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Gundersoh Wins Loving ' S
Salem Teachers Receive
A for Schools
Total of 172 Including Princifials Divided, 51 in High School;
54 in Junior High Schools; and the Remainder
in Grades
Assignments of all teachers who will be employed in the
Salem public schools this year are announced in' a report
made public at the 'office of George Hug, city school superin
tendent, yesterday rnorriingv , ; ' ,
'i. There4 are a total of 172 tdachers including principals,
diyided among the different schools' asr follows: Senior high
school; 51 r.Parrislr junior high schqol, 42; McKinley' junior
high school, 12 ; Englewobd, 9 ; Garfield, 10 ; Grant, 10; High
?lahd; 9; Lincoln, 10; Park, 9; and Richmond 10.
. Following is the list : '
Seitf-ir High School
J. C. Nel5i6n; principal; W. It.
Tavehner, assistant principal.
English department: Ada Ross,
lead of department; Edith Bragg,
Marjorie I Christenson, Ellen A.
Fisher, Grace T. Hockett Dorothy
Nicholson. Paulice Rickli, Leah
Rofw, Constance C. Small. Naomi
Math department: Beryl Holt,
head of department; Ola Clark,
Leila Johnson. 77argaret Lncius.
Science department: June Phil
pot, head of department: Hulda
M. Guild. Garnet W. Harra. Caro
line Hrubetz. Merle. McKelvey.
Latin department: Laura V.
Hale, head of department; Ila
Cotnstpck. Carmen Jennir.on.
Erench department: Mildred
Christenson, Louisa Townsend, -
H'-story department: -: Mabel Fi
Robertson, 'head of department;
Mary Eyre, LIna Heist. Herman
Kehrli. Gertrude F. Smith, Marie
Von Echen.
Commercial department: Mer
ritt Davis, head of department;
Mabel Arthur. tCecile Graham,
Elizabeth Hogs, Oilando Horning,
Mtry Til Saylea, Bernice J. Schroe
ller, Muriel Wilson.-
Industrial department: E. E.
Bergman. Floyd L. Siegmund.
Home Economics: Gladys M.
Jenien, Vlrlan M. Pearcy.
Art department: Ruth Brauti.
Music department: Leno EelK
Tartar. Physical education: Lo'iis An
derson, Hollis Huntington, J-a-rerna
Spitrenberger, Grace S. Wol
gamott. ; Special work: Lillian Schroe
der. . -
'J. It. Parrish Junior High School
- ' F. H. Durham, principal.
English department: May L.
Rauch. head of department; May
F. Bollier. Hazel I. Brewer, Gladys
J. Hunfphrey, Lois E. L-apham, H.
E. Rice. Clara V. Thompson, Gene
Math department: Anna Bo
cntje, C. F. French, Elsie R. Lip
pold, Beatrice C. Lockwood. D. K.
Lnthy, Ruth Smith
' History department: Signe
Paulson. head of 'department;
Winifred Eyre, Ethel " JacTtman;
SylTia Kraps. Lois A. Reed, Inez
-fteiffinydcr, Dorothy M. Taylor.
1 Science department: Beulah
Fanning. Harriet Peat.
Penmanship and spelling: Clara
J3. Pomeroy, head of department;
Facnie L. Douglas, Elsa V. Egans.
Latin: Grace Thompson.
Home economics: Eula S.
Creech ', head of department ; Kath
ryn Crozer, Marion C. Linn.
' Manual training: E. S. Barker,
S. H. Isherwbody Felix A: Subject.
Music: Alice Thompson.
Art: Vivian Hargrove.
Library: Wihna Pratt
Special: Florence Lake.
Physical education: -Frank R
Broxn Atibrey L. Fletcher, E ;ith
Tierce. F.tta White,
f Mc 13 nicy Junior High
La Mofne R. Clark, principal.
English" department: Helen B
Hamilton, Bertha E. Magness.
Mathematics: ' Nell M. Doege,
J osephtne Turner.
History: Pho-be , McAdams.J
Lela K. rewmyer.
Latin, penmanship and spollinr;:
May A. Hale.
I Manual training: Theo W.flOl
eon. ;- -
' Home economics: Anna "A
Music department: . Gretclen
Kreamer. .
' Physical education: Walter W.
JVVelborn. . . -
Fngtawood School
Carlotte Crowley, grade Fi-hool
euperyisorr " Lyle Murray, princi
pal; Clara B. Callison. Maude
Forkner? Sadie Grant. Bennie E.
Hammer. Madelins Heckman. Car
rie Martin. Mildred G. Severson.
Gladys B. Tipton.
GartleM School
Margaret J-. Cosper, principal:
Minnie Y Duncan. Georgia Ellis.
Greta P. Hiatt. Blanche B. Hubbs.
laa A. Hubbs. Orpha B. Mitchell.
Ruth Stewart, Bernice Stewart.
Mildred E. Trent.
Grant School .
K. A. Miller, principal; Cathryn
Bates, Mary B. Bowersor, Ellen
t orrin, Ella M. Deyce, Luella Z
Elroy, , Bertha A. Gamer, EJva
Nlssen, lltzel Van Ortdal, Guerin
I. Zuren. , ' ': .: ,
Highland School
Mabel Murray, principal; Bcr
tha Allen, Mabel Allen, Ida M.
Andrews, Isabel I. Bartletr, Gladys
AS Paul, Mildred Sterrett, Mabol
Templer Nicoline f O. Welbon
' Llncn School
W. A.; Darenport, principal:
Gerta A. Prumage, Neva Cooler,
Mabel Curry. Merle Davenport.
Merle E. Dimick. Bertha C. Engel-
Korn, Eleanor Lin d berg. Esther
Jxng, - Herma C. Pfister, Jennie
Villlams. v V
' " - Park School
: U. S. botsoa, " principal ; Graca
VVltun, Amy Martin, Jessie Martin
a:llls. ! Julia C. Nobler LiHy Pol
lard, LaVina Sheridan.
Richmond School
trude E. Anderson, Maybcll
Burch, Adella Chapter, Adoua
Cochrane, Iura B. Eaton, Ermine
Fawk, Marjory McGilchrist. Lola
Millard, Lois Tipton.
'Wild Oats Lane' With Viola
Dana and Robert Agnow
Starts Today
i'hy Benjamin Glazer from, the atsge
play by Gedrgo"' Brbadhurst and
the story,-The; Gambling Chap-
laln," by Herald Beaumont.
Georgo Barnum plays the fath
. er Marsaret Seddon the mother;
Jerry Miley the dude:; Eddie Jam!
j the gangster; Bobby Agnew the
I youth; and Viola Dana lhe gil. 1
John P. MacSweeney portrays
t)tv priest, a mopt unusual char
acter. Robert Brower is the klep
tomaniac. Scott Welch the detec
tive, and Mitchell Lewis the bum.
Eiker Auto Co., Ferry at Lib
erty St. Autos stored, and bought
and sold. Cars washed day and
night. Low prices and service will
make long friends. ()
One-quarter off on all pullover
and lumber-jack sweaters and on
all dress trousers. This -is our
Anniversary Sale. Scotch Woolen
Mills, 426 State St. . ()
The Peerless Bakery. 170 N.
Commercial. Sanitary, up to date
Prompt delivery. Bakers for thos
who appreciate the best. Increas
ing patrons' tell the tale. ()
Marshall Neilan's fine produc
tion. Wild Oats Lane." which
.starts at the Oregon' theater to
nay and will show Monoay and
Tuesday, is a vivid story which
look ft you squarelv In the eyp. ami
pointinc an accusing finder, aks'
"Are you tills way?'
Are vou the typo of father who
does not underst tnd your daugh
ter, and tlu-reby shower misfor
tune and shame upo her by fail
ing to hold out a helping hand to
her in her plight?
Are Vou the sweet docile typo
of mother who pines for your
child, yet believes in her and
through your grr-fit belief brings
her through the mire?
Are you the type of crook thai
is. wholly bad, as the dude is, or
have you a spark of fineness like
the gangster, buried deeply, but
therr just the same?
Are you at heart a splendid
youth, a victim of circumstances
with apparently all the world
i gainst you?
Are you the misunderstood fir1,
Utterly ir.cking courage and drag
ged to the dapths, thereby?
"Wild Oats Lane" was adapted
Fall hats and a iew line of
felts, $3.95 to $4.95, and the ex
clusive Priscilla Dean children's
hats at the Salem Variety Store,
295 North Commercial. ()
W. G. iCrueger, realtor, progres
sive, fair, equitable. Growing city
and country make possible buys
that will make you good money.
Complete listings. 147 N. Com'l.
Rev. Judy Resigns From
Position at Silverton
SILVERTON. Sept. xS. (Spe
cial.) The Rev. Clayton Judy,
pastor of . the Congregational
church at Silverton, has resigned
trom his Silverton call and accept
ed one at New Plymouth, Idaho.
He will reirain at Silverton until
arrangements are completed fo
his successo .
C. A. Luthy. Reliable Jewelry
store. What you are looking for
in jewelry. Where a child can buy
as safely as a man or woman.
Repairing in all lines. ()
We are now ready with the
most complete line of New
Pumps, Dress Oxfords, Sport
Oxfords and all the new num
bers in Style Footwear
See our window display and come in.
Let us tell you about the correct
styles to be worn this fall for better
We would advise an early selection as the rush
is already on hand. All though we have a
very heavy stock. It cannot lasj'with the
heavy demand from all over the state that is
continually coming back to their regular
place to buy good shoes.
We have no cheap shoes; Everything
is bought to give the most service
and a perfect fit. The prices range
from ..
$6.00 to $16.50
NewArch Preservers Are Here Now
tiui:iiiiii wrjiii:im mi au.ttaiHii aum na (uuiMsimi-uH iiM-suMm im a., wm m m m jmj,ij h;;,8mm wtaamn an mam- mrm mNwamnwm rkv a iwsa
All Rubber Heels put on your PlP
r O C shoes for half price oh .Wednesday tiOC
Tf VriTTI? Corni nd callnMS
W iUUV remored withon
F EET Pi&. or soraiMss.
moTed and treated.
Pain in - t t.
weak foot, flat foot, foot strata and
' faUca arches adjusted. Do mat suffer.
X will girm jofk the best tkat science
cam produce ia scientific chiropody.
Cnaalt . , ? . -
Ht&n Sixs
Eer$ua Boats'
326 State SL-ftoBLaB;zirA
REPAIR nr iop u ttI'p4
with all new aoachln-
but the very best
trade of leather that money will bay.
Mr. Jacobson, In charge of this de
partment, la an expert in Ms line has
apent years in factories and repair
shops and will do nothing bnt high
yrad verkl f I . - .
a 0
'Chasing Trouble" Is fea
i ture -Rjcture Starring
Pete Morrison
Five nets of Hippodrome vande
ville and a fenture pu'tnro, "Chas
insr Trouble" will io seen at the
Blish theater toda'.
Wallace and Turner a man and
a lady with special scenery wear
ing beautiful wardrobe; an act
that really wcrrks while on- the
stae. They are among the best
roller staters. In show' business'
Emmett and LInd have been
presenting their singing musical
and ventrlloqulal novelties for a
number or years. Mr. Emmetts
versatility in musical selections
and ven.trildquial comedy Is re
markable. Miss Lind the Swedish
nightingale lends valuable assis
tance in a comedy way.
Spencer Sisters & Wilbur, de
picting life in the average Ameri
can home with an athletically in
clined brother and two hot head
ed and quarrelsome kid sisters are
next o the program. Champion
high jumping intermingled with
bright and witty chatter combine
to create a fast and furious com
edy offering.
Bradley and Stevens "Just For
Fun" is a comedy surprise nov
elty. They touch the high spots of
harmony In several : numbers.
Harry S. Wilson who Is known
wherever vaudeville Is played
comes this season with his clever
song and story act. He ia a pianist
of rare ability and is always wel
comed by the audience.
"Chasing Trouble" 1s the fea
ture pitcure starring Pete Morri
son. Orheestra music will be furn
ished. for the vaudeville. .
Telephone 1C5. Capital City
Laundry. The laundry of pure
materials. We give special atten
tion to all home laundry -work.
Telephone and we will call. ()
Forest Grove County will
complete 35 miles of market roads
this year.
SILVERTON. Sept. 18. -XSn.
rial.) M. G. Gnnderson won ; f
silver, loving cup presented b't" ;
American ; Legion for the j
champion Jersey cow. while J
Angel college was winner of a'j l-"
liar trophy for the best beef ci
Itallk & Eoff tcbVtric Shon. 3?s
Court St. , Everything electrir!
from motors and fixtures and sut J
plies to wiring. Oet prices ai4
look at complete stock. ?
Cottage Grove Bids asked on
proposed $15,000 Baptist church.
Pomeroy & Keene. 1pvi!
never rail to give you lOQfz.
the dollar. Watches, clocks n;J
cnarms. standard hieh ;n
stock in all departments.
l '
. r
1J Afiffci. - h;
sis n . w . v sb- " w- --; c-.- sr a s
Hart Shaf f ner & Marx put into the clothes the style that the best dressed young
men in universities and business are wearing. Hart Shaffner & Marx aire in
touch with every style center. The minute something new comes out, they have
it. Cedarwood tan, for instance, is the newest correct color. You can't go
wrong with a suit or topcoat of this make.
t 1 . -Jr
mme-.c'iiiiAAit ,-tmmmmmm m mini i imm mnrnrrm mTiutiJi
Bishop's New Department of
Men's and Young Men's
You'll know when you see these suits that you have never
seen their equal for the price. Guaranteed all wool wors
ted and cassimere fabrics, beautifully tailored in both
men's and young men's styles. All new Fall patterns.
Excellent dress and business suits for the man and ideal
school suits for the young man.
Men's and Young Men 's Two Pant Suits
Our snappy double breasted silver, stripe blue serge suits
are gaining wide popularity with the young men. It is the
ideal suit for dress or school. Hard finish material so
that it will hold a press and styled to the last word in
clothes construction. This suit can also be had in single
breasted models. Two pairs of pants.
Bishop's Virgin Wool Washougal suits will always stand
but as a decided clpthing value.
This st.aunch wearing-fabric has become known through
out the entire country for its wonderful style and wear
ing quality. Beautifully tailored in both men's and young
men's styles. Two pairs of gants.
Two pairs of Pants
r I
IBSsIfaop's Boy's $BltB'o
fTJiT0ihTCeu ' hfve becn bringing their boys to this store to be outfitted
forschool. Through the enlargement of this department we are offering the biggest and best
sortment of boys cloththg it has ever been our privilege to assemble.
Boys' school suits that will please the boys. Made just like dads wth either one long and one short
pant or made with two long pants. Every style, e very pattern, ever colormade to withstand
the; strain that a boy is sure to give them. Priced from r "
QO.OS up
Boys Cordurby Long
Fine quality grey and tan long
ies. Just the thing for school.
$2.75 to $3.50. .
Boys' Slickers
One special lot of yellow nd
green at $3.75. Others up to $8.-
Boys Caps
Entire new assortment." Sizes
6V! to 7 1. $1.00, $1.50, $1.75,
Boys9 Shoes
Ask to see the Official Boy Scout
Shoe. It's a dandy. Priced at $5.
Mothers Bring Your Boys to This Large Department
Boys' Shirts and Blouses
An entire new stock is no .
ready.'- : Percales, madrasr nnH 5 !
French' flannel materials. Priced
from $1.00 up. . y
Boys' Stockings
Fine quality, black and - brown
colors. 35c up. - :-.
- -
ruo .M. - McEwaa, Gladys M