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tTa Program Will be
Vfrxcnted by Salem Mac-
UulVCU jiuu on axvtuuxy
A prosram that promises, much
delight has "been arranged "by ' the
Salem MacDowell club; for Mon
day evening. Jan. 31, at Waller
Hall. At this time .Mlsa; Anna
Ellis Barker, prominent Portland
musician, -will 'be presented in a
program concerned with. "'The Har
mony of the AftsJ' '
-Following Mini Bkrer's con
cert in Portland the Oregon Jour
nal reviewed 'the 'program" as fol
lows: - -: " 1
Music, painting and architecture
were compared and contrasted on
Wednesday night' by Miss Anna
Ellis Barker, Portland musician,
in the first of a series of lecture
recitals on the harmony, of the
arts, when she spoke iri'the parlor
at the Portland hotfcl. Miss .Bark
er opened her .discussion' with
Greek art, passing through the
renaissance and closing -with ex
pressionistic art. . She illustrated
with musical examples. "Arches
are like a flowing melody and the
columns u re pauses r-bet ween."
Miss Barker compared. ''Music
has been called dynamic architec
ture. For so many years music
confined itself to- definite outlines
that it is perhaps a bit, difficult
for us to understand the imprest
kionistlc music of today.," Shd
Contrasted the' music of Chopin!
Wtflfthat of DeBuSsy to illustrate
her point. "Some modern music
shimmers to th4.ear and If f you
were to see it painted,, it .would be
a n.- (rn prffsMonjstJc ,-palntinjj. i .H'e
are more accustomed to seeing un
iisnal effects than tdUbearing
them." Miss Barker-described
some modern music 'it being conr
posed of "snippets" of tunes.sMod
ern music, she said; is full of color;
too much color, f to tier wajr of
thinking. ' '
Jason Lee Ep worth League
Entertains WitH''?; '
Masquerade Party
"The young people's Epworth
League of the Jason Lee Methodist
church gave a' Tunny paper 'Mas
querade last Friday evening at
7:30 o'clock SiXk basement of
the church, whiclt'wa- decorated
with curled stripsifunny papers
and red balloon. -About 100 Wil
lamette students and' business
young people came dressed as their
favorite comic character.
All cf those present were divid
ed off into funny paper families
and Lyle Weed conducted them in
different games and contests car
in.g out the spirit of the evening.
7iS:30 o'clock all unmaksed and
jkfa-v were nurnrised to find who
snma of the characters Were-, j 'iVh6m!the:
At 10 cclock
t-nosen Djriine genuemen .anaing
the one -having a newspaper cut
ting -which fitted- his; - Corn rbeef
and cabbage sandwiches aQd tea
were served by, Mls.Beulah1.txa?
ham. and Miss MarclavFttestm&itt '
Some of the -'comic characters
present were jthe ; Rinky; Dinks, J
the ideals of the, commercial road
show takes the;old Viking spirit
of; his northern forebears,
When you study the roundness
and completeness of a play as he
presents it, you gain a glimpse of
the sacrifice of himself as an actor
and better understand the. high ac
cbmplishment of the man who al
lows no persoaal- ambition,: no
rett ural desire for "starrin g" him
self, jto mat the ; representation ' 61
thatu shadow pf reality which the
best ."group acting"giv us.
? Perhaps the highest praise audi
ences - can bestowon any , director
is that they Jpurney homeward
with Bft. thought" of ctha-ctors in
their minds, hut instead, an ab
sorbing memory of the. parts cre
ated, and an intense desire to win
from living that mysterious some
thing which upholds courage and
clarifies experience.
America is justly proud of her
creative pioneers. In the future,
magazines will feature the origin
and accomplishment of the Moroni
Olsen Players, pioneers in a spe
cial kind of play production. The
director, Moroni Olsen, a most un
assuming person,' has rather avoid
ed .publicity so far. On account of
his alms and ideals.
,.4 What many people do not under
stand is that he is a philosopher
83 well as an actor and critic. His
fellow workers are his enthuslas
ttce partisans and converts. All
of them work, as he plans', for the
perfect whole -the production.
you cannot, have a flawless en
semble, nor present a true picture
of. that shifting opalescent thing,
life, without true subordination of
parts From the first play pro
duced by his company, Mr. Olsen
has preached this doctrine and
practiced it. The scene gains even
i Sarah cries!
But he has done more". He has
trained and encouraged every art
ist with him to believe in the im
mense' beauty that will be their
reward for such thought and work.
In other words, he is making men
and women with a strong under
standing of what is best in living,
while directing them toward what
is finest iri acting.
o that even this is not the snd.
All his company, as they achieve
rthla sense of oneness, his incom-
parable vision of the harmony
that may exist through patient
thought and un.ifled. word, perceive
their, power to change and modify,
ot least Jin ome ligJit measure ,
the days and aims of those with TTnota Wait nltlol TO. " "
iu h' Tnibr , RahtiM. MicirP s .popular have been the semi-
Whipple, Hooligan, Ohpan Annie
J Woman's,
, Will Met
must. be A jgreat roan. Deeply they
feel vthat the " hour on the tetage
IJlmeth'ctaimatioh'6f all their
hours of -work study,
and. loye.-' i r4'. r,:;.
Benefit Card Parties
Wilt be Held EachxWeek
monthly- card parties at' the" St.
and Barney Google with his Sparkl Vincent's du 'Paul parish house
I tnat. due to persistent requests on
s Bible Class
Members of the Woman's Bible.
class of the First Methodist church
and their friends will be enter
tained with a social meeting at the
home of Mrs. B. Blatchford, 1745
state street, on Friday afternoon
at 2:30 o'clock.
First Methodist Church
Etyicorth League -Sponsors
ion Friday evening. Jan. 21, the
fipFt church chapter- ot the ' Eiw
vJrth League of the Jifst Metho-.
tlUt Episcopal church held lt9 Jatv
iiwi party in the Marion Lawrence
,1sk room in the church annex.
VtSout 35 young' people were pres
The evening' was spent play
Jag games under the direction of
CSnydlne Matthews; The refresh
rnts were served try a omtnfttee'
topsisting of Harry Eschi" tRtftlr-i
ana vjaroiyn' waterman ana 'ury
son Clutter. ;
Adult guests present were Mrs.
Van nice, Mrs. Stolzheise and MIsb
Margaret K. Sutherland, league
Salem Burns; Club Will
Hold Banquet at 'Marion
Hotel on Saturday ;
Thf Burns' anniversary will be
celebrated at the Hotel Marion
rext Saturday evening. There will
be a banquet at 6 o'clock, followed
by memorial addresses," Scotch
fcjings. music and dancing. Dr.
NOrman K. .Tully wUI give the
jjtincipal memorial address, and
(levernor Patterson and former
tiOvernor Pierce will make short
addresses. The baenlriea will be
played by Arthur Hutcheon and
JOhn Charge, and there will h a
tnll evening of song and good fel-
lowsnip, in keeping with the spirit
And memory of the beloved Scotch,
poet, Burns.
'tioroni. Olsen Players Will
Appear in "Outicdrd Bound"
t Tomorrow Mirth '
x dramatic group that has
been in Salem this season has at
tracted quite the attention that
has been devoted to the Moroni
Olsen people. Early last fall they
Played "Dear , Brutus" here.: and
tomorrow night they "will: return
to the Elsinore theater to ! play
Sutton Vane's "Outward Bound.-'
Moroni OIsenIs one of the sig-
nincant figures on th American
sfage. Rodin would itiavd studied
Lira with enjoyment, and Goya
would have painted him with test.
io attempt what this man la do
ing to be a pioneer in the busi
ness and beauty of stake nrodhc
the part'of the public, the altar
committee-has decided to sponsor
one( each," Wednesday evening 'un
til, furthernotice.
For the card party tonight, the
following will be the- committee:
Mrs J. Mahula, Mrs. Albert Tracy,
Mrs. Alex Scharback, Mrs. Theo
dore Nadon, Mrs. C. L. Hampshire
and Mrs. F. A. Moisan. '
At the first meeting in Febru
ary six men ' of the parish will
entertain. Interesting plans are
being made for this affair.
New Members of 'St. Vincent's
Parish :WilPbeiWelcorried
To welcome the many recent
new members of Sts Vincent's.' du
Paul parish, and to better acquaint
Old members with each other, Mrs.
Georga- Ov Wenderoth and Mrs.
fhm as Amend will entertain at
ththomeot;the latter at 1051
South .street' this afternoon from
2 to 5 o'clock. This will be one
in a number of social affairs-which
members of the parish are arrang
ing. All women of the" parish are
invited to attend. ,
Mrs. Jaskoslci fs
Hostess for U. D. Club
Members of .the .U., IJ j:lub en
joyed-one of i the most delightful
meetings of the year yesterday'af
ternoon when Mrs. Frank Jaskoskl
entertained. ? '. i.V
In the club are Mrs. J. G. Nadon,
Mrs. T. M. Barr, Mrs. C. D. Thom
as; Miss Rosalia Bachf Mrs. E. A.
Pruitt, Mrs. E.Eckerlini Sr. Mrs.'
C. J. Healy, Mrs. S. Breitenstein,
Mrs. Harry Weis, Mrs. : James
Heenan, Mrs. J. B. Nathman and
the hostess of. yesterday, MrsC
Frank Jaskoskl.
Prominent Young Couple I - '
Leaves for Sak Francisco
Mr. and Mrs. John Chandall
Watson; (Beverley Roberts) left
yesterday morning for 'San Fran
cisco where they 'will -make their
home. The Watson-Roberta wed
ding was one: of -the most beauti
ful ever solemnized In Salem. '
TmnSiA rft Bom: to Mr.
tronnjj was attended hv 'JIaHsing
diruiltVH.' , t t
if; t
! celved thlU. week .by Mr. aud'Mrs
J. ll. Ie jatrcjiu .upon the atrival
of.twlBg, a-non land daughter." oh
Monday morning; Jan. 24,' at the
Salem hospital; Mr. and Mrs. "De
Jardin , plan ! tb name their ' small
son Joseph Raymond Jr.. and their
little daughter Joan Marie. Joseph
Raymond weighed four pounds and
five ounces -and Joan Marie four
pounds and six -ounces.
Mrs. De Jardin war Mary Healy
before her marriage. The twins
are grandchildren of-Mrs. C. J.
Daughter tt i.Bgrn l '''
A- daughter was horn -on. Mon
day, Jan.. 17; to Mr, and Mrs. Al
bert Girod?of route. 8,-near Quin
aby. -Mrg, Glron ' and aby, who
are at a Salem hospital., are ex
pected time In a Xw :days. Mrs
Girod was? tormerly ?Clara .Wiley
or Aumiviiie . . a f; u
Monthly Tea "Will
Sponsored pmbrrxiie'h
The monthly tea' sponsored by
the ladies' social circle of Knight
Memorial church, will be held to
morrow afternoon in the church
The hostesses are Mrs. Josenh
Schindler, Mrs. H. E. Spencer, Mrs.
B. E. Edwards, Mrs. Avis Martin,
Mrs. Lester Mosher, Mrs. -Jessie
Phillips and Mrs. Martha Bellin
Barbara Frietchie -
Tent Will Meet
Barbara Frietchie tent No. 2,'
Daughters of Union Veterans of
the Civil War. will meet at 8
o'clock this evening at the wom
an's clnb house on North Cottage
street. '
First Methodist Ladies' Aid
The general tua society of the
First Methodist church will, meet
this afternoon In the church par-
ors. The South Ceutral circle,
with Mrs. J. Ft. Carruthers as
chairman, will have charge! of the
program. and the refreshments.
Beautiful Wedding
Cerem on y Is Solem n ized
n Falls City
Falls City, Or.. Jan. 23, (Spe
cial.) One of the most beautiful
wedding ceremonies ever celebrat
ed in Falls City was that at high
noon today, uniting in marriage
Bertha Alice Brown and' Paul Le
Francq, at the home of the bride's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Brown.
The impressive ring ceremony was
read by Rev. H. H. Miles while
Wentworth Van Den Bosch sang
'I Love You Truly." A bower of
Oregon grape with a wedding bell
of white with Oregon grape and
pink flowers occupied one corner
of the living room, and under this
bower the wedding party formed
for the ceremony, the bride enter
ing upon the arm of her -father,
with her cousin, "Neli a May Reas-
nor as her only- attendant. The
o .
I Social Cauemdjur 1
o . o
cillihee Country club dance. Club
house. Informal. " '
Leslie Can Do's Mrs. J. Willard
Pe Yoehostess,T?:30 o'clock.'
The story telling section of the
Stilem1 Art League" will meet WTed
nesday, evening at the home of the
erection leader. Mr3. Cheater Mudd.
The lesson. subject, "Historial
Sipriel" -
Ladies' Aid society of the First
Methodist church. Church parlors.
"Barbara Frietchie tent, Daugh
ters' of Veterans. Woman's club
house, ; 8 ' o'clock.
Welcome for new members in
parish. Mrs. Thomas Amend,
10051 South street,-hostess, 2 to
5 o'clock. :
Moroni Qlien Players in "Out
ward Bound-" ' Elsinore theater.
8:20 o'clock. - -i
Town and Gown club. Lausanne
Hall, " v ; " " -
Monthly tea. Ladies social cir
cle of Kpigbt Memoriat church.
Church; parlors. -';
S FrWay , S
District .'.meetings' of Woman'aJ
Missionary society. First 'Evun--gelicaj
f Uurch." 10 o'clock. ;
2 ' Suturday
Frederick Starr, leading anthro
pologist. ": Lecture program' ; at
Walleij Hall; Wil1amQtteahlTer8w
lty;--campus,; io'ck Subjept,
"Japani Place in the S-uh.-
"' SPECIALi '4i I J
6 room modern house. Four
blocks from postoffice.
- ' $4500
F. L. WOOD -State
. . Jnc.
'The Winchester Store
Fbone 173 ISO N. Com!. St.
U !M())- (( ))
Present this ad and rec Ave Three Delightful Free
Treatments at our offices, 306-7 First National Bank
Building; Salem. r Phone 705. ;
i, OFFICE HOURS 9 AilL to 8 P. M.'-.'t'
lcurmaf " reveptioh was 'b?ld. after
wlilt u the wedding party and
guests were seated - at ttoauti fully'
appoioti-d tables' in 'the 'dining
roora.' where a thre'e-courso wee
ding breakfast was served. The
bride's table was beautiful with a
regulation , wfddi
f ntc-rpieco-' with
ing cake , a$ -the tried a' bouquet of bride rosea and
pink Vtmlli'S ; ih Kfreeslajftied itfitJi 'Kltfti'nRd.fUlrpr, hntdors,. A?whii hellwJihJ,iJjhons, i Abface,.Iet of .'wlUte gld
Jt . . '. 1... . . i iJi-jilIii '4 i i .i 1- : r,i til-
linn. ijvtrn tiilKntiuetl aifuvv lilt" ici hiiii i in urhiuut-? anirtiucraiusi rth wtilu? ribbons rifiadltfg:
to thtf. seats of honor, completed
the decorative scheme.
The 'bride was most' becomingly
gowned in sea" green flat crepe with
the- gift f, tbe; Krocaii; was a very
effective, ornament.. The maid, of
honor word a Belgian blue crepe. ,
The guestslincluded J A, Brown
of pailas. grandfather of the bride,
Bilver slippers and hbse, an'd car- Mr.1 and Mrs.' John Heasnor, their
daughters" Klla, ;My ;and Ethel
Clara. ai4 noa' Ealph.Bof.'Dallas.
F,rank .. and : FJoid Crowri, ' the
bride's brothers -illev'and ;Mrs.
II. IL Miles, ifr aiid Mrs- Itihard
Van' Den "Bosc h; ami, tiio M essr s,"
H(ehafdt Jr.f and iWeatworth Van
In Bosch, Mr and f Mrs. A. - G."
Adants and Mr, nd Mra. E BV
Watt ; : ; . -;' f---.;: - :-
Mf'a.! LeFrnncq - U the onlv.
daugh.ter.6t' Mr. and- Mrs. E. p.
Browni jind has grown up In Falls'
City, graduating from the Falls'
Cityhjgl(,scliool. two years -ng.
EInc..that tjn.e shft has been tak
ing nurses!, training at the. Good
Samaritan hospital in Portland,
where she first become acquainted
with her husband.- .- -'
- ' ' I"t-- f.H" .,1 - ' - r .' , 4.-y. ..:,. --...U-1 ...v ?,..- 'v i. U'.., .1 " ' .. I
m - r vf ' -.1 , , - i .''."-; 1. -'- '..;-..-. .. ' - I
Springtime Coats A,re Bis1ingxiisUei by Their, Slim Lines and
Unusual Fur Treatments
J :
-! -
5 ' '
Youthful charm, lithe grace, and inestimable
smartness commend, our, new coasts, Straight
lines, often belted, new bloused ef ecs, ancl rjievei;
still, snug raglan shoulders are all represented.
Yokes, detached panels, and tiers are much in evi
dence in these new coats of ours, and new fabrics
rough woolens, homespuns, twills, cretSeJIas,
kashas and cashmeres combine with spring furs
twin beaver, baby calf, ombre coney, anckrimmer
in many new ways. And the best part of all -these
were purchased in a most advantageous man
ner. Newest fabrics, newest styles, yet. through
our buying power the prices to you represent a
tidy sum. . Make, a personal examination of them
today '.'. f;f
-Ma W lV It- V
-and mz
The lop GcRaf Fmds Etself In
Delightf ully new4 Goat's ;-to meet everv heed of the
in-between '
season1, Coats which will jaq wQrr far into Spring, Charming in
line anoT fabrics, eopof will? appear smart-T-correpf
for almost every remirjmtent ; pf the sociarfcalendar. Of rqugh:
wooleru, tweed, rfomespun and mixtures. And there are new
rabnes which are,woven xn- cever: geometric designs-an added
marking of the new sesisoni See no simply, hbw cleverly they
are made, and how nicelvthey are finished.' '
, ' , ;" i. ' ;' . ."
; . ... tr - .
..f.1 Save S-sq On Tbse!i
v - " 4 7 ' . '
. in' : '- ..flo
.. - . B . I-' ' ! I t 1 ' r ' --. i' - -Mr -
0W f
i I - Z -:-- I ft , - t : . ; - . -
. v p j ire srm jb .hi rrssn "i mi an imr!" "ti.
. . 4 . , I " ... . .i" ' .. H - - . '': :v ' i'"' 1- 4.'-': ' "Y'
These, were; intended to gellat $25lt00 but
tKrough, quantity buying and efficient methods
in snoppin the style centers, we are: thus en-,
abled to effect a saving that means considerable
e average! ward robe budget.
4 j Or)'i
s - :
- v- ; r,''1' ; icatiJng department- Btoro
tloa or. aodie&cea accustomed to
"4, "