The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, October 17, 1926, Page 9, Image 9

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K Upper Jeft: Sana, the three-year-old son of Mrv-aad Mtt Kra JicuRii oi $iy Washington btreet,
i DaltefC; Jlr.iHolinan. jSam's father, is county assessor of Polk iounry." '
'iUppcr right; Mrs; Paul Doney and little daiijhter, Jean Marie, of Cambridge, Massachusetts,
fhoj were house-guests last week of Dr. and Mrs. Carl Gregg Doney at their home at 828 South
? twelfth street. Mrs." Paul Doney will be rememberedas Miss Lucy Holt, daughter of Dr. and Mrs.
fJ. IV Holt, of the First Baptist church. Jean Marie, who is tea arid a half months old, will cele
' bralp her first birthday on November 21 when she reaches her home in Cambridge where her father,
Who lldfefr" son lr. and Mrs., Doney, is studying for his doctor's degree at Harvard. Jean Marie
is the first grandchljd of Dr. and Mrs. Carl Gregg. Doney.
ILbwir left i Mrs. Norman Kendall Tully, wife of Dr. -Tnlly,t pastor of the First Presbyterian
"church.- Mrs. Tully is leader of one of the Bible study classes which meets each Tuesday evening.
The ,Tullys, who came to Salem from Racine, Wisconsin, make their home at the manse at 845
Dheuiekcta street. - ; '
-'v "'-Kower right:. Barbara nope, the charming li tie daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hathaway of
' 124W Market'.street. Barbara Hope is three year i of age. 1
iMoroni Olseri Players will present
cn Thursday. t
Sfr. Hug's committee, appoint
will take place in Otto J. Wilson's
garage on Norember 3, 4 and 5. ;
- JOI exceptional interest will be
the oriental booth of which Mrs.
E.'V. McMechan will be In charge.
This booth will offer a display of
oriental treasures, both expensive
and inexpensive, which Mrs. Ruth
B. Wheeler of Eugene brought
from, the orient and which she
will offer through this unique
booth on a commission basis.
On Tuesday, afternoon the pub-
He utility committee of the lub
will meet at the home of Mrs. Roy
Barton to prepare articles for the
bazaar. ; On Thftrsday the: group
will meet at the home of Mrs. S.
M. Endicott for a similar purpose.
The ' bazaar ,: is being managed
on such aJarge scale that it is
hoped all Salem will feel a defi
nite interest in its success. The
proceeds will go. toward the fur
nishing of a room in the new wing
at the Salem hospital. :
Mrs. Von Eschen Is Hostess l
at Distinctive Affair
Honoring Teachers
One of the most distinctive, and
in every way one of the most en
joyable, affairs to take place in a
brimming week was the tea on
yesterday afternoon at which Mrs.
Florian Von Eschen was hostess
at her home on Court street. Mrs.
Von Esehen's gnest group includ
ed -the. high school teachers, with
whom she has been associated
since her graduation from Willam
ette university, the lady principals
in the Salem schools, and. all ad
ditional teachers with whom Mrs
Von Eschen has taught during
her own principalship.
More than seventy guests were
included in the group.
The living room, library, and
dining room were all gorgeously
decorated with many art baskets
filled with autumn flowers and
foliage. The tea room was par
ticularly lovely: a blue and silver
oblong basket, filled with season
al flowers, and flanked with sil
ver candle holders in . which bine
tapers burned, made the serving
table lovely. In one corner of the
room a magnificent basket of
gladioli was featured, while in an
adjoining room, on the mantel, a
beautiful oblong basket of green
and gold, with rings in each end,
was filled with calendulas. In the
library bronze art baskets were
used, displaying a profusion of
zinnias in the copper and henna
Mrs. Von Eschen was assisted
in the rooms by Mss Beryl Holt
and Miss Leila Johnson,' MIs3
Johnson inviting into the dining
room where the guests were
served in distinct groups
Mrs. .George Hug and Miss
Margaret Cosper presided at the
tea table during the first 'hduV;
During the second hour Mrs. Chesi
ter d. Clark and Miss Adella
Chapler presided.
Three members of the senior
class of the Salem high school
who are neighborhood friends of
Mrs. Yon Eschen, assisted in the
serving. " Those three were Miss
Rosalind Van Winkle, Miss Paul
ine Findley, and Miss Maxine
Glover .
To a degree, the affair took
the form of a delightful musical
tea. Miss Lena Belle Tartar, Miss
Neva (tooley, Mrs. Ermine Fawk,
.and, ss, Amy . Martin all gave
4 ind accorded encores.
Brown, secretary. Mrs. Cartwrlght
succeeds Mrs. McCall, - and Mrs.
Brown: takes Mrs. Frank Spencer's
Place. C X - V''
Hostesses for the "delightful af
fair. Thursday were Mrs. Bishop,
Mrs. R- B. Fleming and Mrs. B. C.
Miles. ; ;;.' .:v
--1 Special guests, including Mrs.
W. C. Hawley, Mrs. F. G. Frank
lin. -Mrs. R. H. Grover of Mc-
Minnville, and .Mrs Robert Dann,
,werb entertained during the after-
ncon. ; ; -
Many baskets of golden chrys
anthemums, tributes which Mr.
and Mrs. Bishop received on their
fiftieth wedding anniversary, were
used not only in decorating the
roms of the house, .but also the
veranda. In the refreshments, the
Hallowe'en t motif predominated.
A short program was given
during the afternoon, including
a talk on her trip abroad byJlrs.
F, G. Franklin, ; who exhibited at
tractive souvenirs obtained in the
foreign counties; a piano number
Tarn o' Shanter" by Mrs. W. F.
McCall; and a reading by Mrs.
Robert Dann on "Customs of Hal
lowe'en." Mrs. F. W. Spencer re
ported on the club '' activities of
the past year.
At the next meeting- of the club,
the second week - in November,
MVs. W." F McCall, ' Mrs. C.: A.
Park, and Mrs. M. M Cusick will
entertain the group at' the annual
breakfast at Mrs. McCaU's attrac
tive country'homo on the Wallace
Road. Breakfast will be served at
1 1 o'clock. ( - .
Members present for the .meet
ing on Thursday were Mrs. H. B.
Thielseri, Mrs. Russell Catlin, Mrs.
S. C. Dyer, Mrs. . M. M. Cusickk
' -Recently Returned; From Advanced Study in
- New York1 City Accredited Teacher
f - v f v -
. . .
. Dunning System of Improved Music Study
! Classed Now Forming :
The following subjects aroJtaught in a. "down to'date" manner:
Training or the Mtimory," Notation, Sightrcadlng,
' Eartraining, "Rlrythm, Scales,. Intervals,
' Transposition, Cadences, "Modulation
Studio CU3 North jjberty . . Tclcphouo 1351
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."lu'i Rit Of. Uilit-i lii Liic ii.j.e.....
.'r1'-'; ' t, (Hark to the driving rain),- ,
v i Flushing of green in the copses '
, r ' ;.(Lbt to the wild wind's refrain),
f tA if-When will you come again? j
rOirtiVItJh, when will you come again?.
-1. ,
i-t '
M. Rcvell
; Mrs. Avthux V 'assail Honors ,
Sister From tfew York
t A f t ernoon Tea x , 4 .
ji -One of. the loveliest autumn af
fairs given In Salem t this month
a look, place from 3 to 6 o'clock yes-
terday afternoon when, Mrs. Ar
hur Vassal!' ntertained-' f -tea,
liouoring-her ,siter, Mrs. Ra'ssell
! t'reamer Langdoh of New York.'
' i Forty prominent' matrons and
' aalds were Invited to meet Mrs.
' iangdon, wife of Major Langdon.
U: S. A. Mrs: Langdon ,, will be
Mrs, Vasair house-guest nntil
fhurday. ' - ' ' ' i ' " '
t Reeeivjng with Mrs. Vassall, the
ai lOEiess, ani inrs. tngaon, me
hi'ionoK giieit,'rwas Mrs Walter
:i Vassal of Dallas. t.. ,
1 Mrs. Russell Catlin; and Mrs.
-.'tolHsrt J. . llendrfceks presided tat
jibe urns which werepiaced on an
xquisiteix appointed table. , The
Jr.nterplecefind ' dollies were of
-itallan cutwork. A shower bou-
Ifnict of Opheira . roses centered
Uhe table, while tall pink tapers
i .were aglow; in. crystal candlesticks
vith bobeches and iridescent
prisuis. -
1 Miks Henrietta, Bishop and Miss
ji;arah Ianslng aaslsted In"th6 tea
. M v-v -- : vt
I 'American Association of, :
I' liivcrsity Women' Open ,'
Auspicious Season r f, : - .,
.Successfur in every detail was
i he 12-30 o'clock luncheon of yes
erday which formally opened the.
inter season ifor- the .Salem
branch of the ' American 1 Associa
tibri of Univertity Women. Cov
ers were placed r for 80 guests at
long' tables arranged and 'decked
with flowers in the Marion hotel
dining room. . ; ' - !
; Mrs. George W. Hug, president
of the association; presided in; a
gracious .manner. Of particular
interest in a business way was the
announcement of the personm 1 bf
each ; standin g committee for the
new year. Plans were also made
for three . study classes. - -iiV
l The' address of ' the afterneori.
which Major CA. Robertson gave,
was a notable contribution, re
flecting considerable rredit on the
organization which made it pos
sible to present such a program.
- Major Robertson, profiting from
an unusual opportunity ; to know
the' intricacies 'of! the1 European
situation, dealt with foreign poli
tics in a manner that was of vast
interest."-; Major Robertson , spoke
in a forceful, even startling Kay,
dwelling on the origin of the war
and of the outcome, which has
been really horribre In many re
spects. 5 ; . . . - ;,
' . Miss Josephine Albert.'raccom
Ponied, by Misar Paulino Johnson,
atig two' solos which the group
ftipociauy enjpyea.' miss aiwit
hi a pupil of Lena Bolle Tartar,
who will have charge of the music
for the yearj . . ' v
The three; classes, ' org ani zat ton
of ; wbich Is ! in competent hands,
include a groujj in the study of the
cnua oi me pre-ocaooi ace, vun
t binj'ley s the ladies of Salem
asatified themselves that they 1 ua3fn liera'
au get the finest fall and win-Fisher irill conuuet, an" a
(rr, frocKscoats ancJ dresses ever
!.ivit in this city.; ' ()
urrouglis, Mrs.- Lewis ijia.itu. ,
ilss June I Philpott. Miss " Edith
'.ragg, Mrs. J,; H. Lauterman and
Miss Helen Pippy. , I
F.ducational committee, ' Mrs.
Wm. Fcrdyce ' Fargo, chairman ;
Mrs. C. A. Downs, Mrs. ; A. M.
Chapman, Mrs. Asa Fisher, ; Miss
Dorothy Nicholson, and other clas
leaders as they may be named
Miss" Nicholson and Miss Fisher
are joint chairmen of the litera
ture class. Mrs. Chapman is the
better films chainnan. i
Mnsic. Miss Lent. Belle Tartar.
.Trustees of scholarship loan
fund, which has already been dis
persed: Mis.-Frances M. Richards,
senior member "and- chairman:
Mrs. ; J. H. Lauterman and Mrs.
E. CRicfcards. '-ii
Program 'committee: Miss Leila
Johnson, chairman; Miss Merle
McKelvey,' Mrs. Harry Pearcy and
Mrs.' Clifford - Brown; Other com
mittees will be announced later.
Oriental Booth Promises to
Be Big Drawing Card at ' '
Woman' 8 Club Bazaar
1 The Salem Woman's club, which
leads in philanthropic, civic, and
cultural enterprises of many' sorts,
has - elaborate plans now, ; under
way for an inclusive bazaar which
: : i 4 r
T Buster Brown Shoe Store. High
class, stylish looking, comfort giv
ing.! loK wearing shoes lor the
least, money. Come an beyconvinc
ed. 125 N. Com'l. ... , ()
G. F. Brolthaupt, flori3t and
"(orator; 123 N. Liberty. Phons
' 5 0. .Floweri, bulta, tloral J
class. If- desired, In Spanihh. -
v The literature class, which will
acet at 7:30 o'clock the first and
third Wednesdays of eacft month
at tfca city lit rary, will devoto tV.e
Crrt f --'.cn O a rtuiy cf 'T-- r
Freamer.v' f- '
An out-of-town guest for the
afternoon was Miss Hazel Paden,
formerly ; head of the art depart
ment of the Salem high school,
but now of Monmouth. Miss
Paden Is spending th week-end
in Salem as the guest of Dr. Fan
nie Brown, j; ..
A- house-guest at the V o n
Eschen home for the week-end,
and who was also a guest at the
tea, Is Miss Marjorle Warnick of
La Grande a student at the art
institute In Portland.
Dr. and Mrs. W. C. Kantncr
Celebrate Forty-ninth
Wedding Anniversary
.Mrs. O. A. Thomas and daugh
ter, Constance, . of Seattle, have
arrived in? Salem to be guests of
Dr. and1 Mrs. W. C. Kantner who
are celebrating their 4 9 th wed
ding anniversary today in their
home.- Dr. and Mrs. Kantner were
married in Salem in 1877.
Thursday Club Entertained
at C. P. Bishop Home
At the October meeting of - the
Thursday club Twhich was held at
the home of Mrs. C. P. Bishop on
October .13, Mrs. Richard Cart
wright was chosen president; for
the new year, and Mrs. William
I Prevent 'your children
having goitre by giving them pure
iodized salt. Your doctor will tell
yon why ft is good. Crown prne
Store, ,332 State. - )
Donghtoh 4 & Sherwln; Hard
ware,5 286 N. Com'l. St. Hardware
.Builders' Supplies, Paints, Varn
iBhes. ' Give us a call, youll find
our prices reasonable. - ()
, Director's Department Store is
building up. a reputation for guar
anteed merchandise; conducting
a ; real department store; making
steady progress, too. : (
Iva Clare L o v e
i. : ; Tcachqr of Violin
Ensemble and Solfege :
iCD North Liberty Street
Tclcphoag 1S37-J
j v "Salem's Show Place of Fashion"
Though many miles removed . from New York and Paris, which are known
as the style centers of America and Europe, this efficient establishment is
thoroughly up to date, and its departments are replete wUhrtfie mbdels of
the, hour, in the various materials and shades which havbeen approved by f
. thev world s leading arbiters or fashion.
3ur gowVSre unequaled' f or style and quality . Three well known lines
.from New Yorkare confined to us exclusively, thus assuring you of indi-
vidual styles. TTiesewjre arrir dU yau some of
these interesting models? v. . : ;:
Better -dress coats embodying
the; newest in styles fabrics
and furs. Many, smart travel
coats Just arrived.
for Dinirir
Beau ti f ul Ch r.
Original Far
Sale of
. . ,
Monday we shall place on .
. stock of milline
Lovely gold and silver metal hats, i
combined with metal brocades.
oped in Antelope Velours soft as the .
is named.- Genuine imported AusJ
Austrian Rayon Soleil, a lustrous, .
We shall continue this sale until t
hats is closed out. .' - 1
Our, methods' of millinery mercham
a complete change for the coming ee
utmost interest to wearers of fine rr
mcnts after. the first of the year.
ir entire
ets, satins
oks devel
m which it
lours, also
lour. .
e stock of
ill undergo v
1 will be of
115 North High