The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, September 28, 1926, Page 8, Image 8

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As Train
Engineer of Seranlon Flyer Said to Have Had Unolst rutted
. View of Central Railroad Coach, Crash Comes
Neat Station
lnETIlLEIIEM. Ta., Sept. 27.-f
(AP) Eight jK-r sons were killed
and 40 injured when the Scranton
Flier fit the Central Uallroad of
N'6w Jersey plowed into a steel
cdorti of a lehifrh Valley limited
at'an intersection oC the two road
hero loday, shoved it 50 feet.and
rammed it against the" steel gir
ders of the Bethlehem Union sta
The engineer of the Srranton
flier had an unobstructed view
of the other train, according to
eye witnesses.
A coroner's jury was impaneled
at once and taken to the scene
of the wreck, where! It began an
investigation. '
It was said Lehigh Valley trains
had the right of way at the cross
over and that the signal board
there was set against the Jersey
Central train at the time of the
The revised list of dead as giv
en trut tonight by the Lehigh Val
ley railroad follows:
Hugh McCee, baggageman, Al
lentown. Pa.,
George McGovern, Mauchunk,
II. J. Ott, Allentown, Pa
D. J. Shovelin, Wilkes-Barre,
"Hariold W. Rlgel, Lehighton,
David Dausi, Wilkes-Barre.
Charles D. Gates, New York.
Unidentified man.
People standing on the plat
form said they were amazed to
witness the two trains, both run
ning at moderate speed and ap
parently with unobstructed view
of eacn other, crash together with
in 100 feet of the station.
The Jersey Central engine
struck between . the second and
third 'coaches, overturning the
former which carried about three
score passengers. All those killed
and injured were in this one
coach; which, was of ail steel con
struction. The heavy plush seats were torn
in - many instances and thrown
upon the passengers who had
jammed the aisle at the instant of
The engineer of the limited was
Henry Conlin. who has driven the
Lehigh's train 19 years without
an accident, He declared his train
had the right of way at the Junc
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Ken Maynard in ''Senior
Daredevil" at Oregon Last
Times Today
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Into the movies or on the stage
or anywhere else you'll take the
first step that leads In the genera)
direction of your goal without
first Inquiring how soon you will
net a lift."
For example," Ken Maynard
star of "Senor Daredevil," the
Charles R. Rogers production,
which is being shown last times
today at the Oregon took as hie
Cirst job in the motion picture in
dustry the winding of the phono
graph, which . scratched and blar
ed in the lobby of "the leading
motion picture theatre of Mission,
Texas. He lost this Job by care-
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40 Hurt,
Wrecks Coach
lessly falling down and smashing
all of the wax cylinder records
probably while gaping, at some
"two-gun" man of the screen In
stead of watching his step.
For Ken's ambition was to be
the best horseman and roper in
ph-tures. and those who have seen
"Swmor Daredevil" arc amend thai
he is very clos to that proal. Aftc-:
losing his strong-arm job at Uk
picture palace Ken was sent to
Inilitary school, where, of course,
he Joined the cavalry unit, and
spent his summer vacations on r.
Texas ranch, continuing his prac.
tice of "stunts" of horsemanshis
that soon brought him back to the
"show business," this time a
"chief cowboy" and featured-rider
with such circuses as Howe's, Rob
inson's, Sells-Floto and, Ringlings.
Then motion pictures called him
as it does the "stars" in all linee
of related endeavor. He played
Paul Revere in "Janice Mere
dith," which Introduced him in
his really sensational feats of
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Streett's Players Offer
Snappy Production "Love
'Em and Leave 'Em"
"Lore 'Em and Leave 'Em,"
which is the play in American
that the Streett players aro pre
senting tonight only at the Elsi
nore. is the best of the series of
realistic sections of contemporary
American life that they have pre
sented in the course of their en
gagement here.
"Kempy," and "The Family Up
stairs" belong to the same type.
Theatregoers who saw them with
the Streett players will remember
them with pleasure.
But neither of those two plays
had as a callaborator in its writing
the greatest living master of col
loquial American. "Love 'Em and
Leave 'Em' has this in John V. A.
Weaver, who aside from being the
most Important American poet
who has emerged in the past 10
years, has the surest knowledge
and most effective use of "Amer
icanese" that can be found among
contemporary writers.
"Love 'Em and Leave 'Em"
takes its title from one of Weav
er's best dialect American poems,
but the story is taken from other
of the themes on which Weaver
writes, and is woven by George
Abbott, with Weaver's assistance
s linguist and authority on folk
ways of the American lower mid
dle class into a comedy of life that
is more than -comedy.
Under the surface ripple of com
edy that sweeps the entire pl2y
is a pathos -as cruel as the pathos
In "The Song of the Shirt." and
tragedy as consummate as one can
hope to find anywhere except in
actuality in any modern, large,
"pep man" infested commercial
corporation in any American city
Mary Daniel, Tom Chatterton
and it resolves itself into a cata
logue of the entire company this
week when, a reviewer begins to
pin the ephemeral bouquets of
praise the whole company then,
has stepped into the snugly fitting
vocabulary of colloquial American
that the playwright has afforded
and has made a very real narra
tive of what would be in high life
tragedy and what is in the comic
strip section of American society
in which three-fourths of our peo
ple must draw out their existence
broad and bitter comedy.
Mame Walsh, the elder Mater,
played by Mary Daniel, portrays a
character that has some genuine
magnificence of. soul, thrown
against the background of ciirrert
cowardices and evasions and com
promises which make op the aver
age daily life of those who aro
compelled to spend their lives in
punching time clocks.
The curtain will rise at 8:15
this evening.
(Continued from psre.l.
"Regulation of radio communi
cation so as to eliminate the exist
ing ..chaos." , ;;.
DETROIT. Sept. 27. (APJ.
With 230 'Detroit policemen or
dered to be fn readiness for what
ever may happen, and the possi
bility of their reenforcement by a
deuduaeat of - state police, the.
martial background was laid 'to
night for what may be a tempest
uous republican state convention
here tomorrow.
The seat of war shifted here
tonight from Lansing where a cir
cuit court order was issued' today
which, in effect, told the conven
tion what delegates it should seat
from Wayne county (Ietroit).
This order would bar thone dele
gates supporting Fred W. Green,
nominee for governor, and would
seat delegate favorable to Gover
nor Groesbeck. who was beaten
for renominatinn as governor by
Green at the September 14 pri
mary election.
Judge Lei and W. Carr at leas
ing' held that the legally chosen
delegation was that named by tho
"regular" Wayne county conven
tion after Green supporters had
bolted and had set up an opposi
tion meeting.
The republican state central
committee called ' a meeting to
night to determine what course to
pursue tomorrow. It was said
there is a strong possibility that
neither delegation will b recog
nized, leaving Wayne county with
out a vote in the convention
which then would be virtually an
all-Green affair. Such procedure
is not without precedent in Michi
gan political history.
SYRACUSE. N. Y., Sept. 27.
(AP). The Xew York democratic
state convention held its opening
session today and perfected tem
porary organization with Franklin
D. Roosevelt, former assistant
secretary of the navy, as chair
mr.n. The resolution committee work
ed until late tonight in drafting
the party platform, which is to be
presented to the convention for
adoption tomorrow. Believing
that a world court plank ought to
be inserted, in the document, it
was decided that the platform
would endorse any plan that
would result in making war im
possible in the future. Another
plank will declare for an all
American waterway from the
Great Lakes to the Hudson river.
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(Continued from par 1.)
mother ridiculed each of the wit
nesses and their testimony.
LOS ANOELES. Sept. 27.--(AP)
Aimeo Semple McPaern.
picturesque evangelist smiled,
laughed, and at times bowed her
head as if iu sorroy as witnesses
testified in municipal coH'-t loday
that sh. was the woman who so
journed at Carmel-by-the-Sa, Cal
ifornia. for ten days with Kr.n'ti!
0. Ormiston. hr former radio op
erator at Angelas tempi, just af
ter she disappeared from i ho
beach here.
She listened, for the most part,
unmoved as the story she has -told
and re-told from her jv.ilpit Shat
she was not at Carmcl v.-as brand
ed as false by the state's wit
uoshcs. The evangelist came" into Julg
Samuel R. Blake's court for pre
liminary hearing a half hour be
fore court was opened at 10 a. m.
She was accompanied y her moth
er, Mrs. Minnie Kennedy, and W.
1. Gilbert, chief of her array of
Mrs. McPhersou. who with her
mother and five others are charg
ed with criminal conspiracy to
obstruct justice and preparing
false evidence, had not been ar
raigned on account of illness at
the time the warrant for her ar
rest was issued, and the first bus
iness of the court was to acquaint
her with the charges against her.
Irs. Lorraine Wiseman-Sielaff
wbjpse confession that sue was
hired to produce false evidence
to support the evangelist's kid
naping story, and also a defend
ant, likewise had not been ar
raigned. Mrs. MePherson and Mrs. Sie
laff waived reading of the blanket
complaint and Judge or
dered the preliminary csa.iiina
tion to oegin.
The Angelus temple pastor was
pale and apparently extremely
nervous when she entered the
courtroom which had been con
verted into a huge pressroom.
The tiny legal arena was pack
ed with newspaper men, only a
few privileged guests with special
invitations from the court being
allowed within the room. A bar
rier had been erected in the cor
ridor and a dozen or more officers
guarded the gate.
After the first formnlitirs were
over Mrs. MePherson sained h.-sck
her courage and sunny sinil. an.l
engasred in animated- conversation
with her mother and attorneys.
Frequently tihroughout the live
hours that the court was in ses
sion the evangelist laughed heart
ily when her attorny ended ome
tilt with the prosecution with a
fun-making remark.
Six witnesses testified during
the day. They wre Ralph Herh
ey, an engineer of Santa Barbara;
Mrs. Daisy Bostick, Carmtl realty
1 .
dealer can tell you
into his station
were tne luekv one
dealer; Mrs. Jeanette Parkes. who
lived next door to the Carinel cot
tage rented by "Mclntyre"; Percy
Parkes. her husband; Ralph
Swanson. a grocery clerk of Car
mcl. and Ernest Henkert, t:arrael
fuel dealer.
Frequent clashes between coun
sel marked the day's session. Dis
trict Attorney Aea Ke'yes took per
sonal charge of the state's case,
assisted by E. J. Dennisou, Forest
Murray i.nd Harold L. Davis, dep
uty district attorneys.
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ATLANTA, Ga., Sept. 27.
(AP). Asa G. Candler, financier
and known as the originator of
Coca Cola, is "dangerously ill" in
the Wesley Memorial hospital
which he founded, his family let
it be known tonight.
A stroke of paralysis suffered
yesterday affected the right side
of Mr. Candler's body and his
physicians said tonight that his
condition was "exceedingly grave."
lie has been at the hospital about
two months but until yesterday
bis condition was not regarded as
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Series of Accidents
Lives and Injure Others
Stanley Lane Gored bv Hull Suffering Front Body Bruises
and lacerated Eye, Will Be -Confined to Hospital
for Three Weeks
Stanley Lane, gored by a bull
Sunday, will be In the hospital at
least two and probably three
weeks recovering from his 'in
juries, which were serious, ac
cording to information given out
last night at the hospital. One
eye is badly injured, but he will
probably not lose, it was stated.
Whether any bones are broken
cannot be determined until an
other X-ray picture Is taken of
the injured man, it was stated.
The picture will be taken sorije
time this morning. Besides his
other Injuries, Laue is suffering
from bad bruises all over his
Adam Hofstetter. who was tak
en to the hospital Sunday after
suffering a crushed leg in another
accident, was reported last night
to be recovering rapidly. He will
probably be out of the hospital in
three or four days. Outside of
the injured leg, he suffered no
injuries, so far as could be deter
mined. Two women were killed Sun
day when they drove their car in
front of an onrushing Southern
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Pacific train at the? Brooks cross
ing. They were Mrs. Ella Steffin,
4 5, and her niece. Miss Agnes
Williams, 18, both df Pratnm.
Their car was utterly demolished
by the train, which was traveling
40 miles an hour, and the ho1.s
of the women were hurled many
feet by the impact. i
No reason for the women's at
tempt to cross the track can le
given, other than that they be
lieved the train would stop at
Brooks station just before it bad
reached the crossing. - yiew f
the crossing from, the road was
somewhat hampered by box ars
on a siding. '
Mrs. Steffin and her niece Jired
together on a farm at Howell
Prairie which they operated. They
are survived by Mrs. Steffin's
daughter. Mrs. Goldie Ashelm of
Colfax, Wash., her father, Miss
Willman's father, and several
brothers of Mrs. Steffin.
Laue, who is proprietor of a
local dairy, was attacked by a bull
on a field at the dairy and knocked
to the ground, when the bull was
driven oft' by Philip Sorehan, 18,
employed at the dairy.
He saw Laue on tne ground with
the bull goring him with its horns
and Succeeded in driving it away,
but not until it had hurled Laue
about 10 feet into the air.
Hofstetter was standing beside
his car, which had just been dam
aged in a collision with one driven
of the
Limoges China
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moniniy payments
by rD. C. Wagers,? when another j,:
nuto driven tr t;. fc.eriaaR, j
came along ind bit, Hofstetter sf
M atchtne his leg between the!
two. An unidentified car crovi-t.
Ikerman into It, according to rW
A. little girl named Ros v
slightly bruised -when fetrucK
car driven by D. G. Alkire.t
Ruth. Burnstdev aeed-lKJJ
was injured early Sunday oriufl
aDOUl a iniie uuiiu,.ji l ti
grounds on tho Silvorton highway
was still suffering from snock at
the Salem hospital yesterday, sin - j;
was riaing uw. ruiiums
of a bug driven by Virgil Holleyf ? .
when the car was struck, by
heavier machine driven by E. R.
Drolf of Mt. Angel. Both of the
girl's legs were fractured and she
.,.Dttnri nnrie in her back.
Conflicting stories el the accident '
were told in reports made at thfi Wt;
police station. Physicians attend--iXJ
ing the girl intimated- that her .,;
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