The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, January 15, 1926, Page 6, Image 6

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: ?7 v ihwUtM
- I
'V sr.
-t. . - ' - -1
."-- 5, 'T 7 ' V : ' j
.Hainan's Auxiliary of St. ' j
Paul 4 Sponsors Attractive f
?r.e. than S6 prominent mehi
Tcrs ; and " " ff fends of aaVs
Tlseopatrhurch called ' vesterdWv
afternooh at tne hoihe or Sf ?s. IJ.
tt, Shipley, on Rast WasMngtrin
street, for' the - eutslandinfcTy it
,trnrtive silver tea sponsored )y
the man's ftttxTrtarj-. betwefjn
, the hbufst or 3 and S b'tlocl.
"Uttle Miss Eleanor Henry Rteet-ed'-thv
gne?ta at the door, with
iAln Shipley reviving. JThe. roopU
h e? lovely rlth the.eary spriiiR
4)6rTX,: narcissi, V joniiniis?' and
7. pussy willows. , On the lea tajMe
. a 'bowl of jonqijlls and narciasi
Wado ' fhe.' rrntprpiece. Yellow
endleA were ed in silver hold
yeni ,, Mrs. -4t. ;J; Chambers Wan
;jn eJiarKe pf ihe tea table daring
tlhn afternoon. - Assisting her i-ire
Mrs." Joseph hanmgartner; Mrs. N.
i KaToury and Miss Sarah Ian
rnr " - .f : ' ; . ;' ' . ; i"
'31rs. Bauniartner and Mrs Kk-
-1 oury were hostesses with Mrs.
Shipley during the afternoon. ,
Recovers Trom Operation j
The many friends of Mrs. D. A.
llodfre are happy to know that
she is recovering- from an opera-.
" tion performed; last week for the
jemoval otnonsils. .. . :"j
Dyer th- -wieek-end Mfss Fran-
es Jlodge- was the guest of Her
4, parents, Mr . and Mrs: D. A.
Iiftdgf , Miss Hodge is . enjoying
n swocessifnl winter of teaching at
pribgaeld'ri " ;
Jjnwfeon in Albany
''Slrur. Ti rtr-IFopkinsiifAlbal
; will entertain tolayrt anuttrac
tive luncheon at the Albany hofej
for ihe pleasure. f tbo erob?rs
of f hh" Leixirre rloiirJnb of 4.1-
;-1Jtiny of whichi nhet in a jnerobr.
;W ailditionaj ; finests.Mrs. Iltin-
klns ' will entertain ,a group ;of
. members .from -the Leisure Iloiir
' tuit of Salem.) .,, '-V' -
i One. party motoring 'daw? for
Trra jRvent includes Mrs. C. 'A-
'VarkS, Mrs, It. K. Lee Steiner
-'Milton' Meyers Mrs. Charles
. M s,
ler. Mrs Will la in Steusloff
-Mrs. V. O. Shipley.
VJKClub Meets ' , ?
'week at" her fiome. 52 'Kcirtb I
,uinraer nireei, ior tne pleasure
or;nQmlers "of the U.t n: Bridge
cinb. A 1 o'clock' hineheoii,-wns
'Served', followed r by an afternoon J
or Bridge, ivirs. John B. Nathnian
iwonthe high bridge score for this
afternoon. f)urlng ih .afternoon
the hostess was assisted ibjr Jtfrs.
. KI ward Jieepan. and JJli?s Mty
" Tlecnan. i I
0ti4he next -meeting af the eliib
iMrm GJ.Iely wUl aatertalnj
-Covers' at; ,thet Ihhcheon ph
4 -
J : ;;; : v r;;tx5trw0aim Cloves : ' " v ' :' -
U i.
Reduced jPrices. t.
Special a
Cotton Blankets
. First . Qiiality-j-Our .Regular
$2.29j5icialJ,jjair for ,
i $1,95
. , . Weight ;;4(i. lbs, $
! r; special ar
ji ; tr . ::sr 19cii;ard.'fl..
.White or iright or JJarK (
; , Specialise
i," - se Inch Pliesso V
-rigurea crepes?
.Pretty Colors I
irard 38c k
42 IncK Tubing i
... .Ltnen Finish r
vara wiifr.
New Spring Hals. . Silks and ,Satiris; Silks and Ktraw '
xm-.. i .Mixed. ikTarffetVt R f.
24(246 NORTH
;-ri fl- - . WOwII .;,." 'i. .: ..
I.Ink the Futnrei
uV Kaiiohal IJie
v-7 Jurenlla or ncatlonailTrMt "Fond Policy--
! v I-
- LDffV TT1 ft IT A . Y n Dl W lhl
at nominal coat
- i
I " -T iorui tk)mmeclal Stwt, Wem ------
- s.
'3 -IV
Tuesday were "placed for Mra.J. O.
! Nad on,' Mrs.'T. D'McCnaineriMfs.
T- iMt ;B4rr. Mrs. C- D- Thedlas.
3iis9 Hosalia .Bach. Mrs. jonn u.
Nathtoan,. Mrs. A. K. Pruitt. Mrs.
E. !Et kerlin Sr.,. Mrs. S.' Breiten-
steifi Mrs. Jfarty iWeis, Mrs. P.
Ja-ikoski, andthe hosjess, Mrs.
Ilejenjan. i X-T, ,
. Mi - p4 Mrs.. E. B. Millard en
terta n-d as. their , house gnestR
ovfr the . past "wieek-end Mr. and
Miju.' A.lib: MUlard of Portland,
who were mont; those .assisting
In jthrlebration-of the- 25th wed
ding anniversary"' of their" hosts;
w hjic a was. celebrated with a din
ner party Ton paturiiay eyenjng.
'"'iM embers of ihe llSjsVSiaa drele
of I the Jason, Lee AU aocjety will
metjat the home bj Mrs. Jenpie
Crltbn, 1 fCS Kb'rth: Liberty street
this afternoon for g business meet
In, i . ..! . .
- !Dr,., and Mrs.- George it. ' Alden
ar(&, jentertaiiitng astheir houe
guest their "ib'nly daughter, Mrs.
Wj. it Abell r Margaret Aldeh) ,of
Los 'Angeles, Mrs. Abell's mar
riage was an attractive nuptial
eyjenjt of the ummer of 24. r ' j
uThe Woman's Alliance of the
First Unitarian church will meet
atj 2!:30 o'clock this afternoon in
church parlprs. '(Mrs" --ox
MrjB. Hayie JijPifes ; will be
tho hbsfes!
v &
QTilin flortUind
Mrs. V- A, OVNeil orwateni. wh
tsfaj Pbrtlal yisifbr; for 'a few
dayst entertained - at a lnfieheoh
y4ilerdJiy at the liniversity clUb,
ng covers for 12 in honor of
t: K. KiiiitU.'uar?ner da'ilgh-
tor, i2rs. Charles J,' SchudleL
Hi fit. Qlilcs Is Horn e
iMrs: iV. JV Miles ha returned to
hefr ,'liome after two weeks visit
in! Portland as the guest of hwr
grkriddaoghfer, MirfH &rah Jane
Kiifcht. M' lhe Will Knight horAe.
Daiiahters of 'he Nite.
AWivittes : : :
jTh'e ahnttal election, of officers
pfl Nydia temple No. 4,, Daughters
b'f'tW Nile wa's --h'eid .at;ifeB'eg
tilprrj rneetinp Wednesday In - Port
laiiq : The follow hi fer-'women were
chosen : Mrs. v: " J," ; It. , ThielioIT,
qeen; Mrs. Frank ET Smith, pfin
eepsj Toyal; Mrs;- Charles E. Run
yan; princess Tirzk; ..Mra." JL J3.
Cable, princess Badoiira; Mrs.
Rotfert Skeen, bahker; "ilrs. Oeo.
Bj Cellars, recorder. . '
"': A 'midwinter ceremonial: will be
held, Saturday,. . January J16, ' eXK 2.
olclock at the .' Pythian- temple.
95c, 69c V ,;
) End 6t, Season
Pair $1.59
Cotton Blankets
Nashua first Qnalily . Extra
uuarge sizes, speeiai, a pair .
l . jn mm t i. .i t
Our tegular $5.0o
a rair
qolors- qood Grad
a Yard (
( Ladies' Outing Flannel ,
(Good VjuatirySpecial at r
' 81-90 SheeU
Seamless IldaVy "Weignt
df Tlieir-Cblldren
insurance Company
tAa lt fli am
WestPjiTk, and., Yamhill utreetfC
fa oner In upr ftfrte Qn e n, V rtk Aj.
Jlc.Ta. rwha'will. &iv4 Jine ;?ltf
after the ceremonial, on her vbf-
I flciaJ tsitsi i-ta . , the) .temples - in
fcoucnernj Oregon and caurornla.
The ' entertaimment will be in
charger Ibf-Captaltt Faye Leonard,
InclndidJlr a. r ban q u et at "6:3ft in
the,. crystal; room SOf the' Benson
'hotel. ' i Iteeervations r are 1 15 .;: be
made not, later than, Friday morn
inf, January 15. ? through Mrs.
Dow Walker, 142 Rutland terrace,
or Mr4 Edward A. Burl, 143
Floral jirenne;:and the 1926 card
must 1e Presented 'at all meetings,
officer' fpbint out. Mrs. Oeorge
II. Pnnsford Is taking charge of
the Ralem reservations. :r
Loyal W om en' 'siClftss Meets j.
Tha kibyaLWomen class-bf tlv
Firfct Christian fchurch met atTt:30
o'clock) yesterday afternoon Irf' the
parlor "rtrlbfi-ctinreh' -f or a par
lleularjy ,w'el aftcnded business
aod BuWaj . meeting, .The churth
parlor were beautifully decorated
for ; the jjanuary . meeting with an
abund4rJceJof wiiiter j?rfeps The
afternoon r was levoted -hefly to
the -m a k insf bt plans' f or Hhe new
yeari' fThe Loyal W'bnien's class Is
one of the most active in the city,
the' women - making ;lp a- custom
to sponsor a 2Uarget:t'h umber ?bf
Charitable ' enterprises- during the
year: poring "the past Christmas
season' the class sent a large holi
day "boxito thfr girl orphanage-at
Kugene together with $25. - :
The hostesses" lor the meeting;
yesterday included . Mrs. Thomas
W. Brtihk, Mrs. C. If Brown. Mrs.
S. M. Beaver, Mrs.. S. 'W. Beaver,
H sinns concerts
G 7 K;WV ( lWtUn.l.
S-7--:,h5R t23) P-iortlanH. --5
7 fcfW f4'l.r.) rnrUii.l.
7:30.fl:bi KTBR fca) rortran.l.
i 12 ?KOV (401.: T.) PU-lIand, raaeett
M - - MBWB .. .
7 :rit:i45 KOUV J-rlln.l,
KpOIftf, irtlli-R, '((!
mm k-lf ,
7:JO-flJfiO KAC" CorvalliK.
7,:29 musirul iee lions ; -. 7 :.',
"SiJiifu-antd of tiiv Oommiioity
MoVUnrnt iu Orprn." lr. l!eetor
M.-plir-on ; 7:45. Dou'l Tor itid
AulAi trivr," Irof. V. J. Ciluior.':
Pru.-lial jtooks fin ISuild
ing i (nt Kfmllinj; it "
Hr(ti K. -Hrs; i. 8 :ft.r-9, musical
12:3ftlt:ir, a. m. KPPU (22)I'ort-
land.j Itidio SomBabnJist clib.
5:00 11:00 KIIJ (405.2), Los An-Klcisi-
SISO. l,cighton'n oivhe.s
. tra J- 6 :30-7 :30, history ntory, Jrif.
,. Jloriatoit; radio kiddies hoir wilh
Itirhard Head-rick and Vyol Von,
cre juvenile: 7iSO, - Itomanre
of 6ania i'e Trail," Gladys Dp
Wit,ts:;S-10, program; 10-11, CUrk a
dancb - orehectra. ,
5;O0-18:00- KFOX (2324), Lon8
. lach. 6-0:30, orjan recital; :3U
7, irehestra ; ' s-9., Prestt-Teterain
program; "10-12, Long Beach-Elks
Noj 88 mWlaigat frolic. . - j
5 :30-lV?6oKPI Y467")Los Aag elea.
6 :3q, ; tt pocket prorrni ; 6 :45,
Tadjojorial: 7-. Ezainaer . hour;.
8-SM residence ppe oran; 9-9:3d,
Klnanor Ifolden, soprano; Bnd Gore
and i uko; 9:30-10, Mutnal Motors
, jniitili contest ; 10-11, , program a
. ranged by ITauda fealon BoJlman.
7:00-:0O WEAP, Jfew York; WGX,'
. ChMaso.WCCO. Minaeapolia; KSD.
. St.? liouis. and 10 other Kastirn sta
. tiottft. Swoui pioerara of old-
faaunM dances numbers played by
IIiy-Ford orcbestra.,
6:15il!2":06-i-KXX (3S&.9),' Holly
wood. :15. travel tlk; ::tO-7, eon
certi orcbestra J-t :S0" popular pro
craita; 7:30-8 prorram ; -9, West
tfeafctttheatrea; -10, Order of Op
timfetic. . Donuta; 10-11, program;
: 1 112r-Wet'a daae orchestra. .
M - - -r-
S:S0tl:00 KPO (428.3), San Fran
ei,. 6:30-7;OOj Liod e.rrhetra;
7-7ilO, intratmiil talk; 7:10-7:20,
phisieal culture lalk; 8-11, danre
orraestra; mtrmusion voi-al anion.
K31A.6). rullman.
. Wafch.; Conar
r Co-Kd re
Kti Fanlkner, pianist; "G1a4ya
"Wlwn, n'nlintst; Fay Xorria, ban
joiii : Dorothy Sturgia, . aaxophon-
inptine. No. 2." H. J, ' lohn;
"I'fepariBS for 1A20 C'ropa," Ion-arrt-Jlegnaiter.
' i s , :
: . -i !-. .... . : : . . '
1 1
rHa.-ir.ans it, arums; sperial ptano
nuniters. F, C. Bntterfield; "Fby
sif n ( Enrydx Life, No. 2," Ir.
R; fO.: Ifute.hinxoni "General Jiz-
A 1 NICE:ABY riHiSMyl'i'
5 V f -1 I 1 J y
4 x r t - i v
- jt '" h
7 ms&fjZi
& - : . ai .
riT:s, do im
- a
;' Worn an'A All ianre. "f rltarian
ehnrciX '2:30 o'clock, v,, '
i " V'oman' i "Ifnion i of -th First
Congregational chnrch.'r Qliurch
parlors. ' ' ..'..yUi'
lizpah Sunday school -class of
the Jason. Liee M. K. cllnrcfr. Bus
iness and r social' " meet Ip jc, - 7 : 3D
o'etock; J-- t-i-' - v.v ' 3 ;
; ! i " .'Satnrla- :'
. American Association of Unir
versity ,Women. if Elks dining
room-. Luncheon meetlne.: ' '
" Ceremonial of yftia; riemolei.
Daughters of the Nile. Portland.
Banquet at Bensoff hotel; '
Tie, take, and hoine made dandr
sale. ; Salem War. "jM otherBV rSou
thern." pacific ticket offipe,riS4 K.
Mhcrtt 4ttreet-t:-tr'14;j--ir. ,
Mrs W. Birn ; wfe " Mrs. jfcdit h
t 4A nderon -and-Miss A.-Al itityr
?Th followine;ere presetit in
addition .'In thf. ' hrioiiJ- Mro
Wesley McElroy.. Mrs Olm-
Sted. VMrs.- E. L. .Tnvhacnd . Mrs
AJ'Penpeyi. Mrs, Mary" Morri-
roij, MrsuoraHtint 'Mrs. ?Ed H.
KeeneIrs; N P. WebT),' M rs-.i A.
Iclleadriek. 5 Mra.? Estella ' Gab-
berf, .Mr. C. W. Moore.: Mrs..O.
JI Hull Mrs. C F.TDoanevMrs. E
C. Conortck: Mra5R." WiMBV' Mr
II. C: Kpleyr Mrs. f P. . M, t Reed ,
Mary McReynoIds, Mrs. B, rw.
WalcherrilrsMadee Taylor. Mrs.
Charles Steele Mrs. Wyn Dyer,
Mrs. ti. p.- Tate. MrsZ. H, Xjamp
bell, Mrs. M.; Ransonr.4 Mrs.
OHee MeCune, Mrs. Miranda Mc
Donald, JiIVs,;L-. It. Osborn,'. Mrs.
u. n. Brown, Mr$, Ada S. Itoss,
Mrs. J. H. Wilson, Mrs. Carleton,
Mrs. Sterlintr, Mrs. O: ' B. Hitch
cock. Mrs. E..C. Case, Mrs. ;1rh?st
Bruok and Marie Brurik. , ,. r
Attractive Affairs Are
Given Lasy Weeic'al llie,:;
Pcltey Home
Mrs. M.C. PetHiyH enLrtainod
with lAvo f tlte pust work's most
enjoyable affairs last Friday and
Saturday afternoons. when she was
hoFiioSs In' hof home.- In ih& af
ternoon M eK Petffiys was egs
for-ia firo-tablo ':trWn''-4ea.-Vud
onho afternoon folltiwinje: rtl four
fables, i Cyclamafi iihd fern wer
arranged ntlractiyyy ilirrniKhritit
the rooms '
Mrs. C. C. Paco. and -Mrs. Coj-y-don
BIoiIroU assistod iKo iMMsteVis.
Mrs- Petteys incited-as hoj-Kueits
for the flTst afternoon Mrs: M:'p ,
dams,; Mrs. JTprydsn lUVagt.i
While vkkre getting
- lj l . .
several tars of coal. ve suggest that you
take the same advantage and lay in your
winter supply while coal is fresh and
prices are
Coal $10
t '-.-tY--":-,':V-T
J. - il 1 V 11
j 5?X1JM J-Hfeeiy j
ft -tl WAVb
- y - xT
M rs. -Hose "Rabeoek Mrs. -Ar t4 u r
f lHley( Mrs.v jame 1mlanyi Mrs,
Mrs. Wlrjiam-Marshall., Mrs. IleV
bert Ilaufr. Mrs, J. A. Bernardl.
Mrs F.. 12. 'Shafer. THrsl Arthur
Moore.iMrs. Karl Kueel, -Mrs.
Ralph Allen. Mrs( ci C. Page, Mr.
Walter Smith,' Mrs. Ida NHes.!rs.
George Jlunsford. Mrs. Ai-H. Bunn
and, Mrs; Ed Pratt.-' - c f. jV '' ;i
' On Saturday M ra. - Petteys had
as her guests Mrs. Merrill Ohling,
Mrs' Lewis, Griffith, Mrs, CatI
Chapler, Mrs. f jGrnest Peterson,
Mrsn 1 Paul " Ha'user , Mrs, Paul
Wallace,: Mrs. Albert Smith. rMrs.
s Charles ,-MflIor; . Mrsf ;lku Grote,
Mrt.i Earl z. Paulsen, Mrs.- W 1.
Nedham,' Mra."- 'Wallace tlone
steele, Mrs. Rarl.Daue.lMrs. Da'vM
Wrlght,. Mrs.: Charles. Pratt dnW
Miss- Lella "Johnson, Mrs, C. C.
Page ts-'assistlng. ;
Leaves-for Washington, D.C
Mrs.vW;-II.Lytlateft earlier .in
the week for Washlngtofl, D. C,J
where she wilt attend the wedding
of her niece. Miss Barbara Staa
fleld, the daughter of Senator and
Mrs. .Robert N. Stanfleld, to Mf.
Henry Teasdale Dunn of Jackson
ville,! Fia. The wedding will lie
solemnized on Thursday, Jan; 21.
Mrs.,ie plans to spend arieast
two months in the east. ,She plans
to stop over several- days In D'u
buque, Iowa, en route east. After
fee wedding, she will visit in New
York, In Nashville, Tenn.. and Tn
Columbus, Ohfo. She also plans
to sojourn in New Orleans.
Sail .for Hawaiian Islands
Mrs; Joseph H. Albert, Mrs. J.
C.; GrifTitlr. together with Mr. and
Mrs.. O. E.v Kratise of Portland.
sailed Tuesday from Sail Fran-
cisco ror the JTawaitan" Islands
where theyXsrill sportd a six weeks'
vacation. Th party left Shlem
last Sunday. ,
..Mr. Albert will meet ihe tour
ists -again .. in San .-Francisco f he
early part of March for the retiirh
to Salem.
Motor to Portland
.Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Movers.
-MrsT'Payl Wallace .and Mrs. 6. ('.
Locke motored to Portland Tues
day! to spend the day.
et)n. f7rtiijiif Cl-ulf
.... '-' 1 fCbtt v ii
, An Interesting program has been
a nn on need for this even in ir bv the
Zena Community club with the
following committee- in charee:
U. II. Scott, Jess Walliae nd
Clyde Merriclc. A pie social will
a large shipment bf
and up
Phone 930
;Vcu XVti 4. ANY !
' lots o. names Whin
IWE. WAJkEt THE !l 7
-FLOOR WtXH.HIfl :1,
IfjllllHWI Mill - II
. H
r i x
..... . . .. . - . 4
folltiw-the- program at whksk- t-rie
the pies Svulbe" auctiotied; off.' k
social -hour will- be-enioyed fol-i
lowing..- - - - '- f'
Card Party lext:Wednesdny 1
V- Stl Monica's Altar Jtoeietv .-will
sponsor a benefit card party neifi
Wednesday evening in St.'Joseph's
andltorlum. Reservations for the
event may 'be" raade thrpugliany.
member- or me'following eomrnlt jj
tee : Mrs. Joseph Bach, , 4Mrs'.
Harry Brians,- Mrs. M. Shields,
Mrs. Roy Brem'mer, :Mr? J JI.'.Eane
Mrs. J. Suing, Mrs. Frank Jaskos
ki. Mrs. C. p. -Redding and Mrs
T. M. Barr . ' ' ' ' ' j
Annual Chv.rch Election '
The attendance o Tuesday eve
ning at the annualbuslness meet
ing Tor'the'FirsU Co agregatioliat
church was' extraofdiflaHly large
intsYttit SAtES
36 inch Cretonne
36 inch
tNv vi -rut-. .
tew: t vs-?r 7-v
and jm4MraUtg reports were
f-??h thief business r tne : ere-
nlng-'i'Wa"! 4ee4io" jnf pffieers'
JohnOrr;-tir jllarold Brown aad
E.v Cooke Pdlthrr-iMr. Patton 4ie
Ing re-elected win errena trns
tees. ihds&iwhto already hold Cf
fiee as trustees of tfiec"hTircli "are
A. N. Moore. lI.-TV:Bross, F. W.
r Steusloftaad Frank Neer. ... ,
. Tie oea!ons ot. tne cnurcn,-ine
first thre being newly eiectedfare
now as" follows: It.:. N. Hobrer,
Simeon .piUfi&:-lmerT Reit,-T.'
S. MacKenzie, Mark McCallister,"
John Bayne andBenjahUn'Morrls.
The church -deaeonesses'.are:-Mrs.
H.-.L. Clark, Mrs. R..N. itoor
er Mrs. Jiri A: C tfeCr '6y,i.Xrs,,iWi
E. Wilson, Mrs.Dari- Jj Fry, Sr.,
and Miss l,uella"King. ,V
TJie foilowlai puiJicricenimItfte
will serve: ' Albert if,' dilleVMtss
Wf . '-Only -.M'---'
in new patterns and heauUful coverings
Curtain Nets in creahi
i '-
Id 5
LwA. ; 7 A -. iA7l
1 - rv r
r 4. iv-v
Julia; K. wWeoater; and Mrs, Jhn
j. Roberts, : . - ., . .
kflurins tiieerening C Al-
Mnwas eloeted to jsueeeed K.M.
Hoffnellwpovhas Jiled. the oihee
iaa succesatul manner forithe ast
i - j ' U .
1 1 years. I v. w. Harafd sncceed-
eu vhimself , as chutth treasurer
Ricliarti- Slater wllt servo the
church . as - 'financial secTefjary,',"
while Miss bda will be treasurer
benevolence, . W. X'.Staley hsJU
fill the. office of church auditor,
while the superintendent of tho
Sunday , school, will be Mark iMt
Callister;1 with T. S.! McKenzi as
assistant I'stiperintendent. Flank
Neer' Will act as chairman of the
committee on -men's work. ohn
Bayne was elected as. superinten
dent of nshers.' - , 'y T .
' " Gratifying".: reports; "were lyen
' . : -i . - -
.TV ' V (Cotinitt-irpffe 7.) ' - j '
T v . i
I i
,3 -
.The' jiiNiSTir
V- 1 V
t K -V . "'4 r- ' if :
f .X -Ss-V
- i
,! -y-y s? :-,