The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, July 18, 1926, Page 16, Image 16

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Salem Automobile Company
" Owns Building and Is to
. Remain There
- The Salem Automobile company
will not more as announced in a
news article in this paper. a few
weeks agt, according to a state
ment made by Fred Delano of the
Salem Automobile company. Star
dealers. . . . v , . '
,H seems that J. H. Lauterman,
owner of the Argo Hotel recently
rented a part of a store building
to a party running what he called
the "Star -Exchange'-! and some
one started the story that the
Star car would" occupy Mr, Lauter-'
man's building. ., , V , ; , " '
rhiSalem Automobile pp.-com-
posed .of JV B. Delano anid A. I.
Eof f. own their own building at:
151 "rUi "High street, their pre-1
senrtocatlon: u, - k -
i I. A. Scheelar Auto Wrecking
Co., oldest In the Willamette yal
ley. few and .used pars and
equipment. Low prices and quality
serrioe, here. ;1035 N. Com'l. (?)
The Marlon Automobile Co. The
, Studebaker, the world's greatest
automobile ralue. Operating cost
malL Will last a lifetime, with
care. Standard coach $1415. ()
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light four-cylinder motor built In
America: this Is one of the re
sults of utilizing the European
type of high speed motor design.
It derelops greater brake horse
power than any other light four
cylinder car in this country and
yet ft weighs just a little over
2000 pounds, ready for the road.
The power plant turns over 2800
revolutions a minute and gives
a developed power of 30.5 h. p.,
from an S. A. E. rating of 15.6
h. p. The total piston displacement
is 134.2 cubic Inches, somewhat
larger than that of the average
European light car, but less than
any other American built four
cylinder car. I
Low Body
, The-roof of this new type car
Is only 1 5 feet 8 inches from the
groimd. yet the room inside the
bedy is greater than in any other
light, car now on th market. It
first a-nparanee is striking in thf
oxtrpme. A man of average
beitcht can ;taml alongside it at
the curb and rest his arms on the
top and look over It. But a six
footer can sit in it with all the
room t he wants. In this respect it
Is thoroughly American and bears
no relationship to Its diminutively
dimensioned European cousins.
Insider the - body 'is 45 inches
from 'floor to roof aad there Are
6 Inches between the top of the
seats and the roof. The seats are
approximately 12 inches from the
floor 'to the top of the cushions.
There are. 35 lnhces of space from
the front of the front seat cushion
to th' clutch and 'brake pedals.
In the rear; seating compartment
The Square Deal Hardware Co..
230 N. Com'l. Most elegant and
there; are 36 5-8 -Inches, affording I banders' hardware, cutlery, etc. Go
j greater room, lor iae . occupants, mere and save the difference. ()
of the rear seat than is found in
any :otheivlight car built.
,To give room; for j, stretching
out In the front- Beat, the metal
dash is curved forward several
inches and there; Cs' as much! leg
room in this compartment as
there Is in the rear.
The front seat is 40 H inches
wide and the rear seat is 45
inches wide, the conventional
widths for these two seats, j
The doors are wide and hing on
four hinges so "that it li extremely
easy to get in or out. , j
' E Perhaps one of the greatest
surprises this car has to offer,
outside of its performance ability,
is the roominess in the body. .-. .
And the; body! lines are aristo
cratic in. every way? A conspicuous
feature is the construction .of. the
sunvisor which is formed, by con
tinuing the root forward in a
graceful down swinging curve.
This is nobby tailoring for even
the best of cars and is a hallmark
of quality in this-- Overland
The radiator is conspicuously
high and .narrow and is housed in
a deep, nickeled shell. The body
lines sweep gracefully back with
out any-break at the cowl giving j
an apearance which is intriguing
in the extreme.
The bullet headlamps
nickeled shells and are strongly
supported with a tie-rod at the
New Tire Sizes
Tire sizes present something en
tirely new, being 27 inches in dia
meter TOiih A 1 All lnih crAio diu.I
tion, and are of the balloon type.
These are the smallest tires ever
used as stock equipment but the
tire makers are anticipating a
huge demand for this Overland
Whippet and dealers are stocking
these sizes at the present time.
It is the claim of the engineers
that this size of tire on the Whip
pet will result in "exceedingly long
tire 'service and forecasts of as
high as 20,000 miles to the set
have been made.
Fine Appointments
The interior appointments of
this car are tasty in every way.
The instrument board is of metal
with a Circassian walnut finish
on a gracefully designed panel.
The board carries the starting and
lighting switch, oil gauge, am
meter, speedometer and dash lamp.
A frosted glass dome light ad
dorns the rear ; compartment. Up
holstery is of 'a fine ribbed velour
of rich coloring and fine fabric.
The levers for lifting or dropping
the windows are nickeled.
The windows are unusually
wide and the windshield is of the
one-piece type which has come
into fashion among the finer types
of automobiles.
In appoir.tTrtrnt :m In deMrt
nd nerfninianre ThSTOverlaiitT
Whippvria a'd!aUn-t revelation in
the' light car field. ' -Mechanical
As has been prophesied during
the past few months, this. ' the
first of the European type light
cars to be built in this country is
designed along the most advanced
of modern engineering lines to get
a wide range of power and ' per
formance from small and there
fore economical motor dimen
t The bore is 3 1-8 inches and the
stroke is 4,38 inches -giving a
' , . .
..... ii.i -i.i -in i i . i rrr B
"Please Get Over" Says Horn
r -4f--:gp . flair- ' v ' -1
;w f
Have You Heard About
Process Auto Painting?
Permanent, durable and lus
trous. Any color, desired.
Every Job guaranteed for
one year against checking,
cracking or peeling. -
'. Only half the cost of ordinary painting " V
O. J. Hull Auto Top & Paint Co. I :
267 South Commercial H Phone! 578
- i
Auxulary signals are becoming more and more popular, say
officials of the Western Auto Supply-Company, chiefly bcjause they
are distinctive and convey the idea of room needed Without the
strident tones found in the usual automobile horn. Thief Aermore
exhaust horn installed on the running board is meeting
of approval.
piston displacement of 134.2 in
ches. This is somewhat larger
than the average for the European
type motors but is smaller than
any other American built motor
of stock production. The increase
over the English and French di
mensions was made to give the
car certain performance features
in high gear which are not re
quired by European users. It is
said that this Whippet will climb
any hill that any of our best light
sixes will climb in high and its
comparative acceleration has al
ready been demonstrated.
The pistons are of cast iron but
are extremely light in weight as
are the connecting rods. The
crankshaft is short and heavier
than that used in any other four
cylinder car of equivalent dimen
sions, and weighs 27 pounds. It Is
balanced statically and dynamical
ly and eliminates whipping and
vibration to a degree never be-
rith a lot
fore achieved In a four-cylinder
The connecting rodpi are long
and designed to eliminate whip
ping and piston slaps it high car
speeds. j
The oiling system comes in for
special attention, tl is i the mod
ern full pressure system!. A drilled
crank shaft is offered :'4t the first
time in light car construction in
this motor. The whol'ij design of
the lubricating system follows the
practice set for our lirger cars,
oil being forced through the
crankshaft to the foeirings and
thrown off the main j bearings to
lubricate the cylinder walls and
valve mechanism.
- The oil reservoir is ' in the
pressed steel motor base and two
baffle plates ; keep the oil from
surging away from the pamp.
Cooling is by pump circulatory
system with over , 8000 sqaure
inches-of cooling area.
2 Four Wheel Brakes '
An Innovation In light car con
struction is7 found in the four
wheel brakes which are of the
type of design used on better than
96 per cent of the finest European
cars where all types of four wheel
brakes have been thoroughly test
ed and tried out. The brake
drums are 11 inches in diameter
giving a braking surface "greater
than on many larger cars.
Qverland engineers say that the
type of brakes used on the Whip
pet grow better and more effici
ent with use. The elaborate atten
tion, which has been paid to brak
ing equipment in this car has
come as a result of the perform
ance' capacity which, with its rapid
acceleration and its high speed
capacity requires a prompt acting
and highly efficient system of
. Unit System Power Plant
Motor, clutch and transmission
are -In one unit, the clutch being
of the single plate type, transmis
sion being the modern three for
ward speed, selective sliding con
struction with an extra long
change gear lever to facilitate' the
operation of the gear shift.
An encolsed propellor shaft is
used and the rear axle is of the
semi-floating type with the axle
members removable. It is carried
in a banjo type rear axle housing.
Starting and lighting
Auto-Lite system, two unit con
struction starting and lighting is
employed and an Auto-Lite igni
tion system is used. This is in line
with the use of this type of equip
ment throughout the entire pro
duction of Overland and Willjs
Knight cars.
Presages Radical Changes
The Overland Whippet is an in
novation. And it has all the ear
marks of being one of those de
velopments which make history in
the industry. It resembles nothing
on the market in its size class. In
Ira W. Jorgensen, 190 S. High
St. Parts for all makes of cars.
Best equipped auto accessory store
in this section. Prompt and re
liable service the rule. ()
When it is so easy to buy a
Bicycle and the upkeep is
practically nothing. You
cannot afford to be without
Children's Wheel
We also have, a complete
line of wheel goods for chil
dren, such as Scooters, Kid
die Kars, Velocipedes, Wag
ons, etc.
f . 7-
Expert Repairing of Bicy
cles and Children's Wheel
Goods. 7
. t ..-T
- 4
it? u-
I ' V -
. : 3 C vi
,' 'N
i -;
;. Si -
i . t-.
v V i-
i ,
. 1 , r
. .i . ;
'1 '
-1 j;
Storage- Eubl Wirahsf er.
Coal and.Dry; Woodt Reasohable Prices
Step Up,
We'll let you
in on a secret!
We have the jmost modern and latest vulcanizing
equipment of jany shop in Oregon.
Our vulcanizir g man has had 14 years' experience,
and "knows his stuff."
We can vulcanize or retread any size balloon tire,
NOW You Know Where tp Go for Tire Service
Miller Tire Service Co.
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Aup . Painting
When Done With The .
Gives you! a most Beautiful, Durable Finish.
In our : nodern paint shop, equipped with 3
finishing rooms,-. we guarantee your entire
satisfaction in our work.
We wil
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finish your car for whatever price
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i ' VoddsVAuto Service Co.
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its ' constructional features, in its
lines. In its concessions to comfort
and appearance, it Is a car which
ranks along with the finest pro
ductions which are being put out
in the mtof .car world today.
It differs,-from the cars after
which It is patterned, the Euro
pean models. In that it has stan-
dard G6 inch tread and is in'
(OoiUiitl n psr 4.).
mm ...
10 to 20 Reduction
in Ksk
' sm
High Pressure and Balloon
30x32 IU-gular Cord. $75
SOx3 H Premier Cord . 8.93
aOx3H Oversize Msk.11.70
32x4 Premior . . . . 10.55
29x4.40 Premier
29x4.40 JMsli . . .
31x5.25 Premier
33x6.00 lreniicr
Other sizes priced in proportion
9 11. SO rrL)
Invite us to your next blowout
Phone 44
. 4
i I
Seveinteeiii ears
Ago Ford Was Leading
' i " - - i " : 'r
the Automobile World...
Advertising usee! in newspapers 17 years ago show that at
this early stage of the automobile development Ford was
setting the pace for the other automobile manufacturers
Read These Two Advertisements
Which Were Used In 1909:
HERE are the newest lines, side
entrance to tonneau, effective
looking hood, in fact, everything
1 that a man or woman admires in
an automobile. The car is really
a Wanamaker production.
For a long time we have been
working with the Ford company to
have them make an up-to-date side
entrance car, fitted with the fam
ous 10 h. p. Ford motor, to sell at a
popular price. First they declared
it impossible, but now the cars are
here. Nowhere is there an equal
car, either in appearance or effi
ciency, at anything like the price."
John Wanamaker, New York N.Y.
big, showy
in body
YOU'VE seen the
cars pretentious
clattering noisily up a hill on low ,
gear like taking a freight eleva
tor to the sixteenth floor.; The idea ,
has gone out of date. Henry Ford
exploded it. He brought out cars
of ample size ; but built the bodies,
as well as other parts, light in
weight; and put in motors of ample
power. Now Ford cars are the
"Greyhounds of the road. They
take the hills on high gear. They"
are noiseless, vibrationless, easy to
run and inexpensive to operate
John Wanamaker, New York, N. Y.
The Ford car of today offers driving ease and certainty
of control, features which are characteristic of Ford cars.
In new attractive colors, with added conveniences" and low
. well-proportioned body lines which present a new smart
ness in keeping with business, family or social 'require-
'. ments. ' i ' -.'V!
Touring . .
Tudor Sedan
Fordor Sedan .
Coupe . . ;. ' .
Truck Chassis .
Valley Motor Co.
. .; . . ' v. Authorized Sales and Service
260 N. HIGH
S 3
i 2
k i
I 1
I i
? 3-
I3 Cculh Libdrty :
1 1 -tf-.
- formerly food's Auto Top Co.)