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U1? C AO I f-TVP
I i '..,.:" . I - ' PlinnA 108. .1
l m
tive home. , weddings of the
season, Miss; Helen Gatke became
the bride-of ;Mr. Edward Warren,
the ceremony being: impressively
read at 4 o'clock Wednesday. July
29. Rev. W1. J. jWarren of Port
land, father of the groom, and Dr.
Robert' MoultbiTGatke brother of'
the bride, officiated, t The single
ring service was -used. The bride-' a
Home; at 1207 State street, was
transformed; intn a raid-summer
' - -1 lit. : .... . 1 .3 A -..t
y . .... w .
iuen Anne's lace . afld blue ny-
vThe bride, lovely .in blonde
i saifa, fashioned ; on simple lines,
carried a shower, bouquet ot but-
t Her only attendant ' was her girl
hood .friend; Miss' MlldredT Seeley
J of Portland, who: was ' maid of
I I1UUU1 . , ill lO ICJ 1.AO 3.(MiUW6
former Qirl Reserves', for ; their
outing.- Next week she will be
with the high school Girl Reserves
and the week following with the
group from the grades. . ,
On Saturday pf this week mem
bers of .the Grax. club who are in
Women's Evangelist Is prayer
meeting- with ; Mrs. -W. . C. Young,
346;North Capitol. 'at 9 o'clock.
Miss Lafollette leader. ? "
and Mrs.. W. A." Johnson, and Mrs.
W. B. JJohnson. . : Mr. And-JHrs.
Healy left Tuesday morning : for
their hjome .in - California. ; En
route they plan to stop at Crater
Lake and at Klamath Falls.
owing to the death of Mrs.
Staiger, ; the Sons of Veterans'
auxiliary picnic r has been post
poned from Thursday until Tues
day afternoon, -when an all-after
h In Tinnrtro- hliifti eeorrette.' worn
,. ' r-."- m w - - ' v -
with a corsage or roses ana laven
der aweet.;pea. t Missi Frances.
Hodge , played ' Mendelssohn's
"Wedding" March'Tas' -the ibrldal
party todk- theirf places at the al
tar.' During . the ; ceremony Miss
Hodge played softly "To a Wild
Rose," by MacPowell. Mr.; War
ren was attended by hi:? brother.
mlbert Warren, as best man.
A reception followed in the din
ing room, where) the pastel ihades
were , used throughout. CosmnsL
xinnias and gweet peas with ;sprays
of baby's $reath, ; filled crystal
bowls about the rooms.f Mrs,
James Kriesel of Albany presided
at Se coffee' nrn while Mrs. Rob
ert Monlteh Gatke cut the: ices.
Assisting in the serving were Miss
lsie Hop l!e and Miss Frances
ia m rk will vtvn o rnmttiiinltir nrn-
gram wiicl, ! famUles .ln .the Eg TL?LPtl
neighborhood will .be, invited to
be gues.ts. ; v i . v; . "' ;
In the group are Mary Erickson,
Bero ice , Mulvey, ," Elizabeth . Fairr
child. - Lillas Rowe, Loretta t Var
ley, Erma Meeks, Erma Richards,
Irene Breithaapt, Tmogene Gard-
net, Ruth Stover, La VInla Buirgy,
Velleda Ohmart Bernice Roberts
and Myrtle Smith. . .
Mis3 Clementine Charles, ftQm
the local YWA ytiV a,ct as chap-
eroDe, while Miss Wyman returns
to Salem-
Miss Helu .Copies. whQse wed
ding to Randall Stewart Jones will
be an .event of early August, is
belng exten'siyely feted.- Tomorrow
the will be complimented at lunch
eon by th Misses Alice and Mar
ion Bowman, daughters of .Mr,
and Mrs. J,, l' Bowman, at their
summer home in Arrah Wanna,
Mrs. Frank Cox; will be hostess
Friday at an afternoon of- bridge
honoring the bride-elect. Ore-
gonian. ' ' f
Mrs. W. E. Burns and little
daughter' Ann Reed, are home
from a month at' Agate Beach.
I it
i !Hodge. i
'fr. and iMrs. Warren i left lm-
jesyatcly1 after -the" ceremony for
Wtnotor trio to the" Oregon and
shington beaches. They will
1 make their home in Pendletdn,
twhere Mr. I Warren is a member
iof the faculty I of the Pendleton
Jhigh school Mrs. Warren Is the
daughter oi Mr. and Mrs. Charles
bs. Gatke and Mr.' Warren is the
son of Rev, and Mrs. W. J. War
renj Both families reside In Port
land, ' Both the ' bride arid the
' eroom were prominent on the
campus during" their ' colle-4
: careers at Willamette university.
Mrs. Warren was a member of the
i class of 1923 while Mr. Warren
graduated with the class of 1924
;! Mrs. Warren; waa a- member of
the Beta Chi sorority and of" the
Chrcstomatheajii literary! aalety.
f while the grooim .was a tChresto-
philian and an Alpha Pal" Delta
Mr,-! Warren-was a leader In' cam-
V- nil m. mnslral rlrr1p. . haVlner. hees
manager and I president ' of the
I men's glcetclub,' holding1 the offi
, ces ; Buccesiively during his last
twoi years on te campus. A host
of friends extend the. young con
f pie their congratulations
A number of out-of-town guests
present jfor the ceremony
i arc
George" F. Rodger and
Miss Margaret : Rodgers are home
from a vacation trip into eastern
Washington, i ' ' J;
V -Mr. E. i W, Hazard and Miss
Edith. Hazard! left' early' in the
If week" for a motor trip toj Seattle
They will be away a week.
'. Miss Marian; Wyman will spend
three weeks, of her vacation
Oregon at Taylor's grove above
i Mehama in the? capacity of chap-
irone. - This week Miss Wvman
with members of the Grax club,
6:30 will be held. -Mrs. Staiger Is
a relative of several members of
the Sons of Veterans and their
auxiliary. : : ; '
1 :-
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Johnson re
turned Tuesday evening from
Ihrce-day trip to Crater lake and
the Oregon caves. :: J !
Mr. and. Mrs. A. J. Basey are
leaving this morning for their
cot,tage near Nye Beach. They
expect to, spend some time there.
Members of theWFMS of the
First Methodist ; church are : aat
ing all women interested 'to meet
at the home of Mrs., A. Al Lee on
Friday afternoon to fill a Chrlst-
nms nox to fce sent tp Africa and
a box ,co!',' ,'nin? hospital supplies
lo be sent o .China. Toys, combs,
mirror?. Jhad nencil3 aiid old mus
lin arc reeded. : . i
Mrs. T). S. Adams, 235 i Wash
in gto- street has returned homa
after an 1, extended trip back east
to Iowa. 1 t. j
:'V''-, ' , : -:
The Women's Evangelistic pray-
Mother :6frHarry ThawSues
r y - Grandson fori$600;0.00iGift:
er meeting will be held today at
Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Jewett. and 9 'cl9 ahe h9me of Mrs. W.
street. Misa Lafollette will be the
leader. ; : - .
children, Richard, Allan and Hal.
of Central Point. Oregon, are 'visit
ing Salem .relatives this. week.
Yesterday they went to the coast,
accompanied by Mrs. Marie Put
nam arid her children, David -and
Beka Rie. . Mrs." Jewett and Mrs
Putnam are sisters, being dangh
ters of Mr. and Mrs. D. K. Lutby
of North Salem.
Mr. and ; Mrs, G. C. Schars of
Boise, Idaho, are house guests of
Mr.i and Mrs. E. A. Pruitt.
Mr. and Mrs, George L. Pearce
of Minneapolis, Minn., while . at
tending the. Knight .. Templars
conclave at Seattle, are making a
brief visit with their brother Rob
ert- Pearce and their niece Mrs
George L. 'Halvorsen. , ; -
Dr. and jars. L. G. Altman were
obliged to postpone indefinitely
their contemplated trip to Los An
geles, through unavoidable cir
cumstances.- The doctor can. be
found at his office as usual.
' 'v .
Franklin B. Launer left yester
day for CorvallU where ,he will
spend a 'number of days.'
Mrs. John Corner Is entertain
ing as her honse guests, Mrs. Har
old Street and little son, of Se
attle. - ! V
Salem is the center of the Wil
lamette valley. Do everything you
can to boost it. and maxe it a
better place to live in. ;
The .Oregon Statesman. First
with international, national, state
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then renew your subscription.
with French dressing. , Spread and
serve. ' , '
- v m ,
Pfckled Boeta One quart cold.
boiled beets, aliced ; one teaspoon
salt, one-eighth teaspoon pepper.
one teaspoon brown sugar, one tea
spoon caraway seed, one pint vine
gar. Boil beets, place in crock in
layers, sprinkle with salt, pepper,
sugar, caraway seed, if desired.
and' cover witn vinegar, j
Rice Blanc Mange Mix -four
ounces of ground rice to a stiff
paste with a half pint of rich milk.
Put a pint and a half of milk into
a saucepan with a stick of cinna
mon and the peelof half, a lemon.
When hot add two. tablespoons of
gelatin powder, dissolved in cold
milk. . Let come to , the boiling
point, then stir in the rice and a
half cop of sugar. When thick
ened, remove peel and cinnamon
and pour into a wet mold. When
chilled unmold and serve with
whipped cream. i ;
Boiled -Salmon -Clean and cut
salmon Into thick pieces. Tie in a
piece of cheesecloth and place in
a frying basket in a kettle. The
water in the .kettle should be hot.
but not boiling. . Bring to the boil
ing point and then let simmer nntll
the flesh leaves the bone. Enough
salt should be used to season and
lemon juice to 'keep the flesh
white. When done remove the
skin. Garnish the platter with
slices of lemon and sprigs of pars
ley. Serve with llollandaise sauce
made as follows:
With the Missionary Work That Has Been Dons and tho
Profits That Have AccruedThis-Ought to Have ucen.
Accomplished Ere This Retain the Best Lambs and
Use Pure Bred Rams of Good .'Individuality
Editor statesman:, i
The 'subject of more and better
sheep on a farm is always timely
and profitable to those who breed.
It would seem the amount of mis
sionary work and the profits ac
cruing should long since have fill
ed our fields and pastures with the
mortgage lifters.
i The chief reason, or at least one
of the chief has not. is
he splendid profits derived from
he sale of baby mutton. For the
past ten years almost all the ewe
lambs have been sent to the sham
bles. ;Most of' the ewe lambs re
tained hav been, the late and un
thrifty, which is all wrong. - A
litrge ipercentage of the ewes on
band pow are old and those which
realy should have been marketed.
We cannot too Etrongly urge all
llock :niasters to use pure - bred
yams of good individuality and re
gain the very best ewe lambs each
year regardless of the amount they
would bring, for it certainly will
'i t
pay. ; i
jj jjst Profitable Industry
j If the aged and and inferior
llollandaise fiance Wash ont
ohe-half a cup of butter by placing
in a bowl of cold water and crush
ing with a epoon. Place a third
of the butter in a double boiler
with the yolks of two eggs and one
tablespoon lemon juice stirring
until butter is melted, then adding
another -third of the butter and
then the last portion as the mix
ture thickens. Mix with one-third
cup boiling water, one-quarter tea
spoon of salt and a few grains of
Interior renovation of the dor
mitories at the girls training
school is progressing rapidly and,
according to Mrs. Clara Patterson,
superintendent,. the girl are tak-i
ing an ; active part- Carpenters
havei been busy at thaTnawi dormi
tory, and have practically com
pleted painting and staining the
walls and , are . bteginn!ngon the
old dormitory. ,
The hardwood floors are being
waxed by the girls and they-are
also' repainting the furniture in
their own rooms. A radio recent
ly installed is being very mdeh en
joyed. i v ," ' . '
Several state officials and news
papermen were the guests of Sam
A. Kozer, secretary of state, at a
luncheon provided by Mrs. Patter-
Mrs. W. B. Johnson entertained on Wednesday noon. Those mak,-
mg me irip were ur. k. js. l&q
Stelner, superintendent i of r the
state hospital; George P.;GrIffith
deputy btate treasurer; A. L. LInd
beck, Oregon Journal; Stephen Ai
Stone, I Portland Telegram and
Capital Journal, and C. K. Logan
Statesman. Secretary of Statf
bzer was much pleased witJr the
institution, which was thoroughly
inspected by the visiting party.
Oatmeal with Cream
Boiled Eggs
Green Applesauce
- Coffee or Substitute
. Luncheon V ;
Luncheon Salad
Scalloped Potatoes
. Blackberry Jam
Baking Ppwder Biscuits
One-Dish Meal -
Lettuce- Salad with Sliced Onions
""French Dressing
Blackberry . Pie ' Coffee
as her house guests during -the
week just past; Mr. and Mrs. M
E. Healy. and daughter, Evelyn,
of San , Francisco. Mrs. Johnson
and Mr. Healy are brother and
sister. During ; the period the
guests were' here they -were n-
lertained with numerous inter
ing side-trips.' the most extensive
of which was that up theColum
bia River Sighwky and Over the
Mount Hood Loop. Included In J ; Have you anything you want
me motor party ior tne tnn were pto sell or traaeT The SUtesmap
Mr. and Mrs. Healy and daughter, Classified advertisements 'will do
igh school graduates who were Evelyn, Miss Leila Johnson,: Dr. j it for you.
M ost Recent Photo, oUPresidenVs Father
n -; v i l
I t , , f .'. ; ( " -1-
vJ-v n a iiw. ... t'r
I. H it : A.
!' t V - n - . ... . . -
Green Applesauce Wash green
apples, cut jip, with skins on and
cook with a little water until ten
der. Strain through w4re strain
er, sweeten to taste.
Luncheon Salad Soak for five
minutes two tablespoons granu
lated - gelatin and one cup cold
water, and add one and one-half
cups boiling water, one-half cup
lemon juice. When cold add one
cup celery, cut small, three tart
apples, one-half cup nut meats and
one-half cup sugar. Turn into
molds. .
One-Dish Meal Put half of or
dinary meat loaf mixture in one
end of buttered baking dish, then
a layer of sliced tomatoes, then a
layer of sliced green peppers, sea
son with salt, pepper and butter,
and cover with the remainder of
meat loaf mixture. Pat it down
tightly all around bo that the to
mato juice will stay in. 'In the
other end'of baking dish place po
tatoes, cut in halves and seasoned.
Put in one cup of water-and bake
until done.- ...... ... -
Peanut Butter Bread Two cuds
flour, four teaspoons baking pow
der, one teaspoon salt two-thirds
cup peanut batter, one-half cap
sugar,. Jthree-quartcrs cup .milk,
one teaspoon shortening. Mix dry
jngreqienta, add peannt s butter,
shortening and milk Bake in loaf
to .40 minutes. This requires
no eges."-
small; and you have a picture puz
zle that will be popular.' A chil
dren's magazine and a box ' of
crayons to color the illustrations
with will help, too, and a writing
pad for "original" pictures. Small
toys of celluloid or rubber are
easily carried, as well as a tiny 10
cent doll, with two or three sets
of clothing, which will occupy a
delightful hour or so.
It the small traveler is respon
sible enough to be permitted to
carry a wee suitcase for his own
lighter toys he will be proud and
nappy. He might carry, also, any
cookies, apples or sandwiches that
he will need at noon.. And a pair
of blunt, kindergarten scissors for
sister to use in cutting out paper
French Bwssing- One teaspoon
salt, one-quarter teaspoon mustard,
one-eighth teaspoon pepper, two
tablespoons sugar, one tablespoon
onions, chopped fine, two to four
tablespoons vinegar or lemon Juice.
Mix, set aside and keep very cold
and pour over salad just before
serving. If vinegar is very strong
add water. '
Two-Crust Apple Pie Just be
fore slipping it into the oven to
bake dip your pastry knife Into
shortening and with It spread a
thin coat over the entire pie top
Will make the crust more tender
and help It to brown nicely.
of stbve paste or dry polish. A
portldnof this is moistened in an
Old saucer with spirits ot turpen
tine. A small quantity of black
f tarnish is mixed with this and
1 m m a IKL.
careiunv oienaea. iue ioe is
Cleaned thoroughly and the mix
lure applied with a broad, flat
paint; brush.
This, it carefully put on, should
last on a range for a season, with
possibly a little touching up on
the covers where the greatest. heat
comes. The varnish, turpentine
and stove blacking mixture may
be kept In a small, covered can for
this tise. This will minimize the
care ; necessary to give the stove,
as the surface may be wiped oft
with' a damp cloth.
In making jelly, if you desire
a different flavor, wash a rfew
rose geranium leaves, drop into
the boiling jelly, boil -a few
minutes and skim out. Mint
leaves dropped in give a delic
ious mint flavor.
Mending Bath Towels
3ummer is a strenuous time
for bath towels as they are
much in demand for out door
bathing. Mother usually hands
out her oldest towels tor beach
use as there is always a chance
that they will get lost. When
darning Turkish towels use
white darning cotton rather
tharf . ordinary thread. The
mended place wOl not show bo
much and the darn will last
longer. . "
A hardware merchant who
makes a Doint of keeping his
ranges in nice condition for dis
play purposes uses the following
method. He takes a good grade
ewes were all disposed - of our
sheep population would be nexto
nothing. With a great -depletion
of the sheep family in the world,
there ia nothing to indicate but
for years the growing of sheep will,
out rank anything a farmer may .
do - in - profiUblenees. - They -
should be thoroughly dipped onc
a' year, all 'ram lambs should be
castrated and all lambs docked.
Lack ot uniformity, long tails and
uncut ram lambs haa more to . CJ '
with the price difference between
valley lambs and eastern Oregon
lambs than the real Quality.
The Best" Shep ' ,
The best sheep are the ones best
kept,, more than the breed. Bet
ter to start with a few and keep .
them well and gradually work up
to the number the range will carry
properly than to overstock.
I look for ewes to be ven high
er this, fall than last fall,' and why
not, with the profits? ' '
No animals will compare with
them in ridding the farm ot weeds.
briars and brush, turning them in
to money when they would not be .
otherwise' utilized at all.1-
Harrisburg, Ore.. July 27, 1915."
(In a former Slogan issue .ot
The Statesman, Mr. Belts made the
assertion that wo have something
like 140 different weeds in the
Willamette valley, and sheep eat
something like 120 of them. In
this way they arc turning into
money food that la both detriment
al to crops and an ixnpoverlsher ot
the soil- On the average farm,'
sheep would he a benefit it they
did not return a pound of wool. of
mutton. Ed.) j ; .
When using sour milk the de
gree! ot acidity la variable. So we
will; be safer .when - baking
to follow this rule; Use one tea-
spoonful of soda dissolved in
little warm water to each cupful
or eight ounces of sour milk; also
half; a teaspoonfnl ot cream of
tartar. This insures lightness and
tenderness. Or, if we ddnot have
the ;cream ot tartar at hand, we
can nse a level teaspoontul ot bak
ing powder. .
pieces of stale bread may be
dried, put through the food chop
perj and used for breading, for
mating dressing, bread puddings,
or anything of that kind. They
may also be used for simple pud
dings by buttering the bread, cut
ting it in small squares and put
ting layers of the buttered bread
and berries pr other, fruit in a
baking dish. Pour a custard over
this and bake.
Painted walls are best for the
kitchen, as in cold weather the
-steam arising on wash days damp
ens the paper much taster than It
will dry, and so loosens and caus
es it to drop. off. '
- When yon talk about pitcher
don't forget that Patrick Henry
had such an amazingly- skillful de
livery that he atruck out Georg
III. .
flics, buzs,
and . .
FLY-DI Is non-poioccs, will
not stain, and has a pleasant and
refreshing odor.
You need FLY-DI all the Tear
round always keep a bottle a
If fer itaim cmoc tapplr Tt wfc m
Hocxi Rir, Oro
- A successful method for clean-j
ing white woodwork Is the use of a
mixture ot half vinegar and half
coal oil. Only a small quantity
on a small cloth is necessary, with
a clean, dry cloth to polish wiht.
The dirt fairly falls off and leave;
a glistening, dust shedding, sur
face. It is also a much , quicker
way than washing.
Itipe Olive Sandwich Stone a
half cupful ripe olives. Add one
sweet green pepper, seeded and
chopped fine. Chop altogether
very fine and add to cream cheese
which h&s. been mixed to a paste
Colonel John C. Coolidgc, father of the president, is seen at his home in Plymouthj Vt, with
ndsqn, John, in thj photo, last to beUkenbj .... ' 1 . - """
Egglcss CookiO One-third cup
snortening. one-half cup sugar.
three tablespoons milk, one-half
teaspoon lemon extract, one and
one-quarfer cups grated cocoannt.
one: nd one-half cups flour, two
.opuj,,,, uamg powder, ' one
eighth teaspoon salt. Cream short-
"""s aa sugar together, , addlT
mu, extract and rocoanut: adH
I Pl" ingredients sifted together
ru out on uourcd board and bake I
15 to 20 minutes. ;
Graham . lVfcir Sandwiches
One cup powdered sugar, one' ta
blespoon orange juice, one tea
spoon: grated , rind. . Mix till of
consistency to spread and place
bctwepn graham crackers. This is
a harmless and nutritious sweet
whlrh children think is a special
treat. , , .
To arauac the small son and
daughter during a long train trip
find in a magazine a. pretty,
brightly coloredadvertisement!
Cut it into odd shapes, not too
kXVI ...... U
(VxSl Prevent.
C Relieve
Sore Throat
I itim PhanMcal (a,
Rwiicyc Coui3, Colds,
Headache, Rheumatism
and All Aches and Pains
1 1
' AH dri-3S amd Sc !r tnke.
Letter than a Mustard Plaster
To add to quality is one thing. Tp cSect leu'er piices Is another. .
But to do both; in motor cars that Were already unmatched in per
loTTTiajice.appeararic'and value, is an"ach;ecenent without paraHeLN
This is just what Oakland has accomplished in its new cars. Mere, ;
than lop improvements 'have been added, including oewj Bodies J
by Fisherl Air OeerJ,0U'Firrfr, FjourW)ieel; Brake reEae? :
'meats and The anaoaic Balancer : ' ""'.'
yet price ar 7).t? 3$0 lowtj. : '
The Oakland Six was outstanding beloTe. Now it rsks chnit
and apart, literally compelling prelerence. " ' : ' . t-
Touriss Cair J
Ccacli . '. ! .
Landau Coup 9
. 195:
CnnW Motor Tim PayawV lUtud wrtim Om
... .....( 1
.VflNN INC ; Ai tf D "HOLD I
(Old Price
(Old Price
(Old Price
(Old Price
(Old Price
lm tiw iBfrp. U hmr
W l i,L
t .- ' i -mlim ,
. High Slrcejl at Trade
.'j i - ""ijr: