The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, January 02, 1927, Page 15, Image 15

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Entire Work- to Amount to
Over $500,000 Accord-,
ing to Estimates
YGWMITE. .Dw. 18. IMan
rrepakO by the Bureau of Pub
lic floats for paring 16.15 miles
of road in Yosem lie valley, togeth
er with the coustrnctioa of two,
bridges are now under considera
tion in Washington by Director
Stephen T. Mather pt the Nation
al Park Service and Dr. Hubert
Work, secretary of the Interior de
partment. Immediately following their ap
proval bids will be advertised for
by the Bureau of Public Roads
under whose supervision the pro
ject will be completed. It la un
derstood that the worfc or grade
rectification, paring, and bridge
building : will approximate : $500,
000. . While some grade prepara
tion has been made, yet this phase
of construction will perhaps take
several months after the contract
is placed, before actual paving op
erations ran commence. - ,
Keren tly the V. R. Dennis Com
pany of Sacramento finished pav
ing; 13.85 miles of road here with
asphaltic and cement concrete.
This stretch of road extends from
the Rl Portal Park boundary on
the west to the east end of the
new Yosemite Village, with a spur
crossing, qver into the old village
on the south side of th& Merced
river. The - proposed paving un
der the new? contract will extend
from Pohono bridge to the Happy
Isles bridge on the south side of
the valley- Other roads to be in
cluded in this work ar e located
principally . in the vicinity of the
Ahwahnee, Yosemite's new million
dollar hotel.
Drivers With Courtesy and
Consideration for Motor
Are Well Treated
Ulrich Roberts, realtors, 122
S. Commercial St.. know property
values rand make for you profit
able investments. Wll both save
and make you money. ()
They've Got the
World Beat
Its the thousands of
miles that you get after
the first ten thousand
that plits the grand and
glorious feeling into your
Everytime More Miles
Phone 44
"The Right Spot" for Tire Service
the engine Is not as good as. at ou a conduct that even the angels
higher speeds. - There is, there-1 of neaven would be startled,
fore, an optimum speed ot about! H 1$ a, happy anniversary in
twenty-five . miles, an -hourtai4 but most fitting and proper
which t,ho best mileage will be ob
tained. Driving with the hand
throttle on long open stretches Is
also conducive to "good mileage,
as it allows the engine to operate
more uniformly than when yottr
foot, responding to every slight
Jar, constantly moves the throt
tle. If you now do thirty-five or
better, whenever you can, you
will enjoy an increase in gasoline
mileage of from two to four miles
I per gallon by consistently driving
between twenty-five and thirty,
and you will be surprised to find
that you can reach your destina
tion is almost the same driving
(By j Erwin , Greer, president
Oreer College of Automotive and
j Electrical Trades, Chicago, 111.).
lie giooa to your car, anu inui-
reetly, you will be good to your
self. This, means three things:
Law observance, courtesy and con
sideration for your car.
Mant of ns have seen the nu
meral T40 - on our speedometers. Redaction on all hats at thc
and th? law was broken each timej vanity Hat Shoppe, 387 Court St.
this occurred. Everyone swears Be sure to see our line of hats be
they gjlve hand signals with re-fore buying. Latest metal cloth
Iigious scrupulousness, but there' hats Just in. (
are many times when these are? '
entirely forgotten in the stress of! Walter H. r.osel, automobile
other things at the corner. And. tires, tubes and accessories. Vul
Correct Lubrication
What Is It?
Change the oil and lubricate the chassis every
500 miles and you will have answered the
Monroe S. Cheek
Complete Automotive LubricaifoV
Oewrt at Capitol 1 - Pit 2205
such signals as most of them are!
If the engine ran as raggedly as
signals! are given we would all be
pedestrians by preference.
Cars are occasionally overtaken
and passed on the right hand side,
and the performance never fails
to cause inconvenience. This
practice is illegal, dangerous and
decidedly discourteous. When
you come to a busy intersection,
give the other fellow a chance.
Perhaps he was there first- When
you overtake and pass a car, don't
suddenly slow" down and force the
driver behind you to ride his
brakes to prevent mixing his radia
tor cap with your spare tire. If
you have to slow up after passing
a car, iyou shouldn't have passed
it. When there is a delay in traf
fic ahead, and a line of cars has
formed, consider the delay as un
avoidable, and don't be the ill
mannered yokel who holds down
the horn button, or he that drives
around the'side of the line."
The j useful work your engine
does when driving on a level road
is to overcome mechanical fric
tion and wind resistence. Both
these factors increase very rap
idly as you increase your speed,
which indicates that the slower
you go, the less gasoline will be
used per mile traveled. However,
at slow speeds the efficiency of
canizing that holds. High quality,
superior service. A trial makes a
customer, 198 S. Com 'I. ()
F. L. Wood and Otj. P. Pea.
real estate. 341 Statf. Farms and
city property. They bring buyer
and seller together, for the bene
fit and profit of both. ()
L. A. Sclieelat Auto Wrecking
Co., oldest In the Willamette val
ley. New and used parts and
equipment. Low prices and quality
service here. 1085 N. Com 'I. (
( Cntfnu-d from pace 1)
cheer but it should be remembered
as a time for careful study and
thoughtful planning to more effec
tively carry out tne teachings of
the N'azarene which has made so
plain in his imperishable sermon
on the mount.
Re-read again the fifth, sixth
, and seventh chapters of St. Ma
, thew. Gandhi, the great teacher of
j India, was recently called upon to
j address thousands of his follow
ers. He read the Sermon on the
Mount and simply siid. "That is
my religion." If the jspirit of that
message could really enter the
hearts of my listeners tonight it
would start such waves of right-
I Ins
Install a Heater In Your Car
Ride In Comfort These Cold Days
High St. at Ferry
Salem, Ore.
for na today to remember the in
humanity, the; Intolerance, the pesj
ttlence, 'the cold, the hunger,
through Which our ancestors lived
and endured for. ages. There Is
still untold misery and want and
thousands of hungry ones and
crime on every hand unpunished
and; unafraid. We like, to believe
e percentaffe is loss than in the
days gorie. Never was the world
so well rMl. no well clothed; so
universally happy us at this
Christmas tiim. "
ine next time you see a man
driving a horse on a he road stop
your car for a moment and no.
hi3 slow pace. Compare his slow
speed la thai of the cars that go
whirling! by and then recall that
in just half a generation every
thing lias been speeded up by at
least that amazing ratio. It is
only a fqw years since Mark Twain
gave us "The Connetieut Yankee
at Kin : Arthur's Court." Re-read
the story as told by that brilliant
humorist and then think how dif
ferent and astonishing the story
could be written today in view of'
the recent discoveries of science.
It is simply impossible "for we,
the participants, to rt-alizo and ap
preciate the wonderful develop
ments, that are all around us and
part of us. No one know.; nor
can foretell what the effect will be
upon the human race economic
ally, mentally, physically, ner
vously or. religiously. However,
what a pleasure to be actors in
this most absorbing, interesting
and amazing drama of all the
iges. Who can doubt at this time
the existence of God and the spe
cialmission of Jesus for the re
demption of the world when we
afe beholding in our own time
such ait unfolding of the secrets
of nature, more wonderful than
miracles recorded in Holy writ.
For my part, with head uncov
ered, I stand in awe before the
Supreme Maker and say to the
world, "Since the discovery of
radio. J am ready to believe what
so recently seemed the impossible.
Never again will I be astonished
at any future discoveries of (iod's
wonderful, intricate world." A
turn of a dial on the radio that
is transmitting my voice to your
ears tonight will give you other
voices from other stations miles
and miles away. The whole air
is charged with voices human and
music divine if we just tuned
to catch them. It is no more of
i miracle to believe God spVaks to
His faithful followers than -for
you listeners tonight to hear my
yoice. .The whole matchless civ
ilization is-a miracle.
May each one of us this Christ
mas day renew our pledge to do
everything in our power to pre
serve and perpetuate this most
hanpv condition in order that our
descendants may have and enjoy
r ne pleasures and benefits that are
ours. This can, be done by every
individual living a pure life, obey
ing the laws of God and the Just
laws of thf land If for no other
reason that simply because the
laws are made- by the supreme
authority f heaven and earth.
Civilisation has not moved con
stantly upward. It has come in
successive (waves. Another day of
darkness and recession can be pre
vented by each of us treating
everyone as 'brother rfnd sister
by the abolition of greed and self
ishness, by loving oar neighbors
as ourselves, by - following as
closely as possible,, in the steps of
the world's greatest teacher. Jesus
of Nanrareth:' ;
Truly we are living In a grand
and fearful age, Tn an age on ages
telling! To be living, simply to be
living, acting at this time Is
sublime.' "
lA good cold weather
now more m
a .
- - i
mv YoMir Used C
Used Gar Pledge It Offers You Four Safeguards
1 AU used cars offered to public shall be honestly represented.
2 All Studebaker automobiles which are sold as Certified Cars have been properly recon
ditioned and carry a 30-day guarantee for replacement of defective parts and free serv
ice on adjustments.
-; -
3 Every used car is conspicuously marked with its price in plain figures, and that price,
just as the price of our new cars, is rigidly maintained.
4 Every purchaser of a used car may drive it for five days, and then, if not satisfied
for any reason, turn it back and apply the money paid as a credit on the purchase of
any other car in stock new or used. 1
Only Stiidebaker Dealers Publicly Pledge Themselves to Protect the Interest of the
Used Car Buyer In This Way .
Studebaker Special Six Touring 1922
One of the last 22 models. Valves ground,
bearings taken up. Tires real good, with spare
and cover. Top and curtains and finish o.k.
Swipe, stop light, rear view mirror $ C O C
Franklin 1924 Touring
95 per cent tires, with good spare. Top and cur
tains like flew. With Franklin green Duco paint.
Valves ground, bearings taken up. CUCA
Looks and runs like a new car......
2 bumpers1.;
Durant Sport 1925
Maroon Duco paint, windshield wings, spot, mir
ror, swipe, Jballoon tires, disk wheels, bumpers,
new pistons, rings and pins. Valves dCCf
Hupmobile 1925 Touring
One of the last "4 s" built. Duco paint, balloon
tires. Motor o.k.
Many extras .
y9 upuAnawAa
ground, bearings taken up .......
1925 Ford Coupe
I New rear end, new paint, valves ground, bear
ings taken up. Bumpers, swipe, , CIOC
rear glass, stop lijght r........ J)riO
. . Ask for R.. L. Gibbihs-1 Used Car Department
235 South Commercial Street ; ' L
Phone 362
Probably no single feature of Dodge
Brothers Motor Car has been rnpre widely
talked about and commended than the
power and promptness of the starter, -
The new two -unit starting and-lighting
system now advances Dodge Brothers
leadership in this important respect still
There are now no moving starter parts
when the car is in motion no starter
chain t no noise no wear. The new
starter is even more DEPENDABLE than
the old, and far simpler and more compact
in construction.
Many other major improvements have
been added during the past twelve months,
all vitally affecting performance and in
creasing value far beyond the apparent
measure of current Dodge Brothers prices.
Touring Car -Coupe
- - - -Special
Sedan -
S 975
(Ii'Hvrpl )
Bonesteele Motor Co.
474 South Commercial
Telephone 42.1
We Also Sell Dependable Used Cara
Dqdbe Brothers
. t
Better, than ever at the Jjuwe&PricesrM
For seventeen years we have been selling "bet ter tires f or less but never' in our
history have we offered such rugged, lasting tires at such low prices, as our pres
ent Wear-Wells and Western Giants. "Try a pair, or a set . compare them '
with others . . . and you will know why you see more and more "Western Auto't ;
tires on cars ot every class, it simply indicates recognized value.
uiu iii&vuiyj
1 yy r- - I tiMM
' Wear-Well v
Fully rvarBtd. tnXtr
versisa, fall staadard
wricht ballvoB with loec
crrlca. Brmi-flat rib tra
Mac aaa rmm
... $8.45 iim
...SI 3.65 s.w
t i t OC
smsH a.
Mg. Himm ...
OvraU ...
MxSK 8. B.
Overalaa ...
J " : V.
Wear -V ell Cords
Otir low srlcaa aa taadard aar tire that live'
eitra aerriaa, autka taeam fararttaa tafaasaaat taa
Wast. Evanr Ura la fallr aaraataaa.
La PHw
. $6.35
OvanU .... $11.85
Lv Mat
f:.:.$ 17.55
Uil 8. 8.
OvaraUa ...
t3i4 8. S.
Mi4 8. ft.
Ot arsis a
Stx4Vi 8. 8.
OTaralaa ...
30x3 Junior Cord $650
'tY-Jli-.). .
Tire Sundries
-of v ouamntaad quality at
imanay.savinit pricaa.
U. S. Tira Gauga Clock style
easy read Inc. $1S
Ganuina Schradar Tira Gaugaa
i H!Th pressure. ......... . .f.15
Balloon . . . ; . 15
: Special truck sis $1S
. , Ganuina. Schradar Valva . tn.
" akiaa Box of flv. . . . . . . . .25e
; Dill Valva ' Insidas Box of
jflva 25o
Ro Tire Pump
Known tba world over for
, easy operation, speed and re
liability $2X5
Tire' Cut Filler
! For repairing; cuts in castors.
Large tube ..35c
This Week's Specials
I iaiacB j
Tube Patch
aaat halae
, Qalak repairs a tUla
m ' vatcaatsa.
lika aleABisa.iaav laalaaaa
. atria at rabaar tab at eaasaat aaa
acraeaa la aaavaaiea eaataiaer.
SO aeaara Laea, alaa. Odrk
Radaaa4 ta ................ XUO
5-Mmute Vulcanlter
Mna1 yaw take aaaptam aarfatt
1 ar aaat valcaaislair. Kaatly mmi
aalrkljr tfaaa wila this eaaveaiaat
aatBt. laeladaa alaaaav IS atace
aa4 tt aalia. haat aaita, : - ft t A
SaadaUr ra4aea4 ta.. ...... 33U
For.Heavy Duty -
Weitferii" Giant Cords
nd .
Western Giant Balloons
Wherever tf res are subjected
to exceptioAallly heavy Juty
Western GUnt Cords and Bal
loons will save you money.
Tney are built to clve unin
terrupted; service under most
severe conditions.
" 1 W-U H" P aaj a ? ar
itrnvm Yt Otur Lmftt Catalog?
l Sulcm Store Corner Court and lligb SU.
Telephone TOO
at .
enuine McKay.
Skid Chains ;
Roll along in safety regara-
leas of the vreataer eritn tnee
nationally . popular ekid
tialna. - Quick lv attached.' Fr
Balloon, and
tlraa. -
k Priced.: per. set. (XSa up.
Hdqvmttrn for Auto $mppum
High r Preasure
i f i