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Former Residents Are Urged
to-Attend Picnicat State
. - Fair Grounds -
The annual picnic of the Illinois
people will he held Thursday,
August 20." at the -state '.fair
grounds, It was announced yester
day hy John S. Marshall, president
of. the; organization. All those
born In Illinois, or who have lived
manukutura Tanks ' today amoiie
Greensboro's Important Industries.
This product, originally supplied
to the Customers -of. Mr. .Richard
son's drug store," is now distribut
ed In every section of the United
States, 1 in Canada, and ' all other
English-speaking' countries, ". In
Mexlcof and every, Latin-American
country except two. making a total
of 42 foreign countries in all
The development -of the .YIck
Chemical company adds another
romance bf individual achievement
to. the records of American indus
try.; If is largely the story of Mr.
nichardson's faith in the product
he had created : and his untiring
effort to .build for that product
the. mirket which. he: believes it
deserved! How weir he has suc
ceeded! ii demonstrated by the i
steady Expansion of sales until now
Briwning&ncierella, Golden Dream r
- Punctured Back in Humble Home
In that state, together with their ,more ;than 21,000,000 Jar of
friends, are-invited to attend theiVicks VapoRnb are used annually.
picnic., :. ;S: I The amazing growth of the
, A basket dinner will be served! company in the 20 years since Mr.
at noon, Is suggested that I Richardson disposed of his .retail
everyone bring "a fat basket, and business U revealed, in .Jhe de
good cheer. Coffee and'trim- Telopntent of sales. In the aouth
mlngs" will be served by thVcom- em states, where complete distri
m It tee in charge of arrangements, button f was first achieved, the
Shortly after dinner speeches I avertg annual sales per thousand
will be , wade : by , HonT.'IIarley I of population has increased - from
White, Mrs. Seymour Jones, and J $7.41 during the five-year period.
others.' "The. virtues and general! 1910-1915. to 168.21 last . year.
excellence of our native land will I Thei average for the southwest
be told In song - and story," the states fwas , $20.04 .during 1915-
president of the organization sald. 1920, tnd $?3.04 last year, while
Vocal solos! .by James Smart, . and I lo the n)rthwest states, the new
- recitations by Perry Reigelman est territory to be opened up. the
will be offered! ... increase has keen from $4.92 dur-
. The. reception committee urges ing thtt period to '. j $24.20 last
that everyone come early and Mai Jf- iTjie business, which was
lauCan tha everyone bring the j launched with a capital of, $8,000,
words to the. song. "Illinois.? . I now nas a value, as measured-by
1 the market worth of Its securities, i
of more than $16,000,000.
. -yf i -
, .-. . .-. - - - , .. -. . ........... .. . . . V
- X I
' st . 3
- - ' , s
5 - 'x . " i
. r4 - - , v
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, v r ' ' ' r -
; v" ' 7 ' ' ' - I
P s " r. . , -
- : ' - f n $ " -
Another Band Concert
is; Slated for Tonight Pmo ESCAPE IS
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Weather permitting, the follow
ing prdgram will be offered at
Willson park by the Cherrian band
tonight. ' h
March, "The Star and Stripes
Porever", (request) . V.Sousa
Selection "Naughty Marietta" ,
. , . ...i..i, .. Herbert
(a) "Kisses" (Valse D' Amour)
w..., .. . -0 w , . . . . Zamenick
(b) "A Maid of Mexico (Mexl-'
; can Novelette) ..I Levy
Popular Numbers , .
March, 'The Three Musketeers"
(by request) .'
Vocal Solos (a) "Ting-E-Lings"
. : (b) r Because They All Love
;Tott- :
O B. Gingrich
Overture, "Raymond" . . Thomas
"Water. Uliesv St, Clair
Medley. Overture, "A Sure
Thing" . . i Tobanl
'March. "Majestic" Huff
VStar Spangled Banner"
''A Will E. purdy filed a reply in
the circuit -court yesterday. tov an
answer prepared . by" Walter C
Winsloi,'S.- M. , .Eudicott, and
Chris and Mary Lachele, whom
he ;is suing for slander., the .out
growth of alleged, statements i by
titra that be, was. guilty oCforg-
ery.-r:V:.;,vV.U-l-.;.;:" ''"
,in . the rDly Purdy says that
the defendants declared i that . he
had , altered a receipt,, and , com
mitted forgery with reference to
the receipt, and was "a forger and
no amateur at the game." Ac
cording to the complaint,;; Purdy
declares that these statements
were not only made at -the , trial
of the case and in the circuit and
supreme courts, but were repeated
at different times, both before and
. after the trial. :
: "The palntlff alleges," the com
plaint reads, "that the defendants
well 'knew that said contention
tt as false and that all of said
statements and contentions were
maliciously made for the purpose
of Injuring the reputation and
hlandlhg of. this plaintiff in the
community where he resided and
was in' business and was a can
didate for Of flfie." ; : -
guard, in charge of 'the Assigning
of ell, told the jury that while
cells on the west side were favor
ed by convicts for the view afford
ed of the street, it was also under
direct observation from the chapel
and th outer office.? Because of
this . the i hardest criminals - are
placed oa the west.! side . of the
north Wing. Murray, James Wil
los, Eljsworth Kelly 5 and; Oregon
Jones frere celled on the second;
tier of j this wingv WHloa had a!
cellmate, he said, while Jones and
Kelly were alone
ago Jones celled . alone, There
ire 200 cells; in this wing "and!
19$ are occupied, he said. Both
Kelly and Jones were placed in
the bullpen about a month ago
by Charlton, for refusing, to work'
and werel released : by; Charlton
about two weeks later. j
i According to Carey . it .would
have ben Impossible, for the two
boles to have been bored, .In the
roof between the tme the men left
their cells, for supper and the time
they.; started 'shooting. ,. .He ad-j
vancedlthe theory that one of the
room oraccmning a Biiiieio-iine
knife. When Murray turned to
Davidson and Nesmith he left.
From near the fountain he called
to Carl Charlton, outside, to give
the alarm, while Charlton direct
ed his attention to Kelly and Wil-
Ios, coming down the rope. With
his hand in his pocket White
bluffed them into putting up their
hands, be said, and held them un
til Jones appeared with a rifle
and forced him away. White said
he stepped away from the two
men in order to give Hubbard and
Holman an opportunity to shoot.
Both Hubbard and McKI ley, who
had reached the tower, could have
shot either of the men, he declar-
J. S. Muray, chief clerk and
bertillion expert, produced figures
showing the prison population last
Wednesday to be 485 with 38
guards and nearly a dozen addi
tional men ; on the payroll. Not
more than a dozen men have had
more than two years experience
he said.
Holman has been at J.he prison
nearly two years and McKlnley
about a year, and a half. It devel
oped at the inquest. Sweeney and
Hubbard had about three months
experience. Both Holman and
Sweeney were killed. i '
Four guards appeared before
the coroner's Jury last night, and
by their testimony failed o -clarify
any salient point, with that of
George Robinson, chimel 1 guard'.
"7ii Zer (conflicting with Carey's ! state-
t y - 1 ments. Jones and Kellv were cell.
. fy : s " Imateshe declared. .' i '.
Mary Louise Spas: 21-year-old Bohemian girt who reprinted .hoot from pa t t..Vi. t
herself as.l andwas adopted bj Edward Browning, millionaire Klnley. guard, declared that be
New York, realtor,' i back with "paw and maw is a humble home, cause Kelly and Willos were in
a(ter living for a week like Cinderella In a palace. . She is shown front of Peter White with their
with her father. , I hands up, neither he nor Hubbard
made an effort to use their guns.
S. B. Sandefer,. former prohibi
tion agent of Medford, now a
guard, said that he yelled to Post
7 to "shoot." Sandefer told the
jury he was outside the fence and
Went toward the tower "on the
south to shoot.
E. C. Charlton, of the en
gineers' department, was also called.
The taking of testimony will
Continue at 1 o'clock this after
Mrs. Ben M. Smith, 57, ; of
Champoeg. died suddenly of - a
heart attack, Sunday pfternoon.
while attending a mcnlc at jthe
Champoeg memorial park. Besides
her husband, a prominent ranch
er in that district, ehe . leaves
three sons. Arthur. Walter and
Cecil, and one daughter, Mabel
She is also survived by a sister,
Mrs. Fred Miller, of Woodburn,
and two brothers, Joseph Ken
nedy, of Portland and Thomas
Kennedy, of St. Helens..
: Mrs. Smith waj well known in
tVoodburn, her former home, her
parents having been pioneer in
that section.. The funeral will be
held from the Catholic church in
St.' Paul at 10 o'clock thla morn
ing. . -
men nad done . tne worjc in tne
afternoon when the monthly issue
of commissary supplies was made,
the. men being permitted to take
these to their cells.." .
: Robert Crawford,, head flax
man. was leaving J.he office when
he met Murray on the' ground
near the corner of the building
toward the gate, he told the jury.
Murray threatened . him with i a
knife, until , Jones reached, the
ground when both dashed for the
Until a month: I arsenal. A third man was seen
just coming aver the roof of the
building.. He believed that both
the guards in No. -1 and 7 Posts
could have shot and that HelmaU
in No. 1 had ample opportunity to
shoot as the men ran 15 or 20
feet to the office, Crawford
sounded the alarm by yelling and
then headed for the basemenjt.
There was no shooting for several
minutes but sounds of scuffling
could be heard. . Holman must
have heard his shout, he said.
The first shot came from the
turnkey's office.
: After, the shooting was over, he
and Clarence Johnson, life termer
entered the turnkey's office and
found -three rifles on the. floor
near 1 the window. These were
locked up. There was no one
else in the room, he said, but a
trusty came in from the book
keeper's office asking that a doc
tor, be .sent for Nesmith. ;"'
Peter J. White, who was at the
(Continued frona D ' '
, One farmer reported that his
cow had been milked dry,, but a
search of the district failed to
reveal any traces of the missing
A detatchment of National
Guardsmen . under Captain Paul
liendricks spent several hours
Sunday combing the. unnamed
Canyon Itrwhich It is believed the
Convicts are hiding. The results
Consisted of - finding a pair of
cotton socks similar to those worn
by the convicts' who have been
permitted to purchase outside
side supplies, and one set of
i Reports from Medford that the
troops would be recalled were de
nied today by Genral George a.
White, adjutant general. A small
body, used as any similar body
of civilians, are in the field and
are wearing the olive drab uni
form for identification purposes,
he said.- !
Belief is expressed here that
the convicts will soon tire of a
steady diet of fruit and fresh
vegetables and will, make known
their presence by raiding some
place for more substantial food
Btuffs. '
picture ever filmed. 1 . -. 1 '
Aad all this because "Let 'Er
Buck was made in Pendleton.
Oregon, while that city's famous
Annual Round-Up was In pro
gress. In consequence here was
available for atmospheric purpos
es a1 collection of the most skilled
cowboys, the most viciousbucking
horses, the danger-wisest Bteers
and; a host or other elements all
of championship standing when it
somes to sports " of the cattle
' Many of the daily events on the
three-day program were filmed to
be incorporated Into the action of
the ! picture story and there are
times that the film shows the en
tire huge arena, with horses send
ing cowboys flying through the
air, j steers being roped or bull
doed, the while thousands look
ed on from the grand stands.
Hoot Gibson is a' favorite
among the riders who assembled
at Pendleton, for in 1912 he won
the I all-around championship
there. Further, several " of the
Universal Ranch Riders in the
company are old time participants
in the Round-Up sports and they
were . entered in a number of the
events on the program.
reported to have ' been made
traps of local canneries.
While it Is reported that only
four Americans returned income
of above $5,000,000 for 1924.
more than two' million returned
incomes of $2,000, . and that Is
really what keeps the wheels
i b e c i-r?K
' BELLING HAM, Wash., Aug. 17.
'Humpback salmon began to ap
pear In Sound waters yesterday
and: cannerymen believed today
that-the biennial run was on In
earnest when large catches were
Suffered 13 yesrs-Ccrtd to2 Kssths
1 kai mrtd tat 18 years with PILES.-,
My 4ocar Mkl Mkt) rrta m
. taaiuHtt mi iiiii i t after a rw but
, Bmts by Dr. Deui I was wcii (Aiiwna
;. aadtretfcfrlroaaaB mwulniir4ii,"
yHATthb woman writes b typical ct
hundreds of extreme cases of PILES
which my celebrated noo-turgteal meth
od has permanently CUREOl Isn't It
Specialist, who will CUARANTEE to
j Jf , vUKE yoa r mm yMar lit.
mm taaa pur toeacr r km
rf FREE book on FVcs aa4 oUm '
kwiflcauM yea a act proaaoUy.
LA r ti
o Of r'cri: scattlc orrictv:
r D'kan Bwildina So-U lMr SmmIim
r, . -.j
; :', Public offering by New York
bankers on Thursday of 100,000
shares of common stock of the
Vlck Chemical company brings to
national attention the outstand
ing -success of another southern
enterprise. , Vicks VapoRub. chief
product of the company, was first
made by Luasford Richardson in
Greensboro, N. c; in 1895, and its
CORVALLIS. Or.. Aug. 17.
Contract for the erection of the
new '. women's . building at Oregon
college was let late todav to T.
big desk In the turnkey's office, iTraver of Corvallls. low bidder at
told of seeing Murray enter the I $238,000. Contract for heating.
ventilation and plumbing was let
to Rushlight. Hastorf & Lord,
Inc., of Portland, at $36,000.
Residencie and store 1610 N. Summer Street
Phone 5VV
Established 1916
A recent estimate showed more
than 17.700,000 motor vehicles in
use In the United States compared
with fewer than 15,400.000 tele
It U contended for "Let Er
Buck", Universal-Gibson special
coming to the Bligh theatre thre
days starting today, with Hoot
Gibson as star, that never before
has a picture been made in such
an elaborate ' atmosphere. It is
not contended -that bther pictures
have not cost more to produce,
but it. la contended that If the ex
tras and the setlngs used in con
nection with the filming of bis pic
ture had been paid for as part of
the expense the picture would
have cost more than any other
It's something every wife.
must, learn eventually
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mm avim
M ta rear w
r . -
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Lord i Baltimore
1 Stationery
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Perry Drug Store
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I-'--'" ' ) "
a ocience tor Service
Through the Experiment Station, the Extension Service,
1 and Resident Instruction
Oregcn Agricultural College
Serves the Farms, the Homes, and Industries of Oregon
It offers, to all youths of the state a college education in
Agriculture, Commerce, Engineering, Forestry, Home , Econo
mlcs', JUites, Phurnuvcy, Vocational Education. Chemical . -.
Ensineertng, Military Science and Tactics
- tides the foundation for all the technical courses. It
addition, the training includes Physical Education,
' " Industrial Journalism, Social Sciences, and Music.
-. . .. t . ... i . - - . .- : ... . :w
Fall Term Eccrfns September 21, 1925 .
For Illustrated booklets and specific information, write to
' THU lTnClTllAri,. Oregon Agricultural College : ,
, , " Cortallls, Oregon
: , . y-::
W! - - - a.
msii " .. pa" t - j,--
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