The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, September 24, 1926, Page 8, Image 8

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Discussion of Child Health
Demonstration Work Pre
dominates Meet
children as be-
Marlon county
- Thft regular quarterly commit
tee, meeting of the Yamhill-Polk-Marion
.county Medical Society was
hUd' the- Marion ho
tel. Members of the Marion coun
ty ' child health demonstration
staff were present, and new pro
grams and policip of the society
were discussed with" respect to
their applicability to the program
of the Marion county child health
Dr. Emma WInslow of the
Commonwealth fund of New York
spoke on the value of research
into the health of
Ing developed In
activities. Dr, EL P. Brunk of
the Marion countyrdental unit dis
cussed the work of the unit, and
Dr. Vernon Douglas, deputy coun
ty health officer, presented plans
for a diphtheria immunization
Members of the county medical
society committee are Dr. W. B.
MOrse. Dr. H. J. Clements. Dr. H.
K. Stockwell. Dr. L. O. Clement,
and Dr. W. Bar end rick. Marion
county child health demonstration
staff members present were Dr.
and Mm. Walter H. Brown. Dr. E.
P. Brunk, Dr. Vernon Douglas,
iliss Amelia Feary, and' DtJ- Es
fella Ford "Warner.
ARTixTrt nosKHR.rii. pic
Student Kipwtl to Pass Diffi
cult Examinations at
End of Course
polk cum FJIE
Seven Communities Enter
I- Exhibits in Fourteenth
, - Annual Event
Seven communities have en
tered In the fourteenth annual
.polk county fair that opened yes
terday, morn ing at Dallas, to last
three days.. Records in attend
ance and exhibits are expected,
fudging of the exhibits will begin
this morning.
T The? communities with exhibits
entered are Brush College, "Liberty
Hell, Monmouth. Willamina, Oak
Point, Mt: Piagah and Falls City.
Brush ' College was prize winner
last year. Bach exhibit scoring
CG points will be awarded $25,
and $1 will be added for each
additional point.
Judges for the exhibits are sup
plied through the -OAC extension
department. Expert judges are
provided, for. each - type of contest.'.'.'-:
. 1
Complete exhibits of grain,
corn, poultry and other farm prod
ucts have been contributed by
many farmers Uncle JB i 1 1 y
Wright of Independence has a big
farm display similar to the one he
has every, year and Miles Davis of
Buyer has a big vegetable display.
. Excellent poultry and apple ex
hibits are features of the fair.
The poultry display is the best
ever shown there, according to
Miss Winnie Braden. secretary of
the county fair board.'
Boys' 'and girls clubs have en
tered .many displays, including
livestock, poultry t farm products,
sewing products, . and the like.
These displays and the school ex
hibits take an important place at
the fair;
No admission is charged for the
fair, following the program adopt
ed last year which proved very
successful ' "Weather conditions
are excellent.
Studonts at Oxford university
in England have to do roost of
their studying during their vaca
tions. Arthur Rosebrangh. Rhodes
scholar' at Oxford and son of W.
Wv Rosebraugti pf this city, told
the Rotary 'club! at its weekly
luncheon Wednesday in the Mar
ion hotel.
The day of the average Oxford
student during thri timo school is
in session runs something like
this, according to Mr. Rose
braugti: (let up at 7:30, go over
to the hall and sign name to show
that he Is alive, take breakfast in
his own -or someone elses rooms,
go to a lecture afterwards if he
likes, or spend the morning talk
ing to friends, coffee at 11. lunch
at noon, sports in the afternoon,
tea at 5, dinner at 7:30, and
bridge after dinner, accompanied
by port wine and coffee.
With a schedule like this. It is
almost Impossible to get in much
work, he says, but at the end of
a student's four years he Is ex
pected to pass an examination
over all the subjects covered dur
ing the course in all their rami
fications There are about 27 colleges in
the university, he stated, each one
being an independent unit. They
are scattered ell over the town,
each one with several quadrangles
and a playing field.
The university organization is
superimposed over the various
colleges in a manner analogous to
the American federal government
over the various state's. A Ice
chancellor Is at the head of this
About three-fourths of the stu
dents take part in athletics, Mr.
Rosebraugh stated, and each dif
ferent sport has a club, even down
to the chess and ping-pong clubs.
Anna Q, Nilsson Film "Her
Second Chance" Also
Shows Today
. . S. - P.. S.. railroad Inaugurates
-improved new pension system for
employes above 70, years old. v
The Ili-Lo-Kive out of the Stu
dent Prince company, consists of
a male singing quartet aided by
a prize winning beauty in the first
of five acts at the Elsinore todny.
Resides, the vaudeville Anna Q.
Nilsson will be shown In Her
Sc6nd Chance."
Miss Juanita Thomas won the
title of "The Prettiest Girl irj
Iowa." through a contest held by
the Des Moines Capitol, one of
the leading newspapers in the
state. This should be of special in
terest to Salem citizens in view
of the recent controversy as to
whether girls in-the Iowa capitol
building or those in Oregon were
the prettiest.
Johnny Herman, who describes
himself as "A Cloud with a Silver
Lining is the blackface comedian
and songster in th second act.
Knox and Stetson are expert
hat jugglers, whose boomerang
tricks with hats of all sizes and
description offer a. most interest
ing bit of entertainment in the
third act.
Katnryn McConnell, "The Pap
rika Girl," and Ed West, a funny
comedian, will offer their comedy
classic, "A Lesson in Golf," in the
fourth act of the vaudeville.
"A Variety Musical Frolic" is
the. title of the act of two petite
young misses named Bernard and
Merritt in the last act.
. Portland Apple exports this
year will break all records with
impfovedcold storage facilities at
Don Carlos and Elsie Don
nelly; Winners in First
Day at Lane Event
EUGENE. Or.. Snt 23. (A P.)
Good raers marked the opening
of horne racing at the Ian coun
ty fair today. Don Carlos, owned
by Hanley Kros., took first money
in the 2:17 para and Rhinett Lo
gan, owned by K. Montgomery, ai-ih.-kuxh
k'io cairn within one sec
ond of tying tie track record, won
second money. Hlnle Donnelly,
owned by William Thill, placed
highest in the 2:20 trot with
three ftrsy: Tno summ.iry:
2:17 Pace
Don carlos 13 1
Ithinetta Logan 4 12
Kal Ansol :s 4 3
Tom Poole 4 ? !
Time 2:12.&: 2:10.2; 2:1!".2,
2:20 Trot,
Elsie Donnelly Ill
Boll Chimes 2 2 2
Buena Vista 3 ? 3
Dick Dudley 4 4 4
Time 2:19.2; 2:15.2; 2:15.2.
Publisher Seeks IvTandamus
Compelling Kozer to Put
Slogan on Ballot
George Putnam. Salem newspa
per publisher, who was nominated
for the office of state senator for
Marion county at the democratic
primary election, today will file
mandamus proceedings in the
state supreme court to compel the
secretary of state toprint the slo
gan "opposed to prohibition" after
his name on the official ballot at
the November election.
Mr. Putnam will base his suit
on a recent supreme court decision
in was held that inde
pendent candidates at the Novem
ber election were entitled to have
a slogan after their name on the
The suit to be filed by Mr. Put
nam probably will delermiue for
the first lime in the Oregou courts
whether a party nominee is en
titled to a slogan at the November
election -under the same rule as
laid down in the proceedings in
volving independent candidates.
Party Was Under Almost
Constant Fire of Aviators
While in Peking
(AP) Roy Chapman Andrews,
explorer and archaeologist, ar
rived yesterday on the liner
President Cleveland after an in
effectual attempt to penetrate into
the Gobi desert to discover pos
sible human evidences that this
desert is the "cradle of mankind."
Andrews was halted at Peking by
warring Chinese faction .after
having started on the expedition
last May.
Andrews said he sent a camel
train of 150 animals and a large
amount of supplies into the desert
In nwftU hist onmln? hut that ho
. . "
I lost track of this train in the
uysAi The C.C. Store
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fighting 'around Peking and be
lieves that it may have been anni
hilated by one of the .bands of
mauyading irregulars. He puts
hi tons, of camels and supplies at
There had been no word of thf
train, he said, when he left
Shanghai for' home.
During the stay in Peking the
Andrews party was under the al
most constant fire of aviators who
I mm bed the city. Several of the
Chinese troops took pot shots at
the explorers, Andrews said, but
their aim was pod r and they did
no damage. Two. members of the
party managed to reach an isolat
ed point in the Yunnan province
where they are investigating evi
dences of ancient buried cities.
w. c. t. u.
Received Scalp Wounds and
Body Bruises in Fall on
Basement Stairs
Prominent Speakers Sched
uled to Appear at Insti
tute October 25-29
7Irs. Lizzie Dal, ir.atron of (lie
Salem UXTU building, fell dov.-n
the basement steps on Wednesday
evening and received two serious
scalp wounds, besides internal in
juries that are proving trouble
onie if not dangerous.
About 30 stiiches were taken in
the scalp wounds, at the Deacon
ess hospital, to which the injured
lady was taken after her accidenc.
Laic last night the hospital peo
ple reported that Mrs Dale was
doing as well as could be expect
ed. The uncertain nature of the
internal injuries give them some
P.F.N'D. Or., Sept. 23. ( API
R. R. Turner, state superintendent
of public instruction, will be a
speaker at teachers" institutes in
four central Oregon counties the
week of October 2.r. to 29 it was
announced today. Other speakers
include Mary L. Fulkerson. coun
ty superintendent of schools in
Marion county; Dean M. Elwood
Smith and Kdwin T. Reed of the
Oregon Agricult ural college fac
ulty; V. V.. Ilea t tie, University of
Oregon; 11. C. Seymour, state boys
and girls' club leader and Mrs.
Marie Connelly Harrington from
the state tuberculosis society.
Four counties. Deschutes. Crook,
Jefferson and Sherman are uniting
and have arranged their institu-
j tions ho that the speakers will be
able to appear at the. tour meet
ings in order and four times the
service will be secured for the
samemoney. it was pointed out by
J. Alton Thompson. Deschutes
county superintendent, who re
turned today from a conference
in Madras. Dates for the insti
tutes are as follows: Deschutes.
October 25 and 26; Crook. Octo
ber 2C and 27: Jefferson, October
2 7 and 28; Sherman, October 28
and 29.
Eugene Bringle Motor com
pany will build $50,000 garage
HEAR the
At the
First Christian Church
At Kafoury's
Pure Linen Table Cloths
Pure Linen Luncheon Sets
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Salem Store
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Portland Silk Store
362 Alder St.
Named as HeadM
emergency Fleet
I "v y - i
Coach Brown Will Have
Thirty-three Out for
Football Practice
Brigadier Ceneral Albert C.
Dalton becomes the new head of
the Emergency Fleet Corpora
tion, succeeding Elmer E. Crow
ley. General Dalton has a long
and successful military career.
Parrteh Junior high school start
ed football practice yesterday iiri
dr the direction of Coach Frank
rtrown. Thirty-thn-o suits am
expected to be issued to the squad.
The team wifl have to be built
around four lettermen from last
year: Villi I-ehman. halfback;
C.ranville Perkins, guard; Walter
Dougher. guard, and Joe King
quarterback. With these men as
a nucleus the coach expects to
build up a team that will make a
creditable showing this season.
The school has been handicap
ped in getting a schedule, as most
j of the valley high school teams
are much heavier in avordupois.
The actual playing schedule will
not be announced until later in
the season-
Noti Construction under way
on four-room school building.
Chocolote Nut j.
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al iMiviOTaliW!
The Theme of the
The -opportunity for expressing your
own personality in footwear was never
more pronounced than this season.
More artistic styles and a.more varied
line has never been shown in Salem.
High heel dress oxfords are exceptionally good. Sport
oxfords are showing a great deal of action "at this time.
School opening is probably having some bearing but the
styles are much 'better than ever. T
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L "A
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can produce In scientific chiropMT-
i .
11 '
. , . - . '