The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 15, 1926, Page 7, Image 7

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    04. C. CJu& Pfon Annual
Party for Monday Evening
The annual Christmas' party of
the OAC club will be held at the
Woman's club building at 461 N.
Cottage street, next Monday eve
ning:, Dec. 20. Many delightful
plans are being made for the af
fair. The children of members
are especially inrited to attend
and likewise are all present stud
ents of the college.
Santa Claris has arranged to
Tisit the gathering. Each member
la asked to bring an inexpensive
gift for the. exchange.
A number of committees are
actively engaged in making the
various arrangements.
Lloyd Gregg is president of the
OAC club this year.
Mrs. Buren Entertains
Northwest Division
The women of the northwest
division of the Presbyterian La
dies' Aid society were delightfully
entertained yesterday with an all
day sewing bee at the home of 1
Mrs. Max O. Buren. Sewing for
the WCTTJ Farm Home at Corral
lis was in order for the day. A
pot-luck luncheon .was served fit
Hostesses with Mrs. Buren were
SLrs. Reed Chambers, Mrs. George
J. Pearce, Mrs. Joseph 11. Albert
and Mrs. Max O. Buren.
South Circle Meeting
at Stanton Home
The Soutn circle of the First
Christian church will meet at 2:30
o'clock this afternoon at the home
of Mrs. II. H. Stanton, 1560 N.
Cottage street, with Mrs. Craw
ford joint hostess.
Officers will be elected at this
The- ladies are asked to bring
contributions for the pouad Christ
mas shower. All members of the
society are urged to attend.
Family Party at Independence
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Barnhart
of Independence entertained on
Sunday with a delightful family
party honoring James D. White
on the occasion of his birthday an
niversary. The guest group from Salem in
cluded Mr. and Mrs. James D.
White and three children, Mr.
and Mrs. H. R. White and two
ftaldren, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. In
ttrey and daughter, Miss Helen
Ingrey, Mr. and Mrs. Homer In
grey and two children, Mr. and
Mrs. .James Shipp and John Broad
well. Frank White and son were
guests from Portland,..,.
Studio Recital Is
Given at Darby Home
An attractive event of Saturday
evening was the studio recital at
which Bertha Junk Darby was
hostess when a group of her pupils
gave an interesting and varied pro
gram for their parents.
Those appearing in solos or
duets were Margaret Siegmund,
Kenneth SUnfleld. Win Jenks,
. Sophia Lang, Ilejen Purvine, Os
car Gingrich Jr., Margaret Pur
vine, Rosma Tully, Wallace Guth
rie. Rosalie Evans, Wilson Sieg
mund, Martha Batterman, Erma
Of course you need a
mighty good frying fat
to make fruit fritters as
dainty and crisp-crusted
and wholesome as
they can be. Lots of
good cooks have dis
covered that Snowdrift
is excellent for frying.
x Cup Flpur
Yi Teaspoon Salt
Cup Milk or Water
2 Eggs
y$ Tablespoon Snowdrift
. Mix together the dry ingre
dients, beat in the liquid
gradually, and stir in the egg
yolks, beaten until lemon
colored. Add the Snowdrift
and then the egg whites,
beaten stiff. Then dip in the
fruit drain it for moment.
and drop each .fritter into
deep Snowdrift, hot enough
to brown a bit of bread in
a minute. When golden
brown on .one side, turn to
brown the other. When done,
drain on crumpled paper,
dust with powdered sugar,
and serve with or without
outmeg or lemon sauce. If
apples are used they should
be cared and pared then
- sliced in rings. Peaches
should be pared mod quar
tered; bananas should be
peeled, halved lengthwise
and then quartered.
Snowj&rif t
Social Calendajr
Ladies' Aid society circles ot
First Methodist church.
Central circle of Jason Lee
Ladles' Aid society, 2:30 tTcIock.
Chnrch parlors.
Literature section of American
Association of University Women.
City library, 7:30 o'clock.
Standard Bearers. "Trip to
India." Mrs. George H. Alden.
760 North. phurch street, hostess.
Cooking school at Grand thea
ter, 2 to 4:30 o'clock.
Young Married People's class.
First Baptist church, 6:30 o'clock.
Leisure Hour club. Mrs. Chas.
A. Park, hostess.
South circle of First Christian
church. Mrs. H. H. Stanton, 1S60
X. Cottage street, hostess, 2:30
Annual De Molay play. "A Full
House." Capitol theater, 8:15
Cooking school at Grand theater
2 to 4:30 o'clock.
MacDowell club chorus in con
cert. Assisting artist, Arthur
Johnson, tenor. Waller Hall, 8:15
Woman's auxiliary of St. Paul's
church. Mrs. H. D. Chambers,
Cooking school at Grand thea
ter, 2 to 4:30 o'clock.
Hal Hibbard auxiliary. Mrs,
Lulu Humphrey and Mrs. Chas.
McKinley hostesses, at 1810 Trade
Rainbow Girls. Masonic Tem
ple. Regular meeting and Christ
mas pageant.
American Association of Uni
versity Women. Gray Belle, at
12:30 o'clock. Mrs. John Van
Etten, speaker.
Chicken dinner at St. JoseDh's
auditorium, under auspices ot St.
Monica's society.
Sacred Christmas concert. First
Methodist church, 7:30 o'clock.
OAC club. Christmas party at
Woman's club house, 461 North
Cottage street.
Men's Cfub Hold Monthly
Meeting Wednesday Eve
The Presbyterian 'Men's club
will hold its regular monthly
meeting on Wednesday at the
YMCA. About seventy-five men
are expected to sit down to dinner
at 6:30. Major A. -C. Robertson
who will soon return to Europe to
resume his duties as a, major in
the U. S. Intelligence Service, will
be the speaker of the evening, giv
ing' a talk on Europe, Which will
be augmented by the use of some
pictures he has taken Music for
the evening will be furnished by
the Harmony quartette.
Batterman, Edith Clement, Lillian
An interesting feature was the
Rhythm orchestra, in which 12
members of the theory classes
took part, playing "Brilliant
Camp," with Wilson Siegmund at
the piano; "Spanish Dance," with
Lillian Lynam and Mr. Darby at
the piano.
Hal Hibbard Auxiliary
Will Meet on Friday
Mrs. Lulu Humphrey and Mrs.
Charles McKinley will entertain
Hal Hibbard auxiliary on Friday
afternoon; Dec. 17, at 1810 Trade
street. This is the last meeting
before installation of new officers,
and there are several matters of
importance to come before the
auxiliary. A picture of the ladies
and officials will be taken for the
auxiliary annual. All members
cordially invited.
Miss Dotson Entertains
Music Club
The December meeting of the
Junior Music club was a delight
ful event ot last Friday evening
at the home of the advisor, Miss
Lena Dotson. Plans were made at
this time tor the club work of the
season. Holiday games were en
joyed, after "which the hostess
Served refreshments.
In the group were Vivian Marrs,
June Kuhnke, Hattle Ramp, Paul
ine Orey, Helen Ralph and Miss
Lena Dotson, the hostess.
Leisure Hour Club
Members of the Leisure Hour
club will meet this afternoon at
the home of Mrs. Charles A. Park
at her home on Chemeketa street.
Bazaar Will Continue
The Barbara Frietchie Sewing
club will continue its annual ba
zaar next Saturday at the S. P.
ticket office on North Liberty
street. A cooked food sale will
also be held.
Standard Bearers Will Meet
The members of the Standard
Bearer society of the First- Meth
odist church will meet this even
ing at the home of Dr. and Mrs.
George II. Alden, 760 North
Church street. A Trip to India"
has been planned for the evening
Y. W.C. A. Elects
Officers for New Year
At Jthe annual election of YWCA
officers for the new year, Mrs.
William E. Kirk was re-elected
president; Mrs. W. D. C. Clarke,
vice president; Mrs. Eric Butler,
secretary; Mrs. John McNary, re
cording secretary and Mrs. Mason
Bishop, treasurer. ,
finest From HVlsboro
iUl o -
Thompson) of HMsboro is . the
FnHt of her parents, nr. ana Mrs.
W. M. Thompson at 985 Capitol
street. Mrs. tv nea; 19
Salem since SAsaay. f
' Reduction on : all hats at the
Van ity Ha Shoppe. 387 Court St.
Be sure to see our une 01 nais Be
fore buying. Latest metal cloth
Slate surface roofing applied
over your old shingles. We have
over 200 jobs in Salem. Nelson
Bros., plumbers, sheet metal
work, 355 Chemeketa. ()
Prominent Silverton Girl
Weds Foster Clark Cone
SILVERTON, Ore., Dec. 17.
(Special.) Coming as a surprise
to many was the announcement
of the wedding of Elizabeth La
tham, oldest daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. H. B. Latham of Silverton,
to Foster Clark Cone of Salem.
The wedding took place at the
First Methodist church at Salem
The ceremony was a very simple
affair, followed by a small recep
tion at the new home of Mr. and
Mrs. Cone at Salem. The bride
was unattended, her father giving
her away. ,
Saturday, Mrs. H. B. Latham
entertained for her daughter at a
tea here. Mrs. Charles Cone,
mother of the bridegroom, and
Mrs. Clark, mother of Mrs. Cone,
received with Mrs. Latham. Mrs.
Goble of Oakland, Cal., poured.
Mrs. William Service, Mrs. Louis
Fischer and Mrs. T. P. Resteigen
assisted about the room while Miss
Louis Fischer, Miss Eleanor
Adams, Miss Eva Digernes, Mrs.
H. R. Irish and Mrs. Charles Rey
nolds served more than efghty
guests called during the afternoon.
r rfresutent uets ri is L,hristmas beats II
&W?k'f i g.L iU lis j
SILVERTON. Ore., Dec. 17.
(Special.) Plumbers were in
great demand at Silverton Tues
day morning when the nursery
barely registered 16 above. Dur
ing the entire day the tempera
ture did not rise above 30 degrees,
although it wavred around 28 all
day. A number of apples are re
ported as being frozen.
Mr. Used Car Buyer: Have you
seen the real buys at the Capitol
Motors Incorporated? See Biddy
Bishop, 350 N. High St. Tele
phones 2125 and 2126. ()
Portland Portland Gas & Coke
company will build $75,000 gen
erator building at Pasco.
President Coolidge comes to a window of his office in the
White House to receive his supply of Christmas seals
SILVERTON, Ore., Dec. 14.
(Special.) Today members of the
fire department reported that they
had raised about $100 so far in
their drive for funds. The drive
is for more equipment for the department.
7:13-11:30 KOW (491). Setting up ex
ercises; 10, Town Crier, music, house
hold helps.
10:00-11:00 KFNVV (212). Houe
wife's hour. '
11:00-12:00 KOIN (319). Domestic BCi
ence and home economics talks, music.
1:00-5:00 fcFiiO (252). Weather re
ports and music; 4, music.
12:30-1.30 KCW. Noon concert.
a -.00-6:00 KOIN. ifnsic and news;
5:15, Topy Turvy Time.
5:00-6:00 KFWV. Twilite hour.
6:00-9:30 KUW. Concert; 7:30, utility
service; 7:45. accident talk; 8, studio
propram; 9. music.
6:00-9:30 KTBK (263). Tourist eu'de;
8:3l, studio program.
6:00-12:00 KOIN. George Ol-sene. or
ganist; 7, amusement suggestions; 7:30,
lad Watson's" old time orchestra; 8,
Three-act play by KOIN players; 10,
Gerunovich'n orchestra.
C:00-12:00 KFWV. Twilite hour con
tinued; 7, amusement guide; 8, piano
and violin selections; Royal Bigham,
baritone; Gregoire Haefliger, pianist;
9, program arranged by Mrs. Fred Ii.
Alsoa; 10, Windjammers.
7:30-3:30 KFJR (263). Arthur B
Carlson (the Swede Printer), and Y M.
C. A.
5:30 KGO. Oakland (361). "For In
stance"; 6, Bern's Little Symphony or-
New Dinnerware
Satisfies Demand for Color
in Tableware
For Breakfast
Montcalm Pattern
28 Piece Set
This breakfast set is in the new ivory
finish with blue and gold or cream and
gold border. A design so fresh and. in
viting as to artfully awaken one's break
fast appetite.
For .Home Luncheon
Trumway Pattern
32 Piece Set
This beautiful set is in white China with
a gold band and hair line of gold. A
delightfully simple design which makes
a very Cozy set for those enjoyable in
formal home luncheons.
A brief description of the dinner
ware used by Miss Beyer in her
demonstration at the Statesman
Cooking School this week at the
Grand. Each pattern open stock
that may be filled in or added to
at any time. A Christmas sug
gestion for wife or mother
give her a small "start" service
a wonderful value at small
For Party Luncheon
Imperial Pattern Bavarian flJOQ CC
China, 42 Piece Set
Finest of China Sets, perfectly glazed,
charmingly designed with an etched
border of blues which lends distinction
to this pattern. We carry a complete
stock of these dishes.
For Christmas Dinner
Bavarian China, Cavalier Pattern, 42
Piece Set CQ1 OC
Specially Priced pdl.UO
A set of dignity and charm for the
Christmas dinner and specially priced
just for that. As an added attraction
we are giving a set of 6 of lead blown
sherbets or goblets free to the purchaser
of this beautiful dinner set.
Dinnerware May Be Purchased On Our
Def erredj Payment 'Plan
i :.Tlie-Sttcj:eiViththfi-Eriendly Spirit
chestra; : 8. - Farm, program; ' 8:20. I
terriew with .the Agricnltnre economist;
8 70, talk on fruit; a. WOW male trio.
5 ;30 KFI. Los Angelas (467). Majors
and iMincrs ercheslra; C. nightly do
ings; 6:35. Anita Holt, violinist: 7.
Virginia orchestra; 7:30. detective
fctory; 8. Virginia Flohri, Cal pet or
chestra; 9, Dean II ex-all. pianist; 10,
Sunset instrumental quartet: I Dorothy
Bush Miller, pianist; Ernest Burley.
5:30 KPO. San Ftancisc 428). Chil
dren's hour; 6:15, Town Cryer; 6:30,
Lind's orchestra; 7, Seiger 'a orchestra ;
8, progrmra by Kent artists; 9. Sequoia
Ensemble, Emery Kaattor. baritone; 10,
Land's orchestra; 11 Wolohan'a orches
tra. 6:00 KMTS. Hollywood (370). Bailey
orchestra; 6:45. vacation days: 7. stu
dio program ; 8. Ballad Ensemble: 9,
l-i.'A. K. orchestra: lo. Miller's orches
tra; 11, Markey's Musical Keys.
H) KPSN. Pasadena (316). Xews,
diner program.
6:15 KFSJJ. San Iiego (46). Town
Topica; 6:30, musical review; 7. health
talk; 7:15. studio program: 7:30, con
cert; 8: JO. atsD request program; 10,
Ball's orchestra.
6:3 KOA, Denver (322). Wynken,
BIynken and Nod period; 7. Scheoer
nin'i orchestra; 7:15, concert by Otia
I- Lewis band; 8:30, special second
anniversary proeram.
6:30 KTAB. Oakland (303). Twilite
hour; 7, shopping hour; 8, Nassau Mar
imba artists; W. B. Flatey, tenor, and
6: at) KLX, Oakland (509). Athena or
chestra ; 7. news ; 8. educational pro
gram; 9. symphony orchestra concert.
6:30 KTSG, Los Angeles (275). Angelus
hour; t :30, service by Aimee McPher-son.
7:00 KOWff, Walla Walla (285). Serv-
ice hour; a, studio program.
7:15 KTBI. Los Angeles (294). Chil
dren s program; 8, Kev. John McNeill.
30 KWSC. Pullman (319). Education
al and musical program.
7:30 KOAC. Corvalli (280). Educa
tional and musical program.
8:00 CECT, Victoria (329). Studio pro
10:00 CN.RE. Edmonton (517). Old-time
dance program.
10:00 CSRV. Vancouver (291). Bel
mont orcheatn.
. For ' r
Miss Jeanette Beyer
Cooking Expert at the
Are Being Furnished by the
Roth Grocery Co.
134 N. Liberty St. Phones 1885-6-7
Free Delivery Prompt Service
Statesman Free Cooking School
1 lyTTEEt 1
As Butter is one of the main ingredients in good cooking
it is a great honor to have Miss Beyer choose Butter Cup
in preference to all others.
Be sure, to see Frigidaiire
at the Cooking School
Every woman in Salem and vicinity
is cordially invited to attend the
Cooking School conducted by The
Statesman, on December 14, 15, 16
and 17 at Grand theater. You will
see a demonstration of Frigidaire
Electric Refrigeration. It will be
used in the classes exactly as it is in
more than 250,000 homes and
places' of business in all parts of
the country.
Frigidaire is used in the cooking
school because culinary experts
everywhere demand the conven
ience, dependability, economy and
cleanliness provided by Frigidiare.
It eliminates the possible annoy
ance and: inconvenience of outside
ice supply. It keeps foods colder,
fresher, purer, more wholesome. It
freezes ice cubes and desserts that
are a real delight. Frigidaire per
mits a better kitchen arrangement
makes the preparation of meals
much easier operates without at
tention at all "times all for an
operating cost that J3 usually less
than the cost of ice.
Attend the Cooking School. Note
the many.ways in which Frigidaire
saves time, work and expense. See
how it prevents spoilage and waste.
You -will know by having1 seen
Frigidaire in actual use- what
real household is. Then
visit the Frigidaire dealer and find
out about new low prices and the
easy terms of the General Motors
deferred payment plan. Youll be
surprised to know how easy it is to
own Frigidaire.
Vibbert & Todd, Corner High and Ferry;
More than 250,000 users enjoy the satisfaction jtliat only qevuine Frirjidaire can ' give
hail lHak'tBi , . , il