The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 25, 1926, Page 3, Image 3

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    .V: a5
V.(M -t4w-fes- "a--t-.
I. ' . - r. t ;-lTrTi. '
Phones ;40i anH 49
- H IS GOQDr That is yvhy tho demand for HOTEL ;
- BENSON COFFEE isincreasing every day. You'll like .
its flavor, ; Just ask us f or "HOTELfBENSON." r
v Sardines, Fanes Norwegian
. Smoked, 2 cans
. KjPPyed erring,arge
r r-
kippered Snacks
2 cans -,.,..
: e Oval .rdrnea !:.
I American Sardines In OiKl , fCanit' L?e" fiize r
Rolmrvn TinV Pacq
-. ---vf )vuvyy
- Large uans o-u..w
'TKe Fresriess q
ine wnoie country. , l ney are Kepi xresn Dy pure, ciean
water and displayed heady in the fresh, open air.
Fair; frost in. the morning; gen-
tie to moderate ; northeast
north: winds; low humidity
western portfp9f,Max.
34; iUTer l.Hstationary; Bain
fall none; Atmosphere elear; Wind
north-.." "'fe tAili -K ' -'.i
Water Main Burst
-i !
ic A water ttln on the third floor
of the Oregon building burst
.about midnight Tuesiayi It was
made knownWednesday j" It is
aid the organ in tfie:Oregoa
theatre was so damaged aa to put
it out of use- temporaray The
water also found - its-' wayr to . the
baggage room of Ahe tJregonEleo
tric depot. 1 'f r-
Shirt sale.
Than one jcar? . For $ 2 we. e'an
writeyour liahility insurance cot
erink aaycar you dilre; iJWe nay
a polKjtx fit your Jjeed. ' Standley
& Foley. Bush Bank.Bldg. i4 mZ
Paring Petition Iteoetred
m A ietlti4 bearixtg .-2& names
and 'asking for the scaring of
Myers street from Commercial to
Fir streets has, been received- by
Mark Poulsen. city teeofder-i The
petition will . be submitted .to the
city 'council at its ;next meeting,
Apr? 5.-m;hv i
.Dr. Sfarshall pytcopsthlc
Physician vanji surgeon, i
LeaTes For Colorado-'
B. E. Sisson, 1 manager of Mil
ler's store, was called ; to I Wray,
Colo., yesterday afternoon on -e-
!count of the death, of his. brother-in-law.
- , V ;:. k tUi ' .. -
, , '
Astonishing! He Defies All
- Human law. At theArmory to
nlxht. il t tnlE
license Suspended-
Ivan White arrested Tuesday
night for speeding, was 1 found
guilty of - the. offense by Judge
Poulsen Wednesday and his driv
ers' license was suspended for 30
days. '
If Ton Will A'eed JJtngs i
t Within the next i; year ! you can
.save many dollars by purchasing
now at the mammoth rug sale,
now on,at H. 4. Stilt Furn. Co.
"" Jv .'"! ,-r- m25
Mrs. Irene Scott I -f- ' i. ' "
School for beauty culture, -is
topening a new class April 1st, 24 5
N. High. - 4 1 m25
i --.- , - vl-1 "
A Limited Number of Pupils -I;
In piano, and vo(ce will be, ac
cepted by Florence Moore; Fere
hetian, 657 Chemeketa street.
Phone 1741. - m31
I !
Case Is Dismlsse5-- i '
.t i On motion of the plaintiff, the
base of Rose A. Piesinger against
J. A. , Kaiser has been dismissed
In the circuit court here, having
been' settled amicably out of court.
The order dismissing the action
9ras signed Wednesday by I Judge
L. H. McSC.hab. 'm X'V
ii, i-j
Bfehop's ifiu 4;r?r
Shirt sale. Don't miss It. jn26,
i t. ' r,- , .
Inspect Soldiers Home f v r '
i Secretary of State Koser and
(Bute Treasnrer T. B. Kay, left
at noon. Wednesday by automo
bile for- Koseburg where they will
Jngpect. ie Soldiers' Home return
ing to i7?r tonight. They were
accompac i X by Carle ' Abrams,
secretary to the board, and W. A.
'Pettit, Salem; correspondent r for
the Oregonian, I , p.- ' r
Underwood Tyb7vritcr Qoj
, -t -i Direct Factory Bwuaci '
C19 Court Street, JPhosia t23
TTTfrriten Rented, Coli
... : , f t""'r?i-;'W -r '
- . ji . " -
155 Nor tH
: VOfcilL. Maple Leaf Salmon; Large Oval
aWUJL :size, a can.
Qval OCu.; Maple; Leaf Salmon, Large Flat f y
vv V - size, a can ' ,' ,. , . ,, , , , O 7 jC
.. .". $;0 MW4l Sea Clams. No. Tall ,-, C' .
I Hv size, a can
Olfli M size, a
" Macaroni, Best' Semolina H'
$.3 pounds rM..,,. ..
J Our VegefeiWes is kncmn tKrbughoiit v
Jixtra narge ror ueuvery
Okrberg Here -
; Roy 'Oker berg Is home at pres
ent from the University of Ore
gon. .. He plans o leave this eve
ning ""Okerberg w a - Oregon's
mainstay at jcenter on the basket
ball squad 'during, the past season,
and was "mentioned for the .mil
coast conference team. He Can
alnmnus of Salem high : school;
having played basketball and ten
nis for the high school. .
Talo a Iiook at the Iiarge Rug
And Carpet display in the win
dows of H. h. Stiff Furniture Co.
c : ' m25
Suits Cleaned and ressed
1.25. Cash and Carry . Cleas
ers. . : Down- town- receiving, office.
352 Chemeketa.St.
v f ntf
Forfeits Bail f.4i5" ' V'-- '.
L H. F. Zimmerman jof Portland,
who was arrested here 'some, few
months ago on a charge Of driving
while ;under:-etjnnuencecf In
toxicating lienor; has forfeited the
1500 baa he had posted by failing
to- appear: Wednesday for his heart
ing - before Judge -Poulsen. His
trial had been postponed for some
time! because of his illness'
Dan McClHteysMArgravrftrs-4
-i From lfi ofl Oi , atvMellow Moon
Friday, Mafch 26."- ' ' n2(
JjEV L. Li. Humi&r, Deitlstr-rfc,tj
t Associates with." Dr ABeeeuier;
820 TJ. Si' Bank Bldg. ; m25
Eldon- Foster S;-- cfe '-F.; A-?
v Eldon -Foster . was .eenvlcted by
Judge . Poulsen ' "Wednesday. kt
speeding ahd " bis! drivers'" license
was- BU8pexued f or 3 0-days
Dr. F. D. WtAgb'X4k':V:i-v '
Who formerly; practiced In Ke
bxkahas opened a dental bfflca
at 08 Salem Bank; of Commerce,
bldg.. Phone 805 j - vP3
Sanderson Beedl Files ; ?',
' Sanderson Reed of Portland lias
filed f or the republican nomina
tion for udgeupf the circuit court,
department No-. 4 , Fourth' judicial
district, comprising Multnomah
county. Mr,: Reed has requested
that the following slogan be print
ed after his name xu the baUot:
"Fairness and common sense.'? ' !
V . Min . ' ' . f :i -J . ;
Make a Saving of f 1Q
Buying an Opal Range at this
week's demonstration Hamilton's
8 40 -Court street, f . s'k mis
Furniture Upholstery lv v
-rAnd repairing.1: Gleke-Powers
Furniture company. . s20tf
Dr. Warner -to Speak - v.
' Dr. Estella Ford Warner, who
Is connected with the Marion
county child health demonstra
tion, will . be the -principal speak
er at the luncheon of the Marion-.
Polk county realtors this noon at
the Marion hoteL Those Interest-
ed in health work are Invited to
attend the luncheon. i -
The Public Is Cordially j Invited
? To jtttehd 1 benefit dance, Mc
Cornack Hall. Tuesday .evening,
25th. Maccabee Lodge.' Come and
bring your -friends.. m2S
Faces Statutory Charge :
-' Wayne Bevens, 21, of Hubbard,
was arraigned In the justice court
here, charged with being the fath-
t IM '. . i -
Salem's LeaClcs
a rrrTTn-jr,-r" - 1
Pays Oaan For' Fnmitnre
. BesidraceNand Store -
- PnOOT51.:
Established Elace-1918,
V"-J i Estatllied 1SC3 s
Xr;, CiTloa Cosra frosa 19 sW pu tojB T- r
,!.' i II il I I
Commercial Street
L...w4p. - A w w
25 c
er of an unborn illegitimate child.
Bail was fixed at $500 and Bevens
is now In the ounty jail. He was
employed as a timber feller In a
lumber camp- near Sheridan,4 and
was arrested there- by Walter De
Long, Salem constable
You 8e It Bat ' , 3
Still you can't believe it. -beyond
the human mind.
Ney, at the Armory tonight.
It is
S2JSO Per Iioad ;
. .In 4-load lots or more for 1C
Inch mill and block wood at
Tracy's. Phone 2313. n27
Sale of Cooked Foods - t,
- Hand made articles, by Central
Congregational church. Sat., Mar.
2Itkv at Plgglx,Viggly. m25
- - - , !. , mi m m mm -- ... .: ' i '
WU1 Setvrn Fglttv Crtii,
: Principal epeW.-Jf. Miller
of .the state prison left Wednes
day for Omaha, '.Nebraska,' to bring
back PhirDavi8, a trusty who es
caped from the Oregon' prison
about a year ago while serving a
term of seyeil-yeasi for larceny.
He i was received .. a t the ' prison
from' Wallowa' county in 1 22, )
See the Big Baf'air Carpet - -.Display
at H Stiff Furniture
Co. 1 . m35
""t-4; - 1 1 ..hi. ii ii in ,v . ' n
m .i .' '.. .' ;.
hirt sV;ZXJVd& iC2 6
" ' - -J"- '' f Jf .
Senator Eddy Visits ? -
sute Senator B,L' Eddy,: ean
didate for . president .of 4.he. next
senate, was a business visitor in
Balem W.ednesdayappearing . be
fore the supreme -court as an at
torney in a case e.a,appeal before
that tribunal. - -v--i -. ? ',
McDowell Choms in Concert
' With Portland stringed "quartet
Friday, March 26 thU: Waller Hall,
admission $1.09. Students 5 Qc; 1
Dance Sat. at Clements
Pavilion, Hazel Green;
Pre-Caster Showing
Of . hats and dresses.' Bpnnet
Shop, 138 South Liberty." ' m27
...,. ,, - i .
Class toMeet- - ' - ' . .
The Mothers' class of the First
Methodist church Sunday school
Will meet Friday at 2 : 3 0 o'clock
at the home of Mrs. H. F. Shanks,
195 South Cottage street.
Refrigerators Priced- .
-- So you can afford to bay.
Hamilton Furniture Co.
C. S.
notel Marion - t. ,
Dollar dinner, served 6: 8
every evening. -. ' ; : 'j2tf
Speeding Is Charged-
' Omar CoffeL 1790 North Com
mercial street, was arrested Wed
nesday night ; by i Officer- a. Wl
Edwards and charged, with speed-;
ing. ' He Is cited to appear ' this
morning at 11: o'clock. 1
. " i i ' i . i, i -
lite 'King of College Band-- ;
? Dean . McCiuskey's .Aesravat
ors" from U. of O. at Mellow Moon
Friday. , Vj; . TO26
and freight serviAe to and from
all points south to Medford and
west to- Coos Ba points- Im
press freight rate.
Depot High and . MU1 Streets
,t;r:s',-y : -r Phone "396 ; .
Oregon Auto Transportation Go.
YARD': '
167 D Street Telexhono C313
& BUSH, Bdnlicrs
flQ ii
"We ? have a dandy - Ford
Coape, 1923 model, .. wUl
spot, light, automatic swipe,
foot feed, rear vision mirror
and U several tlieT rxtraar
i, This mjk good solid little car.
With 90- rnbber.,,, Dont,
pass this .snap up at $2S3. .
Arrested on Speed Charge?1
! Nen Llnty of Turner was arrest
ed Wednesday night by Officer O.
W.Ed wards and charged "with ex
ceeding the city's speed limit. ; He
is cited to appear this' afternoon
at 4:45 o'clock for- his hearing.
Be Sure and Attend . .
- The Mammoth rug and carpet
sale at U...I Stiff Furniture jCo.
Toward Corset Shop ' ""
carries a commote line or cor
sets and girdle "brassieres at reas
onable- prices. .H5 N., Liberty.
- m26
Hats Cleaned and Blocked - -;
T6c . Cash and Carry Cleaners
352 Chemeketa St, Ultf
Prayer League Meets
; The wo mens' evangelical praye
league will meet today at 9 o'clock
at the .horn eof Mrs... Benjamin
Bla'tchford, 174$ State street. Mrs.
H. C. Lemke will lead."" . ' r
Materialization I He Talks
To the dead tpnight atte M-
rMr , Tin 2 S
Saturday Is the Last Day .
Of the big rug and carpet sale.'
Get floor covering now and save.
H. L. Stiff Furn. Co. m25
For One Week Only -
Beginning today, 25 per cent
count on all stamped goods at the
Petite Shop, over Busick's. m25
Extra Ckod Blackmrt :
For sale cheap, delivered. Phone
933. Capital City ; Transfer po,"
1 ' m27
Call in and See . . .
The Opal Range demonstration.
C. S.'Hamilton Furniture Co. m25
Bishop's -
Shirt sale.
Don't miss it. m26
Bed Hot, -Dean Mcdnskey's "
Mellow Moon Friday.
V- i
Drifting Apart"; M
i Fox- trot. ..-Record s department
at Stiff's, - "25
acres near ,irjaepenaence,
might consider part trade. Henry
Tung. Independence' Ore. IU. 2
Famitnre Upholstery
And - repairing. : Giese-Powers
Furniture company, " f s20tf
1 '. Continued foots pair 1.)
Of the commission will be called,
to which -members of the special
committee of South Liberty street
property?, owners will- be invited
This ,i meeting -will 7 probably be
held Saturday, April J.,
In 'the meantime, work, on the
fill is to go ahead. The plan now
Is to make- the flu Trotn . Trade
street . to Mill street.". Permission
will be sought from the council
to continue the 111, and effort
made to secure - the ' cooperation
and support ot the owners, of the
property adjoining the fUl. ,
Enough dirt Is in sight, mem
bers of the special -committee of
the Liberty, street property own
ers Hold, to complete the fill this
summer.. Cooperation of the Ore
gon - Puifr & Paper company will
baveto bo L sought, it is said, In
regard to a culvert or span of
some sort to bridee the mill race.
While the Xiberty street fill Is
being r conducted, the : commission
will- be laying plans for. a compre-
nensive permanent bridge - ached
tile for Salem. The idea will be
to make the- bridges uniform - in
structure. while .the , need p of
bridges is generally felt through
out the city, ; and ; while . the com
mission is .. not interested in any
one section or tne citr. it-is nearly
1 uunrrttiiy conceaea mat the
Liberty street bridge U the most
pressmgiy felt want.
' As for the buildine boom, ha,
sides the" huge building projects.
uvu, as ; cue , 4W,veu First: Na
tional nana nuoalng nd the
zo.vuo Frank Bllgh- theatre,
store and office bulldlnr. sevnrai
other fair sized projects are loom-
r Pomeroy & Keene, Jetrelersl are
seeking to -remodel the1 front of
tne piu. uregon notel buUding on
State street between Commorf-fni
and jLibertyv streets.; . The lower
iooj o iqis Duuding will be the
new location of the jewelers, who
must more out of - their present
location on the southwest corner
of State , and Liberty streets to
maae room for , the new t bank
ouiiamg. K"- : i .-'
Alterations of this building will
amount to Spproxlmately-$10,000.
It was brought out at the meeting
01 iue commission. The petition
for- permit jf or the aleratlons
was referred - by the commission
to tne city engineer. -
Permission was granted by the
As a prv?qtivs, mtlt and
?int !
0 eight and morain,
l . . . .. .. . i -' 1 i 1 . .; V,. i
-' r1 , v ,t-- v , . - -r
: ?
n V " i '
k - - v I
. t.j .. . A v.. - f -;- f
f - -K ' I
. - . .x-itxivK-'vX;:-1' ..b ..;. a 1
E.'BBradleyTmaster of Idle
Photos .shows the finish .and the
cemmlssioa for the construction
of the building- on, Chemeketa
street between High and .Church
streets by gMr.? Weller. Ground
was broken Tuesday for the
building. ... . ,
Mr. .Kramer, appeared , ence
more before the commission seek
ing permission t to ' remodel - his
house, on Church street next to
the senior high school to. put in a
confectionery -', and light. lunch
business. Before, , his petition Jiad
been denied because Jhe construc
tion he planned was not fireproof.
Bat hia new plans -call for' tile
construction; - and permission for
him to go ahead was granted. -
A petition for permission - to
construct a one story store build
ing at Seventeenth and Market
streets was held over until the
next meeting otthe commissions
ff r -v "f f
"Thv rjordlmg; ""Parts -company
wldiiuitrters' in Eugene lond
capital . stock 'of $ 4 0,0 0 0,' has been
incorporated - by . D. N. Nordling,
PiibrordlQLgand A. B. Nordling.
v Other articles filed in the state
Otfrpdration ' department Tuesday
0ltoWt's'T? ''"r"' . -'-
?"it;,K- Low. conj pany, Corvallis,
g$C 00 Kjy. Low, Herletta-Low
andvP. J.Hahn. "
jftHfgljIahd -Creamery company
Portland,310,000; d; R. Shoe
maker jj. B. Martin .and O. Fur-
. New York Bargain House, Kla
nihtft Jails, IH.000; O, M. Hpc
tort Wary E. McCormick and
Bernlce Hector.
E. H. Stone. Inc., Portland,
$15,000; Janet R. White, Dorothy
Lee and V. Kanklh.
EUGENE Ore.. March 24.
MBy Associated; Press). Commer
cial ;; secretariesf attending tne
short course a the school of busi
ness administration at the Univer
sity of Oregon herp todayurged a
full prograta -of -'Work in the field
of agricultBrej'with six major de
partmnts.j; : i - Ztv-
About jiAiLKo ad txups
- .
Thursday, Marciv
: ana ruier 01 sntucj.i, mnca tiub docs jgamDim resort, is ceuntH
ing on scorinjf ynotherylcto tbeKentudtv Derby t turf dsssic
With Bagenbaggage and Boot-tO;Boot, as areiult of the sthrring one
two victory of the colbT in . tlie Louisiana Derby "ati NcOrIeansj
Cimdldate rt the5nepnWro-a ' Nomination "Jff"f
Senator, will deliver the ilrst. radio ipoUtical address of the
campaign. . :. '- f1'-, v
bonIvit!WH.e ' VM-"
V ' The present assault on the direct Primary .
- The attempt Ho dictate Republican politics and nomlna
: r-Atlorw ta'this state. -'iw-' '" S.-i.t :"
The ambitious .program to control the senatorial npmi-
; nation this-year-- -7' :- " t," ''iLm--i
: . The purpose, later to accomplish the defeat Of .the senior
, ) '."aenator,'as' -.i
Paid advertisement AlfrediE. Clark .for United Slates
- 5 -r Senator; Campaign , Committee -
by theArnericari Osteopathic Asscciation as Normal v
.Splneeek. ; v . s;. : '
, Sis Ostecp-tthlc pHysicians of Salem wilt examine
any school child free of clurgtv 1 by, appointment, be
twppn f hi-rihwTMt ' tit A inA 6 ttJ'tsLl on these "days.
vit: ' i . u I' " -
Hour Tarmnear Lexington. KyJ
wmner - JSagenbaggage
MEXICO CITY. March 24.
(By Associated Press.) JDne of
the men who murdered Joe Hall,
an American employe, of the Mex
ican National - rail ways, last Mon
day -near . Ixtlan, is ; reported- to
have been euptured. j
. This information Is contained
in a telegram from the American
consulate at Mazatlan, received at
the embassy, here today. .
It Is understood troops are now
searching for the assailants .of
Hall, who is declared to have been
stoned to death. The government
is continuing its investigation Into
the Hall case and also into the
murder recently near Ixtlan - of
Rex Mcllpbne ami the wounding
of E. H. Heidenkamp, both Amer
icans, and the raiding by armed
men of the ranch of Freely,
another American, near Acamparo,
The American embassy here has
received no reply to its represen
tations to the Mexican govern
ment concerning the j attacks on
Americans' and the 'government
has not revealed the- outcome of
Its investigations. -j
EUGENE, Or., March 24. (By
Associated Press.) Miss Margaret
Barnard of San Francisco today
was elected by the executive com
mittee of the Lane county chapter
of the American Red Cross as sec-.
rttary to succeed Miss Alma Lupo,
who resign"- three weeks ago.
i Tinenitiil. Wednesday.
AV W " " -
r k oa niita- pftherfu t. the
mai m - r . - .
age of '31 years. Funeral an
nouncements will pe nasae.iwr
, av ittaKK fnnsral nnrlAM.
O "thou whqni.ourpestojifthy.
. witr. '. P' vr.- '.
With longings for the close Of
Am: - -Lt A.
He walks with thee,, that. Angel
And gently whlspets,; "iJtf to-,
ii. signed r- '. i-..y.
Bear. up, bear onhe end snail
.tell, ' ' r - - '
The dear . Lord ..ordereth : all
t J, John G. Whittier. ,
RlgHoi &on
m 4 a nn . m .
at s ;au p. j
Wo Hor.iE PEmarmouT
.3rv IV. Cnmvn rvirrcj i
Salem's goal- of- better than a1
home a day Is to be-realized if the
remaining . nine, months -bear up
thoir share as have the first three,
For, although the mouth still has
seven days to crowd into history.
record of better than a home a day
has already . been set: for March.
Permits for the 'construction "of
four - dwellings were issued from
the office of the city recorder oh
Wednesday. This brings the total
for the erection of dwellings alone
up. to 2 permits so far this month.
These 3'6 permits represent an out
lay iof $110,075. Sijt.iZiivr
' In January. 30 permits for erec
tion of dwellings, wererisved, srep--
and In 'February 29 inch bermits
were issued; representing the rm
of $86,750. Thus,1 already- this,
year, 104 ' permits 'hkve' been Is
sued . for ! dwellings ; alone, repre
seating a-ipotal of, $$0i,525.
Wednesday W.' F. Mosher took
out a permit from the office of the
city-recorder to , construct a one
and ; '.one-half story. dwellng. at
16 si. South Winter .street at a cost
of $4000.- R.iA. Harris was issued
a permit to build a one story gar
age house at 20 $3 McCoy street,
to cost- $750.
E. A. Prultt received a permit
to construct a one story dwelling
at, 1195 Tamarack street at a cost
of $2800.' A permit was givan to
Paul Baker; to erect a one - story
dwelling.-: at 1158 -North Eigh
teenth street, to cost $2600.
hmbiii ; y
TOPEKA. . Kan a.. . March 2 A
tBy Associated. Press )y Selection
or, a jury to try Jonathap M
Davis, former governor of- Kan
sas, . and . his son: RusselL on
charges of selling ; a pardon, was
begun In the district court after
the defense failed to 'obtain dis
missal or , postponement of the
The ex-governor,came to canrt
for the Second time to face a. jury
enargea.wuh the responsibility of
deciding whether .."he" corrupted
the pardon now.erqf the executive
of flee. . Ha was acauitted last Mav
.Hie Battery Matt - - -
' - Mak of Battery - - " -f
.'. ' ". WJLL-IIUI
is31 Court St,- 1! 'Phone 198
j .1.
T;-5 Til I
' -..7T
a 4 A i
. . i --- ? ?
J r '
... ii , -
v - .. ..
- : " V.
rV ' ' i ? . , . ' v;i ;
- . . .--.- .
aKer3;L? Oswald,' young;' Hutcl;--
tuson i lawyer, testified t bat tha
gxivernor;v,and Carl J. -Peterson,
bank commissioner, had, conspired
to seek a bribe for the release of
Oswald's rlient. . Waltpr ' Hrnndv.
convicted. - bank tpresident. from -
tne' state penitentiary, Peterson
was acquitted: . .I , ,; -j
1 Davis and. his son. will Le'triei
togetbM-onthe eharre of -selling
a pardon, to Fred W.VPpllnian,
paroled banker, for $1,250.
, -ii i
. WOOL HEARING set 4 " ,
; WASHINGTON, March 24.
(AP.) -A public hearing on pro
posed, .government numerical
grades for . wool and correspond
ing' grades for wool tops, to be .
held , Washington April fa .
announcement by the department "
of agriculture,, which has. invited
all persons interested-to attend.
f SEATTLE, March 24. (AP.)
Funeral servicesr are to b4 held .
iere Friday for-. William -A. Lin
dahL owner of a Seattle cab Com- ,
pany, who died - Sunday. He was ,
born - Iix Kansas and . has -been a -yesident,
of this city 2 5 years. lie
is BUrvivetl by.hia widow, and his
parents. Mr., and Mrs. John Lin-,
dahl of Astoria, 'Ore.- - N.',l.
. in .0I(LflllQ3
Happy JTcnsm Praises lyla E.
Piiikhain'i Vcgetatle Gjsporr J
' In A snnny pasture in Oklahoma,
n herd , of sleek cows was- grazing.;:
T-hsy made a
pretty' Picture.
But the - ih ia
woman, -iib r the
blae.c becked . as
she. i looked , at
them. 'SUe -was r
tired - of -- cows,
tired, of her tedi
ous wo x'k irrthe
dairy. She was
tired Jof Icookins '
for a hoaseful of
boarders, ' besides caring - for her
own family. 'The burdens of life"
seemed too heavy for her' failing
health. She .had lost confidence in '
herself.' i-;-. -
One day she began taking Lydia
E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound -and
her general health began to im
proved She took It faithfully. No.w
she can. do her work without any.
trouble, sleeps well and Is no longer...
blue and tired.
; This woman, Vlrs. Cora Short. TL
R. $s Box 896, Oklahoma City; C-Ca-:
WTiteB Every bod. now says:- iMra. .
Shorty what are you doins to your;
selfr it- weigh" 135-and my ;wels!rtr"
before -l took 'itjwss' 115. ? 1- have !
taken seven bottles of the VegetaVT:
Compound.? . . w . . .
Are -you. On the SunlItlloa4 to
Better? Healtht; :a: '. - ;V ':,
I V I . i
t . i .-.
" r
i fl ;J
Br.i W. Jm llercer, Dri O. H. Kent, Dr John L.