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The following advertisers are representatives and boosters of the fifty-two major industries
of Salem district whoare contributing to the campaign of selling the advantages and proven
superiorities of tfie community
' - i '"
T. A. Livesley & Co.
Largest Growers, Shippers and Exporters of
Of Heel: Salem, Oregon and San Francisco,
(C.ntLnned from page )
varieties were used, but none" of
any particular or grsat. impor
tance. - The Black Tartarian -was
successful In an experimental way,
but it is doubtful if it could be
used to any great extent except
Tbssibly for the Royal Ann, due
to the.-faet that it blooms very
-rarly for the Ding, and especially
- , - One Tree in Nine-
In the. matter of placing polle
nizers, we find that one tree in
nine, or a pollenizer every third
treeln eTery third row, la suffi
cient, 'i In thia method every tree
i.V in inore or less direct contact
wKh the pollenizer.
: Some are advocating working
over a limb In every tree to a
pollenizer. From the pollination
standpoint, this id probably the
ideal way, but from the viewpoint
of efficient handling of the crop,
it is doubtful. In picking fruit
by the pound, as is -the custom,
it In surprising to what a degree
color blindness will develop In the
pickers, so that both varieties
Can take the Wash
Day out of ywnr home
Call 171
Price 75c and up
1356 B Street .
With or without collars, f 2.50
Talues special at 75c and 05c
Cotton Worsted Pants f 1.73
Capital Exchange
342 North Commercial
Treated by Osteopathy and
the latest electrical Therapy
including Dr. Abram's elec
tronic system, j - . -No
charge for consultation.
. Physician and Surgeon
50 G IT. S. Bank Building
; Salem, Oregon
Tlie industrial center of the United States is rapidly gravitating td Oregbn because of the marvelously favorable conditions and prodigality of resources. World markets are opening before
us like the first pink of Mi opening rosebud. Every dollar spent for "OREGON QUALITY" products stimulates it into full and refulgent bloom.
Hadley Hobson Says They
Wre Brought There by a
Peddler of the Plants .
Editor Statesman:- . -
A few words about the Ever
green . black berrlea: A" few day a
ago I read In the" Oregon States
man quite an article about Ever
green blackberries. In that arti
cle it said that they were an acci
dent, like the Loganberries, and
it was not known when the firat
seeds were dropped In the neigh
borhood of Salem. I will tell
what I know about the first Erer
preen blackberries in and around
Sublimit?-. Marion county. Oregon.
Id 1870 a man came through that
part of the county. lie had a box
with an' Evergreen potted In; It
and a small glass jar of the ber
riH lie was Bellini? plants for
future delivery. (Being then a
smalt-bey ,of 10 'yearn I ftia't
know what nursery " or where It
was located that he represented.
Mr father; Uadley Hobson, Sr.,
bought three plants at one dollar
each, and only one of them lived
and ft was several years before it
amounted to anything; and then
people tor mile.s around were beg
will be put iuHhe same box. ,lf
the two could be indiscriminately
mixed and then canned or shipped
in that fashion, the method of
putting one limb and pollenizer to
a tree would be practical and the
best method of placing pollenLers
Grafting the rollenizers -
One 'difficulty encountered in
grafting In pollenizers in the old
er trees has been the development
of heart rot. In many cases very
large cuts have been made so
that the wound would heal over
yery slowly, allowing the entrance
of the heart rot fungi. At the
present time it seems best to limit
th grafting1 to those cuts not
more than 2 to 2Va inehes in
diameter, and wherever possible
to make the cuts much smaller.
This means, of course, many more
grafts to set into a tree, but it
also acts as an assurance against
the rooting of the tree. With some
of the older trees, it would be a
difficult or impractical probWm
to work over a whole tree, and in
those cases putting in a few limbs
to the tree win probably bet -he
only solution. In that case the
selection of the variety most
widely different from the tree in
which it is being, worked would
probably bet he best way of hand
ling the problem.
For Individual Growers
As it is now, the question of
cross pollination comes down to
the actual testing of the individual
trees or varieties. As the experi
ment station will be unable to
test any large quantity sufficient
tor-working over, all the older
Orchards for propagating material
for the newerrehard9 .It wil
In many cases come down to t
question of testing .by the Indi
vidual growers. It is often the
cases that the Royal-Ann, Bins
and Lambert will be found grow
ing with a single secondary vari
ety, and all of them bearing well
Where this is the case, the
secondary varieties should be used
regardless of the name. In many
cases we find very poor seedlings
221S Stat Telephone 2230
. Painters and Decorators
Xnterier er Exterior Work
We epedallae a Interior work. Let
m ahow yoa eoaw work w. aave tone.
Knr T.tix Money la Oregon Bay
MMsaiMi Made at Salvia, Oraftra
J. O. Jonas Co., Proprietors
All Kinds of Monumental Work
Factory and Office:
22J0 i. Com'W Opposite X. O. O. T.
, Cemetery, Box 21
raoao 99. BAXBM, OBEOOH
glng for slips. They winter kill
ed awfully badly for a good many
years. That agent claimed that
they were a native of the Sand
wich Islands. " Drewry , Stayton.
the founder, of the town of Stay
ton, bought three plants. None
lived. Phtlip Glover bought two.
Both died. Thomas Townsend
bought two. Both ' died. R. L.
(Dick) S warts bought three one
I think lived. Phlllimond Morris
bought threo. All, died. John
Downing . bought some, and one
lived. They-were hard berries to
get to grow up to 20 years ago.
Now they grow any place. Frank
T. Wrlghtman in-'the- tax depart
ment of the' sheriff's office and
Lemuel Hobson. 180 West Owens
street. Salef. - Oregon, will bear
me. out in what I say about the
berries.- Your :for more Ever
greens. ' - ' .. . . .
Lyons, Ore., Dec. 22, 1925.
(CratlnsM from pig s)
number of a year ago on the clcr
ry industry, by Prof. Schuster, is
printed in another column of this
issue. That article, taken with
the above. - wiir bring the reader
down. 'to date. Prof. Schuster is
associate professor of pomology of
the Oregon Agricultural ' . college,
and he la high authority on the
cherry industry. Ed.)
. Klamath' Talli tuildlng permits
for November reached 101f830.
Putting Out Twelve Thousand
W . - ' . . -
224 Acre Tract in the waido Hills a Half wine tast or
MarlMv When Orchard Is In Full Bearina It Should
Turn Off Five Cars of Cherries a Day Through Picking
Some , of the rows of Lambert
cherry trees being set out by the
Lambert a Orchards Incorporated
are nearly a mile long, and
straight all the way; absolutely.
There will be about 12.0(H) trees
in this orchard, every one a Lam
bert, and the orchard will oceupy
224 acres. Nearly half the trees
have been set out, and the rest
are going out asfast as a large
force can finish preparing the
ground and do the work of plant
ing. The heavy rains of the past
few days have somewhat slowed
down the planting' operations, i
A Beautiful View
This 2"24 acre Lambert cherry
orchard, the largest of its kind
In this part of the country, if not
In any country, begins a half
mile east of Macleay. on the paved
county market highway. The land
lies high, overlooking Salem, Mt.
Angel, Shaw and other cities and
towns, and with five mountain
peaks of the Cascades in view:
Hood and Rainier and St. Helens
and Jefferson and the Three Sis
ters. It is "Waldo Hills land at
its best. It was so recognized in
pioneer days, for the holdings of
the Lamberta company are part
of the donation land claim of Wm
Taylor, taken up in 1843. It was
sold to the orchard company by
Harvey Taylor, and he himself has
some of the stock of the orchard
Ksporienced Orchard Men
Experienced orchard men head
the comparfy. O. K. Brooks is
president, Hon. Lloyd Reynolds
vice president, and George Vick
doing excellent work in pollina
tion, and until the ideal varieties
are located, thU will form one
excellent source of propagating
Any individual grower can also
test his own material If he cares
to. In this the Royal Ann, Bing.
or Lambert flowers can be sacked
with ordinary paper ' sacks just
before the blossom open. Then
take limbs of the blossoms of the
tree to be tested as a pollenizer,
and keep in a roon away from
insects. When all. the flowers are
opened 4of both varieties, open up
the sack and carefully rub the
poll en iz ing limb thoroughly over
the blossoms enclosed in the sack.
This is a rough wayr of carrying
on pollination, but over a period
of years has shown that it will
give at least half the per cent of
a careful band pollination. This
is a quick way of testing on the
work and wni iurnisn propagating
wo'od, so that any person can bej
sure of the material he is using. 1
Ma4 Oa Good City Property
Tjtrm trnf, aajy piyment pUa; aU pats
ay and of jretr.
Turn lotas, larg. or nuS trMta.
Frivata money. St. n first; yaa
will f a fnrtBtr. -
4 to Orggow. Itafldlng
Perfectly Pasteurized
Milk and Cream ,
Phone 725 .
Salem Nursery Co.
t Strictly High Grade
Fruit, Nut and Ornament
. Trees and Hants .
J rhone 2303
Offlcei SIS Oregon Bid. T
' Astoria is on - national honor
roll as one of 1 8 cities naving no
fatal auto accidents during Octo
ber, ' ' -
Lambert Cherry Trees jn
m m mi t m mm mm mW m
Becretary-treasurer. The capital
stock! is $25,000 The other stock
holders are Salem men and wo
men. The trees being set out are
yearlings. It will take them five
or six years to come into bearing.
Nov finer crop will be planted.
Cover, crops will be used; are
being used now. in order to. in
crease the fertility of the soil. The
aim is' to grow Lambert cherries
only and to get them to beaming
as soon as possible, and to .have
them of "the' finest duality when
they do bear.. The trees were sec
ured fromjocal nurseries.
If the ja.rc.bard bears half , toe
crop that is on the average har
vested by." Mr.; Brooks,' the presi
dent of the company.' from bis
orchard, it will .produce. fire car
loads of cherries every day for
the two weeks of cherry harvest.
It should produce 10 car loads a
The orchard company has ho
dwelling house on its 224 acres;
no barn; no buildings of any kind,
and no farm machinery at all.
It has just orchard: just Lambert
cherry trees. There is no over
head. Mr. Brooks directs the
work, and it is all performed and
California Garage .
Free Crank Case Service
High Pressure Greasing;
1000 South Commercial Street
. Phone 1D87
Cylinder Grinding
By Expert Workmen With "
High-class Tool
340 .Ferry Street, Salem, Ore.;
Stationary Tops, ante
Top Kepoirinf
Oar price will pleaae yoa
Za Alley Back of City Fire Deal.
"A Home Away From Home"
fl.OO per day nod up '
Frank D. Bligh
D hams, bacon andlard
Specialists in
Portrait Photography
Studio: 429 Oregon Building
Square Deal Welding Works
Ox-acetylene and Electric
We specially on cylinder blocks
and aluminum cases, heavy east
iron, steel tanks, boiler and flue
welding, springs, frames and
If It's made of metal
we can weld tc
', Phone 861
840 Ferry SU Salem, OrW
Butter -Nut
"The Kichcr, Finer toaT'
will be performed by the neigh
bors. Thirty of the neighbors were
working one day last week, set
ting out trees and preparing the
land. . When the orchard gets into
bearimj, some buildings Tnay be
Why They Hope
The capital stock of the Lam
berta Orchards Incorporated is all
subscribed. Oh what do the stock
holders base their hopes for pro
fits, on their investment? The
leaders among them bare been
pooling their Lambert cherries the
past few years, and shipping them
in cold storage to New York City
and other bljr cities. They have
been" going under the MARION
BRAXD, of the Salem Rlack Cher
ry Growers, association, and they
have received, net here, as high
as ,8 cents a pound for their
cherries. They averaged about 13
cents last year, and 17 cents the
year before. Mr. P.rooks has head
ed this association and attended
to the packing and shipping and
selling., ..He had ibeen shipping his
own, j cherries-, befqre. Abe associa
tion, was fprmed.p,,
His (hm Six Acres
Mr. Brooks war formerly a rail
road man. He was airnglneef ;
was the chief; engjnfer for the
Bridal Veil Lumber company for
1 6 years." He'' was a-grocer in
Portland before coming to the Sa
lem district.-
He bought the place on which
he has his six acre Lambert cher
ry orchard twelve years ago. In
all that twelve years, the smallest
year's profits on hi3 Lamberts was
$300 an acre. He received $9300
for his Lambert crop from the six
acres in 1920. and $8C00 in 1923.
The Lambert pool shippers from
Salem, under the direction of Mr.
Brooks, have been getting on an
average 0 cents per 14 pound
Where Hospitality Awaits You
New Building, New Equipment,
Best Located
George Crater, Manager
W. C. Culbertson, Proprietor
Blaesing Granite
Roy Bohannon, Mer.
'If "
i -
City View Cemetery
-Salem, J ' Oregon
Salem Wicker Furniture
Manufacturing Co.
4 We Sell Direct
' , Ooanlno Rattan Beed Qrtflty
Xopairlnf , Befinlahint Upholrtertat
2218 State 8t, Salem, Orocoa
Removed from 311 N. ComX to
245 Chemeketa St.
Eat a Plate a Day
Ice Cream
Sold Everywhere
Western Dairy
Products Co.
; P. M, GREGORY, Mgr.
JM0 South Commercial Street
. Salem 60,000 by 1030
Heat' Estate and Insnranct
-997-90 Oregon Bldg,
' ' - lbone 1013
And Perhaps Filberts Also on
Most of the Farms in the
Salem District "
George Vick is the, new direc
tor of the department of agricul
ture . of the Salem Chamber of
Commerce. Mr. Vick is some
thing more than a dealer in auto
mobiles and tractors and trucks
and radio outfits. He is a farmer
and fruit grower, and he thinks a
good deal of the time in terms of
what would be good for the farm
ers and fruit growers of the Sa
lem district, and therefore good
for Salem and all people in any
way interested in Salem's contin
ued growth and prosperity.
The Slogan editor has no au
thority from Mr. Vick to tell what
is on his mind, since he is obliged
box more than the growers at
other points, like The Dalles, have
been getting, net, for their black
Those kind of facts make the
stockholders of this big orchard
company hope for great things
when they get their trees into full
They know, however, that there
is more to the proposition than
merely getting land and .setting
out trees and then going to sleep
till the fruit trees begin to bear.
They knew there will be care ne
cessary all along the line; and
especially when bearing time
comes. There will be spraying,
especially. The price of good
Lambert cherries is e t e rln a
vigilance. There cannot be success
without working and watching.
The man who looks for an easy
job in the cherry industry, and
more especially the blnck cherry
industry, is foredoomed to failure.
Mr. Brooks is now setting out
ei'ht acres more of Lambert cher
ry trees on his own place. He
tloes not expect to see the growing
of the highest quality Lambert
cherries over done.
Freo to Our Customers
Until January 10, every customer buying 100 to 500 fruit or
nut trees will receive 10 fruit trees FREE.
Every customer buying 500 to 1000 fruit or nut trees will re-'
ceive 25 fruit trees FREE.
Office in New Salem Hotel building, 169 South High
Sales Yard in rear of Office
PHONES : OFFICE 1718 :: Nursery 111F21
A. J. MATHIS, Prop.
Septic Tanks
that save more dirty
work and doctor bills
ready to install, proper
ly designed, and reas
onably priced.' We make
this kind,
Gravel Co.
Uood at Front Street
100 Service 100
Auto and Tractor Repairing
We Know Uow
Wilcmi t. r Sme. gtatl Ta
Old Ttaia Oaa Osca afm
A stapl Mn. af Ortctrlit, Coaf.ct!s
axy. Hull mn4 Louche, .oytte Tk.
carf nowi how
Koirru cusDunuiAii
, ajroaxsoir. asams ssrrsra"
alS-lis W. OMuaantal ak -nM
1177 ,
to function as the director of the
department of agriculture of the
Salem Chamber of Commerce but
it can be said truthfully that he
is casting about to .find ways to
make his new position worth
something to his community.
Walnut and Filbert Slogan
For one thing, he is thinking of
starting a walnut and filbert slo
gan something like this: "Walnuts
and filberts on every, farm," or
"Walnuts or filberts on every
Mr. Vick has not made up his
mind yet as to T whether this
would be the best major cam
paign he could carry on as di
rector of the department of agri
culture of the Salem Chamber of
Commerce, but he is studying the
matter and asking the advice of
experts. -.: :-.
If he comes to the concusion;
that this is the biggest thing that
could happen to the Salem district j
he will attempt to get the support
of the other chambers of com
merce and commercial and com
munity clubs throughout the Sa
lem district, in order to put over
the idea in a large way.
"Would Not Be Missed
It is argued by the people who
favor walnut and filbert growing
as a major effort for this district
that there is scarcely a farm in
all this section en which there is
not a small tra"t of ten or five
acres or less that would, with the
proper plantings and cultivation,
produce a successful walnut or
filbert orchard; and that the land
would not be missed while bring
ing such an orchard to the bearing
stage only four to five years for
filberts and seven to nine years
for walnuts; after which the trees
may be counted upon to produce
enough to at least carry them
selves with an annual increase
for an indefinite time.
And strawberry or other fillers
may be used while the orchard in
either case is being brought to thej
bearing stage, in the rases tfj
those farmers who cannot spare
even a little land out of profitable
use for a short time.
If there is a better slogan, no
doubt Mr. Vick would be glad, to I
have suggestions along that line.
This is a land of diversity, and
there are many industries on the
land that ought to be pushed.
Manufacturers of :
i ' ' ' - '"''
Support Oregon Products
Specify "Salem Made" Paper for Yew
Office Stationery ;
Ask Tour Grocer
W. am ot ATtar Ta lCUUaBa
"Wa'sra sow paying ever tarta
s.nartra of a aUlliaa ioOar s year
ts taa aairyaua 1 taia sactlaa far
"Marion Butter"
ts the Best Batter
lfore Cow a and Better Cowa
la the cr) Ing need
Marion Crcabcry.
' & Produce Co.
Hlem, Ore. I'houe SIS2
The local organizatio'n of the
American Legion. Walter C. Lee
post, No." 32 tonight unanimously
adopted a resolution, in' praise of
Colonel Mitchell and. eendemning
as . unjustified 'and - unjust, thei(
harsh five year-sentence as pre
scribed by the 4-allitary court."
ii i " " '
Consider what Is claimed . for
Chiropractic methods and ' you
will easily realize what a com
mon sense science it Is. - It
aims, by removing causes, to
eliminate disease, and does so
Phono for an appointment -
Dr. O. L. Scott. D. C.
256 North High Street
'-' Phone 87 or 828-R 7
If You Want
A Home Built. To,
Your Notion
In a restrfctrd residence
John Wlamsch
N. Capitol St. Foou. 680
Hill Candy Company.'
Wtiolesala and Retail . T I
Manufacturers of
High Grade Candles
ISO-Leslie Street Salem
& Paper Go.
Overland ' ; , , .
Willys Knight
- Oakland
. . Sales and Scn'ke' -
nigK Street at Traded I
Gideon Stolz Co.
HaaafacUraraaf -
T Dfpen liable Brand
V Umeulphiur Solutloa "
f - .
Tfca sraaa r.a cm a aa fat
; txuitr ami u.v , . ,
Irlcei spun tppliuttlya
-, Tmntmrr Bmt aoraar H
-r aaauow mm tun Ita.
, . taiea, Orttsa - -