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Mmce Mrbaram Launched B&tm&mmme: mrst' Waw wanar manm
Jean Luck. Rienette Logan,
So Smart, Frank s., Queen
C Are Winners
unaer clear skies, and with a
good' crowd for the opening day.
the first day's races at the Oregon
state fair were run off on the
Lone Oak; track yesterday, after
noon. A total of fire races were
held; three running, events, one
for trotters, and one for pacers
The first race on the program,
the 2:12 trot, for a purse of
$1000, was won by Jean Luck,
owned by J. II. Luck. Radium
Dillon, owned by F. Gulick, was
second, and Harry I., owned by
O. J. Oiannini, was third
Jean . Luck won the first two
heats and placed fourth in the
third heat, which was won by
Radium Dillon. The time for the
first heat was 2:124, for the sec
ond heat, 2:10. and for the
.third heat, 2: 12 -ft.
There were four entries in this
race."' Headliner, a fifth, was
scratched before the race began.
Reinette Logan, owned by J. E.
Montgomery, won. the second race,
the 2:12 pace, placing first in all
three heats. Stoney Logan, owned
by P. M. Anderson, was second,
placing third in the first heat, and
second in the other two. Saxon
Boy, " owned by A. P. Branteer,
was, third, taking second place in
the first heat.
Saxon Boy did not enter the
other two heats, as his driver,, had
him taken out at the start of the
second, .heat because he was lame.
Seven horses were entered in
this -race, including Saxon Boy
and Zolock Hal, who was with
drawn at the beginning of the
third - heat. The entries were
Stoney.. Logan, Zolock Hal, Rein
ette Hal, Vallejo Chief, owned by
Henry Delaney; Laura B, owned
by G. K. Howitt; Prince Zolock,
owned by Ziegler and Misner, and
Saxon, Boy.
Poor horses scheduled to enter
were scratched before, the race
began. They were Civilian, Mabel
Direct, Amy Bond, and, Baron C.
The third race , was the "Para
mount," a running,, race, for two
year olds for a purse of $500 be
sides' the entrance money. The
course was 4 furlongs. So
Smart, owned by W. G. E. Smith,
and ridden by Dalton, was win
ner. Nina R. Fireman, owned by(
B. Thomas and ridden by Neal,
was second, and. Easter, Boy.
owned by Dr. D. A. Gitzer anfl
ridden by Schafer, was third. The
time was 59 3-5.
Nina R. Fireman finished ahead
of So Smart, but was set back, -f or
interference at the stretch. Other
entrjes were Dimples, owned by
James Hobson and ridden by Sil
ver, and Willow Brambe 2, owned
by C. McDonald and ridden by
Miss Lorena Trickey.
The fourth race, won by Frank
S. owned by Ben Gouter and rid
den by Frank Row, was the
"Itougbridera," for horses of all
ages. The -course was four fur
longs and the time was 47 H
, Car and Gown, owned by R.
Pillon. and ridden by Dalton, was
second, and Tar Box. owned by F,
E. Bentley and ridden by Tread
well, was third. Other entries
were Miss Vancouver, owned
by Bert Bagley and ridden by
I. Neal; Jtn Miller, owned by
J. R., Morgan and ridden by Miss
Lorena Trickey. and Prince James
owned by the Rosebud stable and
ridden by E. Neal.
.Horses slated,' to start this race
but scratched were Babe Ruth
and Tennessee.
The fifth race was won by
QUeen Catherine, owned by T.
Martin and ridden by D. Neal.
Shasta Limited,, owned by A. W.
Reeru and ridden by Dalton, was
second, and Virginia Hedwig,
owned by V. G. E. Smith and
ridden by Scott, was third.
This race was the Ironside
trial event, for horses of all ages
10 pounds below the scale. The
purse was $150.
Other entries were Miss Omond,
owned by J. Cheatham; Amazon
Maid, owned by Mrs. B. Partoit;
Stamp, owned by B. Strolendorff;
Onwa, owned by Miss Lorean
Trickey: Chief Clerk, owned by
Ben Canter; Joe Grant, owned by
Dr. G. A. Gitzen, and Randolph,
owned by E. C. Davis.
Horses scratched before the
race began were Slats, Little Man,
and Fincastle.
J The Cherrian band, led by. Os
car Steslhammer, - played selec
tions between the races, and
Claude Stevenson, - soloist, sang
two numbers.' An exhibition of
jumping was given by two horses
owned by J. McClcavo.
' Summary:
;-.- 3:16 Trot
Jean Luck . . .:. . . t. 1
, Radium - Dillon .... .v"1 3
Harry I. 2
Bill Schultz .......... 4
Time. 2:12. 2:104. 2:12 U.
S:ia I'nvce
Reinette Logan , . . . . . . 1 l l
oioney ixgan ..52 2
. uaxon Boy . . .'..... ; . 2"
VaUelo Chief ' a. I
Time, 2:0H. 2:0$, 2U2i.
TTunney Takes Heavyweight Championship : From Dempsey
mm mi, mm, urn i . i.m ilui mi. iD.iiiiiuii
Photo from Central Press Aoiatton and Copyrigus y Wide World; transmitted over A. T. & T. wire direct from Philadelphia.
Gene Tunney, the fighting marine, proved to tha world that Jack Dempsey is no longer the fighter
that for years vanquished ail aspirants for the heavyweight title, by beating him decisively in ttfeir ten
round bout at the Sesqui-Centennial stadium at Philadelphia. In practically every one of the ten rounds
he won. the decision of the judges by landing three or four blows to one. The above picture, taken at
the ringside, shows Tunney boring into the former champion which helped to win for him the title of
heavyweight champion of the world.
's Year Old Stake
So" Smart, - Nina Fireman, Eas
ter Boy."
Time, 56 3-5.
Bonghrlders All Ages
Frank S, Cap and Gown, Tar
box. Time, -47.
Ironside Trial Kvrnt
Queen ; Catherine,' Shasta Lim
ited, Virginia Hedwig.
Six races will be featured this
afternoon starting at 1:30 o'clock.
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Spectators Dont Know Who
Won When Yelping racK
Finish at Tape
A race in which the racers, stop
and talk it over before they finish
Is quite"1 an unusual occurrence,
but horse race fans at the Lone
Oak track yesterday afternoon saw
one that was not on the program.
"bmwpm tfle third and fourth
racss on the - schedule, spectator
were mystified to Bee about half;
a dozen long, lean dogs gallop out
and dash down the track as though
they, meant business of some kind.k
The dogs kept at it and the xacil
was a nip and tuck affair for about
three-fourths of the distance
around the track.
An. , oldgnnny83ck towed be
hind" a car that 'traveled a safe
distance ahead of them furnished
the incentive for the race, and it
was a real race that created as
much interest aa any of the horse
races. .
But just as. the? yelping pack
had started on the home stretch,
tearing . along ; at a wild pace,
something; seemed to go wrong.
Whether the dogs got "buck fev
er" at sight of the cheering grand
stand, or whether, they decided to
frame the race, nobody knows,
but anyhow thev stopped and con
ferred a while.
They evidently.' reached some
kind of(A decision, as they finally
started out again: at a mad rate,
but they started in the wrong di
rection. . '
Then, they apparently got dis
gusted, with the whole" affair, as
they made another, countermarch
and started back the; right way,
or at least part "of -them did, and
finally arrived- at .the .tape, hang
ing their heads in ' a sheepish 4
manner. ' ;
One of them, forgot to come
back at all and' started out across
the ; fields after" butterflies. An
other sat down on the track and
seemed to ponder for.' a while on
the uselessness of the whole af
fair before ho- finally- slunk across
the wire.' , ' .
Nobody Jinowi; who won, but
everyone agreed J ibat .it was a
good race, even if it wasn't all in
the same direction. k
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m nn u.m.ynn, muiim n a.,- MJJ)iMHW!WWl''tf' ' V J
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a few montns,'has won such a whole-hearted
welcome that already 34,971 have been sold"
and are in use. t
This machine has found its place on individual
desks in big business concerns, on tie counters'
of retail stores, in the offices of professional
men and secretaries of organizations and in
many homes, - v " ' " "
i . . -
1 v v w w vno fx U U 1 IN JVl A-TLH liWK :,0 f p :a ..1 W ,
"""X ' Delivered in U.S.A. Sffilj S
tTimS lf at
wm . , JOHN GRAEF, Representative . "
Pacific Coast
' "VV. L. Pet.
Los Angeles 113 09 .622
Oakland " - 96 85 527
Missions .'- ?3 86 .519
Sacramento 89 90 .496
Portland 90 92 .494
Hollywood 87 95 .478
Seattle 82 100 .450
San Francisco 75 107 .412
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LOS ANGELES, Sept. 27.
(AP) Skinner's four-base smash
with a man on base in the ninth
inning ruined a neat pitching ex
hibition for Holmes, Los Angeles
twirler, here today and Oakland
left town with the last of an
- mi :
eleven-game series In their bag,
after winning 2 to 1.
Score : R. H. E.
Los Angeles . . .
' Delaney and
and Sandford.
2 9 1
15 1
SEATTLE, Sept. 27. (AP).
Seattle put a scare into the San
Francisco Missions today when it
scored four runs on four hits in
the ninth inning after the Mis
sions had held a 5 to 0 lead. The
final score was 5 to 4.
Score R- H. E.
Missions 5 11 0
Seattle 4 6 4
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Tt American Leagua 1
I 3eVha, J
CLEVELAND," Sept. "2 7 CAP )
Cleveland won second place in
the' American league today by de
feating Philadelphia 5 to 4 in a
game that decided the second po
sition. It was Uhle's 27th vic
tory of the season.
George' Burns, who made his
64th two-base Tift of the year, dis
tinguished himself by driving in
all of Cleveland's rans.
Cleveland -
Grove, Quinn
R. H. K.
4 5 10 0
Uhle and Sewell.
National League
BOSTON, Sept. 27. (AP.) A
triple by Rice in the fourth scored
two runs for Philadelphia nd
helped them to defeat Boston 5 Co
4 today.
Score K. Jl. E.
Philadelphia 5 7 0,
Boston 1-1 1
Baecht, Gray and F. Fmith;
Jonnard and Hogan.
World Series Umpires
Selected by Heydler
NEW YORK, Sept. 27. (AP)
Hank' O'Day and Bill Klem, vet
erans of the National league urn
Union Roster f j
. ... , nrnr nrvn TV?
a a aHAAffl SO. St
borers ljOCi z.o.
p.- m. Call 179 tor men.
Ho. 210 President, U. i.
nun M n. Pilkenton. ie
ond Saturday, 3:00 p. m.
Skilled mechanic finished. Pho
ploreea local 452. erery hiri?7'
457 Court Haxel Pierce, aeeratary
Meet, at Labdr HU o a,.'
dent. F. W. Soaw, tcwary. J
443, Salem. Ora. -;
Lodge Roster N 1
r ' aaT . '
u'...j WKtormitv xxall. of
M. WUlett, Sec'y. Tel. 889-R- F
i Vilitora Tinvited. S. Park StnrcM. C. C:
CTTjc Oregon tatesman
Pnblicbed erery ornia excp Mm
day) at Salem, the capital et Oregon.
Local Rates
Hor Classified
Daily or Sandsy
One time
Three time
.. " cents per word
. S cents per rrt
. 8 cents per word
Six times ...
1 mo. daily and Sua.- "0 cents per word
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consecutire issues. ' '. , , ,
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Money to Loan
T. K. roair'
(Over Ladd & Bosh Bant)
HOSEST aDVEUTISIXO Taese co!--urns
must b kept free from anythtn;
of a qaestionabl nature. Misxepresen
tations will not b tolerated. - Infur
mation showing any questionable In
tent on the part of the adYartiarr
should be reported to - this news
paper or the Salem Ad club.
pire staff, today were named by
President John A. Heydler to
represent the senior circuit in the
world's series between "the Yan
kees and Cardinals.
It will be the 13thseries
Klem, who has officiated In xrifji
title games than any other arbiter.
Baker Extenstre gold dredg
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creek. Baker county. "
Notice is hereby giren, that b
rirtne of a commission duly is
sued out of the Circuit Court of
the State of Oregon, for the Coun
ty of Marion, and to me directed
on the 2nd. day i of S'eptemJWr
Z3Z5, upon a decree and drdei
duly rendered and entered of rec
ord by said Court, on the 28th
day Of A urn St. fn a Hin 7
suit therein pending, wherein ' 1
Catherine Abbot' and Clarence
Abbot,' her husband; Sarah Fer
don. James 0NeUl and -Emily
O'Neill, his wife. John 0Neill and
Mary O'Neill hjs wife, John Mor
ris and James Morris are plain
tiffs, .and John J. Dwyer is de
fendant, directing a sale of the
real property sought to be parti
tioned in' said suit and hereinafter
described, and appointing me ref
eree to sell the same on the' terms
hereafter' set forth. andTeport
such' sale, and to 'carry out the
object of such decree according
to law, . r '
I will on Friday, the 8tn day of
October, 1926; at the hour of ten
o'clock ' in the forenoon, '' at the
Court House Door in Salem, Mar
ion County, Orejfon. sell, In. sep
arate parcels, at public auction, to
the highest bidder all the right,
title, Interest and estate of the
plaintiffs and defendant ia and to
the following described premises,
to-wit!' '- p." ':
Lot twenty-two (22), Block six
( 6 ) ; Burlington Additioit to the
City of Salem." Marion County,
Oregon. , - -.vx m ,
Lots fifteen (15) and eighteen
(18), Block' two (2). Qlefc Oak
Addition to the City of Salem,
Marion County, Oregon. !-
Lots three (S), four (4), fire
(5);sfx (fiJ.Beren (7),"efglit (8),
nine (9),-ten (10) and .eleTen
(11), Bloclj one (l)r Glen Oak
Addition : to th.e City ot; Salem,
Marion County, Oregon. " J
Lots three (3); four (4), fire
(5). six (6). seven (7), eight (8),
nine ( 9 ) , ten" ( 1 0 ) and eleven
(11), Block two (2 , Glen Oak
Addition to' the' City of Salem,
Marlon County, Oregon.
Lot'-oheJ a). ' Waller's Addition
to the " City of ' Salem, Marlon
County, Oregon. -
Lot two (2); Waller's Additl&lJ
to the City of Salem, Marloff
County, Oregon." " 1 ; '
Eighty '(0) feet off of the
South side of Lot seven (7); in
oioti aw. is j, ot, rickeya. Addi-
VtiOn tO tllA Cltv nf Calom Morinn
ww swtvaas alUna iV a
County, Orejon. '
Tbo said sale will be made sub
ject to the approval and confIrraa
tion of said Court upon tho fol
lowing terms,' towit: Ten pT
cent Of the nurchasa nrlr In li
Ipald by the purchaser to the un-
uoraisnctt rereree-at'tne time or
B&lQ.-and the balance thereof to
be paid upon the confirmaMoo of
such sale by the Court and deliv
ery of the referee's deed. 1 - -
Dated this, the 4tb day of Sep
tember, 1 9 2 6. " v I
, J. C. SIEGMUND, Eefetee-