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    - WEDNESDAY'. MOUNINfl. JANUARY- 6, .102(1 -
E MFMi SSE' iUilil "i&SM
Complainants Sefck to Re-I Oregon Linen Wills Expert
, coven $165,000 Ftonv- I Negotiating for Foreign
v .-:vv.-: .
Our Annual January
Railroad Company
The stato suprrae court yester
day hfartt Arguments of attorneys
In tho Bults brought by the BoolU
Kelly Lumber company and Ham
mond and Winton to rfefcover from
th nrpffnn California Railroad,
company approximately S1S5.0O0.,1
The reeorda in the ca&e show
that the Booth-Kelly company
contracted trith the defendant cor-f
poration for the purchase of .47,
000 acres of railroad rant lands
'for whleft It" was' to - pay $7 an!
acre. A" similar contract was ne-i
K filiated by Hammond and Win-t
ton for. "the" purchase of 119.283!
acres of tho print lands at 110 an
acre.; 7',' "" I. . '. S' "
. U was allowed lhat'aher payinar
this amount of money for the
lands tho rrant was .revoked by
an act of congress with the result
that the- plaint I Tf corporations
wre romDelled to pay to the fed
eral eovernmont an - additional
$2.50 an acre. to obtain, satisfac
tory title. . ' . ' ( , - -
Suit later was started by the
Itooth-Kelly Lumber company and
Hammond and Winten to recoTer
from the .railroad corporation a
refund of SJ.50' an acre, which
was the amount the plaintiffs
wftre oomnelled to Pay. to the feot-
ernment. Tne "drcUit court for
Multnomah county held for the
plaintiffs with the result that the
suit later was, appealed" to the
xt&le supreme court. , ,
I : -The Rooth-Keli eo m n a n 7
- rlnlmn ft refund of $177,000. while
Hammond and Winton are asking
to recover approximately 548,500.
W. Williams.; rppresentlnK
t lie -United States attorney i?en-
eral's office in Washington, was
- here-today to , protect the Rorern-
i melt's interest. In the suits.
Contract for $100,000 worth of
preparing and spinning machinery
for Ihe new Oregon, Linen Mills,
Inc., Was being worked out yester
day by J. 3. Aldred, representing
the Splcm plant, and Mr-.Oliver.
rt-nrSentinjs machinery minufac-
tnrers of Europe, 'ine rcacumery,
it Is, understood, is to be manufac
tured in Leeds and fa Belfast.
Mr. Aldred and Mr. Oliver are in
New iYork at present. ,
A inbcial. meeting ot the board
nt directors of the linen mill will
be held Monday. It is expected
that Ihe" contract will be signed at
this itime. Mr. Aldred and Mr.
Oliver are planning to wire the
contract to Salem In order to get
action as swiftly as possible.
It "is understood that 9v days
will be allowed from date of sign
Ing the contract for the manuTac
turlrig of the machinery." This
would mean that the machinery
would be ready -for shipment to
Salem about May. It is predicted
that: several shinments will be re
quired. However, officers of the
plant hope to" have 'the mill In op
eration before the end", of August.
The machinery to be purchased
in Europe is entirely new. Spme
second hand machinery wasi re-
ctfntljr'purchased In Lockport, New
TorkL This, however, 4s for weav
ing I and finishing while the new
machinery is for repairing and
The Salem plant Is to be an ex-
hatitfvn mia. In FTnrone. It is
saidj preparing and spinning are
handled by one plant and weaving
anrt i finishing by . another. The
Salein mill, however, will perform
all these functions.
.,.'. (ContUufJ ttom pit J.)
i (Continued I mm page 1.)
$47.250. Of this amount $203,-
228.05 was expended in 1925.
tSbn that - common ; carriers are There remains in the funds ol
fivajiter special privileges or Im-1 this institution for the year 192C
inuhItIert,'for they arejrequlred to the amount of $23,523.28. This
!ay 1 4 for each passenger. In ad- institution shows a slight deficit
ditSon : to the- fees prescribed ac- Jn 1 its operating expense account
cording to the weight of the motor I and !a slight surplus in Us salary
vehicle. :".'.. ' 1 and ;wage account.
commercial venicies usea ex- R.nooi foP the deaf
cuslvely m selling and or deliver- ha; an approprjation of $112,-
gqoaa, wares, ana racrvuanujse -04 ,fttP the biennium. Of this
within" five miles' of the boundar- mJnTlt thpro'. WM exnended .In
its of a cltyare exempted, It may 1925 a total of $52,870.60. There
be,-tor the reason tnat tne, street Uemaln8 ln the funds of this In-
ftt municipalities re punt ana .ttlon for 192 a total of f60,-
liiamatinea Dy , special assessment 1 j jyIj
lunds ana not ny motor vemcie 11- t 0f $63,840 aDoronriated 1
cense ices. . I fnr khn rondnet. of the state indus-
Business houses occaseionally trIajj scllooi for Kiris there re-
uiseu w '""i jnaias 528.611.47 lor the year
commerce -to customers . Deyona iqfi RxTvenrtitiires for 1925 ae-
corporate limits,; and the Tgisla-, gregated $35,228.53.
ture In , Its discretion, grantea ; to ea8tern Oregon state hos-
thl3 class the privilege of so .using krtai a hi-nnial annroorfa-
the Highways beyond corporate JtIoiJ. of 617.800; expended $280,-
limits wumn a. uiajieo. ruu. IH34.29 durinc 1925. -leaving a
This concession la not unreaeott-
eble in view of the fact that our
wonderful' system ";' ntghways
f euld not have been built or main
tained had -ft "not been Tor'the
- thousands -of oteners of commer
. lal vehicles whose, places of bus
: Iness are in the cities and ho sel
dom use the, "highways, f et they
i pay their Just" portion of this pub
lic burden. Hut, say the petition
ers, why make it a five limit?
Wliy not 10, 20 or"3.0 miles? With
like propriety' we might ask. why
dW the legislature tetluire a Cer
tain license1 fee for an automobile
Laving, a weight, of 2000. pounds?
Why not fix the fee on, a basis, of
r.oOo, pounds?,,, . 1
j -Such matters -rest wlthlnthe
Vdiscretfon of the.leglslafuro and
are subject to review wneit .tltelr
purpose lteepingr'wllh" the gent
ral legislation . of the state m
gilding and' malntafning" roads.
' A it Is .reasonable to require -"'a
jereater' feo 'for :the: operation; at
hVavIef 1 automobile because t ot
. damage "sustained by the "roads, it
is likewise 'just and .'equitable to
. xact nigher fees of owners Who
ore given the right and privilege
of operating fhelr motor vehicles
over a greater extent of highways.
ThisV" law. . makes . no . distinction
among those ot thejsame class. Jit
' treats all alike who are uimllariy
Kituated, and . thereby -meets ithe
constitutional requirement that
all citizens must be given equal
5 ' protection f the laws.
" "Realtors complain.; because the
act makes a fMstinetion between
the buyer' and tlrt seller in J,the
operation ot commercial vehicles.
Why should it not be so in view
of the greater use of. the road by
the latter class? W think there
s reasonable ground for the ; dis
tinction,. ,'i J 1 . , ,
'After careful consideration we
are of the opinion that the act In
(tuestion is constitutional and that
Its classifications have a reason
Aft! hncia The Bcrptsi.rv tit Statn
was right in refusing to issue 11
.'j. ttnses to the ; petitioners for the
reason that they failed to Iflclud
in their tenders the additional tax
: uhich t the statute ! requires.; I
follows that ihe demurrer to the
alternative writ of . mandamus is
- Kustafaed a'ud the cause dismiss
ed.". " -
balance of $337,365.71 for the
yefcr .1926.' There was appropri
ated for this institution for bet
terments $271,000, ot which!
$121,472.51, has been expended.
There remains available for im
provements in 1928 the amount
of i fcl49.527.49. ; Out of a total j
appropriation of $75,080 author
ized for the Old Soldiers Home
fof ! the biennium, there remains
$36174.93. There was expended
at! this institution la 1925 a total!
of $38. 604.07.
' . The Oregon employment institu
tion for, 'the blind had an appro-
priaiion 01 4z,ja.z, pi wnicn
$37,822.66 had been expended.
There remains in the funds of
this lnstltutioa only 4532.57,
which will jnot: be; sufficient. to
conduct the) plaht 'during more
thRnone; or? two months of this
Goingf after a thing la of course
THE DALLES, Ore., Jan. 5.
(Ry Associated Tress). Philip It. 1
Kftowles, 64, prominent Dufur
merchant and " ex-mayor of that
city. :. died-, today following- an
apopietlc stroke. Funeral services
wm .be held Thursday at t)ufur.
Fesl Sphnd!d!
T :'IWnt stay&ead-
i achy, dizzy; bilious.
' constipated, sick!
- One or two pleas-1
ant caifid jr- like
'Cascareta" - taken
; any time will mild
ly stimulate your
liver and start!
our'bowelsV Then
oii will both look
and" feel clean: - sweet and "re
freshed. Your head will be clear,
stomach sweet, tongue pink and
your ckin rofT,,
h Because "CatcaretsT nevr grtpe
or sicken. It lias become the larg
est selling laxative in the world.
h Directions for men, women, chil
.it t m.
1 n
9-4 Pequot Sheeting 59c
Regular standard qualHy, bleached, high grade Sheeting
Turkish Towels 25c
Double Thread xrjodi quality Turkish Towels
27 Inch White Outing Flannel 19c
i Extra good quality Suitable for. infants, and
! pexi vear purposes i
; 36 Inch White Outing Flannel 22c
In this nortineht jafe'altolored stripps suitable for
I : Night ,Gowita rtnd Pa jatnas 1
36 In Rayon Crepes
Clearance a fij.f. (i
price, yd. .plUU
An xtra large display of
this popular material
suitable f or the . : new
spring dresses. . . '
Everfast Suiting
49 c
New Spring
Price !.
The new 1926 price is to
be 49c look for name on
selvage of every yard.
Colored Corduroys 69c
,13 inch colored Corduroys, regular Waterside Washable
i Silk Draperies
Ounentire-stock; Tanging
in widths 36 to 46 inches,
$uch colors as Rose, Gold,
Blue, Mulberry, also
fancy, stripes and bro
cades. , j .
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I and J -2Price
i Wdolen Dress
i ". Goods ;
56 inches widd C0 CQ
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n this assortmentof odd
lots are values up to $3.95
a yard. All wool plain
fabrics, also stripes fand
checks. .j '.v
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A lot of short, lenetbs
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able for dresses, .linings
and blouses. . . - ,
Curtain Nets
36 inch Clear
ance , price, yd
A- large assortment of
-colored, ecru and ivory
curtain nets for window
Chenille Brocade
40 inches
Regular values up to
$8.45, Lovely colorings
and patterns, suitable for
fancy dresses. ,
Dress Silks
Clearance prices. 54 inch
Satin Charmuese and
Satin Crepe, regular.
$7.98, Clear- tfr, AO
ance price yd. JJ50.
Many Other Bargains in Silks, Woolen
- Dress Goods nd Coatings ,
bwfisteiffs. Store
; : Clearance' Sale Bargains
Children's Hose
la pair ' i
Towels, 25x14
each i ....
40 inch Unbleach-. J
led Muslin, vd l"C
27 inch1 Outing t ; !
Flannel, t yd " V
Girls" white Middies reg
ular .1.50 and
Women's "Outsize Hose a
pair 75c t 95c OQ
value, a pair ,.
i , I.
$1.25 Shtets,
81x90 each.I...
$1.25 Shtets, CI HA
$1.98 .Values at.-,
Fancy covered flatAn j,'
Baskets ...r..;i. C
Women's Pajamas ..and
Night Gowns QQ.
$1.25 and?1.50 at .pOC
Women's $1.98 ji Q
Dresses at. yI'TXf
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-Dresses Tit;
Women's Union
Women's -f19c ;
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Heavy otton Blankets, Women's ' $5.95, $50,
64x76, regular CO'IC ?4.50 Dresses " (JO AO
$2.98 at .....5i f . It i.:.::..;$Z;yo
-Vi r-H.
-i tv
Of All Stocks Begins
10 oWlojbk .m.
And there will be crowds of eager buyers--liiere
always hs and"there alway?"
for it marks the period ot greatest value giv
ing and lowest price or
chandise. -
Silks- Woolens- Wash FabricsLinens
Women 's Cdats--Dresses--Cdrsets
' ' " ' - Etc Etc. ' ' -V - - ' ' ,
le mer-
Here are just a few of the mfiny items offered we can't
list all of the bargains. Come and share in this clearance.
1475 $
175 $
Our winter coat stocks must be reduced ; they simply must
be cleared out, and we feel thajt at the pribes they're now
marked they'll go out aflying. 1. Quality is of Kafoury
standard for every coat is from our regular stock, i
To Clean Up P
Former values up to $6.50
Now Odds and Ends
Women's Cotton Wash Blouses, former $2.98 d 4A
values, Clearance price
Pettibocker Bloomers, made of good quality , QO
Venetian Sateen, $2.79 value for 01
Silk w Wool i - !
Special Lot, former values & A 7C
from $15.00, $16.00 to $25.00 $lJ I J
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Canton .Crepe, Crepe Satin and Crepe-de Chine.,- 1
One lot of Women's Corsets
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One' lot of Women's Brassieres :
Clearance Sale price,.v.J.,i;.w-
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V ' ;
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Infants' Shirts
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Regular cotton and wool; silk and wool, and ylQ
all wool, values to $2.00, to clean up quickly
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White Muslinwear
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xrr : j vvr "i r '. V. . v f
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Clearance Sale-nrice.? each....... 1 '.Jv-vyy.
V -AC A1.---;AS- Xv A AC vsS ?JX IAS' S
"Can and Do"
400 Ktato Street
roRTTiAxT snor
, 53.1. Altler Strbt
, -, .
' ceces5ary' but .getting - it is all
dren on each box any 'drugstore.