The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 26, 1925, Page 3, Image 3

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Phones 48 and 49; i
Cocoanut White, Laundry
10 bam
Fairy jSoap large size cakes,
-2.Iars . .....::. ,
Armour's Hand Soap,
7 bars
ife Buoy,' ToiTeV oap,
i bars .
Sar Naptha; Washing Powder, f Q
arge size pkg. ....-.......; XC
Armour's Washing PowdeV, 1Qv
large size pkg..: . .1: 1C
l tf; hi -CATSUP. ; ; ; ;
- ftedlRijbtjoiit Catsup', ltf bz. bbtftes OO -
each' ZoC
No. 10 Del Monte Catsup, . orc Princess rfard Wheat , 0
- per can ..J. 1-.' .ODC per sack ......1. $L.LJ
11 " .uy. ., :. .- r . . , . . .
: PhoneVour orders save, time save money and save yourself. We do not charge
QurVeaiherKaLn 1
V Probably Haiii ; .
f Cloudy, probably rain on coast;
moderate temperature, . fresh
southeast and south 'winds. .Max.
0; Mln. 42; KlTer.;8.7, lalling;
Rainfall none; Atmosphere partly
cloudy ; Wind northeast. . , ::
Sharp Sign Serice- J- '
j. Mored to new locatios, ! 60
Frry St.. Salem Phone 394. 426
Big Oearanc .ale--- . . ,
Now a at.GIesePowers Furni
tire store. "".' .' v " d26
Trade TlurrT6SrHay6"
r For what jon. want -fiee Ter-
Ininal Realtors, Terminal hotel
lobby. V' VjydStt
"Hotel Marlon zt"
I Dollar dJsnecTe4fr5to 8
eVer& evening. y , y i - d2tf
Fwmlfnre VphoUtctj ,
i .And repairing, v, Giese-Powers
Furniture company. s20tf
-, ;
Vantl Family 3Ian
, To crfTwood otlbg.' See Ter
ra Inal Realtors, Terminal Hotel
Lobby; . ! ,:r - r d2?tf
'Big Clearance Sal
: Now on at Giese-Powers Furni
" I
ture store.-
JfeWvYears, Xew Home
V Take"- this 4 rooms' new wKh
Juroaee, fireplace, hardwood, etc.
We hare three north, south and
ast." $3600 tto J3800. Terms,
i 100 to $600 dowi, "balance like
rent. Immediate possession on 2.
JBeckc & Hendricks,, 189. N. High
street. d25tt
A New Pipe Organ Record-
, By the new electrical-process;
ajreal treat. Stop in at SUIfa and
3iar it, ... d8
it elusive Distribution-
i For W. W. Kimball nianos. A.
B. Chase, DaTenport & Tracy,
Bush, & Gerts. Moore's Music
House; 409-415 Court. T s20tf
BIk (Clearance Sale . ' yx ,
" ,Now on at Glese-Powers Furnl
ture : stored ' , ' 'd26
'Marcell's Jilracle V . -r4 -I
' Mineral for your belter health.
For fre"eV Interview write G. IL
Gazeley, ' special representative,
Box 339. i . i J3
New Hed Seal Ilecorti . .
- - Single, faced," tic and 33 c Stiffs
Furniture Col d5tf
1920, Calendar Iee, Homer IL
. smith ina. Agency, over Millers,
-v -j. . d22t(
r 106 Calendar Tree, Homer H.
Smith Ins.. Agency, over Millers.
Iroperty Owner? m
i . Have.- yon troubles " with your
real estate or1 insurance? It's our
business;1- bringj-them ia. Becke
& Hendricks, 18N. lUgh. d25tf
FarBiture "Upholstery
rcpairu.... GieBe-Powers
I Furniture company. ' . s20tf
- JMrect Factory Braaeh '
51V Court Street rboo SSS
- Typewriter! jReated, Sold,
f. Repaired ' '
Special rental rates to stsde&ts
: AsrtlaiMfn sa4 rotjSi ZaaUn,
T1 cms for VH-rrattar, Sters
7X ort CMuamuU. ,
. tiesee Pfcoas 181S-W
155 North-Commercial St.
Zlb&TB&f Bulk y,i - ; ; OCiT
Cocoa .:mC
I Id! seet drlnKng' . 1 nr '
Chocolate ..-..:..... ;ZjC
Bulk Coffee "Overland Blend," In .
per lb. J. fi&C
9 C
3 lbs.
Quaker, pure
per sack
lor delivery -
iVEmg IN
Business Building. Cheap-
New brick,' with exceUent lease
to net 9; per-cent. 2;,0 00 ;f 7,0 0 6
toi handle. v-Heal buXr Bec)u3 ,&
Hen'dricks; 183 N. Iligltl" d2.5tf
Now on at Ciese-Poweri Furni
ture store'. . f , d.26
Spot 'Dante, lriies-- v, - " '
Schindler hall tonight". , , d26
Ueuioves Cancciw-, . ,
Dr Stone, by the use-of medi
cine, removed a large cancer yesterday-
frojn the ear of II. H.
Bauer of gilrcrtou. , d2,fi
- t m hi 'i W " l"1 i ' '" tj T
3Ioved - . , .
Mrs." McCIean, dressmaker, to
241 S. High.. PhoneTSZW. d27
Ladles ol St. JoRcpU Parish
' Itummasfi: sale, this afternoon.
Spot Dancerttla-" ' "r
v Schindler hair tonight.
In. this city. Friday, DeceThber
25, GeorggJJV,Yo.iing,,lag.S ,i75.
Funeral announcement later by
the Webb f uneral 'j'ar lors.
i Angorine Miller, in this city, on
Friday, December25rat-the age
of 75 years. .(iHis .body will; be
forwarded to Portland by the
Webb funeral parlors for funeral
services and interment.
Ja . til lis city. Dec. 23, Bernard i,
Moritz age 73 years, husband of
Mrs. Volene Moritz. residents of
Jefferson fathej. of. T, l and.J
Moritz of Salem. Mrs, C. J.
son of Brookings. S. Oak., Mrs.iW.
O, Egeland of Glenlefit. S. Dak.,
Mrs. Johanna' Baumer and Mrs.
Herman llabben of ' (iermamy,
Mrs. H. II. Bosch of Nelialcm.
Ote5.. Mrs. CheBter C. Lyon . of
Portland. Mrs. Henry. C. Shields
of Jefferson and Miss Flora ' Mo
ritz. of . Jefferson. Funeral serv
ices will be held Saturday, Dec.
2Cth at 1:30 p. m. from the Kig-
don- mortuary intermenV City
View cemetery.
It Bingeth Tow in every heart;
. .. We hear it. each and 4tr
A song ot those who answer
not, r
However we may can.
But, ohi; 'tis, good to thing of
them, 'V ; . ;t ' Ki '
'-Whfn we-are troubled sore?
Thanks be to God that such
.. . .have been,
, - Although they are no- more!
-y .John W. Chadwick.
EMtman Brother
Salem Office 169 S. High
Office hours r
.,11:11 TO I P, M,
Factory, SUvertoa, Ore,
187 D Street
i Telephone B313
- -i
UitiD & BUSH Bankers
' ; v licra3? BiEa BuiIn
cane Sugar
4 U
Th6ij2lf,She:Ha& Been -En-
' joyin:the Scene's and
. - Wonders of California
Editor Statesman: .
Fleas aeoa me a few papers
I wish to give them 'to some people
net e Wlmarfr fnterested In "Ore
gon and may go there soon te
my land. They can do- better there
than here. Land that,.! good i3
very high here. Find enclosed, pay
-for . - the: papers. I am. having
wonderful; trip. It's my fifth trip
south 'and is the best of all.
have stopped to' see 24 cities and
towns so far. Expect to see many
more. I stopped t Eugene, Grants
Pass and Ashland then to Stock
ton. Went next to Lodi, saw the
grapes being picked.. and. shipped
Ka4 next rwent up .the sanitarium
up In the hills near Helena. This
li&fta beautiful place; tBotain
seenery. I went to the wonderful
hot Water- geyser hear Calistoka
It shoots boiling water 150 feet
up in the air every few hours,
"went to Oakland and on to the
National park. Saw the big red
wood trees, ;then on to Long
Beach and Los Angeles and on to
San Bernardino. Went to see the
famous Arrowhead hot springs.
The hotel is built at the foot of
the mountain. It is a fine building
and the grounds are a beautiful
garden; never saw nicer. .This is
a natural hot spring from . the4
wells and earth comes boiling hot
water. . You can see it boiling.'.
This bath house and hotel is up to
the minute in everything. It .has
been used by the government for a"
few years, for the soldiers who
were sick and disabled, but has
just been turned back to the own
ers and opened again to the pub
lie. Rates at the hotel are $12!
per day and up. Bath house rates
are very reasonable.
lar sanitarian) 1here.-;Built;up on
a hill,- beautiful buildings hun
dreds of patients. Wentnext .to
Lpa. Angeles ll41yvniopd and
saw.- me Bignis Eaw 'MQuywooo s
mansions built up in the hjlls
some on top of small mountains,
some on sides, of hills. Some I
know had 100 steps to get up to
them, and winding driveways. For
one, .the lot cost $10,000, the
buildings . $500,000 and the fish
pond $10,000. Some cash. Drove
over the 40 miles crooked , high
Treated by Osteopathy and
the latest electrical Therapy
I including Dr. Abranvs elec-
l tronic system.
No rliargo for consaltatioa
Pljyeiician and Surgeon
506 U. S. Bank Building
Salem,- Oregon.
V - --
UHbbUrJ HMUiilbH
-Here's. cooU 4nc. : Ford'
'touring in first class cuiidl-
L'tion, good,, rubber,, gooa.
paint, top and side curtains j
. .1 , . a ' I
s tras. : V . '
Thls'is'a 1920. model nd
can be had for $135.00. ;
way. Thl8will give, yo aThrfil;
make j our, hair raise if its . bobbed,
Wonderful 'sights.' We drove over
the, cement dam. Its like, a hig
bridge,, bfit, holds th'e . water.' sup
ply for ,Lbs Angeles. . 1 went at
night up on the' observation hill
near Pasaderia and' saw Los. An
geles and surrounding cities at
tilght. It' a sea of light. Wonder
ful picture. It's fine in the day
time, -too. Car does some climbing
to get up to the top, paved all the
way. Drove about 1000 miles over
California's . beautiful highways
The two way roads are fine with
shade trees on both sides. Th
trip . from . San . Bernardino u
Riverside and Glendale is surely
great, through the orange belt and
tor miles on these beautiful high
ways.. Good roads is California's
drawing card. . Oregon is getting
thni. the more they get, the bet
ter for the state. Oregon, made
one mistake .when she named her
prunes Mistland, We have the best
prunes. Why .put them in the
shade by giving . theiu such a
misty name? Everything here is
Sunshine or Sun-Maid, and change
Oregon prunes , to a better name
and you .will havq better luck sel
ling them, I own a prune orchard
and am interested. Oregon is com
ing to the front. Keep her com
ing. The Statesman has surely done
its part .to boost: Salem and Ore
gon. Keep up your good work. I
am still for Orgeon.
161 S. Pacific Ave.,
Glendale, California. Dor. 20, 1920
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from all parts of the world.
Some of thefts endorsed, tha
ideas expressed by the pontiff in
his allocation at the recent secret
consistory and in his encyclical,
promising to follow his exhorta
PARIS, Dec. 2 6. (By Asso
ciated Press.) Paris foreot the
fallen franc and financial despond
ency to celebrate the most unre
strained Christmas eve the, capi
tal" has seen since 1914. People
crowded the streets and cafes un
til the early morning.
Long after, the rest of Paris had
struggled sleepily to bed, inde
pendent Montmarte continued to
celebratcand tho streets around
the, place Pigalle were boisterous
nth merrymakers at 8 o'clock.
this, morning.
'The sky was' the limit for Christ-
ruas suppers and champagne, open
ingMhe"evening which finished at
prices which looked like the
tTOnch debt. The cost of a sup
pers averaged 500 francs (about
$20 in some-districts. Every
newspaper today agreed that this
Christmas celebration was quite
as gay as any pre-wax revel al
though La Liberte snoers at
dollar and pound Chrisimas," and
the communist L'Humanite waxes
indignant over "the scandalous
scenes in Montemartre while sol
diers are dying in the Riff and
BERLIN, Dec. 25. (By Asso
elated Press.) The story of Len
in has been made into a play by
Alfons Paquet, whose socialistic
revolutionary drama "Flags" had
cn unusual success in Berlin last
year. The first presentation of
Lenin drama, will take place in
Eerlin this season. !
The Battery Blast
Wc will Mm yon tt yon would
Ilka to be corved j
63 1 Court fit. Phone 108
For the right kind; of materials
and' the very belt workman
ship call ot, I
Powder and Jappij Co.
17(8. Commercial Phone 721
.Balem's Leading
Pays Cash For Fomltnre
Residence and Store
" - e - 'V i
ICla-Kprth Sammer
PHOM 511
i ft;' ,?9,''?',,'TIJ
Tales, of, his adventures,! his .courage, hisjiamor, his keen Intelli-gence-aj
collected byMaior.Grover F. Sexfon, "The Deputy from
Tavspai County." How with nimble gun and motor car he brings
swlftnd sure lnti;e.Jto evildoers. ,., . . , w: , , ,
,ItJUf nearly r forty years ago that
"Peg .Leg." theMexican no one
knows; any pother' name, for' him,
and so'he is registered on "the im
migration and customs lists up
and down ' the" border--made his
first trip out of Old Mexico Into
the States 'with: Ws oversizedbnr
re .laden wiht contraband mescal.
There was other iiqubrt equally
fiery, available in any quantity Ini
the Arizona mining camps then.
But thenrvas now,' mescal, Tbeing
forbidden, gave smugglers the op
portunity to live by the evasion
tt law. - ' '
' . Evetr: JBherif f, yery t constahle,
every customs man along the bor
der o OW Mdxito, from Texas,
west, Jknaws. 'Peg Leg.", . ,
"He's a cross between an owl
and a burro," says Broncho Billy
Woods, old $me rough rider, ran
ger and government officer. "He
travels only at: night and he has
ears that stick out enormously.
Those ears fan hear a' pack rabbit
crossing a sana paten nait a mile
away and I swear, he can move
up a rojky arroyo in the darkest
night and never rattle a stone."
And for forty years, nearly, he's
been moving back and .-forth
across :thft international boundary,
sometimes with smuggled horses,
once in a "while, it is suspected,
with " opium, and certainly -often
with marihuana, the forbidden
weed Which, 'When dried and
mixed with cfg'aret tobacco is far
worse than opium.'
The descriptionof his . equip
ment forty years ago is identical
with that whicTT-'teThad in July
of thisyear ;when Lee Hall, iic
turesiua deputy , sheriff of Nacp
for nearly as many years as Peg
Leg has been traveling got him
coming over the San Jose moun
tains, across the Iaco draw, mak
ing for the Huachuca fastnessnes.
Broncho Billy Woods first
caught him, a quarter of a cen
tury ag;o. That was long before
Bronhco Billy had the-big Stude
baker car. which now makes 200
miles seem nothing to him. ,
In those days. Peg Leg came
across east of BIsbee, working up
San Bernardino creek and. over
the'ridges toward Rio Blanco,, the
White River, and on up to1 Wilcox
where in the midst of firewater
that would shame even the mod
em' "white mule," Peg Leg found
ready market for his yellowish
mescal, at a profit, pf jlJ ,a gallon
'AH the description we. had of
him," relates Brouho Billy, "was
mat he rode a tough looking old
horse that really was a good one.
leading as . overgrown burro that
could travel like lightning, even
loaded With a 15-gaMon keg on
each side; of hire and a, blanket
and .a sack of. bQans Peg Leg's
food supply on his back.
"I hit out for Douglas before
daybreak one day and thought I'd
kind of keep an eye out for Peg
Leg. I'd. heard a lot about him,
but never seen him. Guess he'd
found the going kinda slow that
night, for he was making up the
draw over back of John Slaugh
ter s ranch, uguring to , lay up
during daylight in the gulch the
other side of plant's place.
lie saw me, too, soon s I saw
him, but I was about a thousand
feet above him and he wasn
foolish enough to make a run for
"The description of his outfit
fitted Peg Leg,. but when I rbd up
side of him, I ,was on the side.of
his good leg, and I thought f was
mistaken. We rode along a bit to
gether, then he stopped and" got
off and I saw the peg leg1. 1 stop
ped and eyed him and I 'saw his
hand kinda dortHsl i
pearl handled, silver mounted
gun. i.--
Had my. pWn hand"" 'oTPiolni
Didn't iraat any mess 9ut ther
long ways from anybody, so t'just
told, him to let, the gun slip xnto
iheSTonn'd. He was going to
redcli for tho gun with his fingers,
but' I .kinda loosened my gun up
aliUlo in the bolster and I told
him: i i. " i
'NoDftof that funnv stuff. See
LeSr Tou, know how to give up a
gun. Xoxi unbuckle that belt and
let2rslip onto tho ground. ., ;T
j' I took him la tow and run him
ftato.Bilbee. - They bonfiscated his
30' gallons of mescal and his gun
and horse'-and burro and run him
back- across the "border." . 1;
rAhd; early ia July of this year,
when. Lee Half shot oft the - road
aVdayireak txx: his 'trusty- Stude
baker-theyt 46a't ride i horses
Lnwch. these lays, and atudebakr
erVsays Hall, is v tho only car that
ccsiid -stand it-r-and drove thbcar
pion iften::aiifb8s:
through the stumpy soto. dodging
the prkklj ocalilla with its snaky
fingers of long spikes, . and over
hummocks of sacahuista (bear
grass.) Peg" Leg saw it was all
over' again. The Studebaker, even
in this "going, was faster than he
and 'the Hnachuca mountain
gulches were too far away for. a
run'. ';,'.
.So,. Lee came up to him trying
to look innocent. There was the
same description of an outfit
the good horse that looked. like a
"crow-bait"; the oTer-sized burro, I
the two 15-gallon kegs of mescal,
the bag of beans, the pearl-handled,
silver-mounted six gun. ,
Profit in the evil-smelling, fiery
mescal is $15 a gallon now, and
pro.baily more, for the two kegs
Peg Leg carried, contained white
mescal, which is the cheapest
grade. Even this evil-smelling
poison, stewed from the cabbage-
like heads of mescal plant and dis
tilled, is doctored and made more
poisonous in the effort to increase
Lee knew Peg Leg and there
were no ceremonies. Lee carries
a 45 six gun that has all the pleas
ing and ingratiating appearance
a French .73 field gun, when
one looks into its open race, ana
when he draws it. the proceeding
is like drawing a sabre.
But Lee Hall has been drawing
guns for thirty years and time is
an inconsequent element in the
proceeding no. So again, Peg
Leg gave up bis whole outfit, with
fairly substantial lift from "Lee's
boot and the incident is ended
for .the time.
It probably will be another
month before the pudgy old Mex
ican will be working up the San
Jose mountains at night again, an
other bedraggled looking but good
horse underneath him. an over
sized burro behind with a keg of
beans on his back.
Peg. Leg cap shoot. . He is
fearsome character among the In
ians and Mexicans across the bor
der. as he was on this side years
ago. He has . been takn only
twice in the forty years. Both
times - his ager hand sought his
pistol too late. The horiaoif iiad
included tho front end of a shor
im , a Mm' arm rv. .
j-jifl j uljvr llly 'izv fej yiIi
PLEASE ; 'H7'v
DO NOT ! .v" -
- MISS-ITii i -?nr u
iff's gun before he i could draw.
Maybe, nexr thne" " y:
"But it's "all in- the day's work,"
says Lee.
i j . ,
X' " ' , .j ' .... .
MADRID, Dec. 23 (By Asso
ciated Press.) Newspapermea of
I but Hi rt
WE Can Fill All Your Meat Needs . ,
At ReasonaETe Prices
Mcdowell market
"Where a Dollar Does Its Duty
173 South Commercial. . , . Telephone. 11211
While we are getting a large shipment of -several
cars of coal, we suggest that yoiir
take the same advantage and lay in your?:
winter supply while cbaj is fresh arid ?
prices are right. '-..-.'-: '
Coal $10
143 South Liberty. ; Phone 930
Spain are rejoicing, today over the
sudden withdrawal by the govern--
ment of its previous demand ,fot
the publication of Sunday, news
papers. . Instead, the government
will publish an official news sheet
containing Important foreign and,
democratic news. .
The decision of the government
was officially made known after
bn.: interview; between . Premier,
Prinio de Rivera and a committee ?
of newspaper men. ' ; :
II 1-
. ... . -