The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, June 15, 1926, Page 3, Image 3

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the oregon-statesman: salki; oitEGoit
tOie Theatres
.Prof. George E, Parker Com
ing Wednesday unaer MUd""
pices Ot Saiem aiuit.
' .i. -. ' .
I pmf fiirre E. Parker, one of
America's greatest dietitians, ag-
The Elslnorc John Barrymore
and Polorea Costellotln Tbo Sea
Beast" ' from the atbry,VMMoby
Dick," by Herman MelrUle..
Qregoa-Rin-TIn-Tltf In "Below
tne xane." -Jr w,-u:
Bllgh Sid ChanUn In Charlev.
Aunt," - - .- ; .
cil Into conference on 'my om
Blfltd J) Madam Morrow, former-1 N i ne only member oi the coim-i-
iSa octtP science teacher 1 9" spoke to-me with reference
VtJt TT-ttt Ireland. Will I w 'forkinr ' our street naTine
ViW.W -,... A wi 'i..r
k1t -a Mrlea oi tree mui w3 awit
Ue ehamber of commerce and!tor: "derdth, I told Mr. Wen
innVCon tlberty street,r,tartlnr foth. Vaa found adTlsable
WdnedaT June lo. ana ronuo- muujai a ireei
miwiV th t of the weeiu -ine i committee - wouia
lectures will be given irom z w so aneua
4 o'clock and are under the aus-l - This couTersaUoai: took place
pica of the Triangle Stores Co., j on Saturday! morning of .last. week,
of Salem. - 1 told Mr. We.nderotb t would con-
i"We are giving this sertes oflfer wlth some.of'themembers of
Srtnrea free to the housewives of Lthe J council and thd bankers" the
this community in orderthai they Jflrst of the present week and then
SrjaT .become more .proficient. In I If we deem it 'best, we woulA
i I the art of cooking;cannfn and I call a meeting fit the council to
L? ..x.rainir nnri that thevm&vhAi discuss the matter.
Ul ODC1 SUB ' ' W t '
able to serve a properly balanced I . "There is not cne word of truth
diet, consiating bf the Tfight;pr6- J in the statetnent thatrl refused to
nnHinnR of Droteins. fats and car-! call a meetlnx of 'the ouncU. or
bobydratea," the .company, slates, j that I said" I did not want to 'com-
On Friaday night at 7:30 a I Promise' my administration.
special lecture, will be giren for
those who are unable to attend
the afternoon series.
;a of-
FlIIIIT 111 OIDffl
f - - .,
The Eight Saierri Canneries
Packed 25,000 Cases
1 in 24 Hour Period.
First National Bank hfi bask
of friendship ' and helpfulness in
time of need.; Interest paid v on I tain factions to rush the city par-
The first,'- information I had
that' & call was being' circulated
for a special. meeting of thecpun-
cil was when informed of the fact
by a - Statesman reporter.-
' The finmrent -' s rm8 of cer-
time deposits. Open an account'
and watch your money grow.
ing to a point where 1 the- utmost
in efficiency might not be obtained
was said to be due to a desire to
improve certain sections of the
city now - being exploited
As for tbe statement that the
plan wins favor," referring to the
double shift plan, Walter Low,
street commissioner, i who la -conceded
by those- familiar with, the
situation, to know .more about the
"Pity's paying -than any other in-
) triendS OppOSed tO. UOTPpel-j dividual, is against the idea of a
. ing Students to Take
War instruction.
At v
sASEWBERO, June 14 The S4th
double shift,, it was. said. Com
miasioner Low, who, has acquired
a reputation for producing a. high
quality pavement ' for Salem, is of
the opinion , that the -paving "situ
C . . ' n -v l- ration is well under hand and that
Miellngiiof .the ?Friemia Church- .J
closed iast night. - The wbrk- of eW?y or de"
n.t.1. ..1 1- -
i i i
9cr p ,MMf J rrya Drue Store, 280 N. Coml.
today. . . . , . I yht nlmiAair itora. R-rvthtTi tor
The anpunl reports of Pacific I TerTbodT In the drue snnnlr line.
college' showed a yery . successful I with standard goodi, and uallty
year, the chief .feature of which j service always. t vT ()
has been the recognition of the
college as; stanaard college' oil Haiir jcom Eiecme enop, zsi
Oregon, both li.tha tTnited States I Court St.; Everytmnr electric,
bureau pf education and the bUte tom motors and, fixtures and sup-
Prfident Ivlf'erir'.laston ouN
the college next ear; and 5told of Most beautiful baU in Salem; all
the' iogress of tne snanciai cam-igbapes and colors: full stock from
bav and of" the raisins of at which to make fine selections. Best
maUnauce fund of 45.000 per I quality. 833 SUte St. v . ()
vear. jnore than half of which has
already been secured. ; i J Smitn waams, court ana
. i mtn Kts.. tnia tires, tnoes ana
Kir thia T,tino. VA4nBt accessories. TlcClaren and Fisk
- r-o l ., a nlA fni.
. A 1 , . 1 . . . t -' ; .-. ...
aeciarea tneir.oenei unjaai t Va'A n in C.n ! Vm-rrr .1 T.1hrw
to compel -jruuais umB wuu uuu. 8 AutOS Stored, ft&d bought
conscientious scruples against war and sold. Cars washed day and
j preparation to violate his i-con- J night, - Low prices and service will
i Science or forego the privliege of 1 make long friends. V - t'J
r education In the Terr Institution-1 ' 1 . '
Jwhich his own taxes help to sup- L .. Tn.e P"0 wotora. . viiasmo
or -...,-,.-,..1 bile siX'Coach'and-sedaa.are'-aurH
passing.. beauties: - liner pexiorm-
ance, lower pricesiiLook. them
over. Biddy Bishop, . ; (v
One day last week the eight Sa
lem canneries packed 25,000 cases
of fruit. In terms of cans' run
ning 24 to the case, the size famil
iar - to the housewife, that . was
00,000 cans - m
And it is submitted that that
la some cans; a long row of them;
a good slxeVi -mountain of them. ?
It is not easy ' to get i definite
statistics concerning the output of
individual canneries, to say noth
ing of the whole group of eight
canneries. But, it may be stated
with confidence that the 25,000
cases were" put, up by the eight
Salem canneries . in one 24-hour
periodlast week.
It is also true that at least one
of the Salem canneries is putting
up about 8,000 eases of fruit a
day. Perhaps two of them have
each about that outnut.
:. Several of the Salem canneries
were . running 1 night shifts last
night, on account of the immense
receipt of fruit over the two-day
period of Sunday and yesterday.
The Hunt cannery is using
strawberries, Royal. Ann cherries.
and .also- Bing and Lambert and
other varieties of cherries; putting
thenT into cane ; also loganberries
and red and . black, raspberries.
That cannery ' was running the
Whole night last night; With a full
There are other operations using
a vast amount of fruit; besides the
eight Salem - canneries putting up
cases and: cans .of fruit, t
There are. -the.. : barreling con
cerns, ana tne concerns that are
nrkjng shipments of ''ereen'' fruit
In cold storage. TheUv. several of
the - canneries are using , a great
deal more fruit than they are put
ting into cans. They are carrying
oaf large operations in. the barrel
iug ,ui uuuj Bome-pi tne , largest
operations of this kind being car
ried on in connection with the
Then there Ts "the 14bby, Mc
Neill & Lioby concern, buying and
shipping to their big cannery at
The Dalles jnanxJiundreds .of tons
of -strawberries and loganberries.
from Salem. t -
It was predicted at the opening
of the 3eason that the pack of the
.Salem canneries would be a- mil
lion cases this year. It will be i
Kreat deal . more, t nd the .biggest
days will -be when they are , work
ing on prunes and pears and ever
green blackberries. , ,
The Marion Automobile Co. The
Studebaker, the world's r greatest
automobile value: Operating .coat
mm a If y : r trrm a. -
.are? : standard coach 1415 -
A letter was directed to' Iresl-
f dent. Coolldge. commending,- him
for his attitude which prevented
the establishment of Armistice day
as national defense test day, and
Crown -Drug Store," S 3 2 State
St., has many new. articles to snow
protesting against the pushing of 1 you. Every conceivable thing in
compulsory military training, as i the way ot arugs ana arn store
tendlns- to develoo a'Tnilitaristic I epeclaltles are there i - ()
spirit in our ;.own .people: -and,to
a. ouse fear ahd suspicion on . the
part of other nations, i-s
Walter H. Zosei. t tsntomobile
Ures, tubes and accessories. Vuh
eaniring that holds. High quality.
superior service. ; A trial makes a
utomer. -.1 9, 5 S. .Com'i. ?; i r 1 j
' - , , t n i -i i i. -
f tlnliuutuiil ,
1 1- ISSUED BY r.lnYOR
The Electric Restaurant serves
elegant meals and : lunches. ' ?Try
them; 'you will come" again .and
bring font friends. Best In Salem
479 State St-?. - , i.- .I?)
, .. , ..m , .., &
O. J. Wilson, for 21 yeara the
Bulck man in SalemiWben better
cars .are ' builtj Bulck will : build
them. The better. Snick a bere
for" yon and your family.-.-r )
- iKLAMATH- FALLS, Or!, June
14. (By ; AP. ) N. Rs Woode
house, prominent - bee -culturist of
Klamath coonty,n trial-charged
with havlng-cballeneed hfa neixh
bor, Sv EL Icenblce, to a duel with
20-30 rifles, took the stand today
and denied having, made the chel
Mage - v .r,y -. .
' He quoted himself ai saying to
Icenblcet- . I suppose since you
have attacked me with a hammer
and .a pitchfork your next move
will be to - invite me out on the
road to shoot It out with 30-30
rifles.;, -. - v ' . , ? , "
The defendant was arrested last
week on 'complaint of Ieenbice who
charged that the challenge fol
lowed a dispute over bees on his
place Wbich Wopdebouse as coun
tyoee inspector had condemned.
r Previous "to Woodehouse'a tes
timony, four-witnesses declared on,
the stand they had beard Woode-
nouse issue ine .cnaiienge. Fen
alty possible on the dueling charge
is irom one to ten years in prison.
Complete 'line of red and black
rubber hose at- wholesale 'prices.
Malcolm's .-, Tire Shop. .205 N
Mr. Giesy Is Not Opposed to
I v Calling Special, bes-
1 " sion oi Coucil. -
V : - V ' . .v ' -
An emphatic denial, that he was
;; Jrjproached by a couucIlm4"nabouE
' matter bf putting on a double
paving shift, was voiced Monday
i night by Mayor J. B. Glesy. H
! j Attempts of certaIn..factions to
5 embarrass' Mayor Gicsy by Inslnu-
!" atlns that .be had refused to call;
such, a .special meeting "on the
ground that he did not - wish ."to
compromise his administration.'!
were met with jthe statement ihat.
as yet he had received no petition
for a special meeting, although Al
derman Watson Townsend, -who is
reported jto have started the pe
tition, had, plenty of time to In
form him about it Saturday after
noon. :.,;.; ".v-;;;''W.'r,; . ,
, Z have at all limes been pleased
to confer with the members of the
councIUon all matters of Import-
aeciareu. . k ua taiui; occasions x
fave called members of the coun-
j fD
Matinee . 23c ' I
5 : s
, Vwhite House Restaurant 362
State SW where hundreds ot peo
ple prefer to eat. , All you want to
eat tor teas man yon can eat at!
Jboine. quality. and aerricet. ' .
Betten Yet Baking ,Cp., 264 N.
Commercial, y manufacturers . of
' Better Yet Bread for sale at all
gTocrs. Tou.1l . like -it fresh
trery day. , i)
w mm0m : . ppe
jV ar -.
- V s -
1 - 4.
JUMiZ iff3f,J and VO, Inclusive
.;.;. ;,; , 2 IP. Rfl.
-4. , . ;
For Those Who Cannot Attend the Afternoon Lectures We1 Will Give One- Special Night Lecture at 7:30,;
O'clock - Friday
1 "4 - .... 1 -
Save the Vitamines So Essential to Health
M- -r . . ? o .rrr- . ..V -;-r - 't rv- V ? v. t ;- - "' . ...-;t.-;'-v.
; f- . . . a1" 't ,"v' f-- 0-.. H - , ' i: - ' 0
-r A , t'" T'-J U - 1 1-'.
-7: :... .:.. 14 -- 1 'L. ' . J. - .
....:--.-..v.; !?r:'---V ;.,;-:-; -'y..:,-.-
" , - . - s - . -M- t-i v , -" -c :' -X J
. ' s z "l-- ---l'-- a- ,..,,..- jrfw, ..-.-.-u-r 'r ...C .... . .i -. . , .
. us. I. -r
Are You Corpulent? Do You Want to Get Thin?
vOr are you anaemic and'want to get fat? These are questions Pasteurizing your food products instead of sterilizing them, thereby
thousands of people are askjfig themselves. After hearinjg this series preservingr the vitamines so vital to the correct regulation of : your V
of lectures you can eat Vrhat you want and yet grow thin. You will body. These and many other interesting facts will be told at this
know ho.w you can do it. ?
series of five lectures
The Triangle Stores are offering this
course as. an educational feature. .The Tri
angle Stores feel that Professor Parker has- a .
message that Salem people should hear and
that he has facts that they should know.
lhere is nothing to sell-involving no obh-
:: housewives who attend these free lectures v !Any womah who misses this course' of lec-
will be getting at no cost at all, a series of 5 tures will be missing something of Vital im-
lectures for which the usual charge ik$15. . p?1?an! 9. t0 her ,am?y u). 'ft ,he
Th Triangle Stores are ab?oVbirnr 'ftlt cn?ts "erp-e inga xoia wimouc cnarge . ;
lhe mangle Mores are aDsoron u costs t . . H . - iiSft'f ram at'v -
' Mtion whatsnPVPr tViP nnrt nf thnf wbn sources, anu it is ail so simple, fto onesnouia .
'1 attend.: 4 ,v f5 4-. . wives cjf -Marion; and. PIkcounties.--f v-; -pass qp thi opportunity to hear-Prof. Parker..'
?- v . .--" ... .. , . . - . -
: & r
i - .' " '
. . " . . . . ' ' - ' I ,
..... . .. ' ... - - y r - . . ,
.. ? : " a jm. prley;. j :
(S 1 w;:H;claric . - v:
- 'ferny
V', C ! .I--."- ...A-X . Vs : v.
::y v A " :v
i i ij , il i
- 4ll: ' - JA - v i
A J'' !