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biamsrjiyjioilee Edition
. iDidmonu Jubilee
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-iNewHtOFueri eays j m: io&i
Surprise Shown That .Anything; Fon yilderness Then
; . iuiown as uregon could Kesemble Favorably Those
, " " Newspapers Circulated in East v--i "
. - ?' , '4 '. ,: ; i - . H.vvjJu:.;f-li, U- ff'-viviir
5 ,7. 4.-. I New.Yorki .August 2.'1851-:
"Dear Sir:-Yesterday I received ;ttoxiffh-tha:tostoff ice"
a package: of your papers, for which t -feel under dbligatioii.
to you. Printers say your paper looks like civilization; .:
;OURPAPER looks' like ivilion! ' ,i
New York surpHsed that, anything, from Ore
; gon .could, look .lik civilization I ; Back, in the year
f .Seventy-five years have passed since that letter was writ
ten .Here and there within the, broad, Valley, of the WiUain-
ette .rerilnants; of; that early pioneer band still reside; many
ofrth,em surrounded by obvious signi of wealth that stand in
strange contrast, to . t hepn vation ol these early journeys, in
strange; contrast to' the privation of these early journeys in
th 1840s, 60s, and 60V out to the "Par VesC' overland, by
ox-team, or by ship to Panama,; mule-back across , the Isth-
xnusjf pjr snip again np.tne -acmc coast. i; 1 .
:A few Btiil stirvive who can tell of those days when "any-
ining resembling civilization in Oregon' was truly to be
marveled at... But ' their number tik t snalL And even their
children, and; grandchildren, surrounded by .modem, roads,
towering citaes;;f4stjralnw and faster wire and air, communi
cation, fail to understand those; early!: momenta jn Oregon
history, when the foundations of this section were being laid.
ynroughoutj this entire; period, .seventy-five years today.
The Oregon Statesman, founded by pioneers! edited first by
a man who crossed the Isthmus on muleNback, and since then
by men of equally sterling character, this paperihas recorded
tnrough- irth, marriage; and death; the lives of those; whose
labor l&k now created here a&vilization envied, by that same
expressed astonishment . Jfcats anything
cent of the second oldest newspaper in the Northwest? Why
is it second, by some twelve weeks, instead of first ? Was the
task of establishing a press simple? Could it Jbe accomplished
by the meiB purchase: of. a press, .the ordering of paper and
mk, the lungql a staff of reporters and editors, engaging
wie services 01 a news association t , j .
y.No the taskj was ; not -simple, judging from letters and
document filled, with, thfc Oregon Historical society, the
S.tat4.ubnry.nd preserved in. private . collections which,
tafcea jtogetheri, piece j,out this narrative for the -Diamond
Jubilee numbk?;lU -A Jl:.-j . I . .. ; r 1.
-First '"4suef;0j:?Td jtatesnian :; appeared i op March ,28;
;iTjiat :'firB( printed on a press that came
arpund ;Cape Horri 'an'dtf up the Columbia river, ; over the
identical path taken, by the earliest, pioneers, and af ter( much:
of the .delay andjinfdrseeri difficulty, which marked the early
r; i ,The name was, taken -from the Ohio Statesman, printed
at Clumbus; Ohio; an organ long since gone the way of all
fles:axnuel & 3iurton; then representing Oregon Terri
try fa WIuQon Conjectured: that I the Whigs were to
estabjislia partisan, paper in Oregon, . (This paper, appear
ing t?relve.weeks prior to The Statesman's first issue was the
AdLiLlB&ltlxbur&PJk wa,s tobecdmea:cahdidate for re
election as delegate to congress from Oregon and was anxious
to have a newspaper, of his .political faith, to support him. .
Diiring.the.first election in June, ,1849; the, campaign' had
been one of men, rather than of .parties. .Mr. .Thurston, was
a staunch democrat , He was also a Methodist This faith
had 3 large vote td Oregon; Many of these Methodists 'were:
lb$ .Whjgs: He,; therefore was; flhxioiis. to win. another
election before party lines werel.strphgly drawn, and parties
thoroughly organized." tTher Oregon Historical Quarterly of
September; 1914,- prints Mr.1 Thurston diary, ! kept - diking
first;in .congress, arid
hfle. his reference to placing
Jmocratid paper Jn Oregon
brief ,4t gives aiiinterestirig
due to whathe had in mindi
"Jannarv. 1 3, 1 1 RKfL TnHaw
J.had a !ongtalk with Mri
iw?n piay cwg&n about going
to Oregon ) to start; a Demi
Oatic papers j.-imi -I
"January 19, 1850 Dwrlhg
tie session wrote a letter to
gr;,9rane.of ;thd jNew'tYork
fvenmg Post, relative to go-;
ig to Of eso to start a pa-t
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.' ; SeTenty-tly jeari ago toda7K copies of this four pago newspaper made their first appearance. The press upon which the paper
as printed was shipped from New York, aine around the Cape and up the Columbia, being delayed many weeks In. transit, due to
rough Beas. Asahel Bush, its first, editor,' crossed, the Isthmus of ; Panama on mule back to reach the northwest. Q papers estab
lislved in that day when Oregon was part of the wilderness, two only surrlye In the year 1926, The Oregonian, which first appeared '
on December. 4, 1810, The Oregon Statesman, March 28, 1851. , - , . - , o . . . . ;
. a.
L- . i P -
of- Biivl:
rs rom Friends Throuirhoul State and Nation T.T.u!:
n i f a -Hj --.. .. i . i i - r . l . i . - T
OSnd of First Three QuarterCentury of Service as
I rp ifCy Vf.VXKorthwesi : Newspaper
.ViMiiVj ,Tr.- titbit -4 - :
t -J OlXOWlNG letters have been received cdngratulat
jur Afici ouiicsjuaii on iue completion oi us jirst
. j hreeuarta: centuries f as a newspaper," and extend
V ing oest wisheiT W continued success and achieve
ments during the coming years. v v .l:
The Oregon Statesman, . . :' "
. ; i Salem, Oregon. '
v, Dear Sirs: In that fraction of time which links your first
issue ;of seyehty-fiye years ago. .with your, Diamond Jubilee
editidn .pf today, ? a !ew scattered: settlements j here in the
Willamette valley have expanded into one of the, finest, and
most productive areas of our. whole country.. In that period
Our country, itself has pushed, . aside divisions uncertainty
and provincialism and taken its place of world leadership, i
It is a Iwtmgi distinction, to have completed seventy-five
years of useful service as a ; recorder and interpreter of
events through an era when history has been shaping some
Of its toost vital chapters." " ! ' J r ' . ' ' '
I wish to add my hearty congratulations upon this mem
orable anniversary of The : Statesman Publishing company
and to wish you continued growth and prosperity ,
i ' - vi Brigadier General. V
'Portland Or., March 20, 1D2S..
Y 1st ..t' thevUths-I .was . at
6i41dd, i IJass. and: going
atOre-ori City.; The
are A Wa Stockwk
a r "ivt1 ry itusseu." r-:" v, r.-.
;cn -Air.
Bees Veil, left-hci-a todAy.V t
to lTay;li; l was absent
S ..v -
. i
Anxieties? Difficulties AspiratiQ
IM.. H I
a- fc . J 1,
U'.l-J HfiSE tTTERS, secured through tJie ''courtesy. of
vIJ:-!' LAdd & Bush, bankers; tell a graphic story of the
a-.-. ' A.nxitles, difficuities and aspiration's of the little
. . group of men who established Th Oregon States-
man tnree-quaners oi a century ago: - - . , r
i .
r i . . -- A . ... ; , WaWngtqn, July 28, 1850.
' ij. Alfant; Jeremiah t Driggs; John Burkhart, - Anderson
CoxHendy J,. Petersoti Win. B. Haley, J, S'Thinlop,, John
Courtney;. Isaac Courtney.pleant.Ilobinette.Cal Finley,
Hk'JIai Spaulding, iLuther AVhite, Jacob Spore,' Russell Watt;
MrPutriam; Wm, Stephens; (in,fdrk3 Willamette) , MrlT Hill
afid Messrs IIamjltog,.all of-4ibvcoanty;?i t,'f l -
--ATto-lIto ito I, t-'l v rr ' -i : . .
CA-v-VV-V A'AVvv k at.
x v w iAaiy-Ai a wiis aDsent i tr'e.. .wu
gentlemen in Oregon. Please" lend him your aid and patron-
ito uia cuiyCxiJXasc. v , . t . v, ; v ; . , v ,. , .. ,'
I I am,. Sirs, Yours truly, etc.
((kinfidentiaL) , . -t - j .Washington, Aug. 11, 1850
A.u My Dear Sir: . This will be the last tetter
from me before leaving for Oretron. but fmmHiatelv nn r
ceipi; nereot you win write me. - -
- It is now made certain that a WW
- , ,.. . r - . . 1 r.vuu au v MK . HOJ
for Oregon, to be established at Portland, and t be edited
by W. W. Chapmari;-formerly .delecrate :in:fion: fromr:Tnwi
This is; certain. , A. lMr; Abrams, direct from Portland; wis
herej Yesterday,, who, isio take Jiis family out to Oregon, and
from him J received the-information. iThi then estaWispb
the fact which I have before conjectured: ."-ui..;. . v
; It is alsd certain: that llarion inii nn'?-9' -,rii
the two j neayiest" counties in tha Territory, have drawn the
lines ana organized accordingly; and thi3 will probably be
f . . r. ' ,11-:..'.' ' . - - . I : - . . .
I have apprised you, that the friends of The Statesman" are
aa.L atok.. to V ll .. - .A to 1 a.. . '. . . - .toto ,
a-wUto-A. geipmg supscnDers; ,ana;,tnat ,tne paper .wiu be
V You .will thereforA liavA a rjinsiiTfififtTi wifK Pneeoif im
- y. - 7- - - -mmr a -mm mmm, m mrmmm Wfl vf . aj V. " V jto-
mediately, on arriving in the country, and with the leading
Democrats, and pursue such a, course as you and Russell; in
consunauon.witnane iJemocrats,..shair think propen -.You
wilL show, this . letter , to Russell, which he will cons jfiert as
confidential. - You 1 will understand my position; 1 have no
objections to parties, organizing, but while I am a, delegate
I shall not encage as a nartisan. but consult sofclvthft hr-.t
interests of Orecron. ! It wouTd hf fniuHff ions' fn'r Tif ffni-o
any other course; and I , trust the Whigs will not seek to draw
me to any otner posiuon, ; jLt tney attacK me and endeavor
to run ine downVlien" we shall tr6' befor4-thA' ttnU ftW
the issueV but-om9 what hiaiIam for;0reson. L..f; ; . v ,
If;y6dand Rtfssell form a Dartnershm" vnii" pftW h
establishment ion thotteras tindsrstood by hini. i You. wj7l
pay a sum yearly ito keep tho concern in aa "rood condition
as when ccfTzzzmccdm :Yon vtUI cUtoTantee to insnro t!r rr-
Mr. Robert J. Hendricks,
. . - -. - L : Salem; Oregon.
. . My Dear .Mr. Hendricks : f The Oregon- Statesman has
had a long and noteworthy history; ; Always "it has..bec'n in
the midst Of affairs; "and always its' voice has-been potent
rfor,gopd causes.lrhe old-timers remember: its eatly service;
the present .'.graeration;-. reads Jindl'depencW, on it ; In any
survey of my own modest career, it must be recorded tthat
it was on The Statesman that I had my start as reporter r.r,d
city;editor. I am proud thus to .have been identified, with
The Statesman; and I am equally proud that the friendships
then, made particularly with. Mr. Hendricks--have endure J
through all the intervening years. . Very truly yours, " '
Editor, The Oregonian.
Vtototofttotototototototo ' - - -
The Oregon Statesman, '
: f r Salem,; Oregon. , ,
Congratulations on reaching your seventy-fifth birthday.
May, you increase, in . wisdom,! stature and best of all in
circulation.,. v;; :;f ''1!::':" ' fv;--.--'.-..-----.--,-
My next birthday, a little less than two months, win h-
the 82nd. The Statesman of December 31 : Sam T R?mr
SOn. editor. "effOsed" tht fnUnxurincr Tirvnn V10 ivMeinn nf -rtr
w . . c3 . HKW aaw vvtow&wu wa a.ij.
marriage in Salem, Christmas Eve, 1866.- . .
i ' mitt mm t mm-mm m ... ,.
. ueorge Himas is, a printer , , ,
. We wish hhn success ; . : ; : v :
He is glorious Rigg'd .
1 . May his spouse stand the 'nress
. My sweetheart's name yvas Anna Fj. Riggs, and $lic i
me yet, and we are .proud of .iiavinf? one great, err r
v: My personal acauaintanca with ThA Rfrm 1
Olympia, then in Washington Territory,' and it vcs or -
exenanges wnicn irot into the officA rf thp Piwnr ;
caul, wiejirst newspaper nortn of' the iJoIurr.bia river, , tl:3
first issue of which was on September II, 1852. -Sincerely,
. GEORGE II. Hll-mS, ;
Oregon Historical,Society,.PprtI.:nd, Of. .
; House of Representatives,
The Oregon Statesman; ' ;. r ; . . -
i;..SaIemf.pregon.; ;. - ;: ' t'
ir Sirs:' I conirratJilflfft Th frrn Cf - ,
jts Diamond Jubilee. Incite s75.ycars-of service-it been
an myaluable factor in the de
velopment not only of its im
mediate" locality; but cf tha
Willamettd valley, the Hi cf
Oregon and the Pacific Icrtli
westat. " 'y-:-- -". .'-
Vlh additlort to: it3 advocacy
of sound principc3 in pcllt!:"l
and economic matters, it hr.s
been a-stronsr-forco on-tI:3
right, side of social questic::,
including morale and c Ju: ra
tion, vlts record of useful nee-.
entitles, it - to. the continue!
confidence of. the pcorl n: !
an abiding prcstio nnd 71c.-
perity. .. . . ; ;
.As a reader forr.-.r. J i
forty j-earj,-1 wish i t c
ed succee:.. Truly y -
, i'a
y" 0.'
The Oregon
grrndr.jn in a
l t:...r3.tlrr:3 t
A 4- V m-
t Oregon." ; with great Euccesshajctut he fosia viewinOrc-on. lle
. -' . f v-.--- ' -;:: ;- - ; : ' - s