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    Here's the Kodak dad
got me for Christmas
' ? - ; : " . L . i - i ' ;- . ' i
Yoii boy is missing! a lot of fun !
without a Kodak. If you didn't '
get him a Kodak for Christmas, do
it now at this store.
We've, a wide selection Prices are from $5 up
. - i- Careful Finishing on Velox
OnlK the Best. - ' J.viiVilctr
HGtNTS & Tdt V WC UtCUb . wooers
5MTt Sirttr -t LBt.ffTF
Sec Our
llKW Star Touring
Appearance 98
The Mouse That Service Built
Where To Dine
and father were strong characters I and Bogue and at the-end of the
who gave him sympathy and en
couragment. '
- "Several worthy volumes have
been written In his honor, and
such addresses as that from, the
Hon. Francis B. Harrison, gover-nor-general,
and United States re-
period the only Cardinal score
was the result.
Stanford started its driTO from
its own 37yard line. '
First pass to Shipey netted 21
yards; two Hoffman to Bogus re
verses took the ball to Alabama's
. . Tlbbtta
At the residence, ISO South
14th street. Dec. 29, Julia H... wife
of J. C Tibbita, age 58 years. Sur
vived by-her husband and three
children. Edgar A.U Btith. E. and
presentaMve Cooper, worthy of I8 I00 a u 10 v-W TibbiU-ll: Salem; three
a more genedal study among Am-" M ra """sisters, Mrs. Auniek O. j Beyer ot
ericans especially, penalty helped them a moment, New 0reaM, Earei Mteche
Dr niut uo o avMtiHAn.i i out HoitmBn passea again , io i svramae. Y Mrs.: Minnie, a.
. .. . ... ChttiV.o nnrl o til nrl rain ro. J r. i 1 1 w 9 T na ' inrelM. BTlri
scientist, wiin a marvelous prom- I j - o i von ocum - . T
ise. suited. A surprise was sprung, 0ne brother, Emanuel T. Mische nnocaf Inataari nf Hnffmn I nf Iw ABEelei. Unerai services
sKimui engineer, as snown "U6"v . ---; "-7. -TorwflHeer
in his achievements during hi, who.vsas back m punt wrmauon wm ub .-- -
Ullt;r V kl &r 1 IUU ll. auu wcua : - - . :
Louisa Mitchell of Detroit, Mich. ;
two brothers, ' , Frppk Liston of
WleyTille W. ya. and William.
A. Laston oi saiem. : Jt unerai ser
rices "Monday, Jan; 1, at X: 3 0 p.
m.. from the.RigdoU mortuary. In
terment City View cemetery.
exile in Dapton. Sent there to
sicken and die, he began teaching I across the goal line.
the poor, children, nd With hand- j verted.
Bogue con-
. ... ? M . A
m. uonciuaang Berfiwn
Portland crematorium at 2 ; 3 0.
Cre?tiiig? From Filipino Club
The Salem Filipino club wish
to present to the public library of
Sale ma year's subscription for
The Philippine Republic, and hope
that it will be of great aid to the
people of Safem In providing first
hand information concerning the
present and future Philippine sit
uation. The club also wishes this
subscription to stand as a 'greeting
to the people and an expression
of good wishes, for a happy and
prosperous year." Salem Filipino
club, Marcus P. Rerbaur president.
Our Business Is Firnily
Established, well managed add
permanent. $6 First Preferred
shares. See friendly P. E. P. Co.
ad, section 2, page 3. j2
Hotel Marion
Dollar dinner, serred 5:
every evening.
45 to 8
liost. Victor Portabl(
Phonograph. Left on running
board of Mitchell car. Reward.
Inquire at Statesman office, it
Gahlsddrf Store Moved
The Wm. Gahlsdorf store on
Liberty street moved January 1
to 325 Court street.
Used Pianos
Lots of them 150, $75, $100,
$125, $150. Why pay more? Tall
man Piano Store, 395 South 12th.
For Rent, Xew Five-Room
Hpuse, all modern, furnished or
unfurnished. Immediate posses
sion; close in. Phone 1131. J 4
Return From Trip '
Phillip Bell, Wesley Heise and
Kelly Moore of this city have re
turned from a week's trip to the
Portland YMCA boys camp at
Spirit Lake. Wash. While there
the boys climbed Mt. St. Helens
as far as the timber line.
Correction of Announcement
Through an error the announce
ment of the removal of Dr. O. E.
Prime's office to ' the new- First
National Bank building made .it
tar that the doctor practiced
on Monday, Wednesday and
ly. Tiie days mepuonea, no(w
over, indicateflhe evenings on
which the doctor is In -his office
from 7 : 30 to 9 o'clock. Dr. Prime
maintains regular hours each day.
Flower for Alt
Occasions. Adams, Florist.
1927 Calendars Free. Homer H.
Smith Ins. Agency, tover Millers.
New Pianos
Standard makes, $204, $245,
$295; terms. See these at Tall
man Piano Store, 395 South 12th.
Miss Dibble Will Register
New students In platform read
ing and speaking courses; also
cultivation of the speaking voiceJ
Monday and Tuesday afternoons
at the studio, 180 NrCom'I St.,
room 25. J2
Dr. Marshall, OsteopathJc
Physician and surgeon.
J 2
For Rent, Houses
And store uunoings. Becke &
Hendricks, 189 N. High St. j2
OTcrstuffed Furnlt
Made to order and re-covered.
Salem Wicker and Overstuffed
Manufacturing Co., 2218 State.
Tel. 2230. J12
Furniture Upholstery
And - repairing. Qlese- Powers
Furniture Co. a2tf
Car Reported Stolen
A car-owned by A. E. Grone-
wald of The. Dalles was stolen late
Friday night from ;.Ferry street,
neat the 'Marion hotel, it was re
ported at police headquarters here.
Water Tight Concrete-!
Ask the Oregon Gravel Co- how
to r-'ake it' and what, materials to
usi- xeiepnone isv. . iz
. : -..4.. : r
There IsTt Time '
To enroll at the Capital Busi
ness, College for work beginning
tomorrow. The office will be open
at : 8 o'clock Monday. Join the
160 other ear nest young people
who are now attending this school
which does so much to give a suc
cessful start in business. J2
land last week. Among them were
brace Allen. Mildred Starret, Mrs.
Andrews, Thebe McAdams. Mrs.
L. Clark and Laura Hale. Miss
Starret was elected president of
the: class room teachers' depart
ment of the association.
Wanted, Used
Furniture. Tel.
Laymen to Speak
Four speakers, are scheduled to
address the First Presbyterian
church this morning at the annual
"laymen's service," part of a "loy
alty month" program. They are
Gorernor Walter M. Pierce. W. A.
Delzell, J. P. Bates and R. C. Da
ia. xuecnurcn is starting a urive i a. m. to z p. m
lori 101 new members.
Eat Your Sunday Dinner
At the Gray Belle.
Turkey Dinner -
Served ail day at the Spa.
For Dinner This Evening
Dollar dinner at the Marion
Hotel today.
Chicken Dinner
At the Lunch Box. 181 S. Lib
erty. Tables for ladies.
Kort Kafe, 428 Court St.
Special dinner 11 to 8, 75c.
Eat Tour Sunday Dinner
At the Valley Grill, 156 S.
Com'l. Under new management.
Mlnto's New Salem Restaurant-
Will serve $1 turkey and 50c
cream chicken dinner today from
12 to 9 p. m.
Chicken Dinner Today
Regular prices. Argo Restau
the two elevens battled without a
ough to speak in them. Friend 8ingle mark bmg hUDg DP D th
score Boeeu
Gordon Holmes, the Tide's
great center, who had been ill,
took the field for the first time
Just before half time, but played
only a few moments. He was out
made tools constructed a light
ing system and a pure water ays
tem from beyond the mountains.
A naturalist; enriched museums
of Manila and Europe with hun
dreds of new and rare specimens.
An Ethnologist whose friendship
Dr. Meyer of Dresden sought. A
philologist, a real polyglot know
ing fully twenty- languages well
of Dr. Rost, greatest philologist.
A chemist. A famous ocultist.
soueht wherevere .he went, and
a physician.
The Malay Poet Royal, witn a
spontaneous artistic nature. At
18 years he won a prize offered
adults by Manila Lyceum: "To the
Philippine Youth." A natural
sculptor his bust of Father Guer-
rico won the gold medal at the
St. Louis Exposition. Author of
two novels that ' set Spain and
Manila thinking, one for revenge
and the other with hopes for lib
ertvl "Noli Me Tanger" (Touch
me naU, was inspired by reading
Mrs. Stowe's "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
was the first step toward his per
secutions, as he .exposed Spanish
perfidy and Philippine slavery
The second. "El Filibusterismo
f Greed), told in awful
sarcasm the truth about the friars
The passes completed by the
Cardinals were big factors in their
ground gaining, one third of their
advance yardage being made
through the' air, but fumbles sev
eral times killed promising at
- Bennett 1
irvin Bennett, aged IK died at
his home east of Brooks Jan. . J
He is survived by his widow., Mrs-
Antoinette Bennett; two children
Marie and Harry, and two grand-
children. Annabelle and
in tko ainnA ani third neHnds I Announcement o I funeral later
from the trfortuary or itigaon
Son. "
Lucv ' Souder ' died at Salem
Height Dec i 29. age gJL,years.v
Funeral Mom ay at Z p. m. at the
Webb fnheral parlors. Rev. Nor
man K. Tnlly officiating: 1
Martharjr.Thomasr'83" years,
died at. Vancouver, -Wash. - Fune
ral at Webb funeYal parlors' Mon
day at 10:30 o'clock. Rev. W. C.
Kantner officiating. Interment at
City View cemetery;- ' "
. . . dark' ;
Mrs. Ruhama M. 6lark, 7t,
died at the residence, 1402. North
18th street, Salem, early Friday
Shefis the widow of i$e late T. C.
Clark. Survived hy several chua-
of the lineup again at the start ollren residing in thej east and Mrs-
Sunday Chicken Dinper With
All the trimmings at 50c per
plate, will be served at the Coffee
Shop, 175 So. Com'l St from 11
Drunken Driver Out
Y. Magaki, charged with driv
ing while drunk, was "released
from the city jail yesterday on
$500 bail.
((unturned from page 1.)
Player Piano -
Left with us. Will sell at a real
bargain. Terms. Tall man Piano
Store, 305 South 12th. J2
Resume Marine Recruiting
Lieut. Marvin V. Yandle offi
cer In charge of the marine corps an official inspection of the
local recruiting station in charge
of Sergeant F. E. Car nes yester
day. . Information from headquar
ters furnished Sergeant Carnes
states that the marines will re
sume recruiting for a limited time.
Marine recruiting has been closed
since November. .
Universal Heaters and Allen
Circulators.. H. L. Stiff Furni
ture Co. ' . 32
Chevrolet Owners
Come in and see the newest and
most beautiful Chevrolet, Many
improvements and changes in col
ors. On display New Year's day.
Open evenings. Newton Chevro
let Co. ' ? ,.; . 32
Auxiliary to Meet
Wed m-NdaT. afternoon at 2:30
o'clock the auxiliary jt - Veterana
of Foreign Wars will meet with
Mrs. B. C. Waelke at 701 North
Church street. - -
New Stule:ilM in Public Speaking
Voice training and dramatic ex
pression may enroll for mid-winter
term at Miss Dilrhle'e studio
cm Monday and Tuesday " after
noons, 189 N. Com'l st., room 25.
, . - . it
MwK'bcr Arretl
Joe Kxyi)uy was -arrested- by- lo
;il police n a charge of mooch
ing late Friday 'hJght.v - .' "
Visit Mt. Hood
Mildred thrig.' Mildred Shack -leton
and Helen Pippy have- gone
to ML Hood to spend some -tme
in ' win terc sports.,' -. . -
Wanted to Itent s ,"
Space in my offices in now First
National Bank buildings JPhone
870 orj231tWtr 32
latictttM In Ilbtpiti:Is-
Frank "Siemens was . released
from a local.r hospital New Year's
day. following : recovery from an
operation. . , :
Warelioase Property Buy
A beautr.:102xl35,corner; lias
been cut from $15,000 to $12,000
and today to $10,000 total price.
Two residences .now on; the best
Two residences now on; the best
laiy of Its kind in Salem. Cash.
I'-ecko & Hendricks. 189 N. High
street. "4 . . 1 d22tf
' .- ' ,
J'ortMry tjoartl to Meet - -v
The stale board of forestry will
'vHMi TilMiArlav n iownlnr aoafltfin
rest ry flls to be .presented to
iiu lcKishtture will be discussed.
WatteI,' Reponiible Person
.'"Wishes to ;caro .for! and occupy
Saiem home for month' or more,
during owner's absence, at nom
inal rental.' Reference 'given. Box
2, Statesman. : r-' : . J2
V -; ' - . '' '
Hchoci tur J teopcu Monday
Classwork jin all the Salem pub
lic schools will ' . begin . Monday
morning, following the1 holidays
for Christmas and New Years.
Classes -at .Wlllametto university
will reopen Tacsday.
Lost, Indies Wrist Watch
With black ribbon attached.
Fiider please return to 1161 4th
street. West Salenu -v J2
High Cjrado Granal 'Piano f
Will he sacrificed It sold this
week. . ' Terms. Tall man Piano
Store. 395 South 12th. . 32
Drunken Driver Held
Y. Migakl of Labish is being
eld by local police ona drunken
driving chance. He was arrested
Friday I night, but his name -was
not learned until yesterday after
noon, j The companion , of Wayne
Ray. arrested late' Friday-night
on a charge of drunkenness,' was
yesterday identified as Clark Val
enilne. -
,JCaaa from paK 1)
changed, fundamentally it is still
a j Case of waiting to see whether
the Mexican government actually
will confiscate any land to which
foreign interests claim 'title or
leases legally acquired before
1917. The United States embas
sy has no news or any confisca
tions thus far. Tampico dispatch
es do not report any such devel
opment in the oil fields of that
Up to tonight the Mexican gov
ernment had not announced the
character of the last minute ap
plications for concessions, but
well informed observers do not
think they include applications by
foremost foreign oil companies
for the confirmation of rights ob
tained before 1917.
! Since the foremost foreign oil
companies apparently have, not
applied for confirmation of their
titles or leases to oil lands . ac
quired before 191 7 under - the
constitution they have lost recog
nition of their rights to such
lands. Speculation continues,
however, as to whether the gov
ernment win actually take over
specific' pieces of property and
w-haitthe policies of the foreign
governments will be then.
The closing hours of the cham
ber nession bristled with outbursts
against! the "invasion of Nicara
gua." vehement criticjsm of the
department, of- state and Wall
Street for their "designs against
Mexico," and appeals in fervid
phrases to the 'patriotism of Mex
icans and Spanish-Americans to
oppose "Yankee 'domination."
. j The agrarian leader; Soto y
Gatna, and; the labor - leaders.
Eualito Martinez and: Alejandro
Ceribola, were the principal spiak
crs. . . : T. ' ; - .,
Cerlsola dwelt., upon Mexico's
Visit in Caiiww. Wa,li. ? C
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Cutnmings.
I heir cb lldrcn ; and ' M r . a nd M rs.
CM ft Taylor were in Camas, Wn.,
yesterday" to visit Mr. and Mrs.
R W. SImeral, former residents
of Salem A t -y ' - 1
Acre . HearinjE Fruit - j
Block . to .school - and bus line.
si.vuo. - terms. ttocKe c lien
d ricks. 180 N. High street. 32
-v,: 1 . . -
Complete Line' of v ' -
Monarcn ; Electrio . Ranges at
Hamilton's. )?p u aSXtf
Teachers Attend OSTA Meet '
. ' A number of Salem teachers at
tended the Oregon State Teachers'
as8ociaUoa:-2aeeUii5 Jield 4a Port- j
"great 'moral victory under Pres
ident Catlos" in putting Into ef- archepeligo running
feet the petroleum and land laws! north and south and some
may catch vision of the truths for
which Rizal died.
His ideals are in keeping with
the highest principles of Democ
racy and Christianity. He believed
in self-determination. He was im
bued with the iconoclastic wisdom
of scholarship. He fought the laws
or corrupt government, the selfish
exploitation of capitalists, and the
dogmatic creeds of churches. Rizal
believes in the truth that it may
set men free.
"Rizal gave his life for the ful
filment of these principals. It is
for this reason that he is so dear
to the hearts and in the memories
of Filipinos everywhere. For this
he deserves the sympathy and the
admiration of the world. For
these same ends we too. should
consecrate and reconsecrate our
"LeKus know and remember
that weffcaunot be patriotic with
out being idealistic. Rizal went
to spain. England. France, Ger
many, Italy, the United States and
to many other important -nations
He studied their civllizatiyns, so
that the Philippines might irise
up from her self to the hlghur
thin as of life. . &
"This is vwhat Rizal said: 'I
have traveled around the world.
I have studied the important na
tions by personal and direct ob
servation. I have noted well all
the races that have contributed to
human progress.' I speak all their
languages and others. And yet,' he,
added with a melancholy smile.
I am to the friars merely a vulgar
"Ladies and gentlemen, you re
present American culture. It is
your civilization that survived Che
death of Rizal, and rescued the
stricken Philippines. Surely, it is
your civilisation that has helped
crystalixe our civilization."
Dr.. Canse' address on Rizal re
ferred to him as a "Martyr to Or
ganized Bigotry and Greed, Dr.
Jone Rizal." Dr. Canse said, ''was
a scientist, a poet, and a patriot.,
"Together we shall do well to
Ikw in patriotic recognition ' the.
exponent of the liberty-loving in
stinct of the people of your own
Filipino nation.
'To know Rizal well we must
know his native Tand, its rosourcr
. . 1 . - - 1 . i
es. iiH neuuitj. .-'.
"The Philippine Islands are' in,'
the Ironical zone. They are near
China at Hong Kong. Borneoand
New Guinea, with Australia at the
south and Japan at - the -north
There are 3000 islands, only half
of them named, stretching in an
1000 miles
the second half, and his team
mates missed their pivot.
Alabama's offense was built
principally on Winslett, who time
and again deserted the line to
drop back and charge the beefy
Stanford row.
As the Cardinals continued to
hold their ground, Brown and
Captain Barnes took turns at car
rying the ball, but the Palo Alto
forward wall held them off.
Punting on both sides through
out the game was worse than poor
and it was noticeable that both
teams were slower than daring
The Patriot of the Philippines. their, seasons 3nst completed. The
wtmso onlv prime was desiring his weather man was blamed, for it
country good. He read as a stu- was a near-summer day
dent about American presidents Th attendance was estimated
who came up from poverty, about at go.oOO
John Brown, and was nreu iu Summary and lineup:
otanH ncrainst the svstem that de- fcUndard (7) i"os.
o . I i. i. 1. - -.
nied justice, robbed men, wronged Swi
women, and persecuted every op-1 8wn c)
He saw needed reforms
and stated them clearly.
Americans should not forget
tho rp,i trouble from the friars.
Wavier the Butcher, and many
other cruel leaders ol church and
state. The treachery of officials
st time of his safe eonduct
back to manlia, and his death
Let us remember the influenc-
and results of his great me.
His mother who reiusea a pensmu,
as Rizals did not serve for money
His iron will, like a 'camomile,
the more it is trodden on the more
it crows.' His reward; oppression
shall not always reign w
comes a brighter day. His religious
faith that held throng n awiui
frlala SO 'he could say, 'To under-
.tan,t' all is to forgive all.'
Jessie Lowe, Mrs. iGijac Darling
and Thomas Clark of Salem; also
two sisters, Mrs. Emma Albaugh
of Littleton. W. Va., and Mrs.
(7.1 Almmaba
. Enis
..... Pickhard
MeCreery C ;
Kobefclty RG
HarriB KT -
Walker -RE
Iwrs QB.
Jlyland ..L,1I
Kag-ue RH.
Hoffman tB
Score by periods:
Stanford 7 0
Alabama - O 0
Stanford soorine: Toni-hdown, Walker.
Points from try aftpr touchdown, Bogue.
Alabama troring: Touchdown, Johnson1
((tub. for Smith who substituted for Tay
lor). Point from try after touchdown.
Officials: Referee. Quigley, Kansas;'
umpire, Ktrupper. Georgia Tech. ; field
judge, McCord, Illinois; head linesman,
Kvn, Stanford. 'lime of periods IS
minutes each.
0 7 I
7 7
ll-ol.hmnn Tell US Of the
. tkV. , havintr visited the Islands
'6"'i ' r
In h nnme of Jose' maternal
He Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Landis ef
fought for Christ and we may sing J Mill City visited Salem on Satur-
Bowering. wno wrote aay.
j. k.. uragt or Toledo ana a.
Wassmuth of Lebanon were in this
city Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Leffer of
Scio spent New Year's day in this
city. . t
Dick B. Miller of The Dalles
spent Saturday in the city. He
was accompanied by his family.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Willetts of
Roseburg were Saturday visitors
in mis city.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Swank of Junc
tion City were here Saturday.
Mary Griffin of Burns is a Sa
lem. visitor.
Mrs. E. M. Craig of Vale spent
New Year s day in this city.
H. C. Hamilton and family of
Eugene were in this city Saturday
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play failed to alter the tally sheet.
Three . outstanding features
marked the football battle; Big
Biff Hoffman's passing and end
less succession of ground gaining
reverses of all kinds; Stanford's
series of fumbles which prevent
edbthem , piling up a score al
though they gained three yards to night.
Aubamaa one from scrimmage;
anr-f inaily, the spectacular rise
of the TLiAa..o the last emereencv.
when it gathered iits force into j
Anna Tanger or is ew berg is a
week-end visitor in Salem.
five charges and srrL-Stfiftd through
the Cardinal wall forhe touch
down and 'then the converv to tie.
Twice in two successive
Year's Day appearances in the
RoseP Bowl, the lads from . the
soutb have risen to real heights,
last yearjo .win from Washington,
and (this year to hold the mighty
Cardinals, bosses of the Pacific
coast conference, to an even
break. " ..
A 40 yard gain on a pass, Hoff
man to Hyland. opened the game
with Stanford carrying the ball.
Thereafter, Hoffman systematical
ly displayed his repertoire of re
verses, with th' help of Hyland
despite the "unscrupulous North
American oil men, who with lim
itless ambition desire to continue
exploiting our riches."
4 Soto y Cajna declared that nil
Latin-America - supported Mexico
"against its enoiiiy. tho depart
ment of etatev and. though they
die, Mexicans will not tremble be
fore this and other enemies.
j Attacking the department of
stale for. "falso , propaganda
against Mexico with regard to
Bolshevism.' Marttnes denied that
Mexico had bolshevist or commun
istic, tendencies. adding:- "We
hare taken little of the I Russian
soviet system because we have at
tained many things' that have not
been attained In the Russian sys
tem." - ..
miles wide. This was nis joveu
land, and as Scott wrote, 'Breathe
there a man with soul so dead who
ne'r to himself said., this. is my
own; my native land.'
"Jh resources ot tho Islands
am many. They are rich in min
erals, as coal, iron,- copper arid
gold; they are filled with great
forests of rare timber, and.there
Is much fertile soil. '
f ills people, capable, of , great
good as great suffering, were em
porerlshed by conquering nations
who gave them a poor brand of
Christianity.: -As India Is rich In
potential wealth but , Is enslaved
by false worship,,; so are the Phil
Tint dose of ' Tape' Cold Com-
f - pound 'relieve all ?
-Xx grippe misery
Don't stay
stu f fed-up!
Quit blowing
and snnfflinff! A
dose of 'Tape's
Cold Compound"
taken every two
hours nntii three
doses aro taken
will end, grippe
misery and break
up a sevcro cold
either In the
bead, chest, body
or limbs. , , .
i It promptly opens clogged-up
nostrils or nose running;; relieves
sick headache, dullness, feTerlah
neas, soro throat, sneexlng, sore
ness and stiff ness -c
"Pape s Cold Compound Is the
quickest, surest; rellet known and
cosu only thirty-fire cents at drug
C stores. U acts witnoui assistance,
Miss Mary Main of Peckham
won the cake iceing competition
of the annual Cookery Exhibition
at . Olympia Hall, London, aad
although eight men competed, the
Sirst "fire prizes went to women.
laaaa W
aay gPt tt f ;
ftitKMO. 1 .Ih.i Ba
lutk. Vii.' AfMrmian
toiaT t.....jnt irxlrvllax
HEAR with the' tiny Utile Gem
Ear Phonecan be worn with
out Headband. '
Smallest hearing, device. The
wonder of the age. By use of
radio principles?, scientifically
perfected, insuring clear, posi
tive hearing at home, church,
theatre and radio, all these
pleasures can beyours. -CALL
Ask fo booklet v
Perry's Drug Store I
115 S. Com'l. St., Salem, Ore.
The hero himself, Jose Rizal, S tastes nice, and causes no incon-
was porn ot a noble, cultured f am- j venience. Don't, accept a substi
Ilr the Mercados. BotlLliis mother UuU. Adr, r, . fc : ,;
Anthorized Distrfbutora
The Personal Writing Rfaclvlne
TypeTrriter Exchange
Phone 85f ' 421 Court, 8alnt
CHOICEof Trsub Genuine
Orange Blossom engage- ?
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tribute to the Judgment .and V
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and a sacred service, simple
and complete in all its ten
derness for bereavement.
Webb's Funeial Parlors '
Telephone "120 '
Tor Sals.
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Fhona t6S
S4t M. Oom'l St.
Tietor Addlaa SCacala SarrU
C, M. lockwoop
Served All Day
1 Saturday and Sunday
Perfect Funeral Berrioe
For Less . '
Licensed Lady Mortlelaa
770 Cbexneketa
TelepboMl 734
Treated bj Osteopathy, Dietet
ics, Radiant Therapy and Electrical-
Therapy Including Dr.
Abrams Electronic System.
No Charge for
Physician and Surgeon
606 U. S. Nat'L Bank Bids.
Balesd, Oregon ;
Established 1868
General Banldng Business
Office Hours from 10 a. sn. to S p. as.
-. -.,- . V . .ar
! . .. J. '-
Dr. George R. Vehrs desires to. an-
nounce the removal or his medical
and surgical of Hoes' dni January 1
1 927, from the United! States Bank
Building to Suite 60yf INevy First
National Bank,. Building. The
office telephone 'will be the same
number 6 1 S. Residence telephone
775. - . - f