The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, April 03, 1926, Page 4, Image 4

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. .. r w r l - . Xhm4 Daily
' U Boat CumkUI
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teH.U iaus
Maitk -
' Kuurlac-Editor
; , City t4iur
-5 T.Lrrap EdiMr
- - Soci.ty HAifr -
Vartr 1 1 a
Wty ?ay. likro feu. Baa IVaMiteo,
.10 GoatMt
ttfr4 tta Tft Otflea ia Balm. prtea, it'aaMJaM Mtt
- .iB;?USt,--:rfhcm-iliIt 'not wrest tha Jurtlca fluo to thy voce, in
ltli cMr; fix. i3:6va
' ritiiat-Jm and around Salem,
thsre'io6"orf. nienf and women whd deserve much
pjb;.Utltreiiilie3ra7f remuneration.
! ijttey &re trie-teachprk aCtHe state hospiUl, the institu
jtlpthe .fble.Tninde hicHobl for the blind and the
.BchK&fcrtTO school for girls and
itfca i&fajppl for boysfpart of the Jatter force being at
thjTju)rehile deparrmerit at Woodburn.
l',efficieni ;thi"s men and women 'must have more
tjime bookjeinjf; more even than the qualifications
wsedcd byihe pUblitf: school teacher; they must have infinite
paj&pc'afi and-absolute unselfish-
j? Att4eyvttust;giyl;theyhave,,"to the very breaking
6 of ilra Inervfi azid weary bodies
i ,j Ana' thydotf - - " r
cse areHne;men ana women charged with the duty
ohgitule hT. usefulness "to. the .handicapped of
wcj.vik y iicjrL uttYo a viiarKts w Keep xor wnicn mey are
wS'pnVibleHoUhe whole , people, and their own inner con-
t 'i j.tJld tha rwder everwi of a teacher of the
df'ft$a not, he has something
IworthAVMliyeVto'fifee. It is an inspiring sight; opening the
l-hvi. Z2 -iinf'J 2i. hi . m-VJj
wmaowa or;tne jjnnnsonea minas and Jcttincr m thA.iicrht
y .eviBiuuwist iiiab xcauufig miu uiiugsi wun toys ana
levwYyade'i. . them the .'names, of the things.
Ti4i4i:;t'rld the lips; to form sytiables and words
!wifi(earingl tHes of them. Then teaching them
itd' writethe names.- They, thus fix in their minds the. con
neBtina between the words and the things. - They learn to
(wfltebiforetheyJknow the printed, letters and1 words. That
' jmik another step in their education; in drawing out their
raind3; for the roqt words of the word education are e duco;
iVou ;' .y;.
J ; J And sb t gs bjl step by step. It is wonderf uL Not less
wonderful; ii; theteactiing of the WLind, and ,the teaching of
the feeble landed; and the teachingof the wrong minded or
I Jtr,Wduld,be A fi thing to have all these faithful ser-
van ta of th e, handicapped tx Imqw that you appreciate them
, ana ineu;,wor.
Hats off to them, all of, usl
- -; The pioneers of the Willamette yaHey rather resented the
. Idea ct being called Wffbfoptr ,. J - ' ? ' ;
i! Xi tSgne ; of -then grandson&recently .went to , soujthern
Calirria looking for a new, location: He has returned. He
: cami tk tcaAise he wanted to see a shower, once in a while,
and y4 shioned. downpour owasionalJyI ,He just wanted
! to geft)UV4nd bkskiii the raikHe wanted toget thoroughly
wet?V;nee noro: - tttoJWVould.'feel likevhe,had got' back
aome-i z i v 'iff i'-tT l ' " - - J
i he foundownhere.that Los ngeles has grown as
big as she can safely.-DecomeSvithout more water; not the
j water that falls iike'the gentle rain f rota heaven on the place
I beneath in that parched area,. for that would be too much to
expect; but the water that is carried in fclouds from the bosom
of thfir broad Tacificand snowed downVor rained dQwn pnto
- the peaks ind -slopes of the higlj mountains hundreds of miles
I - ' Tm'JLirA-JA s'tiw maV niTvssi in th A ritv "the
aurrpanding. country.-" ; c V ,
And thecohdiUons are stiU, worse in San Diego.! That
1 city 15 a'waypastlhedanger point in population it has more
2 people tJjanithas water -to wet their goozle strings and give
nbmltbs'ketbem'cieu.. That is, if two dry years
; ehould Nettie together anld exhaust the reserve supply.
; ' --M-ttU Pmpta the -statement that Salem cannot any
!, tooTscfn4. takeover thexity. waterworks and tnake. provisions
-fort a future adecjuatfr'supply . of "water from the Cascades ;
"tSioiigJi :foiarlialf fcmillIohi)e6ple' here in the future Salem,
l and the five to tenmillions in the f utureSalek district; and
j;wilf 'hivainiorepeople, than jthere. will be av?Jb1 water to
I 1$ It na seem a long way off; but otherwise' .the time, will
surely' ciwhen Salem, and .the central Willamette valley
wiil hava'riofelpeople' than, there will be availabe water to
1 supply them ;.especially in Ions dry summer seasons.
- . - aiiirty lipthai injunction suit ! . Get that vote on
I cipti V:tlZT supply-. - -
j , I Asdjtfcen, keep on getting, water till there is enough in
t'el-htifcrinanyinea our present -population -il
'XlscioWchiliren and Children's children will remember
us f or a',fotVf self" centered and short visioned ninnies.
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. CZTY i .TO,. XlcriACE
a ... A. at . j
tts T. cstport lis t-
Xxaavt lfoafer v
W. H. Bcadanwa
Rah)k R. KUtilag I
Fraak Jaakoaki , . 1
B. A; KbtM . '
- W. C Cdimt -
CtmtotiM H auf
AoVartiaiaf V BBgr
A W 1 . fiiMkia. k
0Ht; Hlftia Bid. Lm AxiM. OtC
Jett Pprti i . :,. ..ill
fit. iti. a . i
a muni-
placed Twittf VinodWn electric 17V
tem. ".,',. '
' ; Two geparate lfghttoK plants are
being installed and will be rtried
out eooa. With the Ii lamp " tt
has been necessary, for the keeper
to carry oU daHjr op; 90 feet of
stairs.'. Preliminary construction
work ca th new mrernnxent fox
-slrril tt 7eslrert ts Ifeen start-
(formers Plan Drive, AgainstEawDJvorC
' v;
:if -iV j:2t
if J S , 1 , , d i 1
!sr - - - ' r5sr I - Ft
iRelfoiTn organizations are
congress to enact legislation that .will give ih e states uniform divorce laws. At the same
timetheyt hope to. invalidate the overnight divorces Americans obtain in France, Mexico
aiifi pther foreign countries. At top, Reno, famed "divorce city." Left: Bradford county
courthouse at Towarids, Pa.; an alleged "divorce factory." ' Center, Nina Wilcox Putnam,
author, whose Rhode Island decree was invalidated after a probe of scores of divorces ob
tained there by New Yorkers. Right: Mrs. Mae Murray, actress, recently divorced in Paris.
ed. The station, to cost about
120,000, will be concrete and will
replace a wooden signal station
destroyed by fire in 1924.
I Bits For Breakfast
Eyery day is blossom day
All over the Salem district.
. . :
Hare you seen, the bulb farms?
They are at their best now, or get
ting towards that point.
D. H. Upjohn. Salent bulb grow
er, made a shipment the other day
to Bucharest, ' Roumania and one
to an American now living In
South Australia. He has made
shipments also this year to the
Philippine, New Zealand; Hawaii,
the Bermuda Islands, and to every
province in Canada, every state In
the Union, and to Alaska. The
window that is given te a differ
ent Salem industry each week by
the United States National bank
Is this week devoted to the gladio
lus, and D. H. Upjohn and L. E.
Weeks are. making the display. It
is worth peeing,
. .-; ; . .
Five counties are growing flax
for the stated and - the Oregon
Linen MlisVlnc.t and nearly every
acre contracted for (around 2500)
is . already,, planted, ' Plenty: .of
seed still on hand at the peniten
tiary; recleaned three or four
times; some of it certified. Quite
a contrast with last year, when at
this time very little seed was in
the ground, and that not of the
best kind, and .growers .were al
most fighting for seed. With any
thing like a good flax year, there
should be no failures at all this
year. The, land has been well se
lected. ' " r . -r . i, '
,mm V ' .
'. Frank' Bllgh. in building -his
new block;' Is Insisting on local
labor, and, materials. '. He , figures
that he , will ; thus -have another
chance at getting some of the
money back, along with other Sa
lem people. , s . 'r -
; : ""'V mm " " c
- Hurry up that suiL ' Let's have
a vote on a municipal water sup
ply. . . W T
Figuring now on the dedication
of the new Y. M. C. A. building.
The Elsinore theater will not be
far If any behind,; ' You will be
surprised at the completeness and
beauty of both buildings.
"Cfiidere!,' 15 YarsjOId,
Announces Engagement,
-; :Wedding. Unset:5-
-. NEW YORK, April 2 (By As
sociated Press.) Fiftelen-year-ord
Fraaees Ueenan la , engaged to
marry Edward. W. Browning, she
announced tonight, i He Is build
ing home for them on a 135-cra
estate ' at ' Bellmore Long island,
he , added. The Jatest Cinderella
of the elderly real estate operator
made the rannouncement. "to 'cor
rect the falseJmpresslonthat I am
an adventuress,' and to' protect her
beleaguered admirer, whose atten
tions to her are under scrutiny of
the children's society. Both' Mr.
Erowaisx and the girl prerlously
tad refused to coaSrza or ttzj re
will ciiodse nine
preparing to launch a 'drive against "divorce mills," and induce
fudge Wars on
Hasty Weddings
i ',4.- . s' .x ?
Judge Joseph Sabath (above),
'presiding justice of the Chicago
divorce-court, after a study of
European domestic . relations
courts, favors publication of mar
riage banns 30 days before the
ceremony. He says most weeded
unhapplnessican be attributed 0
hastily-madf alliance.
ports of their engagement, al
though they made no secret of
their friendship,
- The girl bow is recovering, from
burns - on the face, said to have
been Inflicted" by an 'unidentified
assailant who threw acid on her
as -'she slept, and Browning today
offered to undergo a skin graftisg
operation to save; her : beauty ;
'The date of our wedding has not
been fixed . Miss Heenan "said,
"bnti it will be isome tttne . after
my 16th birthday, which' Is on next
June 23' -
"Daddy," as she called Brown
ing, has promised to let her pick
out her engagement ring at a
Fifth avenue jeweler's, she said.
f "I am not marrying Mr. Brown
ing for his money nor for a career.
I am a home-lovtng person and I
want Intellectual companionship
with a man whom I can feel safe."
Imperil Valley
' .With more than .150 already
homeless., a -'flood, brought, on by
the' melting of a gigantic fee pack
in' Allegheny river 'threatens to
drive out many -others and' Inflict
millions In damage on Oil City,
Pa.,- and neighboring cities. Map
shows the flood area.
.t4 4t';v-x;;
gaming Sounded Against
; Excessive Faith in World
SEATTLE, April 2. (By Asso
ciated Press). Brigadier General
John R, McQuigg of Cleveland,
national commander of the Ameri
can Legion, in an address here
today sounded a warning against
excessive faith in world courts
and Hague tribunals on the
ground that "neither courts nor
tribunals can accomplish the im
possible." Commander McQuigg visited
Everett and Tacoma today before
leaving for Portland tonight.
"The American Legion," he de
clared, "has no" patience with
those well-meaning but misguided
people who even now are making
strenuous efforts to palsy the
army of America and deprive us
of the small defense we now have.
They shut their eyes to the his
tory of our country and ignore all
the experiences of the past. They
apparently are willing to jeopar
dize all we have gained in the
last century and a half if they are
only permitted to attempt the
creation of an impossible Utopia.
"Controversies and quarrels be
tween nations are almost certain
to arise and that mere agreement
not to have those things happen
have been to a large extent fu
tile," he continued.
. TOPEKA, Kans., April 2. (By
Associated Press). Deadlocked
nearly vseven hours' the jury-try-in?
"ex-Governor Jonathan M.
fiDavia and Russell pa vis, his son.
on' a charge "of accepting a bribe
for a pardon, was put to bed at
10:30 o'clock.
is y
Laxative X m
The First and Original
Cold and . Grip Tablet ;
Proven Safe for more than
a Quarter of a Century as
an - effective remedy for
ENZA, and as a Preventive.
The box bears this signatux ;
' Trice SOc - V
"Best Educationally for Ore
gon Chlldren.'Ms Slogan.
, Offered
Miss Rosa B. Parrott of Rose
burg, republican, has filed, with
the secretary of state here her
declaration of candidacy for the
office of state superintendent of
public Instruction at the primary
election. .
"If " nominated and elected,"
read Miss Parrott's platform, "I
will continue the progressive poli
cy of my predecessors, increase
the efficiency of the schools with
out increasing the cost of main
tenance, and as far as practicable,
give Oregon an educational pro
gram such as has been developed
in some of the most progressive
Eastern and Western schools.?
Miss Parrott has requested that
the following slogan be printed
after her name on the official
'The best educationally for
every Oregon child is my ambi
tion." Other declarations of candidacy
filed with the secretary of state
state today follow:
Bradley A. Ewers, Portland, re
publican; for representative in the
state legislature from the 18th
representative district, comprising
Multnomah county.
Ed Popick, Portland, republi
can; for representative in the
state legislature from the 18th
representative district, compris
ing Multnomah county.
R. S. Hamilton, Bend, republi
can; for representative in, the
state legislature from the 21st dis
trict, comprising Crook, Des
chutes. Jefferson, Klamath and
Lake counties.
J. D. Billlngsley, Ontario, re
publican; for representative in
the legislature from the 17th dis
trict, comprising Malheur county.
SAN DIEOO, Cal., April 2.
(By Associated Press.) Paul
Humphreys, 28, part owner and
director of the Humphreys-Gunn
production company, a new San
Beware of rthat main
TOU hear of Soand-So everywhere. ; Somebody com-
plains of So-and.-Sos tooth paste; someone else wants
to sell you a second-hand So-arid-So automobile. So-and-So's
shoes, So-and-rSp's garden hosei So-and-So's fountain
pens versatile man, So:and-So!l ; j '"
! -i . . . i '
So-and-So doesn't! advertise." He employs salesmen who
say things. But So-and-So doesn't go on record about
anything. Not he! ' ; ; . . X- ,
You buy a So-and-So vacuum cleaner. It doesn't vac,
, or it'doesn't clean. Well, what of it? So-and-So didn't
say it would. You saw it. You bought it Caveat emptor!
Beware of the products of that .man So-and-So!
When a man believes in his prbcluct he usually signs
statements about it-t-advertisements. He tells what his
product does, how it -does it, why it can do it. Then he
crn7 ?is anress, iri good plain print,
uiii juues, nut
You're safe ibuying from jonei. - He's out in the open
nothing up the sleeve. ; He advertises. You know
exactly what you re getting before you 'pay for it. Read'
advertisements always. Back of them stand the Joneses
Returns io Help:-
Develop Tm&6. :
With Germany
i .... . ' - v.
Willlairi" T. Daughertr; nbovn
who as anj American commissioner
of the bureau ot foreign andv do
mestic commerce stationed at Ber
lin, la home after a five year stay
in Germany. ; He will: tour, the
eastern cities to establish contact
with Industrial Interests to further
develop American trade In Ger
many. '
Diego film enterprise, was killed
almost instantly this afternoon by
the premature explosion of dyna
mite on a raft near the boat land
ing off hotel Del Coronado'.
Humphreys was alone on the raft
at the time of the explosion.
His body was hurled high in the
air end landed in a speed boat,
occupied by the man's brother,
Fred Humphreys, manager of the
Sanford hotel, his partner In the
movie concern, Earl Gunn and
three other men.
Because, although they have
been officially pronouncing him
"done for" for three or four years.
Melt in spoon: inhal vapors:
apply freely up nostrils.
VAPO ruo
O r IT Minion Jm UmmJ Ymmrty
iter or- . .
ux i uic.woria.
X, s
know what is safe to buy.
ta 1a kill! TllaviHST. and la rJi-tA
MW ah ar m ( MSMUbCU
od to. bo of use to the Chicago
White Sox; . t
; Because Jte scored 'ever nnruly
elements, train wrecks, injuries
and Illnesses, to play in 1307 con
secutive American League gunes
and set a record that probacy
never will be equalled; .
" Because he coujd have made
the string longer had not Miller
Hugglns -wanted to - try out a
couple of youngsters . who itwd
waited several years for EteXtt
to take a' day off; tf 'I
' Because he has been thigh
world's series campaigns- with
three clubs; - - -
I Because he Is popular with ball
players, which la In Itself a su
preme accomplishment.
(Copyright, 1S26, Central Pre&a.)
The young son of a mountaineer;
family in North Carolina had visit
ed far the first time in the town
twelve miles .from home, and had
eaten his mid-day meal there.
Questioned on his return as to the
repast, he described1 it with enthusiasm,-
except In one particu
lar: "They done had something they
called gravee. But hit looked like
sop, an hit tasted like sop, an' I
believe in my sour 'twar sop!"
. One of the toughest towns in th
southwest was in the throes of a
first-class race riot, f . Even ' the
mayor grew nervous and wired the.
governor ' of i the state,, for armed
assistance.' When the train which
was to ' bring the soldiers pulled
Into town there were several fires
roaring near the station, a fussi
lade of shots going, and the noatso
growl of a maddened mob could
be distinctly heard in the distance
A big man wearing a six-gun and
carrying a sawed-off shotgun cat
stepped off the train. . He was Bill
McDonald, the famous Texas sher
iff. "How many men have you?"
asked the nervous mayor. '
"How many what?" said Bill.
"There ain't no one but me. You
ain't got but one riot, have 'you?
Two very pretty glrls met on
the' street and kissed each .other
rapturously. Two young men near
by watched the meeting. "There's
another of those things that are
so unfair," said . one.
"What Is that?" said his friend.,
He pointed to the scene: "Wom
en doing men's work.". . j !
; x