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i - .V? . - w - .. .-'-A
U r f A
Set i?v5 'JyT
l!nperiJeXt:.0IrH., Roy Brink (Catherine, pates); wIjqss jwaryiage wis an: event of December 31 in
Dennlsbn," Jp'wat., ;Mr. and Mrs. Brink will make. their home in- Audubon, Iowa. Mrs. Brink formerly
taught at th Grant JuYilor High school.. Center .rlehtrMfsa .Vivian sEiker, attractive daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. 'Pi Al Eiker who recently returned from an fnterestinrgV visit with friends in the east. Mrs.
Williass C6n (Fern Andrew) whose marriage was solemnized in December at the efly YWCA. As far
as U known Mrs. Cone's wedding is the first' eyer witnessed in the YWCA parlors. t
fX will not wish you riches, or the glow ' ; '
?X)f greatness, but that whereso'er you go
- j ome weary heart may gladden at your smile, .:
r: Some, weary life know sunshine for while. "
; And so your years will leave a track of light '
.Xike Angels footsteps passing through the night.'
Dohnanyi Conceft at
ElsinorfT&morrpw Night
Wilt he-Revelation ,
Muslorera hfre are fortunate
to be lIe' to hear the great Dohn
anyi Thq'H t6T appear at the Elsi
oure 'theater under, tho manage
ment of the!i5aleTn Artist Series. It
' is pohnanyf who" tho- critics of
"vNe'w" -York idNjclared to be worthy
of comparSoii with Beethoven. It
1 Indeed difficult to Bar which is
the grealer - Dohnanyi, (the- plan
lsu Dohnanyi toe'; composer - or
Dohnanyi 1h-conductor. No doubt
It id the" trinity that - makes him
comparable! to Beethoven.
Dhnaoyi'7s a matt .stiH in 'his
early forties ytt he has played in
tuore thanv& thousand concerts
ami toured nearly every country
of Europe.: His list of published
work Includes more than two
score opus. PI as this he has writ
ten one opera, "Vayada's Tower.
which'! wsa ; produced 1 la 1922 at
the Royal Opera of Budapest and
at present 1ha. lsif-work on a
comic opera, Entitled :wThe Tenor"
the llbrettff which has been
written b$ Carl "Sterhelm,' '
Dohnanyi , one of ;tha most
modest and nnas3unjlnc of musi
cians. Indeed It i lew who have
ever been able'jt'o laterview him.
He lives thi greater part of his
time In JBadapest, hut even wheit
In ,Nw York-, one tan ' not, - find
him whenrlie Is'not buried in some
score. , V .- '"VT X ,
War Mothers Witt Meet
. .Salem chapter of the American
WartMothers will meet at 2:30
o'clock Tuesday afternoon In the
Chamber dt Commerce rooms. :
Answers ta Art Catechism
Questions Are Announced
A nnlqne prpject is eing; spon
: sored by: the Fine j Arts depart
ment of the Salem Woman's club
whereby from week to week ques
tions pertaining to varchitecture
will be published In the, SUtes
man. The answers to these ques
tions, which ; protide interesting
; irionnation'wilt be published on
the Sunday following. 'f
The answers to the initial cate
chism are as follows: , i V '
1. Parthenon. '
2. On the Aeropolis' at Athens
3. 454 to 438 B. C I
4. l?entellic marble, a fine
grained creamy stone found near
5. Ictlnus and -Callicrates were
the architects. Phidias the super
intending sculptor.
6. ' The waiis of the sides have
in part been destroyed,- and the
roof wholly. Almost all the sculp
tures have been -removed.-. It has
undergone many vicissitudes. For
nearly 1000 years it was a heath
en temple. In the sixth, century it
became a Christian church. In
the 16th century it became a Mo
hammedan mosque. In: the -17th'
it was used by the Turks for stor
ing powder... ..A shell 'from the
Venilian fleet caused an explosion
which left It in its present condi
tion ruined, hut Imposing. - -
7.. Some were destroyed, others
carried way and thus lost.- The,
British Museum has the1" larjjr j
pan - oi tnose mat nave peen pr&
served. Some are in Athens orvthe
building or in the mnteum. All
are Injured. v - f- -
8.. The then Srttish ambassa
dor, to the Turkish government.
1 80 1-3. In the unsettled condition
oi jtnai country, ne - yeauxeja -mat
these .treasures wond.soopi be de
stroyed. After many negotiations
he obtained permission to remove
anything he might desijre. .
9. In 183 the Bylflshf govern
ment allowed ,35000 pounds al
though the cost to thWpurcb'aser
including interest on the amount
originally paid was about 70,00
pounds. .Today 'they are; priceless.
1 0. Lord Elgin, 'whose efforts
were not appreciated by the Brit
ish public s He-was ,.f erltlclaed
and ridiculed. Xater he .was cen
sored for not returning them' to
Turkey. After the Napoleonic wars
France had been compelled by. the
treaty of peace to " restore . the
many objects of art that had, been
taken to Paris" from, ' conquered
countries. For? these, Jhere had.
been no purchase price,", hence
conditions were not the ame. In
1 London they can be seen and stud- ;
led by multitiides , who . can not
hope to visit Athens. Also, had
they not been removed they would
no doubt have been completely destroyed.-
Art History Class of
Willamette" University.
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Kafoury Bros.
January "Glearajice Sale
Esmond Blankets
Beautiful Cdjorecl ? Combinations. Very Popular. Artis
tic and Effective Indian Designs and Plaids
We secured these at a cleanup price from the mill where they are made
we know they win. win favor with the buying public. They're soft, downy
and warm, with splendid wearing1 qualities as a result of .their careful con
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bargain as we're; offering them during this Great Clearance Sale.
7 T We Expect These Will All
, lBe Sold Out in One Day
t ,:S.
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ShowWindows': r
i 3 ,
Illahee Country Club Dance
4ttrUcts Salem Society
on New Year's Eve
A large numoer 01 oaiem a ao
rtal contingent. welcomed the New
Year ion Saturday morning while
dianclng at the Illahee Country
club house.
A group of attractive dinner
pjurtieH gave Interesting diversion
to the early part of the evening.
Particularly enjoyable wan the no
lipftt dinner at the Marion hotel in
WhiiU the following were includ
ed: Mr. and Mrs. J-ohn J. Roberts,
Wr. and Mrs. T. A. Roberts, Mr.
ami Mrs. Dan J. Fry Jr., Mrs.
Anahel Bush, Mr. and Mrs. T. A.
Livesley, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Griffin, Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Slade,
Mr. and Mrs. W. Connell, Dyer.
Mr. and Mrs. Clifton frwin. Mr.
and Mrs. O. A., Young, Mr. and
Mrs. Paul Hendricks, Mr. and Mrs.
Homer Egan, Mr. and Mrs. John
If. Carson. Dr. and Mrs. W. H
Lytle. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Cross.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Rahn, Mr
and Mrs. kelth Powell of Wood
burn. Mr. and Mrs. P. T. Ainge of
Portland and Mr. and Mrs. Wil-
l!am Walton.
A distinctive affair was the
community dinner at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Breyman Boise
Their guests included Mr. and Mrs
Frederick Deckebach and their
house guests. Miss Dorothy Clel-
land of Seattle. Mr. and Mrs. P.
I Quisenberry. Mr. and Mrs. Lew
is Griffith. Mr. and Mrs. Asel Eoff.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Ford. Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Durbin Jr., Mr. and
Mrs. Gus Hlxson. Mr. and Mrs.
Richard Slater. Miss Ietha Wil
son, Miltoh Steinor and Mr. and
Mrs. Boise.
Another dinner of interest was
Social Calendar
"The Man Nobody Knows." Film
at First Congregational church.
7:15 o'clock.
Ernst ,von Dohnanyi. great Hun
garian pianist, in concert at Elsl
nbre theater. Second event in
Salem Artist series. 8:20 o'clock.
Hal Hibbard auxiliary Armory.
Installation of officers.
Woman's club classes. Club
Salem Garden club. Chamber
of Commerce rooms. "Oregon For
ests." by Mrs. F. A. Elliott.
Music section o& Salem Arts
W. C. T. U. Halls. 2:20 o'clock.
Salem chapter of American War
Mothers. Chamber of Commerce,
2:30 o'clock.
Chadwick chapter of the East
ern Star. ' Masonic Temple, 8
Benefit bridge tea. Salem Wom
an's club. Club hpuse at 461 N.
Cottage street, 2 to 5 o'clock.
Salem branch Oregon State
Teachers association, 1 o'clock
Business and Professional Wom
en's club, 6:30 o'clock.
Chapter G of the PEO sister
hood. Mrs. E. J. Huffman,' hos
tess. Friday
West Side circle of the Jason
Lee Aid society. Mrs. Lena llock
ett, 1603 N. Commercial street,
Salem Woman's clubv Address
on "Applied Psychology" by Dr.
E. S. Conklin of the University of
Oregon, 2:30 o'clock. Club house.
On Sale Monday
Regular $5.95 Value
Salern Store
466 State St.
. : , - ; SUNDAY MORNING, JANUARY 2, 1927- ' v ? 1
that at the Marion hotel at which
covers were placed for Mr. and
Mrs- Lloyd Riches, Mr. apd Mrs.
Edward Woods, Mr. and Mrs. W.
A. Shaffer, Mr. and Mrs. C. L.
Chauss. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson
Wilt, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Olsen,
Mr. and Mrs. K. W. Heinlein, Miss
Ikoris Riches, Miss Florence Cart
wright, MLss Ruth Peyton.- Fred
Shunf man. John Beyerl and Her
bert Shaffer.
Following ' the da no the same
group met at the nom oi Mr.
and Mrsl Ralph Olson for a sup
per party.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Durhin-
Jr.. Are Honor Guests at
Evening of Bridge
An interesting affair of the holi
day interim was the 12-cover
bridge party of Tuesday evening
at which Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Cross
were hosts at their home on Lin
coln Hill complimenting Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Durbin Jr. The Dur-bin-Pearson
wedding was an im
portant event of last autumn in
San Francisco.
Christmas greens were used in
an attractive manner about the
rooms where playing was enjoyed
Mrs. Bert Ford and P. D. Quis
enberry won the honors of the
evening, while second place was
taken by Mrs. Gus Hixson . and
Harry Hawkins.
The rues group for the affair
included Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dur
bin Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Donald
Young, Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Rob
erts. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hendricks,
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hawkins, Mr
and Mrs. W. C. Dyer, Mr. and Mrs
Frits Sladft. Mr. and Mrs. P.?D.
Quisenberry. Mr. and Mrs. Gus
Hixson. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Ford,
Mr. and Mrs. Breyman Boise, Mr.
and Mrs. Ray Keene, Mr. and Mrs.
Claude Stensloff, Dr. and Mrs. P.
V. Byrd, Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Ir
win, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Car
son, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Nelson,
Mrs. Robert McMurray of Port
land, Miss Beverley Roberts, Carl
Gabrielson, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis
Griffith. Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Deck
ebach, Mr. and Mrs. Riehard Sla
ter; Mr. and Mrs. Dan J. Fry Jr.
Mr! and Mrs. Hollis Huntington
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Carson. Mr
and Mrs. Keith Powell of Wood-
burn, and Mr. and . Mrs. Homer
Needlecraft Club
Mrs. F. G. Stearns will enter
tain members of the Needlecraft
club on Tuesday afternoon, Jan
3. at her home. 180 South 19th
Silver Tea Will be Featured
in Connection With Benefit
Bridge on Wednesday
An outstanding event of the
first week In the new year will be
the big benefit bridge tea of Wed
nesday, Jan. 5,, which the Salem
Woman's club will sponsor at the
club house. The card parties
sponsored by the club, the largest
organization of women in Salem
are always affairs qI considerable
prominence and the many ta,bies
available are much in demand.
A number of matrons are in the
habit of reserving several tables
for use by their own group, thus
giving a small party within the
larger, less intimate, one.
The lands derived will go to
ward the purchase of a covering
for the club house floor. Each hos
tess is asked to bring a deck of
cards and pencils for her own
tsble. ' Reservations may be made
at once with any member of the
Mrs. E. M. Hoffnell is chairman
of the group, while Mrs. Roy Bur
, : 362 A!ierSL
.;;!:. ...
Mr. Work Pointer
On Aucfaon Bridge
( Villon (. Work. th tatrVatioaa
lliority. will our uiio- hrs
top Sihsi pmnj rwa rt4 -
! ittoj playr who
- 1 know tfte hgn-car
jlMtUr- the ilctnal
tid C . 'o -'ijrnmp,
4u net rprdi-
that there ar No
Tramp danrrr sic-
aaU in the fare of
which a sound bid
4er would be tes
apt to bid No
Trump than a care
fa! engineer would
to ran past the red
heat at full Kpeedi
for instance, a
blank auit is am ab
Mlute No Tramp
taboo, no matter
how strong the
hand, the better it i for a uit bid:
but th. meaare of a eardleaa suit is just
m great fur a No Triynper, no matter
With a worthies aiagleton the danger
that the adversaries will save the game
by running that short Kuit is almoKt as
great, it mar even be that an adversary
will have sufficient length in that abort
suit to defeat the Ko Trump contract of
Declarer who could bare made game
at a sait-bid. I hare often said. "Never
bid a No Trump with a worthiest single
ton, unless rou have a worthless part
ner;" and the partner would have to be
pretty bad to .justify risking the bid
merely to make him Danimy and thus
avoid the loss cf tricks which he might
no expected to tnrow away it he played
ine nana.
Today's pointer and those for a fe
day to con:, all refer to the initial bid
of a No Trump. Initial bids are made
by players whose partners' have not breo
ucaru iron; mai is, iney are ma maa
by lealer or by eond Hand after a
pass, by ltealer. The bid l.jr Third Hand
after two passes (the partner having' been
one of. ma patscrs) reiruire greater
airengin and I snait give a pointer about
Ibat later An.
Now for a hand for you to thiirk over
until tomorrow. Suppose dealing at the
oerinnjng oi a runber, you held:
Spades: King. Hearts: Ace-x-x-x. Iia
monds: Ace-x-x-x. Clubs: A-x-x-x-x
tx means any card of lower value than
toe Ten). What would you declare? Of
course you understand in stating the que
tKn this way I am not suggesting that
you isnouia Dia. nee a use a pass is a dec
laration, .tomorrow g article will answer
ine question.
ton, senior member of the house
committee, is in general charge
Those eomprising the group in
charge of this interesting benefit
affair are Mrs. E. M. Hoffnell. Mrs
C. S. Hamilton, Mrs. V. E. Kuhn,
Mrs. H. L. Stiff. Mrs. H". J. WlArl
mer, Mrs. Roy Mills, Mrs. Wafter
L.. Spauldiqg. Mrs. Lewis D. Grif
fith. Mrs. Will Alien. Mrs. E. E.
Bragg. Mrs. D. X. Beechler and
Mrs. Roy Burton.
The hours for playing will be
from 2 to 5 o'clock.
In addition a silver tea during
the later hours will be featured
when those not interested 1n
bridge may call for tea.
Line Party at Capitol
Theater Honors Ovt-Of-Town
A delightful affair of Friday
was the line party and tea at the
Capitol, theatex and at the Gray
bello at which; Mrs. John H: Lut
erman and .Mrs. Frank Snedecor
entertained a group of four prom
inent visitors from out of town:
Mrs. F. M. Jordan and Miss Edna
it JV - 7
L. Sterling; both of Seattle, and
Mrs. Charles A.Cray and Mrs.
Josephine Stewart,? both, of .. Eu
gene. , - -"
Additional guests : invited 4n-
cl u ded . Mrs.t R. . I. Hols. Miss Mar-
garM diPr, Mis. J. W McNary
Miss Mabel Rbberlsbn. Mrs. Clif
ford Brown. Mrs. II, Burg
bardt. Mrs. Henry kMyiers Mrs
l atil Wallace and the hostess, airs
Snedeeor and Mrs. Lauterman.
Jason Lee WFMS !
ThA Woman's Foreign Mission
ary society of the JaiMn ee Meth
odist chnrck will bold a jtea meet-
Ine on Wednesday at the home of
Mrs. Melvin-Johnsonj 1388 North
Cottage street, beginning at 2:30
o'clock. - 1 :. V 7
Mrs. W. L..Iwis will take as
her subject for thei devotional.
"Your Mecca? and Mini." Mrs.
Hans Boxrud 111 give j'The-Latest
Measure of Reform"! from the
study book ''Moslem! Women."
At the tea hour Mrs. V. A i Bond
and Mrs. L. H.J Robert' will as
sist. " ;i :
Miss Sterling Leavesl
for Seattle
Miss Edna L. Sterling jwill leave
today for her. home, in' Seattle af
ter spending the holiday season
as the house guest of Mh and Mrs.
Paul B. Wallace at Wallace Orch
ards. " ' - j
Gray Belle Is Scene Of
Meeting of Merry Go
Round Club on Tuesday
Members of the Merry Co Round
club, with Mrs. Charles A. Gray of
Eugene as an additional guest,
were delightfully entertained on
Tuesday evening in the " Chinese
room at the Gray Belle, when Mrs
Frank Snedecor was hostess.
Mrs. IT. G. Shipley and Reuben
P. Boise won high honors. -
At the nei meeting of the club
i - . . ,
. i Ernst von
. i World Famous
One of the Great Musical Personalities of our times
PRICES: 75c $1.00 $1J50 $2.00.. . Special rates W
PIANO STUDEN'S. " Seats ori sale The Elslnore box
office. December .31st, 10:00 m. .
.Home in 1927 -
Resolve to
Pay As ogi
' - V -J, - -..
Because a merchant "extends rrerfit
mean that, he refusegcash. For your own sake ,-:
"pay cash and save the worry.?
The big financial heads of today agree that the -
would is overrun with credit and that soon a re
arrangement must take place to save the good
name if not the real health of the wage earner. - -
Some forms of credit have received the stamp -of
oky from who know. : i;; t : ; ;
There isihe credit obligationassumed in buying
a home, that is considered a tangible asset. Then .
there are the furnishings and fixtures that go into
theiiomg they too are termed necessities - , : ,
' ' ' BUT-;-:"; ''--.L:'i.. -
Anything that does not constitute a tangible asset,"
anything that cannot be turned into cash or money i
borrowed on it for emergency s taboo and should '
be paid for in cash. , "If all apparel and luxuries
were paid for at the time of purchase there would
be happier homes and more easy going merch- '
ants," says one authority. , "j . 1 ;
Possibly some of you, right now owe more
money than you really have coming and are labor
ing under that strain. Whether this is a fact or
not you would do well to RESOLVE TO PAY AS
YOU GO and let the other fellow do the worrying.
Mr. and Mrs. Sklplej will enter-.
teinv -
In the group for which Mrs.
Rnedcor was hostess were Mrs.
Gray, Mr. and Mrs. John McNary.
Kr. and Mrs. W. G. Allen, Mr. and
Mrs. RoUln K..Page. Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Spencer, Mr. and Mrs. Max -O.
Huren. Mr. and . Mrs. R. It.
Fleming. Mr. and Mrs. U. G. Ship
ley; Dr. and " Mrs: C. II. Robert
son. Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Rolse, Mr.
and Mrs. T. II.. Kay, Ir. anir Mrs.
J., N.. Smith. Mr. and MrH-
Moores, air. and Mrs. 5 faim
Brown. Mr.fand Mrs. Wll f Thlel
sen. .Mrs. 1 Russell Cat 1 1 n ipd-. the
hostess. Mrs.-Snedecor.
Mtss Zetber Has Guest
Miss Charlotte . Zeiber Is enter
taining as her house gnest during
U.e holidays Miss Frances Wright
oi l'asaueua v-'- - -.v.
classmates at Miss Brennon's
school In Northampton, Mass.
New Year's ' Guests
at Myers Home --
Mr. and ! Mrs. ' Elmer Hnlden
t Beulah Myers) are spending the
New Tear week-end as the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Myers. Their
home Is In Blalock, Or.
Grandchild in '
Stanfield Family
Salem: friends of the Stanfield
family will be Interested in the
news of . the blflhbf a . daughter
to Mr. and Mrs. Henry - Teasdale
Dunn (Barbara Stanfield) in At
lanta, .Ga., . on Decamber 17. The
little girl, is the first grandchild
of Senator and Mrs. Robert N.
Stanfield.' Mrs. Dunn Is a niece of
Mrs. W. H. Lytle of Salem.
. n. - ". t T"Vi turn v?AA
Heritor uauei istass anjoys -Annual
Christmas Formal
Drinq Holidays a ; ; .
One or the leading events of the
holiday season ' was the annual
(CanaiaaM paga ft.)
i "2, '
?ma- -nrt P '