The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, July 14, 1926, Page 3, Image 3

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WEDNESDAY MORNING.': JULY.,14, . 1926. ;
By AUPRED' BUNCH . Phone i 10S
Salem Men's Chorus to
Sin$ Tonight in Silvqrton
A group of Salem men who
mak up thei personnel 'of the Salt-m
Men's choras of vhich Dan
I.anMherg Is director, will pre
ni midsummer concert this
. vening in , Silver ton,. , The, ,con
oi t is being presented a a bene
fit performance under, th auspi
a's of the American Legion auxil
iary. '
Wis Marian Emmons, , who is
s pftndJri&the summer in Salem,
will Jjive assisting violin numbers,
with Miss Ruth Bedford-playing
lit-r. accompaniments. MfSsClaud-i-i
.Lew'is will" accompanjCfor the
Itoctis numbers. The vocal s'olor
is of; the evening will fee Martin
1 oerffe'r. fn
Che following program has been
r.iiounced :
i a") Proudly as the Eagle.... Spohr
b- t Gathered a, Hose.... ....Lee
(d) Deep River Lucas
(b Silent Recollections-'... Pache
'a) Forsaken ..i....r.v.,.Jvoschat
il Swing Alo C-.'.UaiiiA Cools
. ;ch'oraa.i v
a) La Gitant-...j:..' Kreisler
ib) Hale Ioon...,.Ioan-Krei6ler
( ) . Minuet. J..4.Porpore-Kreisler
... Marjjyi. Emmons.;
( al rfce,fJ4c.?. i..." Squire
(b)Invictus Huhn
(c The Iast Hour Kramer
Mr. Doerfler.
iai Praelulium .... Sitt
ibi Berceuse Juon
i i Arabesque No. 2 .'..Debussy
i) Habanera Sarasate
Marian Emmons.
Woman's Union to Meet
All members of ttie Woman's
I'nion of the First Congregational
Lurch are asked to be present at
i home
y. The
The afternoon will be devoted to
Guests at" j ,
Terwilliger Home !
Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Glllman of
Heppner, Or., we the house gnests
at tneVG. K. " Terwilliger home;
Mrs. Glllmaiv is the past depart
ment' president ' of the Wproen's
Relief corps.
Mrs. Kinseyx Visiting
Relatives in Salem
Mrs. L. C. Kinsey, nee Lois
Moorhead and Miss Ruby Sooth
of Sisters, Or., motored j over,; the
McKenzie, Pais to Salem where
ihey. will be house guests of -Mrjs,
fotjiey .mother, Mrs. G. lit. Moot
heai. . I ,
Ntfhiw'sh'e is f n Salem Mrs. Kin
sey will attend .the. wedding of her
hro"ter;lvfr;. George Moorhead.
Mrs, Lucy . licGreere, bister of
Mr. Moorhead, in also visiting Mrs.
ft R. Moorhead. and will attend
I ho Vandevort-Moorhead wedding
Thursday afternoon.
Qfregbn Honor Winners at. the Sesqui
Z 1 1 " 7 ' 1
X fwing for the. Marion
H ( tjld HealthDemonstration
1 V tscation at Newport
Dr. and- Mrs. Prank E.
and Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Edwards
J hare returned home following a
two weeks' vacation "'at Newport.
jMlas Benita Edwards and Norval
Jfdwards spent a week-end period
ith thoir parents.
Motor Trip Up McKenzie
Mr. and Mrs. T. S. MacKenzie
have returned from a most inter
esting motor trip up the McKenzie
higk Ty. going as far as the Mc
KesiJV bridge. The MacKenzies
raade contacts w4th hosts of tour
ists, many of them having come
froni California to camp in this
rtiajestic "playground" in the
mountains. Mr. and Mrs. Mac
Kenzie were accompanied by their
grand-daughter, Doris .MacKenzie
of Seattle, whose parents, Mr. and
Mrs. E. B. MacKenzie, are expect
ed to arrive in Salem today after
two weeks in Del Monte, Cal.
Smith & Watkins for tire serv
ice at a lower cost. Vulcanizing
J M, and retreading, tube repairing. If
)fit you have tire trouble just call 44.
k c
i At Shipley's the ladies of Satem
have satisfied themselves that they
can get the finest spring and sum
mer frocks, coats and dresses ever
shown in this city. ()
Clarkes Motor to Seattle
Mrs. W. D. Clarke, left Tuesday
morning -for Tafcoma where the
win Join Mr. Clarke, They will
motor to Seattle where My. Clarke
will attond'a highway convention.
They expect taeturn home Mon
day. ;.jr-v. jh H
Mrs E." VS.i If aynes of Portland
is spending two : week at' the
filarke home?.
Mrs. Smith
Attends Convention
Mrs. Lizzie W. Smith returned
recently from Coquille, Or., whejej
she was the house guest of he&
niece. Mrs. Smith was also in at;i.
tendance at the convention or ne
Women's Relief corps at Marsh.
field. !
Mrs. Rodgers Leaves
for Vancouver, B. C.
Mrs. George P. Rodgers left
early in the week for Vancouver,
Ji C.. where she will spend seve
ral weeks as the house guest of
her son-in-law and daughter, Mr.
and Mfs. James G. A. Hutcheson
t Margaret Rodgers). .Mrs. Rodg
ers was accompanied north by Vher
sister, Mrs. Fred Wiggins; of Top
penish. Wash., and her uncle,
Joseph Holman, who have been
"her house guests.
Wedding to be an
Event of Thursday
Three hundred invitations have
been issued for the wedding of
Miss Jenelle Vandevorjt, only
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. H.
Vandevort, to George Mporhead,
White House Restaurant, 362
State St., where hundred of peo-.
pie prefer to eat. All youwant to
eat for less than yon can eat at
home. Quality and service. ()
H. F. Woodry & Son,! 271 N.
Com'L St., furniture store. Bar
gains in furniture of all kinds.
Agent for Lang ranges, best made.
Also auctioneers. ()
Vick Bros, are selling the Oak
land and Pontiac cars. Agents for
the valley counties. Pioneer firm
in autos. Oakland coach now only
11290. 280 S. High St. ()
Tyler's Corn Remedy takes the
soreness outof those corns you've
been trying to rid yourself of for
months. Sold only by Tyler's
Drug Store. ()
to your
Dr.- Edward E. Boring
Why are people so curions?
"There isn't any secret about
my recipe," she replied, , to ., iier
friend's question. "
"But you seem so 'much, 'more
' attractive." " - '
"And more than that,V she re
plied. "I am : rid; of Uat foldl trn- ;
sightly pair of glasses that both
"ered me fco muchpvi 'J , ,
- How did yoifHverd tt?'
She then told her friend about
' -the differetUtyiei fttglakses and:
how the proper 'frame and style .
iiforr, each; arasleA jt? I$t ?
attractiveness. t
? ...
1 (
4 ft fid ; ; W. f? fop; --
Motor to Southern
California '
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Kennell and
children, June and Junior, left yes-
t rday. f or ji six weeis motor trip
into southern California.
Visits in Tillamook
: Mrs. James T. Matthews, wife
of Prolesbor Matthews, of Willam
ette university, returned yesterday
from a vacation at' Tillamook
w here- she was the, guest; of her
sister. Mrs. Matthews made the
trip to the coast by motor.
Visits in PorUand
, Mrs. Walter A. Barsch (Cather
ine Carson) of Oakland, Cal., was
a guest in Portland last week of
Miss Katherine Stanfield and Miss
Mary Johns. ,
Portland People Guests
of Mrs. Bfiggs
Mr. and, Mrs. Ben Briggs of
P,ortland; were guests last week
of Mrs. Briggs' grandmother. Mrs.
Mary Briggs of South Nineteenth
Mrs. Ben Briggs is the daughter
of Mrs. Minnie Monroe of Port
land, former department secre
tary of the Daughters of Veter
ans. Friends of Mrs. Monroe will be
very grieved to hear that she is
serio"usly ill.
:. . .
At Tha3 Theatres-
Social Calendar
' " " Today '
Guests at Marsters Home
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Marsters en
tertained as their guests on Sun
day and Monday Mr. and Mrs. A
C. Marsters of Rosebure who con
Klsinort -Columbia. Ladies Or
chestra of 20 people, and ' Pola
Negri in "A Woman ot the World"-
Oregon "Grass, from Merian
C. Coopar'a famous book.
Bligh Priscilla, Dean in
Crimson Runner."
lend. Mr. Marsters', a Roseburg
banker, who is a member of the
state fair committee, will return
to Salem for a committee meeting
on ".the 17 th.
OAC Club to Honor
Mr. and Mrs. Pearcy
The OAC elub is sponsoring a
delightful affair of Friday ever when the members will meet
at the new home of Mr. and Mrs.
Parry Pearcy (Vivian Marsters!
for. a reception and house warm
ing. Mrs.. Pearcy is the . retiring
president of the OAC club. - Her
marriage was an event of June.
Babcocks Return
to California
Rev. and Mrs. H. T. Babcpck
and three daughters are leaving
War. Mrs'i O, JP, Olson, 1714 tf.
Ifitu" street 2:30 o'clock. ! .
-. - Lawn social. Mr. aird Mrs. Fred
Smith. Front street. West Salens F
Beginning at 4. o'clock.? Benefit of;
West Salem church.; ' j i t ; i
Wedding, of Miss Jenella .Van
devort to Mr. George MoorheBd.
First Methodist church,-4 o'clock.
. Friday .
Wbraan's Union, of Firsts Con
gregational church. Mrs.lda Bab
cock, 749 N. Commercial street, 2
o'clock. '
House warming at home! of Mr.
and Mrs. Harry. Pearcy, 8 o'clock.
L. A. Scheelar Auto Wrecking
Co., oldest in the Willamette val
ley. New and used, parts and
equipment. Low prices and quality
service here. 1085 N. Com'L ()
The Peerless Bakery, 170 N.
Commercial. Sanitary, up to date.
Prompt delivery. Bakers for those
wuueu meir journey nortn to fort-ing patrons tell the tale. ()
today for their home in Eaglei",
Rock. Cal.fbllowing ft two wecka:,
vacation in Salem where ; they.. a
hare t many . friends. .The Babr . .
cbcks have. been, .the house-; guestf,.;
during their Salem visit of Mr. . i
and Jlrs. Ot to 'J. Wilson. f- -. :
Rev. and Mrs. Babcock ". hire
been entertained at numerous ' a t- i
tractive, affairs,' Mr and Mrs. Otto-"
J. Wilson sponsoring trips both
to Newport ana around the Mount "
Hood loop,' with luncheon attlb'ud -Cap
Inn for lheir pleasure. Trob'
ably the largest event was the'
picnic reception, which members
(Conttand on
Army and Outing Store. Biggest ' .
bargains in clothing, shoes, underV ;,
wear, hosiery, gloves, valises and ;
suit cases. The working ; man's -store,
188VN. Commercial.. "()"
" : ' -. . .' - , . 1 ,-.
' 1111 ii i . i n ii i i - in ,.i, .,, ,
Orejson ripient. of tho American Youth Award and tlie American Teacher Awartl of the Sesqui-Centen-n
la I Exposition. Edith Iouis" Starrett, No. 107 South 14 th street, Salem, Charles Sunnier Campbell,
No. 107 Washington street, Dallas, and Miss Leoita L. Ijarrloe, teachnr. No. 773 verton street,' Port
land, reprewented the youth and tcacherhood of their state during AmcrVan Indepenijence week aL the
cradle ot American liberty and in Washington, 1. C, where gold medals were coqferreI uion them by
Prsident Cotlidge.
rtanist," Carol Robinson, and
coaching, with Carrie Louise Dun
ning. Miss Weller's- study with
Miss Robinson will be unusually
pleasant sinee Miss Weller and
Miss Robinson are fast friends.
Miss Weller will remain in the
east until the middle of October
in order, to enjoy the opening of
the concert season.
Miss Weller will make the trip
east by the Oriental Limited, stop
ping for several days in Chicago
to visit at the F. N. Rodgers home.
which will take place at 4 o'clock
Thursday afternoon,. July 15. The
wedding will . doubtless be the
most elaborate to take place in
Salem this summer The cere
mony will be performed at the'
First Methodist church with Dr.
Richard N. Avison and Dr. Fred
C. Taylor officiating.
Chambers Visiting
in Portland
Rev. and Mrs. H. D. Chambers
are visiting this week with their
daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and
Mrs. Handel of Portland.
Vacation at Newport
Mrs. H. C. Storer. Mrs. E.-vE.
Elliott and Bel.6tt 'kre' W.;
joying a ten days vacation at New
port. " ,r
Salem Girls
Enjoying Eastern Trip
-'Miss Anna Mclntyre- and Miss
Violet Teeters of Salem are en-;
joying a two week's' vacation .lm
Minneapolis. The trip will include
a visit in Wisconsin with' Miss
Hermina Klause, formerly of Sa
lem. 41-.
They made the trip by traijn'
through the Canadian Rockies-and"-
will return by way of the Statps
Miss Weller to
Study in the East
Miss Elma Weller has comple
ed plans for an interesting period
o study in the es f rssTWtWt'
will leave tomorrw'rjNew Y4$
city where she wiH.'ktudy
with the distinguished American
Auxiliary to Meet ' L
; Members of the auxiliary to the
Veterans' ! of "Foreign Wars will
neet at 2:30 o'clock this' after:
noon at the home of Mrs. O. F,
Olson, 1714 N. "Sixteenth street.
Fprmerly Eastern
PHONE 1200 ' -
Salem, Oregon. . I, - , . ; rv-' r
In Connection With Red Croea Drng Co.
I'M t- i
n v a
gvv-wii.- .rr rzl
r - pivn i a-wi
rr,': r
jA i'X,
8 t
k" w
This "All Artiste" Or
chestra. 20 in number,
is rated as the finest
now touring the coun
try, j (Performances at
3:15 -j 7:25 anH 9:20.
a Ml f WORM
Todax .
..... : , .,. , ,,,L ,. , LIM1IL L , , ,
ik. - .A
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