The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 26, 1925, Page 6, Image 6

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Salem Society News
. By., AUDRED BUNCH Phone 106
Woman Club Today
The last meeting of the Salem
Woman's club 'for ; the year Is
scheduled for this afternoon at
2:30 o'clock in the cljibl; house,
with" a board meeting announced
for two. with 'Mrs. William For
dyce Fargo, the president, presid
ing. ' . '
Christmas carols by the group
will open the program, with Mrs.
La Moine R. Jliark leading. Es
pecially delightful on Ihe program
will be the three groups of read
ings which Miaa Carol S. Dibble
will giTe. A girls' trio from Wil
lamette university,' including Bliss
ri4.a iiiiT.ii... ikTi n..ii. IT1.
vnauja iuij i c, iuinn nuiu uciu-
ick and Miss Eloia Heineck, with
Miss Iconise FinSIey accompaning
Will- sing. : .
Artea hour will w follow with
Mrs. C. K. Spaulding and Mrs. S.
M. Endicott; presiding at the urns.
Mt89 Nue Home ' '
Miss Doris Nye -of Centralia Is
spending' the vacation with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs.C A. Nye.
Miss Nye is a high Rohool student
in Centralia. -- . '
Recovering From Illness '
.The "many Salem friends -of
Mrs, John 1. Brady, who is now
making her home in ' Pocatello.
Idaho, will bo glad 1o know that
she is recovering nicely from an
attack of pneumonia. ;
Visitors From Vancouver
v. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mor of
Vancouver, Wash., are spending
' the Christmas holidays as guests
. of Mrs.. Morse's parents. Dr. and
Mrs. 11. , t. Steeves.
Minx Jennimn Home
Miss lOdna JennHon, danjjhter
of Mri and Mrs;. J. II. Jennison; is
spending the. vacation season at
her home. Miss Jennison. is a
member of the high school faculty
at. Mill Plain, Wash. "
Motor Trip South
Mr. and Mrs. II. L. Matsters
and L. n. Marsters plan to leave
Moftday for an extended motor
trip to California and Arizona
where they will spend the winter.
They will be the guests in Phoe
nix of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Simons,
the son-in-law and daughter of L.
B. Marsters. - -
Christmas at Golden Home
Mr.- and Mrs. Wayne E. Kain
fAnnabelle Golden) of Portland
ares, house guests for ! the Christ
mas week-end of Mrs, Kain's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Golden.
Guests of Parents'
Miss Gladys Wilson of Hood
River and Miss Carolyn Wilson of
Cdquille, Or., are spending the
Christmas holidas at the home of
; thfr parents, Mr., and Mrs. C. F.
Wilson on North Cottage street.
the party and dinner: Mr. vand
Mrs. D. W. Morley, Josephine,
Danny and Tommy Morley, Mr.
and Mrs. W. II. Morley, Oswell,
Ansel, Ellen and Phyllis Morley,
Lane Morley, Laurence and Ells
worth Morfey, Herbert; Morley,
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Marty,Mrs.
Bertha Marsters, Hazel and Ken
neth Marsters. .,
Christmas in Independence
: Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Hodge, Miss
Frances Hodge and Mr. and Mrs.
Merle Rosecrans spent Christmas
day in Independence as guests of
Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Kreamer.
Guests From Portland
, House guests on Christina day
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
Glover were Mrs. C. R. Thompson
of Portland and Nancy and Rich
ard Thompson. The Thompsons
plan to be in Salem until Sunday.
Helen Keller
Film at Church
Helen Keller will be presented
in the film, "Deliverance." a three-
art photodrama, at theFirst Con
gregational church tomorrow eve
ning at 7:30 o'clock. The film
ix . announced with the caption.
"My Message to the World." Ann
Mason will take the role of Helen
The following interesting sum
mary is issued by the manage
Th highlights in the life of
Helen Keller are unfolded in the
film "Deliverance.". It is divided
int thrfe parts, the first showing
her childhood, the next maiden
hood, and the last as she is to
Mr. and Mrs. Eartok
One of the most attractive af
fairs of the entire Christmas week
took place Tuesday wheft Dr. and
Mrs. A. ' G. Bates, Mr. aad Mrs.
Walter Taylor and Prof, and Mrs.
T. S. Roberts entertained, at an
evening jif events for the. pleasure
of Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Barton.
The evening opened with a for
mal dinner at 6:30 o'clock at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Wajter Tay
lor at ' 483 North Nineteenth
street, with covers placed for 18.
Hotly and red candles .were feat
ured in the decorating, while the
menn savored in every detail of
the holiday season, i '
Two hours later the guests
., were invited to the home of Dr
and .Mrs. Bates. Here a laden
j-Christmas tre awaited. After
the distribution of -gifts and the
singing of Christmas, carols the
guests adjourned again, and met
at thfr home of;Frof. and Mrs. T
. S.-Hoberts, where the rest of the
: evening wm ppenfc-Jn a social way.
-j guest group of the evening
included Mr. and Mrs-. F. S. Bar
ton, Mr. and ' Mrs. C. H. Robert-
sun, .Mr. and Mrs. It. I). Barton,
Miss Lulu Rosamund Walton,
(Jeorgla. F. Snecd, Miss Bertha
Lois Taylor. Julian, P. Prescbtt of
CorTallis, Ralph Emmons, Wesley
Purdyand the hosts, Mr. and Mrs.
-i Walter Taylor, Prof, and Mrs. T.
. S. Roberts and Mr. and Mrs. A. G
' Bates. ' t
Christmas Tree and Dinner
- The W H. Morley borne on
j route 5 was the scene of a genuine
celebration of Christmas, with a
tree, of laden boughs and a Santa
Clans as honor guest.
. On Christmas day the D. H
Morley home on Center street was
the scene of a dinner and family
reunion. ,
. The following were present at
; Helen Roller became leat and
dumb when an infant of 18
months, as a result of a fever, and
is shown in the film after the ex
piration, of five years as an un
tamed little animal, impetuous,
strong-willed and quarrelsome.
Then Anne Sullivan, her teacher,
came into her life, and together
they commenced that development
of one of the most powerful minds
of the times, which has startled
the world.
In a dramatic manner the film
shows how hor teacher communi
cated a knowledge of externals
to her mind, and ths simple foun
dation received the enormous su
perstruetifre which stands today
as Helen Keller's intellect and
In maidenhood the film shows
Helen at Radcliife college con
quering her way into the kingdom
of learning with .tremendous
strides against overpowering ob-.
ptacles. While at college she falls
in love, not with a man of flesh
ahd blood, but with a phantom,
Ulysses, from her beloved poet,
Homer. She is visited by notables;
receives a fine compliment from
Mark Twain, and calls upon Jo
seph Jefferson in his dressing-
room at the theater while playing
Rip Yan Winkle. - ,
! In the third part we have Helen
Keller, herself. The picture re
veals her evfery day life, showing
the activities of a wonderful
mind, as well as, her mastery over
her phsical being. We have views
of Helen dancing, riding on horse
back, listening to instrumental j
and vocal music through impres
sions received by. vibrations, beat-
ing time with an orchestra, ac-j
eompanying a friend in song by!
laying her fingers upon the lips,
etc. !
r A critic upon one of the great
New York dailies has written aS
"It is not a dull, didactic film.
It is a living, pulsing representa
tion of the biggest battle human
soul ever fought and won.. It is
shot through with laughter and
tears and it sends you away wih
a new desire for the things that
Not the least noteworthy char
acteristic of Helen Keller is her
sense of humor, her constant
cheerfulness, her optimism and
refreshing utlook upon life. With
it allshehas a tremendous lesson
for humanity, and the fiilm closes
in an allegory in which she is
mounted on horseback and leads
the multitudes into the true vi.w
ion of Life and Destiny.
When the film was first shown
at a New York theater critics rep
resenting all of the New York
daily papers were present, and
upon the following day there was
an unprecedented aocord of won
der and praise.
While the story has tremen
dous dramatic power and match
less for entertainment .purposes,
it carries a lesson of effort and
encouragement Khat preaches an
absorbing termon.
Home Guest for Holidays
l)r. and Mrs. J. sneney jsaur
man entertained as their guests
on Christmas day' Mr. and Mrs.
If. I. Holman of Portland, Mrs,
Anna Roach of Portland and Miss
Edith Burk halter.
Guests for Weddina
Out of town guests present at
the Emmons-Lindie wedding
which was solemnized in a quiet
manner on Christmas day at the
W. W. Emmons home, included
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Lindle of
Oregon City, Miss Judith Joy, Mr.
F. H. Joy of Portland, Miss Jean
Spragg and Miss Anne Lindle.
Daughters of the
American Revolution
Those in charge have announc
ed a change n, the program calen
dar of Chemeketa chapter, Daugh
ters of the American Revolution,
which will bring the March pro
gram before the group at the regr
ular meeting date for January, on
January 6.
Members of the chapter will "be
guests at this time of Mrs. H, B.
Thielsen at her home on Court
street. The program will consist
of a paper entitled "Landmarks
of State and City," by Mrs. A. A.
T'nderhill, and a paper, "Mile
stones in the History of Oregon,"
by Miss Eva Ferree.
w' Assisting Mrs. Thielsen a hos
tesses will be Mrs. G. ' I van Put
nam. Mrs. Edward Jury and Mitu
Lillian Applegate.
Dinner at Mapleglen
Mapleglen Farm, the country
fiome of Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Min
ard,was the scene of an attractive
dinner party on Christmas - day.
Places were arranged for guests
at 2 o'clock. Poinsettas, red can
dles -in c-rystal hlders and holly
provided the decorative scheme.
Health and wealth don't work
welf in double harness.
BORDERIGHA. Italy, Dec 25.
.m Associated Press.) The
gherita has.' considerably;, 1m.
provedd. The 'bulletin issued ; by
the attending physician today says
that the plenrtsy-from which she
lias been, uffering . his "sensibly
ameliorated." . ! v
(By Associated i-ress.; . ki'iL vm .
condition of Dowager Queen Mar- Say It With 0. UaSSIIieQ Ad)
cf had or throat is tisnall
ucutriuBu py rat vapors
TJ. 8.
Steusloff Bros. Market
Corner Court and Liberty Phone 1528
Peerless; Bakery
Our regular Prices of Bread, ,
l2 lb. loaf, 13c 2 for 25c; 1 lb. loaf 9c, S for 25c
Cookies, 2 dozen for ....2oc
Butter Horns, 6 for, 25c
Apple Turnovers, 6 for 25c
Cakes, all varieties -. 15c up to 50c
Doughnuts, Cinnamon Rplla, Tea .Sticks flnd Buns,
per dozen . . '. 20c
pies 10c and 25c
Milk, Bread, jn-ench and ; Rye Bread, 3 loaves.2Sc
We Serye Coffee and Lunches
Try Our Krause's Candy
Frco to Our Customers
UnUI Januarxt10, every customer buying 100 to 500 fruit
WiJL1 receive iu rruij trees FREE.' IT
cZT??e nut trees will re
ceive 25 fruit trees FREE.
: . ' Office in New Salem Hotel building, 169 South High
phavpc m rear of Office ; i V
PH0NES:rlC.E.1l1.& :i Nu4ryUllF21
mm- n
1 1
11 It'
We would call your attention to our two front windows where we
have assembled a representative showing of the new spring frocks.
"More beatuiful than ever" "aren't they stunning" "Oh, look at-thisjj H
darling" are just some of the exclamations that were heard when the!
ready-to-wear staff was invited to "the opening" of the huge xpress
boxes. ' : ,
They are truly wonderful, dresses that just a few years ago would
have to sell at about three times the amount. -Best of all are the quality .
materials, not the frail textures that one would ordinarily expect to find
in merchandise of this price. It is indeed a pleasure to offer these "
dresses another pillar in Shipley's building of quality merchandise at
popular prices. "
Crepe de chine, figured crepe and; satin back crepes in the bright
spring shades. - B4ize, blue, peach, 1 lavender, pink, lip stick red and
metalic lace with colorful Ilowers. Some, are made along the straight
lines while others are of the two piece type "with flare skirt1 and still
others with the slightly praised waistline. A fairly-good idea of the
styles can be gleaned from pur window display, but' we would like to haye f
you examine the materials more closely. '
" i-...