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(0mUbu4 tzm. pf . 0
Mrs, R P Boise, Mr John II. Al
bert. Mrs. Frank W Spencer, Mrs.
Spaulding.-Mrs. C. P. Bish
UMrs. George J. Pearce, Mrs.
A. N. Moores, Mrs. R. J. Hen
dricks and Mra. 'E . Cross .
Salem War I Mothers
Motor to Portland
' A group of fourteen members
of , the Salem chapter, American
War Mothers, motored to Portland
last Tuesday to visit at the gov
ernment hoepjital ,f or disabled
soldiers and to leare lifts, includ
ing thirty-six cakes.
Included were :.' Mrs. Mark Skiff ,
Mrs. W. P. Fowls, Mrs. William
FRts. Mrs. Jesse Crossan, Mrs.
Carrie O'Neill,' Mrs) Minnie Baker,
Mrs. Toothaere, Mrs. William Mc
Gilchrist Sr., Mrs, I. L. JPatUrson,
Mrs. Mabel Lockwood tMrs. Min
nie Humphreys, Mrs. It. J"." Hen
dricks, Mrs. Kate : Allen, Mrs.
Coshow, Mrs.' TJL Bennett of
Broks. and Mrs. Patterson's truest,
Mrs. Agnes Beach of Portland.
Outstanding Organ Concert
Dedicates Instrumentat .
Knight Memorial. Cfmrchf ,
Fire sYW3inWr?lam4
ach number ona o unusual beau-r
ty, made up the program for the
formal dedicattoni -ot the new Kim
ball organ -which Is. a, worthy feat
ure in the :;disttBcjttvely planned
new Knight1 Memorial', harclr at
Nineteenth' and Furry; streetaThe
dedication. recital .-waaihold; at 8
o'clock Friday, evented with an
apprcc iatlf fraudlence , fulling the
auditorium and balcony to capac
ity. ' Vi4.-i.-i
The churchy chance which - is
particularly ample: h the . broad,
main aisle, the . tastefully chosen
pews, and the subdued. Indirect
lighting, as well as an excellently
adapted plpe,rorgan. afforded cause
for muchi approring comment on
Friday eireniag 1 v '
William Robinson , Boone, or-
ganiEt of 'the' First Christian
Science church- in.- Portland, prer
sided at the manual fur the dedi
catory o-ecitaLrMiaaKate McKwen.
mezzo contralto, accompanied by
Donald J. Allison, assisted.
The program "ope ned with ''Toc
cata and Fugue In D Minor," a
monumental selection., and. dpubtr
less the most popular of all Bach's
work. This, many will remember,
was the .number . which Clarence
i the Elsinofe theater, ; 'The renrajn
ing numbers IntMri Boone's group
werei Carter'a.?TCame ot Dut-
keraue-and,XRameau ."Rigau-
UUU. . . , . . s - ' A I
. ir. .. . ... : tl J
contralto voice of unusual
leasing Quality, nan Outran
ers exclusively for her first
group. ; iawn, "Vt ursery
Hhymes." and "To the Sun" fol
lowed each , other in succession.
Miss McEwen delighted the audi
ence with "Rain," . as an encore.
The "Minuet' of W, C. E. , See
boeck, an exquisite adaptation of
a dance theme to the organ, called
Mr. Boone to the instrument for
a second group of eminence. The
delicate flute tones of the "Min
uet were followed with the fam
sua and unfailingly popular over
ture from William Tell. Batiste's
Pilgrim's Song; of Hope, a. uni
versal favorite, was the encore.
Miss McEwen. in her 'second
group, presented, Curran's "Life,'!
Ronald'e "Love.I Hare Wcjj You';
nnd "The South-Winds Are Blow
tag," from Densmore. ,. ; . She ; re
ceived a tribute in flowers aa well
a:t the liberal applause of. an Jm
ITPbsed audience. , j,"
Mr. Boone reserved. 0159 of the
best-liked of alt , the : Vote bera ,ho
played to open the closing "group.
Tuis number. "Song of the ' Bas
ket Weaver," .from the ..Law
rence sketches of Alexander Rus
sell, was followed by a Hghtf play
ful composition, "Caprice, y by: H.
C. Banks. Ths e legale xhotcrt'.ents
of Saint-Sarns "March; Heroiojie"
brought the evening to a triumphs
ant conclusion. Schubert's Bi"e
nade" was the artist's l, closing
ravor- " Ki-i'X-Tho
exercises of dedication will
come to a conclusion at';7;; 30 to
night when the following J num
bers will be given by the f chorus
cnoir: ' -
Chorus. "Send Out Thy Xtgh.1
.................. uouQod
Chorus. "Seek Ye the LortT -
. ..J Roberts
Obbiigatb solrt ,
Leonard Chadwlrk.
Chorus. "The Holy Hour?.LNvin
Solo. "O Divine Redeemer!'...'.
--- , .i 'T- inod
Miss Kate McF- ,(
Chorus. ' Fear Not, T :.-''?
Men's chorus, "Trust
Lord" ....4,
Obbllgato s
Mrs. J. L. Mur
Chorus, "Song of Pr
Obbllgato fc
Roland Crave
Chorus, -Xove Divine
Concert Violin7
Mr. Graham fca
: all parts of the U.
-lire Grahar wi!H
., Thursday where t
"tnadc.- -
,Dorothyr Adams
I 7 I -
":' !-
rs " ... "' ;
', f .i
i 1
I .... f l... J
Miss . Adams, one of the most
beloved characters in "Dear Bru
tus," which It the f Moron I - Olson
company- will present at the Elsi
n ore theatre, pn Thursday evening,
Hymn, "Savior - Again - to Thy
Dear Name, No 121.
Benediction." .. ' V'i. i ..
Organ Postinde "Marche Ro-
malne'' ...... . Gounod
Salem Women Are Offered
a Unique Opportunity to
Comider the Election J1
s .In the, consideration and study
of, election measures and proposed
constitutional amendments, "the
Salem : League f tel Women Voters
will join with the Salem Etokta
club on Tuesday. October 19; ftt
2:30- o'clock; at the home of Mrs.
CIS. Fisher at SI 5 Market street.
The Etokta club and women in
terested in j obtaining the knowl
edge and Information on the sub
ject;, are", urged... to attend. The
Salem Etokta club, of which Mrs.
Erie Butler is president, formed
one of the league's active study
units during the past year. ' ,'
Speakers of - the afternoon wll
be Sam A-i .Kozer, secretary of
state, and Milesi McKey of the; at
torney general's office. Mr; Kozer
will explain the manner in which
the proposed amendments and
measures originated and
ftrred to the voters. Mr. McKey
willco into a more detailed , ex
planation of the measures and
amendments, and following a -discussion
may; be held and questions
asked. i - . ' . ;
..Realizing; the lack of authentic
detailed $ Jnlormation' upon - elec
tions: and -measures, the league is
holding f meetln gs of . this -5 nature
througbQutUhe country. Voters
pamphlets id sample ballots will
be distributed and instructions in
marking these will be ifrven. ,
The National League of Women
Vetera, la a non-partisan organi
zation. Its: purpose is to give to
its .members and to. .women gener
ally an. opportunity to obtain un
biased information on all sub
jects pertaining Co government-
to educate her. for the job of be
ing a citizen, -.- :
Foreign 'Missionary Society
Meets -at E. T. Barnes Home
fort October Meeting
. More than fifty members of
the Woman's Foreign .Missionary
society of the First Methodist
church met; on Wednesday after
noon at the home of Mrs.'; B. T.
Barnes' for a meeting of diatint-
tfon and interest. The living rooms
were decked ;with; bowls and bas
kets of roses and ruddy, rose-haws.
; Mrs. t C. F. Wilson led the -.devotions.
., dwelling ; on thoughts
from the. new - devotional book
"The Rose Jar." ' ... v
. Jli3S Marjoria Miller a student
at Willamette university gave a
beautiful rendition of "In the
Grden," Miss Eugenia Savage
p'aredU Misai Miller's' accompanl-
men:. ' '. 1 , ;
Especially featured were the re
ports on; tho I branch meeting of
the. society held recently in Boise,
Idaho. Mrs. M, B.cParouagian. the
president re-elected) of the
branch- gave, the i major --report,
dealing; with plans for the
coming year. She mentioned es
pecially the i, growth of the Wes
leyan .Guild,' a- missionary-organi
zation for business and profession
al girls. Attention was also called
to the "Pilgrim's Team!; .which;
are groups : of Iwomen from stilt
larger groups who go to the small.
and newer organizations. andJend
. their, aid. Stress . was. also placed;
on the importance of ja retirement,
fund tor aged missionaries.
7 iMrs. ;Ai ALee reported on the
young people's work, particularly
as It. concerns the- Standard Bear
ers: Salem Standard Bearers were.
, Nash Jeads the world in motor
car values. 1 Beautiful display of
new models at the F." W. Petty
john Co.. 365 N. Com'l. ()
Cur that cold and that miser
able: feeling 4n ,a jiffy. Oet seme
Quick Cold Tablets at Nelson A
Hunt, Druggists, on-the corner of
Court and Liberty Sts. Teh 7. ()
of Aritia-i'69' .
reacher Head of the Violin
, illainette University i ; ,
'pupils playing and teaching in
ates.: i .' .
rBIaricrr hotel on Hlonday and:
Tients for instrueticn may ,ba
successful in rating- second: place
in prize contest. '
Mrs.' Steeves informed L the
group : concerning the- effective-
ness of the church decorations-
red elderberries and Mlchaelmaa
daisies as arranged In the audi'
torium. Mrs. Steeves also shared
with the group her Impressions of
the Boise? vicinity from' automo-
bile rides taken around the city.
Announcement was made of the
district meeting which I will '
held October 20-21 in 'McMjniip
Hie. - rr i? -i- '-Y-Vi' . ;
The following members of ' the
society were selected to -make : up
the finance committee; Mrs. M. C
Findler, Mrs $ T. -Barnes and
Mr. D.-H. Motder. , ' - ' ..
The progran p committee in
cludes: Mrs. U. J. Boyer, Mrs. A
a. jars, i jr. M. uaom, Mrs.
Mmira Hale, and Mrs H. H.
Kloepping. H ' -.
. During the past season -a total
of '$1,255 was received ; into the
treasury' of the society. I ' j
The group extended resolutions
of greeting to Mrs. Perkins, who
is seriously III at her home at
1260 N. 19th street, arfd to Mrs.
Upmeyer, former-president of the
society, who is caring for an; in-!
valid brother in the east.
The following new -- members
were welcomed Into- the "society n
Wednesday: Mrs. J. M. Canse,
Mrs.. Mildred Bright., Mrs. Keefer,
Mrs. Vannlc, Mrs. Gallagher, Mrs.
Lewis, and Mrs. : Green. ;
Moroni Olsen Players. t Will
Return to Salem Thursday ,
According to Moroni Olsen:
The people want the theater.
They need the theater;? They hun
ger for good plays, we are con
vinced of that.4 Outside1 Of Wew
York and -Chicago and one or two
other of our large cities, ten great
American people are . unable to
satisfy that hunger. They haye
their ' picture houses, perhaps
vaudeville, and an. occasional road
show, but it i not enough. That
Is- why they, clamor' to get copies
of all the worth-wihle plays pror
duced on Bfoadway. Since they
have no opportunity to see such
plays. . they must satisfy them
selves with reading them, with or
ganizing amateur companies, and
with 'making extensive study of
the drama of our universities. For
various reasons in the so-called
commercial theater the-highclass
road shows are rapidly disappear
ing. There are fewer good stock
companies in our western cities;
in short,. there is a dearth of dV"
matic development. Too seldom do
we see thing that are sincere and
beautiful. In our theaters.
"It is the realization ef this
need- and the sincere desire to
brin ar to - ther northwest the - best
of drama, that has brought -about
the organization of the Circuit
Repertory Company? of the Mor
onl Olsen Players.
"It Is not our intention to make
lavish or dazzling productions. Wej
couldn't it we wanted to, because
our sole financial support is the
subscription of each ef our circuit
cities. We are a group ot men and
women of one mind, and that, is to
present simply and sincerely plays
which mean a great deal to us.
- On Thursday of this week Oc
tober 21 the Moroni Olsen Play
ers will present "Dear-Brutus."
Annual Meeting of State
Parent-Teachers' Meeting ,
to Open Tuesday
;The annual meeting of the state
Parent-Teachers' association will
be, held in Salem October 26, 27
28, and 29. All sessions will be
held afth First Methodist church.
All committee rooms will be at
the .church; and the convention
dinner will - be served at the First
church 'under the direction of Mrs.
H. iL. -Yndevort and her assist
Between three and four hun-
dred delegates are expected to ar
rive for- the event, the greater
number of these being women.
The Oregon Kindergarten asso
ciation will present Miss Eva
White, . primary supervisor In the
Southern ;Oregon Normal school.
as their speaker at the conven
tlon. -The kindergarten associa
tion .was, organized for the pur
pose', of f Informing the public of
the true purpose of the , kinder
garten and the parent-teacher
members are glad to inform them
selves, along this line. Another
normal school representative on
the program is Thomas H. Gentile
Of Monmouth, who has been doing
research this past year on new
methods of testing. He will ad A
dtess the convention on his find
ings and the conclusions- he has
drawn. Parent-teacher groups are
Informing themselves on these new
methods in education so that -.hey
can give a 'sympathetic coopera
tion to the schools. Superinten
dent of Schools C. A. Rice of Port
land will speak on the text book
bill. -Legislation on this, subject
Imminent ; and so the legislative
committee of the congress has
spent-this past year studying the
various -J text book bills.' They
haUe recently drafted one that
they, feel meets the situation and
will present the same to the eoa
'vention. - The speakers on the pro-
pram Thursday evening . are Dr.
Norman F. Coleman, president of
Reed college : and Dr. Carl G.
Doney, t president of 'Wjillamette
university. I All I sessions of the
convention are open to the public
and they are cordially invited. The
sessions' begin with morning con-
Mrs. H. P. Stith. millinery.
Most. beautiful hats in Salem: -all
shapes and colors; full stock from
which to ' ' make . fine selections.
Best quality. 333 State St., )
C J. Hull Auto Top & Paint
Cev Radiator, vf end er and body
repairing. Artistic p-ilntin adds
lQ0c,'o to tha arrcifa-ca cf yc-r
feirences at 8 a. and continue
throughout tho day and evening;
The .morning conferences of de
partments wijf be -under; ther leadership-
of the state chairmen .who
have each specialized' In- their vari
ous - departments. In many cases;
local officials whose .work coin
cides with these departments have
been asked to meet with, the chair;
men in these conferences. " Tae
department of safety education an
nounces that State .Traffic Off leer
T. vA Raff ety , will confer with
them.: and . Mr. , F, J. Tooze of : the
Salem. Stateamaa will confer with
the publicity chairmen.
Mrs. W..W. Gabriel Is president
of the . association ; -Mrs. Louis
Dodgevice president; Mrs. J. F.
Hill, director; Mrs. W. J. Hawk
ins, historian; Mrs. i C V. Ross,
membership chairman; Mrs. O. M.
GUne. educational chairman; Mrs.
Lillie i D. . Thomas, recording . sec
retary; Mrs. Dl B. Kelley. direc
tor; Mrs. Q. L. Perkins, director;
Mrs. L. L. Baker,, legislative chair
man, and Mrs. R. M. Pogue.
A group of Marion county men
and women, will be prominent in
convention activities, as follows:
Cv V. WhUe, president of the Mar
ion county-association; Mrs. Ches
ter C. White, chairman, of music;
Flora Hobiett of Silverton, recep
tion chairman; , Mrs. Claude Stev
enson of Salem, credentials; Mrs;
N.-BL. Abbott. Salem, information;
Johrw H. Dasch. of Silverton, motor
smad; Mrs. A. E. Bradley. Aums-
vtlle, pages and ushers; Dr. J. O.
Matthis, Salem, transportation;
Mrs. R. I. Cready, 370 Leslie
street, 'Salem, conferences; Mrs.
W. E. Anderson, decorations ; Mrs.
H. H. Vandevort chairman ef the
dinner,: and Mrs. Mark McCallis-
tsr reception chairman.
St.Joseph'sr Ch&rch Is Scene
of Impressive Wedding
Yestei'day M oming
During the celebration of high
mass at 9 o'clock Saturday, Oct.
16, at St Joseph's church. Miss
Eva Albrich. the second daughter
of .Mr. and Mrs. F. X. Albrich. be
came the bride of George. Hemann,
sen of Mrs. Mary Hemaan. Rev.
J. R. Buck, pastor of the. church.
performed the Impressive cere
mony and. offered the maps.
. The occasion of the Hemann
Albrich wedding was the silver
anniversary of the bride's par
ents. .
Th chandelier in the sanctuary
was lighted and candles aglow en
all the altars when: the service be
gan. Vases of red, salviaand sil
ver teasels, were. the
camdloKlow.:. :. . f.
- Miss -Mary Lbold-an4-"Mlas
Marian Boyle presided, at Ihe or-,
gan. rforJ tho 'Mendelssohn; 'proces
sional. An - Ave jMarias was
sane (.by Mrs. Joseph'. EkiAlbrich.
Miss Mary Jean ; Porter .talented
harpist, . played a-beautiful num
ber. prayer." F. X. Albrich gave
his daughter' la marriage.
The bride was a beautiful pk
ture a she mounted the flower?
adorned steps of the altar, wear
ing a gown of white crepe de chine
and. a flowing full length, veil fast
ened with a cap. of real lace and
clusters of orange blossoms. Her
shower bouquet was. of Ophelia
rosea The wedding gowt, made
with tight, bodice, full skirt and
naifed ..sleeves.- .was ornamented
with silver lace. '
Miss Josephine Barr attended
her. cousin as maid ef honor. Her
frock was a lovely creation of
yellow crepe de chine. She -wore
silver in her hair and carried an
arm beuqset sHG,weet peas aad
rosea . If
Four - eharming - bridesmaids.
Miss Theresa Albrich, in rose r4ak
exquisttelx beaded; Miss Winal
t red -Albrich in orchid taffeta, with
bouffant skirt; Misa Christina He-
raann in Nile green. In bouffant
lines, and Miss Leora Michel in
pis k crepe de chine., preceded the.
bride and . her .maid of honor to
the altar. Each bridesmaid car
ried an arm bouquet of rodes aad
sweet peas.
Lawrence Hemain attended his
brother. as, best maa. The ushers
were, Karl Barr. Henry Barr, JoHn
Albrich Jr and, Edward Hera nun
Little . Margaret Huckesteia,
with, a frock of. blue and dainty
bat. to harmonize, carried the ring
to the altar in the heart of a rose
The wedding , breakfast for the
bridal party was served at the Al
brlch home.
At. noonf a wedding dinner , was
eerred in SU Joseph's hall, which
yeas beautft ally decorated for the
occasion. sThe btide . was the- re
cipient of .all, manner of lovely
gif ts in silver, china, glass, electric
pieces .and,, linen. -
Afters wedding trip to. Seattle.
Mr. and Mra,VHemann will return
to Salem to, make their JomeK hav
ing purchased a place of their own
For travelings Mrs. - Hemann, wor
a frock, of brown' satin, crepe with
brown, wrap and hat, , and .acces
sor les to harmonize. .
, Mrs. .? Hemana. Is , a . prominent
alumna of the Sacred Heart acad
enjjr. vaYing ; graduated .with, the
Ever Ready Birthday CZu6i
The Ever ; Ready Birthday clnb
met on -Thursday as t the , guests
f Mrs.r O. H. ; Strands who, -with
Mrsv : Lizzie Wv 3mith, i were the
honor tgucats of the occasion. Tho
h ouse was , decorated for the a'f-
tern ooa t with asters, chrysanthe
mums and dahlias. -.The honor
guests t were . made, the : recipients
Of appropriate gifts, i ; ?: i
;In the roup were Mrs. Florence
? hipp, Mrs. Florence Xovo Olden
burs, f and daughter. -Ernestine
Loveiand. ,Mrsw Clp.r Adams, JMrs.
Mary i Hall, $ little 'JDoris-4 .Strand.
Mrs. r.3ara Lucas;. -Mrs r.iiattic
Renneni- Uxsi Mary ErigssJi Mrs.
Louisa' Loveland, MrsaAnaa Whit
tier, ?Trs. Id - Elrt?ein!th. Mrs.
land aad the hostesses,' Mrs Lizzie
W. Smith and Mrs. O. H. Strand.
Mrs. 'Paul - Doney Leaves .--
for Home tn Cambridge. -
Mrs Paul , Doney Lucy Halt .
and little , daughter.. Jean, Marie,
left on Thursday for their heme
brCambridge, Mass... after, an ex?
tended visit , in the. west.. , Mrs
Doney was the guest In Los An
geles ef her parents,-Dn and Mrs.
G. F. Holt,' and in San Francisco
of her, brother,, Herbert. v ' . :
In Salem. Dr. and Mrs. Carl
Gregg ' Doney entertained their
daughter-in-law and little grand
daughter for a week, the party
motoring . to . Portland . oa (Thurs
day. .Mrs. Doney and, JeanMarie
plan visits in Chicago .with Dr.
Doney's sister. Mrs. L. A. Lamb,
and with Mrs. Doney's niece, Mrs.
Thomas Lineweaver. In Minnea
polis they will -visit at j the-home
f Mrs. Paul Doney's brother, Dr,
William Holt..
Mrs. Ralph White Honors
Pupils rWith Dancing Party .
Pupils, and graduate pupils of
Mrs. Ralph White's popular ballet
class were the guests of honor at
a . delightful Hallowe'en dance in
Derby halL Each Friday night
the group will meet for a similar
informal affair.
Of even greater Interest will
be -the three formal dances , at
which the group will entertain
guests. The first of these formal
ball room affairs will take place
during the Christmas holiday sea
W. C. T. U. Activities,
Are Announced
The Salem WCTU realized S200
from their recent rumage and food
sale for the children's farm home,
and wish to thank all those who
helped to make it a success.
During the past year the Salem
union has paid over to the farm
home treasurer 3200, the pur
chase price of a memorial acre of
land, naming Jennie M. Kc-mpi
past state president, as the one
they would, thus honor; also .327
into the- maintenance fund, besides
contributing over 75 worth of
clothing and fivolarrels of canned
Since the farm will all be paid
for and cleared of all indebted
ness at the close ot the present
year, the need will then be for
more cottages. At present there
are five filled to overflowing, and
Lane county is completing a sixth
one. .
It is 'the hope of these .WCTU
women: that in the .near future
Marion county will awake to. he
privilege of erecting, a cottage
there, since the . farm is already
the happy, home of several Marion
county children and. room is now
needed for more. The women are
already beginning to work to that
end. '
The state WCTTJ convention will
meet in Gresham October 19 to
22nd. The Salem union will have
six, delegates there--Mrs. J. J;
Nuan. Mrs. Mary Charlton, Mrs.
Miranda McDonald, Mrs. F. ML
Reed. Mrs. Retta Pem-berton and
Mrs. Rachel Reeder.- The North
Salem union will be represented
by its president. Mrs. Jennie- Pres
naL and the county organization
by Its president, Mrs. Sarah Oli
ver. Lena Belle Tartar Arranges
Interesting Institute Program
., The following musical program
was rendered during the sessions
of the Marion County Teachers'
Institute this week, .The program
was arranged byLena'Belle- Tar
tar, wha also led the group sing
ing. Gretchen K reamer presided
at the piano and. played all the. ac
companiments: Volga t Boatman's Song
Russian, folk song
A Song of India
Salem .high school students
Song Cycle:' Four - Indian
Love Lyrics-. ; . ,'
, .,...... Woodforde-Flnden
The Temple Bells
Less Than the Dust
Kashmiri . Song ;
Till I Wake
- . Lena i Belle Tartar
Who Is Sylvia? ....Schubert
The Star . La Forge
Neva- Cooley
To , a Hill-Top . . . . . -Cox
Comet to the Fair . . . . Martin
, Ermine Bushnell-Fawk -Orientale
........... i ... . Cue
Iva Clare Love
Silver Tea at Knight
Memorial Church ; ki
: The Ladies' Social circle of the
Kal;ht r Memorial church, will
jpocsor a silver, tea in the parlors
of, the- new church on Wednesday
afternoon. October 20. All mom!
friends of the church are
invited to attend.. -' "J
Motor to McMinnviUe ' --.
i Dr. and Mrs. IU E. - Morris an4
son Kenneth,.have motored to Mc
MinnviUe to. spend ' the . week-end.
Guest of Grandparents kt A '
' James Darby. - the son of Mr
and Mrs; L L. Darby has goner to
Aria., for a visit with his grand
parents. Mr. and " Mrs. '"' J. - C. Fer
guson. ;
' i t i N '
Dinner Party Honors . '
Mrs. Bulgin -. - - -
: Mrs. EL Jr. Bulgln who, with her
son William, is visiting In Saleu
from Miami, FUu, waa the Inspir-
. F' E. Shafer's Harness and
Leather Goods Storefc170 S. Com'l.
Suit cases, valises, port folios, brief
eases, gloves and mittens. Large
stock, The pioneer store. ' )
. , Walter IL 4 ZoseL antomobile
tires tubes, and. necessaries. Vul
canizing that ho' is. High quality,
f?rrir r?TTi--. ' A tr!-l r-" -:? a
-. Today . . ;-; ' ;
-Vesper t service, i Y. W. C. A..j4
o'cioetc;; -Dr. : Norman . Kendall
Telly, leader.?; ; f -,.
Dedicatory sermon.' ' Knight
Memorial church, 'corntr 19th and
Fetrr streets, with Dr. JW. r C.
Kantner In the pulpit. 2:30 o'clock
Sacred concert by Knight Me
mortal vested, choir. 7:30 o'clock;
AacJnt Mariner " First Con
gregational church, .7:30 o'clock.
j '- ". : v r .-Tuesday - ..t,
.Writers'' section of i the Saler
Arts', league-: -MUs-Marr Gilbert.
1190 Oak. street, hostess.
Cbadwlck chapter Eastern Star.
Masonic Temple. ... .
; WCTtJ state convention In Gres
ham. ; Opening session. '
National League of -Women Vot
ers- and Etokta dab in Joint meet
tag. Mrs. E. E.; Fisher. 515 Mar
ket atroet, hoetess.
W. C. T. U, .HaJlj;$0, o'clock
Wednesday -
Silver tea. Knight Memorial
church. Corner 19th and Ferry
streets. .
Moroni-Olsen Playera In "Dear
Brutus." Elslnore theater. 8
- Saturday
Salem Woman's club. Presi
dent's Day and silver anniversary
program. Club house. 2:30 o'clock.
ation for a delightful birthday din
ner, on . Wednesday evening at the
Gray Belle. , ' i
Coyters were placed for Mrs.
J.... Bulgin. the honor guest;
.William . Uulgln. both ef Miami;
Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Bulgln, Mr.
nd Mrs. Dick Buell and Mr. and
Mrs. Bulgln.
Miss Fargo- Is Guest -in i -Salem
Over the Week-End ' -s
Miss Luclie Fargo, who holds
a responsible .position with the
American Library association with
headquarters ' in Chicago, . arrived
in Salem, at noon yesterday for. a
several days visit at the home of
her brother and sister-in-law. Mr
and Mrs. W. F. Fargo, of ; 1085 N.
Church . street. Miss . Fargo will
go to Corvallis to follow a busi
ness Itinerary south.
Chadwick Ctiapter of the
Eastern Star to Meet ?
on Tuesday
Chadwick chapter of the Ordes
of the Eastern Star will meet In
the Masonic. Temple on Tuesday
evening for a social meeting. The
entertain met committee Includes:
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Hauser,
Mr. and Mrs. George Crater, Mr;
and -Mrs. J. B. Protzman, Mrs.
V. E. Knhn, Mr. and Mrs. T. S.
Mesch, Mr. and Mrs. George Duns
ford, and Mr and Mrs. William
Vesper Services at YWCA
The1 first vesper, service of the
autumn season will be-held at 4
o'clock this afternoon In the city
YWCA parlors. - Dr. Norman Kendall-
Tally,, pastor . of- the First
Presbyterian church, will be the
leader. Special musical numbers
will be given by the. Phelps-Chase
Tea will be served following the
service. -
John Carson i Bar sch ,
Arrives in Oakland . i
John Carson Barsch is the namai
-which Ur::, and 3rsv Waiter AUeSj
Barsch Catharine Carson) ot
Oakland, Cal., . have given. theUv
new son, who, was bornuact. ik
John Carson is the first, child ot
Mr. and Mrs. Barsch.
Mrs.Deckebach Is
Guest in Seattle
Mrs. Frederick Deckebacb, in
company with her house , guest.
Miss - Dorothy Cldland. , left on
Wednesday for Seattle for a: visit
over the. week end. Mrs. Docke-
bach . plans to return tomorrow.
Miss Gilbert to Entertain
Modem Writers , r-;
Miss Mary Gilbert will enter
tain the . members of the Modern
Writers club on Tuesday, evening
at the Alpha Phi Alpha sorority
bouse,' 1190 Oak. street.
Eight-Cover . Dinner .
at Slater Home ,
Mr. and Mrs. . Richard - Slater
were hosts in a, delightfully Infor
mal manner.whext on Friday even
Ins they entertained with an eight
cover .dinner. A candelabrum of
orange, candles, burned on the din?
per. table, .where the color .scheme
was suggestive .of, the Hallowe'en
season. - Bridge was' the .after
dinner . diversion, owlth , the. high
score going'to Mrs Ro. Keene. .
r. In . the dinner group, were Mr,
and Mra. . Roy f Keene, . Mr. t .1, and
Mrs. .'Gua . Hlxson. . Mr. and ' Mrs.
P. D. Quisenberry and the hosts,
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Slater. .
W. Meet inHaU
; The. Salem WCTU will meet on
Tuesd ay. October; 19. at their, hall
on Ferry and Commercial streets.
Making comforts will be the order
of the day, and - those who can
cpine In the morning are Invited
tov bring their, basket and thimble
and, shears, ready for work. .
Guests in-Portland '. -:
t Mrs. i Mildred Bright - and Miss
Mabel Savage are spending the
week end In Portland as. the house
guests of Mrsi. -Bright'a - sister.
Mrs; 1L N. Aldrtch. " J : -
Ira W. Jorgensen. 190.S High
St. . Parts for all makes of ears;
Best equipped auto, accessory store
in this section, prompt and reli
able service. the rujel l ;
Tyler's Big Z Coll CapsaU
care your told. If you dn , ' -lieve
it it- for ytur"?rTf. -Tr' r
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Air Woven of Long
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The Sealis riot just, another 'indttrc
It is differentfiindainentallyVd
The secret of -its -unmatched ccinr.
lies in a patented ,ir .weave: pre
wnicn permanently
j longstapie -virgin
single,, giant, buoyant batfc
... k, 4 . .
This batt, slipped into a specially vevcr.
Sealy tick,. forms a great, tuftl ess pillow :
for, the .body, , a mattress Jtht . vail, nc t
become-lumpy or hard that riccda no
LU119. , XJClllLUitlCSS VCiliy ii i.illUUiii
soft surface yields to your body like, r.
ycoilip quickly into sound, restful
sleep. '
Notonly the most comfortable, hvX in
the .end : the rnos t econ orni cal mattrcca
pjerje mf;t
tress in'the worlcL : v 1
l; , 'Reglaseirig .'pVicen the Pacific
For One ' Weelr Only Bes:::r t
Morayr Octcber?18
Here's your opportunitytto get tli c b : :
$; - mattress made ; atf"a fereatly-rcduc c 2
- priced Jfybu :had a;Seary.Mattrc:3t:n:!
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