewpoint
that guided France in taking sim
ilar I action, reached Washington
tonight and apparently definitely
euum an j uvyv .
administration may have had for
reaching an ultimate agreement
a Tn-Ti v th flv nowers.-
wkoths hara sttii 'remains the
possibility of formulating a three-
power unaerstanaxng w
tliary craft between Great Britain,
the; United States ana Japan ia
what tn!rht ho called A regional
agreement appeared to depend np-
A tia TlrWIaYi attftiiriA. - The Tok-
jo "government has accepted the
i . ... ' . i 1 M
original jive poww ,projioi
London alona remains to be heard
from. . . . , .
ROME, Feb. ,21. (AE)-r-Italy
f has rejected the proposal ot Presi
dent Coolidge for a conference t
negotiate an agreement further
limiting naval armament and cov
ering-the classes of vessels not
covered by the Washington treaty.
"The Italian government s bases
rejection on the i ground, thai
(rtval, air and military afmaments
are interdependent and that there
U need of universality in interna
tional disarmament pacts, as well
a, on Italy's' defensive "needs, due
to her geographical position v .
The reply was . delivered to the
- American ambassador. ? Henry P.
Tletcher, this morning.
.The text of the note reflects, the
:iaTge part that Mussolini nerspn
ally played in its preparation. In
this he was aided in assembling
the supporting facts, by ' General
Badoglio, chief of the army staff,
Additional Tluties m nosed Upon
r State Engineer Call for
More Funds '
The request for an appropria
tion of $7500 fpr equipping the
Louise Home in Portland was
turned town the fifth time last
night at a meeting of the joint
ways and means committee.
Roscoe Hurst appeared before
the committee in the interests of
the home and made a Btrong -plea
for its partial support by the
state. . J
' He said that the appropriation
was badly needed in that the
funds available at the present
time were sufficient only for the
completion of the hospital. It
was represented that the institu
tion was only one of its kind in
the state.
As a result of the additional
duties imposed on the state tax
commission : through legislation
enacted at this session of the leg
islature, the ways and means com
mittee authorized an additional ap
propriation of $15,000 for the tax
department. Under the provi
sions of the new ; laws the state
tax commission" has supervision
over all property assessments in
the state. Earl Fisher. state tax
commissioner, said it would be
necessary to employ two addi
tional clerks in his department.
The committee also authorized
an appropriation of $15,000 to
take care 'of additional duties im
posed on the state engineer and
the state reclamation commission.
It was said that the money would
be used in . conducting surveys
and other investigations of irri
gation districts which have be
come delinguent in taxes, interest
payments and retirement of out-
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,J r. ;. " ' V- " - -
laborer Falls SO Feet Into Rapid
Waters , or toiumDia
LONGVIEW. Wash., Feb. 21
(AP) John Lindberg, 48, a work
man employed by Rosten & Co. of
Portland in construction of the
Ocean' Beach highway at Stella.
15 miles west of here, plunged oO
feet over Bunker Hill cliff into Q
feet of water in the Columbia river
todav. His body had not been re
covered late today.
TJndbere was one of a crew of
70 men employed in blasting away
the .face of a cliff. Ropes were
strung for safety, and it was re
sorted that Lindberg was net hold
ing the rope when he fell. The
water is deep and swift where ho
struck. ' .
Amphibians Leave Astoria High'
lands for Flooded Region
ASTORIA. Teb. 21. (AP)
Big toads, little frogs and other
sizes of the "amphibious family
are reported to be nightly making
migrations across the .lower Co
lumbia river highway from the
hills toward the river during the
recent heavy rains. Stage drivers
reported that in some places hun
dreds could be seen at one time
No reason for the migration has
been advanced except that the
frogs have observed the lowlands
covered with water and thought
that frog paradise was at hand.
Associated Prtsa
The government rested in the
Ford tax hearings.
A four-state Columbia river
compact resolution passed the sen
. The seed loan bill, -passed by
the .house, was sent to the White
House. ; :
Senator Johnson of California
continued his fight for Boulder
dam legislation.
i. The supreme court approved
railroad valuation methods pf the
interstate commerce commission
' Representative Fairchild of New
York proposed that presidential
tenures, be umuea to io. years.
Three witnesses in . the senate
campaign funds investigation were
threatened with contempt pro
ceedings. v
.Reports that President Diaz of
Nicaragua want nev treaty rela
tlons with the .United States reach
ed Jhe f tat a gegartxaentt n.-
$4,000,000 in Excess of
Billet to Be Taken Care
of by Legislators
Attempt May be BIale to Pass the
Wilson River Toll Road Bill
Over Veto of Governor
Patterson Soon ;
Speaker Carkin informed the
house yesterday morning that the
length of the extra session de
pended on .what action .was taken
by the senate on the tithing meas
ure,, now before that body, i ,
Insofar that the senate failed to
pass the tithing bill yesterday af
ternoon, the exact date of ad-
ournment is now problematical.
The revenue from this, measure
was intended to take cars of the
state deficit until the income tax
has .been passed by the 'people.
The amount appropriated, by" the
legislature is in excess , of the
budget income by about $4,000,
00.' This deficit must be taken
care of before the legislature can
adjourn, and the salons must now
seek some other form of income.
Speaking of the work pi the
house at the present session, Mr.
Carkin said the legislation enacted
had been of good character. The
main measures passed are Tan in
come tax, reassessment, budget
bill, irrigation code, Hoover code,
and the amendments tp the light
aw. These measures he sajd were
considered by the press' to be the
most important that would come
up. - :
Another thing that may have
a very decided hearing on the time
(Continual ea pmgm &.1
Request for Curb Retention Re
ferred to City Knglnecr
Steps toward minimizing inter
ference in Salem were deemed ur
gent that the ordinance bill in
troduced Monday evening and de
signed to brjng this about, includ
ed an emergency clause. J,t was
given both first and second reading
at this meeting.'--
The request of John William
son for retention of the curb along
the block in front of the Holly
wood theater," now - nearing com
pletion on North Capitol, was
ferred to the city engineer,
" -&Z3L$5 A 'vJl&f l "-tits'.: &MZ i
All Growers Urged to Attend Meet-
ing; Blanks, for .Census
T. D. Johnson, specialist from
the United States department of
agriculture, will" be in Salem aSt-
urday in connection with a survey
being made of the prune situation.
He is connected With the same
work that brought B. H. Critch
field here recently.
A meeting of prominent prune
growers from Marion cpunty has
beep called fpr Saturday afternoon
at 2 oc4pck at the Saem Chamber
pf Camrnerce to distmss the prune
situation with Mr. jQhnson.
The survey now in progress in
cludes all the chief pruae-growing
districts f the United states, and
covers all phases pf the prune
A' study is made pf acreage, con
sumer demand, the retailer, job
ber, and broker, and of the situa
tion in markets both American and
The government has prepared
blanks for each prune grower to
fill out, to be used in the survey.
The best method of distributing
these blanks so that each grower
will be able to fill out a copy will
be discussed at the Saturday meet
,ing. The blanks call for a statement
of the number of trees, acreage,
yield, and other information for
each prune ranch.
Snlcra Takes Contest Cut Benton
Speakers Get Two
Corvallis high school won the
second round of debates in the
mid-Willamette district from Sa
lem and Albany high schools Mon
day night, together with the right
to compete in the district . finals
which will take place within the
next two weeks.
Debaters from Corvallis defeat
ed the Salem affirmative team.
Donald Pou jade and Edith Star
rest, at the Salem high auditorium
by a two to one decision. The
Salem negative team Robert Bish
op and Isabelle Childs, defeated
an Albany team by a two tp one
decision, but Corvallis won the
three cornered contest by defeat
ing Albany's negative team at
, iThe finals will be. between the
wuiners of the , Lebanon-Stayton
datethe winners of the Mon
niqu thralls contest, and Cor-
v'i-:;.- .. . . .
tion on the house bill to authorize
the veterans' bureau to make
was sSHP0113 Gn adJustod service certifi-
fskaes was bldcked in the senate.
Vigorous Slops Taken By Ameri
ca To Block Attacks By
I4beral Men
Vigorous steps to blpck with'
American bluejackets and marines
any attack by Nicaraguan liberal
forces on Managua synchronized
today with the receipt In Washing
ton of a preliminary of proposals
of President Diaz for new treaty
relations with the United States.
Protection of Nicaragua from
external attack or internal dis
orders due to outside interference
through a treaty guarantee by the,
United States' of Nicaraguan
sovereignty is understood to be
the general purpose of the Diaz
In the face of flat refusal at the
state department tp reveal the Ma
ture of its advices further than to
say that Minister Eberhardt re
ceived a letter yesterday prepared
by direction! Diaz which ha was.
transmitting by mail, details of
the plan were unobtainable.
; The department refused also to
give any hint as to the attitude of
the Washington government to
ward the treaty project or to indi
cate whether it had been shaped
by President Diaz agia result ot
conferences with Minister Eber
hardt. A force of 17 officers and 850
men is stationed at Chinandega,
patrolling the railroad between
Cprinto and Leon. A second de
tachment of 20 officers and 450
men is based at Leon and patrol
ling the line from there to Man
agua, while the marine guard in
Managua has been reduced vto 12
officers and 141 men. The only
explanation of this emergency
landing at the state department
was that it was "to protect Ameri
can lives and property along the
railroad and to maintain communi
cation between the legation guard
to Managua and the ea." The
statement added that'the detach
ments took up their stations "with
out incident" and "with the full
consent and approval of President
TRANS0CEAN flight on
Aviator Leaves Cape Verde Is
lands, fpr Soptb. America
PARIf Feb. 21. AP) The
Petit ParisTen has received a de
spatch from St. Vincent announc
ing that Commander De Pinedo
left Portq Praya, Capo Verde la
lands, at 11:30 o'clock tonight on
his flight to the South'1 American
coast. The start was made under
good auspices, with bright moon
light, the despatch says.
Detection Waits On Coun
cil and Promise of Co
operation Forthcoming
Some Blame Attached to Trying
Inadequate Tile Under New j
Street Pavement on 1
East Skle of City
Cooperation of all parties con
cerned in the remedying of condi
tions on Mill creek which result in
acute flood conditions in southeast
Salem, was indicated as forthcom
ing in the near future, when at
Monday night's council meeting,
attended by a large delegation cif
flood-stricken residents from all
parts of the city, Frank Durbfiju
representing the southeast Salem
drainage district, said that state
officials and private owners out
side the city limits are apparently
ready to dp their part in any feas
ible plan for betterment. .
Steps to secure cooperation from
the Salem Water, Light & Power
company were urged by Durbin,
prior to his statement as to the
attitude of the owners of acreage.
Complaints from a delegation of
North Salem residents headed by
Rev. Thomas V. Keenan, with re
spect to the inadequacy of sewers
in that part of the city to handle
the drainage, resulted in the refer
ring of the matter to the sewer
committee with power to act.
City Engineer Hugh . Rogers,
said that a storm sewer connecting
with the Highland street trunk
line would cost $700 And could be
built. nowas; .-well ; as any timer t6
take care of the excess fwater In
this vicinity. On this statement.
Councilman Hal D. Patton moved
that the engineer and sewer com
mittee be instructed to build the
line at once. j
'The wisdom of this was ques
tioned by Councilman S. E. Pnr
vine, who said -that other districts
are in equally great need, and
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Britain Way Issue Formal Protest
Against; Propaganda
LONDON, Feb. 21. (AP)
Reports current in well informed
circles in the lobby of the house
pf commons tonight indicated that
the British government is consid
ering the despatch of a note; of
protest to soviet Russia against
communist propaganda and activi
ties in. Great Britain. - - ;
Ever since the Chinese situation
became critical. Lord Birkenhead
Chancellor of the Exchequer
Churchill, and others of the ultra
conservative '-ministers are under
stood tp have been urging the gov
ernment to break off relations wtth
Russia. I .
; Premier Baldwin and Foreign
Secretary Chamberlain, however,
have been opposed to such a step
tha foreign secretary being uncon
vinced that the threat would be
Tw Vessel Held in Harbor At
Astoria by Bad Weather!
ASTORIA, Feb. 21. (AP.)nh
The stoam schooner Wellesley
operated by J. R. Hanlfy company
cf San Francisco in the Pacific
coast" lumber trade, and the Edna
McCormick, coastal freighter, were;
belq at the port docks today by
unfavorable weather conditions.
Roth ships expect to put to sea
before daylight tomorrow. (The
steam schooner Cascade, forced to
jettison part of her cargo of luax
re of the coast Saturday enroute.
from Grays' Harbor to San Fran
cisco, is re-stowing the remainder
of, her cargo here today and will
probably be able t sail tomorrow.
Other ships held in the river by
the storm over the week-end h,ive
sailed. r"'Ci.:r::..y-; -.-. -j, v ;
Eight Bapdlta Take S5,000 and
Kidnap Woman. Caahie .
L03 ANG?LE3, Feb. 21.(AI)
Ight masked men held up ser-
fraj 'employes ot the Los Angeles
t ransfer company this afternoon,
seised - about $5,000 from the,
cashier's safe and escaped' forc
ing th young woman cashier to
accoBigaug them, - .
Closing of Willamette River to
Commercial Fishing Passes -'
' in Senate
The bill, which was Introduced
by ta. Marion county delegation
providing for- the erection of a
new ifOO.QOO state pXfice build
ing, was approved by the senate
yesterday with only o.n dissenting
vote. . Senator Carsner yoted
against the iil. .
The bill proyides for the appro
priation of $0,O0Q annually,
which will take care of the inter
est payments on the investment
and return a part of tha principal.
Money required for tha construc
tion of the building will be box
rowed from the funds of the state
industrial accident ' commission.
The state "will pay interest on
these funds at the rate of 4 per
cent. Departments occupying, quar
ters in the new building: will; be
charged rental . on the basis of
space required, r ... 1. ,
The senate reyersed its action
taken last ' Saturday and passed
Senator Staples bill extending un
til. December 3 of this year the
time for" making operative an in
itiative measure approved-at the
general - election eliminating fish
wheels; from the upper Columbia
river. The. voters decreed that
the initiative measure should be
came effective in May
" Senators Hare and Moser made
a plea, for the passage ot the bill
which they Indicated was in the
Interest of fair play.
Seventeen senators -.voted for
the bill. It was defeated last Sat
urday by one vote. Reconsider
ation of the bill was sought by
Senator Moser. - ; '
The senate approved Represen
tative Lewis bill providing ad
ditional punishment for. habitual
criminals. This act is now In op
eration In tb state pf Ie oj(k,
' Con tinned on pfO 4.)
Over OO From Local Post To
Attend District Meeting
One hundred members of the
Salem American Legion past and
Ladies Auxiliary will make . the
trip to Silverton Thursday .night
to attend the" district conference,
it was indicated at Monday night's
meeting d! the local post.
The legionnaires have called
meetlu.r of members of both, or-
gaaizations who are interested
forming an archery and fly cast
ing club, fpr next Jonday evening
at 8 o'clock at tne legion nau.
yaic up membership in thP ppt
was reported as 4&. ;iae auxu
Jlary has increased Us membership
by 23 in the drive which, "began
a week ago.
Mil Company and Portland. Firm
Lively Contract Vlnners,
Contracts ; fpr lurnishing sand
and gryel fo..em'f' street vofk
wlll probably , be awarded, to the
Portland Gravel conipany, and tor
cement to, the Cha. K. gpauldiug
Logging company,' it was , ndlciteq
atMpnday night's council meeting
when bids were opeaed. - The bids
were referred tot the street Im
provement committee, but. these
iids.were lar. :
Bids were also opened, contain5
tog prices on sewer pipe, manhole
covers and other articles needed
tor ' the sewer construction pro-,
gram. 7hese were referred to the
sewer committee.
' ; C. l.'.WaBous of Amity appar
ently was the low bidder on haul
ing ; cement, with a bid of nine
cents a sack. y
Present Speaker Gets. Party Nora
f ; lnailon to Succeetl Self
; WASHINGTON. 'Feb. 21 ) AP (
Representative Nicholas Long
worth ef Ohio-was selected; by ac
clamatlon tonight by his republi
can colleagues as their party can
didate to succeed jaa speaker in
the next congress. " As republicans
will have a clean-cut majority in
the i house, the nomination virtu
ally Js equivalent to re-election. .
Large Amount Of Nitroglycerine
- - Blows Ujv Starta.-'Flre - ; ;, , .
BORGER, Texas, ; Feb. . 21 -(AP)
An explosion of 1,8 00
quarts of nitroglycerine at the
plant of the Independent Torpedo
company two miles east of here
today , killed" Homer Russell, a
truck driver. A prairie fire was
caused by the blast and fears were
leli .r oWier large giants nearby.
Rumor$ of Tax on Tobacco
and Motion Pictures as Well
as Other Things'
Only 12 Senators Cru i yo'te In-
Favor Of Measure As Prvi
ed By 'Governor; Lou'gcr ,
Session Pretlh ted ,Tj
The legislators returned to their
desks yesterday moraiqg showing
very little improvement in their
vindictiveness from that evinced,
last Friday- and Saturday! r . The
war clouds, which have been
hovering around the horizon for
the past few weeks, immediately
surrounded the Capitol dome and,
when the gavel, descended in. the,,
senate the signal . for the . battle,
was, given. . ' . :-,' ;
Angry at the governor's treat
ment of some pet' measure ade-,
termination was shown tp ge6
back -at him by defeating some of
his bills. Tbe legislators are pre
paring to entrench themselves and
according to some reports .remainT
here for another ten days in ordr;
tp ta,ke care of all the'fraslnesar
and the possible vetoes rof thei
governor. : ,..'' -';"'
The tithing bill wajs the special
prder of business in the senate!
yesterday aid; when -. It -t 'ira
brought pu,t ott the floor. tneTerb
al war started with sudden bursty
and flares pf 'oratory. After a,
prolonged heated engagement the
smoke of battle cleared, and It "Wei
found that the tithing bill had
went down, t? defeat by a vpte of;
IS to 12. . ' JV- :,.f
In opposing the bftl 'some- ofi
tXte tenators pointed out that they J
were not 'fighting' th$ goyernor,
but that they were JU8t differing
from' him on thla question. Yet I
it is, Common belief, that Gpyer
npr Patterson's, willingness to. Vet
measures, whlcht lie does not be f
Ifeve essential and needed, ha
brought considerable more opposi-i I
tlon t this bOL. I
The main arguments against the
bJH were that it unconstttu-1
tiPnaL that it took .much tnone.jr.
(Ooatinvad a psg 8.) '
:,. . ,-V.;-'r . ':x..4n
Second Officer of Steamer Suerie . ;
. Loses Xlfe Trying; to SaTo M
' , ' Llfo' bf Seamaa '-i-!'"r';
NEW TPRK. eb. 2. (Al4
With a curt entry la her log be
bind Whick lay a grim tale of the
heroism o the men tkat go down,
ta the, sea ; i -hipf . the Lloytjl
Royal Belgique tan?r Sueviej
put back into port today after a
unsuccessful - attempt to Tescue
theT tauu,d;erlng barge Talbpt 19- :
heavy seas off Ambrose Light las,i
nigbt. '. . . fc ;
.V'.Thrteen'mempera. ot the Suev
ier's crew were injured and Sec
ond ; Officer Robert Rybuck was
drowned in , last night's storriv
when! they "attempted tp" put oit'
a life boat to the distressed' coal
barge, which had five men'aboard
The lifeboat was smashed. , The'
teamerj however, "wirelessed the
coast fcttard. and today the Talbot
was picked up by the cutter Qresh-;
am and towed to Sandy Hok. The
Talbot was en1 rpute frfom NoK
folk, Va., to New Haven. Conn, f
' Late . today the : Snevler cains
into port to get , medical attention
tor its IS Injured Belgian seamen
and also( to obtain another lif
boat,,". ' : :- -: , ; !
! His hands still red and swollen"
and his face .showing the effecta
of exposure, Capt, "Sadt'Oonthief,
master of the Suevler. today told
his story simply. On sighting the
Talbot flying distress signals, he
said, seven membeYs oC Ills crew'
prepared to put off in a lifeboat..
Five other seamen manned the
davits to lower, the boat. At thst
moment a huge comber,ti,ll
steamer, causing two men on tha
deck to be injured and carrying
the five men at tie. davits and the.
seven in the lifeboat Into tbe sea.,
Th'e lifeboat also hurled Into;
tie water from the daviis, fell on'
some of the seamen swimml r.g
desperately in the racing pea 3.
Life buoys and ropes were finer
overboard by other members of
the crew, but the men ia U.
ContinUcJ on ;e C.) t