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electric clocks
Owners ReaUest for
Street Improvements to
Be Granted
,. - A request of - property ' owners
jiu thr Tuxedo Park . district to
have 25 feet ot Oxford street dedi
v cated to the city for street im
provement purposes will be grant
ed by the. school board it was de
. elded at la meeting last night. A
i committee - of property .owners,
beaded, by W. C. Conner,, preaent
: ed the matter to the board.
" Whether or not the school board.
will . bay ; a system of ettrlc
, clacks .fop the senior JtT school
.and ifr the LeJlAlor nlgn
.school will betiided by the sap
plies corrttee,' to report at the
iBVwUn.s of the,. board. A
Salesman from the company mak
the 'cloclc systems, was present
at 'last night's meeting.
, The systems for the two schools
.will coat a total of approximately
, $1209, accprdingtQ the proposal
made by the salesman.'
) ' pecislpn was made to pay all
I janitors' December salaries before
Christmas.. . . .
-. Five set of "World Books," an
, elementary encyclopedia for school
I use, .will be bought at a cost of
i 1247.50, U was decided. The sets
will be used for the Grant, Park,
I Englewood, Highland and Rich
smond schools, as they are already
installed , r in . the other grade
schools' aaM Junior, high schools.
hint. ba"cktp the'.warmefrcQnflne
of the training school.. Cecil, ac
cording to . Superintendent .Gilbert
at Salem. Tbroke his narole.- He
was let out of , the school laat
spring after being an inmate .for
seven years. ;At the age of nine,
after 'being buffeted around. In
public homes and -with various
relatives, he stole a bicycle and
fwent to the reform school.' Since
he, was an, infant he has been a
public charge.: he told local police,
when .he appealed to them : last
Qlght to arrest him and send him
back. to Salem.
': The HgmHton Furniture . Com
t pany.has added a toy department
i to their stock. Many hew things
l In toys to sladden the hearts of
the Utile folks. 340 Court St. ()
V Hallk A Eoff Klrtrt fits an 337
Court St. Everything - electric.
from motors and fixtures and sup
. "Piles -to , wiring. . Get prices and
look at complete stock. i; ()
Cure that cold and that miser
able feeling in a jiffy. Get some
Quick Cold Tablets at Nelson St
Hunt, Druggists, on the corner of
Court and Liberty SU. Tel. 7. ()
r ' . . . ...
Wardrobe Trunks as iow as
$24.70 and as high as S85. 18-lneh
Cowhide Hand Bags with leather
lining reduced from 18 to $5.90.
Max O. Buret. 179 N. Com'U ()
Immigration, Inspector States Man
Will Be Deported
ASTORIA, Dec. 14. ( AP) E.
T. Tsigrls, better known here as
Buck Smith, many times charged
with liquor law offenses, was
brought before District Immigra
tion Inspector R. P. Bonham, here
today on deportation charges. Fol
lowing the, hearing Tsigrls was
placed in the county jail in lieu
of 15,000 bail. Mr. Bonham stat
ed: that in view of the evidence
presented at the hearing that
there was little doubt but ; what
Tsigrls would be deported to
Greece. Heig specifically charged
with pandering. . .
When arrested in connection
with the deportation proceedings
Smith was out on bail on a charge
of threatening to commit a felony
by threatening to kill Mrs. Pearl
Wilson, landlady ot a rooming
Henntngsen New President
of Newly Formed Young
Men's Organization
The young men's division ot
the YMCA which was organized
last week, holding its second
meeting last night, elected Albin
C. Henuingsen as president. Mr.
Henningsen was the prime mover
in organizing the young men's di
vision, having had previous exper
ience in young men's "T" clubs in
Portland and was the unanimous
choice of the group. In respond
ing Mr. Henningseu expressed his
appreciation for the honor, con
ferred ,upon him and stated , he
was confident the young men's di
vision would put over a big pro
gram. for the coming year..
Two groups were organized
within the division, the "Comets"
and "Panthers," the, officers and
members being as follows:
"Comets": George Dick, presi
dent; -John Beyerl, vice preslr
dent; Mil wain Prudhomme, secre
tary; Lawrence K. Gibson,' trea
surer; H. S. Shaffer, Cecil John
son, Ben Kltadworth, John Probe,
Joseph Young, Glen Ive, Robert
D. Dawn, counselors.
"Panthers": Robt. Reed, presi
dent;, Silas Fletcher, vice presi
dent; Connell C. Ward, secretary;
Leonard Runkle, treasurer; Wal
ter A. Looes, Paul Sevy, Albin R.
Hennlngsen, W. W. Fox." J. Hugh
Ward, Carl Trick,; Ray Boerd, A.
W. Smither's, counselors.
PhersoVs secretary2;Vko first re
ported. , the . Angelas .Tern pie pas
tor's disappearance lisf May IS at
Ocean Park, was taken into the
grand jury room -during the morn
ing session.. District ' attorneys
officers said- if an Indictment
against' the radio man was voted.
Dennison probably would leave tor
Sacramento immediately with af
fidavits upon . which he would ask
Governor Richardson to issue ex
tradition paper for Ormiaton's re
turn to California.
Governor-Elect Patterson Honored
at CUb Meeting
J Covernor-eiect Patterson, char
ter member of the Lohgfellows
I club' No. 5 of Salem., was. honored
last night with a special meeting
I of the order held at the Gray
Belle. The governor "to be" was
felicitated on his election by vari
ous members of the organization in
.; short interesting talks, to which
an eloquent response was given by
Mr. Patterson.
The program included music by
the. Longfellows orchestra, Sev
eral new members -were given the
obligation of the order and re
ceived a rousing reception. -This
being the date for the annual elec
tion, the matter was quickly con
cluded . by unanimous re-election
of the present officers to serve tor
the ensuing year.
The officers are?. Dr. A. G.
-, Bates, president; L. L. Lrtiasford,
vice-. pres$entand Frank Kellogg
secretary., and treasurer. -
Members present voted this the
best meeting yet held by the local
club, and a committee with John
Orr. as chairman was appointed
to arrange for another, some time
in January, to which the legisla
tors are to be invited.
SPOKANE. Wash.,. Dec. 14.-
(AP). Sigvart Seierson. 50, jan
itor of a wholesale hardware con
cern for seven years, was arrested
tn a charge of grand larceny to
day, after police ..had discovered in
his residence . goods valued - at
?210O to 13000 which they de
clared had been, stolen from the
hardware company.
tiooas, stored u every room
and the basement, the police re
ported, included, two -expensive
radio sets, guns, electrical equip
ment tires, fixtures,, silverware
and many articles of-hardware.
A truck was required to haul
the loot to the police station.
tMra. H. p. Stith, . millinery.
Most beautiful hats in Salem; all
shapes and colors; full stock from
which to make tine selections
Best quality. 333 State St. ()
. Dough ton ft( Sherwin. Hard
ware. 2SS N. Com! St. Hardware
Builders' Supplies, Paints. Varn
ishes. Give us a call, you'll find
our prices reasonable. ()
' PachSilerm Smashes Fences and
.Outbuildings on Tour -
, OTTAWA, Kan., Dec. H.
(AP)- After roaming through
t four counties . in southeastern
'Kansas for three days. Diamond,
a. circus elephant was captured by
his trainer today 18. miles south
east ot Garnett.
In Ills self conducted winter ex
pedition over the countryside, the
. elephant smashed fences and out
buildings and stepped on a pig
Appearing in a school yard Mon
V day at, Garnett, the elephant ter-
. orized i school children before he
was 'driven away. ,
,: The trail ot property damage,
however,' was not' great and Dla
mond injured none ot the hun
dreds of farmers who chased him.
..firing With shotguns and small
' caliber rifles. The bullets, made
little Impression on Diamond's
J. . . . ::
.' .1924 Ford roune. in fine shane.
an excellent buy for $275. Also
1925 Ford coupe . at a bargain.
Phone-. 220 or call at. Otto J. Wil
son's garage, -388 N. Com'l. ()
w .Hartman Bros. Jewelry S'ore.
Watches, docks, rings. Pins, dia
monds, charms, cut glass, silver
ware, standard goods. State at
Liberty St. ()
Stop, look, and listen to our as-
seai. it you are not absolutely
satisfied with your laundry prob
lem, call 165. Hand work our
specialty. ()
The Dixie Bakery leads en hirh
class breads, pies cookies and
fancy oaaed supplies or every
kind. Best by test. Ask old cus
tomers. 439 Court St. ()
Track Required . to Haul Stolen
Goods to Police Station
The Peerless Bakery. 270 N.
Commercial. Sanitary, up to date.
Prompt delivery. Bakers for those
who appreciate the best. Increas
ing patrons tell the tale. ()
Nash leads- the world In motor
ear values. Beautiful display of
new models at the F. W. Petty
lohn Co.. 365 N. Coml. ()
County School Principals
to Meet Here Saturday
W. H. BailUe of Woodburn will
preside at a meeting of all school
principals of Marion county to be
held , in the public library audi
torium hero Saturday afternoon at
2 o'clock. Speakers will be Alfred
Bcatie of Silverton high school.
R. II. Southwick of Aurora.- and
U. S. Dotson of the Park school,
Salem. , , . -
Committee chairmen for .the
year are George Watson 'of Tur
ner, Elma McAllister of Kelzer.
J. T. Schenck of Gervais ami R.
V. Tavener of Salem. -?
McMlnnville Olson tt Bolling
er will build 34.000 concrete bat
tery station.
The Opera House Drug Store.
Service, quality, low prices, friend
ship give . increasing patronage
Old customers advise friends to
trade here. High and Court. (
1,1 i
Henry O. Miller, 134 S. Com'l,
St., where most people prefer to
get their auto' parts tor all makes
or cars. Trade here and make
savings on all auto -parts. (J
. (Continued from pace 1)
morrow at a place to be agreed on
probably. in municipal court. The
action was the first definite step
toward taking, the radio man into
custody since he was brought to
Chicago last week by a city detec
tive and. representatives of a news
paper: who found him at Harris
burg. Pa., both the police and the
state's attorney had refused to act
until warrants arrived.
... OTmlBtpn is charged in Calif or
nia with' subornation of , perjury
and with, conspiracy to f obstruct
justice.. . The latter charge also is
pending against Mrs. McPherson
whose story that she was kidnaped
and taken to Mexico is assailed by
District Attorney Asa Keyee,
iteyes, now in tne east, is ex
pected here tomorrow. Since his
discovery, Ormitson has withheld
comment on the case, except to
let it be known that he will fight
extradition. He plans to furnish
bond when surrendered tomorrow
and to face an extradition hearing
which he is confident will result
in his release.
LOS ANGELES, Cal., Dec. 14.
(AP) The McPherson case again
was a grand jury matter here to
day when E. J. Dennison, deputy
district attorney, armed with evi
dence and supported by witnesses
went before the body, supposedly
to carry out his . intention, an
nounced yesterday, to seek an in
dictment of Kenneth G. Ormiston
defendant with Aimee Semple Mc
Pberson in. the conspiracy charges
wa3 follewed investigation ot her
kidnapping story.
The "little blue steamer trunk'
belonging to urmiston.wntch was
seized recently in New York with
its cargo of feminine wearing ap
parel, was taken into the jury
chamber. (
Miss Peggy Hamilton, Holly
wood .modiste, 'from whose exclu
sive shops Mrs. McPherson is said
to nave purchased clothing, was
under subpoena to testify. District
attorney's officers assert that some
of the clothing found in the trunk
belonged to the evangelist. -
Miss Emma Schaeffcr, Mrs'. Mc
Youth Broke Parole Front - Train
7 ing School But Wants Back
EUGENK.'Qr,, ; Doc, :14.-r(AP)
-t-Hungfy''anl fll., cold and with
out- friends Ua Ihb world except
. those ho knows as keepers in 'tho
tate reform school at Salem. Cecil
Sihults is -la tho city jail aimit
ins Jho arrival pf- a guards to tke
Paul Traglio, Prop.
Free Pejiyery to any part of the city.
Telephone 28
Long and Short Distarice Hauling- Public and Trivale
Storage Fire Proof IBuilding. . .
' -- ir 3 : 'ix'S TAn TKAGLIO. PROP." . . 1
Day .TelefhmiA S - - . , . XiChtTelepWiie iSOT-tv
The Polk County Growers
Will Discuss Their Many
Problerrts Tomorrow
Nash Furniture Co. takes
lead with; low prices on
rockers, tables, .wood and steel
beds, springs, mattresses. Saves
you 25. 219 N. Com'l CJ
(The . following .circular letter
comes from the Federated Clubs
rhairs. ioLDolk county, under date of the
Cross Heat Market. Biggest,
busiest and best In Salem. Choic
est steaks, bacon, hams, sausage,
iard. eggs, milk. Absolutely sani
tary. S 70 State St. ()
Army and Outing Store. Biggest
bargains in clothing, shoes, under
wear, hosiery, gloves, valises and
suit cases. The working man's
store, 189 N. Commercial. ()
(Continned from page 1)
prominence Jn hey field; ; Is i given
recogBkitiquaaa suecesa,iby thg
greaf managers of. the country -
Crowded lot i2 cood, mat"
ter crowded ; out or ';TBe. states
man this morning. Much .of -it
will appear tomorrow. .
, . r-a-i V--' .
Men. i in the.cpcnne.uJndustry ,iu
California ,aye t ne:. plan, , to
stahiiUe the lsduBtrf. ! Ukery
to -bo , made coast, wide. That, is
interesting to Oregon prune grow
f '
Portland is ambitious at least.
iThat city wants the proposed new
just how it is to be expended was ,
deuled by the .house; as' contrary 1
to' law," Dut tlencrar Andrews said
;tDday"lt.was not necessary Item
,andt$atteffortslwouldbe tnade
tojwrite; it ;ln to treasury appro-
priatioa bin in the senate. jCutting
the money, of at this time, he said
would .ham per r hl work trernen
dpuslp at. a time "wien', the best
results - were . being :obrainedv .
. : A bill to permit jnanulactnre ot
medicinal whiskey has been made
ready for presentation in . the
house. It would centralire all dis
tilling, operations in the hands of
'The date, of the county-wide I state buildtor erected down thare
prune growers' meeting aM : oeen msieaa , oi , t oaww. .91.
.k.. nn ccntinf of? conflict ter the state capitol all oTer the
with the school officers' meeting.
Beyer hinted that one recipe much
in demand which will be given out
will be that for butterscotch bis-,
cult. . ,
The time files when one is In
the audience for cooking school, so
absorbed is one in watching the
cook and her assistant Elizabeth
Blackwell at work in a model
kitchen titted 'with' two electric
ranges, a Frigidalre, and a capaci
ous cabinet. . - .
"Fruit cakes, violins, and worn
en improve, with age," Mis Beyer
declared yesterday afternoon, who
spices her conversation as deli
ciously as she does her cakes.
A number of devices, simple,
but extremely efficient, were pre
sented at the demonstration yesi
terday. Surely if one ..followed
Miss Beyer's .lead ahe could find
herself an excellent cook with time
left over for her duties as com
panion to her family and hostess
to her friends.
The coming of such an author
ity to any town does much to dis
pel old and laborious methods.
TJbe afternoon was a .continual and
delightful "open forum." Many
questions were asked and many
matters settled to the satisfaction
of all. , ;:
The classes are being conducted'
entirely with out charge, and
doubtless those interested will
come today in larger numbers
than on yesterday event.
Following the close of the pro--,
gram the women thronged to the
platform to inspect the equipment,
not only for a kitchen but, also, for
a breakfast room. ?Mfi
- '
New sweaters! A large ship
ment lust in. New patterns, new
ahades iin the popular pullover
and coat styles. Scotch Woolen
Mills. (
to Thursday, December 16, open
ing at 10:30, a. m. President
Elliott urges the member organi-r
rations to get behind the effort to
organize the .prune grpwers an4
that; all members urge the prune
growers, to .attend . this, meeting
which will be held in the county
court house.
"A most interesting program
has been arranged for our regular
monthly meeting to oe neia ,in
Monmouth December 22 at 8 p. m.
and we are pleased . to announce
the - following: Committee re
ports. . Report of County Agent J.
R. Beck. "Where Polk 4 County
Stands . on Road , Construction,'
Judge Geo. L. Hawkins., "Why a
Prune Growers Organization," R.
H. Kipp. manager marketing de
partment, Portland chamber . of
commerce. "How the ' Federated
Clubs of Polk County Can Assist
in Locating a $1,000,000 Sugar
J Factory, in the Willamette Val
ley,' Kenneth Miller, assistant
marketing agent, Portland cham
ber of commerce. .
"Please urge that every mem
ber ot every member organization
, Very truly,
Winnie Braden, Secretary."
state at Portland, ; Astoria, Eu
gene, Baker City and. Ashland.
Why not put it on wheels?
Salem motorist was aaked it his
triy to Tia Juana was a success.
"No!"? he; exclaimed, "it's no fun
to . drink right out in open like
At Shipley's tne lalles of Salem
have satisfied, themselves that they
can get the finest fall and win
ter frocks, coats and dresses ever
shown in this city. ()
H. T. Love, the jeweler, iil
State fit. .High quality Jewelry,
silverware and diamonds. ' The
gold 'standard of values. Once a
buyer always a customer. ()
Quality painting, both ..varnish
and laauer work. In our modern
equipped paint shop. Washing,
greasing and "night service: tire
repairs. Wood's Auto Service Co.
The Bake-Rite Bakery. Busy
every day supplying best homes
with bakery goods of all kinds;
baked in a kitchen as clean as
your own. 345 State St. ()
Bits For Breakfast
Is it going over?
What? Salem's first grand
Of course it is going over,
must. Big. ,
The Wolfsohn Musical bureau ot
New .York has released Mrs. Chleo
Nero to help .in, putting over . Sa
lem's Jfersti., grand!, ,' opera, Mrs.
Nero was when a girl Miss Chloe
Baabor of Salem, well and favor
ably known to old Salem i tea. She
has worked her way to a . place ot
lil ,
der vkhiTito
ing anibbOae begin
to work when the
dough is mixed, the
other waits for the
beat of the oven, then
both units work to
Statesmaii Free Cooking
December 14-15-16 and 17
Thebakfog methods of yes
texdayf are just as 1 much out of
aate as cue gowns ot- Dygone
tunes. Systems have cHnsei rad
ically. ; Gfr progreW has been '
made, BaHnc lnc the
difficult, thWome, uhcertauiask
that it used to be.
Come aiid'tet
i .-4, 9V $ . Hi '4 "J ' l'
one ofAinericaV foremost .Do
mestic Scientists (eUy ou all about
the remarkable srnewr' bake -(day
, disepvwr hoyr i TWu rtay he
come' a; better . cop k- pro due e
better, more .whqtesome bakmss.'
See her demonstrate
ff4 uir
iLJ in. .1
I slii isiiiini mill Mini ' iiauBMiiiiir iiiiniBnmiiiiif
Youxan, if you'll come. ;
Ferdinand Eats Solid Food and
Leaves Bed for Conference
;Feast vbur eyes on' the deli-
clous foods" she prepares-listeh
BUCHAJIEST.. Dec. 14. (AP)
King Ferdinand., who underwent
two operations in the last few
days for a serious intestinal af
fection, was able to leave his bed
tor seetal,hqurs today, lie also
took solid' food for the first time
since his first operation. . He dis
cussed state affairs for more than
an hour with' Premier Averescu.
The Midget Meat Market never
fails to give you the .finest meats
and fish.. There, is but one place
is Salem to set the finest fish. The
Midget Market ha It for you, ()
.'in I '' M. i.l .
C. F. Breithaupt, floriat and
decorator, 612 State. Phone 180.
Flowers, bulbs floral designs tor
all occasions. Pioneer and leader
la Salem. ()
tion, which,' would
a single corporation,'
own. all tot - the present
whiskey, stocks. .
Buy at iuractorV ami aava. 1 2 0
men's all wool salts IS.. 93 In .Di
rector's Downstairs store. $ 1.50
slicer; pants S1.59: f2.S0 slicker
coau 1.69; SOe toe rubbers 19c
- .. , , - C)
Franx Werfel'a, latestjplay ,'Oiul
Among the ieVs,ls scorlngfnot
able successes In a number of
I German cities.. . . -
Coatinue4 from p?e 1)
that yesterday there .was not a
single vessel on rum row oft the
northern seaboard.
The ria-ht of the enforcement
head to use $ 5 0 0 ,0 0 Q, of , his work-
Jag fund for Minder. coyer" agents
without advance notification as to
m mi i... j . mmm . ...mi i. . . --
WB m K . W ll.l . j mmtl -
II . m T5
I From the nnest pro- V 'JL .jt
I ducing orchards of the V
I nation.
I t.,f In -luiof tK Hcrht decree of SVrUD to DrCSCrV Jl
the natural taste you like that "off the tree" flavor f j
I!) Sweet 1 -MfiNW
'O lellow L
...... ... - ! -
. . -ill I' ' , v
sftiokeirbr baor
to her interesting talks' in which
. she explains liow (aypld bak6
day failures; disappbintxnents and
loss. !Ten- i -home and Strrprise
your family with .the most palata
ble pies, cakes, biscuits,' dough-'
'Crisco Cheese' Bath
2 cup grated American cheee
1 xt a poem salt i ; - -
teatpoon Vof cestershire Sauce
4 ett whites well beaten
Mix ta the order jivea. , Form into, bill
lightly with the fingers. Make them about
the size of a email egg. Then roll in bread
crumb using fresh bread. Drop in deep,
, b.o'f Crisco (375 to 385 degrees F.) or when a
pfere of bread browns in ,40 seconds. Fry
until a golden bron. Drain on soft paper
siid serve hot.
This recipe will make ten balls.
Crisco Potato Cakes
These cakes are deiicioua. with chops or cold
meat and it is a good way to use Ieft-OTer
mashed potatoes, or even to cook more than
enough and lave cooking potatoes the neat
day.' '
-.. - . " - - '
To everyjthree cups of cold mashed potatoes
add 'one well .beaten egg. 'Shape into lat
. cakes' about font (nch; thick. t' Put enough
Crisco.uito a frying pan to cover the bottom
, welL ; When hot, put cakes in and brown on
bee side. ; Add .more , Crisco it accessary.
. Turn with pancake turner and brown on the '.
other side. a . v .-
- Three cup of potatoes will make nine or
ten cakes.'" .
Crisco Apple Fritters
2 cups pastry flour
1 teaspoon baking ;
powder .'
1 teaspoon sugar .
teaspoon salt
3 eggs
1 tablespoon
' raeted Crisco
H cup milk.
6 ripe apple.
Peel and core apples .k Cqt in quarters. Beat,'
eggs, add Crisco, thelfj milk, then all dry in
"jgredienrs sifted together. Dip each piece of
apple in the batter and fry until soft in deep.
. kettle of Crisco heated to 375 to 385 ,'degrees '
F., or when a small 'piece of bread browns in
: 40 seconds.
Crisco Apple Grtddle Cakes
2 tablespoons
baling powder
1 tablespoon sugar
z teaspoon salt
1 cup cjippped ripe
' ' apples -
2 cups bread broken
. in pieces
2 rups hot milk
2 eggs separated
. 1 tablespoon Crisco
V 1 cup flour . .
, rSoak the bread and milk together over night
i or until toft. . , Then rub to a paste. . Add jtke
Crisco, sugar and salti the'n the' egg yolks .
beaten unit Kght. Add Sour and bakmg
'pcrwder 'sift& together. Fold m the stiffly-'
'.fceaten ,egg whites. Stifpplcs into the
; batter with a fork. .Drop, by spoonfuls on
Oisroed griddle. Cookuntil partly done
and then turn and finish cooking. ' Turn only
once. -
I i 1 i' 1 il I ! i i 4 '
iJrFmW mwmmmwmml wvp.
Q..t . OHm.
C ' 2.
for Etying for Shortening"!
for Cake Making ' J
iUsed by :Miss ; Jeanctle. peyertJii
"The SiatcswartXklK'Schobl held
this - week at the - Grand Theatre.
k, "Mi " rf. .' J- .v4 fit wmWiW