The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, November 05, 1926, Page 2, Image 2

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Several Accounts Filed - in
Secretary of State's Of
fice Yesterday
U VVVSJ IVOpVk till mm.
here-la OrmlstQn's company in
stead of in the bands of abduct
ors. VT " f . -
" txo riioottxo affray
W. -P. Adams of Portland, In
dependent. expended $25.78 In
makiuv bia campaign, according
to, hia expeoite account, filed , in
the of tlce of the secretary of state
bore -yesterday.
Other candidates who filed ex
pense accounts in the mate de
Jartmentr yesterday follow: - ,
George M. Brown, republican
candidate for justice of the state
supreme court, $152.60: Herbert
J. Elliott, republican-democratic
candidate for state senator for the
8tn senatorial district. $2; Al
Price, democratic candidate for
representative for the 16tb dis
trict; $72.30, and D. C. Lewla. re
publican; candidate for rspresent
atiTe la the legislature 'for the
18tb district. $7.50. -
ST. HELENS, Or.,, Not 4.
(AP) Robert Casey died at th
St. Helens hospital at 1 . o'clock
this morning, bringing the death
toll of a mysterious gun battle
in a lonely cabin In the Yankton
district yesterday, to two. Fred
Richards -.waa-. almost.- instantly
killed. Casey Is alleged to have
shot Richards and Frank Rico,
and to have then turned the weap
on on himself.
: .Despite the story of Rice to
Sheriff Wellington and District
Attorney Foote that Casey shot
the other two men and then him
self as the result of a quarrel over
a woman, the officials are still in
vestigating with' ttw possible view
that the trouble started over some
liquor. The sheriff found 50 gal
lons " of moonshine and; 3590 gal
lons of mah at the place, - Rice,
who Is shot through the chest.
claims to have a wife- at Castle
Pock. Wash.
Respected- Citizen Dies -Here
l Ralph m! Cammacfc son of Na
thanraod Jane Ca'mmack, was born
near Salem. Iowa.' Dec' .1866.
He died- at Salem, Oregon, pet. 31.
1928. at the age of 59 years, 10
months nnd 29 days.'
' lie is. survived by his wife and
children I who mourn his loss; al
io by seven brothers and four sis
ter, and a host of friends in vari
ous places.
He spent his boyhood days near
Salem, Iowa, gaining his early edu
cation at Whlttler academy. Hi
later taught school and attended
Iowa State Agricultural college.
After leaving college be farmed
in central Iowa for several years.
On June fi, 1902. he was united
la marriage to Mary R. Stroud,
daughter of William and Ruby
Stroud. Shortly after the mar
riage they .cam to Oregon and
fnade their home In Rosedale. In
to this home came three sons and
three daughters, namely. Helen,
Laura. Forrest William, Albert R
and Paul Stroud, and Esther Roby.
After coming to Oregon he taught
the Rosedale school for a time,
then devoted his attentions to his
fruit, ranch.
-' During his college days he
found Christ as 'his Saviour, and
Ah be continually walked in the
light of the Word of Ood he ex
perieneed the work -of sanctifira
tion. He was birthright and a
faithful member of the Friends
church. In which he labored to
promote -the cause or Christ. He
was ready-to till his place, whether
It meant to drop his work and
with a concerned- heart, in love
for souls, go and speak to them
about their spiritual welfore, or
whether It meant sacrifice of time,
money and strength. He faith
fully filled, his place as the spirit
ual director of bis own . house
hold. ;
lle was a devoted husband and
a loving father one who ardently
; l"tid .home, and never stayed away
. f.pih than necessary. He was, a
wan of strong convictions, stand
I n g firmly for what he believed
In be right, , yet; with love for
everyone; Among- his last -words
were these: "I' love everybody.'
As a citizen of the community
and as a- business ' man he was
honored and respected by all. He
labored hard - and never spared
himself, . He was always ready to
help those who needed, his assist
A valiant man has fallen! A
jtreat vacancy- is left jn his fam
ily, community and church. yet,
the- memory of his righteous life
is an Incentive to press forward.
that, we too may "overcome by the
Blood of the Lamb, and the word
df our testimony," and enter into
the eternal rest and peace of heav
en as he has done.
Oeorge W. English, federal
Judge for the eastern district : of
Illinois, resigned today, six days
before he ' was to have appeared
before the nenate for trial on
charges of usurpation of power
and other high demeanors.
Immediately afterwards, mem
bers of - the house appointed to
prosecute the case, agreed to rec
ommend that the Impeachment
proceedings -.against him he; drop
ped.: They will appear before the
senate, called to meet as a court
next Wednesday, and ask that
nothing be done until their rec
ommendation can bo placed before
the full membership of the house
in December. "At that time steps
to bring the drawn out battle to
an official end are expected to be
.SAN- PEDRO, Cal.,,VNov. 4.
(AP)rEffort to float the Asso-.j
elated Oil
Salem Hospital Issues
October Donation List
A list of donations to the .Sa
tan ker Solaaa which jiem general hospital made by citl-
went aground in the fog last night
midway " between" Point Arguello
and Point Sal. 140 miles, north of
here, were being made' at bigu
tide tonight but with Jittle chance
of -success.- With -a-tlde- of only
four and a half feeUtonlght, sltip
piag men expect , greater succesa
In floating the tanker on tomor
row morning's six foot tide.' ?
Only the oil In the forward
tanks of the Solana was pumped
out today, an attempt being made
to save as much of the 67.000 bar
rels cargo as possible. The vessel
Is reported lying on -her side, with
only 18 feet of water under her.
The point at which she grounded
is about 10 miles north of the posi
tion where seven destroyers went
ashore several years ago. y
(Continued from I.) -
ment is voted. Keys pointed out.
Ormiston can be placed on trial
along with the other defendants
provided he has been taken into
custody. s -'
Meanwhile, ! 1 Mrs. Wiseman,
chief accuser of the pastor and co-
defendant, wa's understood to have
decided that before the trial be
gins in the higher court, she will
go before that court, plead guilty
and ask for leniency.
Mrs. Wiseman confessed that
she perpetrated the Carmel hoax
of the evangelist's disappearance
case, but- maintained that she was
employed by Mrs. McPherson ". to
manufacture ..Aha. false evidence.
In case she carries out her plans.
she would appear at the trial only
in the character of the staters star
witness. . ". ' .' ';
With the trial of Mrs. McPher
son and her mother, Mrs. Minnie
Kennedy, oh charges of conspir
acy to defeat justice, preparing
false evidence and subornation of
perjury less than 0 days away,
Keyes launched a new move to
day to unearth new evidence to
sens during October has been
made public by the hospital man
agement. Magazines, books, flow
ers and fruit; are the chief items
Included in the donations.
A list of donors includes Miss
M. -O. Moynihato. Mrs. A. Benham
Frank Crawford,. Dr. W. B. Mor-
ese. Mrs. Mrs. C. D. Gabrielson.
Mrs. A. N. Bush, Mrsi Ray L
Farmer, W. Clement. Mrs. Byrd,
Cherry City Bakery. Miss I. L.
Williams, Dr. Backstrand, Miss
Sara Stewart, Mr M. M. Cusick.
Dr. and Mrs. Emmons, and the
Congregational church. "
Famous Printer Sends
Volumes to 'University
Eugene. ' Nov. 4. (Special.)
John Henry Nash, noted San Fran
cisco printer, has presented the
university with 17 volumes of his
works, compier-ng the Nash col-j
lection In the library. The books'
were given through the school of
In addition to a rare collection
of his own work, Mr. Nash has in
Ids private library many old. and
precious volumes, part of which
were brought to the university for
exhibition during the Oregon State
Nwwspapt-rmen conference lust
year. Mr. Nash was elected hon
orary leeturer of the faculty of
the school of journalism litst year
and will give a course in advanced
typography at the university in the
Co-Eds Are Not Bohemian
Says Mission Secretary
Eugene, Nov. 4. (Special).
Charges that college girls of to
day are Bohemian In their con
tacts with society, in their social
relationships; that , they are not
interested in home life, and that
they believe in trial marriages
are nnfair. believes Mrs. Charles
W. Williams, district secretary of
the Pacific coast board of foreign
missions of the Presbyterian
church, who addressed a group of
girls on "Equipping in College
for Future Service.
"The world, in speaking of
young people, use such all-inclusive,
general language." she said.
"One orten hears the statement
that youth over-evaluates ItselL I
am not nearly as concerned that
youth over-evaluate itself as that
it will under-rate its capacities to
meet problems of later life. So
ciety will be disappointed if young
people to meet' those tasks."
Campaign for Good Meat
Is Continuous Activity
The "good-meat" campaign of the
department of agriculture, began
years ago. is one of the depart
mental activities of which officials
never tire.
New ways constantly are being
found to impress upon the public
the necessity for surrounding the
preparations of meat products
with every sanitary ssfejruawiJ
A. spotless, model meat shop pre-,
pared under1 the, department's di
rection, is a part of the Sesquicen
tennial Exposition at Philadelphia.
One of the placards ay4 J "
A au t twarinr f h fairal in.
spection marks is the only food '
carrying the assurance of the Unit
ed Slates government, through im
mediate supervision, that it 3s
prepare! unuer sinewy Miimmry
conditions from animals good for
NEW YORK. Nov. 4. (AP).
Mable Strickland, champion horse
woman, was seriously injured at
the opening here tonight of the
"world's series rodeo," when she
lost her hold and fell under her
mount. Physicians said her in
juries may prove fatal.
Klamath county will build $20,
000 jail. "
EUGENE. Nov. 4. (AP) ?
Frank Or. Ixtwden, ex-governor of
Illinois spoke twire;in Kugene to
day, first at the assembly of the
University of Oregon and after
ward at the weekly chamber of
commerce luncheon.
Mr. Lowden was guest of Dr.
Arnold Bennett Hall, president of
the University of Oregon. They
are close friends.
"I'm a mighty poor guesser",
chuckled Mr. Lowden when asked
whom he thought would he the
next republican presidential nominee.
CENTRALIA, Wash., Nov. 4.
(AP)--Fire, believed to have been
of incendiary origin, early today
destroyed the Toledo Shingle com
pany's mitt on Salmon creek, near
Toledo. The loss was in the
neighborhood of $75,000. No in
surance, was carried.
.Progress made, on "Winchester
Ray-Reedsport section of Roose-
support his charge that the evan- velt highway.
jThis Beats Record
lie GAlned 28 Pounds in A Weeks
rl 3ood Solid Healthy Flesh, Too
: 'In every town In America you
ean see skinny, scrawny men and
twomen with deep hollows in
f cheeks, neck and chest who are
I more to be pitied than blamed.
I . Doctors, Chemists. Scientists all
I agree that Cod Liver Oil is fall of
I flesh building, health promoting,
it strength Increasing vitamins. They
I also agree and the whole world
agrees with them that it is about
I the most evil smelling and. nasty
I tasting, nauseating stuff that hu
ll man beings come in contact with
I -iit upsets most stomachs.
I ...But now all that is changed
I Cod Liver Oil comes in tablet
form, sugar coated and as easy to
I take as candy. :J. C. Perry, D. J.
Fry and druggists everywhere sell
McCoy's Cod Liver Oil Compound
k Tablets 'With the distinct , under
i standing - that if any thin, lean.
underweight man or woman takes
them for -30. days and does not
gain at least 5 pounds, the pur-,
chase price will be returned.
Just try them for 30 days, all
you folks who need 5 or 10 pounds
i of good, solid flesh. They have
I rounded out the scrawney places
in thousands of people they will
1 helo jrou. . '
I Stanley E. Howe, Atlantic City.
N.i yJ.. . writes that he gained 28
pounds In 8 weeks and further
writes, I aleep, rest and eat and
nothing bothers my nerves I feel
t : like a real man thanks to Me
' Coy's."
i One ' woman, exceedingly thin,
rained 10 pounds In 22 days; and
don't forget that, .being:, full of
vitalizing vitamins, they do help
J feeble eld folks Who need a real
I tonic, and for thin; puny, unde
veloped . children they;- quickly
lrl25 health, strength and In-
creased weight. 60 tablet for 60
.jcrts. Insist on McCoy's'- the
; criminal and cenulne.- Adr,
Felt Base Rugs
And yard goods
.... ..,' " - "J
AH Perfect aha All New Merchandise
We have made a wonderful buy and here we pass it
along to you at unheard of prices, only on present stock
on hand
324 Room Size Ifelt Base Rugs . t .
1640 Yards Felt Base Floor Covering
We cannot use manufacturers names in this ad, but all
goods are 1st grade , and Perfect Merchandise.
6 feet by 9 feet... . $5.45
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9feetjby 9 feet $7.55
9 feet by 1 0.6 feet. $8.45
9 feet by 12 feetl . .,$9.85
Yard Goods Perfect Felt Base
i Floor Covering, 53c Yard .
Furniture Company
Becke c Hendricks " I )Ki
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North ITigh ' y' TeL 181
if ? II ! JI . .
vu-wo l: J -"' :: Grocers
and Note that Tru-Bake Shape
Two main reasons why Tru-Bakes ARE the ideal accompaniment
of cocktails, soups, salads, breakfast foods:
The FLAVOR is the result of carefully blended flours, baked to
a rich hickory brown and salted precisely right.
Th'e shape fita the bite. Tru-Bakes nip off clean without shatter
ing or scattering crumbs. A real contribution to daintier eating.
y ' '
Baked by the TRU-BLU BISCUIT CO., Spokane.. Portland,. Seattle
Originators of Tru-BIu Honey-Sweetened Grahams and Cup Custard" Cookie Cakes
Radio Reception for die Cultured Ear
W) -J
that?s the
bio tbins
rr ALL comes down to .tone,
whether you are a distance
fan or not. Even the,"dyed-in-the
wool" DXer is not satisfied
with distfgice if the reception is
not good. .
Tone quality is one of the big
features -of Splitdorf receivers.
In all of our testing of many
receivaSy we never heard one
that could equal the Splitdorf
in tonal qualities when tuned
for softxnnsic or or tremendous
volumeon either nearby or dis
tant stations.
r .
Th receiver ahovB Is the
580. cestinc fTIO fqulppgd.
for power txabca, has three
said Super-,
T'be epealoer
. wMch retails t (32.50. ,
There' axe ether SpGtdorf
Tie .Portland Miiic: Co
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When one can buy hats at this price there is no
reason why one should not have three or four a- sea-;
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One group of felts and
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tallic braid and figures
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