The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, February 18, 1927, Page 5, Image 5

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Now you can afford to use
mi every day, for this new package costs you no more than
' J. r xl 11 mn aa l m.:.
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Agents for THE OWL DRUG CO. Products
Scouts to Demonstrate
Troop 6. Boy Scouts, will glYe
a public demonstration of scout
advancement work at the chamber
of commerce Saturday night. How
a scout must work to get ahead
will be displayed. All are invited
to attend. -
Auction Wed. Kite 7 P. M.
Furniture, etc. F. N. Wbodry's
only store, 1610 N. Summer St.
Traffic Officer Here-
Sergeant Earl B. Houston of the
state traffic squad was in Salem
rsday from his headquarters
New "Q. R. S." Player Roll
Values up to $1.50. Special SOc
at Moore's Music House. fl8
Sergeant Carnes Returns
Sergeant F. E. Carnes, in charge
of the local recruitinjr station for
the TJL- 8. marines, returned to Sa
lem Thursday after accompanying
the motion picture, "Tell It to the
Marines," on its showings in Eu
gene and in Kelso, Wash. He will
be here until February 22, when
he will go on a tour of eastern
Oregon with the picture. This
"VP will take him to The Dalles,
ndleton, La Grande and Bend.
Just'ArHvecl atTSTacktt
A large assortment of matrons'
dresses with youthful lines. flS
Crossley Visits Salem . r
J. T. Crossley of the Crossley
Failing Advertising Agency of
Portland was -a Salem visitor
Notice Painters
Refreshments and entertain
ment Friday night at 8 o'clock.
Union hall. Bring your famUy and
friends. G. W. Aplin. Recording
Secretary. f!8
Club Wins Shield
The Daniel Boone Pioneer club
will be presented next Sunday,
with the shield which it won as
first prize for the Pioneer clubs'
rally held last month. This club
won it principally by having 90
per cent attendance at the rally.
The New Frosted Felts at Black's
North High- at Center. fl8
Secures Dwelling Permit
C. A, Dodd was issued a permit
calling for construction of a dwel
ling costing 4,000 at 1350 North
18th street.
Melvin Johnson Has Moved
His office to 318-320 U. S.
Bank Bldg. Tel.-637. f20
Comrades Plan Rally
All Comrade clubs in Marion
county will hold a rally at the
YMCA in Salem March 14, it has
been announced, by Loyal War
ner, boys' work secretary. A
dinner will be held at the Y din
ing room, for which each club will
decorate it own tahl. furnish a
' speaker, and give a yell.
aj Fisher "Ample"
uiipwi.iv usdi x v iaib11 fr" ,v
Moore's Music House. 118
Pays Three Fines at Once
Karl Belke paid three fines for
overtime parking in one isit to
the municipal court, Thursday.
His Riifnmnhlln had hMn tafsred
three times, and he paid 3. J. F.
Ulrich. U A. .McAllister, L. O.
Bulgin and Ed Souder were fined
$1 each for single violations of
this traffic ordinance provision. '.
Fined for Drunkniin
E. H. Fuller, 344 Front street.
wsfined $10 in city court Thurs
jron a charge of drunkenness." a
On rood aecnritT at 6 ner cent.
lee Lee W. W. Bell with Melvin
tvounson. 318-19-20 u. o. wank
(ftlrts ; PtirniA 1T tICtt
e- r e wt em
f The Pioneer club at Woodburn,
h which has grown to 20 members,
I Is being divided into two separate
1 clubs, one meeting In th Met hod -
Mr. Payne, the other in the Pres
byterian church, under the Rev.
Mr. Hansen. The first meetings
under the new arrangement were
held Thursday evening.
Peter Pan Opal Hue
Beauty Powder 7(Qc
SPECIAL ... A 3'
this strange, exquisite OPAL
Wronjr Plates Bring Fine
Arthur W. Elrey was fined $10
in justice court here yesterday on
a charge of driving a car with im
proper license plates.
Auction, New Linoleum
Furniture, cows, chickens, etc.,
Sat. F. N. Woodry's auction mar
ket, Summer street. fl8
Comrades Entertain
The Comrade club of the Jason
Lee church entertained the Pio
neer and Friendly Indians clubs
Wednesday evening. The meet
ings of all these clubs have been
changed from Thursday to Wed
nesday. Dance Tonight
" Domes Hall McCoy.
Collision Reported
Henry Wlllecke, route 3, re
ported a collision between his au
tomobile and one driven by
Thomas M. Tartan of 631 North
Front street, at D and 5th streets
Thursday. Willecke claimed that
Tartan was driving on the wrong
side of the street.
Hotel Marion
' Dollar dinner, served 5:45 to 8
every evening. n26tf
Canse ; t Partlamfl " r r t
President John M. Canse of
"Kimball School of Theology spoke
In Sunnyside Methodist church.
at Forest Grove Sunday.
Furniture Upholstery
And repairing. Giese
Furniture Co.
Wive Invited,
Wives of Salem business men
are included in the invitation to
attend the good will banquet
sponsored by the Salem Ad club
this evening at 6:30 o'clock at
the YMCA. B. F. Irvine, editor
of the Portland Journal, is to be
the principal speaker.
Hear Real "Radio"
Before buying. "Kolster Six or
Eight." Moore's Music House.
Opens Battery Shop
H. v. Pendleton, tormeriy or
Woodburn. has purchased Ed's
Battery Shop, 271 Chemeketa, and
has onened for business. In addi
tion to the equipment already in
the shop, he has brought the
equipment he had at Woodburn
and purchased some more.
Several Real Bargains in
Used Pianos. These are not
worn out but in fine condition.
Moore's Music House. fl8
Doney To Seattle
Dr. Carl G. Doney. president
of Willamette university, will be
in Seattle Saturday to speak at a
dinner of the Willamette alumni
club and at a meeting at the Seat
tle YMCA.
The Humane Society Wishes
Home for stray Fox Terrier. 118
Huckaby Addresses
The Wilamette university stu
dents heard an address on the stu
dent volunteer movement by the
tT-nveline secretary representing
th movement. W. M. Huckabv. at
the chapel exercises Thursday.
f5O0, 90O SIOOO and S2000
To loan on city property, aieivin
Johnson, 318-320 U. S. Bank Bldg.
Phone 637. 119
John J.Rottle
- 415 State Street
Expert Fitting Assured
HUE Beauty Powder
ordinary powder. The
1 A- a
To Recognize University
Recognition of Willamette uni
versity as a community asset will
be one of the features of the
"Know Salem Better" program at
the dinner arranged by the Ad
club for this evening at 6:30 at
the PMCA dining room. Several
Willamette professors and stu
dents will be present. All busi
ness men in the city have been in
vited. A Nice Selection of Dresses
At only $14. Mack's.
Reschedule 8. H. S. Play
Next Monday evening the Salem
high school play, "Whose Little
Bride Are You?" will be given at
the Chemawa Indian school audi
torium, it has been announced.
It was first to be given there
Wednesday night of this week, but
illness of a member of the cast
caused It to be postponed. The
nlav" will be given at the hieh
school anditorium Wednesday
evening. The student actor whose
illness caused the postponement
will be well enough to appear at
that time, but an understudy is
also being trained to take his
place In case of need.
Hear a Real "Radio"
Before buying. "Kolster Six or
Eight." Moore's Music House.
Small Wins Court Action
Brazier C. Small won his suit
in circuit court against A. A.
Whelan and wife for $"5,564.52
representing principal and interest
on promissory notes issaed to the
defendents. Small was allowed,
$575 attorney fees besides other
costs of the case.
Complete Line Of
Monarch Electric Ranges at
Hamilton's. a21tf
Divorce Suit Woi
Gladys A. Brown was granted a
divorce in circuit court yesterday
from Jim Brown, to whom she
had been married two years. She
charged cruel treatment, declaring
that she had not lived with the
defendent for several months.
Rosebraugh Return
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Rosebraugh
returned yesterday from a trip to
Fairmount Hill Home .
$7700 Complete All floors
hardwood, room 2 cars, five large
rooms, glassed in sunroom, dining
alcove. Every (built in feature.
Full length glasses in bed rooms.
Large landscaped view lot. Large
pipe furnace with coils, electric
water heater, Idry, wired electric
range. Both pavings paid. Reason
able terms. Vacant at 1820 Fair
mount Street. Becke & Hendricks.
189 N. High Street. f20
Work On S. H. S. Annual
The staff of the Clarion annual,
yearbook of the Salem high school,
is working strenuously this month,
preparing material for the book.
An especial campaign to secure
snapshots is being conducted this
week. imjf
F. N. Woodry
Has only one store. It Is at
1610 N. Summer street. New and
used furniture, bought, sold and
exchanged. Phone 511. fl8
SdlUJ. avomivH
NHBisra ho arooa inoav
Plumbing Service
Phone 352
For Fine Fixtures Call at Oui
' Shop. 1615-Center
Wo sell repair and rent rp-
', writers., ,
Manufacture all types rubber
. - - s stamps. .
.. . 445 State St. , . ..
A late 1922 Overland touring
with 85 new rubber, new
enamel, several extras and a
car that has had the best of
care is a good buy at $175.
Be sure and see this one.
The House That Service Built
Estate Appraised
The estate of Mary E. Arnold
was appraised at $541 by W.
Houghton, S. H. Russell, and A.
New "Q. R. S." Player Rolls
Values up to $1.50. Special 50c
at Moore's Music House. fl8
$8.0 Cash Takes Lot Barzai:
East front 50 x 120 just south
of corner of S. Church and Rural.
Paving paid, Walk in, sewer in.
Other all parts Salem. Becke &
Hendricks. 189 N. High Street. f20
Auction Sat., l:SO P. M.
3 fresh Jersey cows, Leghorn
hens, furniture, new linoleum,
etc., at F. N. Woodry's, Summer
St. f!8
Man Changes Name
Vernon Mathias Suckow is no
more, for he is now Suko, follow
ing a grant by the county court
to his petition for changing of the
sir name. Mr. Suko lives near
Stroud "Duo Art"
Slightly used at bargain price.
Moore's Music House. fl8
Penn9 Have New Leader
The Penn Pioneer club will
meet this evening under its new
leader. Mr. Wright. Ross Miles,
who was in charge formerly, has
moved to Portland.
Furnished Modern Home, 4300
Furnace, fireplace, garage. This
Is buy 11000 cash to handle.
See at 2170 S. Church Street.
Becke & Hendricks. 18 8 N. High
Street. f20
Salem Principal Honored-
Miss L,yle Murray, principal oi
the Knelewood school, was honor
ed by having her article on school
health, nrieinallv published in the
Oregon Teachers Monthly, reprint
ed in a magazine of national cir
culation, edited by the child
health demonstration committee
of New York City. Copies of tne
issue in which it appeared have
just been received here. ., .)
Organize New Club
This evening a new Pioneer
club will be organized at the First
Christian church, under the lead
ership of Mr. McKee. All mem
bers of his class have been asked
to attend. Ed Townsend and
Loyal Warner will be present to
assist In organization.
Building Lots North
For Modern Homes only A
few lots left at original prices of
$475 to $700 in Laurel Park.
Come now. Becke & Hendricks.
189 N. High Street. f20
House fhll 314, making some
changes In the forestry code and
raising the salary of the state for
ester from $3600 to $4200 a year,
which was voted down Wednes
day, In the house, was brought up
again yesterday In that body by
Representative Stewart and pass
Representative James Mott told
the house that members had voted
against the measure under misap-.
prehensipn, that the salary raise
would not affect the state treas
ury but the increase of $600 a
year would come out of the money
turned over by the federal gov
ernment to the state board of for
Never Cold in this House
Fully Plastered, 6 Rooms
South Liberty Street
Corner Lot $3000.00
PHONE 1354
Yick So Herb Co.
Est'd. 18 Tears in Salem
J. H. LEONG, Mgr.
If other treatments have failed
try our Chinese remedies for
asthma, bronchitis, croup and
cough. We have given relief to
many suffering with throat
trouble. Never neglect a cold.
We also treat all disorders of
men, women and children.
Consultation Free
OaIlor write 420-426 State St
Salem, Oregon, Phone 28S
ii nil ni n I r&ii'in
Spring Weather Replaced by
Zero Temperatures in
Middle States
KANSAS CITY, Feb. 17. (AP)
The cold wave which swept out
of the far northwest yesterday to
bring three deaths in the moun
tain country invaded the middle
west and southwest tonight, bring
ing sleet, snow and cold.
Temperatures dropped rapidly
throughout the southwest, replac
ing spring-like weather with that
of mid-winter. Indications were
that the cold would extend well
into Texas. ?
Rain turned to sleet and snow
in parts of Kansas and Missouri
and in Kansas City a drop in tem
perature from 53 degrees at 11
a. m. to below freezing was re
corded. Zero weather is predicted
for parts of Kansas.
The cold wave reached Cnlnradn
today and extended into New Mex
ico, where the mercury fell to 32
degrees this afternoon.
DENVER, Colo., Feb. 17.
(AP.) Colorado today had its
share of snow bound communities
and blocked trains. Snowslides in
the Eureka district had isolated
that town by blocking highways
and railroads, and two Denver &
Rio Grande Western . passenger
trains were held in deep drifts on
the continental divide at Osier and
between Chama and Cumbres. Two
rotary plows were working to clear
the tracks.
Snowslides in the La Plata
mountains, 17 miles northwest of
Durango, carried away several
buildings of the Lady Eleanor
Sixty emplcyes narrowly escaped
death. Buildings at the Matter
horn mine, 15 miles south of Tel
luride, likewise were buried by
CALGARY, Alta., Feb. 17.
(AP) Practically the entire pro
vince of Alberta was In a keen,
icy grip today. At Medicine Hat,
on the main line of the Canadian
Pacific railway, 40 degrees below
zero was reported. The mercury
dipped to 25 below in the Calgary
district, and hovered around 25
to 4 0 below in the Lethbridge area
during the day. Thermometers
Josephine Morley died at a local
hosptial yesterday, aged 12 years.
The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dan
iel Morley, 1631 Center street.
Funeral services will be held from
the Terwiiliger funeral home Fri
day afternoon at 2 o'clock with
interment in the Lee Mission cem
etery, Rev. E. H. Shanks officiat
Funeral services for William H.
Armstrong will be held at Webb's
funeral parlors, Friday at 2:30
p. m.. Rev. Kelley officiating. In
terment in IOOF cemetery.
families esteem our
distinguished service
for its uprightness,
though tf ulness and
moderate expense.
Webb's Funeral Parlors '
Telephone 120
Perfect Funeral Service
For Less
Licensed Lady Mortician
770 Chemeketa Street
Telephone 724
Call, phone or write
179 N. Commercial Salem
Corner Ferry and liberty
LADD&BUSH, Bankers
- Ext&kH&ed 1863
General Ranlrfng Business
Office Tlous Cram it a. m. tf n,
ranged from 30 to 38 below in tne
northern section.
(OoatwMd boa pg 1.7
der the present laws the railroad's
proportion of the cost of these
crossings Is fixed by the public
service commission. As a general
rule the railroads have paid be
tween 40 and 45 per cent of the
costs of constructing both over
head and underground crossings.
Senator Hall explained that the
passage of the bill would eliminate
confusion and dissatisfaction.
The Multnomah delegation re
turned a dividend report in con
nection .with a bill providing for
the creation of an additional cir
cuit judgshlp in Multnomah coun
ty. The majority report was sign
ed by all members of the delega
tion with the exception of Sena
tors Joseph and Staples. Senator
Joseph indicated that he would
fight the bill on the floor of the
At the request of Senator Moser
there was no discussion on the
divided report and the bill was
allowed to go upon the calendar
It probably will come up for final
consideration today.
A re-check of the vote on the
bilt making insanity grounds for
divorce showed that the measure
was approved by one vote. It pre
viously was announced that the
bill was defeated by one vote. The
bill was returned to the senate
Wednesday without recommenda
tion. Senator Butler opposed; its
approval on the floor of the sen
(Oontinued from page 1.) ;
- i
source to our institutions if they
are necessary, and were willing to
let the measure go up to the gov
Representative McPherson ad
mitted the need of a library at
the university, but considered that
the appropriation asked was far
too large; that Oregon Agrlcul
tural college had built a library
for $145,000 which was very ide-
uuatefor that school.
Representative Swan asked
where the money was to come
from to pay. "Away with all this
idea of prejudice," he said; "look
at the problem in a business-like
way before you vote and take ino
consideration the taxpayer, land
where the money is coming from
Mr. McCready doubted tne ac
curacy of the amount paid for; the
library at OAC, as a report from
the state college valued the build
ing at 1235,000. He stated that t
large library was needed at I the
university on account of the ! dif
ferences in the courses of study
offered there. j
Those voting no were BilJings-
ley, Buchanan, Cramer, German
La Follett, Lewis, McPherson, iMc-
Phillips, Miller; Peirce, Russell
Enduring Style
and Beauty
Your rings will be the only
lasting mementos of your
marriage clay. They must
endure long after bridal
flowers haye faded and wed
ding apparel is gone and for
gotten If bothringsareTraub
Genuine- Orange Blossom,;
you will find their style, their
beauty, a source of lifelong
pride. Only Genuine Orangei
Blossom rings bear the trade;
mark of Traub guarantee
ing value in whatever style
you may select. 1
Hartman Bros. I
Square: Deal Jewelers j
Corner State and
Onmge Blossom
Call On Us
Auto Parts
Telephone 6cV0
Schulmerich, Scott, Snell, Stewart,
Swan and Settlemier.
(Continued from 1.)
to take aboard 800 bide jacket re
cruits for the fleet at Guantanamo.
Secretary 'Wilbur said today
that on her way south from New
port the . ship would pick up a
thousand marines at Quantico,
Va., and 200 more at the Parrls
Island. S. C, station. Whether
she will proceed first to Guantana
mo to transfer the bluejackets to
the fleet or "go directly to Nicara
gua, probably via the Panama
Canal to Corlnto, was not disclos
Some state department officials
today expressed the opinion that
these additional naval forces
would be sufficient to cope with
any eventuality In Nicaragua.
There is no question that the
Washington government regards
the situation at Matagalpa as
critical. .The fact that the trans
port Henderson has not been di
verted from her trip to pick up
bluejackets at Newport and order
ed direct to Quantico to embark
marines is ibelieved, however, to
indicate that the sending of an ad
ditional regiment to Nicaragua is
a precautionary step.
Jamea McEvov. trorrietor of a
dry goods store in North Bend,
Oregon, died on Wednesday, the
16th, at his home in that city, fol
lowing a lingering illness, brought
on. by a nervous breakdown. The
burial will take place tomorrow
at North Bend.
Until about four years ago, Mr.
McEvoy was proprietor of the
Chicago Store in Salem, located
where the Busick 6tore is now
conducted. He was in business in
Salem for 1 5 years.
Portland Civics Students
Inspect State Lawmakers
The civics class of the Couch
school in Portland was in Salem
Thursday to investigate the legis
lature as guests of President Cor
bett of the state senate.
The seven boys were given seats
at President Corbett's desk and
furnished with senate calendars
and copies of the most important
bills. .
The boys have organized their
own senate, and will try to follow
the same procedure used here.
Each boy has selected bis favorite
Benator and will try to live up to
his reputation..
ASTORIA, Or., Feb. 17. (AP)
An S. T & S. company stage
was forced In the ditch and a large
car driven by W. C. Tremblay,
manager of the Warrenton Lum
ber company, was badly damaged
about 7 p. . m. tonight when the
two machines crashed on the Low
er Columbia River highway near
new lUAiry:
We Now Have a
Salem Variety: Store
152 North Commercial
Long and Short Distance Hauling '
- Public and Private Storago ; ?;
.. Fireproof Building
Free Deliyery to any part of the city
Farmers Warehouse
, patjzj Truer jo. Prop. .; . ,
Day Tekpheae 23 V NIsfct Tdcpbcse li:7-W
fNew first National
Q Bank Building
Exprt far Indies nd Gentlemen.
Coffer's Phot Berrlc
Tel. 708, OTr tfl ep
Morria Optical Co, 301-302-303
Sr. Bearr E. Morris, Optomotrtot
- Teiepnono saw
C. r. Gillette
Suite S16
Lawyer Telephone 106
Betaa Office 811-312
Stoker Display 31-312
Consul tine Engineer , . 31
Executive Booms
Telephone 27 Tar 1855
Frank KeUogg, Public Accountant
SvstenM Auditinx Income Tax
Telephone 1846 Boom SOS
Kin fe Wrckoff
Distributors for WllsMre'a "X-oa-a-co
Socolofsky Boa. Tel 970
Beal Estate, Loans, Insurance
Drs. O'Neill Bordette, Optometrists
Phone 625 401-402-403-404-405
WiUard H. Wilts and Paul T. Burrls
Attorneys. 410-411-412. TeL 185
Drs. I vis, Schmidt Jk CaTanagh..602-503
Geo: E. Tears, M. C, Physician k 8urf ton
Salt 603. Tel. 615, Bee, 775
Bobin D. Day and Donald W. MOea
Attorneys at Ltv
Telephone 193. 610-611-612
E. P. Smith,-Hew York life
Boom 613. Telephone 193
I. K. Sanders, M. D Physician Snrfeoa
Suite 810. Telephone 655. Boa. 234S
Dr. H. B. Scofleld SOS
Chiropractor, Nenrocalometer Service
Dr. H. M. Brown. Ere. Ear. Noee ft Throat
I Specialist. 8 site 905
Dr W. A. Johnson, Dentist
Telephone 1286 , 1061
Chauner Iee George, D. D. S,
General Dentistry
E. M. Griffin, D. D. 8., Orthodontia
Telephone 191. Suite 1002-1006
Svensen. The accident was caused
by the slippery pavement when
Tremblay applied the brakes Is
making a turn.
Complete Line of
V .
1 - -s