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Vanf inf-Editor' I
" i-Society Editor
JVM j. rs
M. Merrinwa
aadrcd Bosch
Circulation Of f tea. SSt
Bmare4 at th. Po,t Offic. a Salem. Oregon. , .aconTcla
i7 io l1U"X OF GOI For ho God. Bare-the Lord? and
who bj rock, sare our Cod?" 2 gam. 22:321 f
or U.I 8; Senator i
For Governor? v
For Superintendent of Public
, For State Labor Commissioner:
For, Public Serrice Comlnissioner:
For Justices of Supreme Court:
i f': f :;' ;
A peat deal of abuse has been given the Salem city ad
ministration and its" members,' individually and collectively,
because the nuisance of the city dump has not been abated
j, Ami the attitude of those dealing out the abuse (or
rather heKtraed titude of those who know better), is
that"all thecity'fathers Have to do is to lease a piece of land
near' the city and have the refuse of the city hauled thither
and dumped ; or contract with some concern that will so dis
pose of it . V
But the matter is not so simple. i
I That method has been tried, or sounded out with a view
tb trying it; several times, and there is an immediate uproar
fponi the people who live or have property near the contem-
plated location of the new city dump.; Their" outcry reaches; to
high heaven? as the dump smells and will smell to heaven,
wherever it is or may be located. I
.. It is at present located
the: statefair grounds, where there is now a temporary
niam entrance, and must eventually be one of the main gates
the state fair.
It cannot be left there; must not be
a-J it. fi
'iUi 1 .it. 'aa t ' -
'PWLvnre;Qi mezmauer nas
vfe ' twxTI C. -r '--
, , , ,i m jLTcuiyciiHirmaii oi
oyer the phone yesterday afternoon that he believes the com-
f j mli tee members have a solution
.be ready to act upon in the next
But he said the solution
ir-ygxary. one.
An incinerator would cost
.. - I
oe considered at the present
:. And; in fact there is no incinerator yet in use riaywhere
v,.that entirely solves the matter of the disposition of a city's
NLgabage.J t 'iujst is not inlthe nature jof things. There is the
.question of the disposition "of the sludge, as there is in the
ujapuaiuwi ui ine siuage oi-a
The time is approaching
permanent solution of the
y -rfj'if j f-j y .. jvovu vivjj auiuuuokiauuu lias
wcijr juyviucu sinning xuna
,000, it is understood, now. When this time does come, the
; sewage and garbage car go together. The same sludge dis
jpPo?itidn clan' be used for both. ' 'For Wth, it can be-worked""
? iito fertilizer, under one of the new processes, making a val
uable product for the farmers of ths section, instead of a
. noisdme nuisance.
rVTTKohe from ScaDBOOSe to lnm Antet. tin rpnlpnlah a hrH AoimaA
bythe epidemic of hoof and mouth
-Oregon dairy cow Is. fast achieving
'-vV4isbii-to rival' the famous farms of
"Ciimatei soil and pasture" are admirably adapted to the dairy indus-
try and thanks to the enlightenment through fairs, stock shows and
? agricultural aaents. we are lntroducinir wdrthv animals tn nrofii hv
these natural advantages. ' Gradually, the Oregon farmer is learning
Krtho lesson that tor inmates of his
'good, and is finally the cheapest.
The above, from the Portland Telegram of yesterday is all
true;; "The Oregon coast county dairymen are among the
largest purchasers and users of agricultural lime. This means
inore legumes and their rotation crops ; more ' and better
Uairy feed, and feed for the by-products of the dairy, swine
and poultry. . ,'f-;,' ' ;, , ' .. T
i But th'cPortland Telegram writer should have gone fur
ther and given some wbrds of praise to the Willamette Valley
. dairyrncnJ They have produced nearly all the world record
Jerseys. They-arc leading producers of the other standard
X dairy breeds, too - l " ' ' : : '
. ; And, (With: the development here; of the beet, sugar in-
dustry, which is comingthe first sugar factory just around
-v the corner' there will grow up a friendly rivalry between the
t tlirymen of the valley and coast counties that will make the
's rvrUl sit. up and take notice. ; , s , '
Bit For Brealcf at
-?ltt'th clear now -I
' y'.'.-V mm .
$ ; the bregour afate alr
JUd, two. more Viz dart to
',j 1 T 1 j
Aa4 Ut money will be needed1
1. r iMii
, W. H. Hendenca .
' :Rlp H. K letting
VP.C. Conser - -
Cire!tioB Manager
AdTHiaiBC Miattn
Hiacr Job Dept.
tire tort Editor
- Ponltry -Editor
iioa of all s(wi
a ali taa locml
Nnri Dmuininl 3 - m
Job DpartieBt5a
November 2 i I
For Congressman. First
sional District:.;
Fori State .Senators r
For Representatives: J
right up against the south side
.. .. . . . i;-" i A
no intention oi leaving it there.?
Jj:-'.,.., I
tnai commiuee, torn tne writer
of the matter now, that will
two weeks
must necessarily be only a tem-
about SKO OftO
yvvvv -w MMU 4aU WMAUa v v
time - r I
city s sewage. ,
when there will have to be a
question: of the disposition of
against, mis time; aoout $10,-
disease of two years ago. The
enviable rank in bovine aristoc-
Denmark. Belgium and Holland.
cattle barns, the best is none too
to make: further improvements to
Urn bl : plant. for-J. the .igreater
crowds and exhibits of future
years. ! V ; '.t
Aa.'soon as th$ fair is over there
ntuetjbfi ;and-rfljh W an intensive
campaign for the '8000 acrea of
beeta for the sugar factory, taking
in j all of !th .Willamette ; xalley.
Sign? upr v tke ' contractSr infl the
work! of building the tactory Vill
go forward. This should be easy,
with all points of the valley with
in a-60 mile radius, to draw from
That is, the grower 60 miles away
from the factory will be on an
equal footing with the one within
a mile of It. The company will
pay all the freight within 0
miles, and; equalize it on beets
coming from outside that radius
and allow the cost of freight for
those delivered by truck.
1 mm
. The price of gasoline is down,
and it is said the price of milk
is going up. -
The county exhibits at the state
fair are each allowed $100, by
the state fair board, towards ex
penses. Some of he people get
ting up the exhibits would like
the good old way, with first and
second and third prizes. They
think; the spirit of competition
would be helped. But others arc
satisfied with the present rule.
Marion county was never in the
competition under the old rule.
She has always treated the out
side counties as gueets. and made
her own exhibits for the good of
the whole state.
A few showers 'do not bother
the state fair crowds. The paved
roads and automobiles have made
a great difference. And the state
fair plant gets in better shape
every year to handle big crowds
in rainy weather.
Testimony Will Be Locked in Safe
Deposit Vault for Safe
. Keeping
SOMERVILLE, N. J.. Sept. 30.
(AP) "Sensational revela
tions" by Henry L. Dickman. state
trooper, have strengthened the
state's case against four persons
indicted for the; Hall-Mills murd
ers, Alexander Simpson, special
prosecutor, . announced today.
Dickman vanished after several
months work on the case. A re
cent report that he was bribed to
leave was subsequently denied. He
was found in the Alcatraz island
military prison.
"Dickman has given brand new
testimony," said Simpson, "and he
has told of a witness of the mur
ders not heretofore known. He
will be kept at Governor's island
until the murder trial and will be
an important witness for the
"His statement is too important
And too sensational to make pub-
"c. l m on my way to nut it fn a
dpnnsit vault whir(t Tin nnA
7 .V. .v-
cfn r ai u- T t
'"It was rumorerfthat search
been ordered for the witness said
to have been named by Dickman.
Dickman was assigned to the
case four 'years ago after the
original investigations had died
down. He made 14 reports to
Somerset county but none of them
has been found. Inspector John
Underwood today announced that
a private detective alleged to have
threatened William Whlttaker, of
New Brunswick, for not signing a
statement attacking the credibility
of, Mrs. Jane Gibson, the state's
star witness, had been identified
as a mr.n in the employ of the de
fense . He promised "important
developments" in that direction.
He said also that two' bundles,
containing blood-stained clothing
and a mattress, which Leonard
Gray reported finding seven miles
from the scene of the crime, were
hot connected with the Hall-Mills
NEW PORK, Sept. ;30. (AP)
Motorists lost $60-,00f,000 last
year through the theft of auto
mobiles' aid the present situation
is an opein challenge on the part
of the underworld to the insur
ance companies," Alfred Reeves;
general manager ofj the National
Automobile Chamber of Commerce
asserted today.
"Arlington Bulletin" and
"Boardman Mirror" are sold by
Editor G. H. Currey, to Raymond
C. Crowder and Loren O'Gara.
Tonight: Clean Your Howrla and
Stop j Headache, Colds, '
Sour Stomach
Get a lol-cent box. , 4 ,-.
Take a Cancaret: Innicht
cleanse your Liverj Stomach and
Bowels, and you will surelr'feel
great by morning. ! You men and
women wh have headache, coated
tongne, a jbad cold, arc bilious,
nervous, upsets bothered ; with a
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Kaoryi. uiooruereu siomacil.
or ! have - bkekache : and feel all
Worn out. Are you keeping your
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rew'davjJ with salts' tatharlirr l.ili
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and regulate the stomach, remove
the nour, undigested and ferment
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ter ana poison irom the bowels.
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.1.11 A " ' '.V""""
irVKifiTn nuacts
ILlt AblD
Adolphe Menjou in "A Social
Celebrity" Is Film Show
ing Today
Five acts of vaudeville will be
presented at the Elsinore today in
connection with the picture "A
Social Celebrity" in which Adolphe
Manjou stars.
A vaudeville recital will be
presented by Doris Judy, for two
seasons the ingenue of the "Green
wich Village Fpllies," and the
three Lorenz sisters, musicians' de
luxe. They have a carefully pre
pared repertoire of classical num
bers. "Figure It Out" is the title of
the second act cleverly given by
Borde and Robinson who have
brought the cross-word puzzle to
the vaudeville audiences.
Herbert Denton, as the travel
ing man, who dislikes house clean
ing, gives a vivid portrayal of a
bright business man. who though
he schemes to get away from the
troubles attendant thereto falls
into a pretty trap concocted by his
friends Florence Clementi, who
plays the role of wife. The act
is called "The Split Second Com
edy of Vaudeville."
Dick Ferguson and May Sunder
land will be found presenting in
the fourth act "Bits of Musical
Comedy," an offering replete with
dancing and singing, that is con
ceded to be one of the best acts
of its kind.
European novelties are always
sure to .provide something . new
and skillful in the way of enter
tainment. This is especially true,
of the Paul Brothers, who present
a sensational high, perch .act.
Holding a twenty-foot pole erect,
one of the brothers supports the ,
other with perfect ease as he does
a series of acrobatic feats in the
Several Auburn homes have
changed ownership this fall, and
several others have been rented.
Rev. Blodgett has rented his
home here and has taken the pas
torate of the 17th St. United
Brethren church.
Mrs. Hartwell has sold two
3XCry for
Kb? wl
goric, Teething Drops and Soothing Syrups, especially prepared
for Infants in arms and Children all ages.
To avoid imitations, always look for the signature of
Proven directions on each package. Physicians everywhere recommend it.
1923, 1924, 1925 Models Desired
' - , "
' V ,
Ford Business Is Good
. ;
We Need More Good Used Cars to Supply
v the Demand of Our Trade
A triangle shaped genuine O'Cedar Mop. These mops
have been saturated with the O'Cctlar oil and may be
used a considerable length tf time without adding more
oil... 1 ..'! : i - .. ! . !, -
5 Dont fail (o secure one of these fine floor mops!
-tracts on the Assylum road.: Leo
Childa 'has sold several of his
tracts! on "the Auburn road.' and
John Larson has sold his home
Auburn Sunday school closed
Sunday to attend the Hayesville
S.- S. convention which was held
at Brooks Sunday. It was well at
tended. The M. E. church was
packed, and at the. school house
there was a good atendance of the
juniors, with Mrs Gentry presid
ing, ine aixernoon session was
much affected by the accident at
the railroad crossing, the victims
of which were members of one of
the schools, and participants in
the day's program.
(Continued from page l.y
Salem. The office in Salem is but
a side issue as compared with the
defendant s office in Portland.
iue iaw is supreme over us
all and it i3 not for a public of
ficer any more than a private cit
izen to violate the plain terms of
the statute. It is the opinion of
the court, based on the evidence,
that the superintendant of banks
has practically moved his office
'bag and baggage' from the city
of Salem to Portland and this in
violation of the statute."
f ranK t . yramweii, state su
perintendent of banks. aid that
the decision would be appealed to
the supreme court for final deter
PORTLAND, Ore.. Sept. 30.-
(AP) Frank C. Bramwell. state
superintendent of banks, was not
at his Portland office today and
those inquiring about . probable
result of the court decision of
Judge Skipworth were informed
by Sidney1 J. Graham, who has
served as Bramwell's attorney? that
an appeal probably will be taken
from decision.
"It is the theory of the court,"
said Graham, "that, regardlesfe of
the fact that 90 per cent of the
work of Mr. Bramwell's depart
ment centers here, where the fed
eral reserve system operates, the
superintendent must maintain his
main office at Salem. It is our
theory of the law that it empow
ered Mr. Bramwell to maintain the
two offices and use his own dis
cretion as to which should be the
principal one. - The court holds to
the theory that he is authorized to
use his own discretion in the mat
"I have not finally been au-
MOTHER:- Fletcher's Cas
toria is a pleasant, harmless
Substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
Chorized to say that 'we twlil lap
peal from the decision' but con
fidently expect tiat'wejshalL" J
Graham, cited 'the fact that the
Oregon Bankers association helped
frame and put through;, the law
authorizing establishment of "a
Portland office by the superinten
dent of banks. The department,
he explained, is maintained by
fees obtained from the banks of
the state. . j ' M
v We
i at a
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A writ of review" was '-signed.
Thursday by Judge L. H. McMa
bon of the circuit ourt directing
Mark Ppulsen, city recorder, to
halt alt 'proceedings; in the case of
L. iRudie, who was! arrested on a
charge of driving while drunk and
return the writ of review on or
before Nov. 1. '
The rder states that a copy
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of all' proceedings in the case be
attached to the writ so that it may
be reviewed by the circuit court.
Rudie was arrested by local po- j
lice officers severaL weeks ago in f
an alleged intoxidated condit;onf
after his car had crashed into an
other. one in South Salem.
jHe was released on J500 bail
and filed a; demurrer saying that
the amount of ball demanded "was
eycesFive. Judge Poulsen over
ruled the demurrer! and Uud'H
paled to the circuit court.
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