The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, February 03, 1926, Page 6, Image 6

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- - " . .; .- ? . ; , : -jiiin dnr qo:?iStAi tan,: salt:.!,-;, cr.:
- N".
" ------ . , - - - -
-Mrs. iW. htected .Presidet l
a-the 5aZro War Mothers
MrsMarav S. iSklft wditJected
.president- of. the. Salem chupter of
. American War Mothers,; succeed
TTng "Mrs; -John A. 'Carson whos has
ailed the office most crefl Itably for
the past, keveit years, at. the; rega-
, larA7neetlngof the... OTgaolzatlon
'-"yesterday in'jha chamber "of com
merce "rooms.." Mrs." Skiff 14 espe
"tTclaUy hted for the lie w duties ot
beroff Ice. already hating filled the
iifflce-.of :t1c executive, and' hav
c'jnade contacts with -the" na
atonal work -at th-national--on-'?'-
ventlon"t-Thichshe was the of
4 '"racial delegate last ummer. j . -.
"Other officers were .elected as
follows' Vice r president;! t Mr
,., Chauncey Loekwood recording
.-- spcretaryfrs.'J.-RjIfnmPhreya;
rorrespondiae i secretary, vlrs. .A.
- A. Lieef treasureri ir.- J." A.- Ber
nardl: parliamentarian. Mm F."A.
r Elliott;, imd chaplain. Mrs. G. II.
AlJen. -The f oUowIok directors
,were r named : I Mrs. William Mc
: Gilchrist.- Sr-Mrs.' ;IU J. Hen-
drlcksAnd Mrs. JT. A. Carson. The
appointment of ,'the JlowerjCtund
. treasurer will lie made at;.later
--meeting. ".. " ; i " . 'j
In addition to x the election ,of
- -officers. tb reports of committees
IV took np the ' afternoon, r Twent
siz dollars and cents wasl taken
Ip . at' t6T5"ast'!eool foo4 sale
i EpnspcMrrr kVatifyiBg amjsimV
: ' 'VfideT 'a ihoaif able .preiicicnt?-
;i Mrs John: A. Gitzov- the organ i-
' cation r o ,'AmeHcan War Mothers
. in Salem -ha 4eenoae of; the most
in m
r' 13, IS, GAS
Instant Stomach- Rfilfti !
; t , iostan-reiief from 4 sourness.
-r. . gasesupr acidity .pf fcstot5iath :,rf rem
. . . indigestion, flatulence, palpitation,
- headache or any stomach distress.
t'Papera ' IMapepaln' Utafctets jtqwc
fiistcmcli-ieela nae."Coftect. rwr
; digestion Jlorrfcwiceata --aPieas-r;antT,
-Harmless! v- Ahy drug atore
Adniit No Unidentified -Strahger;
6iir cutomfers pf etnisca, -vvith idehtificti'pa rd IsirAilaar to t
, ; , f t
ri XT if,
. --.
Our employeeajwi
(Jack ChcTTingtbn
larid'liked meters
V year of continuous
' - ' '
InflaentiaL in the community. !A
roll ajl;pf approximately -aernty-fire
names r.ompoe..the-pexsonnel
of , th,e club oTerwhcfl. It lias ;paa
Mrs. 'Carson's i distinction to prfrj
side for seren consecutlre years,
or slnce'the'club was first oran
led.'rjV;,fl .-w'it? ili s, -;
4 In appreciation at her. loag term
ei faithful serrice Mrs. Carson iwa
formally presented ?:itni a heavily
ful floor lamp 'and an f imthene
hoaqueV bf ; crimson carnailona,
whlch'she rjecelTed"In:a gracious
manner' -: : ?''
AnitualClioi Party u, j )
The annual? Choir party of St,
I Paul's Episcopal church . will te
hAd tomorrow night at the parish
house. The affair is under, the
sponsorship -of the choir mottes,
Mt.hU. Km Terwiiiigar :ana "Mf s.
William BelI. - z .
'Birthday" Celebrated "
' The birthday of Rer- CCiPol
in g. pastor ot the First EvangeJU-;
cal church, was celebrated in a.n
especially delightfur' manner .at
nocn yesterday whea nembers of
the;family were'uasts at thPoU
lng home.;foT,;a,rj?-)Ter dinner.
Out-of-town f guests-or ther'occa
sion included pr. "and Mrs. D.
Poling and Xgt: WIlQams of Al
bany and Rer. and Mrs. Paul' Pol
ing of Monmouth. The table was
f lovely with carnaJtLons, ; Chinese
lilies and maiden-hair fern h I
lparms tae aay me nonor guest
was made the recipient of- a card
shower, from the members of his
congregation. : ' -r-i
Mrs. Riddle Is Soloist J . j ,
SnTertonFeb. 2. Compliment
ing ' teachers' of the SilvertOn
schools. Mrs. M. C. Wood ard'; Miss
Catherine Woo4ardand Mrs. B. &
LKleinsorge,, were- hostesses tat i a
largjB ea Saturday afternoon.
Seventy, guests called; during; the
tea hoar, many. from out of town.
- art'- r . - . . I l . J
ff'iRiraivinuc ' ui puis. vuu
room where Dr. Estelle. Ford 1Wat-
tier of Salem and Mrs. S. K. Oster
gafdr presided tth& tea hrns.-, As
stBttnjr about the-dining room were
Missielen.Tuthill Vpt-Porttand,
iiias ixla acx.apd,: Misa , Martha
w nutater. , Assisting in Lbe . ly
ing ,room Vwere Miss . Clemma
Whltcher, Miss ' Ida : Tweton and
aJDorptbx Hnbbs, while Eliii-
Detn luemsorge and Mabel piger
ness were at tie d66r. , For; the
Uenjoyment oLthe guests, Mrs.! Dd4-
aia Kiaaie or saiem gave a-nam'-6er"
of ripcal jfdl.ds- and Elizabeth.
fuetnsorge j. entertained with ia
grtjup j ot piano selections. kj
Dinner at Goulet Home,
s3kb9 ounry Jome of Mr. , and
Mra.p.9me0 Goulet was the scene
last Saturday evening of pne,
the most delightful dinner parties
Of the winter. Covers were placed
for'eight. JPth1c carnations,, pussy
in- euverf are an attractive aeeor
ative effect. :1 CI."' ' - .'fVi ' I
J .Tha followinir rnnatc Mr!
. -r ... I ' , - ' ' - i
present -Xlh?s2lvesTf6dfnpto
-k , .;'..". ' . f " ! ' .
I JnrS
1 iSrtlajad -Xleotria PctrsrvCcspaay t v
4 f and? is entitle A t-pezciif8lon to '
eritcrduir i cuatcscml
.1 :
1 9. Z 6
Portland ,Elec trio rJPcxcTZCdZ
file ylacl tcTsViow rlkir
- i.i-i. iiA ".v? '? i.i'. .fiiJ
whose picture is s!i0wn above,
of cur Salem organization, la
service with us.) t
Mrs,'. John : J;- ;jtobetrts,;Mr rid
jifa, b; Pf Schncktnifattd: the
hosts,- Mr. and Mrs. Romeo, Goalet,
tVHJtfS iaeetjToday,::, -t.
rThe Woraaa Ilome Missionary
society of the-'First 'Methodist
church" wlir meet "at '2:30 o'clock
this afternoon at the home of . Mrs.
tJt Gt Boyer,- 47.S N.-Winter street-,
)jrs,, Carl' Oregy Doney wilt have,
charge .of Jl.he ; , devotioBs' fwbJIe
MraM D. ; ParounagiaB. will : hye
charge.of . the lesson." ' Mrs. drant
Day jrill be the soloist, of the af
aftenioon.'.'' ' ' ' i :'J.-':'T-A- -J
v "Of.' Interest, in Salem - was j the
wedding of Miss Evelyn Churchill;
daughter of -It. .C-- a.ur chill. Ho
Mr. Johs?itey last Saturday pve
ning at the First Chrlatlan church.
Re'tL'Xppnot Albany wasthe
oiSUclaUng clergyman. .,'A' reception
followed the ceremony at the heme
Of the bride's Jgrandmother,J MrSil
H.'MjPerrr with-Mrs, Jc. Pf rry
tbe ass4stiK i. hosiess- Tfeft coupl4
werir attended. yby-Mjr.V and; -Mrs
John Itlchardson.. sister and broth-er-ln-law
6f :the. groom . ' ; P ,
Xfter a Fmotor'itrip .north. jMr,
and Mrs. -Itfley will, return to. Sa
Jem; to make -their -home, - t ,--f
At the. ceremony the- bride (was
attractively gowned In piale pink.
Her -bouquet was of bride's roses
andlUIes of the Sralley, , ?
Guests at .the .ceremony .were
Mr .and .Mrs. Frank ChurcihiU,
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. RfleyIr. land
Mrs. R.eChufchni.Jl.Mrand Mrs,
W. M. SntithRev. and.Mfs. Albert
Esaon,. of Albany, Mf. and Mrs.JT,
C.Perry.'Mn and. Mrs.' John Rich
ardson. Miss Helen" Walcher Miss
Alene . RatEety, Misa J Ruby Toung.
Miss "Margaret Smith. Jaclr- Kear
neyr Charles' Stevenson, ...William
B.':. Young; Tepn Perry and; Bean
Churchill. ..... :. : -
.. ; . .! Ti'.i
S(&ry'JTetthiM Section ' r'J'l
The etory-tSling section of. the
Salem Arts ; league jwill meet at
7:38 oeTofclc'this Vreaing atf the
Court apartments as guestC thre
leader, Mrs.i Ivan-Bellinger, n iThe
class ."meets regularly, .on the first
and .third AWednesdays of- each
monthi '- - - ' ; , - ' ' '.
Alissiokary Society, on Frjday
.The woman's Missionary soei-r
ety of the First Christian church t
will-meet on Friday afternoon, at
2 o'clock- in ; the church parlors
for. a. business meeting. , At t:30
o'clock, the business session, .will
close and special ; guests will be
welcomed , to , the program. Miss
Hattle Mitchell, who Js lwmej)n
furlough from Mondombe, Cooua
llthatville,' Songo-Blege, West fAfV
ricaj 'will ? be the speaker At the
afternoon.! The members of 'the
Bungalow; Christian church are in
vited to be, guests lor. he, . after-a
noon. i,TJae hos.teseee will be Mra.
Charles N. Ruggles,, Mis. J. H
Crawf ord; Mrsr Ed Townsend.Mrs.
lyah Liepley, Mrs. H. AI'Keene and"
Mrs. isa rrucK. j , .
Chapter G of" PEG
those rwho .'will not be able to
be in attendance, at: the., attractive
1 o'clock, luncheon which Mrs. D.
X..Beechler, Mrs. -O-jB. Price and
;MrB. C.tK. Logan are'; planning
, j 4 -
prttsifica .on :
' "
' . ft .,,.
rar iris tirinn rWittfh'if
: Z-.-' y-rr.J'i " - : i -
one; of He best -lenown
enterinsf '.upon .hia 20th
! I.
for1 Ihepleasure of ' the ''members
bt Chapter O ofithei PEO Sister
ftood ob' Thttrsday;ftr-8ke-l t&
notify" jth.ejiosieflsea prey iously ',: in
prler thaf plans iriayjke- made ac
cordingly . ' . ; -
Aitavsocterir tn Meet : :
Members .01 ih $4. .Vincent .dd
Paul ..Altar iociety " .will ; meet 'at
2:30 o'clock this afternoon at the
West Side Circle i
The, West -Sida c;rcleof ,
son . Iee -Aid; society ; will , hold a
business meeting .at 2; 30 o'clock
Friday afternoon at r the 'home iof
Mrs. Nellie Knox, a 541 N., Front
street.; -bi-' ..---.--
Seivihg Chib', to Meet . I v"?
..juempers ot Bar para trietcaie
sewing club fwQl meet this after
noon -at- the homfr of- Mrs.' J4 It,
Brewer..: 1 0 1 N. Thirteenth street.
The membera ars asked to bring
thimbles, and. darning, needles, for
the ..tying , of, a I comforter will be
Reception, fori Miss MUckelt
u Plans nre. being made for ai re--
Caption on Friday' night of thls
week at the FlrBt Christian church
honoring Miss fHattle Mitchell, a
returned missionary from Affica
whbIitrhere jonl df year's furlough.
The 'reception -Will begin "at 7:30
o'clock) Tbe .members of the Bun
galow Christian church are Invited
to be special guests.
Literature Section of
, - The regular, meeting of , the litr
er'ature . section; . of the. American
Association ot, Unversity Women h.eldL this., evening at, the
home of Er'pf j and Mrs. . EL C.
Richards, 96t. Center .street. -The
writings i of t Anatole France wiU
be studied "at this time.1'
Rapheterfan Club.' : .
..Members pf the Raphete'rian lub
wM; be ituests'pn Thursday. After
noon of MrsiHJ.V. ComDton-1010
N. Summer street. ' t
Young P couple's fligh t -
;Tbe .Young . People's Friendly
society of 'St, Paul's, jEslsoppal
cturch are planning a special ipro
gram. ln;. commemoration, or IIn
coln.Qr Sundayevening from; 7 to
8,roclock.v ;Mss Helen Kafoufy
and Miss Aiieeh - Gllson - are ' in
charge of the numbers. All young
people-are" Invited 40 attend.
b'One Mas
iicri arioortiy
Statesman 000r0bisfeiButfoxi. iGlip out tbatnoiim itreacies5the Contest .Defart-
ineriliirnmedla YOU-ARE GOING TO REGRET IT IF XOiJ JDONT. Remember this .staterheht.
ixu-j AYJT wnu; 4?fui7 mnnrorr vnTP npPFRtnpTHR! rMTTRFFT-RrTION lis NOW IN FORCE.
Vlat4r.e-Pftlnsr: to. insure ybnrself of
one of the really BIG prizes in this distri- .
are yotislttinV- j ti&ck 1 and ltoplng :your i
Should W tioiosrVhia or her utmost towards :
-It your .friends. see jyoii iVare, doing .yOUR
up a wiiminj-vote totaly if however they r
u;aiiafppre? telfreT nmxpect-f J
.in&them todo itall, theyswill throwlfbeir
:i Support isewrierel -atup to yoa, candi- M
.dates, i JDO VOUR i IRT-your friends
will do, theirs. V-; - '
- ' - t'
1 . i JJ3 ballot is 5 good for. 100 votes . for the candidate in CTfie 5,
'Oregon iStatesman Subscription Campaign, whose name , is writ-
ten on it. Do not fold. Trim. ' :-
, !-... r,.: t., . . .y
Noma -i . -
. A . fc.. ...... ....... .............
Here's your oprtunitytto set into. theTace SQfA and strong Withon'e:- -
pstfokfeetfour receive J4Q0GW
i itrauyoteH; by sendmg.fpiir.ofthese 'cpjaponsiirCT-lZiJz 7?
mHmiOOO&mxtrd Votes
Address ZXzzzz
;,":! - i- " -'-l4 V . -
Tnls Coupon and a
of "entitles 4he Tjiember.
schedule. i Onlv f oor:jol
x . :;. . Today - -
vveteranai-iot Foreign u Wars
Ausniarry.-. Mrs. Kirby - a. rltossj
2620' High 7street, hostesa; z;
, Central circle, oft he; Jason
church;: Aihflay imeetnr. Insir
ness. men'3. J npcJUeon, o -clpck
-i Royal s Nelghborai Sewing .clubi
Mrs. A Macklin,- 720- S.JKnd st.
Business and Professional Wo
Ja-linen's club. f. Chamber of v Com
merce rooms 6:au ,0 cioca., 4 ; . s
; .St. tViAcent dn PauT-Altar.. socf
ety card party, - Parish hall, t
Vi Willing i. Workers class of , the
First Christian church. Mrs. Will
May, 44 $ . Capitol street.
Literature section of . .AATJW.
Prof, and, Mrs. E. C. Richards, 966
N, Summer street. -": ? j
I Barbara Frletchie- sewing ' socl
iyi . ' Mrs. - J.1 ; H. - Brewer, 1 1 i N-Thirteenth-
street. - : 5
' -St.-Vincent- du Paul Altar- society.-
2:3 6-: o'clock.-Parish- hall.
story telling, section" of . the-Sa-lem
Aris league.' .-Mrs.- Ivan Bellinger,-
Court apartnwnts. hostess;
WllMS of -"First- Methodist
ChurCh. Mrs. XI. lO;;Boyer, '4 7 3 N.
Winter- street. hostess, . 2:30
O'clock. .-'-'-- "-'--'- ,f
Thursday -1 ; ?
- Bridge 'leal" under sponsorship
of St. Paul's i Junior Guild Mrs.
J. 'Rhea Liiper, 185 ' South Ft
teenth street, hostess. , r
- Card Party. ."Woman's Benefit
association. i Fraternal Temple.' '
x Rapheterian club. "Mrs. H. "VT
Compton,1010 N. Summer street;
hostess.- " i '
Chapter G of the PEO Sister
hood," 1 o'clock luncheon; Mrs. O.
E. Price, 444 N Cottage street.
First Congregational church
Missionary society. Mrs. John J.
Roberts, 7 oS. State street, 2:30
o'clock. j .. . . .
First Christian - cburch. Woni
an's Missionary society. - Church
parlors. Business meeting at
ft'clpck. Program, at 2 ; 30. . .. .
, Reception - honoring -Hattie
Mitchell. First Christian church,
7:30 o'clock. ; V "
-iWest . Side, eircle of .the 'Jason
Lee Aid society. -Mrs. Nellie Knox
1541 N. Front street.
i t, , , Saturday
' Chemeketa . chapter of the
Daughters of the -American-Revo
- Lead to Btiast p
NOW i rfif iim fri pnrl in vniir name and inake "voun starts You-Tnevier?haa--nor ever-will have
tfumm. apad
............ ............... .......
- ' r
.V - -v " ..- '-" . J.X
one t) year. subscription oi
to - 1 OOOO- extra rote Jn ai
Xliese Coupons aUowed.tfuyi
--emler. v . -
lution. 'Miss vFrancCb;
ardfc 'InsanneI :
"Woraan-a Relief 'c6fpsC7Iceori
841:30 QPK 1212) Portland.
6-7-KGW (4911)" Portland.
' - v. ' : MTJSIO J"-' '
8-1 1 KGW (491 JS) Portland, con
. certs. .' ' . '
. NEWS ..
?;30-7:45 KGW (4915) Portland.
Police, stocks, markets. '7
7:30-8:30 FFJR2tii Portland.
i Jim Palmer atd his, pals from
'the Y. M. C. ifl-v - -'v- ,
0:00-7:00 KGO (381) pakland,.
6, dinner concert; Sr-wrather
stocks, markets.
0:00-11:00 TvFI (437) Los An
geles. 6-8:45, radio .features;
7, detective stories 8, program;
9. Pasadena club quintet; 10,
Betty. ;Ptrick.j,and.w JatrJck
Marsh.orfihetra. C ' i. v ? -
C:00-12K)(0 AKJli t3?5SeaUle,
6-C-30,rbgrani;. 7'-3Zb, studio
program r 8:30-10. studio pro
gram; 10-12, orchestra.
uiidjv;vu nru -in; ' &aa. rant
Cisco. Ha.lo Ttrns init PhrnnlclaJ
'6:15, stocks; 6;40, States or
, chestra ; 2.i&eiger'8 orchestra r
, SsO.programs;. 10. r States oS
. chestra.
6:30, children's program;,, 8,
. astronomy talk;, 8:30, De Luxe
6 1.30712: 00. w KFRC tiios) San
Francisco. 6:30, police reports
cohciert from "Durray" .Xane,
Songs " from Italy, , Favorite
Melodies of Hawaii; 8-9, Little
Symphony; 8:15, U. of C.: leci
ture; 9-10, studio program; 10
12, dance music.- - . ' - .
7;20H8:0OvKOAq (280) Corvallis.
.7 : 20, . musical .selections; 7 ; 30,
Selection pf Hats.",MissiGladys
Peterson, 1 instructor 5 'In .roillin-
ery. First Jn .a series on. miUin-i
ery; 7;45-S. "Posture and; Re
laxatloh." 'Miss Doris M.' Thorn
ley. assistant professor of phys
ical education for. women. Sec
ond of :tieries on jexercises fo
health. J. . . ' . :
7:30-0:00 KWSO (3481 Pullman
Piano solos. Bernice
- f - t& Cand
: 'i
Purchased front and on display at, '
- - i
Stif f FurniCompHnyi
i f r . i j. .. - v i.,.-"; . . - -....
fonrt . Street. Ralom. Orefmn '
j.etart is easy, iatji ybii done yourself the justice of really f ind
. ing. out Just what little effort is requited o start jrourcampaigh in a
real way? rDo you kftownhatjj6nly four yearly subscriptions would
- - entitle- you- toJCO,COOvoies.-bnocluyear ymt receive? ;Yoxi ar only
- ' "
Name . .T.
f t - --
-Muivalent there- -x
to the regular '
Not- -"J
"fell ; vocal "Solds.Paul 'rhit
f ten; -IBu tto.-I ofat: r Violin iS61or
Jerry; Satoia," Pnllmanrc "What
" Js ..a Mechanical Engineer?"
r. icc.-1, "fSteaia Power," Prof.
; -A.C. -jAbell,; professor of me-
-ciianicaiogue-rtng, wsl C
.-J&eat .BreediMgl at Waahlngr
t-- ton State coHego.'l E. F. Gaines.
.- - associate professor farm crops.
department of j- agriculture;
reading.Lpyti Pptid, Seattle:
, book-reviews, Alice Lindsay
'TV Webb. -
General Marke tm .- I
Dairy .Exchange :
Js PORTLAND,! Feb. j,2.-Butter.
extras,,4 5c; standards. 44c; prime
firsts; 43c; firsts, '4 2 H c. , t .
- Eggs, "extras, 3 to. firsts SOcr
pullets, 29c; current receipts, 27c;
undersized, 26c. ?
. .; Tfay ! -1 -
PORTLAND, Febj 2. I Buying
prices: Valley, timothy. $20: do
eastern - Oregon,- $22.50; alfalfa,
S19.50QI20;, clover, nominal;
oat JUay.-l2i; pat arid retch, J2J.;
straw, f :(per:ton. " Selling
52. n. ton more, .
Grain Futures '
RBBi d-JfvWte. lue;tfem.and
Baart, February, ..March xi.63;
soft white, February, $1.62 U;
March.. $ L.&3 Western. whiieFeb
ruary;-JMarch;,$ L6 2;arjd printer,
northern spring, February, March,
$1.57 ; "western red, February,
March-. $i:5 r: t '
pats Jio 2 -wnite- feedlanCNo.
2 ;ray, February gKarchr $30J -
frSiary, March,1 $30.50; No. 2, 44-
Corn Ko. i3 early - shipment,
February. $34; t March, $84.50.
... Millruh. standard. February,
$26.50; March. $27. ! -
a'1 '' ' t i. , . -, , :o7
, .; Ll-ifRtocfc ,
:; PO RTLAN j)A Or.. Feb. 2. Cat-
Utle slowi receipts 50;. caives none;
steers, good xs.OOtfD $. 50; med
ium $f .25f7$8.0O; 'oomnion$6.50
;$7;2S; manners . -ami cutter
Steers T$ 5 . & 9 i $ 6 :5 0 Y .hei (era good
$6.25 1? $7T25: r.Ommbn and med
ium. $4.75$Ci25r; -C9W, igbodj
$5.50$6.1i Op common and med-
iium i $4.002l4S.50;, iCannerst jaftd
Met'Ev-lttef'??2.5r$4vO0; . median
. . , Withthe ,vote standings 'of the,ynous
! contestants imadejpuhlicjeac.h jdayjnew jn
.terest and enthusiasm win be centered on
VThe- Statesman's big Gift Distribution.
-Contestants will find that; their. .friends ..
-:,ywin betakihg a mqre.personal iatarest in '
.itheir mpai'gri, if they see. by-their. vote .
T standing ihey are Ijelpirig t he.msevesv and
Vare "proving themselves worthy; of i their "
uppqrt,'XtEilEBIBER, your, frjends. watch'
" vvdur.VstandmgC and; will- jxelp accordingly. ,
'rLEl'S GOl illVre his thelreal BAN '
ijTrI'WEEK of,the campaign.--Shot? your
, 1 friends, that you are in to. win and thit you
; v itre. doing your part to make your prize the
- i
.!-' '.r
... .....
" . -.V-il
biggest net in
4 k .
IToThoe Who Are Considering Ottering
X Ik
And y ou r, time -.will, npt :be,. wasted, Jfprj all acjtivie participants who do
not win a prize will be paid lft per cent commission for, the effort put
GOOD FOR 50,000 VOTES -'--Only:
OneXouared tolan Entrant
..Tils JCojnlnation CalI61.1s6oA Tor S n.nflft
'jaame is written thereon. - ; i ;. -h .: v-r;,
V r. -
ram nOinuiatine the "irtlinpA n
.. " - " . ...v
"Huum cilhner -and l.-u i"--"'
$3.75c?54.50. aWei ti1Pd m to
0V..milk fAda -SexcUded)
j5o$9.0O; cllaJLpd commons
0$7N50; vealws, medium to
choice $10.00 Ct $11,751 cull and ,
conlmons $5.50110.06. V
Hogs. steady; receipts -235;
Teights- (250 to) ssolbs.)
a?i EOod and choice; $13.00
SVsa ' me(liuitt weight. '.(200
to 250 pounds; medium good! and
choice. tlS.aoetiaW. J-ii.1,?
weight (160 to 200 pc&nd.) com-
f'-rl0 goodld choice
$1?.75$14.25; light9lght(13C
tp480, pounds) commen, ,:n-
good and choice $13.otfr--i 75
patklnghogs (rough atnd smp'oth)
$10$12; slaughter lg3 00 to
130 pounds) medium, good and
choice $13.00 $1430; t feeder'
and stocker pigs' (70 to lSOjibs.)
medium, good and choice $12.50
$14.00, .v Z .! I- " .
(Soft or oily hogs and roast
ing pigs .excluded. In above quota-
lions. . -.i.sij --.-.. 1. 1
-Sh'een,V steady ; receipV
PV 2lO;S
(fit, Ad-
lambs' rood""and choice
ams$12t75 0 $13.60:1 lambsimed--'
Iu mto good 5(Tallejr) $12,000
$13.25; heavyweights! (92,lbs up)
$10.50 $12;50; air elghts culls
and common $10.t0 $12.00;
yearling wethers'mediam- to qhoice
$9.OO'0$11.5O; 'ewes," common to
choice $5.00 0 $8.00; canners and
culls ' $2.50 $5.00.- S
Lions to i Broadcast I t I s
. This evening j-adio: fans whose v
radioiJtiayeAacpDeir.eachiR f
far as Oakland, will bp entertainea
by concert given by the Lions
club, of that city. Ben Jones, in
ternational. president of the Lions,
will speak oyer the air: ,
! ; f V"J .. .-, ' . -
Travel Talk Today-i
Teachers! club is' sponsoflng a
lecture by , H. J. Blaesing at 4
o'clock, today at ..the .. high . school
auditorium. - He. plans . to center
hiaf talkon. visits arpufld'the; Medi
terranean, and as far east as Buda-
peat. The -public-is Invited.
: -"a 1 ' ' " ' " "
I. Oregon . fisheries planted 34,- .
C4 5 00" C baby .- 'irout r Ja . state
stream during-;i? 25 ..-,
Ira VI
the list.
vnt Vftr thp. nerson whbse
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mi in jonr ime,ori the ft4Hje,oiL IrieutL to uy.
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