The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 01, 1925, Page 5, Image 5

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PrerHoliday and Drastic Disposal Sale
Men's White
Full size, regular 10c seller. Now
Men's Fine
Silk Ties
Men's Union Suits
Wright Wool Mixed, good weight,
slightly soiled. Actual Value $4.50.
Now n,-;A.'1
Men's Suits
Mixed and plain materials, dark
and medium shades. Value
$27.50. Now
REMEMBER This is a step into the realms of better merchan
, dising with a radical reduction on everything in this store
(except contract goods)
We have one extra good)
Ford touring, late 1922;
rubber 80 per cent; mo
tor in fine shape and runs
like a real Ford. Priced
at $187.00.
chief of police. The license plates
bad been removed but the car was
identified, by the motor number.
Op pen Teaches Acetylene
And electric welding. New elec
tric welding machines, $250;
acetylene generators, $90 and up.
695 Mill St. d7
Goes to Portland
Dr. W. H. Lytle, state veterin
arian, spent today in Portland at
tending to official duties.
urer, L. Reed Chambers. George
fcli Kind. Four directors will be
named from the following: E- E.
Bragg, Percy A. Cupper, Fred
Ellis, Bert T. Ford. Earl A. Gregg.
Harry J. Mobr and Alfred J. Vick.
Willamette Valley Nursery
Residence telephone Is 70FS in;
stead of 70F31 as advertised in
Sunday's paper. dl
as of the year, will be presented
at the prison auditorium. SSr,
Windus, new organist at the Hei
lig. will be heard in a number of
musical selections. The picture
is now playing at the Heilig and
tbe prison presentation will be
finished in time for the first show
at the- theater to begin on time.
On Business Trip
Fred Wright of Portland is
spending a few days in Portland
looking after business matters.
Closing Out
Our usedx pianos at $50. $75,
$100 and $125. See these at once
as they will not last long at these
prices. Tallman Piano Store, 395J
S. 12th. d6
Closed Automobiles
At reduced prices. These In?
elude a Willys-Knight eedan. a
Hudson coach, a Gardner coupe.
Ford coupe and a Studebaker
closure. See these at the Certi
fied Public Motor Car Market.
Returns Home i
Miss Connie Rebhan. daughter
of Dr. Rebhan. returned last eve
ning to her home in Springfield
after visiting a few davs at the
home of Miss Bertha E- Ryley,
1520 Chemeketa street.
Local Boy Wins-
Phil Bayes of Salem took a four-
round decision from Ray Morrell.
Spokane, lit a lightweight curtain
raiser to the main Rockson-Robin-son
match in Portland last night.
Rockson woq front Robinson in
the ninth round when the referee
stopped the fight.
Furniture tTphowtery
And repairing. Glese-Powers
Furniture Company. iSOtf
3-Room House for Rent
At west end of Marion-Polk
county bridge. Inquire or phone
at Riverside Service Station. dl
Iter k From Portland .
George; Dunsford, superintend
ent ' of 'capitol buildings and
grounds, was among those who
spent Saturday Portland attend
ing the Shrine ceremonial.
V Rain and High Vind
Rain : west "and probably east
portion continued mild; strong
southerly winds probably gales on
the coast. Max. (Monday) 53;
Min. 44; River .4, falling;- R-ain:
fall .52; Atmosphere cloudy; Wind
The French Slion ,
Our semi-annual sale continues,
coats and hats. Gowns for street
and evening wear. Wonderful val
ues in all lines. M. Buffe Morri
son. 115 High St- dltf
Hotel Manager Returns
' James Linn, manager of ' the
Marioo hotel, has returned from
Vancouver, Wash., where he spent
a few-' days with relatives. He
was accompanied by Mrs. Linn
Bye and Bye '
Negro Spiritual,7on yietor-rec
ord af Moore's Music House, dl
Attended Shrine Meet
George H. Burnett, George M
Brown and John L. Rand, justices
of the state supreme court, spent
Saturffay In Portland where they
attended the Shrine ceremonial.
Jfay Locate He
Arthur C: Mears of Portland ar
rived in Salem to spend a few days
with friends Mr. Mears said that
he might locate in this vicinity,
where he owns considerable real
High Grade Player Piano
' Left with us. Big sacrifice for
immediate sale. See this snap at
once. Tallman Piano Store, 395
S 12th. d6
Commissioner Returns -
William Levens, state prohi
bition commissioner, returned here
today from Baker and pther east
ern .Oreg6h cities where he spent
Thanksgiving at his home.
Her You
A 1923 Ford roadster for sale
for less than the price of acces
sories. See or call Biddy Bishop
Fred'M. Powell motor cars. dl
fum there' under the direction of
the. Morning" Oregonian. A din
ner will be served at noon: It was
estimated that more than 1500
persons would attend the cere
monies, including a large number
of men and women who have been
subscribers of the Oregonian for
more than 50 years. "
Returns From School Meet-
Miss -Beatrice Walton, chief
deputy in the offices of the state
superintendent of schools, return
ed here today from Stella, Wash.
where she attended an edueaUon-
. . . . v. .
ai meeung. , .:;-
!rurniture Four Snlein Hone-.
Go at auction Wed. hite. 7 p. m. j
at F. N. Woodry's new store. Sum
mer and Norway streets. dl
Leave for Funeral-
Justices Thomas A. McBride and
H. J. Bean of the state supreme
court left here last night for The
Dalles where they will attend the
funeral services for A. S. Bennett
who died there Saturday. Mr.
Bennett was at one time a mem
ber of the state supreme court
and-resided in Salem. Funeral
services will be held today.
Gordon nose,, $1 I'p
Howard Corset Shop, 15:
Yonrs for the Asking .
1926 Maxfield Parrish
dars. . Halik & Eoff. 337
Visiting Portland Friends
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bertram
of Portland are spending a few
days in Salem visiting friends.
To Call Salem Home-
Allan Caruthers, resident of
Vancouver, Wash., has arrived in
Salem to locate permanently.
Knee Deep in Daisies
By the Whispering Baritone-
Victor record, at Moore's Music
House- dl
Exclusive Distribution
For W. W. Kimball pianos. A.
B. Chase, Davenport & Tracy,
Bush & Gerts. Moore'i Music
House, 409-415 Court. s20tf
Leaves for Coos Bay
Dillard Elkins, member of the
state industrial accident commis
sion, spent yesterday in Eugene.
He left there- last night for Marsh-
field and other Coos Bay towns
where he will spend the next 10
days or two weeks.
Teachers Join Organizations -
Teachers in every school in this
city, with the exception of those
in Salem high school, are 100 per
ceattmembers of the National Edu
cation association. Teachers in all
schools of the city are 100 per cent
members of the Oregon State
Teachers association. This infor
mation was given out Monday by
City Superintendent George Hug
Nursery Yard Open
Before buying- trees see Middle
Grove Nursery, corner High and
Ferry Sts. J. C. Herren, prop
Office in Newcomb Tire Shop. d2
Leaders Meet
The Leaders club of the Salem
YMCA held a supper at the or
ganization's rooms Monday night,
and a meeting afterwards. Loyal
Warner was the principal speaker
at the meeting, having as his topic
"Pioneer Programs."
All styles and sizes. The Army
and Outing Store, next door to
Busick's. dl
Speeder Fined - .
Karl Shafer of this city was
fined $10 by Judge Poulsen Mon
day on a charge of speeding.
Will Kntertaiii Convicts
Inmates of the Oregon state
penitentiary will be entertained
th'i8 evening through the courtesy'
of the management of the Heilig
theater when ''Sun-Up,' said to
one orthe most powerful dram
Hotel Marion
Dollar Dinner.
8. Every evening.
Served 5:45 to
tTurnlture TTpliolstery v
X And repairing. ' Gleaa-Powera
Furniture Company. .
See Auction Sale Adv
In foday's paper. It's at F. N.
Woodrjr's store. Summer and Nor
way' sta., Wed. niter 7 p. m.-..Vdl
Governor to Speak
Governor Pierce will spend Fri
day in Portland where he will give
an address at the Jubilee cere
monies to be held in the auditor-
Two Licenses Issued ' "
Two - marriage -licenses, were
issued in the county clerk's office
yesterday. They were applied for
by 'Arthur L. Owens, cheese maker
of Cloverdale and -Leona Gray,
1601 Tile road, ind George Kueri-
zi. farmer, and Emma Keilerhals,
both jjfc SilTertbn'.y-t
Pomeroy & Keene
Jewelers and Optometrist
-f , Salem, Oregon
Get the Best
and -
English Plum
121 South, Commercial
Stolen Car Found
An automobile stolen from the
garage of W. A- Pettit, Oregonian
correspondent here three weeks
ago, was recovered at Vancouver,
Wn., yesterday, according to infor
mation received by Frank Minto,
Mrs. I- G. Curtis, 245 Meyers
Street, has on display at her
home all kinds of jesso and poly
chrome work for sale. Orders tak
en for Xmas gifts. Phone 1651W.
For' the. rlght'klnd of materials
and tha very best workman
ihlp call tuu '.
m Gabriel ;
Powder and Supply Co.
17 B. Commercial Phona 721
Direct Factory Branch
810 Coort Street - Phone t2
' ,Tn)wrItera Rented, Sold;
':.. : Repaired Sr--:-
Special rental rates to atndenti
A small amount down and
, .f .... : . ;
. , ... T.r
AaetloaMrs aa4 YaratMr Dlsrs,
piy Mk tot VMd rumltar. SrUrs
f.V VoitkJCoBuasrci.
Easy Monthly.
' Payments
buys a new
We also give easy terms on
; They are Prided Right
Newton Chevrolet
' - Company
..Salem, Oregon
Wood Wood
167 D Street Telephone 2313
Fire Reportel
The fire department was called
Monday morning to a fire at 13S5
North Fourth street. Engines
responded and found a chimney
fire. Practically no damage was
In the Liberty district Sunday,
Npv. 29, Mrs. Sarah Jane McBrian
age 76 years. Mother of Edd Barr
of Pendleton, sister of John Rus
sell of Pendleton, grandmother of
Mrs. Roy Coffey of Liberty, R.
Stanton of Salem, C. E. Stanton
of .Portland, and Lynn Barr of
SaaJ Francisco, j The remains are
being forwarded to Pendleton by
Rigdon &. Son for funeral services
and interment.:
Salem's Leading
Pays Caah or Furnltnre
. Residence and Store .
1010 North Summer
Established Since 1910"
iTIie French Shop-
All winter hats in stock priced
; in four groups. Hats formerly
$10 to $12.50 at $3.50; hats for
merly $12.50 to $14.50 at $5;
hats formerly $16.50 to $22 50 at
$9.75. M. Buffe Morrison, 115
High St. dltf
Shrubs, Fruit Trees, Roses-
Bulbs, at Pearcy Bros., i;
Commercial St.
s s.
Speeder Draws Fine .
Leslie Neighbor was fined $15
in the city police court yesterday
when he appeared to answer a
charge of speeding. Alfred J.
Whealdon of Salem, was arrested
last night by Officer Edwards on
South Commercial street, and will
appear in court this morning on a
speeding charge.
ten about Salem's. Industries for
the contest being conducted by the
Salem Kiwanis club. Although
the other schools have not as yet
been heard from, it is. expected
they will be today. , All- essays
must be in by this evening. .' The
essays are numbered, names of
the authors not being disclosed un
til the winning essays havfr been
Abbie Ktedman Raer, Portlaml
Will be at -3ray Improvement
Shoppe, Oregon Bldg.. on Monday.
Tuea. and Wed.' of each week for
removal of superfluous hair, moles
warts, birthmarks, by electrolysis.
Tel. 187. References; State Med
ical board diploma. V dl
Gnroe Xets Profit.
The total net profits the Salem
high school reaped from its con
test Thanksgiving day with the
Franklin high school of Portland,
played on a local field, is found to
be $211, according to word re
ceived Monday from J. C. Nelson,
principal of the local high school.
Boys to Travel - I
The national YMCA, la planEiifr
a trip for 20 boys, to be select? i
from all parts of, the Vnii,
States, that will carry them to
Various parts of Europe. The tri-j
is to cost each of the boys $1340.
Any boy in Salem who is a &:n-
ber of the YMCA and who iV b.?f
tween the ages of 1 and is years , V
Is eligible for the trip. The Jvu
requirement thit is made, an jr ?
us applications are coscenioj. is
(Continnad oa p: S I
Gas on Stomach
Won't Let You Sleep ,
Gas pressing on heart and other
organs sometimes causes a rest
less, nervous feeling and prevents
sleep. Adlerika helps any case. gas
on the stomach, unless due to
deep-seated causes. "The QUICK
action will surprise you. Because
KAdlerika is such an excellent in
testinal evacuant it is wonderfs
tor constipation it often works in
one hour and never gripes. ! JP-jx
Perry, Druggist, 115 SI Commer
cial St. Adv.
For a Lively
3-piece orchestra call 1470J d2
Portland People Visit
Mrs. J. L. Parrish. 1750 Market
street, entertained as her guests
over Thanksgiving, Mr. and Mrs.
Guy Barhan and their two little
sons, Guy, Jr., and Leonard, of
Tlie Parlor Is a Pleasant Place
Late Victor record, at Moore's
Music House. dl
School Claims
In a recent publication of
monthly claims, those of the coun
ty schools were, by error, listed
under those of the home for
feeble minded. No insinuations
were intended.
Will Sell Every New
Upright, grand and player piano
in our stock at practically dealers'
cost, for quick sale this week.
Terms if desired. Tallman Piano
Store, 395 S. 12th. dG
Payroll Out
The calendar payroll of the Sa
lem public .schools wa made, out
Monday. ' The "payroll includes on
its list city superintendent, high
school principal, nurse and doctor,
and all the clerical help of the
New Congoleum Rugs and Dishes
At F. N. Woodry's auction Wed.
nite, 7 p. m. Summer and Nor
way streets. dl
In Portland
Miss Elizabeth Levy spent Mon
day in Portland. .
'List Submitted
-Miss Rauch. supervisor of Eng
lish in the Parrish Junior high
-school, has submitted to City Su-
I perintendent Hug. for approval by
the. Salem school board, a list of
books to be purchased for tbe Par
rish school library. The list ia
I composed of English books, and
amounts to approximately $95.
j Stonebreaker
At the residence, 419 South
Nineteenth street, November 2
IsaakvT. stonebreaker. age 0
yeajTsfather d Carl Stonebreaker
of 'Portland, Mrs. Maud Lane of
Oentralia, Mrs; Helen Jenkins of
Saljtm . Mrs. Bessie Hexler and
Mrs. Dorothy Senosky of Portland.
The remains will be forwarded
from "the Rigdon mortuary Wed-
nesuay, uec. l, 10 iub ruiuauu
crematorium. '
Semi-Annual Sale
Of beautiful .wearing apparel.
Most interesting sale on all cloth
coats. No coat priced over $59.75
many at much less. The French
Shop115 High St. dltf
Esuay Are Turned 1
Essays written by pupils of the
Englewood and Garfield grade
schools and of Parrish junior high
school have been turned in to
Superintendent George , Hug's of
flee Monday. The essays are writ-
At the
Acute and Chronic treated
by the latest Electrical,
Theraphy and Osteopathy.
Consultation Free!
Physician and Surgeoa
06 U. S. Bank Bldp.
Salem, Oregon i
For Lease, Small Home-
Brand new, furnace, etc., $36
month. Becke & Hendricks. 189
N. High street, Heilig Bldg. n28tf
Speeder Fined .
Earl Star arrested recently on
a cnarge or speeding, was iinea
$7.50 Monday by Judge Ponlsen
. Ah. Luc uuiv , v u . e " "
street ftfonday, Nov. 30, Mrs.
Sarah A. Moore, age 75 years.
Wife of Manley R. Moore, mother
off Crawford, George and Edward
IfJoore and Mrs. Ralph D. Gibson
Also survived by one brother.
John Hayden bf Colfax, Wash. Fu
neral services Wednesday, Dec. 2,
at 1:30 p. m. from the Rigdon
mortuary, hrterment IOOF ceme
tery. . -n
'A i .
; 1 Robertson
Funeral - services for the late
Rev. John Robertson who passed
away at Pomery, Wash., Novem-
.For' Rent, Warm 5-Room
flat, $35; right down town. Also
5-room house north, $25; garage ber 2?, will be held Tuesday, Dec-
house. $10. Becke & Hendricks, I amber 1 at 2 p. m. from the Rig
189 N. High street. Heilig Bldg. don A Son mortuary, conluding
n28tf Uervice at the IOOF cemetery.
t Eastman Brothers
Salem Office 169 S. High
Office houn:
:M TO P, M,v
Factory, Sflverton, Ore,
Parker Fined ,
H. E. Rice was fined $1 In city I
; court for parking his car on the
street all night.
L ADD & BUSH, Bank
" Ectattlaaad 1S53
:r General Banking Business
r 0lce Eenra from 19 to S
Some Modern Couple-
That -rent, here's 4-room. new
cottage, furnace, fireplace', hard
wood, dutch kitchen, garage - in
basement, wired for electric range.
A double construction union-made
home that will last.' On large view
lot with trees. Protected district,
with ' Increasing values. Price,
$3600. ' Any reasonable terms to
responsible people. See at 1550
S. Winter street Becke & Hen
dricks, 189 N. High street, Heilig
Bldg. , . s28tf
Candidate Named v ' v
Sample ballots were distributed
yesterday to members of the Ki
wanis club containing names to be
submitted for vote at the election
on December 15. Candidates are:
For president, James H. Nichol
son," Edward Sehunkep for vice
presjdenCJKarl CL Becka Otto K.
IPaulus; for district trustee, O. P,
i' ! Jones
. Funeral I-services for the late
Klph R. Jones, who passed
aw'ayx at Los. Angeles, November
Iff will be held Tuesday, Decern
ber. l; at 1:30 p. n. from the First
Methodist church, concluding aer
viees and' "interment City lew
cemetery, direction of Rigdon lc
Son. V,i.P
We knpw that the real man
ta jndestructable. that he has
an Existence independent of the
physical body, that the body is
merely the Instrument fashion
ed "by some Inscrutable law of
being to hia means of
earthly expression. .-'-.We know
that sooner or later it will be
tnt grown by the immortal man,
when a gentle hand will loose
t, allowing him to slip from It
like a butterfly emerging from
Jhe chrysalla. ' - i " - '
fe'U . j Tgheba tlargreaves.
!W. T.' Rigdon Son
Clean Your Auto
Liquid Sunshine
The Battery Man '
Service Thftt Satlsfiea
5S1 Court St. Phone 108
will break up your
cold in 24 hours or
rrioney refunded
The Yellow Front Phone 107
133 North Commercial Street
The Penslar Store
Shop Early If Possible
Sometime, somewhere wVve seen or read the saying :
"Give as You Would Like to Receive and Tour Gift"
is Certain to Please and Make Happy." ' ' '
This advice can be followed with
assurance for we know of no bet
ter rule to follow In selecting gifts.
Here's a Practical Suggestion
And not a new one either,
for every year finds many
gift buyers choosing Silks
to give as Christmas Gifts.
36 and 40 inch
idths, yard i. .
mrnm j
800 Yards of Silks
See Window Display
. $1.79
In this vast assortment are silks suitable for party dresses,
street dresses, blouses, kiotionas, breakfast coate, pajamas;
linings and sofa pillows. - Charmnese, Harvard crepe, satin
etoile. Skinner's dress satin, Belding's dress satin, Directoire
satin and silk brocades.
4 Art Mate Street
-Can and Do-
SW3 Alder Street ' '
hi t A
New Store Summer and Norway Streets
' : -"-.-. -; :v- " '-' ,. . - . , ' .
Opposite. His Residenc 1610 North Summer Street'
'-" - 1 ' . Including . . i ...
Fnrnitore and furnthings from the home of W. B. McXairV'
McrHliel Steele, JL B Ilosley, Frank Ix veil and ether odd
pieces from otlMTP Salem mdeticf as follows: -Overstuffed
tapestry arm chair; mahogany floor-lamp and
shade; electric vacuum- aweeper: mahogany vlctrola and
records; ivory chiffonier; blue enamel breakfast table and"!
4 chairs; sanitary couch and pad; walnut dining table?
walnut buffet and 6 walnut diners' with blue leather seats,
also rocker and davenport table to match; 2 extra good
beds complete; other beda: ranges; heaters; Wilton and -Axminster
rugs; reed rockers; sea grass chairs; oak rockera.n
and diners; oak and fir dressersi kitchen cabinet; baby bed;
breakfast table; stand tables; duofold In craftsman leather"
oak china cabinet; child's table; boy's wagon; card table;
books; smoker's stand; pressure tank gasoline stove; clothes
wringer; barrel fruit Jara; 9 new Gold Seal congoleum rugs, ;
various siies; new dishes; garden tools; brass library lamp;,
oak library table; high chair; baby's reed push cart, and
many other articles which space will not permit to adver
tise. Term 8 cash.: ; ' ' - ' .-
Everything advertised goes without reserve. . Private
. sales daily. It's warm and cozy at Woodry's. v "
Salem's Leading Auctioneer
Phone 511
Residence, and Store 1010 North Summer Street
f1 f