The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, April 18, 1926, Page 20, Image 20

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"Making its si "time
when the .buyers .are demanding
that which 1 strictly apart from
the commonplace, the latest model
'to be announced, a new series 31
De Luxe sedan, should win a rd
pontlre market," states R. N.
MacDonald, local Clereland nix
distributor. '
"This sedan Is notable for the
fact that it Is a-car complete. It
Incorporates in equipment every
thing one may want in a distinc
tive motor car. It has the long,
low, graceful, sweeping body lines
of an aristocrat.: Finished in two
two gray; it commands admiration
wherever It. 1 shown.
. "'The' same good, impression
which one 'receives of its exterior
refinement is intensified upon' en
trance to the Interior. It' is fin
ished in a rich gray shade of ser
viceable broadcloth.' The seats are
well arched, high-backed and tilt
ed for genuine comfort. . Windows
are ; automatically f regulated r by
lifters. All hardware i finished
in dull silver. Pleasingly grouped
on a walnut panel, the instruments
are Instantly discernible, I Controls
are within instant grasp. " , -
, "Niceties in equipment; featured
with this new, Series 31 De Luxe
Sedan are:,-One-piece, clear - vision
windshield, walnut door panel with
? ftwEcmmomUml Transport timn
- rt '
J ' V J
'. fep .9g.K"4';-"
The Tooxing Cu
-thatafWatiliglorl rh f
Roadster - 510
r Conpe - 645
Coach -. ; 645
diat lts abCritr to conquer, hffls and plow Landau - 765
though mod or sand will literally amaze . Ton Track -.395
r. - V- . - To Tnwk - 550
; tliat the passing mont&a win prove to you
Pf to millions, the lasting economy
vi wTui um towpricea car or modem
design and quality construction. Letusstve
1 raw u u
the. Improved Chevrolet.
v. f 'i e
Phone 1000
Circassian rinlay, walnut. ;' garnish
mouldings,, vanity Vaae, dome
light, v robe ' rail, f opt .rest,. cowl
lights, automatic windshield clean
er-, rear view ,mlrrpr, ' sun visor.
douDie oar front .bumper And rear
bamperettes, 'f nickeled radiator
shell, motometerand .bar cap,; ex
tra tire a.nd , cover, stop light .in
combination with tall- light, na
tural wood wheels ,and balloon
Urea. '- - , J. V- .; ;
"The demand for some time has
been for a car of this type a 'se
dan with complete equipment. Al
though shipments have, only start
ed vto dealers, orders coming into
the factory, "iver every Indication
that -this ? model: has strnck a re
sponsive' chord witlthose who. de
mand : . something . different In si
closed. modeL"
' , t
Tremendous Loss in Mileage
' Results hrom Under-In- :
ion, Said
Under-inflation of balloon tire
costs the owner Just 700 miles of
service per pound under the cor
rect pressure, according to the re
sults of a series of experiments by
the Ford Motor company. These
experiments' were conducted in
connection with a campaign to
help Ford car owners get the most
out of their tires.
- To determine at Just -which
point the Ford size balloon tires
29x4.40 yielded the maximum
comfort to passengers, consistent
with maximum mileage, all makes
of Ures were tested. At the end
of the test period, the exact loss
per. pound of under-inflation was
calculated in terms of mileage and
a bulletin was sent to Ford deal
ers and service stations advising
the correct pressures.
A number of common tire ail
ments were traced directly, hack to
under-inflation. Among , the .most
common -are -rim -cuts,, tread sepa
ration, , , over-heating and -rstone
bruising p in addition : to a more
rapids rate ot natural wear, and de
terioration. -. ". ':" : j t v ' ,
On the other hand, every pound
of over-inflation takes its -toll of
comfort tand : the- -fundamental
value of balloon equipment Is lost.
Other advantages or low pressure
tires, namely greater traction,
ability to travel over soft ground
without : sinking ' n&d quick stop
ping without skidding, - are also
nullified in a direct ratio to the
extent of the excessive , air' pres-
Ure." f . f -f : I ; ' - J : ; .
i The I following inflation . table
haseen proven to- best comblaa
riding comfort with long life in
29x4.40 balloon tires, front and
rear:- ;
. S Type Front
Roadster ........ 27
Coupe ' . .." ...... 27
Touring car . . "4 . - 27
Tudor 27
Fordor.v. ....... , t 27
Runabout, with
pick-up body ..27
- . A
i : )"!- I.'
- --
i-i:" " V-' ; . Ik IP ::' :?
.... v -, , f . "
---v--ak ' r A V v
: J 14 . v-- -
In the Hapxnobile Six, with its narrow pillar tk result
of its new covnposite, .steel -and wowT. bo4y construe'
tion Vision ahead is improved -40 pei cent over Iota
.Qodern constructions t I T '
4 A thick, broad front pillar can completely hide an object
even . as balky another taccorcar, as w Ult nana
' duigram shows,' ,
? t
if !
IlupmoUe Six . - .
, . , , Sedan, 6 ) m.faar-daoc,
. 1 SUSS. EmiiptMo c UbcUkU 30
, v rf . T,y . jj uiXoaa tins, IovSmI
. . ..... . .. . Hupmobde light ?
- THV fivPMMSCW. t.
Bid Swunmq,
. tacdam. Bariia, CeuiM.
iu rvwh tax.
- AndVty tJi rtsht hand diagram shotcs, the lenderHup
mobile pillar permits the driver to see the same car, at the
same distance, in plenty of time.
-ThatT is safety visicm.and it is but one of (he superior
features which you 'always 'associate with Tlupmobila
-.history andjreputation.,j ; v t ',. -. " I
Oumanding" by reason "of "these definite superiorities-
summed - up in its-wonderful' performance, its beauty,
tits demonstrated economy the Hupmobile Six is win
' ning thousands away from the higher, priced, as well as
the lower priced, sixes,;, a-- ! f-. r-. -,-
"i " -; ' " veaonosiry 10 prom irom me saue 01. useu h- oi. w .
C . , . do try to mala every itjid car.fcujfn ttJtcmartiAt fritndL
v Iirlood Motor Xk.
Red Lens Much Better Board
- Decides "irr Hekrlng Pro
posal to 'Change .
Supporting:,; the stand of ;the
motor' clubs in favo'r ojjithe red
tall-light' on automobiles and' be
lleTing . that - the current -practice
in this regard Js sound, the direc
tors of the National Automobile
Chamber of Commerce yesterday
went on record opposing' the -move
in some quarters for yellow' :-tall-lights.-li
A.:? -csr &vf -jnzy:t V
t Tbe Issue was Introduced at the
recent contention or tne American
Automobile 'Association' represent
ing" the automobile clnbsVr and red'
as -the proper color for'automobild
tail-lights was orerwhelmlngly en
dorsed. V- - k
While various theories have
been -propounded In -faror of yel-
1q w, the automobile manufacturers
feel that common usage and prac
ticality are in faTor of maintaining
the -present: -system Tbe 'reasons
in detail for tbeir stand are stated
as tonows: :T- f 'r-'-'- '
1. It is now in use on 20,000,000
vehicles. '-''' . "-rt,
rt 2. Tlve extent of such use creates
a public tradition - and familiarity
to a much greater degree than any
one lighting tradition' that may
obtain;- .' '';'-J ' - - -' -l
I 3. vTo change Uorty-eight state j
laws and the habit of the motor
traveling- public in this particular
is an unwarranted interference un
less its value as'a safety measure
can be thoroughly -demonstrated.
? 4. There is no extensive or con
cluslre data - to indicate that the
red tall-light is the cause ' of ac
cidents. - ' Vi; '
t 'S. Railroad officials have stated
that - motorists hare run around
red lights at crossing gates, think
ing that the flight " has indicated i
an automobile. -: - ' ' ' -"'
. -This could be remedied Input
ting more' lights on 4he crossing
gates, and in any case the motorist
who would cuts around any light
without'seelng where he was going
would probably not be affected by
the matter of color. - . r
1 . Ttellow-light is regarded by
many-- as confusing,- "With eyes
trained to a red light a tail-light,
the presence of the -yellow light
in that "Capacity gives the impres
sion of a parking light or of some
other signal which? is confusing to
the drirbr. - -
: ; tCteatjanatt ftMa t f
In ' tarn, "dumps into' the furnace.
Scrap and Other char gin g t materi
als will enter the furnace through
any one of the live doors. A ma
chine operated "by one man han
dles all the 'material -required for
charging.- Burners with suitable
valves are at either end of the fur
nace. The temperature . will . run
up to 3,200 .degrees F. during op
eration. ' t
. -Twice in the twenty-four hours
the T17 5-ton4 crane will handle a
120-ton ladle that ' receives the
steel from the furnace. Eight in
got molds, carried on specially de
Signed cars In, trains that have a
capacity of 100 tons,: receive the
steel in turn from the ladle. When
the -Ingota have solidified in the
molds, but -while they are still hot,
they are taken to a stripper build
ing and removed from the molds.
They- arethen: ready 'for, reheat
ing , far the rolling mill and for
subsequent operations that trans
form them into structural mem
bers of the Ford products. "
;, Dally fuel requirements will re
sult in the consumption jof 80,000
gallons of tar- or its equivalent
In roU or in coke oven gas. hReat
losses4wili: be Jiniokect by passing
the .furnace ' gasses, through .a re
generator -and through '. a waste
steam, boller- bef ore rthey are'per
mltted to escape into -the atmo
phere.: - vi: ::; - ;.; J-, . t : ;,-
I (ContinI4 from p( 1)
thnrch and the public" Schools, to
all) of which we gire Information
regularly by monthly bulletins and
by letters, we manage to keep the
interest alive and to get a reaction
through public, sentiment. The
Hsult of this Is that it has become
shameful ' to be convicted of . a
motor vehicle offense and we are
totrenously endeavoringrto make it
I The ehtercrlse of tbA Rttn nf
Connecticut in handling its motor
traffic; is pretty well known in this
country and has been made a sub-
Sject. fori study by many states.. ,
I , commissioners areJ nrettr -' well
agreed that the examination ; of
candidates- for drivers; licenses fa
tf 'the greatest Importance. They
point out too tnat: further efforts
tnust be made " to eliminate the
Intoxicated . driver.' the recklemt
driver,, and the wilful violator of
iran ic regulations,, i .Alt .conun Is-
pioners of states that have any
great amount of traffic congestion
acknowledge the value of evnehrn.
Mied traffic "control, the use of
one-way - streets, elimination of
left-hand turns on certain streets;
juso of pavement lines,' use of ston
signs, etc. v '- ':- ' ,.
f W. L. Dill, the commlssinnpt- nf
motor vehicles In the state of New
Jersey, writes that the greatest
work done- in his state...'ha's . been
expended in the vigorous enforce
ment of the law with respect to
a ting ' motor vehicles Tthlle .under
the Influence ..of Intoxicating
liquor. : '
Our uniform licensing law
gives us control - over all those
who t drive in ' this state and ' the
right to revoke a driver's license
for violation of the law. We have
tightened I- up ' materially In ..our
examination work -with the result
that of 137,000 applicants who ap
plied for licenses last year,? 2 6,0 0 0
were rejected ' : ..v.
s '.t-4.
r e - wnTcn IP1 DCPCIDTC
I ;: "v:. 'S (CoBtinled ; from. pa J.) ;-. :i
aclfleved In'our history and stocks
of used cars declined 20 per cent,
providing' additional f-proof , that
consumer buying Is increasing rap
ldiy.u um; 'r; -. -
T. "In so f sr as the future is con
cerned I can see nothing except
conditions of good business which
justify an attitude of sound and
healthy; optimism on the part of
men Ja nearlv all lines of com-
merce and Industry.; : - :
: I-"With regard to Nash and Ala
sales, we expect even bigger busi
ness during the coming , months
than, We have vere had in any sim
ilar period."
;.Mr;riBlt.-: . .;; .' ;,)r ,. . Tl , ,y.-
A JLeicisivelv
New Instrument Measures
Healing Short Rays of Sun
' j " i ' i !. . c"
TUCSON Arts. A simple In
strument compared with . others
for vthe same purpose has been
perfected fpr measuring the inten
sity of .the healing short rays of
the sun by Dr. E. Petit of the Mt.
Wilson Observatory staff of the
Carnegie institution,
f The apparatus will be installed
in the Desert sanatorium here by
Dir. D. Tr MacDougal of the Car
negie Desert-? Laboratory.
' ."The-' instrument ; apparatus is
capable of great precision and will
prove "invaluable in studying the
benefits of various light waves to
patients,? said Dr. MacDougal. "It
consists I essentially of a - small
chamber containing a thermo
couple sensitive to the short rays.
The-chamber is mounted on , an
astronomical clock which focusses
a tubular lens opening directly on
the sun throughout the day.
Order of ; Beaxity
EXECUTED by Rsher,tlie mf tfi?ttVF?"
?aei thc8e iiew PontiacFishcr
opment in the field of low- -iL.'w:liiiiij
prWdsixesContrasted bodies have been achkr
the creations hitherto avaU- richness of Duco fiaijh,
able, diey establish . a deciv J such, beauty of line and color
ively new order iof beauty. - as to literally explode the
TLfntil nowyn
closed car costing less ;than cylinder ct hat to present
$925 offered the superlative a commonplace appearance.
OakLmd Six. compaMleii to th Pontiac Slx$102S t $129 S AU prtct at jac
j . I
VicK Brothers
280 S. High'
chief,, or.
i ". ;
Phone ! 84!
Ait. las
i. I
v v
THE power plant in this new WfllyS'Knight utilities the
principles of high speed engine construction with starring
results.From a boferof ais inches & .aT,4bfnic
itdevepsgrwi idts
placement, than any other stoc American built motor
i - . - .
L . -
k IM IT k II SmttLmT I I J " " f : -
: .r I
and best .'tiiatir'use'-af. standard '
eqmprnenti vh:;-:--v ; -'i'?.? . ' ;.-,
HERE is an entirely new achievement in motor car construction. Powered
with the internationally endorsed Knight sleeve valve motor, this car will out
perform any other car in anywhere near its price class.
It has a speed ability well in excess of 60
miles an hour, obtained without strain on
the power plant. Its hill climbing ability Design and finish, in the body stracture
is a sensation its acceleration is amazing, i , are the finest that the" best designers and
Quiet in operation beyond any compari- f buHders 6ffer
soiu the inotor improves with use' v 1 tion or comfort, roominess and luxurious ;.
; steadily bearing in' to greater power &
smoother running while the usual type of
motor is "wearing out." &
fThe chassis stracture has ;
.' been declared by engin- ;
eers' as being practically :
unbreakable. Four wheel
brakes endorsed by lead- '
ine engineers as tne sazesc - i
Atits prithisys-rMghtistheg
! - est value ever .ouered to,
the automobile buyer.
Tryit but yburself--It willVi
give you a new c totally
different idea of what
psjcB F.O.B. rAcroav
motor car performance
can really meanu," 0 1'"''-:
, WMmmmmwi m
CTbnugb tbeNewi JPiflys &nance Piatt buy this car on smaller down pay-Tl
ments and smaUer monthly payments; the lowest credit cost in the industry I
' ' '"....! V 680 Fcrtry Street
t ?
' 4
1 1
4 i