The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, November 06, 1925, Page 5, Image 5

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f Ml
. Tair; heavy frost, I west and
freezing temperature east portion;
light southeasterly winds. Max.
40; Min. 35; River 2.1, rising;
Rainfall none; Atmosphere cloudy,
Wind north. 1 ,
Churchill In Bond' !
.J. A. Churchill,'. state superin
tendent of schools.: is In Bend- Jn
connection witu educational work
connected with his department.
Good Wool Blanket- ;
And wool filled comforts, at
Hamilton's. 310 Court! St. , n6
Drive Certified "Studebaker :
;You will enjoy one of these won
derful, long-lived automobiles far
better than a cheap new car, and
the cost will be no greater to you.
See them at the Certified Public
Motor Car Market. ; . n7
Workman Is Injured - i ;'
DTerryjL: resident of the
Aubunr district was Injured while
working in the Spaulding company
yards here Wednesday. He re
ceived medical .attention and re
turned to workbut was forced to
go home..: ' It was believed yester
day that he had received a frac
tured rib.
Hear the OrthpphonJc ;t'
VIctrola today at Stiffs.,
For Men and Young Men
All wool overcoats. Good, styles
and patterns at wonderful values.
116.95. The Man's Shop-" n6
Fisher Aids Army- ' ' '
.- The Salvation Army has secured
the services of Fred G. Fisher, the
singer-evangelist, in , connection
with its meeting to be held at the
'state penitentiary next Sunday.
Mr. Fisher is assisting the Rev. E.
H. Shanks- of ' the First Baptist
church in special revival campaign
' going on.;He will sing and
speak at the Array prison meeting
Darwin Tulip Bnlbs--i. ;-
' One cent each.; Flakes Petland,
273 State " v-r;.-7. g
Lost . V;'-'',"r'.'vV'-; , , :- i
Black hand ' bag, containing
glasses, two. purses,; and silver
money. Return hand bag . and
glasses, keep the money tor. re
ward. Return to Statesman office:
..... - ... - . - .- :i- n6
For Rent
Modern 5-room house, furnace,
fireplace, etc.,; $35.' Vacant; also
modern 5-room. flat, $57.50; va
cant. Becke ft Hendricks, 189 N.
High. Heilig BIdg. n4tf
One license Issued-- ! :
Arthur P. Martin, a bookkeeper
of Marcola, and Wenonah Carter,
430 South Twenty-fourth' street,
were issued a marriage license in
the county clerk's office yester
day.- M W .
, -
Pomeroy & Keene
Jewelers and Optometrists :
Salem, Oregon 1
I I i sMiii .
BURR! Talie the chill
off with a good ...
all wo ol
The Latest Styles in Overcoats
,are here for your approval.
v " "v..
Drop in we are always
willing to sKow you
G. W. Johnson & Co.
Clubs Meet
Ben J. Kimber, general secre
tary for the county YMCA, went
to Woodburn last night where he
assisted in the meeting of the Hi
Y and Pioneer clubs of that town.
Wednesday he went to Silverton
to meet with the , Pioneer club
therei ' ' " ' '
Muscovite Dance -
Crystal Gardens! Friday, Not.. 6.
You will enjoy it. Admission 50c.
Pumiture tTphotstery
And repairing. " Oiese-Powers
Furniture Company. tXOtf
Heat Your Home-
On the same amount of fuel
usually required for one room. The
Heatrola gives the best of satis
faction. Hamilton's, 340 Court
St. n6
Ham and Bacon Shoot
Salem Rod and Gun club Sun
day, November 8. ' ' nZ
Some Bond Buyer . . -"v
That likes -security and also re
turns- Here's brick building on
long time lease that will net you
8 per cent net.. $22,000. Third to
half to handle. Becke & Hen
dricks, 183T & High." Heilig" BIdg.
Council to Meet
The Oregon-IdahO state council
for boys' work will meet in Port
land . this ; noon .and will convene'
until Saturday' noon. Various
phases of boys work will be stress
ed at the meeting. Those who
will attend the meeting as dele
gates from the Salem YMCA are:
J. B. Crtry, secretary of the boys"
department of the local WMCA;
Loyal Warner and. Clarence Oli
ver of Willamette university; ..Lee
Ross, president of the Salem Hi
Y; Ross Miles and Dwight Ad
Anto Tops and Curtain Work i
O. J. Hull, 267 S. Commercial.
'. n6
Try Swimming V , ;
. Today in warm water. Crystal
Gardens. - n6
Drive Progressing i
' ThetountyYMCA is In sight of
raising the Salem quota of $1&00,
according to . Ben jt Kimber, sec
retary of the county YMCA. There
There remains-yet to obtain about
$250, and 4his amount Mr. Kimber
believes , will " be- subscribed soon.
Turner .was the, first town in the
county td go over the top, having
raised , : its quota Wednesday.
Aumsville will very likely go over
today, and Stayton has "already
raised over half of its quota. The
aim for the entire county is only
$4300. - :. : ' ::
Exclnsire Distribution
For W.,W. Kimball pianos. A.
B. Chase, Davenport & Tracy,
Bush ft Gerts. Moore's Music
House, 409-415 Court. , a20tf
Twelve Lots 8 1200 Tcrma
: Suitable for smali;hbmes, gar
den,; chickens, t Near school and
car. Terms if desired. Becke &
Hendricks. 189 .NY High; Heilig
To Make Home Here .
B. B. Ely, t formerly of . Okla
homa City, arrived in Salem yes
terday from California and , will
make hi& home in Salem with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Kly.
He. wilt 'engage iu business here
later. '
This Cold Weather
Suggests heating stoves. You
should see the Heatrola and Radl-
ola.' both wonderful heaters. Ask
those who use ' them. Sold by
Hamilton; 340 Court .St. ' n6
Building Sparta
Building permits to be issued
from the office of the city re
corder suddenly underwent a spurt
Wednesday and Thursday when
fire permits : were taken out. W.
A. Bond received three of the per
mits. ' One to erect a one-story
dwelling at 1335 North Cottage,
to cost $3500; one to construct a
one-story dwelling at 1205 Nort
Fourteenth, at a cost of $3,000,
and due to build a one-story dwell
ing at 1305 North Cottage to cost
$3,000. Donald W. Miles took
out a permit to erect a one and
one-half story dwelling at a cost
of $5,000 at 675 Stewart. R. fL
Keith was issued a permit to con
struct a one-story garage at 1290
North Thirteenth, to cost $450. I
Mahogany Candle Sticks
With candles, 98c. Saturday
only. H. L. Stiff Furniture Co.!
Big Reduction on all Hats-
Friday, Saturday. Larsen's
Millinery, 429 Court St., next
Dixie Bakery.
Club to Present Picture
A moving .picture entertainment
featuring the film "The Unknown
Purple," is to be presented by the
Amenic club of the Salem high
school on the evening of Novem
ber 11. The entertainment wilt
be held in St. Joseph's auditorium.
Muscovite Dance
Crystal Gardens, Friday, Nov.
You will enjoy it. Admission 50c.
Salem Elite -
Pleating, hemstitching, stamped
goods, button covering and Queen
Silk lingerie. D. M. C. threads,
stamping. 329 Oregon BIdg. nltf
Homes Wanted'
The Oregon.- Humane society
has taken up a beautiful black
fox terrier with four puppies, part
bull and would like to find homes
for them. Would make good
house pets and for ratting. Ap
ply to Dr. Morehouse, humane of
For Sale
Full blood Jersey bull calf 1' 2
days old, cheap. See Kletzlng at
Statesman office. ' !n6
Comforts and Blankets
At prices you can afford to pay.
Hamilton's, 340 Court fSt.
Girl Brought Back
Bessie Estell, aged 14, who re
cently escaped from the state in
dustrial school,- for,- girls. Was
brought back Thursday tothe! in
stitution by Mrs.' Clara Patterson,
superintendent. The girl was dis
covered at Longview, Wash., and
was held for Mrs. Patterson
Chief of Police Jackson.
Whole Grain Wheat
Call .1179. Henry Lee,
Woodrr So:
Buy furniture. Store, 271 N.
Commercial. Phone 75. s2tf
Water Rights Settled ' 'c . '.
Water 'rights on Pine creek and
Us tributaries (in Umatilla county
near Freewater and Milton) hare
now been finally settled, and Rhea
Luper, state engineer,, has issued
to each water user a final certifi
cate describing the right which
was allowed to him. This water
right adjudication was taken' up
by the state engineer in 1922,
apon petition of. Nellie F. Collet t
and others. ' The water right icer-
Get the Best
Fruit Cakes and English
. Plum Pudding
121 South Commercial;
Who is looking (or a liar-.
ley-Davidson Motorcycle,
with side-car and lots of
other extras? .We have
a 1924 Model,, priced so
chzap that you cannot
resist. . .j. .- ,
ttficates have been received by
County Clerk Brown at Pendle
ton, and arter they are recorded
by him, will be forwarded to the
respective m parties. The proceed
ing involved the water rights of
35 ,users, and a total area of
2342.85 acres of irrigated land.
Dinnerware. 32 Pieces
For $4.93. Hamilton's, 340
Court St. n6
Chicken Supper, Peppy Progr
Tonite, benefit social for piano
fund, 50c a plate. New Bethel
school, 6 miles east of Salem,' Penn
road. n6
To Plan for Dances
A meeting of the young people
of the St. Joseph parish will be
held at the auditorium "of the
church tonight at 7:30 o'clock.
The purpose will be to organize
and lay plans for dances and the
meeting will end with a short in.
formal dance.
American Legion Tickets
Good at show, football game or
dance. . n6
I. 3. Hcrsha, Expert
Piano and furniture refinisher
and . polisher. Refinishiug pianos
a specialty. Free estimates on re
quest. Inquire at Moore's Music
House, 4Q9-415 Court St. Phone
983. n8
Girl Sought
J. F. Strickland, a barrister of
Peterborough, Canada, is endeav
oring to find a young girl answer
ing to the name of Lillian Chris-
tobel' Buck, for the purpose of
settling up an estate In which he
is interested. The girl is said to
be the daughter of Laura Walsh
and Errol Buck. While he does
not know for sure, he believes
that the girl was born in Salem,
although he is not certain about
the date. If she is not located
in Salem, Mr. Strickland will jour
ney to Eagle Rock, from there to
Los Angeles, and from there to
Anaheim, California, in an at
tempt to locate her. .
Ferns, 15c X
Flake's Petland, 273 State. n6
South High Street Cottage ,T
$3100; reasonable terms. East
front, near schools and car. Pav
ing paid. Electric range. Large
lot with fruit, garden and flowers,
cement walks. Buy now. Becke
& Hendricks, 189 N. High. Heilig
BIdg. n4tt
Seek Repeal of Act
The Marion-Polk County Real
tors at their weekly , luncheon
Thursday voted unanimously to
telegraph Congressman W. P
Hawley urging him to use ills in
fluence in obtaining the repeal of
the federal stamp act.
Rnmmage Sale
All day Saturday, Nov. 7,' at 455
Ferry street. n7
Winnlfred M. Curry
Haa taken over the management
of the Salem Elite, 329 Oregon
Building. nltf
Estate Left v-r
An estate" of $40,000 has been
left 'by Andrew F. Lockwood, a
farmer near Salem, who died re
cently .according to a petition for
letters attesmentary filed in pro
bate court. The estate includes
shares in the W. and A. Fletcher
Co., of which Mr. Lockwood's unr
cle is president. sThe will speci
fies ' that the shares be held in
trust for his wife, Ruth Lock
wood, the trustee being the Secur
ity Savings and Trust company of
Portland. Should Ruth Lockwood
die. the shares are to go to the
children of Lockwood's uncle, and
In case of their death, the shares
are to revert unconditionally to
Ruth Lockwood. G. H. Graben-
Direct Factory Branch
510 Court Street Phone t02
; Typewriters Rented, Bold, ;
Repaired .
Special rental rate to studetta
Eastman Brothers
' Furnaces"
Salem Office 169 S, High
Office hours: ' -
- 12:M TO J P. II. - '
Factory, Silverton, Ore..'
;AaettMrt aa rarattttr DwUws.
rr in far V4 ranitara.
S71 But CoawarciaL , i.y '.
Office Phone 75 or Res
idence Phone 1S43-W ;
borst, William S. Walton and L.
P. Aid rich have been named as
appraisers.' K
Dance ' " . I '
i Schindler halL. Sat. night "n6
Pumiture CptioUtery , j
And repairing: . , Oiese-Powers
rurniture Oompany;f N alOtf
Hear the OHhophoNic i
Victrola today at Stlfrs. . . n6
Traffic Officers Gather
The semi-annual meeting of
state traffic officers terminated
Thursday afternoon. Twice each
year the traffic men are called to
Salem for a conference with T. A.
ttaffety, chief state traffic officer,
for a general discussion of laws,
enforcement, and their various
phases. The meetings were held
in the senate chamber at the state
house. More than 25 of j the offi
cers gathered for a special lunch
eon at The Spa. !
Dnpont's Duco Refinishing
At Hull's. 267 S. Com'l. n6
For Men and Young Men
All wool overcoats. Good styles
and patterns ai wonderful values,
$16.95. The 'Man Shop. n6
Birth Report rU , j
The birth of a daughter to Mr.
and, Mrs. H. w. Egan of Gervais
on November. 5 was renorted at
the office of the city health officer
Thursday. She has been named
Adele Louise. )
Am Selling "
My grocery, stock at cost. 795
Highland avenue. n7
Why; Wait Longer.
For that dinner set? See what
we are offering. Hamilton's, 340
Court St., , , n6
-ww I
In this eity -November 4, Dud
ley Hunsncker, age 22 years. The
remains were forwarded by the
Rigdon ft Son mortuary to Port
land for funeral services and in
terment. - Brown
Mrs. Maybelle Brown died in
West Salem November 5, at the
age of 19 years. . Survived by her
husband. Ivan Brown, one daugh
ter, Doris, both of West Salem,
and her parents. Mr. and Mrs.,
Orion F. - Carpenter.aV brother.
Claude chapman, and a grand
father. Frank Carnenter. all of
Jefferson. ' Funeral services will
be held Saturday. Nov. 7, at 10
a. m., from th Rtgdqn mortuary.
interment in Kt; Scott cemetery,
..Jalser JohUsoh died in this city
Thursday at the age of 21 years.
Survived by his father. Oswald
Johnson of Astoria. The body
will go forward to Astoria today
for funeral services and interment.
Webb funeral parlors in charge.
Funeral services for Julius Nel
son will be , held today ( Friday)
from the Webb funeral parlors at
3:30 o'clockr ;Jtev. Kantner will
officiate. Committal services will
be in City View; cemetery.
Funeral services for Clara Hall
will take place Friday afternoon
at 2 p. m. from the Webb fune
ral parlors. " Rev. Taylor will of
ficiate. Interment In City View
cemetery. -; :.'.
Never the spirit was born: the
spirit shall cease" to be never;
Never was time it was not; End
and Beginning are dreams!
Birthless and .deathless and
changeless- retnaineth the
spirit 'forevef; . - j
Death hath not touched it at
all. dead, though the house
of It seems. .j ;
-Sir Edwin Arnold.
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
"v !."';'' I" Kat411abed lMSr
General Banking Business '
Offlee loan from
5 iv lv Ale Kmo
Vaccination HeM- -:; ; '
v Some 200 or 360 pupils at Rich
mond grammar school have been
vaccinated ; for I smallpox. " The
vaccination was i n s 1 1 g a ted
through the' reporting of three
cases of smallpox among children
of-the school. Those reported to
bave the malady are Pauline Her
ron, Clarence . Wolfe, . and Etta
Vlckers. ' ': ' " '"'J
How About Those Carta 1
-- Need repairing for this wet
weather. See O. J. Hull, 267 S.
Commercial. n6
For Men and Young Men
All wool overcoats. Good styles
and patterns at wonderful values,
$16.93. The Man's Shop. n6
Mahogany Candle Sticks
With candles, 98c. Saturday
only. II. L. Stiff Furniture Co.
Have Yon Seen
Tbe parlor furnaces, capable of
heating several rooms at a uni
form heat.' ' No banement neces
sary. Hamilton's, 340 Court St.
Pnrent Milk, tOc Quart
TeL 359, Wild Rose Dairy. n7
iuseovite Dance
Crystal Gardens, Friday, Nov. 6.
You will enjoy it. Admission 50c.
Gets Vancouver License
. A marriage license has been is
sued in Vancouver, Wash., to
Clyde C- Griggs, 21, of Salem and
Mildred Treakle, 17, of Portland.
Speeder Fined '
Lloyd Ivie, who was arrested
Wednesday, on a charge of Speed
ing, was fined $5 for the offense
by Judge Poulsen Thursday.
Dishes at Close-Out Prices
One-third less than value. Sev
eral fine decorated sets. Hamil
ton's. u6
Missionary Meeting-
Interest in church circles is at
tending the annual thank offering
meeting of the First Congrega
tional church missionary society
which will take place this after
noon at the .home of Mrs. R. J
Hendricks, 495 North Summer. A
number of prominent church wo
men will be hostesses with Mrs.
Hendricks. A cordial invitation
to all women of the congregation
is issued, with the hope that they
wfH join with the society at this
Mirrors at One-Third Off
The regnlar price. Hamilton's.
340 Court St. n6
Court Term Closed
The October term of circuit
court closed Thursday, after hav.
ing been running in full swing
The Battery Man
Sattsf Action Onarma'eed
531 Court St.
Phone 108
For the right kind of materials
and the very best workman
ship call us.
Powder and Supply Co.
ITS 8. Commercial Phone 728
Salem Leading .-.
.Pays Cash For Furniture
; Residence and Store -
1610 North Summer
"Established Since 1916"
. tS
InsUranre- of All. Kinds - - 1
Lobby tfeilifc Theatre,-IS N. High
- ' . ' Telephone -111" -. "'-"ll
j. of swy Irtijgtt
since October . "judge Percy R."
JKelly discharged the jury Thurs-
daymorning.; The Murray, WriUos
and Kelley casea were the out
standing cases of the month.' ! All
three men were sentenced to hang
for' .first- degree murder, .The
next, term of -the depatment will
commence Monday,, when several
(criminal; -cases will come up.
Hi-Y Meets ;
The Hi-Y club at the Salem high
school metf last night and started
its Bible study course.' Prof. Roy
Harding of Willamette university
is instructing in the course.
Boys' 'Chorus Progr-essing
Work is progressing very satb
factorUyj. with the; Salem tjoys
chorus, according to word received
Thursday. -' The chorus has met
twice already, and are working
into shape, although it is announc
ed that few more bass voices are
needed. The chorus meets "every
Tuesday night, although the meet
ing may not be held next week,
which, is Father a.nd Son . week.
Dr. H. q. Epley is directing the
chorus. - ? -
Have You Heard
. ' tne following
Victor Records
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