The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, November 12, 1925, Page 3, Image 3

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G. W J
More Ram
Unsettled with rain; moderate
" mmmmmmmim ' ii-M-M-rTrni aiiirw-wi'"ifww'irirMnTnixi njuir r
' wM". IWWWPllUll . . - - - - - .
v itmiuiatttra fnonk J . -4
V Sim "iihi,..II5S(.-UU BirUUK
ttherly winds onTthe coast. Max-
yesterday, 55;. minimum,
n inver.
2. risine"! rainfall'
. r .,
Bicycle Is Stolen
Edwin Wieberg. 885 North Sum
mer street., reported to the police
that his Indian bicycle was stolen
from in front of the Oregon Elec
tric depot yesterday. j ' -. ;
See the Xew Wrap-Aroands-- M
At the Howlrd Corset Shop 153
S. High: :; nl2
Yonr Old Piano
"Taken ' as' part payment on a
Brunswick or VIctrola. H. L. Stiff
Furniture Co. " . nl2tf
. s
TweWe Lot $1200 Terms
-'Suitable for small homes, gar-4en,-Wckens.r"T''Near
school and
1 tar.. Terms if desired. Becke &
t Hendricks, 189 N. High. Hellig
Bldg. n4tf
"His Siastor's Voice" Indeed
' Hear the orthophonic victrola at
Moore's Music House, 409-415
Court: ; - ': t nl2
New Hostess Aprons
On sale at Kafoury Bros., made
Congregational women. n!2
Two Sneeders Arrested
Vera Worth, Salem route 4, and
Paul J. ' Kennedy. 745 Capitol
street, were arrested last night
by Officer Edwards on speeding
charges'. Both men are cited to
appear in the city police court this
morning, j .'
Furniture TTptiolatery
And Mpalring: - Oleie-Fowers
Furniture Company. -f 20tf
Winnlf red M. Curry
Ha taken over the management
of the Salem Elite, 329 Oregon
Building. : ; . nltf
Woodry & Son Z '-?
Buy farnitnre. Store,
Commercial. " Phone 75.
t ' '
m x:
A ToUt Free - 4
With every dollar purchase
Thursday.; Friday ; and - Saturday.
Capital drug store. ' nl2
Some Modern Couple
- Here's a, modern- bungalow for
two or thre.f Furnace, fireplace
ardwood.-Wlred for electric range
ny similar place you have seen.
2 DO, takes it and 600 down is
JentyL- Brand new and ready to
occupy. -In protected, district ."at
1550 Winter. Becke & Hen
dricks. Hellig Bldg., 189 ; North
High. street.' .'. ' 8tf
Salem Elite . r2
. Pleating; hemstitching, stamped
goods.-button -covering and Queen
Silk: lingerie; D M C threads.
stamping.-- 329. Oregon Bldg, nltf
Manv Visit Champoee ' -
During the Past season 11,600
persons visited the park and 3000
automobiles were registered, ac
cording to a report to the state
board of control from Albert To-
ier, caretaker of Champoeg park
For the right kind of materials
knd' the very best workman
hrp call 'w- , -
Powder ardl Supply Co.
7S a Commercial Phone 73 S
Are Behind
ear Varsity. Slicker
469 State Street
Mr. Tozier uredicts that rext spa-
son will see 30.00 visitor.. Fed
eral assistance in maintaining and
improving the nark is 'alvocated
by Mr. Tozier. The Dark, located
in the northern part of the county
on the bank pi the illamette river
is now supported . by state ddi-o-
priation. ,V . :
Artisans Attention -
Open meeting tonight.
Tlio .Vew Hostoxft Aprons
On sale at Kafoury Bros., made
by Congregational women. nl2
England's Pampas Blind Organist
And composer, Alfred Holllns,
will be at the First M. Echurch
Friday evening. Nor. n. Under
management of Prof. T. S. Rob
erts. ' ; . al2
Notice to all Woodmen
Of the World Thr'wiI1 h no
meeting Friday night. Not. lSth,
but Saturdaynight, the 14th, in
stead. There wiil ' be a class In
itiated. Thia work i3 being put
on by a degree team of Prospect
camp, Portland, Oregon, assisted
by the' Side degree team of Silver-
ton, after which a banquet will
be served.. , Signed,, Chairman of
Social- Committee, E Filsinger.
. - ' nl3
First Choice Reserved Seats
--rritray,-Koy.- lS."Ctvic "Music
club season tickets, 4 premier con
certs, $4. Inquire of Bertha Junk-
Darby, phone 19 SOW. or Heilig
theater. 2270. nl3
Some Bond Buyer
That likes security and also re
turns. Here's brick building on
long time lease, that will net' yon
8 per cent net, J 22, 000. Third to
half to handle, Becke & Hen
dricks, 189 ,N. High. Heilig'Bldg.
" ' n4tf
Road Matter Pressed
The improvement of the south
road from Union Hill schoolhouse
to the Silver Creek Falls was
pressed this week before the coun
ty court by Sam .Matheny, prom
inent strawberry raiser of the
Silver Creek Falls country and a
delegation. Reason for wishing
the road to be improved is given
Get the Best
Fruit Cakes arid English
Plum Pudding
121 South; Commercial
Acute and Chronic treated
by the- latest Electrical,
Theraphy and) Osteopathy.
' Consultation Free 1
Physician and Surgeon
K 50 FT S. Bank Bldg. '";
Salem, Oregon
v Salem's Leaning
frays Cash 'For Furnltnre
Residence and Store,
1610 .North; "Summer
jhone: 5ii i
rMEstabushed klnce 1015"
' r
- i. ... . - .. it, ? s " . ,-
& GO,
that f!h"e strawberry industry is
growing rapidly.'afid wil develope
much faster if a road is built
which , will facilitate the hauline
if the strawberries from the coun
try to Salem. ,
Ir. Marsliall. Osteopathic .
i-nysician ana surgeon. .nis
Exclusive Distribution X"'
For,W. W. Kimball pian6a;,jA
B. Chase, Davenport & Tracy,
Bush & Gerts. Moore'i Music
louse, 409-415 Court.
Have You, Heard the Orthophonic
victrola? Hear it - at, Moore's
Music House, 409-415. Court., n 12
Per Cent Preferred Stock-
In. Salem'g new paper mill. In
vestigate. Hawkins & Roberts.
Inc., 205 Oregon Building. n?0
Furniture Tphorstery
And repairing. ' Glese-Powers
Furniture Company. s20tf
A Doll! Free
With every, dollar purchase
Thursday, Friday , and Saturday
Capital drug store. n!2
Certified Stndcbaker Glass-
Closure, for sale at the Certified
Public Motor Car' Market. Why
buy a cheap new car when you can
get this guaranteed, high grade
tr?for only S590T " 'nir
Turkey Prices Higher
The Thanksgiving bird will be
available this year between 45 and
50 cents a pound, according to
local buyers. The wholesale price
probably will range as high as 42
cents a pound. Reports here in
dicate that the turkey production
this year was not as large as in
previous seasons.
Send this ad and ten cents to
Foley & Co.. 2835 Sheffield Ave
Chicago, 111., writing your name
and address clearly. You will re
ceive a ten cent bottle of FOLEY';
for coughs, colds and hoarseness
also free sample packages of
FOLEY PILLS, a diuretic stimu
lant for the kidneys, and FOLEY'S
stipatlon and biliousness. These
wonderful remedies have helped
millions of people. Try themt-
For Sale
For Rent
V Phone 866
C. M. Lockwood
247 North, Commercial Street
will break up your
cold in 24 hours or
s' money refunded
The Yellow Front Phone 197
- ... - , V
135 North Commercial Street
The Penslar Store
5 J "
I ft
6! rectory prvdactloo is ineb at
1 w mrm able ta ktaia new Wtl y
'Klhti, OrerUads aaS OakUnda.
Wi kin (nit aany r
listed for tala vhicli -ars set in
. or om4 department at tka prea-
- Xriat ia your old car to trade in
a a better cat.
lawyer is Admitted
Upon recommendation of the
supreme court of Ohio, the Ore
gon supreme court has Issued an
order permitting Fred.G. Dale of
Albany to practice law in the state.
Mr. pale at one time was attorney
tor the Ohio Anti-Saloon league
and later engaged in Chautauqua
Priced from $1 up. Howard
Corset Shop, 153; S. High. nit
Hear the Orthophonic
iTictrola today at Stiffs. nt2tf
A IoIl! Free
With every dollar purchase-
Thursday. Friday and Saturday
Capital drug store. .n!2
Oppen Teaches Acetylene
And electric welding. New elec
tric welding machines. $250;
acetylene generators, $90 and p.
695 Mill St. d7
Dojc Harness All Sizes
Also leads. Nothing takes the
place of LEATHER. F. E. Shafer,
harness supplies, south of Ladd &
Bush bank. nl2
1200 to Loan
-Flat 3 years, 7 per cent. Wants
new Salem bouse. Becke & Hen
dricks. Heilig Bldg., 189 N. High
street. n8tf
Whole Grain Wheat-
Call 1179. Henry Lee, distr
Rarn Is Destroyed
During the wind and rain storm
of Wednesday, Ed Don cor of Lib
erty, lost his barn when a young
cyclone demolished the structure
about 11 o'clock -in the morning
Don't go around feeling tired,
lacking in energy and strength,
because your kidneys are not
working properly. The use of
FOLEY PILLS, a diuretic stimu
lant for the kidneys, will flush
your kidneys, remove injurious
waste matter and bring the kid
neys back to a normal, active con
dition. "Your FOLEY PILLS are
the only thing that I ever got to
do me any good, writes Samuel
Brenner, -Alexandria, Ind. Adv. -
i Direct Factory Branch
810 Court Street Phone 262
Typewriters Rented,. Sold,
Repaired '
Special rental ratei to. students
. r
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
EstablUhed'l8oa '
General Banking Business ffi
Office Hours from 10 s-m. to pjt. r'
t Improved 2 AtreSuburban Home and.
4 Personal Property at -I h
Pub I
I -s: -' -
On Park Street and Garden Road. Just One Mile East,
- of Capitol Street -
AsFollo.: i r-.
Well improved 2 acre farm witMgood 4 roomed house
with nantrv and hath, two 12x24 chickerf houses, all .
fenced and cross fenced with chicken wire, good well at
House, soil ciay loam . doia'jinaerf ine ioiiowiiik; iwh
a' mnrtcrap-e of 600. navable in 3-
jyears at 6 per cent interest
S5UO, Balance 01 purcnase
Dear abstract of title
t v". Personal ipertiaS Follows;
!l large walnut organ and stool, 1 large heater board and
i Tinivprini Rfinlp'rancre wfChteservoir.'l sanitary
fcouch, 22 stand tables, 14
fl screened cupboard, 2 beds, springs ana mauresses, x
dining table, rocking chairs; omger -sewing macnine,
hand power wash machine;.10 hew comforts, never used,
pillows, bedding, bed spreads,' linens, doilies, fancy work,
pitchers, kitchen utensils, ttishes, S50 quarts home can
ned fruit, full set of real carpenter's tools and tool box,
garden tools, accordian, 1 Bush Vetch seed corn grinder
and corn shelter, 5 loads fir block wood, Pitcher pump,
6 bunches shingles, new" flooring, 130 6-inch tile, 100
new brick, and & lot of other miscellaneous1 articles.
Terms cash. m--
UlarrieslTi Bell, F.N. Woodry,
Owner ' ' ' la the Auctioneer of Course ,
" ; . ..7 ? r V I
t When" you want an auction jusfphone the, same old
! number, 5li.iResidence and store, Summer and Norway?.
1 Streets. Established itf' Silem-since 1-916. 4 .
loney-IUtnms -
Dr. -Carl cregg ioney Is hack
In Salem"! after haying addressed
the county teachers' institute held
at Oregon City Tuesday. He ad
dressed the teachers twice, touch
ing upon elements that go to make
the successful teacher.
Artisans Attention-
Open meeting tonight.
Halik & Eoff
- Radio and supplies.
Pillow Cases and Lunch
Sets, 98 cents, at Mrs. Millers.
over Miller's Btore. n!5
William Schultx died at 14 66 C
street at tne age of SO years. He
is survived by his - widow. Ida
Schultz, five sons, Fred. David and
William of Minnesota; Oswald of
Montana and Adolph of Salem,
and three daughters. Mrs. Bertha
Koehler and Wilbelmina Walter
of Salem and Mrs. Gusta Bahlin
of Alberta, Canada, He was a
mPTnhpr Af tha CI arm t n T.tttharan
church. Funeral announcements
will be made later from Webb's
funeral parlors. -
Z. Craven died Nov. 10 at a local
aospital at the age of 8S years.
Survived by one daughter, Mrs.
Millie Rhodes of . Portland, and
four sons, Homer H. of Seattle,
Charles H. of Spokane, Calvin Le
Roy of Los Angeles and Lewellyn
of San Jose, Cal. Funeral serv
ices will be held from the Rigdon
mortuary . Thursday, Nov. 12, at
3 p. m. with Rev. W. C. Kantner
officiating. Interment in IOOF
Homer A. Dove died Nov, 11 in
a local hospital at the agv of 4 4
years. Survived by his wife, Mrs.
H. A. Dove of Salem. Funeral
services will be held Friday, Nov.
12 at 1:30 p. m. from the Rigdon
mortuary. Intermeut will be in
City View cemetery. Rev. E. H.
Shanks will officiate.
Frost ,
In this city, Wednesday, Nov.
11, Elizabeth Frost, age 83 years.
Funeral announcements wll he
made later by Rigdon & Son mor
tuary. HBGlWmHIS BE
'ti h: f L0VE.D SLEEP
Orall the thoughts-' of Ood that
Borne inward unto souls afar
lpng the Psalmist's music
SoVietl-me. If that any is
For - gift f grace surpassing
'"He glveth.His beloved sheep..
-Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Asetioaoare and Fantitaro Doalora,"
pay cmb for Uted rarnttaro. Store
871 Hoxtt COBUMKlal.
- Office Phone 75 or Res
ldence Phone 1843-W
arm 1
and make a cash payment of -
pnces.arrangea w suit puiun-
AvjU be furnished purchaser..
dining chairs; 1' wall cabinet,
Artisans to Entertain rr" ;r
.; J.iW MlUa,, supreme, treasurer
of the United' Artisans and- .'the
Zuaves Patrol "of; the Al Atar Pyr
amid No. 1; of Portland, will be
the guests oft the local order of
Artisans tonight at" an open meet
ing in Fraternal hall,, (old Elk
hall.) The patrol is composed of
20 men .under the command - of
Captain Freiberg, the well known
traffic officer of Portland.
Hear the Orthophonic
Victrola today at Stiffs.
Your Old Piano
Taken as part payment on a
Brunswick or Victrola. IL L. Stiff
Furniture Co. nlltf
A Regrettable Incident
The Capital Business College
has had a number of calls for help
recently which could not be filled
because of a lack of qualified pu
pils. This Is regrettable. Some
one missed an opportunity by not
being ready. A beginning class
in shorthand will be started next
Monday. Call and talk it over.
You Can't Keep Alcoh
In a leaky radiator. See us be
fore the freeze.- J. C. Bair, the
regular radiator man. hi 5
For Christmas Aprons
See Kafoury Bros., made by
women of the First Congregation
al church. n!2
'His Master's Voice" Indeed
Hear the orthophonic victrola at
Moore's Music House, 409-415
Court. n!2
We are giving with
doll absolutely FREE. We have no excuse
uiai we just waniea
please the kiddies.
50c Milk Magnesia, Mer
itol or A,D.S r
Buy two for... Dl C
25c Boric Acid,
Buy two for.......
25c Iodine
Buy two for ....
50c Capital White Pine
Cough Syrup CI
Buy two for ll C
50c Mental Peroxide
Buy two for ....
30c Adhesive Tape, 1 in.
2l2 yards AQ
Buy two for IJV
75c Rubbing Alcohol, !
pint tjl OA
Buy. Hwtr.;..lU. OV,
20c Castile iSoap
We have a - factory sample lineof
Manicure Sets at prices from $4.00 to
?10.00. Make your choice; at' this
sale for
Waterbury Alarm Clock
regular $1.25. This sale
.1 Year Guarantee,
j . Buy 'two forl$1.6a.V h
Hot Water
1 Year Guarantee
Regular $1.50
.. vBuy two for
i - r ....
' $1.61 :
1 Syringe and 1 Bottle $1.61
JRrWlLLET- t ; . V:
Census Is .Take
A regent; census at Jtfill CUy
shows a total population of 1235,
Of this number 14 rschool" chil
dren live on the Marion county
side and" 259 on the Lnn county
side of the river,.
For Christmas Aprons--'
See Kafoury - Bros., ' made by
women of the First Congregation
al church. . - nl2
Loans Wanted
1700 and $1800. 6 and 7V4
per cent. New Salem homes. Title
and Insurance protection Becke
& Hendricks. Heilig .Bldg. 189 N.
High street, , , n8tf
Salem's Premier Concert Coarse
Four concerts for S4,; including
$2 reserved seat for Mansfield
Dancers. n!3
For Rent
Modern ,5-room house, .furnace,
fireplace, etc., $35.. Vacant; also
modem 5-room flat, $37.50; va
cant. Becke & Hendricks. 189 N.
High. Hellig Bldg. Ji4tf
Eastman Brothers
! Salem Office 169 S. High
' Office hours:
12:M TO J P..M.
3 Factory, SO verton, Ore, .
Friday and Caturday
every, Dollar purchase, a beautiful ,- sleeping
to, ana in so aoing we felt mat we should
- : .... x
50c Olive Oil, 1 pint
size 1 n
Buy two for., Q.I.C
60c Cotton, 1 lb. QQ
Buy two for stGv-
v 50c Durabristie Tooth
Brush' ' AlV.'
Buy two for OiC
50c Chlorodlxs Tooth.
'Paste - -'! '
' Buy two for .....y. 0 1 Cf
? 50c Gt mk t o nU TootlT
I Buy tw.ft for....:.
$1 Bath Salts
Buy two for .... vl TCt7
10c Creme Oi Soap rf
10c Palm Olive Soap C.-1-
Cake . ...
Guilt Edge
Bottle r
Bulk Pound Paper
Buy two for : :
, ' A-Safe Place to Trade
t , A jMarlagelicense as heeh is
sued In5 Vancouver Washt ttJ
Glen V. MctJowtrrof Albany and
tedna J. Boje," It.jDt Salem. .
. .- V : i A . ', , - ,.
Have You Heard the" OHliophonle
Victrola t Hear it at Moore's;
Music House, 409-415 Court 'nl2
Polk. Meeting Set ", . . .. , '. .
An all-day Polk county get-together
meeting will be held at In-
(Can tinned oa pat d)
on iVtime
1 ptirchocscfa
i,The new low rates of,;
the G M A CTime Pny t
ment Plan make a ncw, ;
t ClieVrQlet easier. and,.
less expensive to buy ?
I than ever before. ; .
Come in and let us show
you how you can savin
money in the time pur '
chase of one of tnese'
fine new. quality cartJ "
Opposite City HaU
for doing this except-r
50c Pepsodent TootH ,
Paste 7 (in
Bqy two for ..... OC
. - - --it.-, v,-
75c M e r i t a 1 Theatrical
Cold Cream ' 7' '
Buy two' for I OC
$1.50 Kolorbak
t.., ,tt it
50c Peach Blend Face
Powder ; '.'
Buy two for
25c Egyptian T al jcu m
liuy two
A J my , mtmh mtrntm-m.
25c Palm Olive , Talcum .
Buy two'--- 0-v
for iZiUw
65c Kotex i7C
Buy two for IOC
II" J ir " Jk
Gold Plated
Autos trop. Razor.
Special 59c
. 1 Pint,SUe;:.,v,.wvv,r
Thermos Bottle .
4 . .4-.
Assorted . Boxes, v Stationerjr
'Silvered borders Ravel- I
euge, ijacev uuays regular piiica i
: ' A ei en -..
Choice 79c
Buy ."now for Xmas.
.,. )
...i. ....... sic
Eversharp, Ckmklin' and Ingersol.
V Gold and rSilver. Pencil?
, 25 Off ,
-4t .-4.
405 State. Street,
4 4.
a '