The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, February 13, 1927, Page 16, Image 16

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Future Purchasers Expect to
Keep Cars for Genuine
I. Service and Comfort
-Th business of marketing au
tomobiles has grown beyond the
stage, of thumping the torn torn
eud Imutlug the bushes to get peo
ple to giro up their old cars for
Biew- ones, j Car owners are begin
blng to realize the folly of making
presents of about half the. real
ralue in their motor cars to utter
strangers. They are awakening to
the cost of trading their machines
for new models. -
. Questionnaires conducted among
all of the buyers of new Packard
cars show that a'majority expect
td keep their new machines ' at
least twice as long as they held the
cars they formerly owned.' ' They
are through with annual birthday
; More and more motor car pur
chasers are beginning to apply the
same good business judgment to
the buying of .automobiles that
t&ey would exercise in' any other
lorestment. Packard, before the
war, foresaw the wisdom of a
change in the general automobile
merchandising , plan. Plans then
nfade were interrupted by the war
bat at its conclusion it stepped out
ak a pioneer in the new order. Bas
ing its appeal on good business it
has been making thqusands of
converts from the rankspf those
who trade - out the miles' in their
cars rather than ride them out. It
stepped in and pre-empted a new
field. Packard has been selling
ah' idea; a money saving idea.
' On the face of things it would
appear hat we are trying to cut
off our own nose when we tell a
man who has Just bought a new
cir from us here take this car
aid drive out all the miles we have
built Into "it. We'don't want 'to
see you on th,e matter of any new
car forbears".
however. v our questionnaires
from all over the country have pro
Ten to us what we already believed
true tnaVtni.' public would rally
around the maker who would build
a car with years of useful and de
sirable life, at a fair price and then
refrain from making changes in it
each year solely for the purpose
of intriguing its owner to turn it
in for a new model
j. Improvements have been made
in Packard cars as they have been
found necessary and possible and
ii the last year the Pakard Motor
Car company spent $7,000,000 for
improved machinery os that it
could build better. We do not,
however, change . our cars each
yjear to induce owners to buy new
cars annually at a great deprecia
tion loss. ' ,
This substantial and fery defin
ite merchandising policy has been
a big aid In a work Packard has
been carrying on for years, that
of lifting the entire distributor
and dealer organization up to the
standard of the car.
j In former years in the automo
bile ' industry for a new car dis
tributor to be successful he had to
be something akin to the old time
horse' 'trader in his dealings for
Used cars. More and more the
public now is demanding that the
man from whom it buys its motor
cars shall be a business man of
the highest type and more and
more the automobile buyer is find
ing this type of merchant selling
i The Midget Meat Market nevei
calls to give you the finest meat.
.ind fish. There Is but one plact
m Salem to get the finest fish. Tht
fidget Market has it for you. (
j The Clarion Automobile Co. Tht
-tudebaker. the world's greatest
lUtomobile value. Operating cos
mall Will last a lifetime, with
i-are. Standard roarb SI 510. (i
Save Threads of Bolts
I When Drilling for Pin
; In drilling a hole through a
bolt so as to make it possible to
use a cotter pin, it frequently hap
pens that the threads are injured,
so that it is difficult to put the
unt an. This may be obviated by
first running the nut well up on
the bolt and then drilling the
hole for the cotter pin. After the
hole is made, back the nut off,
(and in passing over the place op
erated on the nut will restore the
thread. This applies also to saw
ing or cutting off a bolt which is
likely similarly to injure the
Flood of Orders for Automo
mobiles and Trucks Come
as Result of Ruling .
Willie most large cities still al
low traffic in congested districts
to be slowed down to the plod
ding walk of dray horses, Mexico
City has ruled dobbin off the
streets. The capital of Mexico has
become one of the world's most
completely motorized cities.
This results from a law that re
cently went Into effect which for
bids the use of any metal tired
vehicle on the city pavements. The
metal shoes of horses, of course,
come under the ban. Public de
mand for the law grew out of
heavy expense for upkeep of pave
ment which was said by engineers
to be due to metal shod hoofs and
wheels. The speeding up of traf
fic was also sought.
News of this progressive more
was brought to Detroit by James
G.- Shirley, general manager of Cla
Unidas de Ventas, S. A., Mexico
City dealer for Dodge Brothers
cars and Graham Brothers trucks,
who Is visiting Dodge Brothers
and Graham Brothers plants here.
Mr. Shirley brought with him
orders for unprecedented num
bers of Graham Brothers trucks
and Dodge Brothers cars. "The
immense volume of these orders
which have poured into our office
since the law was passed a few
weeks, ago," Mr. Shirley says, "are
convincing evidence of the good
name which these" .sturdy cars and
trucks enjoy in the Mexican capi
tol. During a single, week re
cently orders were received in
Mexico City. alone for 50 Graham
Brothers trucks.
"These trucks are by far the
most popular commercial transpor
tation equipment in this section of
Mexico. In Mexico City the gov
ernment uses upwards of 100 Gra
ham Brothers units for ambulan
ces, police patrols and practically
every other municipal activity.
Graham Brothers trucks are used
also by a majority of our large
Mexican and American fleet own
"At 'El Oro. a miing; town
near Mexico City, out of a total of
38 cars and trucks, 36 are Dodge
Brothers and ; Graham .Brothers
make, while at Pachuca, the
world's largest silver f mining
camn. oroduclng 60 of all sil
ver mined. Dodge Brothers cars
and Graham Brothers trucks out
number all other makes combined.
"The reasori for this outstand
ing leadership, Mr. Shirley says,
"is the dependability and moun
tain climbing ability of these cars
and trucks. So powerful Is .the
Dodge Brothers engine that more
than 50 rail 'cars of the interur
ban type have been equipped with
Graham Brothers power units.
These are operated on former
steam railroad lines leading out of
Mexico City in all directions.'
Paige-Detroit Reports
Strong Export Increase
DETROIT, Mich. (Special.)
Gains in export business In 1926
are reported by the Paige-Detroit
Motor Car company, the increase
over 1925 being 30. As com
pared with 1924, last year's ex
ports showed a gain of 150.
About 80 of the exported cars
were closed models, the foreign
preference for open cars, former
ly so marked, having yielded to
the opportunity to obtain sedans
at no more cost than touring cars.
These figures do not include
Canadian shipments, which gained
144 In 1926.
The greatest European gains
for the year were in France and
Sweden. Australia continues to
demand American cars in prefer
ence to all others. A new outlet
is Java, which has begun to buy
The largest single European
market for the Paige in 1926 was
Comparing Paige exports with
cars of Us own price class, the
company says that it Supplied
18' of the American cars ship
Ded to France: 17.6 to Sweden;
17.8 to Holland, and 11 to
Everything In the oook store
line, books, stationery, supplies
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room, at the Commercial Book
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Our Ads Business Getters
Sx fi touflfilttt a feff off
kowini M cair f flits price"
iiYbu.need not make any ex- ,
tended comparisons to under
stand why the Greater Oak v
land Six is so emphatically pre
ferred by those who demand
of their cars not only satis
- fying beauty and performance but also un-
- usually long life and reliability. U
The answer lies in the fundamental prin
ciple of Oakland construction because the
Oakland Six is built to a degree of precision
previously unknown in cars of its price!
I rue, Oakland provides unexampled
elusive Rubber-Silenced Chas
sis and the Harmonic Balancer.
But by working to limits that
once typified the hand-built
car, by following such extra
ordinary practices as diamond
boring all piston pin bushings and balanc
ing all rotating parts from transmission to
rear axle? f"'";
Oakland achieves a resistance to wear,
tear and road shock that actually borders
on the unbelievable!
You need only to talk to veteran Oak-
beauty and style by the use of superior - land owners or observe veteran Oakland
Fisher bodies; and an extraordinary agility, Sixes in action to understand why the
smoothness and silence by employing such trend of fine car buying continues to swing
advanced engineering features as the ex- so strongly toward the Greater Oakland Six
Oakland Six, $1025 to $1295. Bodies by Fisher. All prices at
factory. Easy to pay on the General Motors Time Payment Plan.
iHigh Street at Trade
: - -: t5' . . -- Sis.
Telephone 1841
-' ;!. ' ??; ASSOCIATE DEALERS -
Silverton Motor Car Co., Silvertoa, -Oregon; Johnson Motor Satas Co., Corvallfs,
Oregon ;.ByerIey Motor. Co., Albany, Oregon; fred T. Bilyeo, Scio, Oregon; Bone
Brothers, Turner, Oregon; T. D. romeroy. Independence, Oregon; C. l. Shreere &
Ron, Dallas, Oregon; ,r G. Havemann, . Woodbwn, Oregon; F. L. Miller, Aurora,
Oregon; Henry C Hollemont Ilarrlsbnrg, Oregon. j '
British Government Uses
Dodge Cars High Up in
Himalaya Mountains
Dodge Brothers,"Inc., surpassed
all previous records in sales ot
passenger cars and trucks abroad
last year with an increase in busi
ness of 14.9. over 1925, accord
ing to figures just announced.
Foreign ' demand for Dodge
Brothers and Grabam Brothers
vehicles has now reached such
proportions that nearly one-eighth
of the company's entire output, of
331,764 cars and trucks in 1926
was shipped to buyers in all parts
of the world. This increased de
mand has resulted in the exten
sion of foreign dealers activities
into ever country of the civilized
Dodge Brothers gain in export
shipments is especially noteworthy
when compared with the accom
plishment of the industry as a
whole last year. Preliminary es
timates of the National Automo
bile Chamber of Commerce for
1926 show that 550,000 motor ve
hicles were exported from the TJ.
S. This is a gain of 3 over
1925. Dodge Brothers final fig
ures for 1926 show exports of
Dodge Brothers passenger cars
and Graham Brothers trucks to
taling 39,016, which is a gain of
14.9 over the preceding 12
month period.
Exports of cars and trucks, ex
cluding Canada, totaled 32,874,
an increase of 7.6 over 1925.
Exports to Canada totaled 6142
vehicles, a gain of 81.8 over
the previous year.
l Graham Brothers, the truck
manufacturing division of Dodge
Brothers; gained 191.9 in its
Canadian business last year w bile
exports, exclusive of Canada, g lin
ed 38,7.
i From Alaska to Cope He rn;
Spitzenbergen to Cape Town and
Siberia, to India, Dodge Brothers
cars are to be found In operation,
oftentimes subjected to the hard
est possible usage.
I In the remote districts of Thi
bet, high up In the Himalaya
mountains. Dodge Brothers :ars
are carrying mail for the British
government twice a week. A se
dan and two three-fourth ton com
mercial cars are traveling ovpr a
rpute 108 miles Ioni:. Therje is
nb road but a track has peen
marked out 'with white stones.
This track passes over low peaks,
undulating hills and unbridged
rivers. Dodge Brothers cars! are
the first and only motor vehicles
in Thibet.
Artists to Give Radio
Concert From. New York
I NEW YORK. (Special
Miss Mary Garden, soprano
the Chicago Opera company, Emi
lio De Gogorza, baritone, j and
Hans Barth, pianist are announc
ed as the artists who will present
the fourth 1927 radio concept of
the Victor Talking Machine com
pany, on the evening of February
18. I
These distinguished artists will
be heard through stations of the
"bine" network of the National
Broadcasting company, and four
southern stations. The eight sta
tions to be included in the I net
work are: WJZ, New York; WBZ,
Springfield and Boston; KDKA.
Pittsburgh; KYW, Chicago;
WHAS, Louisville, Ky.; WSBl At
lanta; WMC, Memphis and WSM,
Nashville. I
The artists , will be assisted by
the Victor Concert Orchestra, un
der th direction! of JRosario Bour
don. , The program will be one
hour long, beginning at 9 p. m..
Eastern, Standard Time,.
Parker & Co., 444 S. Commer
cial. Don't fail to Bee Parker
about repairing your car. Expert
mechanics at your service. AH
work guaranteed. ()
Ira W; Xorgensen. 190 S. High
St. Parts for all makes of ears
Best equipped an to accessory store
in this -section, i Prompt' and re
liable service the rule. - . ()
Cabnyl Local growers, will
ship 2.500.000 strawberry plants
this spring. .
Long Distance Driver
lised All Billboards
The i manager of the Paige
branch 'at San Francisco recently
noticed a car bearing a New
Hampshire license plate in his .
service station. ' Naturally inter
ested in a car that had traveiNi
so long a distance, he approach-
the owner, and according to thj
Paige house organ, the following
conversation resulted.
"You've toured a long way."
said the Paijre manager, "i -
agine that, on that cross-country
trip, you saw lots of interesting
things?" s
"Gosh, no," replied the tourist
I was doing the driving!"
You'll be surprised at the difference it will make
. - "-' in your motor
High Street at Ferry "Salem, Oregon
The Secret of the Life of a Car Lie in the
, Care It Is Given
JCeep ypur auto washed, polished and lubricated
! regularly at a minimum cost
' " - ' --' I- - . ,
252 South Liberty Street 1
Packard Six
a supwme
of all that is jfine
in motor cars
The Packard Six may be had in a wide
range of tasteful color combinations.
One of ibex harmonious effects
each the conception of an artist ts
sure to please your personal preference.
"t'Aj X H"- -
combination A ,r f "
B,. ML-, : ' m ffii
1 -! - tl I J tilt tin i
I r i ggri
1 tmm. BSBlQQfiV
.-'. m yff mm rjyf
MJgL a ft! ghiffl 7
f r
i ! above
1 i
r i
THE exercise of good
taste in the selection
of your personal
motor car, as in many
;otl. r things, need cost no
more.' Those who have
, expe Tenced the satisfac
tion of Packard ownership
know the truth of this.?
The Packard Six, like all
fine and genuine things,
costs more more than he
who wants mere .transpor
tation at a price need pay.
" But if you are one accus
tomed to think of motor
cars in terms of. comfort,
of beauty, of performance
in short of cars priced
fifteen hundred dol-
lars-j-you may select a
i-'acKara 5ix and your
pocketbook need never
know the difference. f
The jsecret is simple.
Mechanically supreme, de
signed and created With
. superlative talent, with pre-,
cisionl protected by inbuilt
the Packard Si retains its
comfort; its distinguished
appearance, its quiet
smoothness of performance
throughout an unusually
long life. 1 -
-J,- :-:;v.:-jv: p-,
Owners want to keep this
car! f hey feel no urge to
trade it in forftnewmodels."
Infrequent service require-
jnents and long life then
prove again that buying the
best is after all the truest
These assertions are based
on the collective experience
of thousands cf Packard
Six owners. ,
The improved Tackard Six
- five-passenger Sedan is but
..' $2911 delivered at your door,
freight and tax pud. To buy
out of income you pay $800 on
delivery and "$122 a month,
including interesf insurance
and all other churges. The
value of your pnsent car is
deducted from tic first and
monthly payment.
350 North Hi
t AG: 1
Telephone 2125
- M