The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 24, 1926, Page 3, Image 3

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Ulon s,
,ited, sick
twj pleaa-andy-llke
Jcareta", any
ndll gently
-nulate yo ti r
er and start
tooth t$ok? and
t, refreshed ;Tftmr
, ihaca, rlgfct, tongue
I'-skin rosy.
' cheery, harmless "Cas-
tareUi' nerer gripe, inconvenience
or, sicken, "Cascarets has become
the largest selling laxative In the
world for men,4 -women, children.
Bqy a bo' at any drug store. Adr
Commencing at 2:30 p. m. Located corner North 20th and
Royal. Block 2 in Kay addition, three blocks north of State
street, paved and paid, size 60x130. These lots will be. sold
separately. ' Absolutely . no reserve. To be sold regardless
ofVprice. f ' 1 " 1 "'' j i . .
W Torth $1000 to I1S00. If you want a specw&ttoSMor
IC mjs build don't miss this
j MUS.; A. X. TRACT, Owner
Salem's Auctioneers and- ; Appraisers
Store ,271 ,N. Commercial -Phone 73
- : i r -.'- .J J i - ....-;-
la f.it4orn
the, demonstrator,
wonderful range.
Remember that witix "every; t!ansfe'.'oltt this veeTc
oa txticLa yoa
piirig tfte decjbnstralion '.and we wilthold joxxt range until wanted :
wledg lhat"fie
Ills' o properly
jiaced at the
'that for many
ring tho check
overdrawn his
s overdraft
I- '.:
ficated, read
iKubli case,
the tank
Jierefore, tho
U the over
I loss , to the
)ently in its
Die ior mis
if was- finan-
fuffr of letting
f tff iia tan
ta. h won Id be
d abetting 'the
Jag doing of the
1 '. a", .
eiw was Indlct
1 --.'in, connection
J& of " a check in
r 1 1 n ft at a -tfn
he funds or
' bank' his overdrafts
have aggregated mora
00. ' It was alleged by
i& that the Oregon courts L
jTunput junsaiction ms
,n that te checlc was drawn
up was . resjueni 01 uiao.
xne crimes cnargeq: against Mr.
Owens J and Mr. KUbH,wee wee
mltted hxhe year lt and re-
aul ted in an investigation-, whiah
eSuse& tt$ EfatDe"f!Tfrfelff!Kht
of, banks to close the doors of the
Jacksonville depository. Mr. John
son, cashier, later was Indicted
and upon being convicted was sen
tenced to a term of 10, years to the
penitentiary. Hfc Seas received at
the prison April l1921j OalEebr
rary7i,4,i'irjni8 term was com
muted to Jf ir'ep"yeirs. Mr. John
son was paroled from the prison
on May zo,M9Z4jv 7s
- Mr. Kubll ' was at one time
a "prominent livestock dealer in
Southern Oregon and owned large
tracts of land In Jackson county.
It was said - that Mr. Owen is a
resident of Utah. 1 .
it.', if
"'J- ..
the demonstration of
iavY our
about thegood i features found irV-this-
,". t
the :: ttscky -rdn:
may pxchc ; in
Fur esIIot e: Co .
fnfurles Received When-Cap
. or basoline lgmte$
Causing Death r .. "
X ! i-
. Samuel Long, 13 year ; old son
of Mr. and Mrs.' S. B.f Long of
Woodbnrn, who suffered severe
burns; of, the body last Saturday,
died in a .Salem hospital; Tuesday.
The body has. been takento Wood-
burn 6r burial, ,,5' i " ' '
. ..,trwaa said, that a can of gaso
line whiW the boy; twas in
killing, weeds,, near his .home Ig
nited . from, some, .undetermined
cause. lie ' was enveloped ,in
flames, and was In a serlpus con
dition upon his arrival at . the
hospital. 5 ,7 "
The boy's father is a retired
minister, while : his ' mother Is
president of' the Marion eounty
branch of the WCTU.
Rita Refd and. WIMta-.Wetch
cert List j
COLLEGE, March l.--Rta. Reid
and Wllletta AVelch of Salem will
make- the annual spring tour with
t h a Madrigal cjub.. MJa ReId.Ja
a 'aonh'ftltinrA t,V hom eCOdOAli
anMiss Welch'aluriior.itlhonfe;
Thirty-two members of the
Madrigal club have been chosen
by Paul Petrt, director of. the conr
seryatory of. music, to take ihe.
tour. The club will give special
entertainments and a radio pro-
grtfni In Portland before going, to
eastern Oregon; -Thei itinerary in
cludes Hoodc Rieri The-; Dalles,
PendJetont La Grande Union and
Baker. "Bob" McConrt'tf Hotel
pen ton. 'orchestra, the director.
two managers, and three special
dancetaill also? make thft-tript
f Novel ffeafiires hxtd tuntai have
been planned, to add variety to
the ; programs. The Madrigal
Quartet will also be featured.
Members of the quartet are Er
elvn Oulne. first sonrano: Mary
Davis, sectm$ jB&prano; Yada Mor
fitt, fIrst"ialfrf;Ynd Dorla Zim
mermanv s&t-tiact ?tlto.
Mrs. Jeanetia Payer Xanton, as
sistant instrnctcsf'in. singing, will
taka the place Oi Professor Paul
Petri, director' of the tfonservatory
of music;- aa,.direetor vOfv. the club.
accompaniment will ,ne;. played
a itaiige
flame :. . f:
Ft.. J
- fereidit
: win raE tour
curi.iimcnse stoctc :
by Clexirf Andrews, freshman n
musics '34ikt JNel Col t sc
retaryej: iylp! dtfW$tJK4ii$lvV-U
f 9 with .the lub as chaperon. Arf
angemebt forvoiicertfill be
handled by Ursef .Nat'ver;" man
ager of the club.
: -i ' . ' -Mil, i I, j,, . . . - r t i
V?Jhe. Gilded Butteifly'ilCoin
r-mg tothe.Heilrg Theatre,'
. Alma Rubens Is-ideally cast- In
the Foa Film? predactios, "The
Gilded. - Butterfly,. .-coming, t the
Hellig. theater' '"Wednesday; - in
which she . is co-featuretwith
handsomer Bert LytelS. 'These
two, prima- f avoritea portray- -typically
American.' copple lrom the
wealthier, class, -the gir(.r'a, social
butterfly and the man energetic
and ambitious. - i ? -
The.stpry itself deals wita;the
problem which facea many; parents
today- how to raise a daughter.
American daughters are notorious
ly Bppiied and humore4 an.d la this
interesting; story there is a aerjaon
preached, in a subtle mannewthat
will interest patents and,.,aaugn
tera alike. . - ,v
Alma Rubens .is : Linda , Haver
hill, the, daughter Her-,. father.
Jim Haverhill, is a social parasite,
who has-been, living oo bis friends
7 k'nd T3tttt?Y6tux(i3Llls: f ftr"h&si
raised his only daughter in luxury
with the hope that she will evant-
nally marry money.
He does this
partially because he can't bear to
se hfif live-without, having jthe
dainty; trifles ier girls leave, fcad
partialis because' heknowftr'a
rwalth jr jnaxrUe for her means
lnoepeniience :ior mm. r
' Fhe results df his training forms
th1a basic theme for the resi,pf
the story. It is -filled with in
usual situations, cleverly worked
together Intoa' perfect whole, hnd
runs smoothlv to the thrilling and
unexpected ending. '
(Oatatwlns VS 1)
... r-" 1
the board meeting and urged ihe
directors to Insist that all the'iTe
bris. b removed from tho shqw
grtunds Kthe next .time a circus
the last time such a show waA
given that the grounds were ?Jlt
tered. up for about three days
after, proving highly attractive? to
a. vast number of the. city's flieVd
Because, of the Iat-ness 1$
year in collecting taxes, the sshjipl
board: finds it necessary to borrW
? 25,0 00 to meet the coming nay
rollr- The chairman and clerk
were authorized by motion to fay
a sum of over $3000 as semi an
nual interest on the district's hn
The board took official action
making Monday, April 5. a school
holiday, in observance of Eastor,
Director Ii. J. Simeral poind
out that the baseball diamond; ,at
Parrlsh Junior high" school needs
leveling. The building committee
was authorized to spend not more
than $25 to have the leveling
done. f
Superintend nt Hug was allow
ed expenses for his coming trlpr tp
Spokane to attend' the meeting of
the commission on accrediting of
the northwest association of aeo
onaaiy ana'nigner scnoois. jar,.
Hug is chairman of the coniruier
sI6n,., if vfJj? t''
i! (Continued ttm pag l.)a
yotrnwoacription win be f ronf a l
vote standpoint. And that 4s what
ytrw .-are fter rptes or f
should be after if you expect to
peppe. tt tffl, big. prize -winners.
TheSteeymaiTa gifts are to $ie
distributed to - those who desetve
themto those who make the
best !' records in - the vote column.
Wishes", wont " get anywhere L. in
this campaign, but the vote pro
ducers., will.; be4 handsomely for
warded In 'accordance, with the
effort- put : forth, . .This is a. cam
paign of ."live-ones .
The race in the first an4 second
periods was truly a neck-andL-neck J
affair, and is attracting attention
all over this territory. It Is inj'seelwb,is;h. of the Bev'
era 'contenders prove themselves
the most; popular In the. list the
owners of the three, cars. - i i
Second " payments on subscrip
tions taken early in the campaign
Are proving an Important factor
in the race Just now. Those cqri.-
testants . who are working Jbh
these-are profiting most; mightily.
Think of having prizes worh
up to $1115 given you for yoiT
efforts in, this campaign. Th&k
what' it means to: win any one bl
these fine inew cars. . There are
20 grand prizes to be awarded 6
the live wire hustlers on the 10tl
of April Jnst a. short time away..
As. to, which five will be nurJ-
bered among these as close as the
race stands, all depends upon
accomplishes the most during the
short time that remains, especially
while the "second payment"
schedule is effect this third
period. , if'.
Batteryrri(5iv Entering Fourth
AVeekvof Limbering, Pros
.;..:pects BrigKt -
Eugene,'- March - 12.--(SpecIal) .
Under a bright spring sun Coach
William Reinhart. ' baseball-, men
tor, started rgular practice this
week. .As spring vacation is tin
ff,Tar; th? meanS tllat,an
ball aspirants must remain on the
campus instead of going home. "
-The x batterymen have e
wort';, i out ; for -'-Caefpast' .thr?
weeks 1 U'Jaa; bfeVf gettheir
looks like a -rtfat Beaspfi for- Ore
goalthougfi,Hhe oach 'i not in
clinedto' be optimistic, .
Nine letermen' one' each po
sition, with the . exception ' of third
base, are listed among the candi
dates." "'This-might" indicate that
Cpach Rejnhart may. have things
easy in" intercollegiate circles this
Star.. Bpt, taking his word for it,
the entire equd is sadly weak in
hittipg. The coach has devised a
hatHr cage in which each inan
spends about 15 minutes daily.
" The list of veterans includes
two ' rstellar pitchers, Ray Wil
liams qf San Francisco, and Fred
llarrison of , Astoria, besides Rex
Adolpu of Salem, f irst base; How
ard Hobson of Portland, second
baste; Fred -.West taf - Portland,
shortstop; Jack Bliss of Berkeley,
ca.icr,er;.tiieorge , Mimnaugh . of
Portland, Lynn Jones of SaLem,
and Frank Relnbart, Salem, out
fielders - ; .-u
Sererar 'men Worii the 1925
freshman 'squad 4o' strong in
dications "of canshig an upset in
this lineup of veterans, the coach
tfntimated," asx their playing last
season was outstanding. This in-
ttdes William Ashby of Salem,
hHcber, wio. turned the varsity
fnien own at regular intervals in
I practice games; . Hugn Wallace of
foruana, iirst Dase; waiter Fen-
ford Kahn ..of. Lebanon, and James
Maniey,. tniraDase.':-
. ,The .pitching staff, will , be
rowided out by. Raymond. Murray
of Eugene, and William 3amber,
GoId.qnd.ale . wash., , lefthanders;
Dave Adolph of galem, William
Paker . Independence; A If r e d
Fries, Junction City, and Harry
Dntton, Eugene, who have;. had
Over the continent through
the beautiful Canadian Pa
cifiq Rockies-r across the
Atlantic aboar4 a magrrifi-
,u cent Empress, liners no de-
lays; typicauy nne Cana
, dianPacificscrvice, comfort
and cuisine throughout! '
At about Canadian PcKtfk Tl
' '-Round tht World , H
v. h
und Mediterranean Cruised Jj
. tv u r.... nM,nM -
f. W
rife criusxzrojiir
Tinhhln Alcohol I
1. . I , J 4 .. -f - J l 1 "ij III! .''i .1 '.1
ar .
: . . . :v
1 K-
is ia daily aaa by hospitals
for; relieving patients in
cases ot. bruises, aches
1 lameness, sore muscle
stif. Joints, etc. .-
V Pint Jgottle
V . - V yJy
Perry Drui Stcrq
li4 ' "i
considerable experience, but lack
IntercbUegiate"empeaMoni ' '
Orcgon'a linenp this year..nill
probably see Hobson shifted from
second to ' third 'base " to" fill" the
shoes of Sam Cook. 72 5, as several
men- look like' finds for the, second
so! position. ' West may be de
verojd in?o a pitcher to take his
turn with. the regulars. . ' !
5 pthr men ont for positions 4n
clude Arnold Kiminkrof Astoria,
tnfielderr- K1v:inkt played on. the
9 2 f ; fresh mdn team but wo s u n
able to tnrc c tit: last season for
tjlje" varsity. lie is sm?dl but
rpeedy and a good hitter. He will
probably be tried, at shortstop.
Cnarles: Orr- ofEuene,.-catcher;
l;tlc Peterson of Lakevisw. out
fielder; William Paljas of Modest
K Cal.; third bse; York Merren
Portland,', second base
son; call: or. e ij; ht-games, Xour.Of
.wnicn, will be played -wlths' the
University, . ef J Washington and
Clarence Tople'f .Portland, ont
, The Prdgoaschedule- this sea-4
Something That Will Interest the Ladies of Salem
c,- s - -r: ' r r
y i- ' 2 - - tV.-1 'i'
A Real Opportunity; '
This is a real opportunity tp get the furs that you need or will need ;
the coming season at a great saving. '
Such furs as Fox, Mink, Marten, Fiteh, Squirrel, iludson Seal, Skunk,
- Otter rwill be found in. this display; -.-..;
. ... . -A . ... 1 - , . . . .J f
- n ti ii iimi n
: j OTP t :
tqv". f r-j ,
. . iL LJ ,
Pretty riew- figure d
voiles" the season' TO
latest at yd. U I OCi
- ' ' !. '''1
; at f yard. - :t,.-..vJLJi
. Wprfure always glad to ' I : ?.vc . yc ii : corr c ' in
over.- - Vye, take pleasure m roinr to.vour home and nr-'-'-ir
iri selecting your colors and materials. A3 this departrr. :.t -i? 1
unto date in every respect we feel we can render vcu a lz.:
that is seldom equalled in the larger cities. . JThib 'cervics iz r:
our with'the Oregon Agricaltural
tolregeVt tl -:;r. r
.The reason, ior thls J. .W-Bene-
flel, graduate manager of thei; uni
versity, stated, is that the norths
west section .of tho Pacific coast
conference was split into two di
visions, the western, " and eastern
sections.-;. This 'was made neces
sary In' order to "curtail the "ex
pense pt traveling to the various
c; but one game "
The winners. of, . UieT two divi
sions will meet In a series of three
post-season games to decide the
championship, the place to be de
cided ta the- future. ",'
- -. -" '.' i
.- The Oregon season .will open
April ;0,in Seattle with theUnl
r.rslt.y; of Washington ntno as
opponents.' A second-game: will
be played May 1 before the "teaii
returns home to meet'the' Oregon
Aki?es ;May .'7 and tf'ln Eugene.
NYashJnjftdn'11: ctprt JEUgene
May l,7i and : 13 and . Oregdij will
thea- cldsft'its een.?-dn 'In. .Crvallls
Jii.y t2 and 2& ainst, tha, Oregon
A Closing Out
offering thi' stock1
to the public a saying
...... t
UP TO 50&
474 Coutt Street
Puritan 36 Ihch T e r r'y
ri x erry q , j.
Uioth at
Sunfast ahd Tubfast npv-
elty Nets in rose and ;
orange, fine for feeach,
home or sun porch: Spe- :
TlTtji L-- - - in-- - r i T
Sunfast and Washable ,
Cretonnes," backgrounds
with, bright figures., Spe7
yard . v JL
48-Inch- two' tone Silk '
Oauze and 0 1 A o
Rayon Nets, y d. y L-
Rayon Crinkle CJln for
,BrJ-:re," "'0i.ii;:' ' 'A
Specir rt.y'd.0
: Olir.GON "Simon th-rJt'sU-r,-by
WillUm J. Locke with Eugcun
O'Brien and Lillian Rich.
HUia--"The Oilded Eatterfly"
with Alma Hubens and Bert Ly
tell. pLIGIl Vaughn Orchestra and
Josie Sedgwick in "Oaring Daya."
. NEW YORK, March 22.r- V.y
Associated Press.)The net prop
erty and endowment, holding, of
the Young Men's Christian associ
ation througnoui the world now
amount to $193,236,000, accord
ing to the annual statement of tho
world's committee ' at' "Geneva,
Switzerland, received today by tho
national council, Ot this 'sum,
$154,542,000 is in property and
funds, in the United States.
of furs ;"from'tKe C .' I
H 'ft
bvj : 7
' qyM
U; ;4
Tha season's r-'-
:t Cr
tonnes and CI.
ues to ?1.50. s
Special, yd.
,45 inch"dold. C
jNfes at, yard
and' 1
March 27 is your last big cp-
t f r 1
portunity to, win., ;" -
I . -' .
' f p.: 3 COURT; STREET
To know where5 yoa ara rot
gaclairaad .ioatgyywrf,w"!; 1 " 5
113 Ccr
- i