The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, September 05, 1925, Page 5, Image 5

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Prepare For Rainy Days!
Laugh at the Weather
Wear a
Boys and Girls
At . -Lowest
f--11 fill
Generally cloudy with moderate
temperature; moderate ' winds
mostly west and northwest. Hu
midity above normal. Max. 68;
Min. 62; River, 2.3, falling;
Rainfall none; Atmosphere cloudy
t Wind south.
The Theaters Today
- ttt
Oregon Ricardo Cortez
.and Greta Nissen support
ed by "Wallace Boery and
Raymond Hatton iu "In.
the Name of Love."
Illigli Richard - Talmadge
in '"Stepping Lively" and
5 acts vaudeville.
A voluntary non-suit was de
clared in the case of Charles Ran
son against' A. W. Lathrop and
r Casper J. Lathropin circuit court
Friday. The case has been set
tied out of court. The release and
discharge was signed by Circuit
Judge L. H. McMahan.
Try the New Meat Market
At 147 North High street, if you
prefer good, tender meat at reas
onable prices. Independent Meat
Market. s5
Divorce Is Asked
Regina Perkins has filed suit
for divorce against Edwin Perk
ins in the circuit court here. They
worefmarried in Salem in 1918
Cruelty and desertion is "charged
Mrs. Perkins declared that, her
husband left her in 1924 and is
now' .somewhere in - California.
Dr. O. L. Scott
Chiropractor, announces open
ing of new offices.
Ground floor.
. N.
juLute Savage Improving
t Lute Savage, veteran guard at
r'the-penltehWary, wounded by con
vlct th evening nf An rust 12 is
p well on the road to , recovery and
t , is expected to be able to sit up in
bed next week. An X-ray was
taken Friday to determine the ex
act position of the bullet. It the
bullet will not endanger his recov
ery, it is expected that no effort
will be made to remove it from
the guard's body.
Min net ta Magers
Teacher of singing. Studio.
Derby bldg. Friday and Saturday
of each week. Phone 363. s3
Three IJccnses Issned
inree marriage licenses were
- Issued by Marion county yester
day. I They were applied for by
Oscar Wahl, stevedore, and Estelle
Page, both of Portland; Robert
M. Weir, 468 North Liberty, a me
chanic, and Lilialla : Comorroe of
Montrose, Colo.; " James F. Ross,
carpenter, Turner, and Evelynn
Hayes of Turner. !
pome no Y &
Salnn, (n-cgon
Varsity j-Slicker
We have them in the popular colors
G. W.
& Co.
469 State St.
Rotarlans Frolic-
More than 200 Rotarians and
their friends from the Corvallis,
McMinnville and Salem clubs were
present yesterday afternoon at the
joint picnic, of, the clubs, i at the
state fair grounds here. Baseball
and volleyball games and races
furnished the- principal sports of
the afternoon, followed by a picnic
dinner in the automobile pavilion.
Ray Getz, president of theCrTal
lis club, and George Sergam, presi
dent of the McMinnville Rotary,
were among the speakers on the
program which followed. Earl
Cornell gave a vocal solo and Mrs.
Paul Brown offered a violin solo.
Modern Suburban Home-
To exchange for city property.
or. will sell on terms to suit. Ad
dress 10, care Statesman. s6
Rainfall Is Light-
Rainfall for August was .77
Inches, according to the reporof
Clarence! Oliver,; official weather
observer, and .24 inches above
that for August, 192 4. The max
imum temperature was 07 degrees
recorded August 8. -while the min
imum registered was4 3 degrees.
August 27. -I
. r! . . -
Teacher of singing. , Studio.
Derby bldg. Friday and Saturday
of each, week. Phone 365. so
Case Is Defaulted
Effie A. Wikoff andslT. G. Wik
off, her husband, failed to appear
in circuit court Friday in, the case
started against them by J. F.
Beggs. Judge L. H. McMahan or
dered for the plaintiff, in view of
non-appearance.! r
Hear: -. ' '
Ted Weems latest record, "Si
beria." Stiff's Furn. Co. so
Judgment Is Recovered
Mina Steingrube has been grant
ed a judgment against August C.
Steingrube for the sum of $1850.
said to be duel her for alimony
which has not been paid for 37
months. , The case was heard' in
Judge L. H. McMahan's court.
Five-Room Bungalow-
Cheap. Flowers and lawn. A
large range, shades, curtains and
rods. Linoleum. All kinds or
berries. Woodshed, chicken house
in yard;' 1980 N. Liberty, phdne
608-M. . ; ; '' . 6
Case- Is Dismissed . t if',
i On motion of attorneys for the
plaintiff. the 'case of J-IKbw
against the GraVes Canning com
pany has been dismissed ?T)y Cir
cuit Judge L. H. McMahan.
Woodry & Son j
Buy ; furniture. Store,
271 N
Commercial. Phone 75.
Mrs. McXary Dm
Mrs. Charles Lv . McXary, wife
of United States Senator McXary,
is due here today from Boston,
where she was called by the ill
ness of a ' sister. Mrs. McXary
went east shortly after her return
to the coast from Washington,
D. a i ' . : -
For Prompt ScaWnger
Work phone 167. T Salem Sca
venger Co.,' Cummins & .Trotter.
props. ; - sll
Leaves Western j Union -
Mrs. Maurice Belig. clerk at the
Western .Union
office, has been
transferred to Corvallis and Miss
Blanche iacket( of Salem assign-
ed to her. place.
. Miss Trula Carl
son, former night operator, has re
turned to her home at Toppenlsh.
Wash." Her place Is being taken
by Mr. Carr, formerly of Yakima,
Wash, i , .
Four Accidents Fatal-
Industrial activities' during the
week ending September 4, caused
four deaths, a report i
from the state 'industrial accident 1
commission. These 'were ; Fred
Beech, cabinet maker. Salem;
Swan Swansonj lumber piler.
Klamath Falls; 1 Ted McFall. hook
tender,. Tillamook, and .Hubert-P.
Goffrler, truck idrjvcr, McMinn-
Red, Blue, Green,
Yellow, Purple;
Maroon y ;
ville. Of the 781 accidents re
ported to the commission, 661
were subject to the provisions of
the workmen's compensation act,
119 from firms and corporations
that have rejected the act and
one from a public utility corpora
tion not subject to the provisions
of the act. '
Prunes for Canning
Bring boxes. Cummings. Tel.
94F13. i s6
Truck Driver Delayed
Because he failed to dodge a
woven wire bedspring lying on the
pavement on South' Commercial,
the driver of a huge gravel truck
was forced to spend several hours
Friday in cutting the bedspring
from his main drive shaft. The
wire , was badly tangled about the
shaft and had to be (removed
piece b,y piece. . , . .
Some Couple Sew Home
Furnace, fireplace, cement base
ment,' garage, brand -new and
ready for you. Priced $3750 and
reasonable terms will handle.
North near car. East front cor
ner. Come and get it. Becke &
Hendricks, U. S. Bk. Bldg. s4tf
Thief Loots flarage
A sneak thief entered the gar
age -of -Wi-C-Conner at 849 Rural
avenue Friday morning, broke the
Yale lock and stole a disc wheel.
spare tire and tire cover from his
Dodge automobiie. A large file
was left on the floor of the garage
under the machine by the burg
4-Pass. Studebakcr Big Six
1922 model for sale at Certified
Motor Car Market. Did you ever
experience the thrill
in iriTw
one of those silent, swift, big
fellows? Phone 885 for a demon-
Ford Coupe Missing-
Albany police reported to Salem
department headquarters Thurs
day night the theft from that city
of a Ford coupe.
Efforts to lo
machine here
cate the missing
were unavailing.
Hop Pickers Wanted ,, I
Williams hop yard, 4 miles west
Trucks leave east end of river
bridge, 6:30 mornings.' Phone
115F12. s6
Bicycle Found , j , ; , c
Officer Thompson brought i to
police headquarters . Thursday
night a Harley Davidson bicycle
found in the alley back of th
Carl & Bowersox store. The bike
has wide handle bars, red tires,
and a brown leather seat. The
wheel awaits the identification and
claim of its owner at the station.
Three Pay- Fine"' ,
M. Ash, L. D. Leadbetter and J.
Thatcher paid fines of $5 each in
police court yesterday on charges
of speeding filed against them by
the traffic department.
Plan MiMiions Clas
A school of missions In which
an enrollment of 200 or more is
expected will be opened on Sept.
17 by the. First Baptist church of
this city. The committee in charge
of the work is composed of D. R.
Peterson, dead? O. B. Neptune,
,Wocdry & Woodry'
Pa Cas h for Furnitare
1 ' Phone 7 ' -
For the' right kind of materials
and the very best workman
ship call us. ,
Powder and Supply Co.
17 a Commercial Thone 728
rans?, ssir..l
Wily valk vkca ;h cam Vuy any
atad car 1-S aawa (jurat, Ul
anca ouS Monthly parmaa's. It'
rtliy caaapar taaa Btw afcoaa.
Mina Gile. Clara McClean and
Gail McClean. Teachers will bo
Mrs. W. J. 'Nelson Judge O P.
Cos how, Rer. E. H. Shanks, Mrs.
O. B. Neptune and E. A. Miller.
All of the classes with the excep
tion of that under-the leadership!
of Judge Coshow will meet: on
Sunday. Judee Coshow will hold
his class, composed of BYPU mem
bers, between 7 and 8 p. mj on
Woodry Boys Furniture.
Store at Summer and Norway
streets. Phone 511. JlBtf
Over-Parking CliargfNl
Charged with parking their ears
in the downtown district over the
regulation time limit, fines of $1
each were imposed in police court
yesterday on Hert Fanning, Ralph
McCurdy, C. H. Robertson, F. J.
Saunders, W. A. Wilcox, J.
Wiegard and F. A. Williams.
Baun Icnics Reports-
Reports that he is in the habit
of carrying several hundreds! of
dollars in cash upon his person
are denied by Irwin Bann, brother j
of Clinton F. Baun, Independence
taxi driver murdered by W I R.
Lloyd, ex-convict, near Indepen
dence j Tuesday night. At no time
has he carried more than $20 land
this for the purpose of making
change, he declares. I
Card of T ranks
. We wish to thank our many
friends for their sympathy and
help during the illness and death
of our husband and father, also
for the beautiful flowers. Mrs.
Paul Gerod and family.
I) nee Tonight
Independence Armory.
F. L. Wood Has Returned
And is ready for business.
you want, to buy, sell, trade or
rent come in and see me. Room
8. 341 State street.
Beauty Parlor Organized
The first of the Salem beauty
parlors to be thoroughly organized
is the Model Beauty parlor, owned
by H. A. Lovall. it is reported by
, i
Clarence Townsend. secretary-of
the Salem Trades and Labor
Council. The three women iem-
pioyees of the shops who have! ob
tained union cards are Mrsj L'.
Mills. Velma Martin and Ethel
Armstrong. I
Apartment House Lot '
we have two extra large, one
near State house for $4000 and
omer rigni aown town ior 1
$15,000. Becke & Hendricks U.
S. Bk. Bldg.
Prinripals Meeting Called
Superintendent Hug has called
a meeting or me principals or ail
the locaI Pubc schools for Wed
nesday. Sept. 9, at 10 a. m.,.whcn
plans for the coming year will be
discussed. The public schools will
open here on Sept. 21.
Boiler Being Repaired
The boiler, at the senior high
School is in the process of repair.
The boiler .was declared danger
ous by inspectors, who ordered its
i '
ManiCommita Suicide ,
Gus Nordquist. 55.' who spent
two nights in the city jail here
on a charge of drunkenness and
Mras released Thursday upon the
promise that he would leave ;the
cfty, committed suicide Thursday
night in the Albany city jail. 1 ac
cording to word received here yes-
temay. Nordquist attracted con
siderable attention here by steal
ing a bottle of iodine from a cell
Aaetieaaara ana Turn ltn r Daalara.
PT eaak far Usad ranutara. Stora
271 Nortk Commercial.
Office Fhone 75 or Res-
" idence Phone 1813-W
" DNITElIwooT)
Direct Factory Branch
BIB Court Street Phone 202
l Typewriters Rented, Sold,! '
Repaired i
Special rental rates to students
Swiiriniing Daily
1 to 10 p
Rer. H. C. Storer is the new
pastor at the Central Congrega
tional church who accepted the
call of the local church to return
to the pastorate which he filled
from 1914 to 1921. During his
absence from Salem he has been
pastor of the Federated church at
Freewater, and builder of a $25.
000 new church. Rev. Stover will
preach both Sunday morning and
companion and swallowing It dur
ing his detention here. Police at
the time, however, did not think
that the man intended suicide.
Despondency over ill health is be-
Iliered by Albany police to have
been responsible for his act. . He
I took his lire by slashing his throat
with a razor.
River Falls Low
The Willamette river reached
Its lowest point of the -year Friday
at 7 a. m. when the official reg
ister stood at 2.3 feet below nor
mal. A fall of .1 of an inch of
rain fell during the preceding
One IVrmit Insim-!
A city building permit was Is
sued yesterday to E. C. Humell
for the erection of a $3,000 home
at 1346 North Summer.
Itirth Is Reported
The birth of a girl to Mr. and
Mrs. Levi Garrison of Lyons on
August 31 was reported to the
city health officer yesterday. The
report did not state tho name
given to the child.
Store plans Opening
The new Cosmopolitan store,
which occupies the site of the old
Liberty theater, is planning its
opening for Saturday. Sept. 12.
Original plans called for the open
ing today but delay has necessi
tated postponement for a week.
Lions Hold Banquet
i "-, runur oi mo ron-
hand JonrnaU w ln prinrlD,i
B. F. Irvine, editor of th Port-
speaker last night at the annual
ladies' night program of tho Falem
den of Lions at the Marlon hotel.
Albert Odell died at a local hos
pital on Sept. 4 at the age of 66
years. Survived by his wife. Fran
ces E. Odell. one daughter. Ethel
A. Roy, and by two grandchildren.
Marguerite and Robert Roy, all of
Portland. . The remains are at
the Salem mortuary and will be
taken to Portland where funeral
I services will he hehl Mondav.
Mrs. Susan S. Burrows died
September 4 at the Methodist Old
People's home at the ate of 91
years. Survived by one son, F.
B. WInans of Mt. Vernon N. Y..
and one niece. Mrs. L. P Budd
ham of Bremerton. Wash. Fune
ral services will be held Saturday,
Sept. 5. at 3 p. m. from the.Rlgdon
mortuary, with Rev. Taylor of the
First Methodist church officiating.
Interment In Lee Mission ceme
aa rraaatac. mm war. tlt-M
1ns4 Til a,
Las Aacalaa, aaa way. 127.41.
- Kaam4 Trta, S6a00.
. tsaeUl Yataa to Partlaa at
Elxa Mar
roc IrfarmaOaa an4 MaraMaaj
rhaaa , at sail a
Salem, Oregon
- )
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
.' 1 'i . KstatNlihed 180J '
r ii -'
General Banking Builneu v
! 1
. - Office Hotn from 10 tva u
L- V...JVi? AreagenUfor
r v-
A Uaiaaet' 8rred followed by
a'prograH Including tocio
by Bill More:.Tlolln 'ol by"113
Marian pniraons.- and vocal solos
by Jim imrt nd 9 Schubert
octette, i . V-v
Summer School Nrmr K1
Flnal'examlnation for the sec
ond tern of Willamette university
summer' school will begin exf
week and end the term on Friday.
A total of 75 students nave oeen
In attefdance during the second
term. Kith an enrollment of 125
In both sessions. The registration
this year has been slightly in ex
cess oter that of last year.
HopH Visits He
William C. lloppls. former ele
mentary school supervisor In (he
public schools here. Is visiting
with relatives In Falem befere
leaving within the next few days
for Ypsilante. Mich., where he will
be professor of rural education' at
the Ypsilante State Teachers' col
lege. He has spent ten weeks'; of
the summer at Stanford univers
ity doing work toward a doctor's
Indian Heavyweight Knock
ed Out in First Round;
by Terrific Left
PORTLAND. Sept. 4. Tiny'
Jim Herman of Portland knocked
out George Lamson. the Indian
heavyweight of Omaha, before the
first round of their scheduled 10
round battle was half a minute
old tonight. A terrific left hook
to the liver followed by a right
to the jaw sent Lamson down for
seven, and when he got up Her
man knocked him flat and out for
five minutes with a smashing right
to the face. Lamson weighed 182.
Herman 213. In the semi-wlndup
Danny Garth of Denver took the
count in the third round when
he faced Otto Robinson of Port
land, both light heavies. George
Ingersoll, Astoria, welterweight
logger, made a poor "showing In
his six-round fight with Cal Her
man of Salt Lake and lost the de
cision by unanimous vote of the
to S w
Phone 727
in nn
I Pays Cash For Furniture j 1 1
HI Res. and Store 1010 North III
III Summer . Hill
111 nt e-t II I I I
in . it none oil hi i
- r-, n -
ii i i i r i i 1 1 i f f 1 1 1 i ----- vj
m m aa's.BiiB
I " w " lli M
Iis the time to fill up empty 11 1 I pft2. "
lamp rt-S?' U V
II 1111 1 1 1 T " . . - a-
mm - m sa mm m m srww w i v mm i i L.p.. ; . I . . . V ,jR0N .j .:. . ,
I7C II' ': HORSE J.d
Hauser Bros. ; Ij) ; s s,Xrn
' Tools Paints Sporting f
Goods (tfSRi 6 BIG DAYS C
372 Stale Street j ' i ' ,
"On display "at their store
"271 North Commercial.
Phone 75
Two business friends who lived
in 'the touutry met one day, aid
one invited the other to din with
him that evening.' ""',"
At the appointed time the guest
set forth, la the direction of his
friend's house and as the roads In
the village were somewhat dimly
lighted he took with him his old-
fashioned stableman's lantern.
The dinner was good, the wine
excellent, and all went merrily,
The next morning, however, he
. i 5 to 10 pjn
N J 60c
Crtaa f Cfclckea wtt Tit Vtodlas
. rmt s
choice or
Mt Btatr4 CKlckra aa Oiklat Saac
SU Oak lutk
wita rraaca rrlaa rata
rrtach True "ratataaa
j Carrots la Cn
TODAY, 1:30 P. M.
332 Water Street Near Chemekcta .
This Street Faces River, Just South of Center Street LVldgo
2 Simmons twin beds. 2-Inch posts with coil sprang and
mattresses; 3 full sized beds complete: 1 4 bed complete :
1 sanitary couch and pad; 2 chiffonleres; 4 dressers; I
wood and coal range; 1 small gas range; 1 gas plate; 4 .
diners finished In mahogany and orange color; 3 stand
tables: 2 upholstered chairs; 1 blrdseye maple rocker; 1
reed rocker; 2 Axmlnster rugs; 1 grass rug; 1 seasras
stand table; 2 seagrass rockers; 1 seagrass arm chair: I
white table and chair; 1 glass cupboard; 1 breakfast table:
3 oak diners: 2 room alxe linoleums: tall lear tablr: 3
kitchen cabinet: fruit Jars; kitchen utensUs; dishes; com
forts; quilts: pillows; stair carpet, and many othtr tu--ccllaneous
Terms Cash. Bo on time 1:39 p. m. sharp.
Owner. .133 Water Street
Nrwr Chemekcta Street
This Is the Woodry yon have known for the past 10 year.
I am in no way connected In business with any other
Woodry. See me personally about your farm and city sales.
My residence and store la located at Summer and Norway
streets. Phone 511. "I Pay Cash, tor Used Furniture.-
fil ! ; ' - Salem ' j"" i
11 " ll Forturrly
Ji-'C Grand Theatre
JiJ. ( KIMBALL ... . .
received the following note froct
his Tiost of the night before:
"'Dear Old Man: I am sending
my man over to you with thU noto
and'he takes with him your lan
tern. If .you have, quite finished,
with my parrot and rage. 1 thai!
be awfully glad if yon mill rvturn,
same per bearer. f
1 t
In a monarchy the people say
"God save the king." .In, a rep
ubllc It is "God pity the country;
Elks Club
When you meet a Girlie
Bring her hero to treuk
the ice.
Salem's Iina: Auctioneer
PHONE 311 '