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The Qregon Statesman
-1 T Deily faupt Mm4j ay . .
1 ". 15 South Cetsaaereial St, Be Was, Orefea .; -. . '.
H. J. Henarkt
Xrl 8. MrSaerry
Andre Baneh
, Cily Editor
. Society editor
W. H. HtsArH - Clrenlatkra Hutfn
Ralph. H. Kletsing Advertista Manager
Frank Jaskoaki - Manager Job lept,
K. A. Rhotea - - - - Lireatoek Editor
W. C. Conner - - - Poultry Editor
-rt - s - . 103ZJCCB.SOC1ATED 7KESS
v-'- The Associated Proaa ia entitled to tko doo publication of on iwi
tlssetehe credited, to it or sot taerwise credited ia tois paper end alee o toeal
aewe poblieh.d herein. '
i . BtrsnrEM orncEg:
C B." Belt. 12t fieeority BMs Portland. Ore.
as F. Clark Co- New Terk. 12-130 W. Slat St.; Chicago, afarqaett BM.
Baaiaoaa Ottiee .JJti r Sa
Society Editor , . ... ' 106
Now Deportment 23 or 108
JH Dvpar tma i ' T" .
Circulation Qffjce ASA
Eatoeed at the Post Off ice ia Ralaia, Orffa. aa aoeoad-cUa matter.
gonwho are brigands, as could b2
proved by pedestrians wlth cold
pedal extremetles. " - 'I
Money makes the mare so."
If you could only hire a flivver to
so on a cold morning.
It Is much easier to love your
brother if he hasn't a radio that
, vs
In the County Court of the
State of Oregon, for the County
of Marlon.
, In the-Matter of Guardianship
an insane person.
Notice is hereby given. that 5 in
pursuance of an order of the
County Court of the State of Ore
gon for the County of Marion,
duly made and entered on the 8th
day of January, 197, in the above
V ,... January iM. 1927 -
; Blessed is thef man that walstethnot in the counsel ofthe ungod-J euardianshlp estate. Phillip Van
iy. npr.swnaein in-me way oi sinners, jior uiu ui iu ei o. ine i Hoomissen, as guardian of
scorn iiu. nut. nis neugni is in me.iaw oi me wjru; ana in ms iaw
o-doVh he-meditate day and night. PsalmB 1:1-2.
makes yours howl. . -.-4
- : - "W V ,- ; .
Some people hope to lire long
enough to see what finally be
comes of Mussolini. .
Speaking of girl bandits. Imag
ine trying to explain to friend wife
that yott were kidnaped by a bold,
blond bandit,
"Well.' go ahead." said the traffic order
cop. "t in sorry I Bpoke roughly!"!
V "a 'a
r On interesting thing conned
with the recent cold snap wav the
thousands of -robtne. edar w
tags blue birds, - Alaskan robing,
wrens and other summer birds
Ihatflocked to-this city and clean
ed up the Ted berriea on erery
holly tree as well as the Vlrzi
creeperV Tinea, Jroaen apples still
hanging onithe trees, and all of
the feeds generous hearted citizens
pat out for them. -
1 Cobbs & Mitchell Co,, lumber
aid building materials for every
rtet estimates, look at
quality of material, then you will
J order. 349 S. 12th St. ()
General Marltetai
rOKTI.AN'U. Jan. 24. AP) Ees
rind,; receipti Uffht: current receipta
2c: fresh mediums 27e: fresh standr
ard firsta 28c: lreh standard extras 39c.
Butter atronj-; ectra cubes, city e;
standard 45 fce; prime firsu .44 e; firata
i .. . . 'M carte n 5IC.
estate of August Van HQOmlSSen.l Milk ateady: best chnrniajl cream 48c
an insane person, win. on or aixer
Monday r-the 14th day ot March
1927. prbceed to sell at private
tale to the highest bidder foreasn. - -':riZL.-i2t4Jrit
subject to the approval o aaid ig24prp)i,iwhrto dneka .aoct
''J.:.HV 4 Mi lwij lW o. b.
in , "' . : :
tor"-- ' L . - . r I COrt. ilre following T qeSCriDeM j,n1n
ess rrll-trf lnt-est1 toe. we
mere uoy w uiiitt-uwwwmfccu iu yimc i oaiciur we wtto fD ftni to tne roiiowinR: ifegio-i . -JM?',07
T.7 1 ... .s -' - - I - r lrtRTT..t IJ. Jin. 24-
Trinrwtharr-afc , He harlUtie vision to take on other ki Point 17.35 cnains, . , ,ctiT,. C,,TM 50c to $1
lfr :- 1 , . , ... , , , isouta. 5 west irom tne xsonn-
prof itablnn vestments ; those that became profitable through! east corner of the Donation Land
prudent to
1.75 chains; thence West 4.42
-ha,io8: thence South 17 West
2.09 chains; thence West 7.94
chains: thence South 5 15' West
3.52 chains: thence West to the
Willamette River; thence folio w
"ng the meanders of said River in
Southeasterly direction to . the
Northwest corner of a 80. acre
t TOiagfe.eTit. He was a success in handling the large ,alm?V- . ve" aJnd0wlf,e-
lrf 1 i t , I No. 70. in Township 4, South
!0T the United States government as collector of the Range 3. West of the Willamette
'of Portland. Hbas managed his large farming opera- Sldian;.fnc.
ionslikeamerchantotTanufacturer would conduct his store I thence' North 49 k west .2.13
m. f aptrlrv -ariin afvixf Mntintin(r onrl Via ViQo m qHo nuorv I chains: thence North 82.5 West
va Atovvvk j vv a vaa omivi yvvvuddwiui witu aw 'w
acre yield an annual prof i-
4 Ahd it was good businesit judgment that inspired a large
part of his message to the legislature; especially that part in
which he recommended that a separate division be made for
the administration of the automotive laws
find oni examination that the automotive section of the office Tyler on May 13. 1891, by Peter
of the secretary of state is much the largest single interest in wirfs and wife, by deed duly re-
, . " - . , , " , , corded at Page 574 of Book 46, of
Oregon s state government, considered either as a whole or as records of deeds of Marion coun-
to its vast number5 of separate transactions. f Of fon ' , tnence; Ea8t n ' the
-Ti. A . , . - , A North line of said 80 acre tract to
- Last year the state s income from direct taxes was about the East line of the aforesaid d.
$5,000,000. Froni automotive licenses the, income was in ,L C :, the?c ?or"al?uS
j. , -- - line of said D. L. C. to the place
2OUna numbers $6,000,000. s of beginning, and containing 100
The state's income for the general fund from other sources cre,3 ?dr Jf8 ??niZL
. i- A ing in tn County of Marlon, State
inan aireci taxes was aoout ?,uou,ooo. mat is, from mhen- of Oregon
jtance taxes, taxes paid by insurance companies, for corpora
tion; fees, hunters' licenses, licenses for commercial fish-
ing, etc. . . ; . -. . ; "
The gasoline taxes ran to about $3,500,000 last year. The
total state receipts for automotive licenses and gasoline taxes
will be around $10,000,000 this year, against about $5,000,000 1 before the making of said sale
from direct taJtes for the general fund. It is conceivable that
the automotive licenses alone for Oregon will soon be $10,
Oj0f0p0t,c0nsidering the steady growth. And Oregon is just
getting a good start in growth.
Now, a&io the vast number of separate transactions. Last
year, about 235,000 auto licenses were issued, and 2215 motor
cycle licenses, and 604 dealers' licenses, and 15,328 chauff
ifcurs' licenses, 44,858 operators' licenses, and various other
ItranJactions, including transfers
Z . Making up a grand total of about 415,000 separate cash
dtems, with fees running from 25 cents up.
24. (AP) Cattle
)c to SI nifti
er: receipts: Cattle 190 J. iu tnrougiw.
Caltres 245. Steers, good $8.35 8.65:
medium S7.50Q8.8S: common f-25
7.50; eanners and cutter steer S6.50
6.75; heifers, good $7.25(7.60: e mmon
and medium 3.357.23; cowa good
$8 5006.75: common and medium I3W
6 50! low cutter and cutter $2.50
5; balls, good, yearlings excluded $5 (a
6.75; cuttera and medium, canaera and
Vl ma MM.V: rll Tfti CboJc
milk fed excluded S8.5010.50; enlU
and common $. 508.50; rdalers. meuium
and choice $1113.50; culls and com
mon $8(&U.
H.i. .tronc!. Receint s 3.075. (1.281
through.) Heavyweight 2aO-3oO pounds
medium, go d and choice H0. tola 77.7a :
medium weight 200-250 pounds, common,
modium, good and choice $11.25 12.60.
Light weight 160-200 pounds, common,
medium, goad and choice $12.50 12.75 :
light lights 130-160 pounds common, me
dium rood and choice $12.25 12.75 :
packing hog, rough and smooth $9.50Qs
.0.50; slaughter pig 90-130 pounds, me
dium, good and ehoiee $12 12.75; feed
er and stacker pigs' 70-130 pounds, me
dium, cood and choice 12 (u. 13.50. '
Ooft or oily pigs aBd roasting pig
excluded in abore quotations.)
- 8hecp and lambs nominally steady;
receipts $8.25. i.arabs. medium to choice
$9.S0y 11.50: Units, culls and common
$8&9.30j yearling weathers, medium t"
ehofre 7 9.50; ewes, common to choice
$ftS: eulls . A
Outside i quotations bsed on best
Xoani Adams, eastern Oregon and similar
tvpe iiialta. Kew valley -lambs selling
above- $10.50.
! w rs Krueeer. reallor. progr-
iT fair, eaoitable. Growing city
nntry makes potDe
that I will .maiCTW f
ComtJete Ratings. 1 47 W. tjoru .
nVer eo hack." the chauffeur
John W. Mack, representing
Browning, then hia' case, ' having
oresented all the asserted "harm
le8' testimony wltieh he aaidn
waittade LbKa4ry-Epsteia, or
LlrfEBrowning's defense staff I He
o fred Immediate' exclusion of the
public and the press.
Mack, however, urged that his
client's formal attempt to estab
lish abandonment be heard m
open courts After that, he said,
he would favor closed doors for
the rest of the intimate details of
the Browning's married life.
Justice Seeger reserved his rul
ing on the plea for secrecy and
his decision may not be known un
til tomorrow.
New sweaters! A large ship
ment just in. New patterns, new
shades in the. popular pull-over
and coat styles. Scotch Woolen
Mill. ()
Capital Pargaln House. Capital
Tire Mfg. Co., Mike's Auto Wreck
ing. Three in one. Bargain center
of Salem. . Thousands of bargains
H. Steinbock, ?15 Center. (
. (Continued troa pt i.) ,
per river districts north, of Cor
dova. . , , . ' 4
i Risine Waters of the Taslina
river, attributed to the breaking of
an irrt 1am In Tasiina- iaae, ue-
stroyed a 500 foot bridge on the
ntrharriann nienwav. tw -mites
nnrth of Chitina.
The Copper river. Into wnicn
the Tarlina, drains, was raised to
within three feet of the ntgnway
at Conner Center. 44, miles from
th hridee and more man iu
miles below the lake.
ffitseaaoiuble warm weather in
th laat two weeks jas. meiiea
much of trre.fin the Tatlina
and CoDDer Tlver districts. .The
vivers are normally coverea wiin
heavy ice at this time of, the year.
As the districts menaced bv tne
floods are sparsely popuiatea, no
loss of life is expected. v
ti. :T? cLove, the " jeweler. 336
-State StV High qflantjeweir7.
ailverwafe sna oiamonas.
irdld. lUadard ovaloes.'-'tjnce
buyer alwJtKaV ar-ctustomer. 3?&J (l
. j Mr. Used Car Buyer: Have you
aeen the real buys at the Capitol
Motors Incorporated? See Biddy
Bishop. 350 N. High St. Tele
phones 212S and 212S. ()
Continued from page 1.)
Tiers. They are looking for arm
ed intervention in Mexico."
oil, companies refusing- to accept
its new laws, is regarded by the
state department - as r tan tamount
to the confiscation of private pro
perty, which has been ' feared as
the "over act." which would adT
vance the dispute one rtnore step
to the noint of a showdown.
Althoueh the companies nave
embarked on legal proceedings in
th Mexican courts. " the official
view here is "that the cancellation
of the drillings permits deprives
the companies of the use of the
property, to whichthey have titles.
Meantime, an examination of, a
recent announcement-. from Mex
ico City that a large niajortty of
companies have' submitted them
selves to the new law has devel
oped that some oftlre'compABiea
included actually have; no weilsi
that many of - then? are Mexican
companies-with no rights in which
the United States, .. is interested
and that, t still otherf o eottmef-
atea nave acquired .ineir 014 .rigois
since ;a 917 an.d therefore have .mo
grounds- on , wnjen . vu pruioji. v,
'Thef 'AnierliMW BilUsI f and
atcU'lcoffipanTes' who are . opposr
Ing the new flaws' have assured
the "state department that they
and their associates representing
88 per cent .of the oil production
in Mexico are declining to sub
scribe to the new laws. No for
nfal representations have " been
made as yet to the American gov
ernment, but the diplomatic rep
resentatives of the British, French
and Dutch governments have
been making infarraal inauiries as
to the ; American : government'i
course. . .. '-: ' "' '
D. H. Mosher Merchant Tailor,
is turning, out the nobbiest and
best fitting tailor made sults( to
measure: 100' business and pro
fessional men-buy off Mosher. (
WASHINGTON. Jani 24. ( AP)
The government's -cancellation
of drilling permits of American
Harold Lloyd's Latest
"The Kid Brother"
Bonesteele Motor' Co., 474 S.
Com'l., has the Dodge automobile
for you. All steel body. Lastsvi
lifetime. Ask Dodge owners. Tb.
will (ell you.
'". .'" : 7 " '
Starts. Tomorrow
Blish's Caoitol
Theatre . '''Jr"
Herbal .
Cough Syrup
Only at"
135 North Commercial St.
Phone 197.
Original Yellow Front
. The Penslar Store
Bids and offers must be in writ
ing and may be left at the office
of Joseph Van rfbomissen. attor
ney for guardian" at 302 Dei Urn
Building. Portland, Oregon," ' or
may be filed witlTthe Clerk Of
aid Court et any time after the
first publication of this notice and
Date of first publication, Jan
uary 25, 1927.
Date of last publication Febr
uary 22, 1927.
Guardian of Estate of August
van Hoomissen, an insane person
302 Dekum Building,
Portland, Oregon, t r -
i 25 feb. 1-8-15-22
Notice is hereby given that the hoe haan ilill am
And the separate transactions are growing and will grow Pointed by the county Court of
n proportion to the increase in the aggregate sum handled, i lSuitiS
No merchandising or manufacturing concern would allow estate of Don b. Osborn, deceased,
ISUCh a vast Dart of its business to be handled hv nther tban a ind. tha he has Ax&7 qualified as
Tesponsible head. Add to this the necessity for understand
ing the meaning and the proper enforcement of a large
Oiumber; of laws on our statute books.
The; change would be in the interest of both convenience
"lo the public and economy to the state. Better administra
tion would mean added revenues, and it would mean greater
facility and satisfaction in serving the great army of people
.'who traVel "by vehicles other than those that are horse
' And that means a vast majority of 'our whole population.
,.VOttTU.KU Jan. ii4 (AP) Cold
veather and iirr have boosted the price
df "all 'root vefetables because of dams ire
in thiun and the difficulty of eettinr
harmaa stocks to market. Trices lor
rarrnts. bets. 4nrniDS. rutabaesa and
paronips are mostly $3-t per ewt. The
supply of sweet potatoes is neavy ana
nrlrts hava declined farther. I
Lettaes continnes weak because of thai
larsn soonlr here but has advanced sharp
ly at taipping point so it is selling f'-r
more in lotDerial valley than here.
Apple "and potato prices are firmer.
Tangerines have reached -the marke and
are offered at S3.30 for halt boxes.
POKtLAXD, Jan. 24. (A.P Wheat
hid- BHD hard white Jan. Hl.33, reh.
March 91.35; hard white,9,ij
Ttsart. frfi.-ratlon. noft . white. western
white. Jan.. -!., March . 1.85 ; r harTl
wintw Jaa. Feb., $1.31; northern spring J
an.,'i. rl. 4larn westera
red. Jan.. rVU..- March $1.30.
Oats. NV. 2. 36 pound white feed Jan.,
!., March 34.50: difo 36 pound cray'l
Fi.fa.. March S35.50.
Harlev. o. z. 43 pouoa iv, wan., ten.
March S31.50.
t'om. Xo. 2 KY shipment Jan.. Feb.,
3S: ditto Xo. 3. Jan.. Sfb- $34.50.
Mtllrnn, standard Jan., Feb. 30. March I
Following the Christmas feast, usually finds the household supply pretty well depleted and in order that
you may start 1927 in a spirit of saving, Skaggs Stores offer the following at exceptionally, low prices,
made possible only by the fact that we, are the largest distributors of foods on the Pacificr Coast.
Note These Savings Effective to Januar 29th (Inclusiye)
acn aammistrator; 'ail persons
having 'claims against the estate
of said decedent are hereby noti
fied to present the same, duly
renned. to. me at the' office of
Ronald C. GloTer, 203 Oregon
Building, Salem Marion County,
uregon. within aix months from
the date of this noUce. .. .
Dated, at Salem, Oregon, this
11th day of January. 1927, .
PORTL.VXl). Jan. 24. f AP) Hay
hnvinar prices: Kastern Orejrn timothy'
$20 822; ditto valley 17S 17.50: cheat'
S13: alfalfa $17.5i 1 : oat hay 13:
nut and vetch 14."0ai5: itrw't7fe
7.50 per ton. Seilinf prices S2 a ton
PORTLAN D. Jan. 24.4-( APJDairy
hxepanpe. net pricea: ? t .
Butter, extras 46c; stnda4l .4xe ;
tirim firmia A ."if firata r Jl.
Kff. extraH 35c: firsta' 32c; puflets
:jc-5 corrcnt receipts oic. 4 K
SUGAR Pure Cane
10 lbs
PRUNES Oregon, fancy QC
large (40-50) 5 lbs OJL
MATCHES Western made reg
ular size boxes
6-box Carton
HONEY Fancy white
5 lb. pail
10 lb. pail
Hoodys (Bulk), lb........
SYRUP Karo (white)
' Red Label, 10 lb. tin
MILK Carnation,
Borden's, tall
Federal- or
5 cans
ROLLED OATS Manufactured
by Quaker Oats Co.
9 lb. bag
8 lb. pail .
COCOA Ghirardelli's
Bulk, 2 lb. carton.".....,.
RAISINS "Market Day" a Sun-
maid product
4 lb. pkg
BEANS Small white
10 lbs
Kerr's Hotcake or Crown YJA
-No. 10 bag 07 C
MOLASSES Aunt Dinah for
good gingerbread QJ
5 lb, tin OOC
; FLOUR Big j K genuine hard
" wheat ; has no! equal tf 1 1 f Q
at, 49 lb. bag..i..... 1 uO
: POSTUM "Instant"
large size '
SOAP White Wonder
, 20 bars ..... ..
RICE Best Head
CHlCA;. Jan. 24. (AP) Assertions
AuramiSiraior OI tne estate OI Don I port due toracrrow afternoon will show
B. Osborn, deceased.
The Oregon State Board of Con
trol will receive sealed bids on
3,875 cords (more qrless) of 4
all or any portion of amount need
ed. Prices to be f. o b- Institu
tions and yarded." Delivery to be
made between April 15 and Octo-
oer l. 1327. specifications ana
blanks for ' biddiag will be fur
nished upon application to the sec-
' With the slight increases , that have been made in the foot .wood., for the atate instuu
ialaries of some of Oregon's state officials, there is not yet SldSSf'ill- "SSk - m. ' r.t
Vrieof them who is rweiving or fo receive anything that could I growth fir, second growth fir, or
t4T"r4t u , mifina iare iaD wooa- na may Did on
Compared with the pay of like ! officials in other states (
. Or compared with the pay of men of ejual responsibility
3ln private business in Oregon. ,
o "The laborer is worthy of his hire," and this' applies tc
- those laboring in high and responsible positions as well as to I retary at Salem.
ii ui.U'ttt ..Kna;n4 - l,,Kr nia.oS tn tVio orpat KnHv 1 Bids will be opened at 1ft A
""w u ouwiUMKswe fa-, e . January 29, 1927. and must be
; Of laborers accompanied by certified check In
For, in the United States, nearly-every one works, from h "VJ 1. i?li;K?ZZ
Vthe president and cabinet officials and the heads of 'great j Oregon state Board bf Control,
fj Ji .nJi.i nnfAmWcaa A Tft frio ranlrs nf mts-1 which sum will be. held by the
. wu oiui wHuuwwa. u. w i Board as a guarantee that the bid-
common laborers who are iitted ior worK oniy wiin tneirider win enter jpto a contract to
. tr . . . a m i t- . t . . . . 4
v , , , I lumisu tue amount iwaraea.
wuitiuo. . v - , , I' Th Board reserves the right to
reject any or all BldsV,or to accept
any part of a bid. f
CAULB ABRAMSi Secretary,
Oregon State Coaf d of Confrot
It is the fashion in Oreiron to cuss the legislature. It is
jin oU fashion.; If Is as much out of date as hoop skirts. But
".it persist't Tltcj writer believes that .the record when it is
'finally made up will show the wprk of jthe present Oregon
iTcgislaturc to Ijc' constructive, on.ihewhple, and generally for
jhe best interests of this state and the vast majority of its
.people. - '?-. t t . M-f-H Ti'ftn-jt f inrti
. i . :- l
'i' ' s
With a purchase of hundreds' of cars of Canned Food3 Skaggs Stores offer the most attractive prices
in years. Stock your pantry at these savings.
rcdaot-d fi cures on yield tended to lift
wheat prices today. Falling -off in the
fnited 8tstes elsible wnpply total was aK
a strengthening factor. heat cloaed
firm. H to Vic net bis-her, crrn S-8e t
'c down, and oata unchanged to e ofi-
PORTLAXI. ;Jan. 4. (AP) Cola
weather has cat 1 wn the snpply of tgs.
Reretpts reported ody were only 733
rases. -The market was firm and a cent
bia-her on extras, firsts and current re
ceipts. The top grade sold at 33c, mixed
colors at 82e and receipts at 30c at tkr
dairy exchange. 'jx
' Butter sras steady. Prime firsts were
a eent feigner at 45c and other grades were
ttnctiangert. Receipts were 0.087 pound!.
output 12.744 po unds and withdraws; Ik A
Puultry and dresaed meats receipts
were small and trade qttiet. r
"My little girl had a bad cough. I gave
her a f aw doaa of Foley's Honey and
.Tar Compound and h was greatly
relieved. . If yoa want rest at night,
especially where there are children,
keep Foley's Honey and Tar Com-,
pound on hand."
Clyde Hi Benson,
. '. .- Marlboro, V.
No opafea, no chloroform, m Sam
dcptndmblm family cottgh remedy
foe children snd grown persona
W'rVyia: ResBMafcev the Kaame ,
. gold- ett Cspttol trwg Store '
CORN Golden Sweet, Minnesota
Standard No. 2 tins, 2 cans.......
(12 cans $1.29)
CORN Standard White
No. 2 tins, 3 cans
, (12 cans $1.29)
PEAS Idaho 7 Peaks Early June
No. 2 tins, 3 cans.... ;
(12 cans $1.29)
PORK ANt) BEANS Van Camp's
Medium size, 3 cans ......
(12 cans 98c)
TOMATOES Standard Pack "
' No. 2f tins, 3 cans
(12 cans $1.29)
HOMlKY-NewpoVt Eastern
, No. 2 tins," 4 cansl
' - '. , (12 cans 72c) r
KRAUT No. 2y2 Tins
Columbia -3 1 cans '.U.
j (12 cans $1.39)
SPINACH California
No.. 2 V. tins, 3 cans ................
s (12 cans $1.45)
. ' FISH
SALMON Alaska Pink
1 lb. tall can. 6 cans .....
TUNA White Star
t's 2 cans;
SHRIMPS American Beauty .
Fancy l's tall 3 cans...!
SARDINES-i-Bodth's. Large Oval
Tomato or Mustard 5 cans.. ..v..r...... ..........
Pure Olive Oil 3 cans..........
The city of Salcm .should get on with the proposition to
Acquire the water works. It is losing money for every day of
"delay. And it is losing more money by not being in position
to takcdvahtage of the chance to aid greatly in the growth
Tot lle'm;.iookIng-to' larger profits on its investment, and
rJbetter its peopled ?
For Breakfast
Werrenratfi. tonight; -
f Step tin the, k; 'ped tip city
.ownership- of the water w or "
: .. m' - ,
Chauffeur means stoker In
French:' chapf feu r, to heat. Root
word .of chafe. The word was Im
plied to ' brigands in : bands who
about 1793 pillaged. I burned and
killed in parts of France, because
they used to beat the feet. of their
wtntlma in axlnrt mfanciv. Maatad
them 'p to sivs them cold -feet, j
There are some enaurreurs in ure-
. a--B . Ma .
I i ! aanwai a J. ,i:
IVrsrnt '
Friday; Evening 8:45;
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J : Lcivi n he Chorusel-of These Songs
jv: :"rty Wlitl irih lUme" . , t
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"Mye Bye Hlark IMrd
" "Swift A'lelinoM.
x MlTea Sir, That's My Baby"
Flour, Cream Loaf, Hardwheat Blend
49 lb. bags.jv ...............r..$1.69
Graham, Coarse or FJne. .l.llllZ..A;J39c I
Corn Meal, Best Eastern.....L...i .... ...33c
- : ' : v ' Mis - -v . s-1
CrackersV,Np.-'i5-Box:. .;.....t...:..:..;....'.,....;....iJ9c.
Kellogg's All ;Bran-Large Package.. ...... ....20c
Macaroni, Bulkj '3 ibs.... A...l....19c
t L
Pineapple, extra sliced No. 2l2 tins, heayysynip -klL.j: 4 cans 98c '
Broken slices, No. 2 tins, 79c. 12 cans $2.23;
r -
1 Tomato', 4 ,cans,...;:.:..A.
FLOUR, large pkg........
, 2l&:lb. Calumet, can......- DuC
ciiEESE-i - ; oca
Full Creani, lb.L....L: DC
large size; bottle -. LuC
.10. bars . D I C
GEMNUT OLEO : : ' fj:
3 lbs. ...... i) C
3; lbs. ,..; DC
3 lbs.
4 lbs:
; Quart I
Gallon cU...: ;
: "(Bring Containers)
; SALEM. OREGON I Orders of $5.00 or Over Delivered Wtihout Chi