The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, January 02, 1927, Page 14, Image 14

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t o le , Massachusetts state
eoate.UHer da not ea.ll ea.chdttier
Ffankf jifo;'Ca jit is 'always
'Mr. teams' and i Mr. Coolidge
XheyVro fcreat intimates, oHt;jtney
are not familiar With that asy
XamllJiariJy . that most often. pes
with close friendship.
- '"But Mr. Stearns proves thef
rjwet loyal and deroted friend that
eyer lived. Every wrong he ever
committed. ifTndeca.he ever-,com
nil t ted one that Vouid really, stain
his heavenly passport, was done
in the interest of his friend and
idol; Calvin' Coolidge. He atJis
nothing.' ;It 'is certain he reee'ves
n. Li n. if r . u , r..T .. i
H i, ; It;
the Oregon
.otate Ajrto
Jiferenceto,tTraff J
III ItJilllillllll
iiiiiuiitiiuiiiiiiniiiiiiii in
5 i
To have us keep them corrected, and yet provide you with
excejent riijgjft driying vision, -is an inexpensive service.
Wvef4 UghU and battery
1 ' fiUery;and.El!ec'trcLeryice
238 North High Street
Telephone 203
ni-thing. whether he aska for it or
net? t- v :
TIiat be regards the president
as a demigod it proves needless" to
ay. If anyone should venture a
criticism of Mr. Coolidge in ttu
presence of Mr. Stearns, ' that one
St dor ever damned in the good
storekeeper's eyes. There are
only tro things that Mr. Stearns
1 tits liefore his God Calvin Cool
idge and Amherst college."
A. H. Moore, 233 N. High St.,
apartments and store where yon
can get high quality furniture and
furnishings for '"every room in
your house. ' ()
The Opera Bouse Drug Store.
Service, quality, low prices, friend
ship give' increasing patronage.
Old customers advise friends to
trade here. High and Court. ()
(Co a Untied from pag 1)
tlon of America voted a semi-annual
gift of $259. This summer,
in response to letters to American
planters, Edgar B. Davis of
Brockton, Mass., gave 130,000,
The Malayan government fn, Octo
ber donated 346,000. Tucker has
sent a final appeal suggesting a
Dutch government reward of
"The reason I have plugged
away at this project for 18 years
is that feevnd up in my hopes for
America participation in the in
duatrynaii been the haunting re
membrance that Goodyear; one of
our pioneers, died In -debt," "said
Tucker. " "'This? other' "pioneer
should have something more'than
a post-mottem announcement.
The Bake-Rite Bakery. Busy
every day supplying" best homes
with, bakery -goods of all kinds;
baked In m kitchen " as clean as
your own. 35 State. St. (
m, 1 It
The Packard Six may be had In a wide range of tasteful color
combination. One of these harmonious effects each the
conception of an artist is sure to please your personal preference,
4 .. MtaVjBj .
j-r ,c " """"a",' "; Tir'' jTm T'Ejj., . J-f
The P&mard Six Appeals
WftTTflVRAsZD long ago foresaw 3k
jyUOTtrongest appeal to experienced
ir4ptorlsts would be a aJUty car sold at
ti fair Iprice for qualiryi ' v
53PackarditSix sales have proved that
MFackacdwas right The improved
tat Fackard Six is deservedlv the most dqd-
smyea,years &fto& car, mapufac-
VlndretthPakard ix is not an inex-
Jess than
SifPr Wnex, It should, for
I rrPJcanlhjLS fjwtnjplipnsQf rJiQllars and
ivcarar 'r.-jjmci ana icnoiTi equipping to
gsm r 4-Va ' - ' AwMMM.
nave" ben extravagant in huying ultra-
xrjjye cars, as wefl as those equally
I jextravagant whohave bought cheapcars
s find in e, Packard Six the car
they have always wanted to own.
In performance the Packard Six
is surpassed byhutone car- the Packard
JEight In comfort, beauty and distinc
tion it is unsurpassed by any car, Amer
ican. or. foreign.
j7hose who are nowuying the improved
Packard Six cars expect on .the average
to keep them fifty-five months nearly,
five years. They should and doubtless
will keep these long-lived cars even
longer. Therein lies the great economy
of Packard ownership. ,
The improved -Packard Six fiver
passenger Sedan is l?ut $29! Kde
Hvered - at your door, freight and -.
tax; To buy out of incbrrte
you. pay $7 27.75 on delivery arid ;
$13.1.29 a month, including iner
..est, irisura.nceanl all other charges.
The value of your present car is deducted
from the first and 'monthly payments. . .
... v .
Telephone 2125
Apparatus Which Permits
Compensation for Small
Coil Variations
:- -, SUNDAY, MORNING, JANUAR 2, 1027 " . fl " ' '
RADIO COifflSEfl ; ;
Embodying several innovations
in design, a new straightline fre
quency condenser of the; twin-rotor
type has just been introduced
to radio set builders of the coun
try. '
Of particular interest to radio
men is the minimum capacity ad
justment of the new piece of ap
paratus which permits compensa
tion for small variations in .the
colls used, the -utilization of the
entire range of the dial for the
broadcast -band and the adjust
ment of each condenser in the set
so that all dial readings will be
the same on a given station.
The outstanding advantage of
the straight-line frequency con
denser is its greater dial separa
tion ot lower wavelength stations.
This advantage, plus the fact that
the full 360 degVees ef the dial
are used in the twin-rotor con
denser, gives practically twice the
separation of the ordinary type
over the entire broadcast band.
Economy of space is another ad
vantage of the new condenser.
When it is set at zero, a space but
three by three and one-half inches
fs taken op behind the panel
Whereas many condensers of the
straight-line frequency type use
as much as seven inches space.
Compact construction of the re
ceiving set is greatly aided.
- An additional feature is the ar
rangement made for "ganging"
or operation of several condensers
by one dial. At the bottom and
front of each condenser is a small
lug. Fastening these lugs to
gether by means of small rods
and removal of the cam and lower
drives from all save the "master"
condenser, accomplishes the gang
ing arrangement.
Brass and genuine bakelite con
struction, parts of more than am
ple size, embossed, hand-aligned
and rigidly soldered plates, and
proper location of all insulating
material are other features of the
new produet.
' v This announcement makes available
for the first time in a low-priced busi
ness car the superior smoothness, traf- -fie
agility and stamina inherent in the
sut-cy Under engine. ' J
It also originates an order of beauty
and efficiency, that will meet with the j
enthusiastic approval of progressive
business men everywhere. '
The chassis, with special heavy-duty
springs and heavy-duty balloon tires,
provides those spectacular qualities of
performance and endurance that have
already won international renown for -Pontiac
Six design and construction. .
The body, by its rakish lowness and the
distinctiveness of its color scheme
Balsam blue and orange Duco repre
sents a refreshing innovation in .com
mercial car appearance.
Finish Balsam tluc Duco, belted with
Burning Bush Orange and handsomely
striped. Panel constriiction-ivood and
metal veneer. Equipment- includes
Fisher V V orupeCe vdridshield with
automatic clearer; sun visori cowl m
parking lights; individual sedan; seatsi'j?"
plate glass windows, uritHhish-speed ;..;
regulators; nickeled door, luijijdJr "
" -t '"-'-!.
See the nearest Oakland-Pontiae -'dealer
and familiarize yourself with the
unique and exclusive advantages em
bodied in this latest Oakland tTiarjiphJ
M if imt filM mm r
feo M&moM Wtstom
, - - f
TRULY the most beautiful Chevrolet in Chev
rolet history! Truly an achievement which
must immediately change all existing ideas as to
what the buyer of a low priced car has a right to
expect for his money!
Here is the irresistible appeal of new Duco colors,
fashionably striped of that flawless silhouette
associated with custom-built creations.
Here are score after score of advancements in
design, literally too numerous to list completely
but typified by one-piece full-crown fenders,
bullet-type lamps, coincidental steering and igni
tion lock and large 17-inch steering wheel.
volume. This, and onjy this, makes possible the
manufacture pf so fine or car to selVai Chevrolet's
low prices. - ? ' '- v'r ' . -
We urge you to come inibr a personal inspection.
A host ofi. improvfn
Sff tt Heivv One-piece
wu nicer fuu-rownrenaeri
1C0fi New Remote Control
comoiMoon isaidoa mod -AJQQT Xlandles
f : ! ; V V; Ne TireCarrier
NewDucp Colors ' f. :J-
- r - t r -- w w "ivv. auk. new ivaaiator v.
an improvea av- au cleaner: vr ..v- v-
The spectacular growth of , Chevrolet popularity
has sent Chevrolet production to tremendous
iew uoaies by Usher Upea Model
tfew large ?l 7-inch New Haywire
.mC weel. .New lnni JW.
5 The $
-with these Amazing Price Jedu,ctions
595 c4&E$625
Former price $645
Former price $645
The $
The $
Jormer price f 735 j
Price Includes balloon tires
and steel disc wheels.
Former price 535 with
- balloon tires only.
Price Includes balloon tires
and teel disc wheels.
Former price 9533 with
balloon tires only.1 "
525 SbrfoS715
1-Ton Truck : liritS
(CBassir Only) vvO
Entirely new model with Y
rumble scat. ' -' k
H-Ton Track
(Chassis Only)
1 -v
Balloon tires now standard on all modela
All prices f . o. b. Flint, Mich., erred ire January 1st, 102T '
. 1
.i;A ic.!;. vr;iH e
W H O p,HS
Corner Chemeke'ta and;HiSPI5?
Onrinsite Citv Hall
. - 1
TelepKcno 1CC0 '
Q :U A. L-l - T Y A,.- T--klE-'" o":
. .
L " N-'