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in Marly, Season, Practice
1 1
! '
f i
Thirty: Men Report for; Sun
day. Work-Out, Practice
Sunday's - practice at Oxford
park brought oat orer SO ball
s players and "prospects tori a fwlri
I fclng; ball . team fot. .Balem look
' Both-Johnson and Burton, the
two, catchers, took good and both
ot1them"harehad-experlence and
wiU hold thetr; endi ; Pitchers
oaVTtr xoojT srlth Wayne: Bar-
han. as malnstal and Russet and
eYferafloCnera who Tare working
hard to make the club. Biddy
Bishop, manager, says he has two
other pitchers who have not been
oUCyet for him to Iool oyer. !
-Pod Mason looks xood at first
bjise'but will havo to hustle t6
Temaln on Che Initial sack. From
rf'PTtik i h s aly 3ha!f - started.
HotU at second looks- tike a Bea
r.pned ball player and has had
league experience. With "Red"
Ridings at short and Proctor at
tAtrfl the lnreld well bal
anced, with. experienced bait play-
..The .outfield looks extra-good.
iWinkin -jPreston and; -lair.j-an
hew faces to'he Salem -fans, fwltl
handle the fly balls In great shape
with young liutt and Wllkerson
Iftrtieserre. i . v 4. ' i '
'.Blair used to play: with both
P.Uhop and Hutt In the old North
wftern . league, and j. will ; sb a
crekt help In the" outer garden.
iWdea which he can hit like a
oeraon. and can also pitch and is
ale ft haader with- plenty of stuff.
Biddy sara: '. . I .A .', j . .
am well pleased with my
. club and will show the fans that
, they can go. out and . win. . Some
ofthe fans are worrying about
thoball club but. there is no heed
Tpr that. . I know just what kind
, of a' club they want and j will
please them all. vi .
lUSThe only way to tell Is toeorae
sut to the opener on April -3 and
I, can't say that we will beat
two coast , league, clubs, but I will
way, that ,' we will hare ; a good
lighting ball, club, and will win
, wfcen we get In our own class on
AprU.Ml-jtho :-penin(qf p the
Creator 1 Portland-Valley league.
Th3 Tana will be the ;jud?: then."
The ball park will be in tip top
shape next Sunday; also 6 the
' f teachers and screens will be all
. rinlahed. Tnere will be a prac
tice game and Biddy will make an
eflort to hare all the regulars on
ono club so the fans will - hare a
chi tree, to - gfre them the once
orer. Kvery one is Inyited to next
Fund ay's practice. ; Admission wilt
Le .free. , r f. i
i Bits For Breakfast I
Busy days hre-
That is.
In the . Statesman of-
- ' ) -1 . .
Ensy on .the D!amond Jubilee
rtsniber,,'. for hef . Snnday-t tho
75 th birthday of this hwspaper,
, - m m ' I- '
. Strawberries a e In bloom In jha
" Sf.Icra".nectIon.;,'oingJ to have a
. iryearly prop, fr?m-present;ii.dl--
The head, lettuc ,indusrry(.ttVi
. Slogan taubject;, fof jThurdiaay'i
Statesman., Getting to bo, a. bt
" thing. Going to be bigur. IX you
rait help the Slogan editor, please
-Io "to, today or ltcrjt. .
FranTc V.;Durbin,;giV Is t io1 1.
Marion county rH.Jii -a -ro it.t'
t.g?nlv The rtgh mini would help
' flop this Jpn.i rf ijrersit. and
lie would b wo- 1? rfany tlni- his
tdWy; even a cry sood sawry.
: vrt" I :
. JtVho is the. oldest conUhtroua
ader of The Stitcfman? There
i t some .who ,h'i been
i It foi 72 years.;' I3J here &r& one
i vck, has road it Iot175 yeari'? If
j i; know'of o'u,, pfrape phrte or
stjtjd in the name ody.
:o One wi
rill give the oprcine,
4eS or the new. YMCV bulldlz.c or
the' Elslrore t1atie-;; f But! both
. wlti'-be before 101
1 if we are to I'.av j a county: aont
"hv-should get wo. k before loug,
s t Li one of hH fli it Jobs should get the beet sugar industry
to jotng next y-sar. - n ist ip?
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r -5 i
Noted LGrid Goocfees
Varied Opinions Given; Yost
Stands in Favor of Re
; cent Rulings 4 - '
"CHICAGO, liarch 2. (BytX
sociated Press. ) Infliction -of
fire , yard penalty on a forwarf
pass will retard ; the development
of' scientific football and will el ii
mlnater the offensive possibilities
of the game, Jesse Hawley, Dart"
mouth- football coach believes. 1
"K6r years." he said, "the for
ward -pass was not used because
of its hazards, except as a last
resort. In the last two seasons, it
has been developed 'until it ' put
aerial play on a plane with ordin
ary running ' play A team, could
adapt the forward pass to a run
ning game, and could 'push' bacV
the defense with the threat '.of a
pass when it played "In elOse to
stop line buckintv "" -
' "The hew- rule virtually stop
that. It penalizes the, use- of the
forward pass to 'an', axteaf which
will deprive It of 1U present uses,
and relegate ltagairto a last re
sort. And a five yard penalty will
mean nothing, tooths team trying
to win; in the last five minutes of
the play. . ? - f
."Personally, I'm sorry to
ANN ARBOR; ilicb.. March 22.
(By Associated ; Press.) Re
sthction.. of. the forward pass by,
the recent rule changes .In foot
ball will not make a great deal of
difference in the opinion of Field
ing H. Yost.' athletic director at
the University of Michigan, nor
will the other thre changes affect
the game materially, the veteran
football coach declared today.
VThe rule appears to be. des
tined . to stop a team throwing
passes by the. ; wholesale in the
closing minutes of the game.", said
Yost, "but when a passer Is shoot
ing for the moon a. five yard;pen
alty is not going- to mean so much
especially as the team In posses
sion of the ball can kick on fourth
down. ',' ' ;!.., 31.- if-LT!
l: Doing away with the' intention
al safety was a good move but "in
all my forty years, of experience,
I baver laever seen over fouftln
tensional safeties," he declared.
"If is something that does not
happen very often."
COLUMBUS. Ohio, March 22r
(By Associated Press.) Restric
tion of the use of the forward, pass
under the change In the football
code adopted by the football rules
committee Saturday Is "somewhat
dissapointlng" to Dr. J. W. Wilce,
head football coach at Ohio State
university, he. said today.
Restricting the use of ' the
pass," Coach Wilce said, "will de
tract from spectacular features bf
the game and will place a greater
burden on the coach who annually
Is asked by alumni and the press
for more varied joffenslve, styles,
OBERIN, Ohio, Mifch-22.-l-TBy
Associated Preaa,)A -'Xb'tcer in
favor of. the ' neir-Testriction on
tbe forward pass fat football, wide
ly condemned by coaches all over
the country; was. raised by Coach
d W. Savage of Oberlin colleger
Savage- believes the newirule.
In restricting the .Indiscriminate
tossing of passes late In the game,
will benefit the sport.
"The change was unanimously
agreed " u pon . There has been too
much- indiscriminate' throwing of
passes near- the -end of, games in
an effort to win,.ZThe new rule
ill have a deterrent effect - on
this phase," said the Oberlin men
tor. . , ' .,; . i. .
The change is : not a - radical
one. It is a slight as was possible
to make without disturbing. the
balance of. the grid game.
PHILADELPHIA, March ! 2 2. ,
(By ' Associated Press.)--W. W.
Roper, head - coach ? at ' Princeton
university said today the new for
ward pass rule in football ; was a
good thing. "Being; a member of
the football rules commltte, he
said, "naturally I am In favor of
the new rules.' 1 8
(By Associated , Press.)-4-Lew
Yoanr,, head football, coach at the
' . ! ' '
f t j i ii iFwnily Quintet " -..
Singing; .Violin, Banjo, Guitar, ,
Wite'-Saphon and Piano'
.Popular fjazz Old TimeTune
Z TviFeatute Pictures and Comedy ;
University r of Pennsylvania does
not think much of the new rule
penalling the second ; and third
incompleted - forward pass before
a first down, adopted in New York
last Saturday.; T; 'j. ;
., "Rather than discourage long
and inducrlminate passing late in
the game,", said .Young, "I really
believe it will , tend ; to' encourage
more throwingrofthe ball.
"When, a team Js-;fn the hole,
the loss of five or ten yards will
ot mean' much if .It has a chance
to gain 25 or.3Q on one long pass.
The new rule is sure, to encourage
passing on the f IrstJilown. .
Salem Sho'ws Operating Rev-f
- '6nus Approximately -50 ;
Per Cent Lower
The West Linn Street Railway
company had an operating income
of $23,810.86 during the year
1925, according to the annual re
port of the corporation filed with
the stats public service commis
sion here Monday. The operating
revenues were $62,035.39, while
tbe operating expenses, were $33,-
797.62. : ,
The -Salem Street Railway com
pany had an operating income of
$4620.82 during 1925. Operat
ing revenue aggregated $83,376.-
24, while the operating expense
was $69,244.30. The operating tn4
come for 1925 was approximately
50 per cent less than during the
previous year. t
The Eugene Street Railway
company, with operating revenues
of $67,014.45 and ODeratine ex'
penses of $63,543.22 had a loss
of $4125.55 during the year 1925;
The loss was due to taxes and othj
er Incidental costs not included in;
the operating expenses. i i
The three lines are owned and
operated by the Southern Pacific
company. ft
( Continued from page 1.)
Senator Harrison for criticising
the ambassador. Senator Fens con
ceded he had . no information
A'lielher Ambassador Hoigliton
rare a confidential interview to
the correspondent?, but added' l! at
io did not depend -ipon the press
for his Information.
Senator Bora' to'd the senate
that from the brief Interview he
bad with Ambassr.'lor HougMon.
th facts as pulliKJ.ed did not dif
fer from the ptture as it has bcun
Eh en by the ress of London, of
Fmiice and ib-. United Suites.
rt3UEness of th-: situation as ira
rfnvd by Aml.,j6or Houghton,
ona.or Borah f-ai'l. "I doub nut
at all hat it'w a'ed corr-.fy.
The r esident . and the secretary
of ;-t 'i- had a ighl to know the
tmtM. I wish ibv American pto-
plti could hav-s ia--n, and wUh-
out, asy trimml-gs."
LOS ANGELES, March 22.-1-(
By Associated Press.) Graduate
Manager' Phil Ellsworth of Occi
dental ' college announced today
that A. A. Exendine, football
coach at the Washington state col
lege last year, .has signed a two
year contract at coach at Occi
NEW YORK, March 22. (By
Associated Press.) Joe Stecher,
claimant of the world's heavy
weight wrestling championship,
threw the Pacific grappler, , Dick
Daviscourt, here tonight in 50
minutes and 15 seconds, with a
head scissors hold. . ;
LaGande has 150 men engaged
in automotive Industries, with
$100,000 payrolL ;i
of bead or cbacrt ar mora asQy
traataa eawniiy witb
Qr ST MOThm jr Vmmd r ry
Bliffh Theatre
tMscuss '
Two More Legs Remain in
, Tri-City Shoot, Eugene
Leads by 18 Birds
Eugene Rod and Gun' club were
easy winners i nthe trl-city shoot
held I at Eugene Sunday with
Eugene, Salem and Corvallis Rod
and Gun clubs as contenders.
Eugene scored 469 out of a pos
sible: 500. Salem came in second
with a score of 454 and Corvallis
footed the list with 448. There
are two more legs of tbe trl-city
shoot, one at Salem and one at
Corvallis. Theeam scoring high
est out of 3000 birds will receive
a silver trophy. There Are' 500
birds shot each week.
Eugene now leads the field by
1 8 , birds. Salem retaining second
place. 1
For Salem, McKay was high
man Sunday, breaking 48 out of
50 birds. Simpson broke 45, Dr.
Prime 42, Hildebrandt 45, Browne
42. Patterson 45, Patterson 45,
Palmer 45. Terrill 44, Farris 89,
Bahlburg 46, and Looney 46.
' Looney was high with 25 birds
In the telegraphic shoot, with 25
birds out of 25. Salem won her
heat in the telegraphic, defeating
Huntington and Echo. Salem shot
73 out of a possible 75 while
Huntington and Echo made 70
and Echo 69.
t.tA6ut To e.T
Nominating Hank Gowdy
Because no one knows, or cares,
what his first name is;
Because he was first in war, and
first in popularity in peace, in the
baseball world ;
Because he demobilized the
usual delusions, of grandeur re got
while a sergeant in the A. E. F., as
soon. .as he got back to the d la
Because he was a hero In base
ball before he was. a hero ia war;
remembering the world's series of
till- ' - !""' "
Because he was brave enough-Jo
undertake to manage Columbus of
the American Association .Yt'fi
;y Because reports from the strain-!
ing camp are to the effect" that
Hank is injecting a fighting spirit
Into the boys.
(Copyright, 192$, Central Press J
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: J ! 217 OREG(W Bt :-'
Former Oregon Operative Is
Hovering Near Death in"
Cell in Texas Jail
EL PASO, Texas, March 22.
( By Associated Press. ) In a hos
pital room here to which news
paper .. reporters " and. ven the
United States marshal have been
denied entrance, Daisy Simpson,
erstwhile San Francisco dry
sleuth, was said 'tonight to be dy
ing as the result of an attempt
at suicide in a jail cell Saturday
night where she was being held on
a charge of violating the Harrison
narcotic act.
Earlier today lt f was reported
that her condition had improved
and that barring complications she
probably would recover.
Daisy's sister, a Mrs. Gray, said
to, be from Oakland, Cal., arrived
here today and went at once to the
hospital where she gave orders
that no one but doctors and nurses
were to be allowed to see her or
enter the sick room. She under
went an emergency operation Sat
urday night for removal of the
bullet which she fired into her ab
domen from an automatic.
; 'Mrs. Gray" tonight consistent
ly refused to see Interviewers or
to volunteer any Information as
to who she is or where she lives.
Belief that the name of "Mrs.
Gray" has been assumed to avoid
publicity was expressed by p0-
PORTLAND, Or., March 22.
(By Associated Press.) A short
chapter in the colorful career of
Daisy Simpson, former Dayton,
Wash., girl, was written in Port
land late in 1920-and early in
1921. As a federal prohibition
agent, working on general assign
ment out of San Francisco, she
began her activities, here in De
cember. For two months she in
vestigated the local v underworld,
resulting in January with a num
ber of arresta.
' EUGENE, Ore., March 22.
(AP.) The sixth annual course
of the Becretarys of the chambers
of commerce In the state opened
today at the University of Oregon..
A feature is a dally lecture by
Irving E. Vlning, president of the
state chamber of commerce in the
assembly room of the Eugene
chamber. All other meetings are
held at the university. More than
20 secretaries attended the first
day's session.
to your health. Epsom
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flavored tablets.
! 1 Kit I
I la P! LalfC :
ir-u Ay AfffM, Ybt'
The Kaigbt Laboratories. Chicago
for this
Announced fo r
Child Labor Amendment to
Be Debated inPresence
of Members. ;
The regular monthly meeting
of the Six O'clock club of the First
Methodist church will- be held to
night. " The change In -date has
been made so that the club would
have the benefit of hearing tho
debate between the Willamette
university debating team, and the
team representing Redlands col-
The club will be seated to the
usual evening meal at 6:30, and
the debate will commence at 7:30
The subject to be debated by
the two college teams will be the
proposed child labor amendment
to the constitution of the United
States. This subject is particu
larly interesting ' at the present
time, for while congress proposed
such an amendment to the consti
tution, it was thought by a great
majxy people that It would be Im
possible to ratify the same be
cause of the action 'of a certain
number of states 'which had re
jected the amendment; but a new
effort will be "put forth in these
states to secure a reversal of the
action of the-legislatures, and re
newed efforts will be made to se
cure a ratification of the amend
ment. - When congress proposed
the amendment it was supposed it
would be ratified promptly, but in
77 HJ'v'vciier
U I Far Old and Uotino
Xhm tron f ,m .local show bMW war
vary aocs dUtarbad aad aucyad kr taa eoa
tianaaa eaaiat af a parson ia tka aadi
aaea. Doa't ka a aaiaaaoa kaeauaa ran liava
caik w -oald. A tmw deaaa of Foler'a
Honor and Tar- Compoaad takoa. promptly
wiU fcrlnr apaady raliof. Kb. W. T. Clair,
Whita rialna. Va., wrttoo: "Wo hava aood
Isor'a Honor and Tar Compound for colds
sad kad aeacha witK oploadid results. "
Balance' on
. m
w m
r ; i
Y9u ;
fluence set to work to defeat it
which' reached out Into places" of
high influence. - , 1 ' v :
- In Massachusetts alone, almost
over night, prominent leading men.
who had formerly been for the
amendment, in fact some of the
representatives in congress who
had voted to propose the amend
ment, reversed their positions and
fought the . ratification of. the
amendment. The subject Is Inter
esting, ot' only by itself, but it is
interesting to study the reasons
which 'cause some men of promi- to reverse their positions
upon such an important subject.
Beth sides of the question will be
presented by the two debating
tejfms. Those present will have
anopportunity of hearing the ar
guments of this all-Important sub-
At the April meeting of the club
Dr. R. N. Avison7 formerly pastor
of. the First Methodist church, will
address the club. -
Harrlsburg New 4-story hotel
and other buildings promised for
this year.
interest in Horse Racing
1 in England Is Increasing
NEWMARKET, Eng. Interest
in horse racing in England has
been Increasing in leaps and
Statistics issued by the "Racing
Calendar" show that during , the
University of Oregon
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being the greatest total on record
In 1827 only 1166 horses ran dur
ing the season.
Tho total value won In stakes
in England last year was l135
pounds. , . ! '--4- -f r.
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