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Luckenbach Team of Port
land Is Defeated Here
by Score of 7 to 4
; a Team- i ; . :. WT.-L. Pet.
Senators .12 3 .796
Luckenbach 8 5 .608
Hillsboro ....... 7 . ' 7 , .500
Camas .V. -a, . - 6. 8. .426
Paperinakers . . 5 8 .385
AlbApy.j: .;V,'.. 4 11 ' .3GG
' jDiBputingalmost every play and
i protesting - every decision, the
. Luckenbach ship company baseball
team of Portland, lost their chance
to. win; $he pennant of the Inter
state 'league on Oxford field Sun
day-atid. , left the Salem Senators
the big end of a 7 to 4 game and
the'' championship of the league,
Had the visitors won a. three-game
series would have, been necessary
( td decide, the championship
, -'Twice. during the game Carroll
Luckenbach manager," became
"peeved" at the ruling of the um
plre and threw down bis bat in
anger.: This paved the tway for
Spec Keene.i who accidently drop-
. ped his bat in the eighth inning
II and Umpire Rankin having seen
( too much of this sort of thing'
: ruled Keene out of the remainder
r, of the. came
1 The Senators drew first blood
- In the second inning but the score
was tied by the visitors in the fofc-
lowing canto-. In their halt of the
inning; the Senators annexed three
more tallies and chalked up a run
' In their half of the fourth and a
brace of them in the fifth, Which
ended the scoring for the locals
. though they threatened in nearly
every inning. The Shipmen I tat
lied twice in the. eighth and tried
to win the game" In the ninth when
Zweifel. pitcher,! slammed the pill
over the fence.
" While the game Sunday ends
the playing1-in the league for the
season; Manager Edwards is try
ing ,to line up some other good
teams for the remaining weeks.
Efforts are being made to get the
Cycol team here Sunday. This
team is the winner of the Greater
Portland league, completing! the
season; with 12 victories and no
defeats. v . . , '".
Summary of the game
, i . TJ ' R. 31.
Senators . .... 7 1 2
K I A ft
What Are McGraiv's Thoughts
As He Reads About Rube's Work?
-- - , " - - . ,
. - ; - ;. -
( V
V - -; - - -' ' ? ; .
i "..'v.r
X . L
liBASEBALU r ts i
Bf AikkUUJ PrMn . I
Philadelphia 3; Chicago 2.
Detroit 3; Washington 2.
New, York 3; Cleveland 2.
St. Louis 12; Boston 4.
' National
Pittsburgh 3-3; Philadelphia 2-2
St. Louis 7; New York 6.
Roston 3; Cincinnati 1.
Chicago 7; Brooklyn 4.
I Pacific Coat '
flames in the Tacific
league this week will be
as follows:
Sacramento at San Francisco
Oakland at Seattle.
Vernon at Portland.
Salt Lake at Lor Angeles.
Commission Will Match Gib
bons and Tunney for
j Heavyweight Title ;
" Jonn McGraw is fighting with his back -t the wall to hold the
National league championship that has been hL for four years.
Lack of consistant pitching has hit bio team hard. Meanwhile
Rube Walherg, cast off bv the Giants as a lad with no future, is
now one of Connie Macks pitching stars, L
Batteries ;
wards; Zwe'.fel and Ilelmke.
; Ay DMA X
iam.(;h ii:clari:i high
' 31
.HONOH LU. Aug. 3. (By As
soclated Press.) - One woman
was killed fend three men threat
ened with death yesterday land
last night when unusually high
winds swept the Hawaiian islands
arid churned surrounding waters
into foam., j
?Mrsi Yazu Suyetsugu died: in
hospital here today of injuries sus
tained when her automobile was
blown off the fhillside at the
heights at suburbs 'last night.
David Kahanamoku. brother ot
Duke Kahanamoku, the interna
tionally known swimmer; j was
adrift at sea with two companions
In; a disabled launch, 13 hours be
fore a searching naval seaplane
spotted the little craft and sent
the naval tug Navajo to rescue
them. ' .; - --. . '
A little later John' Edgar, Hono
lulu realtor, was caught by 1 the
undertow at Makapuu Point.5- ; A
party of life guafds .went to his
rescue but Edgar t regained the
shore after a' battle of half, an
hour with the waves. .- ' . r
The heaviest surf in years did
damage along the Honolulu beach
residential district wrecking lawns
and Invading beach homes. . -
It was still running high today.
Some of the lower. ground at Fori
Kamehameha was submerged, the
water reaching the road leading 10
the headquarters building.
: The Rickey Wildcats baseball
team was defeated by Monitor jl 3
to 7 on the Monitor grounds Sun
day. The Wildcats played good
ball and were! winning until the
fifth inning, when Chapman was
knocked out. Chapman and Fucht
hit home runs. ' ' - .j. k
Score R- H. , E.
Rickey 7 9. 4
Monitor .13 12 ! 3
Chapman, Gesner and Schultz;
Beck and Olsen. ' ,
The prison baseball team won
a shut-out game from the Port
land Independents on the state
penitentiary grounds Sunday af
ternoon. I ' . j
Fbster, pitching for the penl-
teritfaryj allowed but two hits,
while herstruck out 19 batsmen!.
The entire prison team played
errorless ball and will be! a hard
team to beat from now on. J. R.
Carty. manager of the prison play
ers j has . challenged Frisco Ed
wards and his Salem Senators for
a gamejany Saturday afternoon
In their present form the prison
team has a good chance to beat
the Senators.
;, Score R. H. E.
fndnndppts .... 0 2 3
Penitentiary I ......... 6 9 0
Bjatteries: Bade. Hietsman and
Turblc; Foster and Fike. - ' i
authorized at a purchase price of
223. , " ..-
issuance ot city liccenses was
authorized to the following: H. H
W Ilson, for operation of a soft
drink establishment; M. A. Butler,
operation of a billiard and pool
room at 185 North High; H. M.
Baker, rooming house at 365'
North High; Mike Steinbock, anto
wrecking house. 2 45 Center; Cap
ital Bargain House, junk shop at
215 Center.
Acting upon the complaint of
15 property owners on North Fif
teenth, the council ordered the
uaving on North Fifteenth from
Marion to D. with the exception
of a strip on each side of the Mill
creek bridge.
A favorable report of the street
Improvement committee was
J adopted for the improvement of
Hunt from the Fairgrounds road
to Warner; alley, block 26. Union
to Division;7 Lee, between Twenty
second and Twenty-fourth; Cross
between Church and Twelfth;
Mill, between, Fourteenth and Six
teenth streets. .The city attorney
was authorised draw up an or
dinonce for, the acceptance as a
public street of property between
Center and Mill creeV In Winona
addition, to be named "Wyatt
Improvement was also authoriz
ed for sidewalks along Highland
avenue,: and Front. Capitol. Mr-
Kenz'e, ; Nineteenth, Chemeketa
and Columbia streets.
BMls! passed first and second
reading for the changing of Fir,
in the Hearst addition, to Willow,
and for the prohibition of park
ing on Commercial between D and
An American. scientist says that
the world will end in 4.000 years.
So there is -still time for Prohibi
tion to make good. 7
' MacDonld Smith,, who failed
once more to win the British open
golf tournament this year after
starting the final round an almost
certain wianer, comes out frankly
with the statement that the dlsor
4 dwly gallery" which handicapped
) him 4n his; play and threw him off
j. hut game was engineered toy a
v "sambline rlne" which would have
lot man thousand of Hollar hart I mediately - finds himself under
I nsvcholosical handicap when
training alone would not tune up
his punching, his timing and his
judge of distance. Only actual
socking in honest-to-goodness bat
tles will do that. Dempsey is wise
enough to realize that he would
be handicapping himself to take on
a nan of Tunney's youth, rugged-
ness and ability without being In
nerfect shane. A champion im
Smith exhibits English newspa-1 becomes aware of the fact that he
not hitting properly that nis
Class of Bulaarian Girls ;
Graduated Under US Head
NEW YORK, Aug. 3. (By As
sociated Press) Jack Dempsey
and Mickey Walker will be inde
finitely suspended by v the New
York state athletic commission to
morrow if they do not appear in
person before the commission and
sign articles of agreement for title
matches with their outstanding
challengers, Harry Wills and
Dave Shade.. This was learned
from a reliable source close to the
boxing commission tonight. "
Dempsey's presence on the Pa
cific coast prohibits his attend-
, ance, while Walker, it was learned
tonight, will not accept the com
mission's Invitation to a confer
ence until the arrival of his man
ager. Jack Kearns, who is now on
his way east and is due to arrive
here the latter part of the week,
or the first of next week.
-Both Dempsey and Walker will
come . under an inelegiblity ban
which Is virtually the same as a
It was further learned . that
Tommy Gibbons, and Cene Tunney,
American light heavyweight cham
pion, will be matched for a fight,
the winner to be declared the
world's heavyweight champion,"
until such a time as Dempsey per
sonally appears before the com
mission and posts a ; bond and
signs articles of agreement for a
match, with Wills.,,. While the
commission would like, to take
more definite drastic action
against both Walker and Demp
sey, it realizes that It cannot strip
the title from either fighter, and
to bring both to terms it will declare-
the titles open until the real
champions are ready to defend
their titles.
Tex Rickard. Madison Square
Garden promoter, still ' holding
Dempsey's proxy, will attempt to
forestall action against the heavy
weight champion by appearing be
fore the commission, but this
proxy will not be honored. It was
Intimated. Rickard . said today
that Dempsey positively will not
fight this year either outdoors or
Greb at Michigan City, Ind.. in
September.' ' - .
tierapsey told him that he had
only one fight In mind at present
the 192 bout with Harry Vills
and that he would not coifclder
any other! bout until he had
straightened out the Wills arra:r
with the New York boxing com
mission. i
Only a few days ago Jimmy IVi
Forrest, matchmaker a the Tolo
crounds. .likewise faled in at
tempts to negotiate with Dempsey.
He wanted to stage the Dempsey
Wills fight next July 4, but the
heavy king replied tbat-Tc: Rick
ard already had an option on that,
and until Tex resigned there wa
nothing doing.
Fitzsli.inioiis said he had efferr
ed Dempsty more than $400,00)
to fight Mt ! at Michigan Oiiy and
that ho would remain in Loa An
M les long enough to find out what
thance he bad of obtai.iln? th
Dempsey-WIlln match..
Ladles Make
OF 26 TO 10
Clean Kwerp anil !
Win 18 to O; Albany Tournx
xuent Is Xi xt
The Illiheei Country Club C.olf
team defeatetd the Oregon City
Golf club Sunday in play over the
Illlhee Links. The day being
rather warm." the medal scores of
both teams were below the aver
age. "Following u the score of
the men's mafrh:
per clippings to bear out the stor
les of the uncontrolled gallery. .
ft ; This betting condition, is an un
fortunate one for the game If true.
It strikes the first body blow at
-a sport that so far has been held
.I the machinations of the un
t scrupulous the kind we have as-
t sociated with in other sports.
I . 1 " it.
iuvu uj always ueeu a genue-
manrs game. It must be to hold
Its prestige. Betting on the! game
bas.been handled on that basis, by
men to whom a bit of money "up"
adds spice' to the game.
"If the f'snre thing gamblers
who are utterly, devoid of sports-1
manship or a wholesome love for
any game,! are now breaking Into
the sport, and drastic steps should
be taken Immediately to rid the
game of them.
Bartley f Madden, long a , trial
horse j for ! ring champs and - near
champions, may get another chance
to star in j that' same role, j Jack
Dempsey, apparently "in the mood
to re-enter the ring, has indicated
a' desire to take on Madden or
some other trial horse as a pre
liminary to the now talked of bout
'with Harry Wills or Gene Tunney
or both. . ' - :- '" -
Dempsey explains hat he wants
not only a couple of months active
training but one or two warming
up fights before he meets either
one of the last named men.
I Therein: Dempsey shows himself
ft shrewd gent. He Is aware that
aim is bad. He, loses confidence
in himself. And the battla is part
ly lost. ; ' '' r' ')"' :
In Madden Dempsey would find
a good opponent for tyout purpos
es. Bartley is clever and rugged.
He has never 'been knocked out.
The champ can try out his short
arm punches to' Madden - a few
times i without fear of shattering
the gentleman's ribs. Madden Is
fast enough to force Dempsey to
shoot his blows quickly and ac
curately. : ' ' j ; ''".,'; -: ;
And Madden is good enough at
punching to make Dempsey fight a
ctutious battle until he finds him
self. Nothing would give' Madden
greater happiness or prestige than
to knock Dempsey on his haunch
es for a count of two or three
' President Hickey of the Ameri
can Association, has decided that
when a manager is barred from
the playing field by an umpire the
banishment must be complete.
From now on the " naghty pilots
mustn't even peek through: their
fingers. ' .
Reports that Nick Allen, bus
pended manager of the St. Tanl
team, wigwagged signals to his
players from a box while. doing his
penance, prompted Hickey to for
bid suspended pilots ft om occupy
ing "vantage points" in the stands
during their layoffs.
Now, the question Is raised, Just
.what is a vantage point?
h (Continued from paga I.)
j j .. f ..i
rep9rted favorably on the bid of
tne; J. A. Latture company of
$1165. ' The report of the com
mittee was rejected by a vote of
8 to 4. and the bid of the Loggers'
company iaier accepted by a
unanimous vote. !
?ew; comm'ttee assignments,
nerfessltated by the resignation Of
Alderman Fleener. were announc
ed jbv Mayor Giesy as follows r ; !
Alderman Rosebraugh appoint
ed io the committee on health and
poljce. to succeed Fleener; Alder
man Williams appointed to th;e
ways and means committee to suc
ceed Rosebraugh and 1 also as
chairman of the light committee
to Rucceed Fleener. j
A proposal presented by H.
Steinbock, Junk dealer, that the
city hold a clean-up campaign to
gather old : paper and rags, ' was
referred to the committee oin
streets i with power to act. The
proposal by Steinbock included ah
offer by him to buy all' the paper
and rags collected, the proceeds
from the sale to go to the city, j
Purchase from the J. L: Latture
company of an electric starter for
thej city's Keystone excavator was
SOFIA. The first class to com
plete the course In nursing under
an American director was gradu
ated at the Red Cross hospital the
latter part 'of June." "Miss Rachel
Torrance.jdirector of the nurses
school delivered the address' Hn
the Bulgarian language and' maue
a profbund impression.
Miss Torrance, who has been
head of the school two years, will
return In August to the United
States. Her place will be. taken
by Miss Haze Goff. who has been
assistant to Miss Torrance since
last fall. . 2
.Salem voters will have the.op
portunity of ratifying or rejecting
the tentative purchase of a seven
acre city park in the Englewood
district, it action initiated by the
city council last, night finds event
ual approval. Acting on the re
quest of Thomas B. Kay, owner
of the property, that some action
be taken, the council ordered the
city -attorney to draw up an ordl
nance"that would submit the ques-r
tion to the voters In case a spe
cial election is held in October. j
Tentative purchase of the prop
erty was made last, year by the
council af a price of, 18.000 plus
interest. " with the understanding
that final action would, he taken
the first of this year. No provl-t
slon for the purchase was made
In the budget for this year and
consequently funds are not
now available. .''. I
The motion" Instructing the city
attorney to draw an ordinance
covering the question was adopted
by a vote of 8 to 5. The ordi
nanca must stand debate in the
council later.
Oregon City
St rfhmn O
Ma Wry o
W. Colli- 1
Park 3
Stokra 3
Swafford (
8chinri ,- ft
J. Colli O
1exer ; I
Bricza o
Curraa ..., o
Ruerfield .. 3
M cuDfr i O
Uatourvtta O
Salem -
K. Saar.ird
J. II. Karrar 2
II. II. Olincrr 2
Orria Kry u
L. C. Farmer 2
A. C. BaiUy 1
V. Quiavnbory O
C. Kiuloff
i-iii Hixvin 3
Donald Yaanc 3
ii. HildrbraiMt O
Tom Wood 3
1. Virko 3
ii. (i. It-ova o
V. A. Klliott 3
t Willuma ' 3
LOS ANGELES. Aug. 3. (By
Associated Press.) Another vis
iting fight promoter came away
from Jack Dempsey empty handed
today.M He was Floyd ' Fitzaim
mons, who Journeyed to Los An
geles in the hope of signing the
champion for a bout with ILirry
The ladies team of the Illlhee
club made a clean sweep of their
match with the ladies from Ore
gon City, winning by a score of
18 to 0. The ladies team was
composed of Mrs. Baker, Mrs.
Olinger, Mrs. Locke, Mrs. Gilling
ham, Mrs. Hixsoa and Mrs. I'arrar.
On August 16 the Albany Golf
club will send a sixteen-man team
to Salem to meet the Illlhee club
team. ,
Profit by the experience
of those who know.
r . -
I HI i
! Neglect may he the height
opposition. . !
A Gripping Tread
Smith & : Walkins
Suappy Service
Dr. Joncz reported seeing 1.000
dead trout floating in an area no
larger than the floor space of a
small bungalow.
NEW YORK, Aug. 3. (By Ash
sociated Press.) Babe Herman.
leading featherweight challenger
won a -Judges' decision over Lew
Hurley of New York in a 10-round
bout, scoring a knockdown in the
ninth and decisively outpointing
his opponent all the way.
tcacaera. aaiall
rartfal aaavrrial. atn
elalla. ad aad
aaaral tralalas. CitiUlil
Liberty and Ferry
xfainaiu mis city Doasts ; as
being one of the wealthiest on the
continent. Its wealth does not
consist so much in money and
goods as it does in real estate.
Two-thirds of the whole ground
upon which Danzig is built Is the
property of the municipality.
I jJ"""ai
!' i :
I aJW ' I'
.' .... '
a-k. v
353 Chemeketa
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), that's just a supersti
tion fostered by the comic
strips. And, the idea that
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better about "eastern automo
bile lubricants simply' because
they are made in the east and cos f
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