The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 07, 1926, Page 13, Image 13

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An English Touch to a Colonial Background
Work to End on Building at
State and Commercial
Street Corner
,-.-.r: .y'Jll
ENGLISH in its design to a degree just
sufficient to relieve the monotony of an
otherwise rather plain type this surprisingly
roomy little home is made doubly desirable.
Without unduly increasing its cost the archi
tect has given it a
quiet distinction,
that will cause nine
out of ten people
who see it to favor
it with a second in
spection. It is sub
stantial andi digni
fied without being
Its interior ar
rangement leaves
little to be desired.
The entrance is into a center hall of liberal
width, leading through to the rear and off
which a stairway leads to the second floor.
The living room extends; completely across
the end of the house and opens upon a living
porch which might easily be converted into
a sun room. On the other side of the hall
are the dining room and kitchen. On the
second floor are three bedrooms and an en
closed sleeping porch. The bath is at the end
of the upper center
Substantially builf
of common brick
this would be a
home of which any
one might justly
feel proud. It sat
isfies in appearance
and more than
Dleases in arrange
ment. All the rooms
are well lighted, the
bedrooms liberally supplied with closets and
none of the conveniences lacking. It is up to
date in every particular and an exceptionally
complete little home.
All the tin work on the mar
quise around the bqllding on the
northeast corner of State and
Commercial Btreeta has been com
pleted, the marquise has yet to be
painted. It 13 expected the work
will be completed by the end of
the week.
Erection of several marquise in
Salem is significant of the modern
trend for such structures, which
are virtually porches. Pedestrians
will have protection from the rain
by marquise for the entire block
on State from Commercial to Lib
erty streets when the present mar
quise is finished.
was clinched tightly. Gently open
ing his 'hand, finger by finger,
they found a piece of crumpled
paper. On the paper, in a boyish
serawl, were penciled these words,
"A Scout is Brave."
Behind Courage Is Hope.
"March comes in like a Hon,"
we only gave you half of it -'but
goes out like a lamb." Following
the darkest hour comes the dawn.
It is the last ounce of courage, of
strength, the hanging on when
nothing seems left, that, generally
speaking, leads us into the great
prizes of life, that builds up our
stature, that makes us men.
spentitheime from eleven to two
o'clock In Perrine's Woods. - The
occasion, marked the close of the
merjtand de-merit contest. The
time? was pleasantly spent in eat
ing a . luncheon served by the
losers in the contest, and in play
ing games.
he is alone with the sheep day
after day, thinking of the beauties.
He is a real poet. He is skillful
dangers, responsibilities all about
mm, be becomes a lover of nature
The composition On Mr. Frojc
What a wonderful bird the frog
are!! When he stand he Bit al
most. When he hop he fly almost.
He ain't got nov sense hardly. He
ain't got nd tail hardly either.
When he sit, he sit on what he
ain't got almost.
the lute. He sines of the
the stars, his flock, and of
He can see the handiwork
of God all about him. He realizes
how God Is a shepherd, too, keep
ing watch over his flock, the souls
of men. One of his j sweetest
hymns, one which has beeii pres
erved for us, is the'me-we some
times call. '.'The Shepherd Psalm."
It goes like thte: "The Lord is my
shepherd. ; I shall not want He
makes me to Hedowo, In green ;
pastures. He restores r.y sc-jI.
He leads rae in the paths of right
eousness for Li3 name's sake? Yea,
though I walk in the valjLeypf the
shadow of death I will fear Aj evil,
Ifor Thou 'art with, me." , -
A Black Chicken
"Who's in there?" called the
owner of the chicken house on a
dark night. "There ain't nobody
heah 'cept us chickens," an un
mistakably African voice echoed.
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and schools.
Mildred Nunnemaker.
But the Upkeep Expense of Such Houses Is Small
See. us for common brick, face brjckbjuilding tile, partition tile silo tile,' sewer
pipe drain tile,- vertrified sewer piper
i . , .: telephone: 017 salem, orecon
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blew a spark into flame In 30 sec
onds. Prize Essay Contest.
The American School 6t Citizen
ship League is offering a prize to
the seniors in secondary schools
on the subject of "The Organiza
tion of the World for the Preven
tion of War. ; Three prizes of $75,
$50, and $25 will be given for
the three best essays. If you are
interested you can obtain full par
ticulars from the American School
Citizenship League, 405 Marlbo
rough street, Boston, 17, Mass.
The Tenth Scout Law.
"A Scout Is Brave." Of the
many incidents and stories that
have come to us, we always think
of this as Illustrating with pecu-
vyE cannot drive it home to your notice too
" often .that it pays to own your home not
only because you save in rentc and Outlays, but
because in the course of time, if you have chosen
wisely, the increase in value may be considerable. ;
. - ::y: -: ! j " - j .' : .;
We will guide you in the selection of your site
.. and in the kind of home to erect.
'Dependably Serving the Lumber Consumer"
West Sc . " idephone , 576
Yards la West si .bany, Lents, Hubbard,
liar poignancy the vital part that
scouting plays in the life of the
This was told by the former
scout executive of Kansas City.
He had gone to visit a boy who
had Just been through a serious
operation. The nurse f beckoned
to him. She wanted to tell him
how splendidly the boy had be
haved in going under the anes
thetic. The boy knew the opera
tion might i prove fatal, but he
faced it with a courage and a calm
she had observed in few older peo
ple and it had impressed the doc
tors as well as the nurses.
While he was on the operating
table -they noticed that one hand
Dash Light
Mr. Fox dashed into the school
a short time ago.
Spot Light
The money received from the
basket social, which amounted to
a little over thirty dollars, has
been almost entirely used for
playground accessories, including
one basketball with baskets, two
socker balls, three Indoor balls
and six baseballs. One socker ball
was given to -the primary and in
termediate rooms, and a rope for
a swing was purchased for the
primary rooms. The boys have
organied three basketball teams
and play fairly well for beginners.
The girls. have one team.
The boys are practicing base
ball and basketball, but' they are
at quite a disadvantage because
the diamond is still wet ad muddy.
' Fog Light
Teacher: "If I stand on my
head the blood rushes to it and
makes my face red. Then why is
it when I stand on my. feet that
the blood doesn't go to my feet
and make them red?"
Dorothy: "Because your feet
aren't empty.
A woman got on a street car
with six children. She had busied
herself looking after them. A
courteous old gentleman arose and
gave his seat to her. "Are those
al your children?" he asked, "Or
is it a picnic ?" "They're all .mine."
snapped the woman, "and It's NO
Park Lights
On Wednesday the boys and
girls- of the intermediate room,
with their teacher, Mrs. Erskine,
The seventh grade have mem
orized five poems.
The eigth grade have finished
their history book for this year
and are reviewing for examina
tions. The eigth grade boys and
girls wrote each other a letter of
advice. Will be model boys and
girls if we live up to it (?. The
eighth grade has also memoried
five poems this year.
The Middle Grove Sewing club
met Thursday afternoon. The
sewing club consists of the "A"
and "B" classes. They are making
a pin cushion and a mat. Miss
Kleeman is teaching the class.
Molalla $150,000 union high
school opened, for 350 pupils in
18 districts.
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As we watch and listen, the
shepherd boy suddenly rises, lays
aside his lute and picks up a sling
that was lying at his feet. , Taking
a stone from his shepherd's bag,
he places it in the sling. He gives
the sling a rapid swinging motion
about his head for a few seconds
and then lets the stone fly at a
distant object. We look quickly
in the direction of the shot, just
in time to see a good sized bear
turn on his haunches and run
back into a dark ravine. It is evi
dent he has felt the stinging blow
of the shepherd's shot.
We notice now the shepherd's
sling . It is a small piece of leath
er, smaller than the palm of the
hand, with two long leather
strings fastened to opposite cor
ners. One string has a loop in it
tor fasten "it around the middle
finger "so as to hold it from flying
free. The other string is released
in making the shot. The shepherd
boy has become so skillful in the
use of the sling that he. can select
an object and hurl a stone as true
as a good marksman would shoot
with a rifle. ' j
The sling is useful, too, in turn
ing the sheep if they wander too
far. The shepherd will hurl a
stone so that it will land just
beyond the straying sheep. Ins
tantly the sheep will turn around
and come back. The shepherd boy
selects the smooth round stones
that are found and puts, them in
his bag for use when needed. A
smooth round stone will fly best
and true. A lop-sided stone will
not fly true.
The bear having gone back to
nurse his hurt from $he stinging
shot, the shepherd boy again takes
up his lute and begins to sing. He
does not have a music score, for
none was written. He composes,
makes it up as he goes along. As
Extracts from letters
Voluntarily written to us by
satisfied users of
I deem it an absoute necessity in
a house for health, because of the. circu
lation that is always present when an
Eastman furnace is- installed "
The Eastman furnace is the most
economical heater I know of on the
market "
I fifad that my Eastman furnace
takes very little more fuel than an or
dinary heating stove " - -
Thousands of users of East
man Pipe and Pipeless Furn
aces all over the Northwest
express their satisfaction in
cminrnFITPMAPPfi similar terms.
Salem Office and Display Roony; L 4
' - i. or write . , '
V'. Eastman Brothers, Silvertoni Oregon : , ;
7" ; ; -T. , " - ' r- ; 1 -
j'lpy j I x 1 . x x '. l.
Better Seecb Higher Production
, There is such a thing as being 'penny wise and poufi.i
foolish.' Take the case of some farmers who try t
save money by buying seed not quite so good as couM
be bought.
What happens ? Crops are poor ; the farmer conse.
out on the red side of the ledger ; and even thjj It
cost of production is higher than the returns. ! -r-
The United States National is desirous of
County farmers buying good seed this year. ;
United States
National Bank
A Spaulding handy
Kitcteini ' Galbiiniet
costs little and soon pays for it
self in the saving of .needless" ! X
steps, time and - aggravation.'
Is snug doors and Jrawerst keep .
out dust. X -X X
! : ' ' i " 1 ' - - ' ! ' '"
The finely finished high grade
fir readily takes stain, paint or
enamel in keeping with the other'
woodwork. I I
Call at our retail store and see this
and many other conveniences that niay
be easily installed in, old or new homes.
Douglas Fir Lumber
YmCsmSimik lime
IN ';' ' ' "
: ; .i - - X ' i ' ' ' "
Salem Highway TtactB
Five houses now under construction. . Will "be coni-
pleted and ready, for occupancy in thirty days. Onersold '
; yesterday four left. ..A suburban homei rJust outside of j
the city limits with all city conveniences and no high taxes.
One-Half Acre of Good Ground With Each House .' "
Also 5 room house 1 block from Capital street north Salem,
I $2850 Terms ,
i v," , Four room house, strictly modem, south Salem
f $2750 Your Own Terms , " . ;
'Rick .L. 'Reimainiini, Realtor
. " tr- t ' '
.1 " V
I - - ' t
. v -4
Yamhll .
boro, Eugene
4 t.