The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, July 18, 1926, Page 18, Image 18

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'SUNDAY' MORNING;7ilV !& 1 20 '1 'll
Park Attracts Salem Motorists
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Amon the many Marion coun
ty outing resorts located In the
valley., to which Salem people
ftocfc cm week-ends is River Bend
Park, for family recreaUon . at
Aurora, twenty-fire miles drive
north on the Pacific highway mid
waV kbetween the capital and the
metropolis." -
Boatingand 'swimming in addi
tion . to damping Inr picnicking;
and- resting are the parks main
attractions, "rndding river, flow
ing throngh the valley as it does
tor snch'a distance; is warmed" by
Old Sol ays. ; ;Ko cities above
it einpty-ftkeir sewers into it and
prevent, JJs' desirability for swim
miag; XA- deeik and shallow swfm
tning bol ha beep -developed
w IthfS f ftu ipnjent? such." as diving
boards, chutes, and rafts together
with; mo'dern ; bath houses nd
shpwers .by'.the owner, Dr. W. E.
. lAi many -Salem 'motorists know
PuddiBg rjverf derived its ; name
from', two :. French trappers and
their wives Vwho n 1821 camped
onts ; banks and lived for weeks
on pudding made from elk's blood.
Instead', of ox-carts, people now
camping pn its banks, on Sundays,
especially,, travel In flivvers. -
-Rating of first class was given
River .Bend . Park when licensed
by the state board of health. This
waj large tyMiue to the pure drink
ing; water coming from a 19a foot
artpsian.well on the grounds fram
which. -,Aurora abtains its supply.
Tourists as well as picnic parties
are thus assured of comfort, pleas-,
tire'.'; and sanitary conditions. T.
The park's charm Is . enhanced
accessibility,'- and . Accomodations
Salem organizatlon& sncn' aa: the
Kfwanis club and lodges . such as
the White "Shrine ' are combining
in get together picnics with their
similar orders in Portland . at
River Bend Park.
(CoBUnud froil pi
way amotor -caf'tff sTjje; t'shoflM
effectively nd thne prospects' of
any EapatfInSrasMii
' Men familiar with til;Euroneate
market-eaSt bat, it, wil-be ser
ious rival to aX ,otf Oil V European
light ear prodwtlQnfiV fac
tory ".has already laid ; elaborate
plans through he NyisOverland
CrosSiey Co., ; of Manehesterr Eng
dan, to go after, the " European
trade In a hogeiwayj . ?
, It hast already been viewed bv
men prominent in Australian and
Oriental motor car markets and
has been hailed as the greatest cal
mer developed f or these countries.
But it differs, equally much
from all established! American
manufacturing In the way it is
Its very, constructional Laiffer
ences should constitute-the basis
for its first general acceptance for
It has the distinction Mt befiledlf
iferent.x Tbe lowtieRS Mt the Wnfdy
is -increasingly attractive a ine
car is studied, especially after thp
car has been ridden in over rough
roads"- or' through traffic.'1 ThJy
traffic driving (feature is one
of. great V interest-- If or "the
Whippet threads through the traf
fic maze of ihe most congested
streets with an ease jthat Is sur
prising. I
And ft'par!rs with he most as
tonishing ease, requiifing hardly
more than a thin dimje's worth-of
room to back up against the curb..
Bonesteele Motor Co., - 474 S.
Com'l., has the Dodge automobile
for you. . All steel body. Lasts a
lifetime. Ask Dodge owners. They
will tell you. ()
Hallk & Eoff Electric Shop, S37
Court St. Everything electric,
from motors and fixtures and sup
plies to wiring. Get; prices and
look at complete stock.
by many;flne cedar trees now re
maining in all their beauty from
the original jetand. It extendsn
both sides of the river which sep
arates Marion from Clackamas
county. It is one of Dregon's Wil
lamette valley beauty spots that.;
is appealing to.a number of people
. i aoiesr stoves, ana sanuary; ia
cilities are sufficient to' accomo
date a crowd as large asj a thous
and! or more; The supervision of
the resort which-was only started
lasLyearlate in the summer, rests
with Jack Hempstead, junior , in
the University of Oregon who ad
dressed "the service clubs of Salem
this week in behalf of the Semtt
Centennial celebration next fall.'
-Because of its central ; location,
by Tire Trbiible
LET "Walt" Zosel k)ok oVer.Jyour tires before jyou'slart
, crt a trip. It may be only a; little thin?; that cause
you trouble an loss of time. Often expert vulcanizing
or re-treading service will save you many dollars.
198 S. Commercl ; : Teleplione 471
Certainly lit, performance wHU
find ready Recognition for. it will
be a new-experience ta the aver
age lightf:Sar ;OWiieT toeiable
to drive-at (0, 'miles an-hor with
a feeling'of : perfect security, and
to step away. f9''.traffI.:atT,
demonstrated : as a. quality of the
Whippet. . V ', ., , 't
;-Ir the claims . of the engineers
to front i 8 to-30 miles from gal
lon of fuel la average driving, are
tforae but in 'the hands of owners,
this Whippet will red uce'the gas
oline consumption - in the - light
car field from 40 to So pea.uc
and will serve the owner with that
much more general satisfaction.
There should be ; no reason" to. . ex
pect other than' this high mileage
from the fuel tar -It is being or
dinarily obtained from European
motors of similar design and the
motor in the Whippet has meas
ured up to every 6ther standard
nffEnropeap jcbustructiou.
jvor" months, .many of .the moat
expert minds.. of the country hav
been . heralding something ae wand
totally di f erejdt Jn t$.aforJcfth.fiO3
structlon. , Geologists have, argued
that; It. would be necessary 'io de
velop' 30 miles to. the gailon cars
if -we wereitd -be able ; tor-continue
tofiuse utonbiles :oriiccount' of
the serious drains on oor gasoline
production. .Traffic "experts have
argued.-that, lighter carsless but
ky, faster oh their. fet "arid park
ing . i n less ; room,-, were: n ecessary
if we were to continue tcv have t he
use of our "city streets for driving.
. Car o wners ,have';ooked .to : a
relief frgm , slow moving . on : the
blchways .where the traffic Rites
string out for miles on Sumlays.
i v,This Oyerbind , Whippet, accord
ing to its" performance standards,
should be able to meet al of these
requirements. t 1 T ----- - - '
'.'' It is not to be. unexpected that
it will be the type of car that will
soon be geqerajly seen. in our bus
iest ;.streetr for; owners ofr larger
cars-will t, want something .along
the Whippet lines for two driv
ing; It is not nnliklelylto'look for
It to nfbkC bA.v$ inroads in other
light car salea fields' for'lt' has- the
performance ability that. flight "car
owners' nave been 'looking- fori. It
should prove a welcome car at .
country dubs for It has the snap
and verve that the average patron
of such, clubs "wants.. ' ; .
I Good ; "style" In everything else
has been marked by greater snap,
less material, and more economy
of i space- shorter skirts, bobbed
hair bungalow type homes why
nqt the Whippet as the new fash
ion' niolder of the American-built
car. 0 ; ..
Capital Bargain House, Capital
Tire Mfg. Co.. Mike's Auto Wreck
ing. Three in one. Bargain tenter
of Salem. Thousands of bargains.
H.. Steinbock, 215 Center, j j)
S " 1 . 1 ". ... . . . J
Don't Be Held Up
Vith Engine Trouble
IT MAY be only a little thing
that ails your car, but it
,may mean an accident or
loss , of time. Perhaps the
valves need grinding. We have
a special valve refacing machine
and use the flat rate system of
charging. You will be sur
prised at the additional power
.and mileage after the valves on'
your car are properly ground.
Stromberg Carburetor Service
We are in a position to give
the best of service on Strom-
berg carburetors.
" .Did , you "ever piace dependahce
on'your rubber heels when walk-,
ing along t rain swept sidewalk,
only -to. be shocked and perhaps
bumped - by their inability to grip
the cement? That "proves that rub
ber; must be dry to -cling. Once
rubbed 'has become wet it is much
more slippery than oily metal.
This! simple little fact should
. mean much to motorists, for by it
: we see that it isnt wet' pavements
but wet." rubber 'tires ' that skid
automobiles. . Steel -tires wouldn't
'skid because neither wet steel nor
we concrete Is slippery." But auto
mobiles, skid In rainy weather be
cause , wet. ruber is slippery. . -
CAll of which .points to the ne
cessity for non-skid chains when
ever the.;'tiresr are damp or wet.
Only the' presence of steel cross
links will effectively stop skidding.
4 And If all acidenfs from skidding
should ' suddenly ; and " completely
be? eliminated, motor fatalities
and injuries j would be reduced
PBe-thlrd.'.Such Is the effect of
slipperyiwet rubber and the Im
, portaace of non-skid ' chains. -
; j r '- ' " v- - - -
: 'iTtrst' National Bank,' the bank
j.of,-. friendship -and helpfulness In
time ; of., need; Interest paid ' on
time -reposits. f Open an account money grow..() and carpet department
otithe Hamilton Furniture Co. Is
one. of -the most complete in the
stete. All rug prices, below regu
lar list. ; - J" ()
Ilarrisburg-Clint Murphy has
l.oyai Anne cherry tree that has
pajrl-j65 thlji year,-. - .
jr .
. 1 1 . : 1 : ' -
I I I J- Xlll 1 I' K . I , IX... II
II 1 i '
I . f r
i . - Salem
Full force.fecd lubrication, air cleaner, gasoline filter, and oil
purifier plus Nahdetign 4-w her I brakes, full balloon tires
j . ' ' . mod 5 dUc wbeel Included at no, extra coat. . ; . "
r- -
i: ! -
3 i
J t t.
n You will KNOW this 'Special
Six Sedan leadsTits "fieldrrice -';
Y -you'vetried .but .its 'performance y.
11 yourself. iConiie -in. TODAY.
' V' 3.- ' -
) - r
i: - "
- I
Kirkwood Motor Co.
Telephone 311 : i;
1 r
v Good brakes have saved
many an accident. Let us test
yours now.
Starr & Whittemore
343 Ferry St. Phone 2 ISO
In the hands of men who know how to use them, mean
that the electrical units of your car receive expert atten
tion when in our shop." ..
We specialize in automotive electrical work.
Genuine PHILC0 Batteries
Batteries Recharged Repaired Rented Rebuilt
Batteries Tested and Water Added Without Charge
E. M. BUil
Battery and Electrical Service
238 N. High Street
2 -XL
1 r - .
I ha bKAi Jti power, per cu- m road speea it surpasses any other
JL bicinch of piston displacement car of competitive dimensions. For
, . . . - .
i - . .
enrougnoux its enure range, ever ue- sustained. mgn.speeas Hour in and.
yeloped in any American built, stock hour out, nothing like its perform
production motor ... -" ance has ever been offered before. ':
The greatest range of performance, And for smoothness of nmnink the
without strain on the power plant, WiUys , Knight sleeve valve motor
ever achieved in any stock, Amert- i , hMlabUsJateniadooalje
can built motor of its sue... utation as the most silent, most fle
An acceleration ability entirely un V iblfc most responsive' of alt power
matched by any other power plant f J? '.
of anywhere near the same rated - c ''r ; ' V ''"2.
capaoty. V , , v Steadily wearing in while other mo-
J , , - -fl . .V tors are wearing, out, jt is fthe en-.i 1
The highest motor torque, gmng - gine that improves with use",
unequalled hill climbing powets,-." i'-J '. gf.m
ever attained in an American built 663,000 miles of steady service with, .
motor of its size i't out interruption for repairs ---this
These are the supw,powerteatum
oftheoatented'viifhtsleeveX' ngn.e bundcdvibeof ;
Knlcrht Sr.C.VMrvtr. mues. r i .- V j : f : ' ': I ri -
which will out perform any other See the power plant inthe Willys : :
i automobile anywhere near its prie Knight the highest development
or size class, that modern engineering has to offer. j.
CXtTPE 1 . S1S99 -
. Pxtcef.b.(tctorr i
Th Nrw trairi F!aaac
Plaa Uow3 - , t, 1
Smller dowa paymeats
d uuller B00UU7 par- f
aent cb tswttt credit I
com im Um iaduMrv. J
; t 1 I I I I I I - I I Vl? 1 I ii i
Corner Ferry dndiCottatje
,;;,;r.f:,:.-.;....-' :
t '.f '..- I
" : '-i ..'.'.' ' .. "vf I
I " 1.1 - . -
J. J V ' ;aL-'l " ' '
Phone 409
'If "
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