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llocal Boys Maintain : Leid
Throughout f Tuesday's
r Game in Portland -1
- Bulem hfgh school hoopers are
j'fjafr 1 to " bacVup -against jthe
3 ffhl&VPtM ' far jthis
jason Friday i night when they
weet the Lincoln: high school Ave
?rt,aSl 0? the Salem high
schor gym Qoor.
. r'-4 v - - . -
5 H lncoln piacca second , tn f the
k Portland basketball league jlast
reaKon. Franklin was first. But
and Epps, who were lafge
ly responsible for the success of
ltw 1 Quaker , team, have ' left jthe
LtehOoI. Edds eradn&tinr and f'al-
w tou ; going to Hollywood to play
ith the high school there, j
r. Lincoln, according .to report.
.Jias retained most of her letter
uien, and predictions in Portland
hare it that she will place atjtho
5 top 'of thd . Portland list this sea-
,n. : ;. . . : j '
, If, this' should come about, then
lb game Friday night will be a
r1"air indication of Salem's strength
Tor ' the' atari of the Willamette
-Valley ( league season, j .
"" KeporUi concerning the Salera-
1 vranklin game played in Portland
fTuetiay night revealed that! Sa
. (Jem '-.has at last found her stride,
.'und is in shape for the seiaon.
.Although the Quakers had beat
'thenx but a few nights before,' the
jKalein boys, out for blood. ar re-
ported to hare played such a game
that Franklin could hardlti h
called in the ruhning at any stage
jjn the con tent.
luffy. the shorten man on the
lam," was largely responsible for
4ie bis lead Salem ; maintained.
""tt is renorted that hit nhontinir
I ?beskets from all angles of the'
"floor. He proved equally good on
"rlons shots and shots under! the
J. JJracer. last rear's all-feta
,-vnter. 'is reported to have come
- .out of the mediocre 'game he! had
,! t teen playing and to have a but
i shared honors with Duffy, j He
l.'Tiunketl in two or thre baskets
from the tenter of "the floor ae-x-ordlirg;
to the report.
The tejuiu that met Franklin in
tJPortland was an entirely diffc-r-ent
team; from the on that; met
f ran Kiin in saieni. jTUere are
Mme whisperings that a jittlc
iialklns to was meted! lust rtrit.r
.farXlVJWBU vuld its
' ... effect
" Line up to start agaiust Lincoln
Friday night will . probably be
, Uuffy and, Nash at forwards; J.
Braver at center; B. Drager and
'Olinger at guards. If Ash by is
found eligible he might be put in,
at guard and Olinger put at for
ward In place of Nash. II.' Lyons
Iwill probably ' get his choao at
'forward before the came i-nd.
aod might even start in the line
f tifim r irsi caoie in piace ior
building Crooked river highway
T" ' VMS A ' "
oriage. 35U reet high. j
K Your Personal
liets f netapapr er
. 00 sud sseets; csck
It Vtlk TAUT IIMA .nt .I
L..4xe printtd neatly is
, otvrn ias, meat to.yal
rpId au4 - withirf el
v - Soars u rwveipt nl
$1.20. Addri -PoUr
"ImH. IS h Went Wekl-
M Sttet, FsrUsad. Or4
Wied, Eve. Janf
.Mail Orders Now
- The Dramatic Treat
-' F
I; l' t
with j -
BIr. Mantca ts Shylock1
Miss Haraper as "Portia"
Prices $i20, $1.65, ' '
$1.10 - 83c
Beat Sale 3oau. Jan. 11, 10 ajau
Htgh Mve
Sporting events' will be listed
fere when called to the atten
tion of the sporting editor.
Friday evening. Jan. 8 Sa-
lin ' hifeh school vs. Lincoln
bagh school, at Salem.
J Friday evening, Jan. s rar
jrfsh juhior high vs. Stayton
high school, at Ralem.
Jl Saturday evening j Jan. 9
Willainette university vs. Al
bany college, at Salem.
U Tuesday evening. Jan., 12--p'illamette
university vs. Ua
i eld college, at Salem,
j Friday. Jan. 15 County PJo
lieer tournament at the Salem
tVixlii -
i Tuesday evening. Jan. 26
Frank ie L wis vs. Georg.; Mc-
ofmickj at Salem armorv.
i . 1 .... ...
ITedr Rrown vs. Henry Jones at
fjalena armory.
Parrish Junior hich school bas-
k ball team will meet the Stav-
4n high school quintet Fridav
fening at ,T:H0 i o'clock. The
ime is to be played in Salem.
! j Parrfsh is reported Ao have a
itlrong team this seasons although
bt one lettcrman f has returned.
Vpung Kelly, kid brother of Don
(vbiij. aairia s looipau captain, is
ttfe letterman. Kelly is renorted
a bo going like a whirl wind this
far, and so far has stood out as
tlie best basket sliooting bet for
h junior high.
iStayton, it is said, has a Btrooc
faist team tnis year. If reoorts
coming in are correct. . Stayton
itlll have it over the local boys. in
iyjplght and in height. They have
four letter men back. The Parrish
Iakl3 are smaller than usual this
far. according to Coach Frank
ISrown. But what they lost in
weight they gain in speed, it is
pnnu t I n
M a good defensive man. and is
ian excellent shot as well. An-
dliessen at renter i nl fir rrnnri a A
M be playing a good game. .;'
I Parrish has played two games
tliis season m fur. mli!4inv. ilm
iTftJtoriesVslie woo from tfie'Ttirn-
er high school team, but lost to
I Although Stayton is said to
jhave thle best of Fridav niehfs
contest In weight and in height,
ithe local lads are favorites for the
gime. Last year's record, coupled
with revelation of sDeedv work so
ifair this season has won confidence
'A.-m 1 . !
fThe lineup for Friday's contest
follows: Kelly, right forward;
Kjeppinger. left forward; Anidres-
sen, center; Siegmund. right
igiard, and Greeu left guard;.
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At the head. ;.
Mistland Bakery
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To Tackle LMcolmoMMkiSi
Winners of 1925 Willamette
ley Title Said to Have
btrons i earn
niomotto nirfrft.vs basket
ball Quintet will be pitted against
the Albany college team Saturday
night The game Is to oe piayea
on t We floor of the Willamette
irvninasinm. and is to start
nrombtly at 8 o'clock, according
to Cojach Guy L. Rathbun.
AlHanv follege won the "Willa
nutte valley conference last year.
They are said to hae a fast team
this year and to have several vet
erans! back. Fact that they are
nuite eaarer for th came is
thought by some Willamette fans
to indicate that they are figuring
on packing a surprise with them.
The Bearcats have started out
the (season with a barnstorming
conqiiesi during which the regu
lar tram was not defeated once.
In tle game with Washougul the
Bearcat scanie out with one point
less than their opponents. Hart-
pv. veteran renter anH Tlhrrt-
(CSn. veteran forward, were not in
the eame. however. Collisoum
beat the second team of the Pear
cats, but were decisively defeatel
by Villamett's first team.
Tlie good .start in the barn
storming season has led local fan
to beilieve that Willamette's chanc
es stand pretty well to the fore in
re?ajd to taking the northwest
conference championship this
First conference game will be
played nevt ; : Tuesday niRht. At
this Ome Willamette will play Lin-
field on the Willamette floor. Lin
field j according to reports reach
ing here from roach Pettit. has a
lightj but fast team this year.
Diiring the last three or four
yearfc I. infield has won more than
her hare of the games with V1I
lamette. With a conference stand
inr at stalre Ti
I . -. v - . mo r
pectM the Bearcats will do what
tbeyj can to keep the long side of
the wore under their name.
The outcome of this game with
Linfeld will be a fair indication
oi y liiamette s chances in the
northwest conference. Willamette
IS considered fit )u iim f :
. . . v i ihivi tit; ijj
tlie game. Lin field, however, has
upset plenty of dope during the
past) year, and Coach Rathbun Is
trailing his men strenuously in
preparation for this tilt as well an
ror the one Saturday night with
All.d... . 11 A
YoUns Jake Schaefer Re
gains Title in Match With
Belgian Champion
ClUCAGO. Jan. . (Br Asso
ciated Press). Young Jake
Schaefer, twice former chaniDion
today regained the world's title at
18.2! balk line billiards to the
Unitjed States when he defeated
Edojuard Horenians. Belgian title
holder, 1500 to 899 after three
500 Ipoint blocks of play.
The score for the final 500
point block today was:,
Schaefer. 500: Horemans, 318
Schaefer compiled the Dhenom
enal average of S3 1MB for his
16 innings during the two nights
and j afternoon of play. It has not
been long, however, since the los
er s aver aee Of 55 10-lfi wnnlrt
hav been considered excellent.
From the openlne innintr Mon
day night Horemans was forced to
right an unhill battle and vtrtn.
ally no one credited him with t-a
char co after Schaefer took the
first block. 500 to 375.
; When the little c h a m. p ion
emerged from last ' night's pliy
with a deficit of 428 points, his
charice to retain the title virtually
wm nullified. j
, D spite . Horemans extremely
poor showing wen his total J
compared with ! Schaefer' be
twicp scored higher run' than the
Amejriean. Horemana'jZia in the
fina inning of the Opening block
was the high run of the match and
oia 231, scored today m his dying
effort to retain the championship!
St' tha schaefer
L-OS ANCELES, Jan. 6. (by
Assbciated ProM.)A colorful
Snickered army of ma.-bio wlelj.
ersjand divot diggers was resting
up tonight preparatory lo tIaaii,g
fortli tomorrow in the prelimlnar
skirmish of the $10,000 battle at
the Loa Angeles Country club, the
greatest open grolf tosrnament
vjvk moiu m me west.
- -'-:::::.'14i mmtm wZa
Richard Barthelmess anfi Dorothy Gish in "The Beautiful City"
are now to be seen at the Oregon theatre. The picture .wilt be shown
today and Friday.
Placque Trophy to Be Grand
Prize for Contest Open
Next Month
Pioneer clubs in Salem are to
stage a contest starting in Febru
ary and lasting until May. The
Boys' work committee of the Sa
lem YMCA, meeting Tuesday eve
ning, voted to purchase a plaqun
trophy to be given as the grand
Just what will be taken into
consideration is determining win
ners of the contest has not yet
boen decided. Athletics, such as
basketball, indoor baseball, swim
ming, and indoor track meets, are
expected to form a large part of
' ,i
the percentage. howeVer. Attend-
untre at Pioneer meetings will also
I count.
j Definite rules and" conditions
j for the contest art to bo worked
Tout early next week.
SEATTLE. Jan. 6. (By Asso
ciated Press. ) Coach Callow, the
University of Washington Varsity
crew coach, and Harry John Dut
ton. freshman mentor, today is
sued a call which starts the Hus
kies' 192 6 campaign on water
PORTLAND. Jan. 6. Al Kar-
asick. the Russian Lion, again
proved superior to Ted Thye's pet
hold, the wristlock, here tonight
when the Russian scored a two
out of three fall victory over Thye.
This was the second time within ;
two weeks that Karasirk defeated
Thye. and both times it was Kar
asick's head grip that has turned
the trick.
This is "Hunch"
ttne of the most famous dunacicrs
in advertising history. Recognized
tall over the world as the Prince
Albert man. You can find his proto
type in any toirn. He's up on pnli.
tics, baseball and horses, and has
tlie real low-down on pipe tobacco.
Name's "HUKLIJ. '
smd. you
t los
GET put that little old jimmy-pipe. Fill
J the bowl to the brim with Prince Albert
and light up! Will you like it? Man,
manlr poes a kid like ice cream? Can
a biiUfrog dive? You bet you will like it,
like you never liked anything before.
,' w
i .uctaur, wnac a marrs smokappctite out bite and parch ab-so-lute-ly!
hanker for, Prince Albert's got nothing : So, slip into top-speed and head for
r; ics, 5ir you can bet your
life onljiat,: Tou'ttifire-up; right after
breakfast and stay with it till the little
blue "stars wig-wag "HSood night.,
!, Necr was a pipe tobacco like , good
no other , tobacco" is like it I
Normal Student Teachers
Taking Practical Work!
in the Schools
The following student teachers,
all from the Oregon state normal
school.. Monmouth, with Mrs.: M.
E. Mitchell as supervisor, are here
for six weeks practical work in
our.' grade schools: Flora Hasa-nav-
fs'ola Ingalls, Kathryn Frie
seij Marga;ret Sims, Lucille Bur
ton Ruth tpverlund. Laura L'bl
min. Rosamund I'omeroy. tois
Robnett, Ora Golliels. Hazel Kill
ingbeck, Kathleen Booth, Lois
Reid, Anna Cass, Patricia Beards
ley, Lucille Addison.
They will be assigned to work
in the various grades, with the
resular tieacher for each room in
attendance. This plan, with some
modifications, is bring used in a
number of schools near Monmouth
and Is very satisfactory.
At r Xnrsos' Training School
Miss Bertha Brown, the only
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. P.
; Brown, left Monday for Portland
where she has entered the nurses'
training school of Good Samaritan
hospital. Miss Brown graduated
from Falls City high school last
June and has been planning for
this work for several months.
Local and Personal
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Bow
man came up from Silverton and
spent the Christmas holidays with
Mr. Bowman's parents. Mr. and
Mrs. J. A. Bowman. They spent
Friday as guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Kllis Breeden. Mrs. Bowman was
formerly Miss Faye Hancock' of
Silverton. They will return to
their home in Silverton Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Ensign
and Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Crawford
and L. P. Netherton were visitors
Fh'Is City for Christmas, visit
ing their, parents, Mr. and Mrs.
old P. A. Cool and sweet and soothing,
the smoke zooms up the stem, bowling
over pet peeves and filling your system
with a new kind of joy. .And how kind
it is to your tongue and throat. That's'
because thr. Prin- A(Vt-
iww bun
; the nearest store where
. jimmy-pipe joy in tidy red tins. If you
Iiavep't got a jimmy-pipe, get one now.
Then borrow a match and you're all set
, for a smoke experience! ; '
A If 'll'irTP
Wilbur Rhoades. and grandparents,-.Mr.
and Mrs. Daniel Arrancp.
. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Hopkins
were visitors in Eugene last week
as : guests of their friend, Mrs.
William II. .Varney, who has
been spending several weeks with
hi3 cousin. ,Carl H. Olson, left on
December .30 for Boston, Mass.,
where he goes to visit his mother,
Mr. and Mrs. D. Arranee and
Mrsi.. Nellie Ast and family enjoyed
a family Christmas. ' cinner .with
Mr. and Mrsl A. la Arranee.
Dr. W. L. Pemberton made a
professional visit to Falls City on
Monday, driving up from Dallas
John Chappell left Tuesday for
Valsetz where he will run a wood
saw for one of the Cebbs & Mitclvf
ell camps. Mrs. Chappell will go
to Valsets in a few days. : "
Mrs. E. P. BroW n drove to Port
land and returned Monday.
Dr. W. L. rcmberton of Dallas
was in the city on- professional
business Monday. ) . .
Vernon L. Estelle. jwho has been
spending the holidays with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs',
!, William Es:
telle, has returned
to Manaryjs
camp, near Toledo, where he has
employment. j -
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Vick and
children, Lorraine and Roy,. -enjoyed
New Year's dinner with
Mrs. Vick's parents, Mr. and "Mrs.
Ira Mehrling. i Mrs. - Vick and
children spent several days with
Mr. and Mrs. Mehrling, returning
home Sunday when Mr. Vick drove
over from Salem for them.':
Falls City high school will play
basketball at home next -'Friday,
January S, when the Rickfeall
team will come here for their -second
game with Falls City.
Born, on Monday, January 4,
to the wife of Fred Dunn, - a
Miss Ardella Dun lop was in
town a few dayst last week, the
guest of numerous friends.
Miss Gwendolyn Mickalson
spent several Mays last week
among her friends here, and re
turned to her home in Philomath
Mr. rand Mrs. Dan Taylor and
sons were recent visitors at the
home of Mrs. Taylor's sister, Mrs.
S. L. Buell.
Vance Pollock returned from
1 1
they hand out
- j v-,?r ':-K'!' ,'"-- ;' ' '-': I
I . ' . - . "
, ! - . . . . -. i
4 - ' ' . .,. .;,.J ..i .!'' '- :-. 5?
i f t '
- r . , f i
Salem-Woodburn and Scotts
Mills-Stayton to Meet
; on January 23 j .
' J. C Nelson,; principal of the
Salem hfgb, school. and director of
the middle. Willamette, debating
district.! annqunte yesterda kthe
schedule for debates in Marlon.
Polk,' Linn and .Benton counties.
- .First to come are two dual de
bates and; two triangular debates.3
The dual debates will be held.- Jan
uary 23. j At this time. In Mhrion,
eo'nnty, -Salem -will meet food
burn.andj ; Scotts 'Mills willmeet
Stayton. f
Triangular debates will alo b
held on January 23. In I teuton
and Linn counties,- CorvalHs. Al
bany and Halsey will hold ajthree
cornered meet, ' Dallas, Indpend
ence and Monmouth are contest
ants in the Polk county triaagular
meet. ...... : : "'
Dual debates will be arranged
between the winners of thj first
dual meets and between the win
ners of the first, triangular meet.
Thewinners'of these will meet in
a dual debate' on February 19.
The. second round of the debates,
according: to: tentative dates, will
be held February 6. -
Question to be . used, by alt
schools i: "Resojved: That the
child labor amendment to.tjie fed
eral constitution should be "adopt
ed." . This question will also be
debated when Salem high 'school
meet the debating team' of Ihe Sa
lem, Mass., high school. This de
bate I scheduled to take!- place
some time in May. - . i
, t
Klamath Falls ,last Saturday
where he spent a short time visit
ing, friends. !;'
3Hss Verna Tittle was over
from Monmouth for a fe4 days'
visit with Ila Buell. J i
'- A'-
9. A. if nW rmifr in lUy rJ
Hh tponemoitlemrr imp. 44
"rfT " ty mf tit rr
wmmvi.4 tT th trim Alktt
If J
ountata Stttea roPi U,
pany will have 60 aca rehalidlaa
vi'Mutiiium-iuoany line. -
....-4.;:, . 4 . v ' r, : '