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    Tin or.rcoN states? ian, sale:i, Oregon
Dirt Dumping to Gontinue if
v" " Council Agrees 3With'r ;
Commission -
Plans now being formulated for
the South. r Liberty street bridge
project call for completion of the
fill from Trade to MAI streets be-
foTe the end of the summer Or
iginal - plans -. did. -. not r anticipate
completion of the fill" for I about
two years. J" jTi
' Already considerable amount of
dirt' is '"being duhfped 'from' Hhe
excavation ton f Franks Bligh
$250,000- theatre, store "and office
buUdihg'.:!;rff. "''i'i:4 V
,.If the city will permit the con
tinued dumping - of dirt In the
" fill,' the "committee' appointed "by
iroperty owners on: Liberty street
will " endeavor to-1 secure air dirt
possible-from the many! excava
tions called for in the city? build
ting program for the. spring and
sumraerw:K:-;f ;'v5-!f - i I
- -Although - there ! seemed to be
conflict In the 'plan's' of the Lib
erty' street property owners ."and
rf 4 the - city . planning; and ; zoning
.commission, , a," conference I of'Hthe
two revealed no material: differ
ence. , .i
v It Is understood the commls-
sion wMI recommend" to the conn
- vil at its jneetihg April 5: that the
fill 'be allowed to Trogress. i In
case" owners of the J. property j' ad
Joining7 the: fill -should ; object to
the spilling .of dirt Iront,the fill
onto their,, property,- it. . may be
iiecessary to build" retaining, wails
to keep the fill within-, the lines
"of the street. ; But. such .objection
. Is scarcely anticipated. ., w '
Educators Devote Afternoon
? to-TalkstTorensicrand
oaseuaii riuiu
. -The Marlon County ' Principals
association held its regular month
ly meeting . In' the Silvertott blgb
school building on . Saturday;
"March 20; j after an enjoyable
luncheon at the Coxy Lunch;; zi-Jj
-: 'A large attendance enjoyed the
reading' and Irish song by Prin
cipal .' Coffey" of " the Bilverton
schools. Superintendent George
Hug of Salem reriewedt chapter
III of "The Principal and JIls
.School by Cuberly.. Mr.; Hugh
Supplemented the text with many
elde lights and; experiences garn-
ered :;from jrears of :, experience a?
a- city superintendent Following
Mr. Hug were- two V numbers bjf
Jsilverton high school students! .A
; Charleston sHt'wrltten and given
.by piv glrU studentfwaaV 8i"M 4
'bcarty-welconxfiv -and the spresen
station of an old patch, dance was
given the reception Its merits war
.Tanted:--3--'r-," --.Wst.
Mr. : Goetz reported I that ; tbe
county declamatory contest, which
Is tobe held in Silvertoa on 'April
3 0 is progressing- Jtavorablyi
There bare been , a large number
of - Inquiries "and entries which: in
dicate one of the best county wide
contests 'yet held.- s There will be
gold, . silver and ? bronse niedals
given to the winners of first, sec
ond and thlrd.'places In both .the
Ligh school and grade divisions.
Thd athletic committee report
. ed-'that the county baseball con
! test" Win be ' held as" usual.! The
hlgli schools wiir play on the per
ttntage'bastrhis' year and the
two schools " having the - highest
percentage at the-close bf the sea
son will play for the county cham
pionship. The grade. schools are
to be. . divided .into , two division
as heretofore' with "W.'iI.'Balllie
: of , Woodburn as leader of4 the
porth and P.. 'A, Gallegly of Jef
tWpn't Cost i You
' .. a Cent- i v if-
- ...-..'' i "' -: i -
r . 'I . '
ScKaeferX. i
- . .i... t ,-(, .
Don't break up your cold in
,' - 24;iiour3. V- :
Hia TtI2ot Tront rtono 197
?" rri Ccnmerclil Ctreet
. . . . - - .r.-i .r pit - 1
Cbolidge Funeral Church
$ : :y'f: -i , ' -fc i ..' u - J 'f 4 fi;- - .y,. t " ..
f - ' , -. i -
p j - ' ;
:-- ss:p:fcgjS:5? 1
The Union church and 'meeting house in Plymouth,1 Vt.," just
opposite the Coolidge homestead, where funeral services were held
lollowlng the death of ' the president's father. L: ; , : t ; . Zt IS t
ferson as
of the
The grade and high schools of
the . county will hold : separate
track meets this j year both" of
which w,Ill probably be- in-Salem.
F. J. Tooze, editor of ,Theore-
gon. Teachers Monthly delivered
tico address f tho-eening Mr.
ToozeuhosQ for his subject,-"Ed tf
catlonai Expansion," and he. ably
traced the expansion of education
ir tits many, diversified depart
ments from early colonial days to
the present . time.' .' In conclusion
Mr. Tooze clearly set forth-the
need for Revised methods .for rev
enues to meet the ever increasing
demands upon education. ' He also
tirged education - as r the .best in
vestment In dollars, efficiency and
character.- ' r ' ,
NEW YORK,- March 22. (By
Associated' f Press.) The .'New
York" Americans ; . defeated " the
Rosebuds of Portland "2 to 0 here
tonfyht In the' first match of their
inter-league post , season hockey
series for a purse of $20,000,-' )
t- Playing under the eastern rules
the western league ; Portland ers
could not meet , the dashing com
bination of theit opponents and
wereblanked.- - y- i
T. G. Bockestrom, "of 08 Lbr-
aine Street. Detroit, writes: , "I
suffered with , piles tor over 25
years nothing did me any good.
After my fourth "box-of Peterson's
Ointment I; am' nearly cured. It
is the greatest" . ointment . I ever
heard of." ; Big box 60 cents at
all druggists: . Best for old sores.
ulcers, eczema and rashes. - Peter
son Ointment Co.; Buffalo, N. Y.
f a tvlT i .-
If you intend to
- - - :
.j , ..mi mm i. -ii-lh in irniiii "i -i.i i n ii i i , i.r : 'ii nr ) -n ii mi i 1111111111.111111r11.1111 . ,.. " 1 . , mh iwiniiiiiinniiniiiiji iiiiwm.iiiiniiiii'iiiiipg
n- , ,.....,1l ".f.-wumrtillil -y-i- ii -r i- rr !! j -"rn--JIIHIIIIIIM I --rll i'-t "I" ,rr--'i ""l'" """'"""- i-...-...iin.iiii.. ...........iniiuir lull, nim.ininiiintf' s g
"S,, J ' :p - -pfHighreUsS-IlugS i
I f - . - v ? ?ea tuT -t t . I ' ''-:'-., ,. S. ... :L :v ,:.. . - .; :t j . ; -
500 of the best .Wiltons, Jminsters and ? '
trivets, everof fered in a sale' in -Salem ''
Good 9x2 Wiltons from $59.75
f " -'- to 120;00 ' 's
Good 9x1 2 'Axminsters from $29.75
Good 9x12 Velvet
Carpet HrtHe
i J
iJiin nTiicDiciinui i
CoopefatjonCited as Builder
of.,CitiNc.n ;
"Cooperations has developed
Salem into the - city It jnow Is'
declared Frank Durbln, hop brok
er and dairyman, in , an address
before members : of the Salem
chamber , of commerce"; Mondoy.
"Five years ago .there i,was nb
Salem capital in Salem industries.
Even the canneries were financed
with foreign capital. r r i
"One reason was that there was
no cash to invest, v Another7 rwas
that the moneyed men - who did
live in Salem invested their money
in non-taxable bonds'.' '. ... ' i
"But ' since then men have
banded together 'here' and built
the paper mill. Now a great por
tion of the city's business is run
on local capital. , fv -1
"If cooperation was good for
the city, why not be good
for the county? Salem business
men should do all In 'their power
to vcoeperate" with their country
cousins, the farmers. , -
- Mr. Durbln suggested that; the
business men could best help the
farmers by teaching them "to db
business in a business manner.
That' Marion ; county ; should
have a county agent is the opinion
of .Mr. Durbin.. . ; ... .
. .-. (Co&Usafd iront psgi i ?
iod will eotre? to -a close. Each day
you will fhiJ the votes decreasing
instead of increasing and " now is
the time to set In and work your
hardjst for the last -week, in. the
buy high' class Rugs during the season of ? 1926, this is t your
,i - ; ' pass it up, as this sal lasts only this week.
r:""t7'to"$47;50"vT 7,77"
from $35.50 to C45.QQ'
yard from' $2.0 Q up
CalMn an'd See
;ou toat w4il not- mean u'te as
much to y u. , ? t .". "Tlfs j
i There nro Just three )reeks left j
to win oc ot. tnese graaa prizes
In the: ti ntrt.. There wi'l le some i
very ?Jiard fcampalgning and the 1
'iri'wt spectaf ular work yet -t-xp.r-1
leuccd. , ::-.r::fr-V'Y'--:l ,
.All contestants are seething
with the 'hustle'of preparation for
the final, dash -of - supremacy
friends of candidates with one ac
cord ; determined . to help their ;
fatorites fight valiantly through
to '-victory. ' Excitement is keyed
to the highest pitch, ; i " , "
' Riding'. on J the waves of this
wonderful demonstration of pub
lic enthusiasm are the ambitious
candidates who are exerting vig
orous efforts to capture, the mag
nificent prizes especially the
115 ! Dodge Sedan,' the Chevrolet
touring pr the ford touring. To
the housewife interested we will!
give a Haag washing; machine and
various cash pr Izesi , - ff , --'
No one will' ever have a better ,
cjance to wlu aii automobile with
little effort. Present indications
unniistaWeably ! paint to " a hair-,
breadth finish. Frcm the way it
toks now the bi rr lzes" will bo
won t y a' very nurow margin as
no candidate can bo r-o tain of vic
tory and there, is abundant sperii
lation as to the final outcome.
',First 'bi.o , canriato nd t'ien i
another Is.expec'eo to "land" tii
blg'prlz. and thM is undoubtedy
due to tltr extro closeness of
the race. It is only those who '
rise to the occa&'.on and mainta.n
c. stiff upper lip, blushing aside j
every obstacle that may arise, tiat
bave the best chat'eo of winning. ,
The race Is too i-lpse . to bank i
on any v prssiDiuues. -. Kelaxatlcn
at this s'.nie ' is sufcidal . to s suc
cess.' Dotfirminati .i to in
connection with relentless aetiity
of Xite-getUng will make any con
testant a winner. What is intend
ed to be done must be don now.
To dilly-dally is to let some other
candidate ;BWeep ahead otyou.
If there ever was a tlaie candi
daiis should .eup and Johg, it
is right now. The prizes are worth
eyiiy bit of effort in you. Whore
eise or hotv elsr can your time be
as productive t r as remunerative?
No ne has ur yi-uing "cin- hid" to
day. Not a cat. 'iid a(e is fi?tinR so
ea.'iy that she or he need not put
forth every, ounce of energy pos
sible. Tn fact, It would not bo a
hard matter lor a cand"-'ate to
sRuit aad coab up Into "the run
ning yes, and-go around out in
irbnt. vWorfc i you never worked
Tljj liveliest part of the compc
Utlm-is no v at hand and while all
tto leaders arc on -the. sane foot
ing; atthe tu me time thooe who
waLt to aaa 111 are arforded
the opporturli'v-of the entlr,ft cani
P&ifn to forge ahead and corral
the winning: votes, ; " T
S " In-conclusion; let it be emphat
ically stated that this is tt e lime
or'&ll ,timef5 these last days cl
tho" big vote period are th . most
ritaTly importacir in the ca-upaign'.
Saturday n'ght atv 8 o'clock
loor?s big tho horizon every
cli-.k of the cl;c k brings ii nearer
and nearer. ."J ':. . i-l
- Remember the time 8 o'clock
Saturday uifrjit is the. final hour
o the big votes. You must act
accordingly if you want to win.'
Eis prepa;Bcns are being mrvde
by the candiuates for a r-ial fin
ish. The close of the priniU
not far away Saturday night,
March 27 at 8 o'clock is the last
THis Big Disrilay;;
1; m
'Simoatthe Jester,',1- Now
- Playing at1 the T Oregon, r
" 'Massive Production
If you had wealth,' social posi
tion, were politically successful,
and were . told by, your physician
that-you had but a few weeks to
live, what . would, you say or. do.?
Could you always be in a Joc
ular mood, always have a. smile on.
your face, always seem apparently
happy? -:. . ;- :,.- -
That Is the condition which con
fronts Eugene' O'Brien, cast in the
title role of "Simon the Jester," a
Frances Marlon Production, which
will be shown at the Oregon thea
tre today? v - .-
Simon, through his friendship
for a young man-(his secretary)
minute that subscriptions can be
received and apply on the present
vote schedule. '
.Time waits for no man. Every
hour and every minute' bring the
close of the third period Just that
much "closer as well "as the end of
the campaign when the big prizes
will beawarded to their respective
winners.' The contestants who lag
now are the ones who will be left
out when this big' distribution Is
made the ones who work, with
all. their might' between now and
g o'clock aSturday night are the
Ones who will' be handsomely
awarded. Five persons are going
to win prizes Worth u total of over
$2400. ' Others will receive the
cash awards. Aren't these splen
did prizes to be .won in such a
short, space of time ? .
M As the all Important third per
iod draws nearer to a close, more,
concerted . action is being mani
fested by the real live contest
ants who are fighting for high
honors. With the race now nar
rowed down to a limited few, each
of the favorites la more determin
ed 'than ever to "be declared win
ners of first honors.
Time to launch your greatest
drive now. Votes are again re-
duced after March 27. The time
to win is now.
There Is a merry race on a
-ace such as has not been seen be
fore cr since the campaign was in
augurated. Over confidence mSy
i the factor that, will bring de
feat. ' ., Vi'rtiy:
A harmless and effective gargle
Is to dissolve two ''Bayer. Tablets
of Aspirin" ; In four tablespoonfuls
of water, and gargle throat thor
oughly. - Repeat in two hours if
necessary. .
Be sure you use only the gen
uine Bayer Aspirin, marked with
the Bayer Cross, which can be had
in. tin, boxes of twelve tablets for
few cents. Adv, '.
; ' :.-
Gargle Aspirin
for Tonsilitis
pr SpreThroat
ge U hi LX.liTXZQT STTO U L 1 0,mXJTO
startling and . thrilling' situations
than tbe average man encounters
in a lifetime. -V . , , ! '
HIsr generosity and kindly attl-
tude.creata.4ll sorts of havoc,- un
til 4 finally hej teoced to battle
for his life as well as that -of the
woman," he loves. fc Never did.' a
screen' story- contain -more human
touches :-.', more humor, more
pathos,, more sentiment and more
thrills than does "Simon the Jes
ter;" f :r : l!
George Melford directed the
production -and with O'Brien in
the title " role.' Gillian Rich, the
heroine, Edmund Burns, the mis
understood lover, Henry "Walthall,
the villain, William Piatt, the
clown, little .is to .be . desired in
modern motion picture entertain-.
ment. ... - . . f ' -
Aside from these screen person
ages, there is a complete circus
with its clowns and -performing
animals, as well as' a side show
filled with human freaks, featured
in the production.' j
v (Doattaned frwip l.f . 1
-.- j . " f , , -1
ceeded in passing 'a line around
the foremast, of thekCalllope.The
wind. increased s to , gale propor
tions and the seas became mom
Etrpus'The steamer made an at
tempt to. anchor and then the tow
line broke.4' " The Calliope lay to
all night, with a heavy sea brea
ing oyer her. The pumps were
worked continuously, the water
coming up to a level with the
salon floor every two hours. The
t-alllQpe .worked closer y to the
shore on .the next . day. On the
morning of the 14th land was
signted and an -effort made to
reach Cape Canaveral Off Mos-
WitK the opening of our;poors today wd offer tHe most
value giving -event ever staged in' Salem.- Arrow, Earl
and Wilsontand Emery Brand Shirts at:pHces"tKat will
make History for value events m' Salem.- nr , ? :
cjuito Inliit the"Cslop(risiiallcd
for help butreceived no response.
The sea' was. breaking high . over
the barand the schooner was un
able to enter the eight foot chan
nel. : , v r 1 :
The' boat anchored a milo or
so off shore and four miles north
of the cape onHhe 14th.- PractlT
cally out of ; gas with .the motor
beginning .to ."cough" not daring
to risk the shoals to 'the south at
night, two anchors were dropped,
one with' all the rope available
and the other with all the chain.'
.."The next morning the. impro
vised sails, were torn .beyond " re
Pfcir and : the -motor, refused to
run. -After a great deal of effort
the last anchor was raised and the
boat drifted towards, the shore.'
The vessel refused "to answer the
helm and could, not be brought to
the winds. The rudder-was gone.
The boat tauched shore' and, an
hour later was s buffeted into a
complete .wreck." ,t 1 .v I
Eucharist Visitors Offer
spiritual bou-
quefv to . Pope : Pius .XI , wiU
offered';' by thousands of Chicago
and., visiting Catholics ... receiving
communion and.5 praying for the
pontiff's intention at the opening
of the International Eucharistic
Congress here June 20.' t i
Since the; congress is designed
to celebrate and glorify the Eucha
rist, the Catholic sacrament of the
real presence . of Jesus Christ,
under the" appearance " of ; bread,
participation in communion will
be' stressed during the four-day
sessions of the congress. ' ' 5 j
' " . Visitors will .be . assigned by
groups to various churches of the
city for attendance at : special
Masses on the opening day. But
thereafter thev will eather In the
outdoor church . into which SoW
.to-: .... '.-.. . f l f-4 "ii-t'T
LOT 1:
Regular $2.50--$3.00
t m , .
" "'C -. ... . -, i ' ..... ,,....,. . ' k.-.
-.... ' - - : t -
.V .
.Collar Attached and Neck
Regular $3.50-?4.0q4.5a
4 i
Collar , to-MatcK' Shirts I
Regular $5.00 to $10.00
i mm
Sillcs, Broadcloths, Faricy npes
" ' Collar AttachVd; Neck Band' '
Be Here at0-A'. MI SKarp
i.' -.7r,.r - nt ;i in " i I I
did a': ' i- i&iu, - a .-..i.iil
stadium;will be tfansform&d." To
enable participation, "by a; large
number without the congestion
auJ delay that. was. experienced at 1
the, 1923 Eucharistic Congress in
the Coliseum in Rome, a plan; sim
ilar to that used: la the; "gports-parkln-Amsterdam
la 1924; will
be "ehiployed. 1 X- -V'
Gas PresseH On
V Mrs. Hairis' Heart
I ,had . gas j'Cfrom Itbmach)
pressing on my heart Adlerlka
did more for me than', utifthlng
else."; (Signed) MrsA'i.'Uarrls.
ONE spoonful Adlerika removes
gaa la TEN" minutes and often
brings - astonishing relief to the
stomach. Brings out a surprising
amount of -old - waste matter you
never thought-was in your, system.
Stops that ; full;" bloated feeling
and makes you happy and hungry.
Excellent for chYonic constipation.
J. "CV Perry, Druggist, 115 S. Com
mercial . St.i-Adr; f-J . - , . q
Starts Tomorrow;
"The Gilded
wrrii, 1
.ivv:jv'" ANB .'.. V
BanoJ v
tSL. L.l.! 'J. . 4. J
; 1 Ts
- 4 " ' 'J' .1-:i-'- - --r- '.' v .'-'-. - ' f '.' f"" '