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Villi lib LI. tl jviOiiiNllNtr, OviwU, l'Ju"
i Oregon Stdiesniian
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- . . igtacd Daily Cxeept Voa4ay ay j
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' Wm4 jr. Toi ; '
JLm If. Merrinua
- Aalra4 Baaca.
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.-- City K4itr
Society Editor
1 .1
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flltpatcaea ereJiud te U r aot etaanrU credited i Ut paper asd ate tka local
. " ' . 2 BUSINESS OmCEJ: , ..
Albert Br ere. 83 Wereeater BUr. Pertlaad. Ore. , : . ; - t
Taonaa 9. Clerk Ce.. New York. 128-136 W. Slit s ?rfct.m ui..H. -via.
Ity A Payne. Sharoe Bldg.. Baa rraaeisto.
; - .
ClrealaUan Ojffice .181
Baalaut OmeeSB St3
Beelety Editor .1 0 S
Eetered at tka Pott Office la
S Ram 91. 99
p ' Tuesday. November Tr
For TJ.. a. Senator: " r
For Governor:
For, Superintendent of Public
Instruction : - , V
C. A. HOWARD " "
For State Lbor Commissioner:..
Por Public Service Commlsstoserf
For Justices of Supreme Court:
c ujjcimiK yaiaiayu ol
corresponds .to this article was i
VltA hV rM. mn. a-. - . . Z J A
n7 Kidi luxajiuerry inausiry,
looking; towards, complete stabilization." It. may be stated
at the present time that the industry is now, stabilized -
. Stabilized on 4 5 cent price to the grower and a corre
spondingly low price to the consumer of canned loganberries
i For it has turned out that
ing the loganberry is through the canned fruit trade, and that
England is taking this year and took last yeas nearly half the
Uregon pack of canned loganberries.
. . The market for loganberries in barrels js considerable,
and that lor dried berries is a
states and Canada, and some berries are put up and marketed
i in the juice form every year; but the 'great bulk pf the crop
, goes to the ultimate consumer
. ; The time was when it was
great loganberry industry maintained without the juice fac
stories, and the time will no doubt come when that will be an
outlet for a very large proportion of the crop, and in the.form
j of jams and jellies there will also be an outlet for enormous
: tonnages
i But for the present the safe thing-is'the canned outlet
ancl it is necessary to keep the prices to the consumer down.
-in order to maintain this market. . This means' about a 5 cent
price for the present, and also low priced sugar: though one
j of the Salem cooperatives paid,
' at' five and five-eighths cents a
cents, i
: The time has evidently come when there can be a little
expansion in loganberry growing here continued every year,
'-with new acreage, or still better, with a larger per acre ton
nage, brought about by better attention to the yards ,
In other words, we are on
and can stay on the up grade if we will keep our feet on the
ground. -Jt is around a million dollar crop for the immediate
; Salem district now and it will grow to a ten million dollar
. crop in the course of years.
i ' Salam is the birth nlace of
i scale, and is its center, and will
center, and its canning, drvincr. barrelino- 'flm anH iliv I
, .
i J Mice, processing, pacKing, snipping ana marketing center.
? tTViiTirr. fiolam , tka v,,vK i i.i i I
I " ,7 " - F av-C tummwuai puasei
of the loganberry industry, and the center of this industry
? the birth dace of the herrv Itself ia Sflnfa f!n Pal , nU
i If.. ..t. sw .
etse wnere in ine oiatesman ot this morning. But it was I
,i noxroy fa Iron nn rvn a nmmAvviot maIa "Sw fiilffnmU ; . ; I
C m J ' ..v.
i . A ; ine joganDerry is a wonder berry. It is the world's
greatest bush fruit , And the Safen, district has in its produc
non wnat amounis xo a irancnise ; along with parts of western
t Wasrtinorfnn Tha wnr-lA mill f9l4 .11 wii L i
. . ,
we willj but "tell the world' bf
4. .Kr Vi! rl
5 - " nviu a viuuivc w vwincmtMujr uujr wguiiwrry pro-j
aucts m an their various marketable forms: more marketable
fdrms than apply to any other
; lhe lortunes of all of
" Ua '
U 6iV.auUi,Uiuuau-
t 1 And it has outstanding merits that should keen it onincr
i ftit .WAU a . u4."t...j t ji - -
, ,Ui.u v,.Uv o.uiu uv inu.c,
. uig men with clear visions and high -class organizing
powers and leadership are needed right now in the loganberry
industry. Such men could,
manently on its feet; could give it a Gibraltar stability.
5. - f Compared with the opening prices of California walnuts,
t announced yesterday, the best
grauea rranquettes, ought
. , And as we will have not far from two millionl pounds to
i market this year, it will be seen that this crop will bring a
- handsome sum to our growers. , t . , -
i Also, we will have not farfrom 100,000 .pounds 4 of fil
: berts to sell, and they should bring around, 18 to 6 cents a
"pound.'.' - '' . 1 'i '.
x. r.l only just started irithe nutiiridustry here;biit we
; are fairly on our way. The new acreage 'coming into bearing
, ' each year, and the added growth of our nut; ireesl will make
. thpmPlv folf l n z - ' ) . ...
"--i"i"jr iiKi
i ; t : uur certain destiny is
the, world, for the very good
. worm m quality, and we have
W. K. BnjwMi Cireu Maaarer
Kalph H. Klctsing .Adrerticiag Alsnnrcr
Prank Jaikatkl - Mistf r J,
W. c. Conner
'- Poultry Editor
Calif.; JHiMin BtdcLia Ancelea. Calif.
Ketrt Dapartmaat-ZS r 106
Jab Departateatw 889
OregaiMSs- eraaeaaa ' Matter.
1 y 11
7. 1020
"The J.rrt tti-'VlAl fi.a.
For ' Con gressman. First
slonal District:,-
For State; Senators: '
For 'Representatives: r
me arucie one year ago tnat
"TKpto nra 'trtrJ 0ra
w , I
W A -a v .
is on jne up graae. it is
the great .avenue for market
good one injsome of the eastern
m cans.
thought there "could not be a
itsloganberry pool last year
pound, and this year at six
theup. grade In the industry,
the industrw
likely always be ; its producing I
. -',.!.. J
m . ...
- . ...vuwi.-; . ,-.
wc c VC1 ' t
its 'preeminent Qualities, and
berry grown.
us are more or less tied up with
r .
ngui Keep ii niuwiiig. .
put and keep the industry per
,Salem d.istriet walnuts, the
to .bring-arodng 35 cents a
at? - i
a cenis a
: ! s .
new acreagecoming into bearing
...... .t !. , . 4... t. . ... ,.
easing crops cumulatively so.
the walnut anrf fiThprr ront f
reason that we-can heni the
the available acreage to exceed
T-iUnder the above headinsr..
Portland Daily News, which is
4icrajiiici, icvcuijy firjuLeu ui
ui ixiut. journal ine ioiiowing:j
.William E. Barton, author
coln," has an article in The Christian Science Monitor of Sep
tember 15 on ''Lincoln and Liquor 1 1 -
This Lincoln authority has
cerning the habits ' and opinions of tHe emancipator , with
regard to the sale and use of intoxicating drink.
The wets all over the country-ha ve been saying Lincoln
liked his liquor. The drys have
taler. The wets have misquoted
today, he would be opposed to
have been misquoting him to
Barton, I believe, gives us
can be known: v -
The truth is, then, that Lincoln did not drink or use to
bacco. ' He was not a teetotaler,
like liquor and "believed that its
He was. uncompromising in
law not any particular law, but
Before the Young Men's Lyceum at Springfield, Dl., on
January 27, 1837, he said :
Let reverence fof the laws be breathed, by every
American mother to the lisping babe that prattles on
her lap; let it be taught In schools, in seminaries and in
, colleges; let it be written in primers, spelling books and
In almanacs; let it be preached from the pulpit, pro
claimed in legislative halls and enforced in coiirts of
Justice. And in short, let it become the political religion
of the nation; and let the old and the young, the rich
and the poor, the grave and the gay of all sexes and
tongues and colors and conditions, sacrifice unceasingly
- upon Its altars.
The speech from which this
been misauoted by both
- - - -
com was not speaiuiig ox a liquur
, . . , Ai i.i
taw in mmu; ne was
didn't like it, but it was law.
But five years later, before
did sneak specif icaily about liquor. Here are his exact words :
Of our political revolution
proud. It has given us a degree of political freedom
far excelling that of any other nation of the earth. . . .
Turn now to the temperance revolution. In it we (
find a stronger bondage broken, a viler slavery manu
mitted, a greater tyrant deposed; in.1 it, more 0;f -want
supplied, more disease healed, more sorrow assuaged.
By it no orphans starving, no widows weeping. By it,
none wounded in feeling, none ' injured in interest;
even the dram-maker and the dram-seller will have
glided into other occupations so gradually as never to
have felt the change, and will stand ready to join all
others In the universal song of gladness. And what a
noble ally this to the cause of political freedom; and
1 with such an aid Its march cannot fail to be on and on,
till every son of earth shall drink in rich fruition the
sorrow-quenching draughts of perfect liberty. . Happy
day when all appetites controlled, all poisons sub
dued, alf matter subjected mind, all-conquering mind,
shall live and move, the monarch of the world. Glor
ious consummation! Hail, tall of fury! Reign of
reason, all hail! v "
And when the victory ahaU be .complete when th"4re .
shall be neither a slave nor a drunkard on earth h6wv
proeid the title of that land which may truly claim to be ,
the birthplace and the cradle of both those revolutions
that shall have Vended In that victory. How nobly dis
tinguished that people who shall have nurtured., to
maturity both the political and moral freedom of heir
species'. -
lookf aTyli ."'Rotirtconfmfndd
when she had finished
"Not yet. Wait a minute.
Seizing his other bag. he made
off into the brush, to reappear af-
ter a mtie COrrect chauffeur's
Hvery, capped, leather-gaited and
spruce, saluting smartly, ne as
-Any orders, Mrs.
Oh. la: lal' '
Their laughter waked distant
echoes and caused a farmer jog-
I behavior of modem youth.
I Roberta insisted upon his get
tine out his shavinr mirror to
I see himself as others saw him.
land when he looked into it . he
I "For the love of Mike! Why,
J SSSJ .0-d
nave thought it would make an
I that difference? , We're safe
enough' now on that score,- any
:l.way.: Come on. let's go. -We've
I got to make Worcester tonight."
Isn't that a Jong way from
I here?
"Yep.. But we've got to be on
the ground ;early tomorrow morn
ing. -.. trU. - . i v'
VHave you thought how to get
Celia away?",'.
Can't, until I see the lay o' tne
land.'.' v v , ' J , ' ; i
At a late hour that night the
clerk at Worcester's best hotel
wu Hurnrised by the arrival of a
I tioned carefully, for 'her family
i reBiUcQGa in w nuiu'i
. . . 1- n M A
i j:,L-f -m criia
situation was more unusual then
than it would be now, but lier
quiet manner, " Impeccable' accent;
and deep mourning convinced the,
clerk of her respectability, and he
gave them rooms. - .... ...
- About. - nine o'clock the next
morning the touring car of Mrs.
Horatio Smith rolled slowly Into
Fitiwilllam, , a village consisting
x no cmicsa uubij, iw .
Commercial. , Sanitary, up to data
romvt delivery. Bakers for thoss
wh appreciate the. best. Increas.
I tag patrons tell the tale. t)
Changing a. flat : tire will ruin
your pleasure, disposition ' and
I dirty your clothes., Let Maicom's
Fred L. BoaltVeditornf the
anything but a strictly dry
u pruiiniieiit euiioriai position
of 'The Life of Abraham Lin
been beset with inquiries con
been saying he was a teeto
him to show that, if alive
the Volstead law. The drys
the opposite effect. .(S , ,
the truth so far as the truth
but nearly so. He did not
use was productive of great
' ..
his stand for obedience to
all law.
excerpt is taken has, Barton
sides in the controversy. Lm-
ww, nut UlU lie owva
m il if it.:. 1 1
ox uie iugiuve swvc mw.
the Washington society, he
of '? we are all jostly
of one tavern, one general store,
one butcher shop. One post office,
one town hall, two churches, and
a few houses. High, timbered
hills,- now aflame with autumn
foliage, rose behind it, and off in
the distance Monadnock reared .his
solitary bkie peak. Mrs. Smith
directed her respectful chauffeur
to stoo at the tavern, where she
descended to make inquiries.
The proprietor told her that
there were several available hous
es In the vicinity, already - de
serted by their summer occupants,
but when it came to obtaining one
that very day there were difficul
ties. They would have to get per
mission from the owners, fer-
hatfs Mrs. Smith would stay, at the
tavern for a day Of two until ar
rangements, could be. made? Mrs,
Smith gently demurred. She was
In deeo trouble and . wished to be
alone. Her housekeeper would.
arrive that night and she was ex
I tamely anxious to be settled fm-
gsneaiaieiy in ner own qusueu
She was a stranger in . tne East
and could give no references, un
fortunately, but she would lake a
suitable house for month, pay
ing the rent in advance, with the
option of keeping It all winter if
she liked It. She had heard of
FitswlUUm from a friend who
had once visited in the-neighborhood,
and thought she would pre
fer it to the larger -towns, because
she wished to be very quiet. If
she decided to stay, an aunt of
her husband's would join her lat
er. ... '. ; '..
Impressed -bv her charm, ber
evident prosperity. and her pa
thetic straits, the tavern-keeper
admitted that lie had the keys of
certain houses and the matter
might be arranged by telephone.
In the end Mrs. Smith found her
self in possession of a comfort
ably furnished domicile belonging
to a well-to-do Boston , couple
named Finlaw. who used , It only
in summer. It was removed from
the center of theVvlIlage,-on'a
lonely road' which seemed to lead
nowhere, and was without ' near
neighbors. Ther was "a barn
..... ... , . i ... - -
Bonesteele Motor Co., 471 S.
Com'l.. has' the Dodge automobile
for you. All steel body. Lasts a
lifetime. Ask Dodge owners. They
will tell you. (
Telephone 1SS, Capital -City
Laundry. The laundry of pure
materials. We give specfal .atten
tion to all home laundry ' work;
Telephone and we will calL ()
Miss Pearl Waite, 16, and
Ernest Miller, 18, of Kearney,
Neb'., were lovers, and planned to
be married in, spite of family ob
jections. Renewed opposition to
their marriage is believed to be
responsible for a "suicide pact,"
as a result of which their bodies
were found in a ravine near Kear
ney. It is assumed the boy shot
the girl and then turned the gun
on himself.
where the car could be kept. Lin
ens and sljver wre not proviaea,
but she said she could pick up
enough of thes at Keene to serve
until,. her own things, arrived.
Whereupon, convinced that the
ptrahger, would be a valuable ac
quisition to the village, the kind-
hearted tavrn-keeper turned over
the keys and withdrew.
After airing the house a little
and putting a few things In order.
Roberta and Piggy Kicked tne
doors and set off again in the car,
ostensibly for Keene. They made
a wide - detour, however, - skirting
the foot:.of Monadnock by wind
ing" Way" through thick forests-of
smau pine ana sienaer,
gOlen-leaved birch, coming at
last to. an aggressive, freshly
painted sign beside a forking
road. .
! r " Beware of the Dogs!
. '"That's-it." she murmered,
from her seat in the tonneau. as
he slowed up and looked about to
find the surroundings in his mem
ory. "The house is back on the
hill to the left, behind. the trees.
Td think that Celia's shut up
there and I can't go to her!
There's the barbed wire. See it?"
"That's easy. I'll get a wire
cutter at Keene no Greenfield,
They drove on toward the local
metropolis, where they purposed
doing some shopping, but had
gone only a short distance when
they heard an efrgine of a heavy
.car whining as it came up a grade
'ahead, and Piggy drew aside to
let it pass.
He had a fleeting glimpse of a
gray-clad chauffeur behind the
wheel, and in the tonneau a big,
broad shouldered man whose cap
was pulled low over his brow,
leaving only his beaky nose, stub
by dark mustache, and heavy, jaw.
As the car tore past them this
man turned, eying them sharply,
and Piggy thought he looked a
good deal like a bulldog -ge tting
ready to spring. A second later
he had disappeared around a'
curve in the road.
. "Peter!" Roberta gasped, be
hind her veil. "Peter! That was
my father! He's found out!"
"Ho-lee smoke' said Piggy.
We've j;ot to hump ourselves. "
. Arrived at last at the scene of
action, which 4s 'carefully guarded,
Roberta and Piggy investigate.
"Without warning Roberta's father
speeds into the situation; obvious
ly the attempted "rescue" has
been reported to him.. He, for
tunately, does not recognise them.
Meanwhile, events , necessarily
beyond the ken of Roberta and
Piggy had taken place in New
York, and her father's presence In
New Hampshire was due less to
the omniscience with which she
was at first inclined to credit him
than to one of the qualities mak
ing him a successful business man.
He was a good guesser, and, hav
ing decided upon the probable
goal of any opponent, it was his
policy to arrive there first, if pos
sible. I Assuming that anyone was
to- be taken by surprise, he pre
ferred it to be the other feUow. .
His knowledge of Roberta's ex-
The Pontlae Six is outselling
because It is Built to Outlast. It
displays unfailing sturdlness and
dependability. See It on display
at Vlck Bros. CJ
, Elk er Auto Co., Ferry at Lib
erty St. Autos stored, and bought
.and sold. . Cars washed day and
night. 'Low prices aid service will
make long fries Is. . (.),
pected arrival in New York may
be regarded as the result of pure
chance by those who believe there
is any such, thing. . . v . . . " ,
Fonr days before Piggy was sent
to meet Roberta at the station;
while Scott's mind .was chiefly en
gaged with business, a friend from
Montreal hart "called upon him un-.
expectedly at his office. Scott in
vited the man td dine that night at
his club, explaining that his family
was in the country. t . "
. -"Have they come back?" the
other asked, with surprise. "I saw
Mrs. Scott and. Miss Celia in Loiw
don In June, and they said they
were . going to-. Italy : later and
wouldn't be '. home until Christ
mas." .
"Um yes that waa' the plan!
But Celia had a bad nervpus
breakdown.- I had to go over and
bring her home."
"Nothing serious, I hope?"' . !"
"No. It's persistent. But not
serious. If ; we k'eep - her quiet
enough -r- long enough she'll
come around all right." I,.
"Probably that's the reason' her
sIsTers coming home, then," said
the Montreal man, who knew
nothing about the family breach.
"What's that?" Scott's tone was
"Am I giving away a secret?
Perhaps she meant to surprise
"Perhaps she did. It's a way
she has.. What makes you think
she's coming back?"
"I saw her in the steamship of
fice buying a ticket the day before
I sailed. I came on the last ship
to Quebec! myself, and heard her
ask for a cabin on the next one.'
"Sure it was Roberta?"
"Why thought so. I never;
saw her but once before. I dldlL't
speak to her, because I was in a
great hurry; and I don't thiaik she1
recognized me," : I-may have been
mistaken. ' Anyway, I'm sorry if
I've sp'ofled her plan." ;
"No harm done. If she is com
ing, I'm glad to know it," an equ!-J
yocal statement producing the de-j
sired effect. up6n the mind of Chi
Canadian. .. ..
In his morning mail,
after the Canadian's revelation,
Scott found a notification from
one f his numerous henchman
that Clifford Nixon, the young
manager of a Cleveland company
manufacturing automobile en
gines, was in New York, and his
mind leaped to the solution of a
simple equation wherein two and
two added up to fifty per cent; or,
algebraically stated, a plus b
equaled half the sum x. Nixbn
had been one of Roberta's suitors'
Capital City Cooperative Cream
ery. Milk. cre5m, buttermilk. The
Buttercup- butter has no equal.
Gold standard of perfection. 137
Si Com'l. Phone 299. ()
We have tne bat you want at
the price you want to pay. Many
lew patterns and felt hats come in
laily. The Vanity Hat Shop, the
place to buy the Beth Hat. ()
,- ., , v-r-' i ,r -,v i v: ; , , r
Wllllliilill II jiiniiii mm,. iainiiniwnminmniiirii.111 n iMwaiiiwinm liinn I'iriiwnT miMni "li - limn riiiiam iiMiMiKiirffliriiMWi in "iiflimr I nil II "" 11 1 - --1 mrniu inriirir-n - i- wawsi wnM
iw. wmmmmmmmmmM ammmmmm i.nii.wwwiiii iiiiiwiin wwmmm-. 'nmmmmmmmmmm:mm:Mmmmmmmlmmmm.mmm3 aim mm-mm-mmmmmmr-'m'mm
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaBaaaaiR' -;av. . - . ?aaaaaaMaBaaaaaaaasaHaaaaaaaaaaaaasaBaa '
1 1 1 111 t.A;. 1 111 1111 j - i
, . :v .frtday::
I and Feature Pictures
- - ' '
Tcirazzini: to Wed
-Man Half Her Age
y '"!'
.--V; "- "
Mme. M Luisa :; Tetraxzini, the
famous' Italian prima donna, who
used to' make $2500 a perform
ance at the Metropolitan 4 opera at
the 'peak of her caree. is to be
married toPietro Farneti. The
bridegroom,; at SO, will be just
half-aasold as his bride.
(rfinv the time she left school, and
she ' had repeatedly refused ,him.
In foct, her obduracy in this mat
ter Jiad been one of several factors
in her final break, with her father;
who. had regarded the young man
with something more than favor.
f Ergo: Roberta being due in New
Pork in-ihree days, Nixon . appear
drjr.ta.taly to meet her, probably
td'pfotfbse to her again, possibly
to aid and' abet her in an attempt
to remove Celia from the proper
and', ordained jurisdiction -of her
&ural 'Kardlan.
. Scott's most distinctive trait
was an egotistic pride. Ruling men
- l.wjth..a heavy hand, It irked him
sore that his most formidable foes
hould be they of his own house
hold, and mere girl at that, in
wardly still raw and embittered by
Roberta's successful revolt, he was
determined to nip -Celia's unf illal
detection in the bud. And while
he never-admitted it even to him
self, he, was little afraid of his
elder daugUfer.
Temporarily dismissing all. oth
er claims upon his. attention, he
went Into secret "session5 with hinr
self, from which he; emerged after
half -n hour or. so. to order his
secretary to telephone a message
to Clifford Nixon's club that Mr.
Scott-lwished to see him immedl
atf lyon important business and to
cancel any other appointment for
an hour when Nixon could be
home. '
,,Puring, the afternoon the young
man Accordingly presented him
jaaaaaaUaltaiBW aaVt jaaaaaaaaVaaaaaaaUax aalBlSaw.
Plf n
French- Prima Donna
, Assisted by -
- . Camille Loaiza
, "r". In a Comedy Revue
"Thisy Tbat and WhatNot?
l .-WeUPa."
The TJIan From Juggloriia'1
. Anthonjr& Hogers
In The ' Reiired .nauui'
, ';'.: Bferdiants'- -. -
Songs And . Music
: "tf' .- ; i j- ' ' -
? Baby'Dodo ReioT
jTIiev Chiirf Wonder
The Niece of
, v Wallace
3, SHOWS: 2 - 7
, 'LEVEY N. Y.
- Feature Pictures
self, wondering, and was at.onts
admitted to : the " Presence. " His
wonder, however, was short-lived.
Hello, Clif!" said ScotC -So
yottve come to meet Roberta."
. Theother, taken aback; hesitat
ed a second before - replying, "Is
Roberta coming?"
" "You know damn well she is."
Her father thrust out his heavy
chin, his small, dark eyes earn
ing. "You're here" to meet Jher."
"Wei! what if I am?'-J fl note
of defiance colored Nixon'slone.
"Nothing. That's your affair,
dolnc to propose to her. again?"
' "No. I'm going to marry hre."
i "The devil you are! Got tired
bucking the world, has she? Finds
it isn't such a snap as ' she
thought? Well. I don't envy you
or your Job.' - All I've got to say
about it is this: There's a certain
situation which you may. or may
not know ' about,' In which she's
likely to try to take a hand. If
she ddes there s' "going . to ' be
trouble, so you'd better see that
she doesn't." ' ' .
"I don't recognize your right to
dictate "
"Don't, eh? Well, you will. Just
to show you that it's not a bluff,
I'll tell you now that I own a
large Interest' In your concern. My
name doesn't appear; on. your
books stock's held by dummies.
When youformed, your company
four years ago I 'thought you
might marry Roberta, and I want
ed a finger in, the pie. I've still
got it: I can make it hot for you if
I want to, and If you or anybody
connected with you tries to mix up
in: my private affairs. I'll do. it!
That's one thing4 I won't stand
from anybody. , Now marry her ir.
you want to. ' She's no daughter of
mine. But if you know what side
your bread's-buttered on,, you'll
see to It that she lets me and my
family alone.- Think it over and
don't talk back," he added, as Nix
bh, recovering a little from the
first11 Impact',' threw up his head
find Opened hi" lips. '"I've got you
where ther hair's short "and you
want to watch your step. .Busi
ness Is business, and ypu're doing
well. " I'm not likely to Interfere
with you as long as ydu don't in
terfere with me'i. He. pressed a
button on his desk. "If you do
look-out. That's all I have to ay
now. Tell Mr. Norria to come in."
he commanded, as a girl opened
the door "Good-by Clif. 'Think it
Nixon walked out with his bead
in & whirl. ;
(To be continued.)
(Copyright by Margaret . Cameron I.wi.
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