The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 15, 1926, Page 4, Image 4

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-Terrific Battle Expected,
Pelz May Box Winner in
Next Fight Card
Promptly at 7:30 every night
Cobby Clark begins a bard and
serious workout at the local arm
ory, in preparation for bis coming
' fight Friday night with Frankie
Grandetta, the boy wonder of
Tf ollywood. Bobby realizes that
a victory over the famous pet of
the film stars will just about make
hi reputation as a fighter, and is
training with a -proportionate
amount of enthusiasm.
Comparative scores, the oracle
BO much used in predicting the
oatcome of football battles, might
also be applied to the coming bat-
. tie. .
"Both boys have fought Willie
Gordon, Portland scrapper, and
the results tney hat, in meeting
him can be used as a basis of cora
' parison. Orandetta's fight with
. Cordon is fresh in tbe minds of
most fight fans, and resulted in
i a hair-line decision for Gordon.
Bobby Clatk fought Gordon last
ytar and managed to win a draw"
vith him- eo the comparative dope
,- gives Bobby the edge against
. GrandeUau. . Not many, fight fol
lowers go so far a to predict a
victory for the local boy, how
ever, but most of them agree that
' the fight will be a close one
, .Judging from the reputation of
, both men, the fight ought to be
as good as the terrible battle put
on here recently by Phil Bayes and
Benny Pelz. It will be just as
rioee and probably faster.. Clark
is like lightning in his movements
: and Grandetta has also won quite
. ' a reputatiop for not staying long
i, In the same place.
f There is a good possibility, ac
, . cording to Matchmaker Harry
Plant, ' of bringing Benny .Pela
i JTS Q meetthe, w.inner, but he
says ae can't, guarantee it unless
the next fight is supported better
t4iiineicent cards. The fight man
4 - apoment has been steadily going
behind, as it costs money to bring
such battlers as Benny Pelz and
I.ddle Richards here, and it takes
' a gOodrlJOuiie ttrmake both ends
' meet.
With a good battle in prospect
Friday, however. Plant is hoping
to pack the armory to Its cepac
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iBaseball Magnates Would
?; Make Contract Changes
.t With Commissioner
CHICAGO. Dec. 14. (API
The 'American League's approval
of Baseball Commissioner K. M.
s. Iandls.' voted unanimously at the
opening -meeting of their annual
, Bessiqn, was qualified by a move
to.; reetriat the commissioner's
Tkft, league magnates appointed
jatfcnnmittee to .confer with Landis
assure himof , their endorsement
roanpther terrn. ajid. ask for a
CoAferenc64nv certain, undisclosed
changed the league wishes to ef
fect in the term of , the. commis
sioner's contract. ;
The job of presenting the.pxfpo
sition to the . commissioner .was
giyea .to Colonel JarbbRuppert of
the Jew , York Yankees,,; Phil C.
Hall of the St. Louls'Browns and
, fl. ,S, Barnard of the "Cleveland
They were delegated to assure
-J-jrHiw4-kai -44e JKue first will
vote to re-elect him. and then ask
The. silverware used by Miss Jeanette
Bey er at the Statesman Cooking
school at the Grand theatre
this week is furnished by us -
After attending the
157 State Street
for a conference on the modifica
tion which the leagha 'wishes ? at
ao me- later dat m&4-wJAMc -.The
magnates opened their ses
sion with the Xormalties of award
ing the pennant ;to, New York,
adoption of the annual report, of
the treasurer; and then took up the
Landis matter, which, was quickly
approved. ;' ;
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Willamette Secures Games,
With University Quintet
The "Willamette university var
sity and freshman basketball
squads have been combined into
one for intensive practice until the
holidays. The men -are beginning
to show improved, form with more
work and additions from th
football team add strength.
Two games have been scheduled
with the University of Oregon the
first to be Januafy 15. at Kugene
and the second to be February 26
in Salem. Probably no more games
will be added to the schedule later
Coach Keene intimated yesterday.
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o ' o
Ray Pelky, veteran Oakland light
heavyweight, scored an eight
round technical knockout over
Russell Dockstader, Vancouver, B.
C, here tonignt. 1'elky was de
clared winner when his Canadian
opponent, with pnffed lips and
one eye all but swollen shut,
walked to his corner in token of
defeat. The fight was scheduled
for 10 rounds.
In .another 10 rounder, Georgie
Dixon, Portland welterweight,
won a close decision over "Red"
Carr of Winnipeg.
, Harry Hall, Seattle, won a de
cision over "Nails'.' Gorman.
Weiser, in four rounds, and Pete
Byrnes. Portland welterweight,
earned a four round-decision over
Frankie Doyle, Seattle.
SEATTLE, Dec. 14 (AP)
Vic Foley, Vancouver, B. C,
featherweight, won the decision
over Joe Pimenthal. Los Angeles,
in the final main event of a smok
er here tonight. Al Gracio, Spo
kane, Wash., lightweight, beat
Jimmy Lundy, Butte, Mont., in
the other half of the double
header. , y
Both bouts were six rounds.
Frankie Lewis, Eureka, Cal..
o a Mugged Scotty -Inkster,' Van
couver, ,J3. C. in the semi-final, to
win a six round decision in the
junior welterweight division.
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on the
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Many Games v Scheduled,
Huntington Predicts Good
Team, Trip Planned
A strong high school basketball
team for Salem high school this
year is predicted by Coach Hollis
Huntington after he has seen his
men in practice for a few weeks,
but he does not expect such a rec
ord as was made by last year's
championship five.
Last year's team went through
a season of 27 games and averaged
35 points a game to its opponents'
4 7. more than 2 to 1. This record
included games of the state tourn
ament. v
Loss of .fohn Drager at center
will mean los of the tipoff. Coach
Huntington believes; Homer Lyons
who is taking his place, : a good
floor man and works the ball well,
but does not have quite the alti
tude needed to get the tipoff con
tinually. Cummings, another good center,
will be ineligible because he will
be 21 years old before the time
limit expires for eligibility.
The complete schedule of
games has not yet been worked
out, but tentative games afe in
cluded with sueh teams as Eugene,
Corvallis, Oregon frosh. Indepen
dence, Dallas, West Linn, and one
or two of thje Portland high
A possible barnstorming trip
may be taken during the holidays
to some places in Washington, ir.
case present plans develop.
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(.Continued from page 1)
coast stations from Columbia river
north were ordered out tonight.
There were indications that winds
along the Washington coit would
reach gale force tonight.
At four o'clock this morning the
weather bureau thermometer here
slid down to 19 degrees, the low
est temperature Portland has had
in t 6 years.
Pendleton experienced its cold
est weather in years when the
mercury dropped to 8 degrees be
low zero Monday night. Central
Oregon also had sub-zero weather,
with 7 below reported at Bend.
Thermometers at some points in
mid state registered 2 0 below, it is
said. - More snow is expected in
the Deschutes country. Baker reg
istered 10 degrees r.elow.
Klamath Falls- residents were
shivering in an icy north wind
todTy, with a minimum tempera
ture of two above zero reported.
At Fort "Klamath and Chiloquin.
thermometers registered four be
low and eifrht below, respectively.
At LaGrande the mercurv
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Fair- i ::- - ;;
6 to 8 ft
4 to 6 ft
3 to 4 ft
slipped to 1 - -below zero Monday
night, and had climbed only two
degrees. oia.thai-pol'nt,thJ-S.J?rp-tag.
Madras has six inches of
tdor and a temperature of 19 be
low zero. Light snow" arid a ntini
mum temperature of 26 ave w,as
reported at Albany. Potatoes suf
fered in tbe Brooks and (Juinaby
districts due to opening x of store
houses for sorting and sacking-
Clackamas county experienced
its lowest temperature of the sea
son tonight "when bregoa City and
j Molalla reported 17 above.
CHICAGO, . Dee. 14. (AP)
Winter gave color to Christmas
shopping today in a dozen states
in the Mississippi basin and prom
ised another twenty four hours of
zero temperatures before it de
parts. The cold wave which- movd
from Alaska and the1 Pacific
northwest toward the Ohio valley
Sunday and Monday had settled
today across the area from Ohio to
Idaho with temperatures at, zero
and lower from the Indiana-Illinois
line westward.
The edge of the bitter blast
which swirled Missouri and
Kansas began to abate late today
and the thermometer climbed in
that vicinity, but the weather bur
eau said no warmer weather could
be expected over the rest of the
storm area until tomorrow night.
The death toll mounted to IS.
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Two OrRanizations Cooperate For
Annual Festivity
Preliminary preparations for
the' big Elk - Salvation) Army
Christmas tree, to be held at the
armory at 7 p. m. December 24,
are all but completed. "The Elks
committee, headed by R. C. Aiken,
and that of the Salvation Army,
under direction of Ensign Pitt,
with Harry Plant, custodian of .the
armory, cooperating, are rounding
out the final details.
A large number of Big Brother
Elks are going to be on -hand to
see that the kiddies haVe a ;good
time and that none are over
looked. A special program has
been arranged with Cooke Patton
as headliner. All the numbers
have been specially selected with
a view of being entertaining for
both the youngsters and grown
The general public will be ad
mitted free but the young guests,
of whom there will be about 300,
must secure tickets for admission.
These may be secured at the' Sal
vation Army headquarters the lat
ter part of this week. No pains
have been spared in preparation
for this big treat for children of
Salem and both the Elks and the
Salvation Army hope that each
and every one of the 300 tickets
will be applied for.
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stationery and supplies for the
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! 100
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. .50
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Prospects Bright for Extend
ing Schecjuie for; Second
;. Round, Efids Thursday
The DeMoiiy Boys basketball
testm lost its chance at the city
i league title Monday night by
dropping a close game to the U. S.
Bankers. 41 to39. The DeMolays
led up to the ist two minutes of
play. Beechler was the big star,
making 21 ptints for the De
Molays, most of them on long
sjiots. - ; y. ; - " - - -
The -vi-cto(y, put; the Bankers
ijato first place, and, the-winner
of the Dearport-Papermakers
game next Thursday night will be
tied with the money counters. A
stiff, battle is expected Thursday,
as bath teams axe evenly matched.
The Cooley-Pearsons are favored
to win from the Navigation com
pany team in 'the other game
Thursday night. Xothing but the
cellar is at stake.
Although the league sexison is
officially ended with this week's
games, interest in the games has
been so great that there is some
tai'.c of continuing the series for
antrther round.
In case this is donle, the second
round will probably begin imme
diately. The Salem Hdw. Co., most pro
gressive. Every accommodation
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hardware supplies. Work and Dnos
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i. (Continued from pge 1)
ing unlawfully transported, is a
public nui'sajice. nor is there any
other statute in this state making
an automobile or other vehicle so
used, a public nuisance.
"If. under the provisions of this
act the property which was made
the subject of forfeiture, had con
sisted of intoxicating liquor, gam
bling devices, or anything which
in its nature is injurious to the
public welfare, or if the act had
required, as a condition of the for
feiture, the conviction of the of
fending person, the question would
be different, but where as here.
the lawful property of an innocent
person may be forfeited to the
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slate without the previous cos
tlcttoa t any-one, ajad without' th
JoPJWtUJiltXjQf i JttJXla.l M,DT
stage of the proceedings, we think
the act in so far as it provides
that the .t or:itore jjliall , be tried
by the court wlthouthe inter
vention of a jury is "unconstitu
tional and void, because denying
a trial by jury as guaranteed by
the state constitution'
Justice Biwn ana "oshow dis
sent from "fife majoj-ity opinion
c f the courTmaintafuin that the
provision eomplaineu t is consti
nitionai.- .
In affirming ''the tit nv of
Judge C. H. McColIoch of ti e Ba
ker county circuit court in the
case of the state of Oregon vs.
Kphrium Barnes, the supreme
urt todav said it was within the
province, of a jury to infer from
the appears ncos and tirvam stances
surrounding a case a; to whether
or not a person was 1n possession
of intoxicating liquor, although
the liquor in question was at the
time cached away.
Barnes was arr?fi-:-i on an
abandoned ranch in Baker ounty.
At the time of his arrest lie was
in the vicinity of a liquor cache
and in his automobile. some 7 5 or
100 feet away were several demi
johns. On the ground near the
car was a shovel.
"It is immaterial whether the
defendant hgd actually deposited
the liquor where it was found, or
its hiding place revealed to him
by the party who did deposit it,
or he otherwise learned of its
place of concealment. He was
found there with his own auto
mobile, with the necessary tools
for excavating the liquor, and with
containers customarily i,sed for
I me convenient, nanaiing oi liquor.
The jury could infer from all this
that he claimed the right and had
the power to control, manage and
oispose of the same. If the de-J
ftndant had the control of that
liquor concealed as it was, he was
guilty of unlawful possession
thereof.' , - f
Other cases were passed on by"
the court yesterday as follows:
Mary A. Costello vs. James C.
CosMlo, apptllant; appeal from
Multnomah county; jsuit for di
vorce. Opinion by Justice Co
show. Judge Walter 11. Evans af
firmed. State of Oregon vs. Lee Karpen
ler. appellant; appeal from Harney
county; petition for rehearing de
nied in opinion by Justice Coshow.
City of La Grande, appellant,
vs. Municipal court of City of La
Grande, appeal from Union coun
ty; appeal from conviction for
violation of city ordinance. Opin
ion by Justice Burnett. Judge J.
S. Krtowles reversed.
Nels J. Stone, appellant, vs. H.
K. Leonard et al. appeal from
Multnomah county; suit charging
deeeit 'lit real estate -transaction.
f 0 pinion b JTusnce jj WneAt-JBet
crse wjuage iiooerx u. Morrow
If ' '
Ntfr Mank Lange Vsi Editfc ti
Allen, t a, appelliiitas-r appeal
from Marion county; suit for res
toration of property. Opinion by
Justice Burnett, f3udge George
Bingham, affirmed. -Petitions
fori renearing denied
in Bronn vs. -"Kay; . Joseph vs.
.V?K'j:- Frank, aiki in Brown vs.
Portland. - .
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