The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 23, 1925, Page 4, Image 4

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    ' - Ian.4 Daily Ei4pt Maaday by
115 Bant (JamiMrciU St, SaUm, Oragaa
Lm M Urrrlmaa
fXaaJ J. Sialth
- Oil Editor
T.Wgrapa Editor
- Social y Editor
W. H. Headcrsoa Ojren latloa Maaafar
Ralph H. KlcUiag - Atfvartialac Manas.
Vraak Jaakoaki - - Niar Job Ip.
E. A. Rhot.a - - - - LIMtaek Editor
W. C. Coaar . . . . . Poultry Kditar
i" Ta AaaariaUo1 Praia H axelactvery .tltW4 to tha ana for pabllin f all aw I,
wpaicaaa eraaitaa m n r act ikarwiaa ereaatca a taia papa tla lacat
-MtkXIaa4 karaia. - ---,,.,,.4.'
.-Alto! Brr. S8 W'TiUr Bldf., Portland, Ora. . -.--
"tkaatl V. Clark Co., Ntar York. 1S8 13 W. Slit St; Co !!. lfat-ttt BMf.j
T ar P-faa. Sharoa Blrff, 8a Yrtnrtneo. Calif.: Hiiaa Bldg. Laa Aiuralaa. Calif.
jBaiiara Off$ei.28 or 581,'
-aeia7 Editor ...,, ,'JL
-' i . . , , ... . .
ClwtiUtioB 0(fka.58J ; Cpartmnt.3S-10
10 ' Job Departaarat
rEatr4t S) Tf Of flea la Satan, Orcgoa, a aoeoad-elaat MtHt.
ft:.'. '..
ASA'S PRAYER ;-J-ord, It la nothing wittf The ttf help whether
fwith many, or with them that have no power t help-08,i)-Lord bur
fCbdj for we rest on lhee and In- thy name' we go against thia mUltl
tfde. 2 -ChrottKa .11: U. j : - 4 , -
'One day early in my term I went to the Eastern penitentiary.
V); Eighteen hnndrfd men were crowded Into cell (rUeoded for eight
hund recti 6utof that eighteen hundred more than'eneasarid were
absolutely Idle; - and Idleness n prison means menial physical and
spiritual death,- ?lr8t offenders were commonly housed In cells with
hnlAu) fr mlnglo ' Ttiau won nuu onnilispr
completely successful school of crime than Eastern penitentiary, - j
i 'The prisoner within thef walls of the Pennsylvania prions fafe
ji different prospect In 1926, than did those who were hnddlld there
tin 192..:: : - . ' ' V . - f'
t. "( believe that no one ought to be kept in idleness in a penal
institution. I believe that he should be made self supporting, that he
has the right to be taught good cftlzenthip. j . v
t ? ""he prisoners -nnder the . present System nre at .work, making
Vlothen," furniture, brooms, kitchenwaro, sheets, towels, tc.' -"- These
tire used In state. institutions. . r
4. "Ksft man hn la' n hi a nn'rl willlnv in vnrV la f vai-It Thum
Well, Known toca! .Figure
Rasscs'Tuesdayi,Ending r
hTotractea Illness
' Death of 'William Ellsworth
Purdy, early yesterday morning,
takes from Salem one of its most
well knowucharacters and leaves
only the memory of a romantic
figure whose talents have been
devoted to the pulpit, to politics
and to' the professions.-- -
Funeral servlcea will be held
from the Terwilliger funeral
Thursday afternoon t 1:30
o'clock. Ilev. II. P. Sharks and
Rev.,. Putnam wgloficiate.
Committal services will be held at
the LeeHMissi6n cemeterySinder
the direction of the MasQnif fra
ternity.' -v.
MrAnrdyJwas born at '"West
moreland. N. Y., Fehruarr 27,
1862. " Twenty-four years ago, he
came to Oregon. He has owned
land here and. engaged in the
building, occupation , for. some
" . i .
time. Recently he is remembered
in connection with 'politics, v )i
He Was candidate for the demof
cratic nomination for congress for.
the first district in 1924, defeated!
by H. L. plark, of Salem.' Karl let
he was sent to the democratic na-
tional convention at San Francis
co in 1920, having been named
from a large field. of candidates.
At the convention he? voted for
the Bryan prohibition amendment,
the only vote so-cast from Oregon,
Following : the resignation of
George E. '.Chamberlain, .he re4;
reived the-endorsement of a good-
ly number of republican an
democrats: for a position on the
United States shipping board.
V"A measure introduced in- the
last 'sessions of th legislature,
through the medium of Senator
La Follette calling tor the posting
of the Lord 'a prayer in public
places, was endorsed by clergy
men, but failed to pass. His ac
tivities . leave- him j .well remem
bered throughout th section. .
He is' survived "toy his wife. Oily
J. Purdy and nine. children; Mrs.
Grace Sears, of West Salem, Mrs.
Winnie Parry; of Jerome, Idaho,
Mrs.- Gladys Wygant, of Astoria,
Mrs. R. H. Ba8sett,. Mrs. R. F.
De Sart and William Jr., ' Ken
neth, Lloyd and Fern, all of Sa
lem, One brother in Pennsyl
vania also survives him. He was
a member of the Champoeg lodge
'A- F. & A. M.
s at. least the -reasonable chance which. there never was before -
'that the roan who leaves the prison' will go straight. , 'i "
f The'-peniteniyar j, in 1926, is a school of itUenship and not a
school of crime. What makes the difference is fihat the--people In
charg'e are putting, the welfare of the prisoners and of the comm'on
;wealth in the first place."
3 ;T.'v - - -: t
k The above are some paragraphs from an interview with
t3overnor Gif f ord Pinchot of Pennsylvania in the Success
Magazine for January y ' ; .
i j "Idleness in prison'meark iaental, physical and spiritual
' deathxsays 'Governor Pinchot. t The same thing has been
aid by every forward looking, governor of every state having
a situation of idleness,' from Walla Walla to San Quentin and
ifrom Colorado to Maine.-
That is the curse that is being removed, under the oper
ations of the revolving fund law, at the Oregon penitentiary.
.Just now, in the middle of the winter season, evpry man isat
work and it was said on Monday that the working forces
there could have used twenty more men. ,,' ;. !i$m:-ft-.,
ij'The thing at the Oregon pemtentiarylipw is to find.m9re.
. ..Ami more profitable 'employment.. This can- be done. Already
' vef 1100,000 a year is being saved through tfie industries '
ilera at tha Oregon' penitentiary. The whole expense can be
.wiped put, by, proper choice of industries and good manage
)nentf And that before long-. -. -
y il believe that he should be made self supporting, that he
.has the right, to" be taught "good citizenship" says Governor
Pihchotof the prisoner. '. I
j He is right. - That is what we are coming to. That' is
Ihe goal of every forward looking man in the United States
who has to do with criminology and penology.
tare of classes to be offered. Need
of education in aims of organized
labor is the background of : the
t in-
10 60 TO CHY
' ;-""" ..,-'."" -; . 'v '"J "-'':
Members Are Assessed on
s. -Fake Charges to Raise -;
i Christmas -Fund ;-
' 5. '
..J '
PARIS, Dec. 22.(AP) Nine
passengers .were, drowned tonight
when during a raging storm a fer
ry .boat crossing the Seine, six
miles above Ruen capsized. The
ferryman alone was saved. All
victims were working men. i.
Insurance of All Kinds
, Telephone 161
They all love Candy
Boxed Candies
What could make a better Gift?
They're Fresh ami Packed In
Christmas Boxes
These Candies are handled in
Salem exclusively by
tr MONTH MIH sTncrr
! Members of the Salem Klwanis
club were each assessed fines of
various softs - at 'their luncheon
yesterday. Any pretext -was used
to collect a fine', as the money all
was. to go for charity work.
.-- Judge Coshow was assessed $ 1
"for the publicity he received for
the speech mad by Judge Belt at
f he ltrncheon ' of the- Chamber of
Commerce Monday..".
: Some one moved that John Car
ton, dsitrtct attorney, be' fined $1
for eae hfoot of his height.
: Santa Claus was presented for
the luncheon. ' " Members of the
club made the discovery that San
ta, Claus Is 'deecended-from "the
same grandparents as Rev. Shanks'
astor'of the First Baptist church.
fiovtrntor Pierce wa presented
with his portrait, and. that' of one
- of- his white-faced calves. -. , '
a i' " ''..
Explanation of Organized
Labor's; Aims Basic JVIo
: tive for Course
,: Classes under the direction -of
the Portland Labor college will
meet for; the first time on next
Tnf day evening .with an assured
enrollment of at -least IS.., . Vj.;-.
, Meeting 'weekly. . Immediately
after the council sessions on Tues
day nights, -all interested in the
trade, labr movement, are invited
to attend .registration fee , being
$2.50. ; Because of difficulty in
Arranging a convenient hour for
the meetings, butchers, through
their .. delegates, - volunteered to
ehange- their, meeting night, from
Wednesday to Thursday. -
: Aaron Director, of the Portland
Labor " clolege,"; outlined "the na1
" . "5 i" " " . " ----- '
HamUtpii-Beach Company
A brush and suction cleaner strong
ly built and second to none in its clean
ing, ease of handling and economy in
current consumption. Compare it to
any other makeIt isj the l'Pacferdll"
quality at thei prtce ydu payfor-less "
efficient machines. ' ''V?
You Will Like the DeLuxe
Hamilton Furniture Company?
- 'V
Great Tree Will 'Stand on
; Main Street, Funds for
? ' Poor Are Raised
j vSILVERTONT, Ore.. Dec. 22.
Speciar.) Silverton's Christmas
pheer. committee will, play Santa
Flause to at least 19 adults and
9 children this year according to
the sub-committee which ha3 been
investigating the needs of the
community's unfortunates.
. The financing of the work is
being done by the Christmas.
Cheer committee which is made
up from the Silrerton churches,
fraternal, civic and social organ
izations Two hundred dollars
has been raisied to cover the work.
Besides the acutla cash donations
a number of clothing and food
donations have been made. The
Silverton Girl Scouts. Boy Scouts,
Camp Fire Cirls, Girls' League,
are gathering and distributing
the Christmas gifts for the com
mittee. The local order of Loyal Legion
of Loggers and Lumbermen is also
arranging for the large commun
ity tree which occupies a promin
ent place on Silverton's Main
street during the holidays. Each
year, for the past few years, the
Four-L organization has secured
an immense tree and .placed on
the intersection of Oak and Main
street and this tree has been kept
lit throughout the holiday season
for those who. have no other tree.
And on Christmas day Silverton
has gathered -about, this tree to
hear the Christmas gospel read by
Silverton past or' and to sing the
old Christmas carol. 'The custom
will he carried out tfiirf year again.
t Bit For Breakfast (
Two more days to buy 'em.
Nights growing shorter, also
the Christmas purse.
The postoffiee crowds with out
going mail slowed down yester
day, compared with the day be
fore. But the incoming mail is
at its peak load; high as a moun
tain peak. rV y -.v - ' -
w 'V,' V-; .
. If yon can help the Slogan edi
tor on his- cherry; numberr please
do so, today. Too late tomorrow.
w .
E. E. Woods, the Salem milk
goat breeder, has'sold a pure bred
Saanen doe. kid for $100, and the
kid has not 'yet' been born. Will
be shipped early in the new year.
Going tQ:ypashengal.-Wash. Milk
goats ara'comlng Up.
' ' S V H
The building activities of 192C
will likely far exceed those of the
present year in Salem. Some big
projects are already in, sight, and
others on the tapis.
Work is progressing on the New
Year Statesman. It will be a
splendid publication to go to the
people of the east who are look
ing for more room and better conditions.
Oregon beekeepers will hold
state convention at The Dalles,
aJnuary 19-20.
Of '
! - ; , I II '
Table Service in Dinnerware, Spatk-
ling Glassware, Holmes &c ELd wards
Silverware, JKitchenware, i Electrical
Table Appliances
can be purchased
conveniently by
the dignif ied
Easy Payment
Plan at
133 North Liberty Street
Phone 67
-- - i i 1 i
ana n v wss ny r
1 1 11 tM IV M f 1 I 1 II VV 1 1
- : - - ' ' j . ! i
ft 'JcD ; rlt
" ' - :: v ' i ijiiili;:-
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Thousands of Pairs of High Grade Slippers
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Corns and callouses removed- without
pain or ' soreness. " Ingrown nails re
moved and treated, Pains Jn, feet, weak
footllat foot,' foot- strafns;and fallen
arches adjusted. Do not suffer. I will
give-you the best that science raw pro
duce in -scientific chiropody. Consult
Dr. Williams
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' Hours 9 to 5:30 Phone 616
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Our shop is equipped "with -all new ma
chinery. . We use nothing but the very
best grade or leather that; money will
buy. ' " ' - . ' - -
Mr, Jacobson, in charge orthls depart
ment. Is an expert-. in, iws jfne has
spent years ; in . factories ; and repair
shops and will ; do ! nothing but high
grade workA - T - '
" -- - r - - . 'A