The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 17, 1926, Page 5, Image 5

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Seldom do they appear together, but Tiere we have made a special aim to
co-ordinate them. SERVICE? Yes and selfishness too, for we are of the
opinion if price is right and service with all its meaning is given, business
will remain safe in the home town merchants hands.
Convincing Samples of 3 Savings
. - the; Balance of March s 4
11.00 size OWL Cod Liver Oil
Fnll; jl6 ounces ........ . .
75c site imported Bay Rum
8 ounces . . i. i ... . . . ,-. . .
40c SANORA (the new treatment for tender.
spongy, bleeding and
receding gams) . ........
SOc tube Owl Analgesic
Balm ... ...,.4..
75c OWL. Lilac Vegetal :
(delightful after snaring) , .
- SOc Lemon and Cocoa -
Shampoo . .
J 1.00 size Ammenni Castile Soap
2 lb. bar ,. . . I . i '. . . ............
50c Aspirin - S i .
1 OurWeatherMan"
Unsettled, with local rains;
moderate temperature; fresh
southerly the coast. Max
imum yesterday, 54; minimum.
45; river, 2.5. stationary; rainfall,
.02; atmosphere, cloudy; wind,
south. -
Gas Rates Suspended
The public service commission
Tuesday issued an order "suspend
ing proposed new gas rates df the
Southern Oregon Gas company
which operates at Medford, Ash
land, Grants Pass and Rosenburg.
Members of the commission said
the proposed increase in rates was
of ! sufficient importance to war
rant an Investigation. A public
hearing' in connection with the
proposed new tariff probably will
e held a( Roseburg or Medford.
St. Patrick's Serpentine
ance at Clemens Pavilion, to-
Dog Is Lost i J
. Charles Brant, 494 South Win
ter, report the loss of a Boston
bull, with license number 205. In
formation leading to recovery of
the. dog will he appreciated.
St. Patrick's Serpentine
Dance at Clemens Pavilion, to
nite. rinl7
Special Brooks Service v
Special service" ire being con
ducted every evening at the
Methodist church at Brooks. C. B.
Madsen is' preaching. There will
be two services on Sunday.
See Ray L. Fanner Hardware ,
Co. for' roller skates. .; Special
$1.75. l ; H j ; xn20
Statistics Are Being Gathered
That the University of Michigan
is making a national . survey of
sources of revenue that might re
lieve the direct yrpverty taxatlop
burden is revealed! in a letter re
Veived Tuesday by' City Recorder
Poulsen, asking him If the city 'of
Salem has found iafcy such source.
Furniture Upholstery-
And repairing.) Giese-Poweri
furniture company. . s20tf
Licenses Applied For-
Rolt Mills, a fireman of Port
land, and Marie M. Smith of Wood-
burn obtained a marriage license
yesterday In the! county clerk's
office. .Willis John Peterson and
Kthel Canfield. both of Portland.
were also given-a license.
Poxneroy & ICecno
Jewelers and pmetriMU
Salem, Oregon
Undcn-vdodTypiv-Titer Co,
Thtmm sf VsmJsfjMPV VaP&nCZk
S10 Court Street Phone 9S2
Type writers Rented,' Sold. -
EpeclsJ reatsi rtte to gtttflanU
will give definite example of bur service.
CALL 119 then Just hover near your door
bell for the quick kind of satisfying service
that no one but your home merchant can give.
Agents THE
Ran Away FWbm School
- Kate Ludson, aged 16, and Le
ona Barnes, aged 14, were picked
up on South Commercial street
early Tuesday morning by Officer
Wintersteen who brought them to
the local police station. They an
students at the Chemawa Indian
school. They were turned over to
Police Matron, Mrs. Shanks.
Try Farrington's Quality
.Meats. Popular prices. 147 N.
High street. ml7
Fails to Stop
E. B. Stewart of 540 Chemek
eta street was fined 1 5 by Judge
Poulsen Tuesday for having failed
to stop before entering a through
Will Receive Bids
On West Fur company stock un
til Friday at 5 o'clock for stock
as invoiced to be sold to highest
bidder at 190 N. Liberty St., Sa
lem, Ore. J. M. Derby,, Trustee
Bankruptcy. ml 9
Building Permits Are Issued
: Four building permits were is
sued from the office of the city
recorder Tuesday. L. F. Hill took
out a permit to alter t and repair
the -tne story '"dwelling "at 1&12
Ferry street at a cost of $800,
Harry H. Harms was issued a per
mit to construct a one and one
half story dwelling at 1130 Mad
ison street, to cost $3000. E. M.
Anderson was given a permit to
erect a one-story dwelling at 2010
South Church, street at a cost of
$4000. A permit was issued to
W. E. Hanson to construct a one
story dwelling at 820 North
Church street at a cost of $5000.'
Suits Cleaned and Pressed
$1.25. Cash and Carry Clean
ers. Down town receiving office,
352 Chemeketa St. X21tf
Rev. Shanks to Speak
On Saturday night, Rev. E. H.
Shanks, pastor of First Baptist
church, will again be the speaker
at the Salvation Army hall on
State street, making the fourth
time he has addressed an Army'
audience since the beginning of
these Saturday night specials, fea-
turning local ministers.
I Specialize in Hemstitching
And plcoting. Mrs. Miller, over
Miller's. ml7
Army Supper Friday .
A hot roast beef supper will be
served to the general public at the
Salvation Army,' 241 State street.
Friday, March 19, from 5 to 8
m., at SOc per plate. Tickets
are now sellinhg for this. A de
lightful menu is being arranged
by the women of the Army's Home
League, and the public is assured
You need Massage also latest
method of Radiant Sweat
. Dr. Massage and Naturopath "
1441 N. ComT. Phone 628-J
Salett's Xeadlng
Paya Cash For Fnrnltiirv
Residence and Stora
101O North Summes;
' f J : PHONE 511
EstabUshe4 Sbiee 191ft4
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
; . - ' i Established 186 ' ! '
General BanYnng Businsea
Office riours from 10 a. m. to S p. m. -f
75c can OWL
(full pound.)
This is a pure,
soothing, cleans
ing cream. ,.Br
75c can OWL
Theatrical cream
and 35c Kleenex
of "service with asmile" plus
plenty of eats. Instead of serving
at one or two long tables, the plan
Is to have several tables to seat
small groups. There will be a
special table where fancy work,
made by the Home League, and
homemade candies will be on dis
play, and sold at nominal cost.
New and Used Dressei
Rugs, congoleum, ranges, heat
ers, davenports, beds, mattresses,
springs, etc., are sold at F. N.
Woodry's auction every Wed., nite,
7 p. m., 1610 N. Summer, phone
511. ml7
The underprivileged child com
mittee had charge of the program
at the Kiwanis club luncheon on
Tuesday noon. Over; ten boys
were at the luncheon. Mrs. Rahn
and Mrs. Riddell sang two duets,
accompanied by Mr. Riddell. El
lis Olson gave a reading. Miss
Wilson played a violin solo, ac
companied by Miss Fuller on the
piano. Helen Howard rendered a
humorous reading. A quartet con
sisting of Vincent Platz, Ivan Aus
tin. James Sanford and Edward
Rachac sang a pong, accompanied
by Ora Murphy. All the boys who
performed are attending the state
training school for boys. ,
Hotel Marlon
Dollar dinner, erred 6:41 to 8
very evening. J2tf
Attends Kiwanis Luncheon-
Judge Thomas of Medford was
guest of Salem Kiwanians at
their luncheon Tuesday noon.
See Ray L. Farmer Hardware-
Co. for roller skates. Special
$1.75. m20
Files for Divorce
Terese Tanzer has filed a suit
for divorce in circuit; court here
against John Tanzer, charging
cruel and inhuman ! treatment.
They were married in Salem in
September, 1920. The plalntifl
asks custody of the children and
an interest in the property.
Bell Ringers Concert-
First Cong, church,! Mar. 17, at
8 p. xn. Adults, 75c students, 50c
At Commercial and Patton's boos
stores. ml 7
Revival Services (
The Jason Lee and Leslie Meth
odist churches are holding a sim
ultaneous revival service at their
churches. At Leslie church. South
Commercial and Meyers, the first
service will be held: tonight at
7:30 o'clock. The pastor is the
The Battery Maa
XT Our
' Srrio Oar -
6S1 Court St. . i Phone 188
and freight serried to and from
all points south to Medford ttad
west to Coos Bay points. Ex
press service at freight rate.
Depot High and ' Mill Streets
.-,' Phone 39S
Oregon Auto Transportation Co.
I Wood Wood
107 D Street Telephone S31S
i f We have a fine Overland
Touring just like new with,
balloon tire, disc wheels
and many other good extras.;
This car has only been driv
en 6000 miles and is as good
as a new one. ,
THIS PRICE IS f-473.00
I J I D J ft
evangelist. The subject will be:
"God Commandeth All Mfen
Everywhere to Repent." Rev and
Mrs, De Yoe will sing, using gui
tar accompaniment, "The Beau
tiful Valley of Peace." These ser
vices will continue until Easter,
at 7:30 each night, except Mon
day, and the public is most cor
dially Invited to every service.
Wednesday evening Dr. Hickman
and his father will be present and
have charge of the music and sing
several selections.
Furniture Upholstery
And repairing. Olese-Powers
Furniture company. stfltf
Celebrates Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Tooze yes
terday celebrated their 33rd wed
ding anniversary, quietly here. To
day, Mr. Tooze, as candidate for
republican nomination as state
superintendent of public instruc
tion, will address the Multnomah
Pamona Grange meeting.
Automobile Glass
Ground and polished. Put in.
Priced fight, quick service. Hull's,
267 S. Commercial St. ml7
Divorce Is Sought
James H. Nickerson has filed
a suit for divorce from Ella Ann
Nickerson, charging desertion in
June, 1922. They were married
in March, 1 90S, in McMinnville.
Falrmount Hill Lots
Some new listings at $700 are
pick-ups. Becke & Hendricks,
189 N. High street. m3tf
Couple Is Wedded-
Willis John Peterson, a farmer,
and Ethel Caufield, both of Port
land, were" married yesterday by
Brazier C. Small, justice of Ihe
See Ray L. Farmer Hdwe. Co.
For roller skates, special $1.75.
Club to Meet '" '
The Count-on-Me class of the
First Baptist chur6h will meet at
the home of Mrs'E. G. Curtis,
245 Myers street'; this afternoon
at 2 o'clock for a social gathering.
Dinner Is Given
W. C. Alderson, of Portland,
Tuesday evening gave a birthday
party in the Marion hotel to which
many long time residents of Salem
were invited. Following the din
ner, guests joined in accounts of
early days in this section. Among
those present were Tom Kay, Dr.
Carl Gregg Doney. of Willamette
University, and Walter Stolz.
Hats Cleaned and Blocked
75c Cash and Carry Cleaners,
352 Chemeketa St. f21tf
Church Pageant Today
The Woman's Foreign Mission
ary society of Leslie Methodist
church. South Commercial and
Myers streets, will give a fine pa
geant this afternoon at 2:3t
o'clock at Leslie hall. Over 30
of the women, under the direction
of Mrs. De .Yoe, are taking part in
this missionary production. The
hall will be beautifully decorated
and rafreshments will be served
after the pageant. Mrs.' F. W.
Selee is president of this society.
The ladies extend a very cordial
welcome to every woman inter
ested in missionary work to be
present Wednesday afternoon.
"The King's Highway" is the tide
of the pageant.
Duco Cars Refinished
In today out tomorrow. We
save you time and money. Hull's,
267 S. Commercial. ml 7
Funeral Thursday
The body of Chester Hannegan,
who was drowned at Oceanslde on
January 24, Has been recovered.
Funeral will be held at Gervais on
Thursday at 2 p. m.
Escapes From Hospital'
, E. A. Rodger, Canadian escaped
from a field crew at the state hos
pital for the insane here. Tuesday.
He is 50 years of age.
It's Cut Right
; Tastes right, and is right. Far
rington's Quality Market. 147 N.
High street. ml7
Franchise Denied- "V- '
The public service commission
Monday denied the petition of the
Klamath River Boom company for
a franchise on the Klamath river.
See Ray L. Farmer Hardware
Co. for roller skates." Special
$1.75. ' m20
Rnral Carrier Examlnatio
The United States civil service
commission has announced a nex
amination to .be held .at Salem.
Oregon, receipt of applications for
which will close April 1 4 r 1 9 2
to fill the position of rural carrier
at Brooks, Oregon and vacancies
that -may later' occur on rural
routes from 1 that post office. The
date of examination will be stated
on admission cards mailed to ap
plicants after the close of receipt
of applications. The salary of a
rural carrier on a standard daily
wagon route of 24 miles is $1800
per annum, with an additional $30
per mile per annum for each mile
or major -fraction thereof in ex
cess of 24 miles. The salary on
motor routes ranges from $2450
to $2000 per annum, according to
length. Separate examinations
for motor routes and wagon
Bell Ringers Concert
First Cong, church. Mar. 17, at
8 p. m. Adults, 75c students.' SOc.
At Commercial and Patton's book
stores. ml7
Admitted to Bar ,
Murray W. McCarty, former
resident of Utah, Monday was ad
mitted to practice law in the state
of Oregon. Mr. McCarty Is now
residing in Portland. His father
was at one time chief justice of
the supreme court of Utah.
Dance Sat. at Clemens
Pavilion, Hazel Green.
Rehearing Denied
The state supreme court Mon
day denied petitions for rehearing
in the cases of Spencer vs Wolf
and Toon vs Wapanltia Irrigation
"Re An Optimist"
Popcorn Parent-Teacher Play
ers clever comedy. Salem Heights
hall, Thursday night. Admission
35 cents. ml8
If Quality, Popular Prices
And courteous service mean
anything to you, give us a trial.
Farrington's, 147 N. High ml"
Pierce Gives Reprieve
Governor Pierce Monday issued
a reprieve to Watt Short, who was
sentenced to serve a term of six
months in the Cobs county jail and
pay a fine of $1000 for operating
a still. Watt had served his full
jail sentence and four months of
Ruban L. Harris died in Oregon
City on March 16. at the age of
76 years. He is survived 'by Frank
and Ed, Dallas; Mrs. Hallie Baer,
Crawfordsville; Mrs. Eva Ding
maq, Summit; Mrs. Delia DeSart,
Summit; Mrs. Belle Beck, Oregon
City; Mrs. Wallace Euing, Mrs. I.
M. Dieu, Twin Rocks. Funeral
from Webb funeral parlors on
Friday at 2 p. m. GAR's will be
in charge of service.
in, IOOF cemetery.
Watren B. White, 2090 North
Commercial, died March 16, at the
age of 66 years. He is survived
by his wife, Harriet E. White, four
sons, G. R., Vergil, I. IL, of Sa
lem, and E. W., of Gold Beach;
one daughter, Mrs. Blanche Mor-
his of Salem. Funeral announce
ments later. Webb funeral par
lors in charge.
At a local hospital, Monday,
March 15, Hulda Manasa, age 22
years. Survived by her husband.
Frederick Manasa of Portland.
Funeral services were held from
the Terwilliger funeral home" ou
Tuesday at 10 a. m. under the di
rection of the Apostolic Faith Mis
sion. The body will be cremated.
At a local hospital, Monday
March 15, David D. Adams, for
merly a resident of Grants Pass,
ago 75 years. Funeral services
were held, from" the Terwilliger
funeral home on Tuesday at 2:30
o'clock, Rev. Wilson and Mr. Gil
lespie officiating. Interment was
in Lee Mission cemetery.
At the residence, 1835 Center
street, Sunday. March 14, Harry
Clark, at the age of 83 'years. He
was the husband of Sarah J.
Clark, father of George Clark of
Salem, Mrs. Minnie . Birkenkamp
of Ohio and grandfather of Hazel
Clark. He was a member of K.
of P. lodge 20, Toledo, Ohio. Fu
neral services will be held Wed
nesday, . March 17, at 1:30 p. m
from the Rigdon mortuary. In
terment will be in City View
' Nelson
At the residence, 224 Court
street, Monday, March 15, Mrs.
Mary Nelson, age 67 years. The
widow of the late Henry Nelson,
mother of Nels Nelson of Kings
valley Martin and Grover Nelson.
Mrs. Julia - Fournier , and Mrs.
HattieNelson of Salem. She is
also survived by'ten grandchll
dren and . one great-grandchild.
Announcement of funeral services
will be made later by the Rigdon
& Son mortuary.
Set thy desires more high. , -The
buildings fade away '
Because thou bulldest clay. ;
Now make the fabric sure
With stones that wiir endure!
Hewn from the spiritual rock.
The immortal towers of the
. soul - "
At Death's dissolving ' touch
shall mock.
And stand secure while aeons
; roll. : , . ' . ,
. Henry Van' Dyke.
W; T. Rlgdori z Sen
his fine. ' The reprieve was rec
ommended by the district attorney
of Coos county. r '
Visits Salem
R. H. Reading of Jamestown.
New York, is visiting in Salem
this week. He Is staying at the
home of L. D. Waterman of Salem
Heights. He came here to see his
father, Walter Reading, who has
been ill for sometime.
Business Corner .
$16,000. Another. $28,000.
extra large. Apartment house
sites. Small store locations for
lease. Becke St Hendricks, 189 N.
High street. m3tf
Judge Thomas Assigned
Judge C. M. Thomas of Jack
son county, who is presiding at a
number of criminal trials in the
circuit court here, Monday was
assigned by Chief Justice McBride
of the state supreme court to go
to Benton county later In the week
to try some cases- in which Judge
Skipworth is disqualified.
See Ray L. Farmer Hdwe. Co.
For roller skates, special $1.75.
Sells Goat Breeders
That he has sold two does to
goat breeders in the middle west
was the report brought to Salem
Tuesday by E. E. Woods, owner
of a large goat farm in West
(Continued from pace 1.)
sided. In the absence of any ap
peal Judge Kelly stepped out of
the cases and notified Chief Jus
tice McBride of the supreme
court of the action that had been
taken against him.
The chief justice then appoint
ed Judge William Ramsey of the
Polk and Yamhill circuit court to
preside at the trials. When Judge
Ramsey arrived here he also was
disqualified from trying the cases
through the filing of an affidavit
of prejudice against him. Judge
C. M. Thomas of Jackson county
then was ordered to come to Sa
lem and preside at the trial. Late
Monday attorneys for the defen
dants withdrew their affidavit of
prejudice against Judge Kelly
and he probably will proceed with
the trial of the cases.
Similar action was taken by at
torneys for Russell Beckett who
went on trial here Monday
charged with a violation of the
prohibition laws.. Attorneys for
Beckett filed an affidavit of prej
udice against Judge Percy Kelly,
and later objected to being tried
by Judge William Ramsey of Polk
and Yamhill counties. Judge
Thomas then was assigned to try
the Beckett case, with the result
that he, too, was confronted with
an affidavit of prejudice. Judge
Thomas refused to recognize the
affidavit of prejudice, however,
and ordered the trial to proceed. ;
It was said that in other coun
ties of the state the use of the j
affidavl of prejudice has become
general, and in a few localities
the attorneys have an understand
ing that cases involving liquor law
violations shall not be tried by
local judges.
The constitutionality of the af
fidavit of prejudice law Is now
before the state supreme court
through the filing of original
mandamus proceedings by W. S.
U'Ren, Portland attorney, to com
pel Judge George R. Bagley of
Washington county to recognize
an affidavit of prejudice ' filed
against him in a divorce action.
It was charged in the brief
filed by Judge Bagley's attorneys
that the law is unconstitutional
in that it is an attempt on the
part of the legislative branch of
government to usurp the judicial
powers. The argument also was
made that to continue operation
of the law would result in break
ing down the judiciary, and allow
judges to be disqualified even
though they were not acquainted
with any of the persons involved
in the litigation and have no
personal interest in the outcome
of the cases at issue.
It was said that in some of the
larger counties in the state the aft
fidavit of prejudice law is used
Don't stay head
acbf, dizzy, bilious,
constipated, sick! ,
. . One or two pleas
ant) candy- like
"Cascarets" ; taken
any; time will mild
ly. Stimulate your
liver and start
your bowels. Then
you will both look
and feel clean, : sweet and re
freshed. - Your head will be clear,
stomach sweet, tongue pink and
your skin rosy.
' Because "Cascareti" never gripe
or sicken, it has become the larg
est selling laxative In the world.
Directions for men, women, chil
dren on each box any-drugstore.
Feel Splendid!
Nicest Laxative,
111 El
Jason Lee Church Conducts
'Series of Services Dur-
Entire Week rv
The audience at the pre-Easter
services at Jason Lee last night
were swelled . by the addition of a
large, delegation from Dallas, in
cluding. W. S. Gordon and five car
loads from the First Methodis
church of that city. ' 5 7 ' y
Included in the delegation W
a large number of converts of a
recent meeting in Gordon's church
when Rev. Mr. Acheson, pastor
at Jason Lee, was the preacher of
the revival. These and the entire
Dallas group were earnest in their
praise of Reverend Acheson, and
prophesied real results in tho Ja
son Lee campaign under his lead
ership, j
Music for the service last night
which opened at I 7:30, was ex
ceptionally fine, with ProfessoT
Clark of the university as director
of the choir. Several special mu
sical numbers were given,, includ
ing a duet by Professor Clark and
W. H. Gilbert. . : ; ;
The sermon by Rev. Acheson
followed a testimony service so
enthusiastically entered into that
a halt had to be called to leave
time for the sermon.
The subject was' "A Bankrupt
Spirituality," in which it was
asked if. it was not possible that
we could be called upon for spirit
ual help and be bankrupt of re
sources to render any aid.
"The Dead sea Is dead because
it takes in water but never gives
out, -while the Sea of Galilee, ust
north pf the Dead sea, is fresh
and life-giving because it has out
lets." Love keeps Increasing if
it is expressed and 'given out, but
that which is withheld becomes
Services will be held each night
this week at 7:30. with a hearty
welcome for all. ; This is a church
of service, and it is now trying to
meet definite community needs.
as a club by attorneys In com
pelling the presiding judge 0 as
sign the trial of cases to judges
who are friendly with the defen
dants and their attorneys.
A large number of attorneys
were here Tuesday to listen to the
arguments of attorneys, and con
siderable disappointment'; was
evinced when it was announced
that the proceeding had been sub
mitted to, the court on briefs."
Treated by Osteopathy and the
latest Electrical Therapy in
cluding Dr. Abram's Electronic
No Charge for 4
Physician and Surgeon
506 U. S. Bank Building
Salem, Oregon
By .Using
Schaffer's Herbal
Cough Cure
On Sale Only At
The Yellow Front
Phone 107 . . r
135 North Commercial St.
The Penstar Store
New and Used Furniture
Every Wed: Nite 7 p. in.
1610 North Summer Street, Corner Norway
Take North Commercial Car '
' Cash Paid for Used furniture, Tools, etc.
. V F. N. WOODRY the Auctioneer
' Phone 511
Mr. and Mrs.
Furniture, rugs, overstuffed davenport and two chairs,
Brunswick console phonograph, dLnhen, kifclicn ntenvn.
' This Is the furniture of a new five roomed bungalow.
This Friday, March 19, 1:20. p. m.
: ; '"'Located at 1687'North Summer Street
F. N. WOODRY is tlie Am cticneer
One Call Docs
,The' Oregon Stato Uhhwr.y
CommiRsion will receive lMs on
behalf of Marlon &. Polk Coun
ties at ten o'clock a. m.. March 25,
12, at Room 3 60, Multnomah
County Courthouse, Po;jIainl.
Oregon, for the construction "fa
Terry boat of ordinary .wow j type.'
exclusive of machinery, requiring
approximately 25 MFBM lumWr.
Boat may be built at any conven
ient location, but is to be deliv
ered to the counties at Indepen
dence, Oregon.
No bid will be considered rtnlors
accompanied ,4by .'cash hider'f.
bond or certified - check for a i
amount equal to. five per,.cnt of
the total amount bid. '
A satisfactory bond' will be re
quired for . the faithful perform
ance of the contract in a sun
equal to the total amount bid.
Proposat'b'lanks" andfu!l In
formation for bidders may bo o!
talned at the office of the state
highway commission, Capitol
Building, Salem, Oregon. Plans,
specifications and form of con
tract may be Inspected at the samo
place, or at the office of Judge J.
Ti Hunt, jin the County Court
house at 'Salem,. Oregon, or M.iy
lie obtained upon 4the deposit of
$5-00 foreach set.
A complete set of ; plans tiv
specifications.: may , also be in
spected at the. office of the North
western Association of Enfffnetrn,
812 Couch Bldg., Portland, On -son.
, ; ' ' " -
The right is reserved1 to tc'i t
any or all proposals or to urcept
the proposal deemed best for tho
counties of Marion and Polk.
J. T.
J. E.
J. H.
' (Seal.)
Hunt, County Jmirre. '
Smith,1 CommliHioner, !
Porter, Commissioner '
County Clerk.
" M-H-17-20
Notice of School Klectlon to In
crease Tax Mow TIihii Six Per
Cent Over That of the Previous
Notice is hereby given to tho
legal voters of School District -No.
24 of . Marion ' County) State of
Oregon, that an election will bo
held in said District at Associated
Oil Co. Office,' Hotel Marion, 0:1
the - 29th day of v - March,
1926, from 2 p. m. o'clock to 7
p. m. to vote on the question of
increasing the amount of the tax
levy in said District for Xhtx your
J.926-7 by more than six per cenf
over the amount of such levy foi
the year immediately preceding.
It is necessary, to raise thiti ad
ditional amount by special levy
for the following reasons;
An increase of 30,000, , In
teachers, - principals' and, super
visors' salary, .schedule, and an
increase in janitors' and other em
ployees' wages. $10,000 addition
al for general maintenance, opera
tion and support of the public
school system.
Dated this 6th day of March,
1926. ' '
Chairman Board of 1 directors.
Attest:kW. II. Burghardt; Din-,
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