The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, July 18, 1926, Page 17, Image 17

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    V-.' '
Many "B": Batteries. With
Lots Service in Them
Are Tfiro wri Away
Many radio users seem to lahnr
under kh tfelnmlnn tht -ft.,. .
yj" batteries has been In
steral moiitha; it fs true
:t poorer results from
night or two. of poor re
ception due to atmospheric condi
tions f&qaentiy confirms the set
ornerVjreconceived idea that, bis
batteries are about done for, and
otxi they go. usually with many
weeas or even months of. useful
service still remaining in them.
Sometimes, the '.'trouble" Is pure
ly .imaginary, t , - -.
' An amusing incident, of this na
ture, recently came to Jigat in a
mid- western? xt tri'-ri, A," prominent
physician was tbe proud, possessor
of a "super-hetr" made especially
for him .by a Jdcit:radto expert.
powered; t A with, ary duty
"B" batteries-whlfchT.iinder nor
mal conditions of use should have
run that particular receiver about
nine months. After he had used
the set six months, he began to
imagine it wasn't . working as well
as it used to, , so he called his
friend on the telephone and tried
to expain the trouble. When the
expert learned that he was still
using the original "B" batteries,
he Immediately' told the physician
that he needed new ones. The
trouble was surely -"due to" "run
down "B" batteries so the "ex
pert" said.
This physician has a friend who
is connected., with, a large i,. battery
manufacturer in that city, and
who had furnished the original
"B" batteries for the "super-net."
The battery friend was told of the
supposed death of his batteries
and was requested to corme around
with a new set. Knowing the ten
dency of the average set owner to
throw his" "B" batteries away too
soon, the battery man tried to
convince his friend that his bat
teries were not at fault, hut to no
avail. The "expert" had diagnosed
the trouble by telephone and
the remedy was clearly indicated
new batteries. So new batteries
it had to be. -i?-,frtv' ' ''
The battery man"' was still un
convinced, and to prove his point
he worked a sleight-of-hand trie
on his friend. Instead of connect
ing the new batteries to the set.
he re-connected the old ones, anf
ep asked the1 doctor to tune ir
Sfrfee how the set worked. He
was Relighted ' with "the perform
ance. All the; "trouble" had beer
tleared up, and the "expert" wa
The physician was left under
the impression that he was usinf
new "B" batteries, and his satis
faction was complete. Not until
three months afterward was he
obliged to get new ones
When the hoax was explained to
him, he was cured. Hereafter he
will not blame all his trouble in
discriminately on his "B" bat
teries. Another case illustrating the
fact that broadcast listeners are
prone to throw their "B" batteries
away too soon, is that a young
amateur In central Michigan who
recently built a battery operated
transmitter. His meagre funds
were exhausted by the purchase' of
parts, leaving nothing for the "B"
battery to run the" set. He accum
ulated a supply from batteries
discarded by his friends who
owned receivers, and with these
supposedly "dead" batteries, he
established communication with a
fellow amateur in California.
There is a janitor" in a large
New York apartment house who
has had a receiving set for over
three years,' and in all that time
he, has never bought a "B" bat
tery! He gets his power supply
from. the dumb waiter batteries
thrown away as "dead by the
tenants upstairs. They are throw
ing their "B" batteries away too
soon, which is fine for the Janitor
but hard on their pocketbooks. ;
SUNDAY .ttORNIKG, itILY 18t 1926
First of 1927
uM run . -wrx fa wot
t JLrjLvr vs. vjlkj . ayvr jl
. I . :i . -.-...?!
. . Cr "
I' -.J
?.-. j: 1 -mti-
f' n n r-1 ip mmw -"T"
v p-J T.
- vr'' $1
lt tt , "" -- 1 1 1 5
ir , i va
" . ygfciwMxe,ii riiiiii-f i 1 - jt v ' 5 ' "' r"-' r T -
S J.. f 4
1 f
. .:'w.'-::-.xw....
; - , 1 1 1 1 1
i :i '4
x-L -il
f Sport Roadtter
iShdwing neyr Fenders, Hub Caps and Headlights f
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- - " -t
reducing the light Intensity. A
unique feature or these new head
lights is the foot control located
on the floor at the j left of the
clutch pedal which j enrjfbles the
driver to keep hisAanda'bn the
driving wheel at al' timesf "By
pressing the1 foot control he may
iepresa the lights and with the
same foot pressure raise them
igain to driving position.
New large hub capi enhance the
appearance of the wheels, while
the new croVT reTfidfers"oT he'a'vy
metal and unbroken line, ' and
new, deeper and heavier running
boards are' all designed to give the
!ow-Bwung appearance of the most
costly cars. The new; bindings for
the running boards are assembled
without screws, .while "new side
shield on running board add a
'ouch of beauty to the fender de
sign.' ' -y- i: -
Added touches to the niceities
of interior' equipment include a
walnut finish gear shift lever ball,
walnut finish, horn ! button, new
trottle control on the steering
wheel and special new Oakland
hardware of distinctive design.
The new one-piece headlight and
fender tie-rod has been re-in-forced
for more rigid ; support of
j- headlamps and front fenders. A
new, larger motor driven horn en
ables the driver to sound more
positive warning. A smoking set
is standard equipment on the
Landau sedan, four-door, sedan
and sedan. All closed models have
new cushion springs 'and new
dome light.
Smoother and quieter opera
tion of the engine itself results
fro nxthe use of a new camshaft
and new valve spring retainers.
The velocity of the valve return
is lower, thus eliminating valve
clicking, also .valve spring swish
ing and rocking are entirely done
away with.
Greater general efficientcy of
the engine is also accomplished
through a new oil drain piston, a
new carburetor with single ad
justment and new oil relief and
pressure valve. The comfort of
passengers has been materially in
creased by the use of chrome van
adium steel springs at the rear
end of the chassis. Easier hand
ling and greater convenience arej
assured by new steering gears
In the lead, of the newest types" of. automobile creations, the
Greater Oakland Six. Introduced throughout the country this week,
embodies 77 important refinements, featured by smart new Fisher
bodies in new! and striking two-tone Duco finish, engine develop
ments of a vital nature, and the rubber silenced chassis, an ad
vanced Oakland engineering achievement ranking with the harmonic
balancer, which was introduced to the industry last year on Oakland
cars. The landau sedan, sedan and sport roadster are three of the
several cars on display in the local Oakland show rooms. New fend'
ers, hub caps and headlights are additional improved features of'
f ered Oakland jj purchasers.
eter has been Increased to .917
inch the largest diameter piston
pins used in small bore engines
in the United States.
A new cross-member section is
used to further 'reduce frome dis
tortion on rough roads. Because
balloon tires tunning at high
speed are effected by unbalanced
conditions in the wheels carrying
them, the tire hvalves, cap, etc..
are balanced with a small counter
weight on the felloe of the wheel.
The sedan and four-door sedan
are upholstered in new, wool vel
our which blends with the walnut
enameled garnish mouldings. A
new foot rail bins been placed in
the sedan and a! new robe rail and
foot rail with nickel-plated end
brackets in the four-door sedan.
The sedan is finished in Dundee
gray, with wheels of the same
color, black upper structure and
straw colored ptrlping on body,
louvres and whjeiels. The color, of
the four-dor sedan body and
wheels is St. James gray, with
black upper structure and striping
of Fairie Red Ion body, louvres
and wheels. j
The Landau feedan and Landau
coupe are finished in Peter Pan
blue with Robin Hood blue upper
structure, gold; bronze striping!
and natural woo? wheels. The in- j
strument boards are inlaid walnut
with genuine American walnut
window garnish rails. New and
luxurious mohair upholstery in
complete harmony with the other
interior fittings was selected foe
the Landau sedan. Regulators are
fitted to the rear quarter win-
in summer driving. The front
floor mat is covered with felt in
this car and the rear compartment
with carpet, while front bumpers
and rear guards are standard.
Important changes have been
made in the Landau coupe. The
body itself has been lengthened
four inches, . while the rear deck
is constructed to give greater
room and more graceful lines. The
rear deck door may be removed
entirely. A package compartment
door is now provided for golf bags
or small parcels, on the right side
of the deck. Spanish leather up
holstery carries out the color
scheme and. affords the durability
desirable in this type of car. The
quarter windows are built '"D"
shape to aid in keeping the lines
of the upper structure symmetri
cal. The two sport cars, the Phaeton
and sport roadster are the most
colorful cars in the lino- and most
completely equipped. The four
passenger sport roadster may be
obtained in optional Duco color;
combinations, standard - scheme
being; Devonshire maroon and El
Paso, tan while those desiring a
car with less, striking colors may
have . a: solid color finish in St.
James gray, -.: " .
The Phaeton is a car of ex
treme distinction with a two-tone
Duco color combination of ;Merri
mae beige and box elder green. It
is finshled in gray Spanish leather
of , a shark-grain finish over gen
uine ; hair pads, and cushion
springs which make the interior
of the car as comfortable as it is
pleasing in appearance'. A folding
.top is standard equipment with
the top boot fiting snugly over It
when . lowered. Windshield wings
of plate glass, nickel plated front
bumpers and rear guards, rear
view mirror, windshield, cleaner,
solid walnut, steering wheel and
nickel plated headlights are added
features of refinement on both
these cars. Nickel , plated head
lights are also' standard on the
Landau sedan.
Gasoline gauge on the dash is
standard v equipment on . the Lan
dau sedan and roadster. These
types, together with the Phaeton,
are also fitted with special, artis
tic radiator caps.
All closed cars have the follow
ing equipment: Fisher VV one
pi e c e windshield, 'windshield
cleaner, regulators on all side
windows, shades, dome light,
nickel-plated door handles, cowl
lights, door locks, visor, rear view
mirror and luxury type cushion
1 i
pniHiie rimiun ycotiiigs
As distributor for the timktin. Roller Bearing Co., we
can give your immediate service oh any bearing, r
(Xot Brothers -the Same Man)
High Street at Ferry Salem, Oregon
Day Phone 422 or 2300 Kigtit Phone 273-R
Jot Economical Tran$ptHation
yisTr i worn i r n 7
Vick Bros, are selling the Oak
land and Pontiac cars. Agents for
the valley counties. Pioneer firm
in autos. Oakland coach now only
$1290. 280 S. Hi$h St. ()
G. W. Day, tires, tubes and ac
cessories. Has the Goodyear tires,
the standard of the world. Ulr.
Day can give you more mileage.
Corner Com'l. and Chemeketa. ()
Vlbbert & Todd Electric Store,
High at Ferry Sts. Everything
electrical. Good service and low
prices are bringing an increasing
trade to this store. ()
EfTtV niotor-vith an urto-dat'c2izr . j j
' tna include everything , "
H. L. Stiff Furniture Co.. lead
ers in complete homo furnishings,
priced to make you the owner. The
store that studies your every need
and is ready to meet It, absolutely.
The Bake-Rite Bakery. Bus
every day supplying best hornet
with bakery goods of all kinds;
baked in a kitchen clean as your
own. 345 State St. ()
K-ToaTruc QQfT
rrt : T m rVwnfcwirl Ch irtl rumv?
a performance that has civet it a; ' I V
ff world-wide reputation for d e .
L,y pendability. ; i . . .,
ajk any one of Over a miiaoa ,
Chevrolet owners women as ,
well as men and' the answer :.
will be-Ir! smooths and power "
ful easy to drive economical tar1
operate and above all, so .
pehdablef Phone fdf a demon'
sfraiidrf today!
l-To Track 9
Siriott Dotim Payment
Convenient Terms ' - .i
So Smooth So Powerful
Newton Chevrolet Co.
Opposite City Hall Telephone JOQ0
m '
rith a 15 to 1 ratio and a new
steering wheel. Piston jln diam- dows of this bodyj type for comfort
.Parker & Co., 444 8. Commer
cial. Don't fail to ed Parker
about repairing your car. Expert
mechanics at your service. All
work guaranteed. ()
The Salem Hdw. Co., most pro
gressive. Every accommodation
given to those in need of best
hardware supplies. Work and pros
perlty the motto. It9 N. Com'l ()
One of the factors that contrib
utes to the increase of motor ac
cidents which is .frequently over
looked is the prevalence of one
eyed cars. The next time you aro
motoring after' dark, just count
the number of approaching cars
tt j have but one lamp burning:.
' number will astonish you.
many such cars going in your di
rection that yon cannot see. a
This one-lamp practice is very
confusing to drivers and frequent
ly causes ; serious accidents and
rloss of life. Our police authori
ties should follow the example of
the Buffalo judge who recently
imposed stiff fines on eight such
Dead-Eye Dicks for driving in
this ;way. . - " '--- 1 l-t-' "v v
a Last Tear . ' This Year " Next Year & $1095 ,
Tr & T-r - I : V vw-v r -Tr-v
77. Ilefin,ements No Increase in Prices
strtidngly beaudtul two-tone i pdeo
color combinations; new dbtible-
Foremost among the" refinements
' in the Gteartr Oakland Six is the
r! RubherSilejiced Chassis an
epochal -and exclusive feature
; freeing the Oakland Six from the
noise and rumbling found in
. ? ordinary cars and permitting pass en
1 gera to ride in quiet, cushioned .
comfort. This new achievement
combines with the Harmonic Bal
i mncer to jplace the Oakland Six far In
advance of current motor car design. 4
Other, refinemeflts include smart
new Bodies by Fisher in new and
OeUmni Six, $ 1 025 $ 129S.
filament tilting : beam" headlights,
with ' conveni en t foot control to
make night driving 'safer; vital en
gine developments includinjgjnew
camshaft and new valve spring
retainers resulting in still quieter
performance. !.
' Come in sec this Greater Oak
land Six examine it drive it
. before buying any automobile at
any price. .You'll agree that the car
has few equals in quality, r i !
and no equal in value!
to OalW Six, $82S, Sadmn me
Gp. AU pricat mt fctor Ejr to pay om. ik Uurd Mir Tifmrn
i j of I
Qeneral I
Motor $ I
:1 '-
" VICfc BROS."; Salem; Oregon
K pt. TAYLOR. Lebanon. Oregon: SILVERTON M
6do,' Oregon:
10 TO ft CAR CO.? Silrertori, Oregoh; GEO. DORR,
wwhnrn Oreroor C ' J. SCHREEVE V SON. Dailas.oregon: nAftlUSBUttU uaiuiuiu.- amsourg.
; UlrlchA-KoherWWsjtbrs, 121
Xf - - ' - 1. mmm nnrt
jraijw; ; aaaai af ot-yott, profit- f Oregonl Miml&XMKS0119
Fisher's ?engndering experts skilled beyond
their calling by virtueVoI years of continuous re
search and experimentation with all types of
body construction unhesitatingly aver that
none but Body .by Fisher exclusively used by
General Mofors lor Cadillac, Buick, Chevrolet,
Oakland, Oldsmobile and Pontiac cars aSords
the essential virtues of safety, beauty and com
fort which characterize every Fisher product.
Quite 1 logically' the public knows '. that when
any improvement which really gives an en
hanced measure of safety, comfort and luxury
is perfected. Fisher will be the'first to present
it just as Fisher has created and been the first
to present every important4 improvement in
body design and construction of the past decade.
' , G E N E R. ' A L, , ,M O T O iV., S ,
m m mmrn .mmm m , m mn jimr .r mm a m i r" lit tk ' ri ; - mr m 3 .3mw w -a,
iirr iitrnr vruif iiv ji t hi - i i'nii'
as n mm &as- jt m a m mm r . a a u mw m. rsk .mm m. -j m. . k. ti nt m m a - r mm, &
I !
me laveeimeais... uuui who
and make you money. I)